some of these are neater than others


so here’s what we’ve seen of team RWBY’s between volumes 1 and 2 character designs (these chapters of the manga seem to be slotted in the break between semesters), just putting them in a photoset so it’s a bit neater than the other post;

- Ruby’s is the one we get most of here, it’s got a few elements from her outfits the series has already shown as well as some new things. her cape is worn as it has been in her old main outfit, though it’s tied across instead of clipped straight to her outfit (kinda putting it halfway between her regular design and how she appeared in the Red trailer). her blouse is similar in style to the one she’s wearing in volume 4, though there are a few differences. she’s wearing an entirely different corset which seems to have some fur lining along the bottom

- Weiss we have the least of, but she seems to be wearing a different jacket to her regular Schnee logo one (at the very least it doesn’t look like how Miwa depicts her regular jacket)

- Blake’s is the most obviously different, she’s still going sleeveless with this one but she’s not got her scarf and really it looks like she’s combining elements from her vol 4 top (with the collar) and Yang’s Slayer jacket (with the window)

- Yang’s wearing a different jacket that almost looks… sporty, i guess, with the stripes on the sleeve and the more prominent collar (it also seems to be more open than her previous jackets). she also seems to be wearing her scarf and shorts from her vol 1-3 design too

but yeah, we’ll probably see more of these in this months chapter and get more details on them. having new designs is great, i think, because it gives more variety to the character designs for stuff like fanworks and cosplay and such, as well as fleshing out the universe a bit more because it means they weren’t wearing the same outfits all the time. also fleshes out each character’s personal style, i guess.


@dirkjohnweek Day 2 - Au day!!

I will be the first to admit everytime that i’m garbage at dialogue. i think it might also be physically impossible for me to not draw these two sassing each other some way or another. Anyway, this is like, a really specific alphaswap!au, where john meets a doomed dirk turned sprite. it goes about as well as expected.

✧ Balancing Act ✧ OPEN

It had only taken twenty minutes for Fennec to clarify the situation to his master. The two of them had retreated to a cabin so that they might speak without interruption, and once Jackal was satisfied, they went their separate ways.

Fennec passed through the lounge without inviting notice—his posture was just as refined as it had been when he first arrived, his steps just as neat, but there was a fretfulness about his eyes as he surveyed the room and its guests. Most had vanished, perhaps to take some respite from the other newly-made players of the game. Those who remained looked somber, as though Dot’s words were physically weighing them down. Fennec left them undisturbed.

In the kitchen, he busied himself with brewing a pot of darjeeling tea. Another half hour’s work yielded fifteen bite-sized carrot cakes, which he set neatly onto a large white plate. He left the kitchen neater than he had found it, even taking the liberty of reorganizing the kitchen utensils—they now hung from their fixtures by colour and size.

With a fully-loaded tray balanced on his palm, Fennec entered the cabin car with a pleasant smile only to find the hallway empty. Steam wisped in the air through the kettle’s spout. Had everyone gone to sleep? Fennec remembered the dark sky through the windows.

Several minutes passed, and the butler remained at the door with a fervent hope that someone might appear. Just as disappointment began to overtake his thoughts, the door at his back flew open, and Fennec spun around to face the incomer, wide-eyed. His arms seized up, his wrist went slack, and the tray of tea and cakes went sliding from his grip. The sound of shattering porcelain cut through the air, and when Fennec opened his eyes, he saw its jagged remains on the floor.

“Ah–! … I …” The butler’s composure wavered for just a moment as he stood there with his mouth agape.

“I’m terribly sorry! Are you alright? Ah, please be careful—I’ll clean it up at once!” Fennec stooped to one knee and promptly began gathering the pieces into a napkin. He noticed with a wince that the other passenger’s shoe had become the unfortunate recipient of one of his carrot cakes.