some of these are really fast i apologize d:

jeremy heere x reader head canons !!

someone requested this elsewhere and i decided it’d be fun to put it here too, because there aren’t all that many bmc fics or something

this is w a y too long
like this is like points for a really cliche fic rather than head canons but that’s probably cause it’s a vague request and i got carried away ( i had fun with this )

-so like,, you started as friends having totally S L A MM E D into some dork in the hallway who was listening to bob marley
-news f l a sh : that dork was michael mell
-you two turned out to be fast friends real quick
–((after levels of apologies from both of you))
-the quick friendship would’ve been the same with jeremy
-w O U L D V E
-if he wasn’t such a nervous geek.
-BuT doNt woRry yOu secRetLy tHink iTs hEllA hEckIn cuTe
-so like jeremy slowly gets the nerve to talk to you more and like it’s interesting to watch
-cause he does it at inappropriate times
- like ,,, he’ll just start lAughiNG really awkwardly and loud like a solid minute after a joke you make
-or like “oH hEy (y/N) hAvInG a fuN daY of criPPLing soCiAl impAriTy ?”
-just cause like the boy has no idea to talk to you
-and believe me he hits up michael after school just slamming his head on the dashboard of michaels pt cruiser
-“i do n t kNOW HOW TO TALK TO THEM M I C H A E L”
-“i can see that, jeremy”
-“jeremy, buddy, we can all tell”
-and so jeremy will just attempt to redeem himself but eventually michael just pushes him into them thinking ‘well if it worked with me it’ll work with him’
-he was kind of right?
-jeremy got way too nervous but eventually (y/n) was like ‘i’ve had enough of this’ and foRCES them to socialize ,, whilst making sure he’s like comfortable? like he doesn’t hate them ???
-so after that whole awkward weird phase, it turns all into the three amigos
-like they’re the mega geeks and losers but
- they aren’t TOTAL losers ??
-because people have a lil more respect for jeremy and michael after the squip incident,, which kind of just died over after a few months
-so like y'all will just ch i ll in michaels basement and ya know he gets the stoned™ sometimes but that doesn’t matter because
-you and jeremy are pure (lol jk they get the stoned™ sometimes too)
-and like everything is good and great and fun and games and all the bonding
-and jeremy and you got like this B O N D thing where you went from awkward to buddies™™™
-so it’s just like,,, good?
-until jake starts hitting on you
-o h y e s when the bisexual jake //he’s kinda gay and i’ll fight// starts to
-get all
-to the good ol amigo
-and so like,,, you’re kinda into it ? you think jake is pretty cute and hey he’s a fun guy
-so you start hanging out more
-and michaels all upset that it’s a two player game™ again but he still feels blessed to at least hAVE a player two
-but jer over here is like o k a y so first christine and noW thEm whAt The fuDgE sanDwiCh
-and like no no you’re not just ignoring your dorks you still hang out with them
-but like it’s just less
-and so jeremy starts to get kinda pissed around you (which, no offense, love, but that’s kinda hypocritical)
-but michael is being sweet and small and favoring all his time with you cause he takes what he can get
-but because jer y'all get a w k w a r d
-and sure you and jake aren’t technically dating but there were times you did get a little hot and steamy and make out and jeremy ended up finding oUt and hE jUst feLt bETRAYeD
-and so jeremy starts cutting you out and it’s making you sad
-so you go to confront him about it ( in a kind way )
-and so you’re all like “yo, heere, what’s wrong lately?”
-and he’s all upset but can’t think of anything rude to say to you because you’re p ER FECT and he’s just “i don’t know why don’t you ask jake ?”
-and you’re pretty oblivious and you’re casually thinking he feels dejected about being friends and “i’m still hanging out with you and michaels happy with it i don’t know why you’re so upset? i’m still trying to be your friend?” and you’re genuinely confused and feeling pretty bad because jeremy is your G U Y and you just l oVe hIm
-and he just gets so mad he tries to like move his arms in this angered way or some shit but then he just f l a i l s them at his side and he lets out a groan and moves his hands to cover his face and tug on his hair ( kINKY)
-and you’re starting to get more worried about jeremy but you’re also thinking that maybe he just hates you and you’re getting really nervous and you feel like you’re gonna cry but you D ONt let yourself cry
-so you’re looking at jeremy looking all sad and angry and useless and h o p e l e s s and you just feel this wave of guilt thinking you caused this and you mutter out a sorry and go to walk away , which is when you feel the tears alMOST ALMOST fall but you’re being a sTroNg perSon
-and he goes to let you walk away and then he looks up and he can just tell by your posture that you’re totally broken
-like you’re slouching JUST a bit more, and your hands are half heartedly in your pockets, and your feet scuff just slightly
-and then the boy gets his own guilt
-so he just grabs for your hand
-and that turns into a fumbled mess because youR hAnDs arE in yOur poCkEtS so hE jUst gRaBs yOur wrIsT
-and you get really confused and turn and look at him and
-he’s just got this look?
-and it’s got so many emotions and you’ve never seen him like this
-like he’s got this anger, and sadness, and fear and longing and this emotion you doNt uNderStand and ITs aLl sO capTivAtIng
-and before you can ask anything
-jeremy just t r a n s f or. m s from this awkward geeky boy who couldn’t remember his name when he first met you, to this strong confident knight in shining armor
-and he leans in and just kisses you
-but just understand this is going from experienced jake who knows how to kiss to passionate and in love smol boi
-and he’s not quite sure what he’s doing but it feels right to him and he just cares so much
-and you feel yourself totally just fall under everything he’s doing and practically mE LT
-then you realize you didn’t kiss back and he realized it too so he pulls back
-“i-i’m so sorry ? i shouldn’t have done that i’ll go oh my god i’m so sorry.”
-the rambling continues and small cute jeremy is back and you just crack a smile and he gets confused and even more self conscious and you just quickly kiss him
-and he doesn’t comprehend it
-“my apologies for not responding to those actions, i was lost in thought per se. we’ll have to retry that sometime”
-so you’re walking away and jer got confused cause you don’t normally talk like that and he’s like what you mean
-and then it kicks in and his face goes R E D (more than before, which he didn’t know was possible)
-he’s just trying to get something out but he can’t and he just lets out a “o-okay!” and he totally voice cracks and he knows he voice cracked and you know he voice cracked and the whole
world knows he voice cracked but it really doesn’t matter and the last thing you do is just shoot jake a text
-“jeremy just kissed me” and he immediately responds “ F I N A L L Y. hoW mAnY tiMes dO we hAve tO maKe oUt foR thaT.”
-sure enough there’s quickly another text from jake “one more time?” and you let out this abrasive loud laugh"
-“prolly not jakey- d but thanks for the offer i’ll keep it in mind.”

okay that’s it and it was long and stuff and yes but yeah

✧modern f5 headcanons✧

-If the s4 are the squad that goes out during the day and goes to chill cafes and picnics along the lake under their fave gazebo, then the f5 are the squad that fucking go to Macca’s at two in the morning and freakin dick around in parking lots and snapchat the entire thing after

-Their night time pics are either them covering their face in the aesthetic™ way with some really grungey caption like, ‘this generation of kids is brainwashed by artificial light’ (i’d provide examples but the examples are on classmates’ private instagrams) or real life shit posting with captions like, ‘reblog if edward go t t a goo fast’

-Late night shit posting and memeing

-Cheslock: ”Y A I N T” Clayton: “YOU ALL ARE NOT”

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So, uh, hi? Just wanna let you know, clicking that follow button was a desicion i would never regret, because your art always made my day better. And, uh, tomorrow is, like, the first day of Ramadhan right? So i just wanna apologize for my mistakes, intentional or not. And, uh, selamat menunaikan ibadah puasa? Heheh*nervous laugh*

YES! Happy Ramadan or maybe, Selamat Beribadah puasa!!!!

i love ramadan sooooo much, even though i’m fasting, but for some reason i’m more likely to be really healthy around that month X’‘‘D <<says the person who got sick for the past 2 days

but yeah! i wanna apologize to all of you as well, if i did do anything wrong or offend you all in some way! i’m just a reaaaally bold and kinda insensitive most of the time X’‘‘D so sorry about that!

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High school au! A transfer student who only speaks english has a crush on one of the bros and they try to tell him in garbled japanese but they cant and in frustration they just give up and confess in simple english?

“W-wait What are you saying?” Osomatsu scratches the back of his head. “S-slow down, slow down. I know you’re new here but hey, I’ll watch out for you.” He puts his arm reassuringly around them. “Now come on, slowly now, I don’t have the best grade in English. E- eh? What was that? Love? Love??? No- no maybe your English grades aren’t great either ahaha silly me. Eh? W-wait You’re serious? W- Well I- I think you’re not too bad yourself. Ahem… W-would you want to go out sometime?”

“Worry not my foreign companion, just speak slowly, I will guide you through our language barrier and we will break through it full throttle.” Both hands grab at their shoulders to face him, to stare deep into his brown-contacts eyes. “Eh what was that? English is- Ah… Wait I know those words…. C-could it be?? Love?? Th- this is rather unexpected.” His face turns red and he backs away shyly. “B-being the gentleman I am I- I sh- should tell you my answer posthaste no? Ahem… W- well then you should know that I- I may harbor the same feelings of love and affection. I- I don’t suppose you’d want to go out with me then?”

Seeing them struggle to talk to him in Japanese would give Choromatsu a worried feeling. He’d sympathetically pull out a dictionary as he unknowingly tries to help them confess to him. In the end they’d get frustrated and annoyed and after yelling their confession in English he’d turn a cherry red. “H-Huh? M-M-Me? You like me?” it’d take every ounce of willpower he had to not literally jump for joy. Which in his case he had none so after hopping around and cheering a bit he’d bow stuttering out an apology and formally ask them on a date.

Ichimatsu gives a blank, confused stare. “Eh? Speaks slower… I can’t understand it all if you keep on saying it like that…. ” He sighs. Just say it the way you’re comfortable with…. Eh? What’s that word… Lo…. Love… Eh? You mean love love? D- did you hit your head? Really? Me? Are you sure you aren’t talking to the wrong person? ….. O-okay fine…. Th-then do you want to see some cats with me after class?“

Jyushimatsu waves his arms in distress. "Ahh! Wait!! Too fast! Too fast!!! One at a time okay?! Ah… That’s- O- oh! English? Love… Love?! Me?! Eh!? I- I love you too- E- eh wait?! Not that type of love!? L-love with kisses?! W- well I- I feel the same! R-really! D-do you wanna hold hands?!”

Of course after the first few tries Todomatsu has already figured out this must be a confession but he decides to play dumb. “Huuuuh? you like meeee? I like you too we’re friends ne?” he’d giggle. Seeing the blush on his potential’s s/o would practically make him squeal. When they gave up and resorted to using simple English he’d quickly wrap his arms around their neck and slowly kiss them on the cheek. “Huuuh you love me? Well why didn’t you just say so? I’d love to go out with you!”