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your writing gives me life 😍 how would rfa + v + saeran react to MC being an engineering or physics major? I hope this isn't too weird, I'm just curious how they would react to MC having a tight and stressful work schedule to due to assignments and exams (currently in exam hell and it wrecks me), MC being a total science nerd and making bad physicist jokes lolol (guilty of that) and sometimes just totally engrossed in science I'm a huge dork hahah

Thank you :) Hope everything goes well for you! Good luck!


  • Kind of insecure at first
  • Cuz he didn’t go to school
  • But supportive as heck
  • Makes sure you’re still healthy
  • Offers to make dinner a lot–especially during exams
  • He’s busy with rehearsals too, so he makes sure you eat together for quality
  • He’ll practice his singing while you’re studying
  • It actually helps a lot
  • You shoot out your physics puns
  • And he shoots right back with some pick up lines
  • It’s a good time, fam


  • He’s right in the exam boat with you
  • You guys make a study fort
  • Spend more time on the fort than studying
  • He’s really good about making sure you both eat well
  • You take turns cooking to give each other a break
  • He leaves love notes on pink sticky notes on all your textbooks
  • He’s one of those people who will say candy is your reward for each problem
  • Puts gummy bears on the different sections
  • Sometimes you trade candy for kisses
  • Blushy Yoosung


  • She finds your major very impressive
  • Always encouraging you to keep pursuing your passion
  • Will make sure your coffee is always filled
  • She’s also drowning in work
  • So, very sympathetic
  • Helps you make flashcards to study
  • It’s so neat…a lot neater than yours
  • The type to give you healthy snacks
  • “Jaehee…I want chocolate, not carrots.”
  • Is actually supportive of your all-nighters
  • Makes sure you have a blanket if you fall asleep while studying
  • Doesn’t always get your science jokes
  • But she does buy you a shirt with a physics joke on it


  • Has Edibles Fruit Basket delivered to your house
  • Knows you want some quiet time, so he offers to take care of your other business
  • Of course you refuse
  • Offers to get you tutors if you need any sort of help
  • Makes your favorite pancakes for snacks
  • Occasionally stops at your desk to give you a kiss on the cheek
  • Makes Elizabeth stay with you so you have some comfort
  • Has the chefs make you whatever you want whenever you want
  • Has a huge white board brought in and helps you organize your notes
  • Will quiz you harshly...but you’re thankful anyway


  • He’s so ready to help you
  • He studied some of that in college too…
  • To help you with engineering concepts, he builds different contraptions and explains his process
  • He’s the worst at quizzing you though…gets too distracted
  • But sometimes you don’t mind…cuz he gives kisses as rewards
  • You both forgot about studying at one point. Oops
  • Offers to make your flashcards…puts little spaceships on them
  • If you pull an all-nighter, he will pull all-nighter with you
  • Snacks are always in stock
  • If you’re on your computer too long, he’ll hack it and remind you to take a break
  • You start spitting out science jokes 
  • “You want to outjoke the jokester, MC? Ha!” You both go back and forth for hours


  • Like Seven, he’s pretty good at these things too
  • But he refuses to help. Says you need to learn on your own.
  • Has his…own special way of encouraging you
  • “If you don’t pass this test, you won’t get a job.”
  • “You’re not helping…”
  • “My point is work hard!”
  • Doesn’t like you pulling all nighters
  • If you fall asleep while working, he’ll totally wrap you in a blanket
  • Not
  • Shakes you awake “Are you planning to learn the textbook by osmosis?”
  • More of coach than an encourager
  • Will treat you to anything you want afterwards


  • Tried to help you once
  • But couldn’t decipher anything
  • He’s a photographer, not a physicist
  • He does explain angles really well….thanks to photography
  • He’s super supportive during exam season
  • Makes sure you get some peace and quiet
  • Gives you any photos to encourage you
  • Coffee is made, tea is made…he even bought you cookies
  • He picks you up from university when your exam is over
  • So you guys can go any place you want as a treat

@dirkjohnweek Day 2 - Au day!!

I will be the first to admit everytime that i’m garbage at dialogue. i think it might also be physically impossible for me to not draw these two sassing each other some way or another. Anyway, this is like, a really specific alphaswap!au, where john meets a doomed dirk turned sprite. it goes about as well as expected.


so here’s what we’ve seen of team RWBY’s between volumes 1 and 2 character designs (these chapters of the manga seem to be slotted in the break between semesters), just putting them in a photoset so it’s a bit neater than the other post;

- Ruby’s is the one we get most of here, it’s got a few elements from her outfits the series has already shown as well as some new things. her cape is worn as it has been in her old main outfit, though it’s tied across instead of clipped straight to her outfit (kinda putting it halfway between her regular design and how she appeared in the Red trailer). her blouse is similar in style to the one she’s wearing in volume 4, though there are a few differences. she’s wearing an entirely different corset which seems to have some fur lining along the bottom

- Weiss we have the least of, but she seems to be wearing a different jacket to her regular Schnee logo one (at the very least it doesn’t look like how Miwa depicts her regular jacket)

- Blake’s is the most obviously different, she’s still going sleeveless with this one but she’s not got her scarf and really it looks like she’s combining elements from her vol 4 top (with the collar) and Yang’s Slayer jacket (with the window)

- Yang’s wearing a different jacket that almost looks… sporty, i guess, with the stripes on the sleeve and the more prominent collar (it also seems to be more open than her previous jackets). she also seems to be wearing her scarf and shorts from her vol 1-3 design too

but yeah, we’ll probably see more of these in this months chapter and get more details on them. having new designs is great, i think, because it gives more variety to the character designs for stuff like fanworks and cosplay and such, as well as fleshing out the universe a bit more because it means they weren’t wearing the same outfits all the time. also fleshes out each character’s personal style, i guess.

In Bloom Shall We Wake

It got requested that I write a request based on the Hobbit which I love! So here it is as requested, I hope you enjoy! If anyone would like to request more of this or anything else or just wants to chat, my ask box is always open. *Based on a gif that isn’t my own*


Request by; Anon

Request;  Ooh this is so exciting! Okay could I maybe request something where you’re a human who somehow finds herself in Middle earth and the first people you come across are The Company and they take you under their wing and you help them in their quest. Then maybe along the way Kili begins to fall in love with you and is fascinated by your tattoos. Unf, ultimate dreams right there haha! Thanks lover, no pressure if you don’t fancy it though!

Warnings; None

The man approached you, as if from nowhere he walked steadily and slowly towards you. It was just dawn and the sun peeped from over the hill, greeting you to a new day with it’s comforting warmth. You’d usually wake up around this time, your job of being a journalist required you to do so, it had become routine, waking up in the dark, making breakfast and getting ready before heading out the door as the sun rose to which you’d wish it a good morning and hope it was as ready as you were for the day ahead before you’d catch the early train to work, you’d come to enjoy your routine, it was quiet, not a soul was around, usually. Apart from today. Today was very peculiar indeed. At first you believed him just to be an elderly man, perhaps in need by the way he was walking but as he moved closer to you his stature changed, he was tall wearing draped clothing and walking with a large cane of some sorts. You took a step back, debating whether to turn and walk back up the path you had came from to find safety in your home but there was something about his aura that didn’t seem threatening. Upon reaching you he gave a small smile, to which you reciprocated, thinking he would just be another passer by but he wasn’t he stopped right in front of you and any attempt you made to get round him, he blocked. 

“You are Y/n Y/L/N, am I correct?” His tone was deep, filled with knowledge and wisdom, your ears pricked up and you nodded in reply, feeling speechless, how did this strange man know your name? 

“You can answer you know, I won’t harm you.” He spoke abruptly after your silent response and you shamefully looked down at the floor before looking back up at him. He wore draped grey robes and a half pointed grey hat, long wispy white hair cascaded down his shoulders and back, camouflaging into his moustache and beard, his face was aged, with wrinkles defining his brow bone. 

“Yes, I am. And you are?” You queried, trying to sound defensive and intimidating as you hadn’t fully figured out whether this man was a threat or not.

“I, am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” He was blunt, quirking his head to the side and raising his brows, a mysterious gleam shining in his bright blue eyes. An adventure, that was it, no introduction or anything.

“An adventure? Of what sort.” You in turn tilted your chin upwards slightly, a mix of confusion spreading across your face as he chuckled and nodded appealingly.

“You will have to come with me and find out.” He held out his hand to you and you were reluctant. There were only two possible outcomes of this; one, the man was crazy and escaped from his home to which you’d have to call the police to escort him back, two and very unlikely, you would follow him and have this bizarre adventure. After humming it over, you’d decided that either way this would make an interesting article in your company’s magazine so why not, you were a journalist after all, it was your job to be daring. Taking his rough calloused hand, he smiled and began laughing hard. Ah, so he was insane. Banging his wooden cane on the ground he laughed harder before looking at you with delight.

“You should probably close your eyes now.” You hesitantly obliged as you and the man were cocooned in a swirling ball of white light, lifting your from the ground you felt nauseous and wanted to scream, the ground had literally fallen from your feet though you were unable to fully tell as the light would have blinded you if you’d opened your eyes. Not so gracefully crashing to the ground, you grunted impacting the fresh smelling grass. Wait grass? You were in the middle of a city less than a minute ago. Creaking your eyes open you gasped when you saw thousands of trees swaying in the breeze to your right, a long winding river to your left and green acres of grass as far as the eye could see. The man was stood gazing down upon you as you stared, mouth wide at your new surroundings. You stumbled to your feet, still feeling dizzy after what ever had just happened to you. Birds tweeting filled your ear drums as different flowers danced by your feet, you watched the man gather a horse and cart before beckoning you to join him. Reaching up and pulling on the wooden handle, you lifted yourself into his cart as he whipped the ropes to his horse, kick starting it into motion. 

“You were the last recruit. We shouldn’t be far from Bilbo and the others now.” he never took his eyes off the gravel road and you marvelled at your surroundings, tiny houses burrowed in the hills with large rounded doors and small stained glass windows shined in the light, each one with a different homely item that made it stand out from the rest, whether it was tiny flower pots or oddly large leather boots by the front door, each house was different. 

“Recruit? Bilbo? Others? What? Who are you?” You continual questioning tired the man until he sighed and once happy that his eyes could leave the road he turned to you. 

“I am Gandalf the Grey. You will meet Bilbo and the others very soon. Ask no more questions.” He was stern with you and you felt as if you were a naughty five year old being told off by their parent, who was he to talk to you in a demanding manner, still you didn’t want to fight back, he was the only one you knew in this bizarre new world. You had travelled for what seemed to be a decade with this man, Gandalf the Grey or more Gandalf the Grumpy and the sun was saying it’s final goodbyes before retiring for the night, you spoke little with your new friend apart from when you were reaching in the back and getting these purple fruits and what he called ‘lembas bread’ which was surprisingly filling and the purple fruits were divine being a sweet a grapefruit but with a more distinctive taste, like dragon fruits. Your eyes grew heavy as the night crickets came out to serenade you and the tutting of the horse lulled you into falling even sleepier than usual, turning your head to the side and trying to curl up into as much of a ball as the cart would allow you soon drifted into slumber. 

“Who is she?”

“Why is she here? She is not needed here. You shouldn't have brought some human into this.”

“She is valuable to us Oakenshield and don’t you protest otherwise.”

“She’s never been here before, never seen anything like this, how does that make her valuable?!”

“I don’t know she could be valuable, I mean, she’s pretty enough, that’s something right?”

“Oh Kili calm down, what makes you think you’re her type anyway, I’m sure she’ll go for the more attractive older brother, me.”

“Fili, Kili stop that. You don’t know what she is, you don’t know where she’s been she could have rabies for all we know.”

“She is not welcome here.”

The suns warm rays shone on your face, alerting your body that it was time to wake up and go to work, you’d had a very odd dream about meeting a mad man with a pointy had that perhaps you’d tell Claire at work but for now it was time to start the day. Fluttering open your eyes were greeted by the blare of the sun, though something was different, going into focus you sat up, you were in a wooden cart, outside, hearing multiple voices in the near distance. Were you still dreaming? You had to be, right? You yawned and stretched and the white and black spotted horse neighed loudly, as if it was wishing you a good morning. You hopped down from the cart, gravel and dirt crunching under your shoes and you waltzed to the horse, patting it’s mane gently and rubbing it’s nose, it just blinked and shook its head at you, pesky flies sticking to it’s face, you did your best to shoe them away but the horse stomped its feet and you took a step back, acknowledging that, that was probably the extent of your animal friendship. Finally realising that your surroundings were real and that you were in fact in a different realm or universe perhaps you wandered to find the man that had brought you here, hearing his distinct voice in the distance. You wandered through the trees to find a circle of different men, though they were smaller than men and had very intricate hair designs, each one. They sat talking around a died out ash fire and they all had quirky accents, you hid behind the wide stump of a tree to listen in, you could see Gandalf stood, smoking a pipe of something as another man stood, marching back and forth you noticed they were talking about you.

The marching man wore a long fur coat stretching to the back of his knees, he wore a silk and chain suit of what seemed to be armour and furred pants with furred boots and leather straps. His hair was long, deep brown with slight strands of grey mixed in, some strands of hair was braided but for the most of it, it dangled off his shoulders, swaying as he marched. His facial hair was thick and dark, though kept neater than most of the other men’s, in fact they all seemed to have strange beards with braids in them, ranging from colours of fiery orange to brilliant white, all wearing similar outfits as the standing man. There was only one who was neat, no beard yet still mousy brown wispy hair, flicking off in different directions. He was distinctively different to all the others though still as small. 

“I told you already, she doesn't belong here.”

“Why not Thorin? Gandalf said she could be valuable to us.”

“I did not say she could be I said she is and if anyone speaks out against it one more time then I will make sure there’s something for you to protest about.” Clouds formed around Gandalf when he spoke and the others fell quiet. You felt perhaps it was time to introduce yourself to the group. Appearing from behind the tree you cleared your throat and all eyes fell on you, all twenty-six pairs fell on you. You cheeks flared red and you were observed by a mix of stone faces or ones with disgust or ones that tried to hide their laughter at your embarrassment. Gandalf stood straight walking over to you and resting a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“Everyone, this is Y/n. Get to know her she will be staying with us for a long time.” He smiled, his eyes boring into the man who was storming around before. A few of the men waved at you, giving slight smiles but one gave a warming smile, admiring your features. Gandalf once again cleared his throat and began pointing at each man.

“This is, Nori”, Nori gave a small ‘hello’ and a wave before getting back to fiddling with his weaponry. All the men did similar things as Gandalf introduced each one.

“This is, Dori and Bofur and Gloin and Dwalin and Balin and Oin and Bifur and Bombur and Thorin and Bilbo and Ori and Fili and last but not least Kili.” They all simultaneously bid you a good day apart from Kili whom strided towards you and gave an outstretched hand, which you gladly shook. His smile was warm and comforting, the stubble of his growing beard moved with his face, his deep eyes were ones you could easily get lost in and his long hair tangled over his shoulders. It was parted slightly and tied at the back as to not completely cover his handsome face, one you were quick to admire. You smiled politely as he spoke.

“So, you’re Y/n, it’s nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy our company whilst you’re with us.” He walked you to a nearby rock, which you both sat upon watching the others, Nori, Dori and Bofur getting into a ‘who has the most terrifying weapon and attack method’ whilst Dwalin was sat tutting at laughing at them. Balin hung around Thorin who appeared to be the leader of the group, though you weren’t 100% sure as it was Gandalf who appeared to hold all the power over the group. As you took in all the different men and their features Kili gazed at you, admiring your soft face that was dotted lightly with freckles, his eyes trailed down you stopping at your wrist when he noticed a white mark on it. He wanted to question you about it but wasn’t sure on how to approach the subject so instead just did what any dwarf would do and grabbed your wrist, causing you to jump and let out a yelp in surprise. He immediately backed off, cheeks flaring bright red and you laughed. Turning your wrist to see your white tattoo of a dream catcher, it was only small and dainty but it suited your personality, inside its web weren’t beads but small planets and the feathers were detailed so much that they appeared real. It was all in white ink which made it stand out more but also less than usual black tattoos, it was something different, something unique which you were. 

“Admiring my tattoo huh?” You laughed, showing Kili and he shuffled closer to you to get a better look, twisting and turning your wrist he held it high, gazing at it with childlike wonder as wide stretched grin crept over his face.

“Yes. You’re very beautiful - it’s very beautiful.” he stammered once he’d realised what he said and you smiled, blush filling your cheeks. You tried to play it off but you couldn’t help feeling flattered and charmed from this man.

“Thank you.” You spoke quietly and Kili let your arm drop, the two of you gazing into each others eyes before Kili was called away with some of the other men snickering at the two of you. Gandalf wandered over to you, sitting besides you and offering you a puff of his pipe, to which you politely declined. He supped on it before chuckling.

“I see you have an admirer already.” He turned to you with a wink and you both watched as Kili was being teased by Fili. “Brothers do like to tease each other don’t they.” You laughed, watching the two start wrestling as Bilbo tried to part them awkwardly.

“Yes, I think I’m going to enjoy this adventure.”

i got tagged by @grapefruitshua !!!! thank you so much !!!! this is what i’m doing instead of my homework lololol.

istg my handwriting is a lot neater in person idk what happened ,,,, also the pic is crooked and i have no clue how … i just realized … some of my letters are bigger than others

anyway, i’m tagging: @youngjai , @jeonghhan , @vguk , @curlypcy , @ahgaheart , @jpghope

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Hi DD, Do you have any advice on how to battle writer's block? I've got like 8 story ideas and when I sit down to actually write I go blank. :( (BTW I adore the YW books and can't wait for GWP to come out! You are an amazing author and an inspiration!)

Aww, thanks!

First of all: you need to make sure that you’re really having a writer’s block. I get a sense that a lot of cases of “block” are misdiagnosed right out of the gate.

it’s possible that the difficulty you’re running into is a straightforwardly procedural thing. The problem is that there are a number of hidden processes that ideally need to occur before you can actually start writing. Or at least, start writing effectively.

The first thing to say is that having a story idea is only the very beginning, the merest hint, of what you have to do before you actually start setting down prose on paper. A lot of people get confused about the role of the story idea: they think it’s the most important part of being creative as a writer, when in fact it’s probably the least important.

Story ideas are easy. Everybody can have story ideas. Most of us who do this professionally have way too many story ideas. It would be a bad day around here if I hadn’t had an idea for a story between getting out of bed and making it downstairs for my first mug of tea. However, even after thirty years of doing this work for pay, there’s no guarantee that that story idea will actually be worth anything. Over time, you learn to cull relentlessly. But a how-to guide on culling is a subject for some other post.

Anyway. You get the story idea, and it impels you to write. That’s a good start. But there are other places you have to go first.

(Inserting a break here, because this is going to go on a bit…)

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Scenario of Valentine's Day with Seungcheol? Fluff or smut, I'll leave it up to you :)

I was really feeling fluff so it’s mostly that ;) So if you’re not comfortable with hints towards smut, it should be fairly obvious when it’s approaching! (✿◠‿◠) Thank you for the request, I hope you like it~ 

And Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

You twirled in front of the mirror a little, checking your outfit, makeup and hair for the last time. The deep red dress with a sweetheart neckline fit you perfectly, as did your makeup and slightly done hair. You took one last look into your purse, making sure you had everything from your keys to your wallet and Seungcheol’s present. It was your first Valentine’s Day together and you were excited, to say the least.

After you had put your coat on, you took off to the restaurant you had agreed to dine at. The streets were bustling with couples with linked hands and happy smiles on their lips, and being surrounded by them only further increased your excitement.

You finally reached the restaurant you two had a reservation at, and you looked around in search of Seungcheol but didn’t see him anywhere. You got your phone out of your purse and dialed his number, tapping your foott on the ground while waiting.

“Hey, where are you?” you asked brightly when he had picked up, your free hand tugging the hem of the dress you were wearing while you waited for him to answer

I’m really sorry, but I’ll be a bit late,” you heard him answer with an apologetic voice. As genuine as he sounded, you couldn’t help but frown a little.

“How late? Seungcheol, we’ll lose the reservation,” you said, a pout forming on your lips without you even noticing. Losing the reservation was one thing, and your impatience to see him was another.

I know, but I’ll,” Seungcheol stopped in the middle of his sentence, and a second later your eyes were covered with a hand, and a familiar voice was right next to your ear, “make it up to you.”

Startled, you turned around and looked up to him, your hand that was holding your phone slowly falling to your side. You still had a small frown on your face as you spoke with your eyes slightly squinted. “You’re walking on thin ice, Choi Seungcheol…”

“Sorry, sorry,” he laughed heartily and kissed you sweetly on the lips before showing you a bouquet of roses.

“One from each of the members and twenty from me,” Seungcheol said with a grin after he had handed you the bouquet. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N.”

You blinked a few times in surprise, then giggled and gave him a light kiss back, adoring the red roses and Seungcheol’s happy face in turns. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Seungcheol.”

He took your hand in his and squeezed it, and you two walked into the restaurant. You were led to your reserved table and after you had taken your coats off, Seungcheol looked at you for a good while, his face more serious than before even though his mouth was slightly open in awe.

“Earth to Seungcheol,” you said with a giggle and waved your hand in front of his face. He shook his head, and another bright smile took over his facial features.

“I’m sorry, I was just blown away by your beauty,” he said with a laugh, and you nudged him lightly. Cheesy as always.

You sat down and ordered after five minutes of deciding what to take, and were left alone with a jug of water and two glasses while waiting for the food. Seungcheol held your hands on the table, barely able to stop smiling at all, not that you could, either.

“I’m so glad I met you,” he said quietly after some minutes of comfortable silence, biting his lip a little as smile widened even more. You pouted a little and squeezed his hands.

“Yeah, I haven’t regretted that trip to the coffee shop yet, either,” you said with a grin, causing Seungcheol to laugh.

“Speaking of that coffee shop, our anniversary is coming up, and…” Seungcheol trailed off, his eyes now more focused on your linked hands. “I was thinking if you’d like to go there again?”

All you could give him was an excited nod and an “I’d love to,” before you were brought the food. You began eating in silence, and Seungcheol stole occasional glances at you , breaking out into a happy smile every time he did.

After you had finished the dinner and he had paid - after fifteen minutes of insisting that he would pay for everything and you arguing against it - you walked down the street towards his apartment, your arms linked and your free hand holding the roses.

You leaned your head against his shoulder, your content sigh sending some steam up into the cold air.

“Thanks for today,” you said, earning a chuckle from him. He stroked your hand that was resting on his arm and shook his head.

“It’s not over yet,” he said with a mysterious hint in his voice, piquing your interest effectively. Then again, you knew it wasn’t over yet; you still had his present to give among other plans.

You entered his apartment and he flicked the lights on. After you had taken your coats off for the last time that night, you moved further into the apartment that was a lot neater than you remembered it to be from the previous time. You sat down on his couch and his arm was around your shoulders in a matter of seconds, but before he got to do anything else, you pulled a small present out of your bag and gave it to him.

“It’s not much, but you’ve kept saying that you want this one so I thought it would be nice and…” you mumbled, your heart racing in your chest as you nervously hoped that he’d like it.

“Thank you,” Seungcheol said in surprise while opening the red wrapping paper. When he saw what you had gotten him, you sighed in relief - his smile was wide and genuinely joyful when he laid his eyes on the CD of his favorite artist and the heart-shaped box of chocolates.

His wide smile remained on his lips as he kissed your cheek and whispered a few more words of gratitude before pulling out a pastel pink paper bag, taking you aback.

“I also got you this,” he said, sounding slightly embarrassed as he handed you the bag. You blinked in surprise; you had thought the dinner and roses to be sweet enough, but apparently Seungcheol had thought otherwise.

“Now I feel bad for only getting you those two,” you said with a sheepish smile that turned into a grin when you looked at the contents of the bag; it was red and black and contained a fair amount of lace. “Lingerie?”

Seungcheol rubbed his nose and looked away as he spoke. “I thought it’d look really good on you, so…”

You put the bag down with a giggle and stood up, pulling Seungcheol up with you. You put your hands on his hips and kissed his jawbone. “Thank you, but… I was thinking about having nothing on tonight.”

He placed his hands on your hips as well and pulled you closer, kissing your temple with a smirk on his lips. “That sounds even better.”

Slowly, he slid his hands up your sides to the back of your dress, easily unzipping it and pulling it down while leaning down to nibble on your neck. You worried your lower lip between your teeth in anticipation as you opened the buttons of his dress shirt, revealing his toned chest that still had a faded mark you had given him the previous time.

“I think I might want to re-make this tonight,” you mumbled to yourself and stepped out of the dress that Seungcheol had now gotten to pool around your ankles, leaving you in your strapless bra, panties and tights.

He left your neck and caught your lips in a hungry kiss instead, and as you moved towards his bedroom, your last articles of clothing came off one by one. First his pants, then your tights, his shirt, your underwear, then his…

You lay on the bed and he got on top of you quickly, his hand caressing your side and his lips sweet yet passionate on yours as he breathed heavily, his semi-hard length pressing against your thigh. His hand moved from your side to your breast, causing you to moan quietly into the kiss. He kissed your jawbone, moving down kiss by kiss - down to your neck, then to your collarbone and chest, where he teased both of your hardened nipples with his tongue, then to your navel and towards your already awaiting core.

“Seungcheol,” you breathed heavily, both of your hands in his hair, and held your head up so that you could look at him. He caught your eyes with his and smiled at you sweetly, too sweetly considering that the next thing he did was kiss your clit and only smirk at the loud moan that you couldn’t hold back; not when his hands were simultaneously wandering on your body, one teasing your inner thigh with feather-light touches and the other one holding one of your breasts and teasing its hard nipple.

From the slow and teasing licks he gave you, you knew you were in for a long, passionate night.

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Prompt: Sam tries to convince you to move into the bunker with him, which becomes more than appealing once a demon grabs you in your apartment.

Triggers: Torture

Word Count: 2,435

Authors Note: So, this is going to be my new setup above for my imagines. I’ll go through some of my other imagines and add word count and trigger warnings and such. A few other imagine blogs do this and it looks a lot neater than how I did it.

Also, for you mobile bloggers, I do put my imagines under the cut, and I am not sure if it works on mobile. I have an iPod Touch (sadly) and it doesn’t work there, so I am sorry if my imagines take up space when you are scrolling. Anyways, enjoy!

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‘Sometimes’ is gonna turn into 'all the time’, Ral. C’mere. I’m bettin’ that food’ll make you feel a bit better.” Well, it always made Hellboy feel better. If he wasn’t willing to listen, the least he could offer was comfort food. “You’re not gonna get rid of me when your eyes’re waterin’ that badly, so either you follow me to the Mess Hall, or I carry you out.”

        "Nightmares come and go. It’s not like some sorta sickness.” But it was,
        really. Raleigh had a bad history with mind plaguing terrors and once they
        perked back up it would be a long while until they’d subside again. Until
        he’d drain his body so completely from sleep that his thoughts wouldn’t
        even be strong enough to conjure up anything in his sleep. Regardless,
        he pushed himself up from the bed and shuffled into the hallway after the
        other. “My eyes ain’t waterin’ and I’m a lot heavier than I look— ya ain’t gonna
        carry me either. Let’s just go.”         

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coliver ♔ pretty please?

♔ : Finding the other wearing their clothes

Enjoy :)

Oliver slides the key into the lock as quietly as he can, turns it, and gently pushes the door open and slips inside. The apartment is dark and silent, quite typical given that it was three-thirty in the morning. Connor must be fast asleep. 

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Baker's Dozen (Robin/Regina, PG 13, Ch 2/13)

(Need to catch up? Week One.)


Monday is Columbus Day.

Forbidden Fruit closes at noon.

Regina has been there since four - she gave the girls the day off, imagining business would be slow and she could hack it alone for six hours of back-and-forth. Even after the debacle that was Friday morning. She came in an hour early to compensate, to make sure there was enough product to live up to their Baked Fresh Daily promise in the case of an unexpected rush and to pre-bake a bit for Tuesday. Tuesdays they sell bread - glossy, golden challah; thick, chewy honey wheat; tangy sourdough. Dinner rolls, and crusty baguettes. The once-a-week rarity creates a bump in demand, and Regina can recognize several faces that come in only on Tuesdays, just for bread. She doesn’t want to disappoint, but closing for the afternoon cuts into her usual prep time.

She will not stay a minute past 12:30, though. Not today. Henry is off school, and Regina has promised she will spend the day with him - an easy commitment to make, considering she sometimes sees him much less than she’d like. She misses mornings, regrets that she is nearly never there to fix him breakfast and make sure he brushes his teeth and walk him to school. She has his late afternoons and his evenings, has an hour before lights out every single night when she hauls herself up onto his loft bed and curls up with him, reads to him from the book du jour. Right now, it’s the Harry Potter series, and he’s obsessed.


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Hi! I'm about to begin learning Japanese & I really want to know your opinion on Minna no Nihongo Shokyu&Chukyu vs Genki 1&2. I can't decide which one to buy. Japanese classes near me are super expensive, so I'm thinking of just doing a self-study since it seems to be more cost efficient. This isn't just a hobby since I do plan on living in Japan in a couple of years and reaching at least N2 level. Please help. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for your question.

If you’re very motivated and can stick it out when it’s really tough then Mina no Nihongo has the advantage of throwing you in the deep end with kanji. That will set you up (if you can be dog headed about it enough to keep going when you’re not sure what everything means) to tackle real Japanese with greater ease as you climb out of beginner level.

Genki will ease you in more slowly with a lot more English support, but as a result I’ve heard that your progress can be slower. The jolt of not knowing kanji and having to go back and study them has stunted my progress in a way that still affects me as someone starting to study for JLPT N2. Don’t avoid kanji, no matter what you do!

I made a post about these two books before which had a video which thoroughly explores the pros and cons of each book. You can find that video here, though where my original post has disappeared to is beyond me- computer trouble is stopping me being able to look properly at the moment.

Whichever you choose I recommend the supplementary workbooks and translation notes for Mina no Nihongo.

I also think you’d benefit from supplementing your learning with guides like Tae Kin’s guide to Japanese, maybe taking a free trial of textfugu to help consolidate your learning of the basics and using spaced repetition systems like Anki or Memrise.

Going it alone can be tough on your self esteem, especially when you get stuck on something. Reach out online when you need help, before you get too frustrated or tempted to quit. You can find a lot of support from online communities on tumblr. There’s also a very large Tae Kim Japanese discussion group on Facebook.

My 2 cents of advice about attitude:
Everyone’s a beginner when they start and the whole process is one of making mistakes over and over until you stop making that mistake and start making a more advanced kind of mistake. Being a perfectionist will not serve you well as a language learner and nor will comparing yourself to others who claim to learn faster, easier, study harder, have neater handwriting or some other thing they seem a little smug about. Learning is not a competition, there is no less pride in taking 10 years to master the basics than 10 weeks. Embrace failure, be kind to yourself and learn how to keep going when you’re out of your comfort zone- all of these things you can learn from studying a language, but apply to so many other areas of your life to enrich it. It is a very rewarding thing to do.

I hope this information helps you- good luck and just keep at it!


hello! since it’s the holiday season (and i would like to buy some things for my loved ones) i’m deciding to open up commissions! you can see the prices above, but here are some extra things:

colored lineart - +$2extra characters - $4 per characterbackgrounds (limited to simple things, because i’m not really experienced with backgrounds) - +$3
traditional art: same prices as above! digital art is standard, but i’m very willing to do traditional art as well!

i’m willing to draw anything (ocs, real people, characters, etc.) except the following (simply due to inexperience):

mecha / armor / robots (this one is negotiable, it depends on the complexity of the design)really heavy nsfw (i can draw most nsfw things, but no actual sex scenes please!)anthro characters

if you would like to contact me for commissions or other information, please email me at ! there will be three commission slots to start out with. here are examples of my art: tumblr , instagram

even if you can’t afford a commission, please reblog this and spread it around! it would really help me out <3

TITLE OF STORY: Whoops! Wrong Door
AUTHOR: the-fiction-portal
GENRE: Romance
FIC SUMMARY: Angela accidentally knocks on the door of Tom Hiddleston while on her way to her friend’s room in an attempt to escape being Sexiled
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES:  Inspired by one of the college au prompts. 
FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Feel free to tell me what you think

“I can’t believe this,” I grumbled as I stormed down the hall. I had a very busy time in the library working on a last minute paper. I knew if I stayed in my room I wouldn’t get it done in favor of doing other things. I was mentally drained, and I skipped dinner to do this assignment. All I wanted to do was to go to my room, eat some of my snacks and reward myself with a bit of Netflix. 

Unfortunately my roommate had other plans for me tonight, there on our doorknob was a red hair ribbon tied around it. The sign that she was with a guy, meaning they are about to, or in the mist of doing the do. The ribbon was a way to avoid embarrassment for everyone involved. Seeing the ribbon on the door I decided to visit my friend Jamie in an attempt to kill time.

I walked down the long hallway that connected a series of dorms together separated by large double doors. Leaving my dorm to the dorm where Jamie stayed I walked down the hall and gave a knock at the door, three knocks, always three.

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