some of these are crappy quality but that's okay

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Okay so I just finished reading Do I wanna know and it's one of the best camren fanfics 😭❤️ I want to read T&T but I heard it's very depressing. Could you please suggest me something that's more realistic like DIWK . I love your blog btw :)

Do you want fics that are like real like 5h, or just au fics???

I’ll only list quality ones with all the great grammar and shit, i dont want you reading crappy quality fics

I usually read au’s, i find them more appealing, but ill list some realistic ones. (realistic as in when they’re in the band)

au Fics (not realistic, but they’re awesome) (recommended, i’ve read them):

Slytherins Do It Better

I Heard Your Voice In A Dream


Lifeboat Lighthouse (ongoing)

Mama’s Boy (i love this one so much it’s ongoing)

The Girl Nextdoor (ongoing, but very slow updates)


Tails and Ears

Yellow (this has two more sequels, but this is only for people who like fluff, not much angst in it, so not TOO recommended)

Realistic Fanfics (realistic) (read):

They Don’t Know About Us 

If they only knew

Surreal Perfection

Trials and Tribulations (really good)

If I lose Myself (T&T sequel)


Sorry I don’t read many realistic fics, I stick to the alternate universe ones. They’re much more exciting yknow?

But, go to 5hfanfiction and ask them for realistic camren fanfics, they’d have everything even though I use wattpad