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Hey, can we see the oldest piece of art of yours that you still have? I love comparing artist's old work to what they're making now, and your art's so amazing I thought it might be really cool to see where you started out!

Hmm, I have a few that are kept around for some reason :P

Ash and Marona from my Phantom Brave fangirl days c: (2010?)

A tribute to the Moon Boy manwha (2009, omg)

The Little Mermaid movie (not Disney) (2010?)

I started out with lots of fan art! It’s just a neat juxtaposition as I don’t draw much fan art nowadays :c

Behold the lord of flies, and embrace his vile grace

I was gonna try and draw the Jersey Devil, but my old Beelzebub picture got some new favorites and that inspired me to take another whack at the lord of Flies. Beelzebub’s an interesting figure since while he’s “suppose” to be the devil there’s little to no actual detail on how he appears other than “Lord of Flies” really. So just make him into a over the top brightly colored demon fly!

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Wait whats wrong with boy in the striped pyjamas?

Welp you could check the “Critic’s Reviews” section of the Wikipedia page for a really easy explanation:

“Some critics have called the premise of the book and subsequent film – that there would be a child of Shmuel’s age in the camp – erroneous. Reviewing the original book, Rabbi Benjamin Blech wrote: ‘Note to the reader: There were no 9-year-old Jewish boys in Auschwitz – the Nazis immediately gassed those not old enough to work.’ Rabbi Blech affirmed the opinion of a Holocaust survivor friend that the book is ‘not just a lie and not just a fairytale, but a profanation’. Blech acknowledges the objection that a ‘fable’ need not be factually accurate; he counters that the book trivializes the conditions in and around the death camps and perpetuates the ‘myth that those […] not directly involved can claim innocence’, and thus undermines its moral authority. Students who read it, he warns, may believe the camps ‘weren’t that bad’ if a boy could conduct a clandestine friendship with a Jewish captive of the same age, unaware of ‘the constant presence of death’.”

Everything is fucking wrong with it, to put it simply. The author is an non-Roma goyische Irish guy who (allegedly) wrote it in two and a half days, which, from a writer’s standpoint, means he did no fucking research. Which he couldn’t have, because if you had, you would have known that every Jewish child was murdered as soon as they walked through those gates.

It is a story about Jewish suffering written by a goy for the consumption of goyim. It’s disgusting. The premise itself is that this imprisoned boy becomes the playmate of a Nazi’s kid. He serves as a literal servant for this Nazi’s kid, entertaining him and being his “friend.” It is collusion with Nazis that a goyische author decided to make a fake situation with a Jewish child and then proceeded to strip away his humanity to the point where he is just a puppet or plaything for this goyische (and of Nazi parents) boy.

Shmuel becomes an object, not an actor, and how could Boyne avoid this? There are no accounts of how Jewish children acted in death camps because they were murdered.

Our lives aren’t for goyische entertainment or consumption. Anyone who likes this book is colluding with nazis and doesn’t care about Jewish people one bit. This book was shit the moment a non-Roma goy decided to write about the Holocaust.

I can’t say enough bad things about this shit novel, It’s bad to me as an author and a Jew and as a Jewish author. It is an abomination and I hope all of Boyne’s teeth fall out, except one to give him a toothache.
Donald Trump Has Your Full Attention. Can Anyone Else Be Heard?
In the age of Trump, global players — from tech companies to governments — have to shout.
By Ryan Mac, Steven Perlberg, Alberto Nardelli, Jim Waterson, Borzou Daragahi, Tarini Parti, John Hudson

When Obama was president, Iranian censors struggled to suppress all of his peaceful overtures and public addresses to Iran. Now, whenever Trump or even Sean Spicer is about to give a press conference, Iran state television goes live to Washington.

“Iran can say, ‘America really has a bad guy in charge. Look, he’s under investigation,’” a former US intelligence operations officer who was based for years in the Middle East and remains active in the region, said. “In the States, we just arrested some Hezbollah operatives affiliated with Imad Mugniyah’s old component. Nobody paid attention.”

Partners in (Fighting) Crime Chapter 4: Sweet Pete’s

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Masterlist Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Relationships: Peter Parker x fem!hero!reader, Michelle x reader (best friends) 

Warnings: Occasional dirty joke and some shirtless Peter…and getting to feel up shirtless Peter a little bit… :)

Summary: Aunt May opens up a bakery and employs you, Peter, MJ and Ned to help run it!

A/N: This one is long but it’s really good! I hope you enjoy it!

Peter swung back to his apartment and snuck back inside his room, taking off his suit and hiding it in the closet, changing into regular clothes. He came out to find his Aunt May looking through old boxes of paper. “What’s going on?” He asks her and she looks up at him. 

“Oh Peter thank goodness you’re here maybe you can help me with this!” She says and passes him a box. “I’m looking for your grandmother’s old pastry recipes." 

"Uh…why?” Peter asks looking thoroughly confused. May ran over to the counter and grabbed a piece of paper. 

“Because I’m opening up a bakery!” May says excitedly. Peter’s eyes widened. 

“You're running a store now?” He asks and May nods. 

“Yes! I’ve been trying to get that place for months and I thought I’d never get it but then for some reason the other offer got pulled and they accepted mine!” May said excitedly and picked up Peter and gave him a huge hug. He hugged her back. 

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Honestly, your post about GG is 👌. GG, esp Danny, are some of the most understanding and respectful youtubers I watch that aren't LGBT themselves. Like Danny himself is always like "I'm old so correct me if I'm wrong..." and if he is he apologizes!! Same w Arin and the rest of the gang. Like they really do try to improve and be more understanding as the world develops. I love watching them to see how they learn more about the world and become more inclusive and educated. I love them

if i remember correctly, suzy is openly bisexual, arin has no sexual preference, and danny has proclaimed that he is flexible assuming he found another man he liked enough to want to be with

and those three are just the three that im aware of their sexual preferences

the times of them being offensive was from around the time when we were all making horribly offensive jokes, 2009-2013 was a really


time for internet culture

and we all made horrible jokes at one point but we learn and grow and become more aware of those around us. you cant demonize someone for making jokes if they themselves are genuinely tolerant of the people around them. we don’t have bad morals when we’re making those jokes, we’re just going with what everyone seems to think is funny at the time. a few months from now, i can assure you that theres going to be something brand new for people to be offended at when it was something that everyone used to do.

its just how ‘progressive’ internet culture works.

the grumps team are open minded and kindhearted people. they want to bring us entertainment. they don’t care about the views or whatever youtube income they get (which isnt a lot considering the current state of youtube) because theyre just doing what they love with the people they care about.

they havent become lethargic about their work and popularity like some youtubers (coughcoughpewdiepiecoughcough), they just have a fun time regardless of their situation.

arin created gamegrumps when he noticed the youtube algorithm shifting from animation to video games. now he plays games daily while protesting that artists should get a fair chance to show their animations and artwork on youtube without being dumped down to the bottom of the recommendations. ross shares that sentiment as well, as he is an animator that developed alongside arin. he’s actually way more vocal about it as well.

these are incredible people who just want to make you smile when you’re feeling down. demonizing them for past content when they’ve learned and grown just like we have is incredibly small minded and people who chastise them are clearly insecure about people finding out about their own pasts and the horrible things they’ve said or done.

yeah, i’ll admit it, when i was 10 to 14 i made rape jokes, gay jokes, trans jokes, racist jokes; but i’m grown now. i’m 21 now, and i am much more aware of the people around me, the struggles they go through. i’ve come to terms with my own sexuality and gender identity and i’m willing to see new things of the sort. i have had friends of all races and i realized that i shouldn’t make those kinds of jokes. i wouldnt like it if people commented on my straight hair or my pasty white skin and didnt stop if i asked.

we all do stupid stuff. to act as though we’re holier than thou is disgusting and you just want to believe you never did anything offensive in your life. but you’re not a saint. you’re human and you make mistakes. you can be ashamed of your past, but you can’t tear someone a new one who you went back to content they put up in 2012 and found they made an offensive comment and then come here in 2017 when they’re a completely different person and try to demonize them and defame them.

youre clearly just a coward if you do that, you have no real evidence to back yourself up and you should be ashamed of your behavior now as well as your behavior in the past.

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I hate to pick at old wounds, but I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about bad things done by folks in "young" fandoms (harassing creators, sending death threats to other fans, trying to cause legal trouble for people they dislike, etc.), while claiming that older fandoms like Transformers never did anything that bad. And I'm pretty sure that's a load of baloney, but I don't know for certain - have TF fans ever crossed some lines that really shouldn't be crossed?

There are rumors that Beast Machines co-story editor Bob Skir backed out of a BotCon because he got threats against himself and his family.  He didn’t receive explicit threats, but he did get general “I wish you and your family would just DIE” shit, and the real reason he dropped out of a convention was that in the midst of all these generic threats, his father did actually die.

Dennis Barger, the guy who ran BotCon 1996, got script copies of a future episode of Beast Wars and, after planning to release these copies at his convention, the fandom was worried that they’d be spoiled on that season’s events prematurely.  So he threatened that if anyone tried to stop him, he’d tell the episode’s writer Christy Marx that everyone thought her work was garbage and that she should stop writing.  (Hasbro ultimately stopped him.)

that’s all i got in me right now

Getting ready for more...

Hey guys!! I just finished up part two of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”. It will be my contribution for @mores2sl. Here is a snippet of what’s to come!!! 

Oh, by the way, the first part, I cried three times. the second part, I did something that I’ve never done before. I’m a little proud of what happened. When you hear a writer talk about the characters doing what they want to do– it happens, and when it does, it’s amazing!! 


More for wanting to leave this house and never come back again, ever, he grabs the keys off the tile counter top. Thankfully, she doesn’t say anything as he stomps out of the house. without really thinking, he is soon on the way to her house.

He drives down her street, some drives crowded from the Christmas gatherings, some are empty. When he spots her old farmhouse, everything else is forgotten as his heart speeds up wanting to see her, touch her, taste her.

All that changes when he sees his brother’s green Nissan among the other vehicles. The cozy feelings turn to ice in his veins, and a flash of white hot anger explodes in his head. He stops in the middle of the road unable to do anything else.

The door opens and all of his decisions are taken from him the moment he sees Rye, followed closely by her step out onto the wide country porch, the same one where she, the love of his life ran after him, wrapped in nothing but a sheet for one last kiss.

The sound of his mother’s car door slamming echoes in the chilly evening. The two of them—how can they—how can she, that bitch be right? Look up at him, the same expression on their faces as the deer he used to see nightly when he would be returning home late.

Peeta manages to choke out a ragged, “What?” Before Rye joins him in the road. His brother lifts up his arms with the same easy smile they share—when Peeta is backing up. “No—what the fuck are you doing here? With her?”

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Met with Vegas last night and he gave me 1200$ for the night. I’m stoked, I’ve never made more than 700$ a meet. I even snuck in drinks at a bar with another pot and made an extra 100$ and really liked the new guy. It would be nice to have two clients in that city because it’s a bit of a drive for me. I went to the hotel bar super late in basically pajamas to get a drink before bed and got hit on by some old geezer in a suit that thought I was Scandinavian. I leave for Bali and Singapore with my brother and cousin in two days and I’m beyond stoked. Happy sugaring to all you lovely ladies ❤️

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I'm low-key not old enough to read some of his recommendations but I am reading demian and it's really good. I got so into the story I forgot I was reading it for theory evidence

omg so cute ♥ young fans are adorable
I don’t know books… I’m sorry.. I’ll try to become a reader so that I can sit here and discuss books with you guys haha

I kind of wonder tho, how old are you guys? (kinda curious about the average age of the people that are following me) ^^ 

9 & Ethan - Prompt list request.

“Fuck off, she’s mine.”

Ethan and I both agreed that we needed new clothes, even though we really didn’t but, it’s nice to treat yourself sometimes, so that’s exactly what we did, we drove to the mall and after walking around together for a little bit, Ethan got impatient and told me he would be in the Nike store looking for new workout clothes.

While E looked in Nike I made my way to Victoria Secret, deciding it was time for a new bra, as my boobs have become too big for my old bras. I spent around 15 minutes picking out some cute bras and matching panties, I try them on, making sure they fit and as I’m walking to the cash, something from the PINK side of the store catches my eye, as I’m looking through the sizes a voice, who I don’t recognize, speaks up.

“That would amazing on you babe.” I look at the tall stranger, he had blond hair, blue eyes and a cocky attitude if he thought I would fall for him.

“Thanks but I have a-” Just as I was about to tell the creep off, I feel a hand pull me towards a strong chest. I smile smelling his familiar cologne. I look at at him, his jaw was clenched, he was locked, loaded and ready to fire.

“She looks amazing in everything, but only I get to see her in this.” He motions to the sports bra hanging on the rack. The man in front of us eyes Ethan down.

“If you couldn’t understand what that just meant, it means fuck off, she’s mine. ” Ethan kisses me and leads me to the cash so that we can pay and leave that douche behind.

#Reaction: BTS ~ You Having Tattoos

Request: Bts, Big Bang, Got7 and anyone else you want do^.^…Reaction to you having tattoos

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jin: He wouldn’t like if you were covered in ink, but he’d appreciate the few you had. He liked how you had small ones hidden in places only he could find (calm down ya nastys I mean like the stomach, underarm, inner thigh, behind the ear or some shizz). You may even recommend he get one cause he lowkey seemed interested to which his response would be *gif*.

Suga: Yoongi’s main worry would be that when you’re older, you’ll regret getting so many tattoos. Each time you thought of getting a new one he’d tell you that when you’re old and wrinkly they won’t look so nice as they do now to which you retort with a snarky comment on his hair loss from dying his hair so much.

J-hope: He really liked them because each tattoo you got was so pretty. Next time you got one he’d want to go with you because he’s heard how painful it is and wants you to hold his hand, and he’s curious of the process. He’d regret it though because the sight of blood made him queasy so he’d be the one squeezing your hand looking like he’s the one in pain.

Rap Monster: He would love knowing the meaning behind all of your tattoos, what with him being a philosophical grandpa. He would not like it if you were getting them just for fun even though it’s your body because he doesn’t want you to have any regrets. He might even like to get matching ones that hold lots of meaning to you both.

Jimin: He wouldn’t get one himself cause he isn’t a big fan of tattoos, so if you had more than 3 he’d be a little uncomfortable. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t know much about them, so you educate him about it in the hopes he can look past your ink. Which he probs will as long as you’re not full of them.

V: Tae would think your ink was so cool whether you had one or 20. The designs, colors, and intricate detail would have him mesmerized. Imagining the pain you must have endured from getting them, he would get the urge to kiss every single one, so he would.

Jungkook: Like Jimin, he would never get one himself, but it wouldn’t bother him if you had some. He’d be very curious and ask about the different tattoos on your body while tracing them with his finger. There’s a good chance he’ll ask if he could design one for you.

~ admin gin

20 things:

i. I hate ketchup, but I eat hot sauce and cayenne on everything.

ii. I love being barefoot. I take my shoes off (sometimes kicking them off at friends) in public often (I have nice feet, too, so I don’t wanna hear it), even if just for small breaks from my shoes. I hate wearing socks so much that I never care if they match and I get a lot of shit about that at work.

iii. I graduated high school early and I’ve lived on my own since I was sixteen. I really, really value my independence.

iv. I took German and French in high school, and Spanish in college. Of these, I can only speak (elementary) German effectively.

v. I collect taxidermy specimens and old medical supplies - I have some teeth, small animal skulls, a sheep brain, a dried animal fetus, and some antique syringes - stuff like that. I also collect human hair; the only gift I requested from my best friend for my birthday last year was a snip of her hair, to which she kindly obliged, no questions asked.

vi. I sent @dahmdaddi a vial of my blood for xmas last year as a surprise.

vii. The only stim videos I like are the calligraphy ones. Slime, etc makes my skin crawl.

viii. I don’t have eyebrows.

ix. I’m a workaholic. If I ever lose my ability to work, I WILL kill myself, no question about it. Same goes for if my care is ever completely dependent, even financially, on another person. I’m determined to run my body into the ground before mental illness rots my brain.

x. I’m thoroughly convinced suicide will be my eventual cause of death. I want to die in the ocean, but if it doesn’t go down like that, I’m donating my body to science.

xi. I don’t believe in fate, but I wrestle with cognitive dissonance when it comes to specific coincidences, especially based in fantasy. It’s complicated?

xii. I really don’t like dogs, in general. Barking (especially!!!!) and loud noises of any variety (besides music) make me irritable and I feel sensory overloaded.

xiii. I’ve had 2 or 3 crushes in my whole life. They do not include people I’ve actually dated and I have never confessed any of them.

xiv. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

xv. I’m very lazy. I like to believe it’s just me being efficient, but if there is a shortcut for something, I will use it. If there isn’t, I will invent my own. Most of the time, it’s the latter because I have a difficult time understanding how/why people choose the ways they choose to do things.

xvi. I love cosplaying and I wish I had more time for it.

xvii. I co-own a handmade vegan cosmetics business with my best friend. I do most of the chemistry/research because I think it’s fascinating.

xviii. I’m a beauty school dropout. I made excellent grades but I can’t flirt (which is a big thing, I guess?) I also hate touching people and being touched and I couldn’t relate to any of my peers there.

xix. I’ve done a lot of different types of jobs, my skill sets are really random and varied. I’ve worked in mortgage, logistics, food service, security, accounting/finance, etc. I enjoy background work that allows me to manage myself and clean up mistakes or conduct my own research.

xx. “The majority of my thoughts are basically unshareable.”

I can’t even remember everyone that tagged me, just @lovely-loathsome and @bedahmerized, I think? Imma tag @gruesomedetails @world-dahmination @bloodsoakedpearls @dahm-sub @pledgeallegiance @josemourinhos @i-am-not-hitler @geins