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“Well, I guess you’ll pine forever for a man who doesn’t care, while I just grow old here behind this bar.”

“Ah, here’s to suffering in silence.”

[Smithers leaves.]

     I kind of feel like this was really a missed opportunity for Moe and Smithers to strike up more of a (at the very least) friendship of a sort. They’re both just perpetually unhappy guys, Waylon having so much affection that goes unreturned and Moe never getting any affection in his life. 

     I feel like in more recent seasons the writers have moved away a bit from Moe being rude/creepy to people and played more with him being the ‘ugly guy with some rough edges who’s really got a heart of gold’ type character, like in “My Fare Lady” and “The Princess Guide”, a shift in characterization that could lend itself more to him potentially being in a serious relationship or at least building a genuine friendship outside the tavern regulars. Another reoccurring thing is Smithers showing up at Moe’s for a drink at the end of an episode after feeling rejected by Burns, like in this ep. (”Princess Guide”), and in “The Burns Cage”. Just some food for thought…

What a morning I’ve had!!

Some bloody idiot undergrad just ran straight into me, causing me to spill a shitload of sulphuric acid on myself (I wish I was kidding)!!

Had I not been wearing enough protective gear, the result could’ve been really ugly (I’m not like Rick, with epidermal nano-fiber defense mesh…) ugh, I can still smell it burning everything…

Thanks a lot, pal! If you don’t know the meaning of these warning signs on the door, stay the f%@# out of my lab!!  凸(ʘ言ʘ╬)凸

Steven Universe Fan comic, Dioptase

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About this comic: After The Kindergarten Kid, before Gem Harvest. Peridot and Lapis have been bonding during their time on earth, but Lapis still can’t let go the feeling of being fused with Jasper, so she asks Peridot to help her but, things don’t always goes as planned…

Story and art by me, updates on fridays/saturdays. DON’T REPOST.

Finally after some hard work and university killing me, I’m posting this thingie! I’ll try to update a page per week and hopefuly canon won’t affect at all this xD

Hope you enjoy the ride~

Let’s talk about Jungkook, okay?

okay listen yall, im so done with your ugly asses it’s time to talk about how disrespectful yall have been towards Jungkook in the past years.

Let’s state some facts here.

this is going to be a long post and i’m not even sorry, prepare yourself young person.

yall treat Jungkook in a unfeasible way, horrendously really. 
You call yourself a bts stan, but you have no problem in excluding and abusing a fellow memeber (in this case Jungkook).

Do you even know how bad it hurts to hear someone (jungkook) talking about how much it hurts for this person to be the subject of hate of other people? Do you really not care about hurting others?

Jungkook isn’t your toy and he isn’t your personal outlet, he isn’t here to recive your hate just because you are frustrated. He’s a person, he’s a human being and he has feelings too, you know, and you stamp on them as nothing happened.

Jungkook joined kpop when he was a fetus, he was just a teenager and yall have been so hard on him for everything.

for god knows how long you have been talking about his skin, you have sexualized him and you have hated him and you still do, and i just want to slap you all.

can you believe that in 2017, i still have to read comments about his skin? Are yall crazy? wth?
Have you ever been through adolescence? through puberty? I bet you have and I bet you weren’t much better than him. 

How  dare you to play with the insecurities of others? How dare you to make people feel bad about themself? How dare you?

Jungkook is not perfect, he’s human and as a human being he goes through the life just as we do, he goes through puberty and through many other things just as we do.

he doesn’t have anything wrong, his skin isn’t horrible, he isn’t horrible because he has problem with his skin, it isn’t wrong to be a person that has bad skin, it’s normal, it’s part of this life.

you hated jungkook so much for his skin that at the same time you could not contain yourself in sexualizing a freaking 15 years old, 15. He wasn’t even legal and yall where here with your fantasies, that’s disgusting. Yall have sexualized a minor and then you have made him self concious because of his skin or his body.

stop segualizing minor.

you know what makes me even more angry? the fact that yall are here talking about Jungkook as if he’s an object, what the fuck is wrong with you?? he isn’t an object, he isn’t your object. HE ISN’T YOUR TOY, OKAY?

yall are using Jungkook as a sex appeal and nothing else and this is disgusting what the hell??? he is a person, a great person and he isn’t just muscles and body and sex.

oh my, let’s talk about your “i’m starving, Jungkook post sth.” you know what? if i was him, i wouldn’t post either because when he does the only thing that you do is hating on him, or maybe sexualizing him, and you know what? fuck that, that horrible. He isnt’ comfortable in taking and posting pics and gess why you asshole.

 Oh and let’s talk about fake fans, fake Jungkook fans. Yall are here making sick jokes about him thinking that they are funny, well guess what they are not. I’d like to slap yall because you are so freaking rude. you are not funny and you are not respecting him. He isn’t here to be your personal joke, okay? He isn’t a joke, he’s a person, with emotions.

Also: Jungkook hates his bandmates, and yes I’m Madonna, what the hell is wrong with you? Aren’t we in 2017?? Isn’t this shit old enough? Jungkook loves his bandmates, he’d do anything for them, get this information in your fucking mind.

Also you did an hastagh because you wanted Jungkook to leave bts because you thought he had too many lines and too many screen times, what the hell is wrong with you? ot6? ot6 my freaking ass you dumbass. Jungkook worked his ass off to be right there with his bandmates, you can just wish for him to leave them aka his second family.

i want to open a new rant: love who you want, i don’t care but do not disrespect others!!!! bts without Jungkook?? not possible.

Also you wished death to Jungkook, are you even a person? I really don’t want to talk about this because it’s really disgusting, just know that you are horrible.

also let’s talk about Rainism, lines and golden maknae.

Rainism: what the hell should mean Jungkook and his 6 back up dancers? Are you seriuous rn? Why Jungkook can’t have a solo stage but everyone else can?? Explain please. He even said he didn’t want to do it because of you, his fans, wow. BTS are more than happy to be decent people, they are probabily more than happy to help jungkook with his solo stage.

Lines: i hate this, i really do. I’d like that all the memebers sing the same amount of time, but guess what, this isn’t kpop.

In a kpop group there are positions, okay? Today we are going to talk about the vocalists.

Vocalist: main, lead and sub.
Each of these positions hold their own importance to the group and one can not say that one position is better than the other or the person in the position is better when compared to another

Lead Vocalist: (Jimin and Taehyung)the Lead Vocalist is Able to reach one or more higher or lower octaves than their fellow groups mates. Because they are able to reach these octaves their voice is featured mainly in the chorus and sections where vibrato is needed.”

main vocalist:(jungkook)the Main vocal may also has a superior octave range, but over all compared to the lead vocal they have a superior vocal range. Because they have a generally wider vocal range their voice is applied to more of the song. Their voice is underlying and supporting the Lead on the chorus, and vibrato. More often then not they receive multiple solo’s with in the song.”

sub-vocalist: (jin) or Supportive vocalist is a very unique part of K-pop in the fact that there is a set standard for this position. Despite there is always room for Main Vocal and Lead Vocal to switch a bit in, for the sub-vocalist there are standards and structure, sub vocalists usually follow the most general and acceptable rules and structure.

  1. Their are two types of sub vocalists
  • The First is the true supporting vocalist, the one or one’s who have decent vocal ability and are very much helpful in moving the song forward while providing support for the main and lead vocalists.
  • The second is not really a vocalist at all, their main focus is on a different aspect of the group all together, these are your dancers, and rappers. Though some dancers and rappers are good singers and help support the main and lead, some don’t sing at all and instead focus on their respective art form in the group.(not Jin bussines)
  • The Sub Vocalist has between 7 to 10 seconds of the song. They either have one line or at times one word.”

I mean, I know, i would like to hear more of Jin’s voice, but at the end fo the day he’s a sub-vocal (a very importabt position) and this is kpop, yeah it sucks but you can’t blame it on Jungkook.

Also we are not sure if bts are able to choose which part they have to do and even if they were the ones who choose then they will discuss it so, no it’s not Jungkook fault.

Golden maknae: praise the shit out of Jungkook, i dont’ give a fuck if he’s the golden maknae, if he does something above the normal praise him just as much as you do when someone who isn’t jungkook does it. Like yall praise everybody but Jungkook and that just because he is the golden maknae, of course he can do it. Fuck off, really. He is human, it’d be nice to hear some compliments.

you do not appreciate Jungkook and this is so obvious.

yall are horrible people, you are hating a pure soul, a person who tries his best to better himself every freaking day FOR YOU. 

Jungkook doesn’t deserve this, he deserve much better than this.

oh and i’m not a sensitive person, you are just a piece of shit.

this thing is probably full of errors, I’m sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, if you see something wrong tell me, thank you.

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Hii!^^ How would Kuroo and Tsukki deal with an s/o, who used to wear glasses, but then changed them for contactlenses, and even though they felt insecure in them, they used them more and more, and after some time, they started to feel insecure whenever they had to wear glasses, not contactlenses? (Oh gooood, to put it simple, they kinda feel ugly in everything? I have the same problem, but after some time, i realize that it doesn't matter what i wear, i'm ugly anyways xdd)

I’m sorry this has taken so long but I literally had no idea of what to write even tho I wear glasses myself, sorry! Also I only did Kuroo because it was taking me a lot and I really wanted to post something tonigh, hopefully I’ll get to do Tsukki soon. This is probably shitty and I should be studying phisics right now so yeah


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as a ml stan......youre right they can be such demons (especially stan twt which im assuming where jin saw that) that being said, bc i know u wont fuck w/demons, do u know any ml stans that are Pure and Good and not ugly that i should follow?

GOD I REALLY DIDN’T MEAN TO INSULT THEM ALL i have some really sweet ml stan friends; the thing is from what i see, the solo stans just…..usually tend to be ml stans and they also tend to not care as much about namjinseok which is a personal offense to me and my livelihood

i hope i’m not forgetting anyone but these are all amazing blogs and amazing people: @jeonyween, @dlmples, @je0n, @defendkimseokjin (taejin), @taejimin, @ksjknj (namjin stan but also a jk stan), @vlives, @jimibi, @milkjk

Hi there!! I really don’t post much of my own content beyond pixels, but I would like to sheepishly bring your attention to a Kickstarter my mom and I have launched.

It’s a nerdy tabletop game where you get a famous quote with a word taken out of it and you have to guess what it is! We have lots of categories like TV, movies, and songs. We have some boosters with more specific categories like video games and Disney songs, so yeah!

If this sounds like fun, please consider checking us out.

Thanks so much!


What’s going on with you? What do you mean? You know what I mean. I know you better than anyone. This isn’t you. I don’t know. What are you doing? Living at your grandparent’s place, being in the DAR, no Yale- why did you drop out of Yale? It’s complicated. It’s not! It’s not complicated. You don’t know. This isn’t you. This- you going out with this jerk with a porsche. We made fun of guys like that. You caught him on a bad night. This isn’t about him. Okay- screw him. What’s going on? This isn’t you, Rory. You know it isn’t.  What’s going on? I don’t know. I don’t know.Okay, uh, may-maybe we’ll catch up at a better time. 


“This is my friend Davey. He has a lamp collection.”

Is this some inside joke that I’ve been missing out on? I’ve seen text posts about Davey and lamps. I still don’t understand. Help me, please.

A Follow Up to a Recent Post I made about the Diamonds and their Pearls from Steven Universe.

A few weeks ago, I made a post about the Diamonds and their Pearls from Steven Universe that I regret posting. 

It was a post about Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl and the possibility of not being mistreated by their respective Diamond, leaving the Pearl of the Crystal Gems to be the one with an unclear relationship with her mistress. 

I’ve been reading the criticism and responses that have come from the post. Some of those responses have been an address about the facts of what slavery actually is; these facts that you pay attention to in history class and need to remember. We’ve all learned about the ugly truths of this unfortunate problem in our history, and I should’ve really thought about that when addressing my headcanon about the Diamonds and their Pearls. 

I apologize for not thinking my post through and will practice the importance of not just thinking, but REALLY thinking before I post from now on. 

I hope I can be forgiven. 

I tried to imagine Emma and Hal as happy siblings who love each other so much!! Emma isn’t wearing glasses because Hal never left and she doesn’t need his glasses to comfort her i guess.

 I’ve never really posted art on here but I guess now’s as good a time as any to start. This was a lotta fun to draw (because I didn’t step out of my comfort zone oops), i’m kind of sorry for the ugly “”““background”“““ though:^)

please don’t remove my caption

He was tall as a young tree…

For Sandra, one of the most amazing people on this website.



so i finally hit my goal! and i’ve said it before i’m gonna make this follow forever once i hit goal. excuse this picture of iu, ikr this is a really simple and not so good edit. anyways i really want to thank everyone who followed this messy sideblog and for not hating on me when i spam your dash with iu posts or girl’s day posts.

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hi daisy!! I'm having a really bad night, can you just tell me a story or about a headcanon or something? I would really appreciate it. I hope you're having a nice night!!

I’m so sorry that you’re having a bad night! Here’s some dennor fluff, just for you:

  • imagine denmark trying to make a cookie with norway’s face on it, and it comes out a giant ugly splurge and denmark think’s norway’s gonna be mad but, to his surprise, he just bursts out laughing
  • imagine denmark coming home late to find norway hiding in the garden, smothered by a pile of stray kittens
  • imagine the two of them reading little iceland bed time stories and acting them out, dressed up as knights and princesses and dramatically flouncing around while iceland giggles into his toys
  • imagine them laying in bed together at night, foreheads pressed together, gently arguing “i love you more” “no, i love you more”

Well… I won’t recieve anything on Valentine’s Day, and I don’t have anybody to make something for, so I just made myself some chocolate cuties. (Figured it was time to contribute something to the fandom, even if it’s just something crappy like this…)

Edit: I also made some boys from Free!

  • fuckboy: hey ;) u r so good looking hmm ;) how about sending me some pics babe???? ;)
  • me: I'm not really comfortable with you flirting with me like that sorry
  • fuckboy: flirtING???? wtf lmao???? whaT ARE YOU tALKing abOut??? WHY diD yoU thInK that lmao who would ever flirt with u??? lmao u ugly af I have a girLfriEnd wtf hop off i havE SiX girlfriebdS anD a FEdoRa why Would I need u wtf ugly btch lol u thought i was serious I WaSnt talking to YoU i was talking to thAT GIRL on that tree behind that house 59 blOckS away lmao bitchs these dAys blocking right now u hoe lmao