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ohmygosh guys.

I don’t know why all of you are following this blog but I’m also super happy that you are! ;u; So I just hit 700+ today and i’m screaming. Thank you so much for all of the support you’ve given me (ilysm). So, to celebrate, here’s a follow forever! Here’s list of some people that I love seeing on my dash <33 Sorry if I missed anyone 

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c’mon tumblr
make another over 9000 jokes about how homophobic Russia is

You know what
This is the reason why I don’t want to tell people about my nationality. This is stupid but sometimes I feel ashamed to tell that.

Because you people think it’s funny to tell someone is homophobic

This is offensive and rude. How can you judge by nationality? Lots of Russians are tolerant and you know…lots of European are homophobic. Sorry for telling you that. People are people, they have opinions, no matter where they were born. If some shitty politicians are homophobic, it doesn’t mean that the whole nation thinks so.

I am a transguy. I’m also pansexual. I do know lots of people who support the LGBT-community. I am not homophobic. I’m also Russian. Please stop thinking that my opinion on gay people depends on where I was born



if i talked to you today

I’m sorry.  I’m a shitty person and I’m fucking depressed and anxious as shit and I have so much fucking trauma in my life and I hurt some of my best friends today because of it.  So if you messaged me, I’m so sorry if I was hurtful.  I can’t believe I’m an asshole even online.  I’m thinking of turning off ask because I feel so guilty.  I’ll delete this later god I feel like nothing.  

anonymous asked:

Every time I see your pictures I instantly judge you and it makes me realize how shitty of a person I am. I am a victim of a horrible, body-shaming world yet I instantly judge you as I have been judged out of jealousy of your strength and insecurity of my own body. I know there are people out there who are just like me, so for them and myself, I am sorry for the way some people treat you and am so impressed at how much you love yourself. I hope that I can see beauty in myself the way you do.

It would be impossible for me to say how much I appreciate this message. I honor the courage it took for you to write this, anon- I know how many people you represent, and I’m grateful we can influence one another. We are ALL victims of a horrible, body-shaming world. The beauty in me bows to the beauty in you.

Important shit <3

I didn’t wanted to write this here, but well i need to.

Some of you probably knew that I was developing a rpg game with my bf, well,
our goal was a  Kickstarter campaign but after a year of work
we realized that make a good demo in two was quite impossible without a bit of money. 
We put aside this project and start making a some mobile games.
Analized what sells more, we did a little game similar to others just for testing (shame on us) but we decided to finish it anyway, since we needed to start from something!  

After two months of infinite work every day dsiugds finally we did our first shitty game.

But, unfortunately seems like to make some money, you need money.

Almost every site needs a bunch of cash to make a review, and we really have 0 money atm.
So the only thing I can do now is to advertise ourself on my pages, i feel so sorry about this!

If you’re interested (and ONLY if you’re interested) and you like the game, I’d appreciate some help just spreading the word to a friend or with a review, or just with an hug.

I’m sorry, I really hate ask this kind of things, I feel so embarassed.. but I had to try, thank you for your time!

We’re working to a new game to play in the bathroom, because we can't give up.
Our “company” name is Tiger Roll and the game, obviously FREE is called NinjUP :3 I’ll put the links of the app, for iOS and Android, and if you would like to follow our work, I’ll also put the Facebook and Twitter pages!

Our Facebook page
Our Twitter

OH, I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL ADD A LITTLE SASUKE AND SAKURA IN THE FUTURE UPDATES (hoping to not mess up with copyright lol) <3 
Sorry for my english tho.

PLUS an hug from both <3
(the forever “i look like a teen” couple)

avacadoatlaw asked:

I am having a horrible day at work. Can your human interaction be telling me something happy to get me through these last two and a half hours?

I’m sorry you’re having a shitty day, so I’ll try my hand at happy things, let’s see:

Modern AU stucky, in which Steve is best friends with Thor and Sam and Peggy, and they are total gym rats who are super buff and gorgeous and hang out lifting weights and working out everyday. Maybe they’re personal trainers or just teammates in some amateur sport team. Yeah, they’re like, elementary teachers or something ridiculously nice like that, working with small children by day, making people weep with envy at their bodies off hours.

And Bucky. Bucky is really not a gym rat. He’s a slim, really pale guy who is like, allergic to the outdoors and only runs if it’s life or death. He probably works in a lab or a university, and he’s really bookish and kinda self conscious about the arm he lost years ago in accident, so he avoids crowds and is perfectly happy with his cat and his apartment and hanging out inside with his friends, Dum Dum and Angie and Matt and Nat. 

And see, Bucky was only ever at the gym because Nat teaches Yoga and Krav Maga there and makes him hang out with her and take some of her classes sometimes, because he’s got to move a little at least, James and Bucky is perfectly healthy thank you very much Nat, but he does enjoy the classes, so he goes. And sees Steve there. And Thor and Sam and Peggy too, of course, that stunning trio, but yeah, Steve. Big, blonde buff Steve with that smile and the muscles and the really, really tight shirts who laughs loud and mocking when he beats his friends at something, but is obviously just teasing and okay, Bucky might maybe get stuck staring a little and maybe go to more of Nat’s classes than before, but it’s y’know, platonic. As if THAT would ever happen Nat c’mon, yeah right.

Except, he never does seem to notice that Steve stares back. A lot. Enough to have almost dropped his weights once, and let Sam win a few times, and got kicked in some really unfortunate places by Peggy more than once for not paying attention. Because Bucky might not be a gym rat, or a muscly tanned god, but he’s beautiful and really flexible wow and also kinda kicks ass even when one of his arms is obviously a prosthetic and the smile on him. Steve’s smitten. Thor teases him mercilessly for not going and sweeping Bucky off his feet, he can obviously carry him off if he likes, while Peggy just keeps telling him to get his head out of his ass or she’ll do it for him. Sam would laugh at him, Steve knows, but he plays nice and gives him date ideas between reps instead.

Nat notices. Of course she does, but she lets James go at his own pace (even if she has plans if nothings happens soon). But of all people, it’s Angie who puts an end to the mooning, when she comes with Bucky to 2 classes, sees Peggy there, and decides you know what? Enough “platonic”, we’re all going on a damn group date, and if Bucky doesn’t sit next to Steve (and she next to that English beauty) she will call Bucky’s sisters for an intervention, don’t test me Brooklyn, you know I’ll do it.

During the reunification process in some places there was no podium to give speech, and the amount of people ready to  hear their saviour the great uniter was big so…


shitty doodle made at bus on my way to school…I’m so bored xD. reference that pic of a lady standing over a guy’s back on a store…damn I lost it sorry! 


tbh i’ve been messing with scissors and bangs, and they’re pretty short now. some of my friends say it looks funny, but idk i love it :) this is my compromise for not getting a pixie cute huhu ps sorry for the shitty filter

also i was tagged by mannschaftmadridista and miasanmannschaft plus one other person to do the 20 beautful women tag. thank you so much lovelies :)

i’m tagging kramering manubastimarco wazzamata lewanclowski blaugrana-af basicallybayern erymax galaxygotze manuelnewer crmn0va textsfromdfb jackiewilshere caravanslost theawesomenessbomb rainmist07 lahmbrows vitaeternum lahmageddon miasanfamilie isaebel weelittlesqueakingbloggermouse scaredandhungry fips-bayern and everyone else. ya’ll are beautiful and you need to know that :)

  • The Doggle-Boon Behemoth
  • Dragon Age
  • World of Thedas Volume 2

Here’s a separate link because for some reason audio on tumblr is shit and it doesn’t always work.

So… skimming through my World of Thedas 2 book I came across a collection of nursery ryhmes and tales for children, its chapter six.
One of them, the Doggle-Boon Behemoth fits really well with the tune of the song sung by Stoic and Hiccup’s mother in HTTYD2. So… I sang and recorded it.

Its recorded on my phone and there’s some me blathering for about 30 seconds at the start. I don’t sing often and this might be shitty but… eh. My voice does crack a bit, sorry for that. 
Volume warning, its not loud and doesn’t pop but be careful of your volume levels. :)

Below is an image from the book which shows the words.

I don’t sing in public and NEVER record myself, so this is very scary. 

Sorry for any burst ear drums.  *runs away to hide under a rock* 

Yesterday I went overbroad and I regret words I said, I decided I should draw and stop being such an ass. I apologise to the ones who suffered from it.

I drew some sketched of precious hidekane, wolf and rabbit au, felt good sketching again. Sorry oikawa-saan for being a trashy fly, and sorry nira-the-earth for not answering your messages

excuse the shitty edit so yeah i hit 1.5k over the weekend so i decided??? id do this to celebrate or something


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thats all folks bye have fun

On Feminism and Misandry

Some dude tried telling me that there are groups of women that call themselves feminists that are taking away men’s rights such as the rights over custody in court and divorce etc.,

I try to tell him that if those groups of women are oppressing men, then they are not feminists at all but this fuckboy proceeds to say that they call themselves feminists so they are feminists. (Him saying that is like me saying I call myself a Canadian when I’m really American, but since I call myself that I am a Canadian (shitty analogy but oh well))

Sorry, but that’s complete bullshit. Those women can call themselves feminists all they want, but if they are oppressing men, they are misandrists.

So here’s to all those women out there who call themselves feminists while oppressing men: stop calling yourselves that and start calling yourselves misandrists. That’s all you are and you’re giving the real feminists a bad name with your shitty antics