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So I guess some people are wondering about my cartoon. So basically I’m working on a (personal) pilot. Been wanting to make it for a while now and it’s finally (very slowly) happening.

If you’ve been following me for a while now you probably seen a bunch of concept art already, but it’s called “The Dark Harvest” and basically it revolves around the life of a sort of “rookie grim reaper” and her grandfather training her and whatnot… It’s sci fi and paranormal and all that good stuff…

This is my first time actually writing dialogue for a cartoon and I’m not really the best writer so I’m trying my best to make it good. I’m also just one person working on the whole thing (animation, backgrounds, sound effects, editing, some music probably etc.) so this will probably take some time. I really like how it looks visually right now (people say it looks like Sym Bionic Titan, and I’ll take that as a compliment!) but as far as how the cartoon is going to turn out like story wise, guess you’ll have to wait and see.


Sam Winchester + Stanford
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Guess what came in the mail today.


This is my “edition zero” run of TAT decks for the purpose of feedback and review, and of course, my own experimentation. I have some quibbles with the printing and may choose a different one for the production run, but I am pleased with how it’s turned out overall. The definitions don’t feel overly intrusive to me, the way they have on the very few other study decks I’ve ever seen. The correspondences and keywords are even less so, but still happily readable.

I’ve done a couple of basic readings and an interview, pictured above, and it has turned out rather curiously.

It is a a reasonably gentle, un-scary deck on the whole – which is what I wanted it to be. A lot of new readers, or people getting a reading for the first time, get really freaked out by things like the Death card, or the 10 of Swords, which are slightly less gruesome in my deck than in most, owing to their color scheme and their minimalism.

But I have to say I’m surprised that, so far, the TAT has a slightly serious twang. Perhaps that’s because I, its creator, am a more than slightly serious person.

Pictured above is my deck interview: what sort of deck are you, what do you like to read for, and what is our relationship?

We start out light and gentle with the 9 of Cups, a card of abundance and granted wishes, but from there, things get a little more weighty. The 6 of Wands is speaking towards creative and personal motivation, a need to light a fire under people’s ass. Perhaps a good quality for a study deck to have! But the Judgement card, our relationship signifier and a major, shows an amount of self-awareness I wasn’t expecting, in terms of it pinning down exactly who it is talking to. Are you judging my creative effort, TAT?

Please let me know what you think of the look of them, especially if you are a beginning tarot reader! This deck is for you, and I want to know what you think!

Boosts appreciated, and watch this space for my Kickstarter!

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Classic Pixelberry Fandom Wank (HSS and HWU Edition)

since Hollywood U is ending and its making me reflect on my time in the pb fandom during its peak and honestly some of the most memorable parts…. was all the ridiculous shit. but a lot is just some lighthearted things that i enjoyed! but anyways i made a list - enjoy.

  • MCxHunt discourse
  • MCxMax discourse
  • MCxChris discourse
  • Mia is a Lesbian/Bisexual/Straight/whatever discourse
  • Autumn is whiny and the worst character in the game
  • “Where’s Ezra?”
  • Wes is creepy and shady
  • Lea Michele update
  • people literally writing entire thesis papers about them leaving the fandom because of said update
  • Monster High halloween update
  • Beckett is a smol soft cinnamon roll pumpkin flower star prince uwu 
  • Ellie Is A Fucking Furry
  • Logan is a discount Wes
  • “:) shane isnt gay honey stop going by stereotypes”
  • Edward and the 10 hour livestream (Cautumn 5evr)
  • “Hunt cant be trans because he kept calling Crash spencer :/”
  • PriyaxHunt discourse
  • okay literally Hunt x 1000 of his ex girlfriends discourse
  • Ezra’s sister Ezra (literally my favorite pb fandom meme hands down)
  • Autumn and the ducks meme (which y’all ran into the fucking ground)
  • WesxAutumn discourse
  • Lena
  • the anonymous confession blogs
  • Ace
  • Kara’s redemption arc
  • Jack Carver
  • ppl making twitters for their MCs
  • Chris’ ex wife
  • those fanfics about sucking Hunt’s dick under the desk
  • MCxHunt + 50 Shades of Grey (god)
  • Kip
  • the silver circle bullshit
  • Richard Sheridan
  • Officer Mohsenin is daddy uwu
  • being poor af in hwu and not having enough to buy plots of land which was a requirement for like every level
  • Bianca and Lance (FREE LANCE 2K17)
  • both games only having like… 2.5 outfits for guys
  • Bianca pregnant with Hunt’s baby
  • Brian Ratzik
  • the Hunt RP blogs
  • people sexually harassing the Hunt RP blogs for some reason and just generally being creepy and gross
  • College Town
  • The Vampire OC Takeover of October 2015
  • Val
  • people headcanoning all the asian characters to be related to each other for some reason?
  • the atlas effect
  • Are you… Gay?

and last but definitely not least

  • fresh hell
Sunday Candy Bucky edition (Bucky x reader)

A/N:  Here is my Bucky version (the first version I’m posting), but there will be more. Don’t forget to wish @bitch-m-fabulous a happy birthday if you have a minute. We should still be at work and trust me when I say it is a jam packed day.

Warning: Some sex talk but I skipped the smut here to focus on the fluff

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I’m currently writing my dissertation and need some more responses to fulfil my response quota, if you could possibly take 5 minutes maximum to fill out THIS survey and possibly reblog this post I would appreciate it a lot and you would be helping me out a great deal!! (also forgive any weirdly worded question my supervisor made some edits today!)


I was tagged by the amazing, lovely and super, super sweet @vanillasimsfan (go follow her!!! Her sims are the cutest sims you’ll ever see!!!) to do the alpha vs mm tag by @rosecoffeesims (i think?)

Anyways, this is Nova Fleming, from my upcoming story taking place in a boarding school that’s on an island (listen, these are some really rich dudes). Then, I took her and made her maxis match (the story is alpha!!)

On a totally unrelated note, I will answer asks soon guys! I’m just really busy right now, I’ve just had a really big change in terms of school and my mental health so I’m trying to adjust.

Nova’s alpha skin is a personal skin blend and Nova’s MM skin is the Someday Skin by @inspiredmoodlet