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How Vital Are Women? This Town Found Out as They Left to March
As women left Montclair, N.J., for marches in Washington and New York, family routines were radically altered, and many fathers had to meet weekend demands alone.
By Filip Bondy

Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Reducing women’s “vital” role to childcare is some serious sexism. It should not be newsworthy that some dads had to take care of their kids by themselves on the weekend. Dad doesn’t need a “deal” where he gets to play tennis by himself because mom was off marching for equality. In fact why didn’t they all go to march? All of the jokey comments from the parents about dads/kids “surviving” a day with their children are exactly what’s wrong with gendered parenting norms. Not a single quote about the meaning behind the march beyond vague references to Trump being bad. This is sexism at work. This is how gender inequality gets perpetuated. This is why people question just how committed suburban cis straight white folks are to progressive causes. Wow.

In our household, my partner works almost every Saturday and frequently Sundays as well and I always watch the kids. That’s never been a question. When the march came around my only concern was the weather. I packed up the kids in the car with all our snacks and supplies, we drove the hour each way, we stood around the damp and the cold, and we marched.

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how was Isabella abusive to Ed? seemed to me like she was actually falling in love with him. altho she also seemed like she had her own issues. but, wacky as it was, dressing up like Kristen made him face some kind of fear, right??

Are you serious? She read up on his entire file. Didn’t she? She said she learned everything about him; why he was in Arkham, about his mental disorders no doubt. And what does she do? The immediate first sign that Edward is uncomfortable, wants to leave the relationship, feels trapped, feels unsafe, what does she do? She dresses up as his dead girlfriend. Knowing full well EXACTLY what she looks like. 

When he contacts her, and sees her like Kristen he runs. Edward is never this skittish and horrified, and he was terrified. Absolutely mortified. He runs towards the door, his escape. He didn’t want to fall back into that hole of him disassociating, murdering, going over the edge. She knew all this goddamn it, and what does she FUCKING DO?

She pushes him back into her apartment forcefully, slaps him into reality so she force him to look at her, and SHE MAKES HIM PUT HIS HAND ON HER THROAT. She makes him reenact the nightmare of killing the person he thought) he loved. This triggers an extensive amount of past trauma and pain for Ed that only someone oblivious would think was okay. She does this because she’s IN LOVE? Because she CARES? Because she thinks she can CURE HIM

No she does it because she thinks he is interesting, a sad and screwed up character, like one of the ones she loves in her so called favorite stories. She was making a fantasy for herself by using the pain from a mentally damaged individual. 

Isabella is a fucking monster. 

*insert beating dead horse gif here*

The only person who has ever said T is anything more than a friend to Cait is the troll. Any infomation known about him can’t have been gotten without some serious digging. He has no online footprint, no ‘paper trail’ like many of her other friends. We shouldn’t even know his name. Seriously. If it weren’t for that invasion of his privacy no one would notice him because no one would be looking for him. The troll is gone. Don’t write her fiction for her.

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How often do pietro and Cedric brush their fur? Do they also brush each other's sometimes? How do they feel about brushing each other's fur? Making your coat look good is some serious business.

Pietro brushes his fur atleast twice a day, he is very smooth & soft. Cedric can sometimes forget to brush his fur, but he makes sure he doesnt look like a complete mess.. but yes pietro likes to comb through cedric’s neck fluff to make it extra soft

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What you were trying to say is that you didn't like what ISYL wrote? I really don't know what to think about it, please let mi help with this. I read everything before they deleted and I have to admit that some things were kinda interesting.

Okay, here we go. First of all, anon, I picked you because your one of the last asks in my inbox, I’m very lazy, you seem kind and I needed one anon to answer them all, so it’s you :D

Then, I’m really sorry in advance, because this is going to be some serious case of vague posting. I hate vague post, I try to never do it, but I really don’t know how to do it differently. I could chose to ignore my inbox too, but I’m not that kind of person, so vague posting it is.

Like everyone (or almost everyone), I read what has been said on ISYL’s blog today. To sum it up, Gillian should grow the fuck up, she’s been fooling around while David was waiting for her to get her shit together, we don’t know if she’s dating PM, but she’s still in a relationship with David, and they’ll always be fucking. (I paraphrase, so excuse me if I got it wrong, but I think I substantially quoted what has been said.)

I think I need to tell you guys that I have no contact with them, we’ve basically never talked to each other, I have pretty much no more information about their source than anyone else. That said, you all know the Gillovny circle is small and chatty. Informations get through when you know where to find them and who to talk to. I also want to add that I can be absolutely wrong about what I’m saying and maybe I’m totally mistaking, but somehow, I *think* I know what (and who) lead them to believe what they said (the vague posting starts here, if you haven’t noticed yet). 

What they said today sounded very familiar to me, I believe I had the same “informations” a few months ago, about Gillian, her issues, etc… To be clear, I’m not talking about ISYL’s original source, which I believe, and it’s my personal opinion, basically just told them about the party and updated them from time to time, but nothing else. I believe they had other informations, coming from other people, like a few of us have sometimes. The only difference is that when I got these informations about Gillian and her supposedly issues, I was very cautious and doubtful, and I was right because they ended up being false and spread by some clearly untruthworthy (that’s not a word, I know) people (which is basically always the case in this crazy fandom). I also found out that what I thought was said in confidence, only between two people, was actually known by a much larger circle than what I thought. In other words, “everybody” knew, and apparently, ISYL did too. 

Sadly, the only purpose of spreading such lies was to shame Gillian, hating, trolling and seeking attention.

Once again, it could be a total coincidence that I happen to know what they were talking about, and if I’m wrong I’m really sorry, but it would be a massive coincidence, though. I’m not trying to convince anyone, if you want to believe what they said, it’s your right, if they’ve convinced you, that okay. I’m not trying to defend ISYL either. Even if they believed these informations, they shouldn’t have posted like they did, they shouldn’t have been shaming Gillian the way they did. We all know Gillian has spies here and I hope they deleted before anyone important saw their allegations. It’s one thing when hate comes from small blogs with no followers and it’s another thing when it comes from bloggers with tons of dedicated followers. 

Sorry about the vague posting, I guess it’ll raise more questions, so let me get this straight. I don’t believe what ISYL said today was the truth, I do believe the party story, I think they’ve been mislead in the last 6 months by someone who is not their original “source”, I’m not changing my mind on Gillovny, I’m not changing my mind on PM, I still have mixed feelings, but I need a better proof, and Gillian is not a whore. On my side, this case is closed.

Writing a novel like...

Me: “Okay I have to leave at exactly one-fifteen to make this meeting.  I have an hour and fifteen minutes to get some serious writing done.”

Me: 12-12:15- *scrolls tumblr*

Me: 12:15-12:20- *refreshes ao3 feed to see if anything new updated*

Me: 12:20-12:30- *checks bookmarks to see if I missed updates*

Me: 12:30- 12:45- *stares at word document*

Me: 12:45-12:47- *writes six words*

Me: 12:47-12:59- *scrolls tumblr more*

Me: 1-1:10- *makes pointless text post*

Me: *five minutes left*

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RFA members on a picnic date with MC?

cute request~Madre Mod


It would be pretty cute

he made cute lil sandwiches with his mom

he also packed a big fluffy blanket and fruit for a snack

he had the picnic on a small hill where nobody could disturb you both

it was calm and yoosung finally left the house 


romantic as fuck

he made spaghetti and meatballs!

totally not a lady and the tramp reference there

he also brought a round table, chairs, a tea light candle and a rose for you

totally lady and the tramp

he totally ddidn’t plan to only have one plate so you two could share and end up eating the same noodle causing you both to kiss each other no wayyy


the picnic would be in his private garden ofc

it’s romantic

but not too romantic

it has a hint of class

he has the finest of steak on the table and some wine as well

he’s serious about this

the ‘picnic’ is mostly you telling him about picnics

not that you don’t appreciate what he did



she somehow got a break from her job

you totally didn’t threaten to give Elizabeth 3rd to luciel

but she took you to a public park where you two had fun eating sandwiches and playing on the swings nearby

it was relaxing and enjoyable

small kisses were exchanged 


you dragged him out of the house

a picnic basket in one hand and his hand in the other

the basket had some honey butter chips so he would shut up about how he was gonna starve

you sat on a hill near an ice cream store so when you were both done, you guys could get ice cream as a dessert and chill in the grass

he stared at the sky a little and remembered his past

you both went home content 

Serious question here. I’ve seen some people talking about the impracticality of Keith’s belt going over his shirt but I think the real question we should be asking is how does Shiro’s shirt even work???? Does he tuck it into his arm???????? Seriously how?? And why?? Dude it’s a skin tight shirt you don’t have to worry about loose sleeves!! Why bother at all? Arms go in sleeves not the other way around!

On a related note how did he get these in the middle of the desert? They obviously aren’t Keith’s.

I’m going to take a break from posting/reblogging political things for a second.  I’m burned out and I don’t have many spoons to begin with.  I know, this is mostly a BJD blog, so you don’t really expect politics from me, but still.  I feel very deeply, I just need to make this safe space a safe space again.   Just for a bit.

Maybe I’ll post some WIP photos of the dolls I am painting?  Brial’s ear mods are giving me some trouble (she got some serious gauges), but I’ll win in the end.  I did sand that horizontal crease out of Velalu’s lower lip and it looks great.  Godot is doing nothing worth mention, though the wig I made him fits so well it sucked off his headcap when I removed it yesterday.

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Hello! Thank you for doing what you do. It's really helpful :) I was wondering if you guys have some favorite fanfics that are overall happy and funny (so nothing too dark or serious.) Thank you so much!!

this is my favorites:

Missed Connections - T, one shot - After a pleasant autumnal trip to Diagon Alley with her friends, a Missed Connection describing Hermione appears in the Daily Prophet’s Personals column. Who could have left it? Hermione’s mad with curiosity, but the identity of the sender remains a mystery. (Harry knows, but wild hippogriffs couldn’t drag it out of him.) 

Bus Stop - T, 5 chapters - Every morning, Draco and Hermione meet at the bus stop. A romance revolving around an umbrella.

Murphy’s Law by MrBenzedrine89 - M, 3 chapters - Writing prompt: Murphy’s law. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Draco Malfoy learns this first hand as he attempts to court Hermione Granger. Birthday gift for LightofEvolution. 3 chapters of feel good laughter.

Bunny Slippers - MA, one shot - Hermione Granger should take the advice of her gay mirror. 

Hermione’s Missing Book By: LoVeDoNtHaTe - K+, one-shot - The Ministry’s been attacked by the scariest thing since You-Know-Who: a frantic witch in search of her personal, precious book. A few notes here, a bunch of flyers there, dinner, and Ministry romances may never be the same again. Light-hearted fluff.

The Letters From Everyone By: Jade Presley - T, 13 chapters - “To send a letter is a good way to go somewhere without moving anything but your heart” - Phyllis Theroux. A collection of short letters and notes sent to and from various characters throughout a year of their lives. Features: Draco/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Luna/Theo, Ron/Pansy.

Above the Clouds by cathyyy - M, 43 chapters - Hermione is back for her seventh year at Hogwarts. Over one year has passed since the war and she finds herself changed by the experience. She needs something, someone. But everyone around her act like nothing ever happened, except for one. Draco Malfoy. With him as her teacher in flying, can she find a way to heal?

A Year of Sound by Enigmaticrose4 - M, one-shot. - Draco decides to prove himself and moves into his own flat for a year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have very good soundproofing… Muggle AU

- Ladybear -

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Ok I'm the "are you ok anon" lmao like??? How come whenever I send something like this it's "OMG anon are u ok?? Like I am it was just me talking. I have no reason to block you I don't even follow u and this isn't some "art callout post!!!" I never said anything about me not liking your art some of your stuff is pretty lit. But tumblr fanart makes bad things cute like do you know how many times I've seen "can I get nepeta with self harm scars and stretch marks?? It's so cute :3" like its not,

..  Okay but there is a level of fat that is unhealthy and you can’t deny that, like if you go over a certain number, depending on your height it can cause some serious health risks and possibly kill you, if you draw characters as fat or overweight that’s fine!! But I just don’t like it when people deny being fat is unhealthy, if you think fat is cute that’s a ok, but at some point it is unhealthy”

Oh..anon holy shit like.. Ok where do I even start here ok.. FIRST OF ALL.. if multiple people have literally said the exact same thing to you and you are genuinely wondering.. why???  Literally In my 1000 years on the internet I have seen so many people with your exact line of thought, this is 2017 my friend WAAAHH BUT WHAT ABOUT BEEING HEAAAALTHYYYY :’’(( isn’t gonna cut it any more- it’s simple run of the mill fatphobia, you do not give a poop about people’s health, and you are NO ONE to judge people’s lives’ by their bodies, whether it’s their weight or the scars they have- there is a big line between fetish and self love and it is clear to me that you have no idea what that is, which is a deeply personal problem. What do you want from me? Do you think making a broad ass statement is gonna make me kissy your toes and tell you I’m sowwy? “At some point” Being thin is unhealthy too but no ones sending anon messages about that to literally ANYBODY. My blog is filled with kind messages from real people who feel a little better and here you are. My blog is a place of positive feelings , and if you cannot respect that ( which i am 100% sure you wont) I kindly ask that you do block and ignore me as I do not have time to wipe your ass for you over your own pettiness 

The most dreaded tag

I was dreading this tag for the life of me because it requires me to actually share my real thoughts and oh God, that’s difficult. However, considering that I was the FIRST person on Roggy’s list of tags and he’s a dear friend that claims I keep him tied up with old tapes, I’m going to do this tag thingamabobber. But let’s not get carried away here, I won’t actually be super serious in answering some of these but I’ll do my best. I got a bone to pick with you, Mr. Roger @infamouslyroggy :)

1. Why do you have this blog? What is the purpose of this blog?

I have this blog because I wanted one, lol, how much simpler can it be? Alright, fine. I have this blog because I was told by a friend, who I am no longer friends with because he turned out to be an asshole, to post my writing on a public platform. The purpose of this blog is for me to be comfortable with my own writing (poetry and calligraphy both).

2. What is your opinion of therapy and poetry/writing as a therapeutic tool?

I wholeheartedly believe therapy was available to every single soul in this world. It is very much underrated and there is a stigma behind it. There are many forms of therapy and poetry/writing is just one of them. Pour your soul out. It helps. I know we all hear this and say this and know this, but only some of us actually do this. And this ‘some of us’ has me included as the first person in line. I don’t as much pour my feelings out through poetry, but rather my visions, and I love doing that.

3. What kind of poetry do you like?

Oh, this is easy. The poetry that you all have already written and hit the ‘Post’ button on. The amount of courage that takes is insane. I congratulate every single person who posts their poetry. That is the kind I like. 

4. What do you think is the purpose of poetry?

The purpose of poetry is to ignite empathy. 

5. What subject matter would you like to see covered by poetry?

The love without being touched. The hate without any violence. Emotions without the emotions, issues without the issues, actions without the actions. Everything beneath the tip of the iceberg. It isn’t the subject but the manner the subject is presented.  

6. What is the purpose of Tumblr?

To be yourself. To be an occasion. To rise. And applaud.

Also I know Kev doesn’t do many tag things but I’m gonna make him do this one because well, I can. :P @takingstockofwhatmattersmost tag you’re it! And if you’ve already done this before, I don’t care, you’re doing it again lol

Stand Up (A fanfiction adventure)

Part Two

Oliver and Felicity sat in the back of the limo, both lost in their own thoughts. Unconsciously, Oliver put his hand on Felicity’s knee and began kneading it. It was instinctual between the two of them, ever since the beginning. When they touched each other, it brought them a sense of comfort and peace. Neither one of them needed to acknowledge it; it was just a part of their connection.

Up front, Cary Mayes drove through the Glades toward William Malone Elementary. Cary was one of John’s handpicked security detail, an ex-mercenary capable of dishing out some serious hurt to anything or anyone threatening his charges. Oliver had initially complained to John that he was more than capable of protecting his own family. John let him rant, then he reminded Oliver of the night the ghosts shot up his limo and almost killed Felicity. Oliver conceded to John and allowed the mercenary to be his driver.

“Hon,” Felicity spoke, breaking Oliver away from the memory of that horrible night. “I know we already talked about this,” she went on. “But maybe we can still look into private tutors for Kevin.”

Oliver looked over at Felicity. “Felicity, we agreed that Kevin should go to public school. The idea being him not only getting academic stimulus, but also social. If he is stuck at home without the chance to make any friends…well, you know. It was and is a good idea.”

Felicity covered Oliver’s hand on her knee with her own. “Yeah, I know…it’s just that…he is…he has…why is he acting out like he does?”

Oliver had his suspicions. Lately, he and Felicity had been wrapped up in their professional endeavors…him with the campaign, and her with Smoak-Queen Technologies. As horrible as it sounded, Kevin may have felt a little left out on the whole family dynamic. It was something Oliver wanted to sit down with Felicity and Kevin and get into, but again, those other things kept stalling that conversation. It didn’t make him and Felicity bad parents. It didn’t mean they were neglecting their son. Or… maybe it did. Oh god, Oliver thought. Is that it.
Oliver had a sudden vision of he and Kevin in the Bunker right after his son had turned eight. Oliver decided that he wanted to train Kevin, basic self-defense, and also to introduce him to archery; life father like son, passing on the family business. Felicity was at first furious at this idea. She will not have her son forged into a weapon, she railed at him. He deserves and should be able to choose his own path, have a normal life. Oliver responded by telling Felicity the boy was only eight. How could he know what his path is? Besides, whatever he decides he wants, at least he will be able to protect himself. Felicity vehemently shook her head. You will turn him into a bully, she responded. No, Oliver told her. Yes, Felicity added. This argument went on for a week or so, until Felicity (like she does when she puts her mind to a problem) relented to the practicality of Oliver’s intention with their son.

Oliver broke away from this memory and squeezed her knee. “Felicity, I don’t want to upset you, but I think maybe we had a little something to do with Kevin’s behavior. Maybe Kevin…”

“Mr. Queen,” Cary called out from the front seat. “There is a situation at your campaign office. I just got a ping from Mr. Diggle’s security detail. Something is going on…”

An explosion rocked the day and both Oliver and Felicity flinched.
Suddenly, Cary accelerated the limo.

“Oliver…Kevin…he is with John at the office. Oh god, what’s happening?”

Oliver metaphorically put on his GA mask. A menacing glare settled over his face.

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okay i know i’m biased here, but does anyone else find c$ers’ obsession with emma having kids with h00k really creepy? first of all, emma and h00k have dated for less than a year within the the show’s timeline. and ignoring all of h00k’s less-than-stellar history with children, emma has been through some serious trauma lately. she needs to focus on herself right now, not having kids with her boyfriend of a few months.

more than that, and most importantly, emma has never struck me as particularly wanting to have more kids (maybe sometime down the line). the whole reason she contemplates it in canon is for h00k’s benefit–to “give him a child”–as opposed to having one to nurture and care for another human being. ignoring the obvious sexism in that line of thought, it’s just another example of the “break down her walls” (i.e., “become a real woman”) bullshit that’s the focus of c$.

and no, i’m not saying there’s anything wrong with a woman choosing to be typically “frilly and feminine” and have children with the man she loves. but the key here is doing it by choice rather than out of guilt. not to fit in with a cookie-cutter princess ideal. because the problem is, that is not and has never been who the real emma swan is. it’s a self-insert fantasy that does little more than rob emma of her agency in the name of giving h00k his “happy ending.” it’s objectification, plain and simple.

give me a royal plot where the muse a is the prince of whatever country and honestly, they’re so humble and kind. they spend so much time with their people ( but don’t be mistaken, when they need to be serious and fucking declare war or some shit then it happens bitch he don’t play ). and there isn’t any love interest in his life at all, until one commoner comes around and he’s like what???!?!?! what the fuck. you’re so cute. i love you. OR a royal heir from another country they have an arranged marriage and honestly the commoner/royal heir isn’t feeling it. they’re kinda rude and stuck up and bitchy and muse a is honestly trying so hard to make muse b happy and comfortable and it comes to the point where he’s like “look. i get it. you don’t like me, but you’re stuck in the marriage. i’ll leave you alone, i won’t bother you, but you better look pretty for my people and act like you like me for their sake. and you better be prepared to rule along side me because i don’t play that shit. you’re not about to go fucking around with my country bitch. you don’t need to like me, but you will respect my people.” and muse b is like “….. alright bitch you got it chill out.” and eventually muse a stops liking them and he kinda sorta gives up and they ebcome distant and there is this new love interest and he sees them secretly and shit and muse b is like …. FUCK NO bitch you’re MY prince. because muse b is actually jealous and lowkey has always wanted muse a but just is an asshole. and then there’s the argument 

“i don’t know why it’s such a problem that i’m talking to them. you didn’t like me before. you wanted nothing to do with me. you clearly stated that so leave me alone.”

“i’ve always loved you.”


muse a and b try to work things out, but side hoe is pregnant with muse a’s bastard aka illegitimate baby and muse b is like … .…… . are you fuckING KIDDING ME and muse a is like … . fuck dude.