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Avengers Chat Pt 1

Summary:: You’ve been secretly dating Bucky for a while now. Using a chat-room is the only way you two can communicate while he’s away on missions as not to get caught by the others. Yet one simple mistake and the secrets out.

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex. (More comedy)

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tinkchick555  asked:

What are your opinions on Disney's latest decisions in the parks? Good, bad, meh?


Good: Dumping lots and lots of money into the parks. In the late 90s/early 00s, the way the company tried to make stocks/shares go up was to close attractions, thereby lowering operating costs. Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter reminded Disney that adding great stuff to your theme parks is an EVEN BETTER way to make money, and now look at the number of ‘coming soon’ announcements coming out of Florida and CA.

Good: They are actively listening to the fans, incorporating some of their loves/ideas/weird collecting fetishes into the Parks’ merch and special events. Granted, the ‘fans’ that they are listening to are actually Disney employees who have risen up the ranks enough to have a voice in the boardrooms and backrooms, but hey – at least they are listening!

Good: The folks in charge now really LOVE Disney and the basic Disneyland tenets. Going back to those dreaded late 90s/early 00s, back then, most of the decisions were being made by a group of presidents and vice-presidents who REPEATEDLY said they were trying to make Disney feel “less Disney”…you know, “for adults.” Right now, the opposite is true. So even if I don’t love a lot of what they are coming up with, it at least feels like *they* think they’re doing it for right reasons.

Good: Star Wars Land…in Disney Hollywood Studios. GREAT IDEA! WONDERFUL FIT!

Bad: Star Wars Land…wedged awkwardly in the back of the otherwise perfectly-themed Disneyland. Why not over in California Adventure where it could be tied into the whole ‘Hollywood/making movies’ part? Oh, well. Too late.

Bad/Good: Changing Tower of Terror to Guardians of the Galaxy. The re-do is UGLY on the outside. Hopefully the inside will be better. That said, I’m glad they’re creating their Marvel Land (or whatever they are planning to call it) in DCA instead of trying to shove it into a back alley on Main Street.

Bad: Adding more movie characters to EPCOT. Yes, Epcot has some super boring stuff in it, but why not rework those things to make them interesting? People love learning/knowledge/fun facts. EPCOT used to be all about providing that. Now Disney seems scared that people won’t visit that park unless it features Finding Nemo, Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy. What makes this all the more crazy is that EPCOT is the 3rd most visited theme park in the U.S. Folks clearly DON’T hate it!

Bad: Avatar. Who really cares about those characters or that world???

Meh: The not-so-secret services for the uber wealthy (the $1000 Tomorrowland ‘cabanas’, the $15,000 dinner, etc.). I mean, Disneyland has always had a few expensive perks – Club 33, getting a private tour guide, etc. – but now it seems like they’re announcing a new one every month, and they are never really all that ‘special.’ None of them come close to the magic of, say, a Club 33…even/especially Disney’s recently announced plan to put a Club 33 in EVERY park around the globe! All of that said, I’d gladly see a bunch more cheap-looking cabanas than have management begin closing classic rides with low people-counts.

alcreamcone  asked:

Have you seen the MLP movie trailer? Any thoughts on it?

I liked that the opening shot of the trailer featured a pegasus with Firefly’s coloration, since she was the star of the 80s movie. Don’t know if that was an intentional nod but the color scheme’s a little out-there so maybe.

The new animation style is ugly in some moments. It makes them all look a little dopier which is kind of cute. I think the bad CGI elements which don’t blend well are kind of what’s holding it back.

Not to roast them but the trailer didn’t have any good jokes or sell any good story elements, so if I didn’t already want to see it because it’s My Little Pony, being someone who likes to watch kids movies, there’s nothing that would make me go “oh this looks like a good kids movie!”

The SUPER EVIL tall unicorn with the BROKEN HORN is really funny and I like it, and for some reason the new art style looks good on her - maybe the darker colors make the shading look more natural? I want her to awkwardly join the next season of the show as part of their friend group in an identical plot to Starlight Glimmer, their new obtrusively tall very evil looking friend.

I’m excited about the seaponies.

  • *To the anon who says Grayson is ugly now because he has dyslexia*
  • Y/N: I watched your new YouTube Video, and read some comments...
  • Grayson: Look, I have a learning disability, and Dyslexia. If you don't love me, just leave me now pleas-
  • Y/N: well that sucks, cuz I think your a hundred times more sexy.
  • Grayson: For having a disability?
  • Y/N: oh you bet. Just knowing you have some flaws makes you look super sexy in my eyes-
  • Grayson: I'm confused...
  • Y/N: what's there to be confused about? You were sexy, but now your a hundred times more sexy. I love you, and I won't leave you just because you have a hard time reading, or learning.
  • Grayson: Thank you.
  • Y/N: more like thank you for being extra sexy.
  • Ethan: you two are so gross... Who sex talks when a sibling is here...?

Home This Christmas: a one-shot


I’ll be waiting under the mistletoe, while you’re driving here through the winter storm.  Baby, think of me if it helps to get you home…


Her small body rested gently against his torso, her feet falling just at the beginning of his legs as she snuggled closer to him.  Her head rested at his collarbones, her blonde hair tickling his chin as it spurted out from the two pigtails her mother had pulled together that morning.  His hand cradled her back, soothing rubbing up and down her skin, knowing already that she was practically asleep, the festivities of the holiday draining her energy quickly.

His eyes left the TV screen briefly, scanning around the room slowly, a smile creeping slowly onto his face.  The small living was full, packed with people he loved.  People he couldn’t imagine his life without.  His mom sat close to his stepfather, her arms settled underneath her cheek as she watched the movie playing out in front of her, her husband’s arm wrapped around her shoulders to keep her close.  Lou and Tom huddled on the other couch, their bodies entangled underneath a blanket, her head resting gently against his tattoo clad collarbones.  Grandparents fought to keep their eyes open, falling in sync with the small children who, earlier in the night, eagerly sat in front of the screen before falling asleep sprawled out against the floor.

Spending Christmas with the Atkin family, in addition to his own, had been the best decision he could’ve made.  Waking up at 7am to Lux jumping on his bed, practically forcing him from the sheets.  Watching as she became more interested in ripping the wrapping paper than the actual gifts she received.  Getting attacked by Archie as he ran into the house, his arms circling around his long legs in a crushing hug before pulling him outside to play with his helicopter toy he had gotten.  Laughing as the nonexistent wind had pulled the toy above the roof not even a minute in.

He had conversed about everything but work with everyone, all the questions more geared towards his random thoughts and if he had anything good on TV.  He had casually sipped on a few beers, had a small glass of wine with dinner before completely scarfing down the meal that had been prepared.  Gravy over top of everything.  Gemma jokingly complaining about his “gravy etiquette.”  Stuffing his already full body with another round of food with dessert.  All was quiet now as they all sat in the living room, Love Actually on the screen once they were certain all of the kids were asleep.

He nudged his feet further underneath Gemma’s legs, a habit of his since childhood to keep them warm.  Her head turned slowly, her eyes narrowing at him in a glare, her hands ready to push them away from her body.  He shook his head adamantly, his eyes widening in a quiet plea.  He was warm.  Comfortable and intensely warmer than he had been in recent weeks.  He could feel his limbs getting heavier with the added heat of Lux’s body piled on top of the blanket that already tucked into his sides, swaddling him as if he were a baby again.  Mentally as well, he had never experienced so much love before.  His heart was so full, it almost felt impossible to breathe, so thankful for everything. 

He jumped just slightly as his phone vibrated against his leg, his hand digging deep within the pockets of his skinny jeans carefully so he wouldn’t wake Lux up.  His smile grew larger as he saw her name flash across the screen, his fingers swiping quickly to unlock the phone.  He chuckled as he opened a picture, her lips turned down into an exaggerated frown, matching her mother’s expression beside her.  We’re the only ones wearing ugly sweaters, it read.

He began to type, not noticing the small bubble that indicated that she was writing yet again.  The phone vibrated in his hand, startling him from his response.  Another picture, this one just of her and a sad face.  Also, I wish you would stop being so adorable with your goddaughter and weren’t too stuffed to come see me because I miss you.  A lot.

They didn’t spend Christmas together out of choice.  They knew that their relationship was still newer in the sense of dividing holiday celebrations to make everyone happy.  While he had ventured out with the army of Styles’, Atkin’s and Teasdale’s, she had stayed cluttered in her childhood home with her parents and older siblings, nieces and nephews that only seemed to grow louder and louder every time she saw them and multiplying in number as well, and her one set of grandparents that remained.

They were a loud bunch.  Italian by descent, it was a given that their normal volume was about three notches louder than what had been deemed the average.  Shouting was considered using their inside voices.  Children were constantly on the move, running around the furniture like it was a playground, screaming out games that they made up off the whim.  The adults gathered around the kitchen, wine glasses sitting delicately in the women’s hands while the men grumbled about sports and politics and chugged their beers.

She snuck out towards the foyer, veering off to the small parlor room that she had spent a significant amount of time in trying to perfect her piano skills when she was a teenager.  Skills that she missed tremendously now that she had lost most of them.  She plopped down onto the couch with a humpf, her hair flopping against her shoulders as she slouched against the cushions.  She was exhausted.  Working through the holiday season with a retail job was like asking for her feet to be amputated.  The balls of her feet were completely numb to walking, her limbs sore with every movement, her brain complete mush in terms of trying to comprehend anything.  Her first day off in a while was proving to be just as chaotic as work itself.

She glanced down at her phone, hoping for some kind of response from him, but it never came.  And her heart sank.  After their few days in New York where they cuddled up in his hotel room, experiencing the city with snow falling around them and watching him perform two of their newest songs on SNL, he had been whisked around Europe almost immediately after they had gotten back to the UK.  With promotional press conferences in a different country seemingly every single day, their communication had been a bit scattered.

She didn’t make a fuss when he didn’t immediately rush to her house when he got back.  In fact, they hadn’t physically seen each other since his return.  And that was okay.  She understood his need for some time to himself after constantly being around people the majority of his time.  She understood his need to hibernate, essentially sleeping his days away, only waking up to eat before returning to his bed.  And though she wished that some nights she could’ve spent it wrapped up in his limbs in his bed, she knew that space for them was good.

Harry stared at his phone, his eyes fixated on the time.  Just about to hit 10pm, he began to shift underneath the blankets.  His hands cradled Lux to his chest as he began to sit up, his lips losing themselves in her hair as she stirred against him, fussing at his movement.  “Shh, it’s okay.”

“No.” She whined sleepily, her hands balling the fabric of his sweater into her hands tightly, clinging onto him as he tried to pass her off to his sister.

He kissed her forehead gently, “Go back to sleep, sweetie.”

The child frowned, ultimately too tired to put up an elaborate fight.  Harry handed her off to Gemma, who happily snuggled with her, pressing her face against her neck and rocking her gently back to a deep sleep.  He caught his mother’s questioning eyes and as he swooped down to give her a quick kiss on the cheek, he whispered, “I’ll be back in the morning.”


It was quiet in her house, a silence that she reveled in.  Her brothers had left, their arms full of left overs and bags of gifts while their wives lugged their sleeping children in their arms.  Her grandparents had bid the rest of the company goodnight shortly after, their eyes barely opened as they trudged down into the basement, shutting the door quietly behind them.  She laid cuddled up underneath her favorite blanket, mindlessly watching whatever her mother had turned on the TV, which ended up being one of the Santa Claus movies – her father’s favorite trilogy.

Her phone vibrated against her arm, her eyes furiously looking down at it anxiously.  So is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater a necessity in order to come see you?

She smiled, shaking her head as though he could see her response.  I doubt you could pull off an ugly sweater.

Why not?  There are some really ugly ones out there.

Anything you wear magically turns good looking.  You’re like King Midas – everything you touch turns sexy.

Oh wow.  How much have you had to drink tonight?

She rolled her eyes, knowing all too well it was a jab at her tendency to be a super lightweight drinker.  Practically nothing.  Her eyes focused on the little typing bubble intently and she jumped when she heard a few knocks on the front door.  She looked around at her parents, their eyebrows pulled together in the same confusion as she had, both of them shrugging.  She groaned, stuffing her phone in her pocket as she threw the blanket from her legs, shuffling her way towards the front door.

“Hi.”  His voice was like a song, an instant relief to every ache she had in her bones, an instant dose of just what she needed to end her Christmas.  He stood a few feet away from her, in arms reach, wrapped tightly in a pea coat and scarf, a beanie covering just enough of his tousled curls.  His hands were tucked into his coat pockets, his shoulders squeezed towards his body to keep him warm.

“What - ?” Her mouth hung open slightly, her words catching in her throat as she stood completely surprised.

“Please tell me you’re going to let me inside…”

She shook her head, breaking her trance and stood aside, inviting him indoors.  It was the first time he had been to her parents’ house, the monstrosity of it baffling him.  A decent sized home for the rather drearier description she had always told him.  Harwood flooring ran throughout the entirety of the hallway, leading into what he assumed would be the kitchen, breaking off into a few tinier sections along the way.  A parlor room to his right, a winding staircase to his left. 

Before he could even try to remove his jacket, he stumbled backwards, her body crashing against his as she threw her arms around his waist.  He chuckled.  “I missed you too, pretty girl.”

She hummed.  “Hmm, I’ve missed hearing you call me that.”  She glanced up at him, a smile extending the width of her face.  She noticed the refreshed look of his face, his skin slightly tinged pink from the cold, but he looked replenished and energized.  Happy and content.  And that made her happy.

Her heart soared as his hands came up to cradle her face, his lips nearing hers quickly in a soft kiss.  His lips were warm, cracked just a little bit – probably from him nervously chewing on them – as they found a gentle rhythm.  Her hands circling his neck, her fingers tangling themselves in the small curls that sat at the base of his neck.

She pulled away reluctantly, her eyes barely fluttering open.  “I’ve missed you.” 

He smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear.  Sweeping his thumb against her cheekbone, mindlessly trailing it down to her jawline.  “I’ve missed you too.” 

“I was beginning to think you were going to leave me for Kendall Jenner.”

Harry glared at her.  “Heyyyyy.”

She laughed quietly, “What?  You’ve been everywhere with her apparently.”

“She’s just a friend.”

“I know, I know.”  She shook her head.

He tugged at the sleeves of his jacket, hanging it on the coat rack near the front door before turning back to her.  “Well don’t look so disappointed.”

She pulled at the hem of his black t-shirt.  “I was expecting something with a little more fabric to it.  You know, being the end of December and all.”

“When do I ever really wear sweaters?”

She sighed, “Yeah, I guess that’s true.”

He took her hand, lacing their fingers together and led her towards the back of the house.  He had met her parents before, yes.  But never had he been in their house and technically, he hadn’t even been invited into their home.  Tiny bundles of nerves bubbled in his stomach, turning over the food and making him somewhat nauseous.  But there was no need to be worried, and he knew that.  She knew that.  Her parents adored him; her mother practically screamed the minute he stepped foot into the family room, jumping out of her chair and sprinting towards him.  Giving him a more excited greeting than his own girlfriend had.  Her father had given him a sturdy handshake, offering him pie and beer – both of which Harry declined politely – before pushing him towards the couch, ordering him to relax.

And that’s what he did.  He sat down on the couch, pulling his girlfriend down with him.  Hearing her giggle as she fell against him.  He tangled his arms inside the blanket as he tried to figure out which part was the end before tucking it against them, their bodies as close to each other’s as possible.  His arm wrapped around her shoulders, cascading down the curve of her side as his hand rested against her thigh while her head laid comfortably against his chest.

“Get anything good for Christmas this year?” She asked quietly, looking up at him.

He nodded, “Yep.”  He kissed her forehead, “You.”

“Harry.” She smiled, chuckling quietly.  “You’re such a cheese ball.”

“You love me.”

She nodded.  “Yes I do.”