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"you've reblogged some pale lances today" so people are policing your blog now I hate to see what this fandom is going to do to artists who might not draw characters in their exact canonical skin tone please do not let tumblr culture (TM) get you down dude you're awesome

Anon, I’m sorry but if you draw Lance (or any character of color) as a tan white then that’s racist. That is straight up whitewashing. It’s erasing a poc from the narrative, it’s denying poc fans from seeing representation, and it’s a shitty fucking thing to do.

(I’m about to get worked up about this, I’m not mad at you specifically anon I’m just frustrated.)

I understand that people who whitewash usually do it on accident. Or maybe it’s a one-time thing, and they were tired and weren’t really thinking when they colored. But if you are an artist, and you notice that you’re drawing/coloring characters lighter than they are supposed to be on a consistent basis- take a step back and think about what the hell you’re doing. Think about what you are aiding and abetting.

There is not nearly enough poc representation in our media today. In my opinion, there will never be enough. Having one or two token poc characters in an MTV show does not erase the decades of stereotyping and racism people of color have suffered at the hands of the media. I’m white-passing, but the rest of my family is not. Do you know how excited my little sister was when she watched Mulan for the first time? When she got her own custom made American Girl doll, and it actually looked like her? When she turns on the TV and she sees black hair and beautiful brown eyes and she gets to envision herself on the screen? When she gets to be part of the story? 

Do you know what that MEANS to a little girl, to any child who has spent their lives feeling insecure in their own skin because it doesn’t match that of the people they see on TV? Television is essential to our culture; it reflects our values, and it tells stories that we internalize and allow to shape our lives. If the narrative doesn’t include a group, than in the eyes of everyone else- that group doesn’t exist.

So when you whitewash - when you take a character with beautiful brown skin and warp them into some low budget cast-off version of themselves - you become part of the problem. You post your art, and it validates the opinion of some racist shithead who thinks Voltron was better when everyone was as pale as snow. You post your art, and you allow yourself to say ‘Hey, these characters don’t need to be anything but white’ and my GOD anon you are so wrong.

This is not ‘Tumblr Culture™.’ This is the real world.

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lmaoo..jks last but not least @acapellaziam who i lov with all my cold hort. ur a nerd okay 

I had a dream that one day the entire world finally came to their senses and stopped believing every shitty article written about Taylor Swift and actually considered her side of the story and took into account how all those caring and selfless acts she does outweigh any mistakes she made and then #SorryTaylorSwift started trending and people started apologising for sending her so much hate and ngl it was such a beautiful dream i hope it becomes reality at some point


Kids Stuff Pack Recolors 1/3 “Fantasy” by Simtastique.

Soo I recently noticed I made this Blog some time ago (when I tried and failed to create for Sims 3) and seeing as I got into Sims 4 not to long ago I thought why not use it to share my stuff. So here’s my first set, I made two more sets of recolors for the Kids Stuff Pack and I’m ordering them/Assign correct Tags etc. in the next days. Also Clutter/Decoratives for this one follow either today or tomorrow ! Also sorry for the shitty screenshots if you look closely you can see the exact moment I lost motivation  *UPDATED WITH CUSTOM THUMBNAILS*


  • Bed: 5
  • Desk: 5
  • Deskchair: 10
  • Small/Big Bookcase: 5
  • Wardrobe: 10
  • Chair: 15
  • Sideboard: 5
  • Sidetable: 5
  • Clock: 5
  • Bench: 10

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so i somehow have just over 3k followers now so thank u all for following this mess of a blog and this mess of a person i appreciate u all, sorry for the shitty edit too also this is my first time doing one of these so i’m not sure what i’m doing and i’m sorry if i don’t include you

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I don't know if you're taking prompts or anything, but I am having a terrible terrible day. My company started layoffs today, and I'm truly heartsick. Anything fluffy would be appreciated.

I’m so sorry you had a shitty day.  Sorry this took a little to fill, but I hope it helps.

Set at some vague point in a canonish future.

Clarke stood at the edge of the lake and watched tiny waves ripple out from where a fish had surfaced.  On the Ark, she hadn’t considered just how many different types of water there would be on the Ground.  On the Ark, water was something that came in a thin stream from a faucet, endlessly recycled.  But here water was so much more.  Oceans were enormous, making her feel small and insignificant, the crash of waves soothing in their constant roar.  Rivers took her breath away with their swiftness, the rapids dangerous but alluring.  Streams were softer, an offer of fresh water and a chance to wash the grime from your skin.  She’d seen a few ponds since they landed too, stagnant pools of green algae and deformed fish.

But this— this was different somehow.  It was bigger than the one behind Arkadia but smaller than the one she’d spent four days skirting during her travels, and this one didn’t have a shore rimmed in swamps.  It had rocky cliffs to the north with a small waterfall gurgling down the boulders and a small sandy beach to the south, sloping gradually out into the water.

She stood on the beach and dug her toes into the sun baked sand.  This lake made her feel safe.  At peace.  They were lucky that the valley Raven had found had everything they needed— water, good land, and towering mountains that sheltered them from the worst of the fallout.  It was a good place to start over, a good place to build a new world without the mistakes of the old one.

“Thinking about going for a swim?”  Bellamy asked, emerging from the tall grass to her right.  A bead of sweat worked it’s way from his temple down to his jaw, glistening in the hot sun.

Clarke smiled faintly.  “Just taking a break.”

The sand shifted under his weight.  “Well, I’m going to swim,” he said and dropped the cloth he was carrying as a towel.  Clarke recognized Luna’s handiwork, the blues and greens she favored standing out in bright relief against the pale sand.  “Want to join me?”

Clarke raised an eyebrow. “You know how to swim?”  They’d all gotten a basic lesson from Pike in fifth year Earth Skills, but all that had done was make them feel supremely stupid attempting to dog paddle in thin air.  The few times she’d gone into the water on the Ground she’d been mostly terrified, slamming into the water from the Mount Weather Dam or paddling frantically for her life after failing to take down a boar.

“Miller had a thing for rewatching Olympic swimming races up on the Ark. He gave us lessons when—” Bellamy broke off, and Clarke wondered if those three months would ever not hang between them.

“When I was gone,” she finished.  “I’ll let you get to it.”  She turned to go, but his hand on her arm stopped her.

“Hey, fresh start, remember?” he said with a crooked smile that hid so much pain.  But he was trying, so she would too.  “Let me teach you.”

“Okay,” she relented, and averted her eyes when he took off his shirt.  She’d been noticing him more lately, taking in the breadth of his shoulders from across the village or the way he rumpled his hair when Council meetings ran long and he got fidgety.  This was even harder, with his bare chest just inches away from her eyes, but she shrugged out of her shirt too and then stepped out of her pants.  Bellamy’s eyes might have darted to her legs, but he looked out at the lake so quickly she wasn’t sure.

“Come on, the water’s warm,” he said and took her hand.  The water splashed up his bare legs and darkened the tight charcoal boxer briefs he was wearing as he towed her into the lake.

Clarke followed a little more hesitantly, fighting memories of fear that surfaced when the water hit her chest.  Bellamy stopped where the water was just up to her shoulders and ducked his head back to wet it.  Droplets dripped from the ends, already springing back into those haphazard curls she knew so well.  

“Okay, we’ll start with floating,” Bellamy said.  “Lean back.  I’ll support you at first, and then—”

“–then my body’s natural buoyancy will take over.  I took Earth Skills too, you know,” she said with a smile.

“All right then, smartass.  You ready?”

Clarke grinned and leaned back, Bellamy’s hand warm against her back, and started to lift her feet up from the soft, muddy bottom.  Almost immediately panic surged through her veins.  She remembered being torn through the water after running from Mount Weather, fighting the current and then slamming her head into some rocks.  The last thing she remembered was water filling her lungs and then an awful blackness, sure she was about to die.  Clarke scrambled back to her feet and shook her head.  “I’m sorry, I can’t— I— I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” he said soothingly.  He touched her cheek, just briefly.  “But I’ve got you, okay?  I won’t let you go under.”  Clarke nodded, and this time she managed to bring her legs up, her back supported by his hand.  “Now start moving your hands in figure eights,” he instructed.  “No, not like you’re waving— cup them.  There you go.  I’m going to let go now, okay?”

“Okay,” she agreed, and then the soft pressure of his hand was gone and she was weightless.  

Bellamy smiled down at her.  Above him was sky, clear and blue and endless.  The water caressed her skin, cool and gentle, and she smiled back.

Things weren’t perfect and maybe they never would be, but they had a chance to try and make a better world.  

And together, they could.

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feel so insecure for liking thorin so much ;_; am i a dumb naive fangirl if i think he's a good person? i know many people think so and i'm afraid to talk about him under my name now.

aldkjfaslkj no anon you’re not dumb at all for liking thorin! i wish i could hug you omg there’s nothing wrong with thinking he’s a good person because he is. the people that try to perpetuate the idea that he’s not either haven’t watched the movies very closely or did so with a strong bias/misinterpretation (i.e. soft quiet meek bilbo, and i’ve even seen some weird fili bias stuff in my time). or they’re just rude bitter trolls. either way they’re wrong. and i’m sorry they have you scared like that D: that’s honestly so shitty i’m very >:cccccc

my first thought is to direct you to @avelera’s blog for her thorin meta, because all of it is very thoroughly discussed and well written and is excellent affirmation that thorin is good and not…whatever the garbage trolls are saying about him. i don’t have any specific posts to recommend atm but her general meta tag and thorin meta tag should be good places to go :D (if you want to see the newest posts first take off the /chrono from the urls i just tend to prefer using that when going through tags)

here are some scenes that i think remembering/watching will make you feel better about your opinion of thorin:

  • when thorin is talking to balin in bag end after bilbo walks away from gandalf. his face is so soft!!!!! his smile!!! he looks so nice. i want to hug him too.
  • and then when balin’s talking about azanulbizar thorin doesn’t look all proud and braggy about it. no he looks sad because he lost people he cared about and probably doesn’t like thinking about or remembering the battle!! like when people say he’s arrogant i just ???????????
  • the deleted barrel scene. because we always need that in our lives.
  • okay when they think the secret door won’t open?? he doesn’t get angry or lash out he just looks so so lost!! salfjlaskdfjkls my baby
  • okay i’m sorry to bring it up but when thorin’s dying. and all he’s thinking about is bilbo going to his home and being happy. and thinking about bilbo being happy is making thorin happy as he’s d y i ng. and his expression like what. the fuck

Soooo I finished a chunk of that erotica story i was talking about writing. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback guys! I usually edit more but i’m kinda drunk and very tired. 

                                             PART I

As soon as the car door opened, James and Cara sprinted for the apartment doors. Rain was hammering down, pelting off the windows and drenching the pair. They stood, dripping, in the front hall for a minute before taking the stairs up to Cara’s apartment.
               “I guess it’s a good thing I invited you over, huh? You’ll need someone to warm up with after that! Thanks for letting me hide under your jacket, I’d have been soaked.” Cara said while she fiddled with the door lock. James blushed and agreed,  already anxious about being taken home by a girl, and such a pretty girl at that. More than once over dinner, James had been positive Cara had caught him staring at her dark red lips. She hadn’t said anything, just smiled broadly, but James was still embarrassed.  Cara gave the door a solid bump with her shoulder and it popped open.

               “Sorry about that. The landlord’s been saying he’ll do something but at this point, I’m just gonna sand it down myself.”  She led him into the small kitchen, kicked off her heels, and started pulling wine glasses down from the shelves. James couldn’t help staring at the slight wave in her hair as she reached up above her fridge to grab the bottle and then as she settled back down at the counter to fill the glass.
               “Mine’s the same way. Maybe I should borrow your sander once you get yours done. Oh, thanks,” James added as he accepted the glass she handed to him.
               “ Maybe I should just come over and do yours too. After all, I’ll have the experience. Besides, I like it when boys owe me favours.”
James blushed again and took a larger drink than he meant too. He started coughing a little, and Cara quickly stepped next to him. She looked concerned.
               “Are you all right? I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to embarrass you. Well, not trying very hard, anyway.” James laughed weakly and she smiled. “I’m glad you’re all right. I’d hate if you choked to death in my kitchen. You wouldn’t believe how long the police interviews take.”
James laughed again, and she grabbed the hand he rested on the counter.
               “I suppose I should make it up to you, huh?” She murmured. Before James could respond, she put her glass down, got up on her toes, and kissed him softly on the mouth.  James thought his heart had stopped. Those soft, dark lips were pressing against his, and he could almost taste the strawberry ice cream she’d had for desert. Her hand grabbed the side of his neck and pulled him in a little more, and he suddenly realized that he should probably be doing more than standing there frozen. He responded with a little pressure of his own, and felt her lips give slightly. Without warning, Cara pulled her head back so that he was leaning forward with his lips out at the empty air. She giggled some more, and James felt his heart restart at three times its normal speed. He quickly tried to straighten back up and look normal, but had limited success. James felt as though his brain was only making about half of the connections with his muscles that it normally did, and his movements were jerky and awkward.
               “Aww, you look cute like that. If I knew I could make you blush like that with a kiss, I would have done it earlier.” Cara’s eyes were bright, and though she was slightly flushed, she otherwise was very well composed. “Oh my! I forgot, you’re still soaked. Let’s get you out of your wet things and get them in the dryer. Come with me, blushy.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him into the laundry room.

               “ Alright, cutie. Strip down and let’s get that stuff in the dryer.”
James was still flushed and distracted from the kiss, and  barely heard her.
               “I’m sorry, what was that?”
               “ Oh, you heard me. Come on, strip! If you’re shy, I’ll turn around. Here’s a towel.” Cara handed him a fluffy white towel and made a show of turning around. James started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt, and finally managed to peel it off. The fabric was so clingy when it was wet, it took some doing. Then his undershirt, and his belt, and pants, and his socks, and suddenly he found himself standing there in just  a towel. As he peeled off layers, he handed them to Cara who fed them into a rickety old dryer, and when he finished she slammed the lid down and cranked it on.
               “Well, now we’ve got about an hour to kill, and you all but naked! Any ideas?” She was still turned away from him, and as she turned back, James watched her eyes sweep him up and down.
               “Maybe a movie?” He suggested shyly. Cara giggled.
               “Sure, cutie. Let’s go throw one on.” She led him back to the main room and turned on the TV, and looked over at him again. “Any preferences?”  
               “Umm…hmm. Let’s see…” James looked at the pile of DVDs on the table. “Casablanca?”
               “Oooh, good choice. I love these old movies. Shame you didn’t go with Citizen Kane, though. Then we’d have all kinds of time.” She winked at him. He flushed again.

               The movie had barely started when James felt her legs stretching slightly on the couch. She was sitting next to him with her legs curled up, and he could feel her knee grazing the side of his thigh. The sheer nylons and her soft skin right against him felt really good, and before too long, James was trying to position his legs to hide a revealing bulge under his towel. Cara moved a little closer and stretched her legs out in front of her, and wrapped her arm over his shoulder.
               “Is that a phone in your towel, or are you just pleased to see me?” James was mortified.
               “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to-“  He was cut short as she reached out with her free hand and gently prodded the bulge.
               “Hmm. I’m thinking it’s not a phone, huh? No, this feels a little too warm and a lot too round to be a phone. What are you hiding under there?” Cara teased. She wrapped her hand around it over the towel and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Wanna show me what it is cutie?”
James was still frozen in place. He’d never had anyone grab his dick but him, and his brain was blowing circuits.
               “Hey, are you alright James? I don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I’m sorry, this is really forward of me, I should have asked first.” She started to take her hand back.
               “No, it’s not you, I’m sorry, it’s just…well no one else has done that before and I kind of froze…you don’t have to stop if you don’t want too.” James choked out.
               “Are you sure?”
James nodded, and Cara started to smile devilishly.
               “No one’s done that before, you said? I’m flattered. Let’s see what other firsts we can get tonight.”

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I'm so fucking annoyed. Yg never gives ikon any rest and he keeps on milking money from them. He gives them shitty/cheap/rushed promotions and they deserve more than that. I'm so upset because they work so hard and I feel like some of their hard work is going to waste. Why can't he just focus on BlackPink and have a proper comeback promotion for ikon later. I would wait if it meant for ikon to get a more organised comeback. Sorry for my rant I just had to.


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Hey friend, any chance I can get some fluffy Klapollo headcanons? Any kind will do, I've just had a really bad day and Klapollo makes me happy

my girl! i’m sorry you had a shitty day. there’s a hundred percent chance you can get some fluffy klapollo headcanons and there’s also a hundred percent chance that you’ll have a better day tomorrow i’m sure :) take care of yourself, yeah?

i ended up talking about klapollo kids so much tho i’m sorry omg 

  • apollo’s german accent is fuckin terrible but the only thing he’s amazing at saying is i love you because he hears klavier say it so often. he likes to repeat it again and again between kisses just to see klavier smile
  • apollo never ever leaves the house without a personal goodbye to everyone. he leaves with a hug for trucy and kisses the crown of her head, tells klavier he loves him and will see him tonight with a soft kiss, and squeezes each of his children tight and tells them how precious they are to him. he never leaves the house without doing it. they end up having three children and apollo is nearly late to work every day
  • speaking of the kids every night before klavier slinks off to bed or to his office he lingers around the kid’s bedroom doors to hear apollo go and talk to them and make sure they’re happy and comfortable and he loves listening to apollo tell them he loves them in english, spanish and german. klavier follows quickly and bothers the kids by telling them where apollo hid the cookies in case they want a snack in the night and tells them he loves them very, very much
  • klavier puts notes in all of his kids lunchboxes telling them he’s very proud of them and lots of other things, that he can’t wait to see them when they get home and he has an extra special hug waiting for them. on the days he can’t for whatever reason apollo takes over the duty. neither of them ever forget. #notevenonce
  • apollo has an old teddy bear he was given when he was in the orphanage. it’s old and worn and an ear had to be sown back on sloppily after there was a tug of war incident (he did it himself and won’t let anyone fix it properly) but he never throws it out. he ends up tucking it in the crib of his first child and passing it on to the next generation
  • klavier tells dad jokes. all of them. like apollo’s bad too but klavier is the most Dad of them all. he even picks up ‘dad’ hobbies like he starts getting into woodwork and all that shit. he hates the mess and the splinters and he’s not every good at it but he’s determined to do something that makes him less cool so apollo can have a hope in hell of being the cool dad for once
  • all of their kids growing up not exactly tall, but all of them are taller than apollo. the eldest is kind of short but manages to be just an inch taller than him, whereas the youngest is tall as hell and towers far, far over apollo. she even manages to be just taller than klavier and is the smugest person in the world ever, and rightly so
  • this one doesn’t fit amazingly well with the others but consider: childhood sweethearts klapollo au. they grow up together and date outside of high school, go to prom together, help revise for classes, go on little dates whenever they’re not studying or trying to earn money for the glitsy future they dream of together. they get married young and spend some time travelling around the world and they have the fucking best time ever and just fall deeper in love with each day and it’s adorable. eventually they settle, probably in germany and that’s where they raise the kids. they’re old nerds who make smoochy noises at each other just to hear the kids Yell and they volunteer lots of time for the school and are literally the best parents of all time thank u for considering

I’m sorry what? 

I’m honestly curious if anyone plays like that, like different packs for different saves or something? There’d be gameplay and traits missing. I mean I use a lot of cc normally so I could do without some of it and maybe it’d help my story saves run better but idk man, this seems stupid. -.-’ Clearly even they realize how shitty they coded this game. 

the second part of the first chapter of the messiah novel has been translated! you can find it here, and the index for all translated parts here.

this part has a lot of gun mumbo-jumbo which is already not what i’m good at, let alone in japanese, so bear with some of the kind of shitty explanations, ahaha. i’m sorry, eiri.

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Youve been my favorite artist ever since 2013 or so!!!!do you have any words of advice for your younger(teenage or so) audience??

Oh my GOD, Anon. You have seen some horrors and a drastic level of improvement over the years and like a gazillion drawings. I’m eying my ‘post count’ and I know most of those are drawings/doodles/whatever and they number in the HUNDREDS. Man, MAN. SO MUCH TENACIOUS DRAWING. And don’t even get me started I will not even dare to dig up a drawing from one of the high school sketch books I have mercilessly chucked over the past few days while moving because they are of such shitty levels even the recycling bin doesn’t want them. 

REGARDLESS, I regret nothing. Each decent or terrible or amazing or ok drawing ever churned out has helped me learn and improve. You grow with your art. Honestly I owe a lot of my drawing and improvement to Homestuck and Hussie because it got me interested in drawing again. Yes, that’s right. FANDOM made me do it. Before I fell into fandom I had basically given up on drawing because for years it seemed like all I could produce through high school and most of college was shitty animu inspired noodle figures and sad looking land sharks. And then I continued to draw shitty animu styled characters and not so many sharks but THOSE shitty drawings, as HS went on and I became obsessed and time passed, became better. They started to change. I was producing so much content daily that my style kept switching around and I was learning HOW i liked to draw and how to do it better. It wasn’t so much that I was aiming for super sweet hella awesome levels of amazing drawing (what I saw in my mind could not at all be produced by my skill level) but rather that I was trying.

I learn slowly. Real slow. And through repetition. Not everyone can draw every day. Hell, I can’t even draw every day anymore. It’s just not realistic. But if you get even the smallest chance to throw around a few lines they do start to add up the experience points. Improvement doesn’t happen quickly. Sometimes you don’t even notice it for a long period of time. But it’s happening. For instance I have been struggling with painting recently, yes painting with like a brush and messes and awkward canvases, and have been ready to throw my hands up with the entire thing when just the other day I stumbled over some REALLY OLD PAINTINGS of mine from like a decade ago. BAM. I had my face shoved into my own improvement. There is was clear as day. It felt…good. It’s important to acknowledge and keep (some) of your old work for just this reason.

All of this blather and hoo ha is leading to my main point which is to keep drawing your little hearts out. Draw whatever you want. Don’t get caught up in what you ‘should be drawing’. Just keep drawing for the sake of drawing and you’ll see improvement. 

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Honestly it makes me so angry that people can't respect your wishes. I as a writer and a designer get so mad if I ever find things that I worked for hours or days on and people repost it and don't give me credit. Like I don't care if you repost it and credit me. People need to stop stealing shit from everywhere and learn to create their own things. Like sorry you're pieces are shitty or your so untalented, but please don't steal from people just because your lazy. geez

yeah its pretty friggin annoying. but i’ve learned to just talk to the reposters with respect instead of being rude and 9/10 times they’re super nice about it. just SOME rude people try and defend their actions and its like ?? the fuck are u saying?? but anyway, i hope your work doesnt get reposted either. dealing with it is so tiring. 

Quick personal update

Yeah so this real life thing is fucking me up profoundly. And although I desperately need the escapism of this here website, I am required to do some serious adulting at the moment. 

I’ll be checking notifications and messages but not much else. 

Please pray, send good thoughts, whatever you want to call it. 

I love you all. 

I gained over 500 followers since yesterday and I woke up to some messages wishing me luck and some compliments. Thank you all so much for that, and Imm sorry for those that didn’t make the 1400 notes cut off. When I manage to shuffle through everything I’ll probably do something similar, or if you don’t want to wait and if you’re willing to commission me I always put those at top priority when I can. You can check out my commission pricing in the commission tag (just click on my sidebar -> drawings -> commissions). With all of this aside- I hope everything’s okay for everyone and you all have a good day

Summary Blurbs

So I’m thinking about turning a story I wrote years ago into an actual book. Problem is, I wrote a lot of stories years ago. So here’s some blurbs of little summary blurb things. I’m gonna tag some people that I think would be interested or that I want to hear from and get opinions from on which I should focus on. 

Be warned, almost all of them are fantasy romances. Obviously, there was a theme in my younger years. Also, the titles are just placer titles for the sake of organization and are subject to change, as are character names… And my summaries sorta suck tbh. Sorry. 

Posting this on mobile so it’s shitty formatting. My computer has officially died on me. 

Even if you’re not tagged, please feel free to check out this list and let me know which you’d like to read the most!!

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