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klance headcanons no one asked for

OK I’m just doing this bc I love klance OK and klance makes me feel happy so,,,
sorr to anyone who did this before me, this came up suddenly on my mind,,

-lance and keith are on a mission to a planet, and theyre just bickering like old married couples and they just,,,, pine,,,
-when theyre done with that said mission, the team decides to relax and just stay on that planet for a break
-lance and keith both went off to explore. keith comes bc he doesnt want lance to get hurt and bc he has nothing else to do
-when they were exploring, they found a tiny alien girl and Lance fell in LOVE™
-it was more of a “mother-child” love, so keith wasnt entirely that jealous (poor bby)
-lance being that sweet uncle he just takes the alien kid and shows it to keith
-lance spends time with the tiny alien girl a lot so she thinks lance is her dad
lance: youre so CUTE, do you know i love you with all my heart mi cielo—
the alien kid: papa!!!
lance: oh—OH my GOD—you just—IM
-keith doesnt spend as much time with the alien daughter, but he likes her company and will fight anyone who touches her
some alien: can i take her and have a look—
keith: *takes his bayard and aims it at the alien* say that again BITCH
-somehow the alien baby thinks keith as her other father, so she calls him dad or daddy (not in the kinky way, get ur head outta the gutter BINCH)
keith: *plays with the alien baby*
alien kid:!!!! dad!!!
keith: what
-lance and keith both takes the alien baby back to where she came from and then she calls both Keith and Lance papa and dad and both of them gets flustered
lance: im just saying that id make a good father for this girl
keith: dream on, loser
alien girl: dad!!!! papa!!! *gestures to both of them with a smile*
lance, internally: hallelujah motherfuckers
-once they took her back the alien girl keeps on crying and whining and begging her dads so she can come with. then they both found out that the girl was an orphan, keith immediately takes her with him bc he didnt want her to feel like she has no one just like he did after he lost his family. lance denies at first but then he wants her too
lance: keith what are you doing put her back keith—
keith: shes my precious baby girl and i will not hesitate to rip your head off if you try and take her away from me
lance: well damn i want her too then
-they give her a name. they argue a lot for the name. keith wants to name her godzilla but Lance shrieks and wants to name her cielo
lance: were not naming her after a MONSTER keith
keith: so what godzilla is cool
lance: NO she will be cielo
keith: how about ciella
lance: well ok—
-both of them try to sneak her in the castle and they succeeded, the hard part was how they should keep her with them without anyone NOTICING. they both proceeds to let her stay in one of their rooms bc no one would be snooping there
lance: OK so maybe ciella can stay in my room then—
keith: lance she stays in my room
lance: no youll just bore her
keith: you dont know what im gonna do to her, she wont be bored
lance: i assume she will be bored, no one wants to see your knife collection and hear your conspiracy theories keith
keith: well im sure she wouldnt like to get her face all covered in weird facemasks and skin care products—
-keith’s attempt to hide ciella is just a poorly made decision. he just takes his blanket and covers her in it.
keith: ok ciella, be good for daddy and stay quiet ok??
ciella, covered by a blanket: sssshhhhh!!!!
keith, smiling: right!!
keith, talking to one of the team: yeah and then—
ciella, still covered in a blanket: *runs to keith and bumps him in the leg* oof!!
one of the team: what the fuck is that
keith, sweating, nervously laughing: idk lol haha weird
Keith, internally: shit
-lance’s attempt is hands down the worst decision he ever made. he decides to just hide her in his jacket.
lance, with ciella inside his jacket: hey guys
hunk: lance you look… different
lance: yup gained some extra weight these past few days
pidge, pointing at a tail that shows on the back of his jacket: you have a tail
lance: yea gained that too
keith, from the other side of the room: WHAT THE FUCK—
-the team finally knows that both keith and lance has a baby alien girl. they tease them a lot.
shiro, to keith: looks like youre the older one after all, /sir/
hunk, to lance: aww youre a dad now maybe you can teach me some stuff when I get married
pidge, to keith: i cant believe youre a father now, ew
allura, to lance: dont worry, being a father isnt as hard
-keith and lance realises they both love ciella and gain feelings™
-both of them are too oblivious to ask the other one out, eventually lance did the first move and they start dating
-they adopted ciella and have a happy life with her until they die™

The creators send up protection along with the supplies
  • Chuck: Hey what's this box?
  • *opens it*
  • Y/N: What is it Chuck?
  • Chuck: Um some tiny packets.. Wait I think they're balloons!
  • Y/N: Balloons?
  • Chuck: Yea! They look weird though, some of them even have flavours! So cool!
  • Thomas: ....flavoured... Balloons..
  • Newt: Chuck, give me that box.
  • Chuck: Why? Are we going to have a party Newt? Y/N! Tell Newt you want to have a party too!
  • Minho: Yes Y/N, tell Newt to use the balloons for your party.
  • Y/N: Shut up Min.


“ Hey what’s with the scars on your neck? It looks like a vampire has been biting your neck alot or something”

Xefros’ face is just red and he doesn’t know what to say so he just “ Y-yea something…. like that…”

“ Is it some weird alien insect?”

“ Su-re…”



So this is basically a little drabble/potential mini-series based off of @destiny-islanders Spidey-Prom AU. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t. Spiderman has always been my favorite Marvel superhero since I am a comic nerd so naturally I am obsessed with Spidey-Prom. Sorry guys, couldn’t help it. *shrugs*

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Words: 2,855

Being bitten by a spider exposed to the OZ Compound wasn’t something on Prompto Argentum’s bucket list, but here he was, staring at the back of his right hand. The bite looked like any other spider bite, but this one seemed more red and itchy than the average. A quick tour around the labs of Insomnia Industries gave Prompto the perfect photo opportunity for some pictures with the machinery and serums. But that tour led him to where he was right now after said spider crawled onto his hand from his camera after descending from the ceiling above. 

He thought it would go away after a few days. But after realizing his once not-so-perfect vision was now perfect (he put his glasses on and it was like static invaded his eyesight) and nearly hurling his lamp out his bedroom window when his hand was suddenly stuck like glue to the switch, he figured that it was more than just a normal spider bite. He soon put his theory to the test and tried out every quality he knew a spider possessed. Crawling on walls? Check. Superhuman agility and senses? Double check. Needless to say, Prompto was quite freaked out.

“What are you?” He murmured, his attention never leaving the bite.

“Hey Prompto!” Noctis Lucis Caelum–son of Regis Lucis Caelum and nephew to Ardyn Izunia, owners of Insomnia Industries–called out to his blond best friend, who was currently putting stuff in his locker.

Prompto closed the locker just as Noctis rose his hand to clap his best friend on the back. Right as Noctis started to swing his hand down, Prompto felt a tingling sensation at the base of his skull. Time seemed to slow and his mind was sent racing. His body moved before he could even process it and before he knew it, Noctis slammed his hand into Prompto’s locker. He pulled his hand back with a pained expression and fought back a scream.

“Ow! Have you been taking lessons on how to improve your reflexes, dude?”

Prompto chuckled and scratched the back of his neck. “Something like that.”

Noctis shook his injured hand a bit before composing himself as best as he could. “So, ignoring that weird mishap… wait, where are your glasses?”

Prompto mentally slapped himself as he rummaged through his backpack and put his glasses on, his vision immediately becoming clouded to the point where he could barely see Noctis’ face. “Thanks dude! I thought I was forgetting something!”

Noctis stared at him for a bit before shrugging. “Anyway, are you up for hanging out at the arcade later?”

“S-Sorry dude, I’ve got a load of work to get done for the Lucian Journal. You know how Dino is,” Prompto lied. In actuality, he wanted to hang out with Noctis, he really did, but he had to learn more about what’s been going with himself lately.

“Aw man. Oh well, just go into some weird coma and get it done using speed like Barry Allen.”

Prompto chuckled at Noctis’ joke and clapped him on the shoulder, only for his hand to get stuck to his shoulder. Noctis stared with one eyebrow raised as Prompto tried to pull it off without looking suspicious. When he finally did manage to detach his hand from his best friend, Prompto simply chuckled nervously.

“I think you spilt something on your coat, buddy,” He spoke. “Anyway, I should get going! Photography awaits!”

After making a mental note to change his prescription lenses to regular lenses, Prompto took his leave and left behind a very confused Noctis. He was passing by the trees in the courtyard when he ran into his other best friend, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, daughter of Sylvia Nox Fleuret, President and CEO of Noxchem, and younger sister of Ravus Nox Fleuret. 

Noxchem was a multinational chemical corporation from Tenebrae that’s been run by the Nox Fleuret family for years. They’ve just recently combined with Insomnia Industries to band together to recreate the Super Soldier serum that was used for the Lucian Military back in the War of M.E. 674. So that meant that the Nox Fleuret family had to move to Insomnia if they wanted to recreate the serum easier.

“Hey Prompto!” Lunafreya beamed. “I just got you the coolest photo op ever!”

“I really wish I could take it, Luna,” Prompto rushed out, stepping around his friend. “But I’ve got tons of work to do for the paper.”

Luna groaned. “Oh come on! All Dino does is work you day and night! And when you finally show him an amazing photo, he marks it off as garbage!”

“Look,” Prompto sighed. “Dino Ghiranze isn’t the best boss in the world, I know, but I need this job if I plan on moving out after school is over.”

“Fine, but if you need any cool opportunities you know who to call.”


“Ha ha very funny,” Luna spoke, lightly punching his shoulder.

Prompto bid his friend farewell and left the school grounds. It became a routine for the past few weeks really. Going to school, praying to the Six that no one saw anything weird–well, weirder–going on with him, going home, and researching spiders and whatever Insomnia Industries revealed about the OZ Compound. He soon landed an interview with the Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries, Ignis Scientia. Prompto told him that he was a scientist with a blog and wanted to share more of the compound with his readers, which was a flat-out lie. He merely wanted to learn more about the compound and figure out if he should be even more worried than he was.

The day of the interview came quicker than Prompto anticipated. He walked through the rotating glass doors of Insomnia Industries and tried his best not to gawk at the high ceiling, polished tile floor, light gray walls, and the glass chandeliers that hung high above everyone’s heads. He made his way over to the elevator and pushed the button that took him to the fifteenth floor of the twenty story building. The elevator dinged and he walked out, quickly making his way over to room 234 and pushing the door open. Sitting at the desk was a bespectacled man who was typing away at his computer. Prompto awkwardly knocked on the door frame and the man finally noticed him.

“You must be Prompto,” the man spoke with a diligent tone. “I’m Ignis Scientia, Lead Chemist of Insomnia Industries. I understand that you have some questions about the OZ Compound.”

Prompto nodded and sat down in the chair in front of Ignis’ desk after shutting the door. “I do. Are there any side effects for it? Like what does it do?”

“Jumping straight into it aren’t we? Well, the OZ Compound is supposed to give humans enhanced abilities, turning them into a super soldier of some sort, but so far there has been no success. There has only been one person to test out the compound, and that person is Mister Izunia himself. Poor man. He tried to make a point to Sylvia but, she nearly cancelled the partnership between our companies when she saw that there was no progress in the development.”

Prompto’s eyes widened. This could be the source behind his powers.

“Have you tested this compound out on animals?” He asked. “More specifically, spiders?”

Ignis’ eyes widened before he stood up and walked over to the door, locking it. He turned back to Prompto with stern eyes. “Were you bitten?”

“W-What?” Prompto stammered.

“We infused the OZ Compound with a spider a few weeks back, but it escaped. Were you bitten by it?”

Prompto didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want to lie to the man who A) has answers and B) could potentially help him through this. So he nodded.

“Incredible,” Ignis gasped. “What traits have you been showing?”

“So far? Enhanced senses and Wall-Crawling, along with this weird sense that I get when someone goes to touch me.”

“Wall-Crawling? Well, it seems as if the compound has passed along some traits of the arachnid class on to you.”

“Yea, I noticed.”

“I must inform Mister Izunia and Mister Caelum right away.”

“NO!” Prompto shouted. “I-I mean, no.”

“Why not?” Ignis asked with an incredulous look.

“I don’t want anyone finding out. Anyone else I mean. If people knew, I’d be used as some sort of test subject and seen as a freak at school. Please, don’t tell them.”

Ignis stared at him with a calculating look in his eyes before sighing. “Fine. But, I will have to tell my personal security guard. I have an idea for you in mind.”

Insomnia had a high crime rate, there was no doubt about that. The crime rate seemed to reach its peak at night though, always around midnight. The criminals in this city always preyed on the rich and defenseless, those who were both were considered to be a huge bonus. Unfortunately for Noctis, he was the next victim of a mugging.

The time was 1:15 A.M., it was a long day at Insomnia Industries and Noctis told his dad that he was going to walk home since he was getting tired. So he did, taking some alleyways as shortcuts. He was nearly home when a man clad in all black (including the cliche ski mask) stepped out from the shadows, pointing a pistol at Noctis’ forehead.

“I know who you are, Lucis Caelum,” the man spoke. “So let’s make this quick and give me all of your money.”

Noctis gasped in fear and backed away, his hands up to show that he was defenseless. “Listen! I have nothing!”

“Bullshit! You’re a rich daddy’s boy, you’re loaded! Now give me what you have!”

“I’m telling the truth I have nothing!”

The man turned the safety of his gun off right before the two boys heard a distant “YYYYAAAHHHHOOOOOO” ring out and proceed to get closer. The two boys turned their attention to where the sound came from and saw a man clad in red and blue. He wore a red sleeveless hoodie with a blue long-sleeve shirt underneath and red fingerless cotton gloves with two metal contraptions on both wrists. He also sported blue pants tucked into red calf-high socks and red shoes along with a red mask that covered his entire head. The only things that stuck out were the black and white make-shift eyes and black spider emblem on his chest. The weirdest thing? The guy was swinging into the alleyway. 

He seemed to have been new at his job (if you’d call it that) because his glee soon turned into panic as he flailed his legs around while screaming “BRAKES!” He crashed into the nearby brick building and fell to the pavement. He then stood up, a bit unbalanced.

“Okay!” He shouted. “Now THAT was a rush!”

Noctis and the mugger both shared the same incredulous expression before the weirdly dressed man tossed the lid of a metal garbage can at the mugger like it was a game of frisbee. It hit the mugger right on the head and the man laughed.

“Fore!” He yelled.

The man walked up to Noctis, ignoring the groans of the mugger as he held his future-swollen head. The man almost told Noctis his name but decided against that. 

‘What would he say?’ he thought. ‘You can’t just tell him your name. That bit is quite obvious, Prompto.’

“Who are you?” Noctis asked.

“I’m… uhh,” Prompto spoke from behind the mask, silently thanking the fact that Noctis didn’t know it was him. “Spider… Man…”

“Spider-Man?” Noctis asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Isn’t that pretty generic considering your… um, outfit…?”

Prompto looked down at what he was wearing and sighed. “I’m working on the costume…”

Noctis sighed and pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket. “Here, you’re probably expecting a reward.”

“No!” Prompto shrieked. “Keep your money! I don’t want it!”

“You don’t?”

“I saved you from someone trying to take it from you. You don’t have to pay me.”

Noctis stuffed the wad of cash back into his pocket and nudged his head in the mugger’s direction. “What are you going to do about him?”

Prompto waved him off. “The cops can come and get him. I’m new to this.”

“As if that wasn’t obvious,” Noctis thought.

“Well! I should be going! Nice meeting you, citizen!” Prompto shouted ecstatically and with a mock salute.

He shot his right hand out (his wrist bent and index and pinky finger extended) towards the top of one of the buildings around them and a string resembling a spider web shot out from the metal contraption on his wrist. He then tugged on the web and he shot up into the air, landing on the edge of the roof not-so-gracefully. 

“Spider what?” The gruff voice of Gladiolus Amicitia rang through Prompto’s phone as he walked through the halls of the school.

“Spider-Man,” Prompto sighed, a bit exasperated that Ignis’ security guard and his new combat trainer couldn’t get a simple name right.

“I would’ve went with something cooler, Web-Man.”

“It’s Spi-”

“HEY, ARGENTUM!” A booming voice sneered.

Prompto groaned and turned his attention down the hall, where he spotted the quarterback of the football team and his bully, Loqi Tummelt. Prompto quickly muttered a quick “I’ll call you back” to Gladio and hung up. He watched as Loqi walked over and towered above him with a smirk on his face.

“Who were you talking to, Loser? Your mother? Are you trying to get her to take you home?” He snickered.

Prompto did nothing but let him throw his insults at him. Loqi then raised his fist, ready to punch the living daylight out of Prompto. But just like with what happened with Noctis, the tingling at the base of his skull returned, time slowed down, and Prompto dodged Loqi’s punch before he could even process it. Loqi’s fist slammed into the locker with a loud bang and all noise in the hallway ceased to exist as all eyes were now on them.

“OW!” Loqi screamed, proceeding to turn to Prompto with anger in his eyes. “YOU’RE DEAD, FREAK!”

He threw another punch and Prompto dodged with ease. He threw another, Prompto dodged again. Every punch he threw Prompto would dodge like it was nothing. Soon he was backed against a wall and Loqi chuckled, hurling his fist back to throw the next punch as a crowd of chanting teenagers formed around them. But right as he threw it, Prompto jumped off from the wall and did a front flip over Loqi, landing perfectly on his feet behind him as he punched the wall and broke his hand. Prompto turned just as he felt the tingling sensation grow stronger. He caught Loqi’s other fist just inches of it colliding with his face. Loqi tried to move it but Prompto seemed to have superhuman strength, as Loqi’s fist was trapped in his grasp. The chanting turned into gasps as Prompto threw Loqi over his shoulder, slamming him onto the hallway tile.

Prompto took this as his chance to run. So he did. He ran out of the hallway and stopped once he reached the middle of the courtyard. He noticed that he wasn’t out of breath, so that confirmed his superhuman stamina. And that little stunt that happened back there confirmed his superhuman strength and superhuman reflexes. But what was that tingling sensation at the base of his skull that he got every time someone went to lay a hand on him? If it was a newfound power, then he better name it. ‘Spider-Sense’ will do the trick.

“CURSE THE SIX!” Ardyn screamed as he knocked over numerous vials of chemicals on his lab table.

He looked into a mirror on his wall and growled once he gazed into his own amber eyes. He hurled his fist back and punched the mirror, shattering it into pieces.

“You couldn’t even impress Sylvia Nox Fleuret with your chemical invention. No. Instead it had to BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE!” He continued. 

A ding coming from a nearby machine was heard. He walked over to it and open the small hatch, smoke pouring out from it. He smirked and chuckled to himself as he pulled out a small device shaped like a pumpkin with a standard Jack O’ Lantern carving.

“They’ll see. They’ll all see. No one will be able to surpass my beloved inventions. Especially my Pumpkin Bombs,” he spoke.

He turned to a glass case and gazed at the suit inside. It was purple and green with the purple consisting of a tunic, gloves, and boots as the green consisted of metal sleeves and pants. The most notable portion of the suit was the mask. It too was green and purple, but the green resembled that of a hideous mythical goblin while the purple was a standard elf hat. Below was metal glider colored a dark silver and a brown satchel just waiting to be filled with evil inventions.

Ardyn laughed once more. “Green Goblin will be unstoppable.”

anonymous asked:

your 21 so your not as far off as 23 but your still older. and how can you guys be so comfortable liking them or saying those things knowing they will be so uncomfortable to hear it. younger fans say it yea but they are younger it doesn’t look as weird

FINALLY, one of y’all decided to slide into my inbox with this argument. Buckle up baby, ‘cause I got a lot to say about this.

First, I’d like to talk about your point with some things that are being said making them “uncomfortable”. Now, you say that older fans saying these things would make them uncomfortable, but I don’t see you making the same argument for younger fans… Interesting. But you do say “they are younger it doesn’t look as weird”. If you want to make an argument about certain comments making the twins uncomfortable, then shouldn’t that be the case for all ages? Also, you don’t know the twins so why are you speaking for them?

Second, why shouldn’t I be comfortable liking them? Because I’m 4 years older? I think they’re hysterical and I love the content they produce and the bits of their personalities they choose to share with us. What does that have to do with age? I’m a huge Colleen Ballinger fan and she’s 29. Heaven forbid I like her too because that’s an 8 year age difference. They brought me to 3 best friends and some other wonderful friends and people I never would have gotten the chance to know if it wasn’t for them. They make me and so many others happy. Age has nothing to do with happiness.

Third, what about when the twins turn 18? If you’re so passionate about age and legality, then are you going to turn around and get mad at a 16 year old for saying these things? Wouldn’t that be considered “weird” as well if we’re going off of your logic? No, it won’t be and no, it isn’t now. None of us are saying these things to their faces. I think y’all are forgetting that we love them for so much more than their bodies and sexual appeal. Yes, they are incredibly attractive men. But they also have beautiful, selfless hearts and I have so much respect for them as people. Don’t get it twisted. 

Fourth, why are you so pressed at what people do with their own lives? So what if someone a few years older than them wants to make jokes about choking, daddy kinks, and so on? Who are you to tell them that they’re in the wrong? Take a deep breath and let people live. Life is way too short and not serious to get so angry at what other people choose to do with their own lives, And that my love, also includes the twins.

Fifth, baby, if you don’t like that I’m 21 or that Leena’s 23,or whoever is 99, then you ain’t gotta follow my southern ass. I’d rather have 5 wonderful, judgement free followers who couldn’t care less about what other people do with their lives, than 3,000 uptight anons with “holier-than-thou” complexes. 

Sixth, you’re*, you’re*, you’re*. Sweetheart, please don’t come for me with that kind of grammar. It’s hurting my eyes.

And the last thing I have to say to you my wonderful little peach… Bless your heart. 

Thanks for your input and have a great night! xx

Gazebos, Yellow, and Red

Relationships: Bill x Richie x Eddie x Stanley (OT4)

Tags: Talk of sex, safe word discussion, no actual sex though

Summary: Every relationship should have safe words. Especially, one with four teenage boys.

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“I don’t see why your freaking out Eddie. You know all the answers.” Eddie paused midstep to look over at Stan who was alternating between staring out the window, and watching the smaller boy pace as he answered Bill’s questions. He made a little huffing noise, flailed his arms a bit, and gave Stan a look.

“I do not. Didn’t you hear Bill say I got the last one wrong. Wrong Stan! Wrong!”

“I actually ssssaid you only got it half-wr-wrong,” Bill said peering up at them from his own spot on Richie’s bed. His head was resting on said boy’s lap, as said boy stared off into space absent mindedly played with Bill’s hair. Bill was holding their biology textbook in his hands, and had been spewing Eddie question after question for the past hour.

“Half-wrong, wrong, same thing. Bill next question.”

“No Bill, no more questions.” Stan moved from his spot near the window, and walked over to wrap the irritated boy into his arms. “Eddie you’ve got this. You know this material better than any of us.” Eddie huffed again, but nodded at the praise and leaned against him. “Plus, if I have to hear one more biology question I’m going to scream. Right Bill?” Bill smiled and nodded as he let the book fall close next to him. “Great, so no more biology-“

“I think we should come up with a safe word.”

The three other boys in the room froze before slowly looking over (or up in Bill’s case) at Richie who had seemed to have finally snapped back to reality in the most awkward and typical Richie way possible. By spouting weirdness. Bill was the first to speak up.

“A s-sssafe word?” Richie nodded.

“Yea, you know like when we do sexy stuff. That way if somebody feels uncomfortable or overwhelmed they can use the safe word, and the rest of us will know to stop.” Eddie gave Richie a freaked out look, and shook his head.

“What type of weird-kinky shit do you think we’re going to be doing that we would need a safe word for?”

“I’m not saying we’re going to do be doing weird shit… though if any of you guys have some ideas I’m totally down for hearing them… but I mean even in the vanillaest of sex you should have a safe word.”

“It pains me to say this, but I think Richie’s right,” Stan finally spoke up. “Especially, considering there’s four of us in this relationship. Even the vanillaest of sex is a little out there.”

“See, even Stan agrees. So, anybody got any suggestions?”

“What about B-beep, beep,” Bill asked. Stan shook his head.
“No, I feel we use that one too much already as it is. I think we’d wind up saying it more accidently than as a safe word.” He gave Richie a look. Richie just shrugged and smirked at him. “Anyway, this was your idea Richie, you got any ideas?”

Richie seemed to make quite a show of thinking about it before a shit eating grin spread across his cheeks. Stan instantly had regrets.

“How about gazebos?”

“Fuck No,” Eddie instantly responded as he moved away from Stan to shake his fist at Richie. Bill laughed.

“Gazebos! I l-l-like it.”

Stan nodded in agreement.

“Our safe word is not going to be fucking gazebos! It was years ago, stop bring it up!”

“Oh Eddie, you should know by now that we will never let gonna let gazebos die.” Eddie gave Richie the finger. “Those in favor of gazebos raise your hands.” Three hands shot up.

“No, I refuse!”

“But Eddie-“

“W-we could try the sssstoplight s-system.” This time three heads turned to look in Bill’s direction. His cheeks had turned a soft pink, and he looked a bit surprised by his own suggestion.

“The what system?”

“The s-ssstoplight system. I read about it in a b-b-book. Green means your g-good to go. Yellow means you’re a l-little uncomfortable, and you either n-need to stop or s-ssslow down. R-r-red means your too o-overwhelmed or unhappy and you need to s-ssstop.”

“Wow Bill, what kind of kinky shit have you been reading? You holding out on us Big Bill?” Bill flushed darker and tried to hide is face against Richie’s lap. Stan gave Richie a look as he walked over to run a hand along Bill’s ankle in comfort.

“I think that’s a great idea Bill.”

“I agree. All in favor of gazebo, yellow, and red raise your hands!” Eddie looked like he wanted to argue more, but reluctantly raised his hand with the other three boys.

“Then it’s official. We’ll use the gazebo stop light system as our safe words.” Richie nodded proud of himself.

“Great lovely, we have safe words… what about Bill though,” Eddie brought up as he came over to join the others on the bed. “What if he can’t say the words?”

“I don’t s-stutter that much d-during sex.”

“Bill, honey, I love you… and your stutter is getting better but, the last time I gave you a handjob you couldn’t speak for like a full hour afterwards,” Stan pipped up. Bill, who had finally recovered from his last embarrassing statement flushed darkly again. Richie smile and patted his head.

“Eddie spaghetti’s right. We’ll just have to pay closer attention to Billy boy then. Get him to mouth the words at us, focus on his body language, have patients… all that jazz.”

“I-I don’t want to be a b-b-bother.”

“You’re never a bother Big Bill.” Eddie leaned down to give Bill a quick little kiss on the cheek.

“So, it’s agreed then. Gazebo, yellow, red, and we make sure Big Bill’s happy. Can I get an amend?”

“Amend,” the other three boys chorused.

“So, now that were officially settled who wants to give our new words a try,” Richie said while attempting to wiggle his eyebrows suggestively. Attempted being the keyword there. Stan snorted and bopped him on the head.

“Though I’d love too, I promised my parents I’d be home by nine,” he said while standing from the bed and stretching. “You want a ride Eddie?” Eddie nodded and stood up as well before going about gathering his stuff. “What about you Bill? You want a ride?” Bill smiled up at him and shook his head no.

“N-no I’m going to stay here a bit longer.”

“Whatever you say Big Bill. You two play nice then.” He gave the two of them a kiss goodbye before going over to Eddie who was already by the door waiting for him with his nose back in his biology book.

Once the two were gone Richie looked down at Bill, and gave him one of his patented “hey-there-sexy” smiles.

“So, what do you say Big Bill?”


Reflex- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Reflex
Request: Hi can I have a short Peter Pan Drabble. Where the reader is in bed and peter trys to kiss her and out of reflex she slaps him. They both start laughing and he climbs into bed like “you still owe me a kiss” or whatever and it ends in cuddles and kisses and just FLUFF! Thanks!
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

Y/N walked into her tent that she shared with her boyfriend, Peter Pan.
She looked to be exhausted, sweat dripping down her forehead as she was walking slowly.
“Did the lost boys tire you out?” Peter asked her, “No offense but it kind of looks like you ran around the island a dozen times.”
Y/N sighed, “You have no idea how tired I am. I’m so tired that I could sleep for a month straight and I’m not even kidding. Looking like I ran around the island is a compliment because I’m so tired.”
“They’re good little fighters though right?” Peter asked.
“Yea they are!” Y/N responded, “Even the little ones. They all loved hitting each other it was weird.”
Y/N had spent most of that day with the lost boys teaching them to fight better, and they were very good.
“How about you get some sleep then.” Peter suggested.
“I need it.” Y/N responded.
“Good job today.” Peter smiled, “You took on a lot.”
Y/N starting to change clothes, “Thanks.”
Peter watched her as she changed, and she smiled, “Enjoying the view?”
“As always.” Peter smiled back.
She finished getting dressed, and laid down in the bed.
Peter got into bed beside her and leaned in to kiss her gently.
Yet, Y/N slapped him clear across the face!
“What the hell?” Peter exclaimed.
“Oh crap I’m sorry! I’ve just been used to hitting the lost boys every time they got too close to me today, and it has just become like a reflex now to hit people when they get to close.” Y/N laughed, “I feel bad for hitting you I really didn’t mean to.
"It’s ok.” Peter responded, “I know you didn’t mean it.”
“That red hand print on your face looks good on you.” Y/N giggled.
Peter laughed, “I don’t know whether or not to hit you or not.”
They laughed together in the bed, Peter eventually adding in, “You still owe me that kiss.”
“What if I don’t want to kiss you?” Y/N asked, trying to hold back a smile.
“You don’t want to know.” Peter responded.
She turned around, now not facing Peter anymore.
“Oh you’re going to get it!” Peter exclaimed, starting to tickle Y/N.
“Fine I’ll kiss you!” she laughed.
Peter stopped, and she turned back around to face him.
Y/N smiled at him, then kissed him deeply.
“That was worth the wait.” Peter smiled, “Now come here.”
He laid on his back, opening his arms to let Y/N lay on his chest.
“Tickling is your weakness, I know that now.” Peter said.
“Don’t abuse your power, Pan.” Y/N laughed.
“I won’t because you’re lucky I love you.” Peter said, running his fingers through Y/N’s hair.
“I love you too, Peter.” Y/N blushed.
Peter kissed her forehead, Y/N then leaning up to kiss his lips once again.




Another Chance

 Request: Hi there, I recently discovered your blog and I love your stories. I was wondering if you could do one where Negan visits Alexandria and while walking around he hears a woman singing like ‘In the arms of the angels’ or something like that. He finds her working in the gardens and is so mesmerized by her singing that he wants to take her back to the sanctuary. I’ll let you take it from there but maybe some light smut?😁. Thank you -   @lokis-imaginary-friend (won’t let me tag.. so please tag them if you can so they can know this is done)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to do! Also, if you can please tag the requester, because I can’t and I really want them to see this! Hope you enjoy! Leave feeback! Sorry for the big gifs, but oh well!

Word count: 1.6kish

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

“What the fuck is this shit, Rick?” Negan asked staring at the curly headed man before him. “I give you two damn weeks to find me some good hit and this what you offer me. This is fuckin’ ridiculous prick.”

Rick looked down avoiding Negan’s glare. “We’ll get more,” Rick grunted raising his head to peak at Negan. “Just give us more time.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Might I please request headcannons for the triplets finding out about their dad had an affair and that they have a little sister (15/ 16 years old, I'm thinking)? Keep up the awesome work! :)

thanks so much anon!! here you go!!

  • Sadly enough, it’s at Han’s funeral that they all find you. Your mother had told you who your father was, and you’d seen in the paper that he had died, so you wanted to see him for yourself, just once. 
  • Yea he paid child support all those years (you could never quite needle out of your mom what he did for a living), but you’d never actually seen him.
  • You’re in the line for the viewing, in some nice looking black jeans and a hoodie, both hands shoved into your kangaroo pouch, looking at him. 
    • You think you’re talking to yourself quietly, but Leia catches the tail end of it.
    • “Dad? I guess? I dunno that feels weird. I guess just Han? It doesn’t matter anyway, you’re dead, haha.”
  • You go to shake hands with them (Leia and the triplets), when Leia delicately asks what you were saying to the casket. You decide to just tell her the truth, because what’s the harm?
    • It turns out, Kylo’s anger. He’s pissed. He just slaps a hand over his mouth, his knuckles white from gripping so hard. He bounds out of the church as Leia leads you over to a chair, sitting you down to get the details. 
    • Ben goes after him, only to find him in the reception hall, tearing the cheap tablecloths the church keeps on hand and throwing a couple of full water bottles against the walls. Ben tries to calm him down, but all Kylo can do is babble about his father and how much of an asshole he is, how could he do this to mom, who the fuck is this girl? are they going to have to house her now? is she gonna be around? why didn’t he fucking tell anyone he had another kid.
  • Matt’s the first one to make contact. He asks you about your interests, how school is, what kind of friends you have. You balk at first, because now all of a sudden you have three older brothers and you don’t know what to do. But you push through, because they’re all you have of your dad. Matt fills you in on Han, what he was like and such. He also gets into some really nerdy stuff, as is his type.
  • You slowly warm up to Matt, then Ben follows. He shows you how to pick up guys and girls, takes you out, offers to let you do illegal stuff with him (”that’s what’s cool now, right?”). He’s a mechanic, so for your birthday (and Christmas, because it was expensive, he reminds you) he built you a car. 
  • Kylo is the absolute dead last person to finally speak to you. It’s almost four months after the funeral, and his mom asks him to pick you up from school (Leia made sure she was friends with your mom; she wanted to be involved). He asks in a deep voice if you need anything before he drops you off at the Solo-Organa household. You tentatively say no, but your stomach gurgles in protest. Kylo heaves a sigh and jerks his car into the nearest fast food place. Next thing you know you’re sitting in a Burger King with a behemoth in all black, devouring a couple trays of fries. He’s done being mad and moody, so he asks you questions. It turns out you have the same taste in music and art. He compliments you on your taste, and from there it’s a four hour long conversation about music and art and literature. 
    • It’s also an opening into your dead father’s world.

recipefordisaster  asked:

Yasss drunk asks are the best!!!! Please tell your best ghost story?




okay, so this past Halloween weekend me, a friend, and one of the loves of my lives was doin some ouija board. And we met a very friendly ghost! They introduced themselves as Kyle Brent. Their words came through kind of garbled, but they told us they were lost. We were like “Oh heck! Describe your situation, Brent! Let’s help you!” So he was like “I’m sorry for the stutter.” (remember the garbled words. CUTE.) “Please help me find my SEVEN friends.”

And WE were like…

“Okay, so a spell?” And HE was like “Yes, please.” So we were like, “Anything else?” And he was like “YEAH. O N E  S H O T.” 

So you gotta understand, we were drinking and we had a single shot there for the ghosts so that they could drink too.

We looked at our one shot.

“Do you want us to drink it for you?”



And then he was like “Namaste.” because, we figured out, he’s a HIPPIE. HIPPIE GHOST BRENT.

So we drink our one shot and then we go over to my witchy supplies (I’m hosting cause I’m a bro) and then we pick out our herbs and after some Struggle we burn them. Then we’re like, “Need anything else?” He was like, “Naw, thanks, peace.”


I just had this WEIRD feeling a few minutes after. Like, SO WEIRD. I couldn’t explain it, it was like it possessed me. I don’t usually believe in that sort of shit but seriously I just FELT it. I needed to pull out my tarot cards.



(Part 2) Fated to Love Just You: BTS Mafia!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok// Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Mild cursing, mentions of blood

Word count: 1,766

A/N Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy this chapter (:

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

If you had known parties were this boring, you would’ve stayed at home. It seems as if everyone there already had friends of their own to have fun with.

Maybe I should’ve brought Jaebum…?” You wondered but immediately rid yourself of the thought. Worrying about yourself would be easy but having another member to look out for was pressure you did not need.

“Uh, you okay?” The stranger said tapping your shoulder pulling you from your thoughts. Oh and then there was this stranger. Sure he was nice and everything but you didn’t want to be an anchor to him keeping him from talking to his friends (Which seemed to be almost every girl in the club…) He would leave you every once in awhile to talk to others but would always find himself back at your side. He either really liked talking to you or just wasn’t fond of all the other females in the club practically throwing themselves at him You couldn’t blame them to be honest, he was quite the looker even with the mask.

“Yea sorry, just kind of parched. I’ll go get us some drinks.” You smiled at him. He seemed hesitant to let you go by yourself.

I’m pretty sure she already thinks I’m weird for not leaving her alone… Just let her go.” Hoseok thought. He nodded and you finally set off. Your eyes scanned the room until it landed on the grand table near the back entrance. You stood shocked at the amount of delicacies on the silver platters. The food you’ve been so accustomed to from headquarters looked like scraps compared to all the food laid out before you. As you continued to stare you felt cold liquid make contact with your hand. You looked down to realize in your process of gaping you spilled the water you were pouring.

“Shit,” You said out loud looking for any napkins nearby.

“Here you go,” A voice beside you said causing you to jump. You looked up to be met with a boy gapingly taller than you. You muttered a thanks as you accepted the napkins in his hand held out to you.

“No problem.” He said through his mask which covered his whole face. You started to feel weird vibes when he just stood there watching you clean up not saying another word. Wanting to get away from him as fast as possible, you hurriedly poured water into to cups-extra careful this time- and turned to look for the kind stranger. It was as if the DJ wanted you to struggle even more because it was at that very moment that he changed the calm rnb song into a crazy EDM one. Everyone started going wild as the dancing picked up speed making it even harder to find your familiar stranger.

“Looking for someone?” A voice called out over the loud music. You met face to face with the weird individual yet again. You ignored him and ran into the crowd to lose him.

What the hell is taking her so long?” Hoseok thought as he nodded pretending to be listening to the conversation among the people that crowded him.

Is she even part of that gang when she can’t complete such a simple task.” He said starting to push through the dancing bodies to look for you. He was about to ask someone if they had seen you when someone pushes past him quickly.

How rude… they didn’t even say fucking sorry. What could he be chasing so passionately like a dog-” Hoseok thought, his eyes following the, at this point, running man when he realized. He stared at the girl holding her dress to be able to run faster. The elegant hair style falling apart. The mask threateningly close to fall off. It was you. Hoseok cursed under his breath as he ran to catch up with the man. Normally if saw an incident like this any other day with any other person he would’ve just watched. Hell, sometimes he would be the one doing the chasing. But today was different. You were his target and his alone. If anyone was going to have you, it would be him.

Your steady walking turned to quick steps and before you knew it you were running from this freak. How the tables have turned. Usually it’s people running from you. So this is how victims feel huh.

You found yourself cornered against a wall cursing at how small the club was.

“Damn for a girl you sure can run fast.” The man said as he slowly approached you out of breath. You looked around for a water bottle, a fork, a dessert: anything to throw and buy yourself some time. Your eyes landed on an empty wine bottle close to your legs.You had dropped the cups of water in the midst of running and now you just had to get the glass bottle without him noticing.

“Why are you doing this? There are dozens of girls here you could harass, why me?” You say attempting to get him to start talking as you slowly reach down for the bottle.

He chuckled at your question. “Almost all these girls have had their eyes on one person in this whole entire room. That idiot who just doesn’t seem to leave your side. What’s so good about you that that asshole wants? That’s what I wanna know.” He replied. What stupid motivation. But that was all the time you needed as you finally managed to grab the bottle.

“Guess you’ll never find out!” You wink about to throw the glass bottle at him when he yells in pain. You lower the bottle in confusion. You hadn’t even thrown it yet, why is he yelling? He suddenly falls to the ground and you see your saviour, the kind stranger behind him.

“Seem’s like I was right on time.” He says flashing you a smile. You let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding in relief. You were about to thank him when you hear police sirens outside.

Fuck.” You both thought starting to panic.

“Have we really stooped this low.” Seokjin sighed as he turned the car onto the street of the club.

“No, this is just officer duties.” Namjoon replied sounding more like he was trying to convince himself.

“They should get the low rank officers then! Namjoon our squad is supposed to be one of the most esteemed among Seoul’s Police! We shouldn’t be the ones having to stop these stupid club parties just because they were playing music too loud.” Jungkook ranted from the backseat. Namjoon chuckled at the youngest member’s enthusiasm.

“Your passion is admirable, but it’s just our punishment for not being able to catch that tulip gang.” The leader replied staring out the window.

“Cherry Blossom gang…” Jungkook corrected under his breath. He was beyond frustrated. It was his goal, his dream to become one of the best police officers. He aced every exam in training-both physical and written and he was finally here. Yet he didn’t imagine this is how he’d be spending his days. Jungkook was glad he had Seokjin and the leader Namjoon by his side however. He had always heard of officers accepting bribes and abusing their powers but when it came time for him to choose what squadron he wanted to work for, Jungkook instantly fell for Namjoon’s Freedom Mirage. His oath to live a life of honesty had more than inspired Jungkook and here he was today working alongside his role model.

“Jungkook get the megaphone and start from the back. Jin search for the owner of the club and initiator of the party. I’ll go inside and settle things with the DJ.” Namjoon commanded his team. Everyone split to their jobs.

“We should-” You start to say.

“Let’s leave from the back they always check there last.” Your stranger friend interrupted. You admired his quick thinking but of course he was probably used to this as he was a frequent visitor of this place.

“Hey, I never got your name!” You suddenly remembered as he pulled you by the hand outside.

Tch, have I gained her trust that quickly? She’s so naive it’s almost cute.” Hoseok thought.

“I believe I should get yours first, since I did rescue you after all.” He replied with a cunning smile as he inched closer and closer to you.  

“E-Eh?” You stuttered, flustered by the sudden incoming contact. So sudden you didn’t notice as his hand reached into your purse to grab your phone. Your real phone. The phone which had all the information on the Gray Cherry Blossoms starting from phone numbers to family to house addresses to mission access. All so close, all within Hoseok’s reach.

“Hey! What are you guys doing!” A voice calls from behind a megaphone. Hoseok nimbly takes his hand from the purse, failing to get the phone. Your attention snaps to the police officer running towards you at almost inhumane speed.

“My apologies miss but I’m afraid I must leave now. I have a feeling we’ll see eachother soon though.” Your acquaintance says starting to back away.

“Wait! Where will I be able to see you again?” You desperately call out surprising even yourself. Why are you so weak for him? He leaves you with an abrupt wink before running off away from the officer. And that was all you needed to feel as all oxygen in your body had been sucked out.

Cinderella’s fantasy ended with the clock striking 12 but yours ended with the obnoxious sound of a police officer’s megaphone going off. As he finally started to get close to where you were you sighed too used to running away from official authorities. You grab a smoke bomb from your purse and throw it down rushing off before it even explodes giving yourself a good 10 minutes to escape. Jungkook grabs some newspapers from the dumpster nearby in an attempt to rid the smoke. When it finally cleared up, he inspected the ground and found two things: The remains of the used smoke bomb, and a hot pink iPhone. He picked it up and gasped in realization. The very newspaper he had been using had the same phone on it’s cover.

Stolen…Bank…This was the same day we tried to catch the Cherry Blossoms but failed…That girl! She must have some connection to them!” Jungkook though putting the pieces together. 

“I’ve got to show this to Namjoon.” The ambitious officer said out loud as he put the phone in a Ziploc bag.

Darkened Tunnels

Pennywise x Reader (Female targeted, college age)

Word count: Didn’t count lol

Chapter 1

Start of it all

You stared at your textbook and sighed heavily. Derry had to be one of the most boring towns you had ever moved to. Your eyes fell to the clock and another sigh came from you. Thirty minutes left. Thirty minutes left of this boring history class. You looked back out the window and noticed in the distance a red balloon stuck in a tree. Honestly nothing came to mind except somewhere a child is crying. Thirty minutes slowly, painfully ticked by before the professor dismissed you all; last one of the day. ‘Thank god’ you thought as you packed up your things. For some reason you looked back out the window and noticed the balloon was gone. “Hmm.”

Since you moved to Derry you hadn’t really made any friends, which didn’t bother you cause you didn’t really like being around others much. You heard some girls giggling and glanced past your shoulder. You knew they weren’t laughing at you but the sound caught your attention. At this age you came to realize not all girls were petty. As you walked down the steps of the college you saw the balloon again but it was in the bushes. Part of you felt something weird about the red balloon but you decided to brush it off and walk off. Your dorm wasn’t too far but you unfortunately had to go job hunting. You pulled out your phone and looked at the places you marked down that were hiring.

One was the pharmacy, the meat market (ew no thanks but money ugh) the arcade and the local pool. You decided the pharmacy first. As you walked in you caught out of the corner of your eye what seemed like another red balloon. “….the fuck is up with these balloons..?” You shook your head and continued inside. “Hello?” A voice came from the back and you walked to it. At the counter stood a woman who sat there smacking on her gum. (Gross) “Can I help you?” Her tone sounded more like ‘god why couldn’t you have just stayed out side and not bother me??’ “Hello, I came to fill out an application.” The woman scanned over you with sneer on her face. “I don’t think you would be fit for this job.” You blanked for a second. Did she honestly just say that? Slowly your eyes blinked, “I’m sorry…what?” The woman leaned over the counter, “I don’t want the wrong crowd in here…”

“This is a pharmacy…” you said as you rolled your eyes. She snorted, “I don’t like little girls like you.” You scoffed and turned on heel heading out the front door before turning around and flipping her off, “Fuck your pharmacy bitch!” The woman’s gum wade busted over her mouth and she glared at you before you stormed off. Seriously? Really?? What the fuck was that all about?! Next place on your list was the: arcade. You looked around happy to see none of those red balloons. Racing through the front door you looked about for someone who worked there. “Can I help you?” It was an older guy with faded blonde hair; no doubt he dyed his hair.

“Oh yes…I was wanting to fill out an application.” He smiled softly and nodded,“yea sure. Follow me.” You returned the smile and nod with a soft thank you. Tons of kids were running around, some shrieking and smashing game buttons. You glanced out a window and you paused. In the distance across the street was a red balloon. “Your town like red balloons?” The man looked back,“what do you mean?” You laughed softly and pointed towards the window,“I’ve been seeing them in weird spots all over town today.” He looked out and shook his head,“I don’t see anything.” Again you looked out the window to see the same balloon. “…it’s right there.” The man raised a brow and looked again but glanced at you. Apparently he wasn’t seeing it??

“Never mind sorry.” The man looked back out the window then continued heading back to the office. You sat in a small smelly room and filled out the application. This job wouldn’t pay much but it would be a job. Once done you turned it back into the man,“okay. If we start hiring I’ll give you a call.” You blinked,“I thought you guys were hiring?” He shook his head,“no sorry…” Your purses your lips and gave a small nod. “Okay. Well thank you. Have a good day.”

Meat Market next. You sighed as you walked through the fron entrance. “Hello there, can I help you?” You nodded,“I saw you guys were hiring so I wanted to filled out an application. The man smiled,"yes! Absolutely!” You were surprised by how energetic the guy was but it made you feel better about coming here. Maybe if the boss was nice working at the meat market wouldn’t. Be so bad. The office was nicer than the other and didn’t smell like meat surprisingly enough. Once filled out you gave the application back to the man. He took it from you and looked over it. “Oh so you just moved here?” You nodded,“yea a couple of weeks before college classes started.” He smiled,“and how is Derry treating you?”

You gave a small shrug,“well alright I guess. A couple of weeks doesn’t do too much. Haven’t made friends yet but I’m sure that will change.” He nodded,“never know who you’ll meet.” He looked over the application again,“ever worked with meat?” You shook your head,“nah. But I learn quickly.” He smiled,“What kinda pay are you looking for?” “Enough to get food now and then and pay my way in rent.” The man pondered a moment,“can you work….2pm-7pm?” Your last class was at 1:30 “can I bring my clothes to change into? I have a class till 1:30.” He nodded,“yes sure. Monday through Friday?” You smiled,“yea that works and fridays I don’t have classes. So I can come in whenever.” “9am-5pm?” You nodded again. The man extended his hand,“How about 11.50 an hour and with that schedule?” Your mouth dropped and slowly reached for his hand to shake it,“uh…yea! That’s perfect!” “Well than y/n you’re hired.”

You said a quick thank you and wrote down your schedule before saying good bye and headed out. Not your first pick but that was the easiest thing to ever fall into place. You happily walked down Jackson street and passed by a sewer opening. A noise made you stop. Slowly you adverted your eyes in its direction. “Fucking kids playing in a sewer??” Part of you said to keep walking but part of you felt drawn in. Which part would take over? Slowly you walked towards the sewer and again you heard the noise. You got down onto your knees and looked in. “…I hope there are no kids playing down h-” suddenly a person popped up and you cursed loudly before punching them in the face.

The figure jolted back with a growl and sudden remorse filled you,“Shit! I’m so sorry are you okay?? You fucking startled me- it’s a reaction!” The figure rubbed their face before walking back up,“noted..” Was this a clown? In the Sewer? “The hell are you doing down there ya weirdo.” Ya moved to sit on your rear. Such a sight to see; a college girl sitting in the road by a sewer drain talking to someone…or something.

“I fell down here.” You stared at him and laughed softly. A frown passed over his face momentarily,“I could use some help.” “Well Ronald I’m not helping you sorry.” His brows furrowed,“why not? And I’m Pennywise…not Ronald.” A sigh came from you,“yes yes okay. Pennywise- Penny. I’m not helping you.” “Pennywise.” You ignored his comment, this was a weird situation and it screamed danger but here you were. “Well I’m not for a couple of reasons Penny.” He glared at the nickname,“ for one- you’re dressed as a clown. 2 you’re in the sewer which you can easily crawl out of. 3- there’s a fucking red balloon behind you and now I know those were yours. 4- I believe you’ve been following me so I don’t feel comfortable going any closer than where I’m sitting now.”

His expression looked so bored but you kept talking,“ 5- I live in this town alone and I don’t have family to go looking for me if you were to decide to pull me in and kill me.” He blinked,“oh I won’t kill you.” “Drug, rape, eat, do the tango- whatever you have planned I’m not coming near you.” He grinned,“are you scared?” You looked at him,“…do I look scared?” His smile faded,“…no.” You laughed loudly,“okay dude- this talk has been nice but I’m gonna go now.” “And leave me all alone?” He pouted. “Yea man I’m out. Later Penny.” You stood up and quickly walked away. You could feel his eyes burning holes into your back, holes that actually felt like they were there.

You quickly made your way back to the apartment that you were at and saw your room mate,“hey I got a job today and start two days from now. So I’ll be able to start helping out.” The girl looked up and nodded,“yea okay…” she wasn’t too friendly sometimes but she left you alone which you didn’t mind at all. You went to your room and opened the door only to see the clown sitting on your bed. You stared at him eyes wide and he grinned,“ hello y/n” You let out an annoyed sigh and walked in shutting the door,“ what do you want?” “It’s not nice to leave people alone when in need.” You set your bag down and turned, folding your arms,“You’re not normal. Are you a wanted criminal? This is literally breaking and entering.” He laughed,“oh those pigs can’t catch me.” So he was a criminal,“I feel like I would have seen wanted signs about you.” Another grin came across his face,“well y/n, there ARE signs around town.”

You paused for a moment,“…you said my name earlier too…how do you know my name?” Pennywise stood up and you mouthed a 'holy shit’ at how tall he was. “There are signs allllll over town dripping with my scent.” “That’s weird…” “are you honestly not scared of me?” “No.” The tall man leaned in to sniff you and he frowned,“what if I showed you something?” “How do you know my name?” He ignored your question again and opened his mouth wide. Your eyes went wide as your mouth slowly fell open,“…Are those real??” You leaned forward and looked down into what seemed like lights but quickly looked away,“okay dude close your mouth your breath stinks.” You gave him a soft shove and he let out a gasp before closing his mouth.

“How are you not scared of me!?” He grabbed you by the throat and squeezed tightly. You gasped and grabbed onto his hands,“l-let go…!” How did your roommate not hear this?! Pennywise showed off his razor sharp teeth. The lack of oxygen was making your eyes slowly roll back as you let out a soft groan. Pennys eyes furrowed,“what was that?” His grip lossened and you groaned again. “I smell something…” he murmured as he leaned into you,“it’s not fear…” He was slowly discorvering a kink of yours; chocking. Pennywise sniffed and watched your facial expressions change. “What smell is this??” “I-I don’t…know..” the last word came out in more a moan. He let go and you fell down to your knees.

You could feel butterflies in your stomach now. Did this crazy fucker actually turn you on? You looked up at the figure towering over you and he croutched down,“I don’t smell fear.” “I’m sure…I told you I wasn’t scared of you.” “But I smell something.” You stared into his yellow eyes,“what…are you?” He looked away,“…what smell is it.” “You honestly don’t know what that is?” He shook his head. You laughed softly,“well aren’t you an innocent one.” There was a knock on your door and you looked back at it then back at Penny only to see he was gone. “Uhh…yea?”

The door opened,“are you talking to yourself..?” You shook your head and she raised a brow before walking back out,“okay..” Standing up you noticed something red in your tree with the words,'I’ll return.’ “…great.” You decided to go ahead and take a shower and head to bed for the night. “Never know who you’ll meet…” you repeated as the butcher said.

I heard ‘Cliche’ Marichat was a thing


Marinette flopped onto her bed, staring out the skylight. The hours of sleep she’s left behind because she was distracted by the moon and stars was getting to an impressive amount. However, tonight, as she snuggled against her long cat pillow, she heard a thud just near the entrance of her ceiling. Her breath caught in her throat, seeing Tikki fly from the bed down below, headed for her desk.

“H-Hello?” Marinette’s voice was uncharacteristically quiet, and words were faintly slurred from her tired state.

She heard a gasp, and the sound of something breaking, and she jumped up. When she popped her head through the empty square that led to her balcony, her blue eyes met green, and everything stopped.

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Um.. hi— I don’t actually know if this is the right way to do this, I haven’t really talked to but one other CP blog before.. (I’m also sorry if this doesn’t meet the terms that are set up, I am actually unable to read them, so.. yea..)

But I was reading through your posts, and found one about how cute Ben wearing Jeff’s hoodie would look, so.. I did a thing..! And it’s actually a drawing I’m proud of!

(Also I actually based Ben’s appearance on how *I* imagine him to look, so yea. I head canon him to have some form of glasses <even just reading glasses> and/or contacts — that’s what the blue over his eyes is, supposed to be the lenses.. it’s.. probably a weird HC to have..)

(And I know the picture is bad quality, I drew it on an iPad and took the picture from my phone, as I don’t really have a way to get drawings from one to the other at the moment.) (I’m also sorry for rambling.)


And I was right, he does look cute!

The Copycat Neighbors

Note: All names have been changed to protect the identities of the people I know.

My parents used to live in a small subdivision about 45 minutes outside of Seattle. According to them it was a relatively normal middle-class development with decent neighbors. Of course, there were occasional scream-filled arguments from the newlyweds across the street, but nothing one could consider out of the ordinary. Tonight they explained to me why they moved across the country to the outskirts of New York.


My dad was really good friends with the family right next door, but the breadwinner was offered a posh new job in upstate NY.

“Dammit, Richard. So you’re leaving us? Who’s gonna host the 4th of July barbecue now?”

He was pretty upset, but my mom said he got over it pretty quickly. Three weekends later, the Snyders’ house was put up for sale and they were long gone. My mom didn’t really get along with the wife so she was really excited to see who would move in next door to them, but that excitement was short lived.

“There was something off-putting about them.”

That was my mom’s reaction the first time she saw the new neighbors.

“They were constantly smiling. I mean 24/7 the smiles never left their faces and they were whiter than bed sheets. Like, they never went outside or something.”

My dad chimed in. “Yea, and your mother wasn’t being overly judgmental either. They just looked…different. That’s the only way I can describe it to you.”

They didn’t just write them off though. My parents aren’t like that. After they were situated in their new home my mom baked them cookies and they both went over to introduce themselves. The new neighbors answered the door shoulder to shoulder, the thin-lipped smiles still plastered on their pale faces. My dad said they looked exhausted, but the grins still stayed.

“Hey, how are ya? We live right next door. We thought we would introduce ourselves and welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Thank you. Please come inside sir and ma'am. We like you and you are welcome here always.”

My parents stayed for about an hour and during that time barely any words were exchanged. They both tried asking questions about their careers, previous locations, etc., but The only things they said were very short and vague. The questions were never reciprocated and they sat on their couch shoulder to shoulder the entire time, even when my parents left their house.

“We sort of waited for them to walk with us to the front door, but they just sat there.”

“Ok, that’s really, really strange.” I said.

“Andrew, listen to us. That is just scratching the surface of who these people really were. The weeks that followed were surreal and terrifying. We decided we are just going to tell you everything, but you have to promise us that you won’t be scared or anything.”

I should have just walked out of the room at this point.

Things started to become odd the third day after they moved in. Before all of their boxes were even unpacked, the husband began painting their house exactly like my parents’. Their’s was a light creme color with a thin blue stripe around the perimeter, and by the end of the day so was the house next door. Apparently my parents didn’t bring it up right away. The next day my dad was out mowing the lawn, and so was the man. He was wearing the same hat and using the same brand and model of mower.

“That upset me, so I sort of confronted him about it. I wasn’t aggressive or anything, but I insinuated how there was no way that was just a coincidence, especially since he had painted his house like mine the day before. He just looked at me with that ominous smile and didn’t say a word. It was weirding both of us out, so we watched them intently for a few weeks. It just got more and more insane as the days went by.”

A week after the house painting incident, the neighbors next door decided to purchase a new vehicle, and you guessed it, it was the same car as my parent’s. A 1987 BMW 3 series convertible in red. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. The next day my dad invited himself over to ask them some questions.

“I just tagged along for the ride.” My mom said. “I was just curious as to what they had to say about all of this.”

When they got there the neighbors opened the door shoulder to shoulder just like last time. Their smiles were wider than ever.

“Welcome back, sir and ma'am.”

“Yea, ok. Can we talk for a second? I just need to ask you guys some things.”

“Yes, please come in.”

They stepped inside and sat down with them.

“We were just wondering why you’re like, copying us. I honestly just want to mind my own business, but it’s getting kind of weird. Wouldn’t you agree?”

They paused for a minute, looked at each other, and responded, “We like our neighbors. We like you.”

My dad noticed something was upsetting my mom at this point. Her face went flush and she grabbed his leg.

“Are you…whats wrong?”

She whispered to him under her breath, “James, we need to get out of here. We need to leave right now”

“Sorry, guys we need to go, my wife isn’t feeling very well.”

They left in a hurry. My dad was flustered with my mom asking her what the fuck was going on and why she got so upset all of the sudden. They got home and she slammed the door.

“Jesus Christ, James. Jesus Christ.”

“What the hell is the matter, can you please just tell me?”

My mom was almost in tears at this point.

“James, I looked into their bedroom. They had the door wide open. James, they have the same fucking bedroom as us. The comforter on their bed was the same pattern as ours, they have the same curtains on their windows, and they have the same night stands that we do. How the fuck would they know that, they’ve never been over to our house before.”

“What the fuck. Are you being serious right now?”

“James, have they been inside our house?”

I asked them why they didn’t just go back there and actually confront them or call the police, but they told me they were just kind of in the denial stage. They didn’t want to believe this was actually happening, but they knew it was. They knew exactly what was happening.

Neither of them got very much sleep that night. Right before they went to bed, my dad set up an old VHS camcorder on a table in the corner of their room facing their bedroom door.

“I just had to know.” He said.

My dad pulled out an old cardboard box full of tapes and popped one into our VHS player.

“Watch this.”

He fast-forwarded the tape till about an hour in. I was in disbelieve. The video showed the copycat neighbors standing at the edge of my parents bed shoulder to shoulder. Their smiles were gone. Instead they had a murderous look on their faces, wrinkled and contorted. They stood there, just watching my parents through the night until the grainy video cut out 3 hours in.

“I nearly had a heart attack when I watched the tape the next morning. I was scared and then extremely angry. I grabbed my baseball bat and sprinted over to their house. No one was answering, so I beat their door down.”

“Jesus. What did you do to them?” I asked.

“They were gone. All of their stuff was neatly boxed up in the living room. The bmw was still there, but they were gone and never came back. We filed a police report that day. After we showed them the video they worked extremely hard to find these people, whoever the hell they were, but there were no leads. The information they used to buy the house and the car was stolen from another couple from Arkansas and there was nothing else on them. We got the hell out of that neighborhood and moved over here for peace of mind.”

“Oh my God, I’m not even sure what to think right now. I am so sorry.” I was truly at a loss for words.

I asked them why they waited so long to tell me this story.

“Remember our old neighbor Richard Snyder we were talking about? Your dad still keeps in touch with him occasionally.”


“He called last night and told us he has some new neighbors. The third day they were there they painted their house just like his.”

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Your art is,,, super good,, sorry to ask but do you have any pointers on how to draw anthro animals and/or werewolves? They're something I like to draw but I can never get it down. Have any advice?

hmmmm well i think the main thing to get right are the legs? because the arms are like human arms (but furry) and the head is an animal head, but with the legs you need to successfully create anatomy from scratch without it looking janky, and if you get it right the whole creature looks believable. it’s something i struggle with too but i really think it’s worth it to learn how to translate digitigrade legs to a bipedal stance, and to make it look like the creature can bear weight on them 

that sounds weird lmao and i don’t have my tablet with me right now so i can’t draw examples or w/e but i’ll try to draw a simple walk-through of my creature-building process later for you with some pointers for believability too <3 but yea work on those legs. it’s always leg day here bro

What?!  I’m Being Supportive!

Title: What?!  I’m Being Supportive!

 Prompt: “Oh my god, you’re in love!” given by @one-shots-supernatural for the #SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 

Summary: Sam is tired of the Devil riding shotgun in his mind…especially when Lucifer thinks it’s time Sam found a girl.

 Warnings: None?


 There were a lot of things wrong with his life.  He had been imprisoned in hell.  He lost the love of his life to a demon.  And now, the cherry on top, Lucifer was riding shotgun in his mind. Yea, Sam’s life sucked…especially right now.

“Ooh, Sammy!  Look at her, I bet she would be a lot of fun!”  Lucifer jabbed him in the ribs, pointing after a red head wearing a short mini-skirt.

Dean brought Sam out to the bar to try to unwind, but instead, it made him worse because Lucifer decided he needed some ‘action’ tonight. And now…he was trying to play matchmaker with every random person in the bar.

“Come on, Sam!  You have to pick one of them.  There is nothing wrong with the girls I have picked out.”  Lucifer huffed at him as Dean walked over to the bar to get some more beers.  “You know, I am really in your mind, so this means that me being so persistent means you actually want it.”

“Just shut up!”  Sam screamed at the imaginary angel sitting next to him.  He didn’t even see the blonde girl that was walking by, making her jump at his outburst.  “S-sorry!” He stammered at her before looking down to the floor in embarrassment.  Great, now Lucifer was laughing his ass off.

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Guro is so frightening and violent can you explain the appeal to me? I just genuinely don't understand.

oh yea sure (also sorry to my followers, i need to keep this blog more active)

for me and i’m sure a lot of others too it’s mostly aesthetically fascinating stuff to look at. it’s very different from looking actual pictures of gore because it’s just art. i guess its making some kind of morbid beauty from something normally very disgusting. it’s definitely not for everyone though

for other people it can be a fetish and i can’t really speak for them, but human beings are weird and like weird things

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Hey hey hey hey friend you should do an hc of the rfa + V and Saeran going caroling together with Mc!!



  • matching christmas sweaters
  • he cant stop singing jingle bells
  • he also can stop smiling
  • him and MC arent the best singers, but they’re the happiest couple in all of christmas
  • he also has a bell kit that you can wear while you play
  • in case you need a picture of what Yoosung is wearing while he carols:


  • him and MC are red and gold color coordinated
  • Zen is mariah carey
  • MC sings the main melody while he harmonizes and does ad-lib
  • sometimes it comes out really cool but sometimes he way overdoes it
  • him and MC have a whole set list that ends with the best christmas song of all times
  • Silver Bells
  • Zen loves to stretch out the harmonies on this song and really feel every note
  • he develops a newfound love for christmas because it’s the only time of year he gets to sing with MC


  • she is wearing 35 layers
  • she makes MC wear 35 layers
  • they are the most bundled-up pair on the block
  • Jaehee likes to sing silent night
  • its such a sweet, peaceful song
  • she even harmonizes in a couple places
  • silent night is the only song she likes to sing, actually
  • her and MC just sing it and then say merry christmas and then leave
  • and Jaehee is having the time of her life


  • he got that low range down PAT
  • can you tell i get excited about deep-voiced boys
  • he prints out sheet music and begins rehearsals with MC as soon as decemer hits
  • he hired someone to arrange a christmas medley
  • by the time they go caroling Jumin and MC both have the music memorized
  • the hold hands and sing in perfect harmony
  • Jumin cant belive that MC is the perfect match for him in every way, even vocally
  • his favorite part of the medley is when they sing white christmas and MC hits the ending harmony perfectly


  • one man band
    • he’s got a harmonica and a marching bass drum and a keyboard (but he only uses the sound effects setting)
    • at one point in their set MC starts beat boxing and Seven does a christmas rap
    • everyone begged him not to
    • but the idea had MC’s approval and that’s all he needed
    • so many people are forced to listen to his christmas rap
    • so many innocent children
    • so many unsuspecting families
    • but hell him and MC were having a good time
    • they could feel the christmas joy and thats all that matters


    • he buys christmas song books and learns basic piano for this
    • he doesnt have like a super amazing voice but tries his best to learn a few harmonies
    • he’s just so excited
    • “look, MC! i bought us matching sweaters for caroling next week!”
    • they also wear matching scarves
    • V is so happy while caroling he cant stop smiling
    • he’s smiling so big that his singing goes sharp a little and MC giggles during the song
    • but he’s really just happy to be here, by MC’s side
    • best! christmas! ever!


    • very pouty
    • sings very quiet
    • why did he agree to this
    • its so cold
    • but then he looks at MC and they looks so happy singing
    • oh yea, thats why he agreed to this <3
    • every time Saeran catches himself singing too quietly or acting distant he tries to catch himself and be more positive
    • this results in some weird volume things during songs but thats fine
    • caroling is pretty lame but that one sleigh ride song is pretty cool…pfft
    • MC is so bright and thanks him for singing with them even though he didnt want to
    • Saeran melts into a puddle

    thanks for reading! :3