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American Gods observation

So, in Episode 3, after we have That Scene with Salim and The Jinn, as a rather touching departure, they swap clothes. 

Here’s before:

The Jinn gave Salim his taxi driver identity, freeing him from the life that he hated. The Jinn also gave Salim his clothes:

That means that The Jinn took Salim’s suit. Makes sense, right?

What kills me the most about that is we’ve already seen The Jinn in the suit. In Episode 2, Mr. Wednesday sends Shadow to pick up some things from the store while he has a meeting. When Shadow goes to the diner, he passes The Jinn on his way to sitting down with Mr. Wednesday.

And at this point, The Jinn is already wearing Salim’s suit:

We could point out the minor problem that The Jinn isn’t supposed to have his glasses because he already gave them to Salim, but you could just say that The Jinn bought another pair or has a bunch of them already.

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How far is too far in phanfiction terms? I mean are dan and phil still represented and based off dan and phil when you change their gender, personalities, possibly sexuality, time era they live in, jobs, appearance and sometimes even species? Like what continues to make them 'Dan and Phil' apart from their name? I just find some phanfic writers change so much about the duo that the only thing they have in common with the real duo is their names and sometimes that's changed too? Idk man

See the good thing with fanfiction is that nothing is ‘too far’! People use fanfiction as a way to express their own creative abilities while being able to stick with a certain pair that makes them comfortable. This is so much easier than making up your own characters because the population of readers already know who you’re talking about and what they’re like. The writer doesn’t have to explain what the characters look like or any backstories (if they’re writing a reality fic) and it’s easier for the reader to visualize than with original characters. The ones that you’re talking about are AUs, which means that basically ANYTHING can happen. And that is so beautiful because just imagine Dan and Phil in space. The authors would have a much harder time getting readers for their original stories than they would with fanfiction, so it’s a wonderful way to express creativity while relying on something a lot of people know about


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AWW What about YoungSid putting on goalie gear and going up to Flower asking him to teach him some moves. Sid spends the whole practice like Woah @Flower. Which leads to a lot of smug looks in Geno's direction. At some point YoungSid confides in Flower about maybe being afraid to be a goalie? Kids already wanted him hurt, this would just give them a bigger target. He's also pretty sure his team wouldn't have his back if someone tried something.

Flower’s dad instincts kicks in so fast…just picks sid up and takes him home to vero like “guess what we have another kid now” 


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Hope you enjoy it and gifs aren’t mine

(Y/n) and the boys had just gotten back from a rather long hunt and a drink was needed for all of them. As the impala pulled up inside of the bunkers garage, (y/n) was already half way out of the back seats door and making her wat into the kitchen.
Dean raised an eyebrow at her behavior glancing at his brother who for some reason he thought would have the answers to his non spoken problem, only to get a strug from Sam as he replied “We all had a long day and a bad hunt.” Dean just struged and got out of the impala carefully closing the door as him and Sam made their way inside of the bunker, not before Dean had said his ‘goodnight’ to ‘baby’ of course.
Inside of the kitchen sat both Cas and (Y/n) who were both nusing beers. While Cas healed Sam who sat at the table Dean went to get him and his brother some beers.
Dean made his way back into the room and handed Sam a beer who said a soft ‘thank you’ while Dean sat down next to him. Getting straight to work Cas placed his two fingers on deans forehead and healed his cuts and bruises from the hunt.
“So-” Cas began his deep voice cutting through the silence around the table “How did the hunt go?” An annoyed grunt was sounded from across the table side in which the (h/c) haired hunter sat with ber now finished beer. “Oh how I hate witches, I mean why couldn’t she summon a gaint gummy bear on me. But nope the bitch summoned a creepy ass tree on me that just threw me around like a rag doll.” Sam glance up from his lap top that was seated in front of him along with Dean who was staring into his beer bottle. Dean chuckled at his friends behavior.
“Are you drunk?”
“Are you short?!” (Y/n) responded back.
Sam chuckled which earned a bitch face from his brother. “I think thats enough beers, sweetheart.” Dean leaned over the table and went to grab his friends beer but she was quicker then him and pushed back in her seat falling down onto the floor while her empty bottle rolled a few distance away from her.
“Are you alright?” Cas asked the drunk (h/c) haired hunter. (Y/n) whined and rolled over onto her stomach and spreaded her arms and legs out onto the ground. “I’m fine guys!” her voice shurred out. She turned her head toward the two hunters and angel her (h/c) hair fell down onto her face covering her eyes a little. “I’m just giving the floor a hug I mean were always hurting it by stepping on it, I really think we need to just be friendly with it.”
Dean laughed quietly to himself “So now we know (n/n) is a hippie drunk. Cas who was already on his knees helping (y/n) up smiled softly at his drunk friend. “Yes we do happen to step on it a lot but I’m sure it will forgive us.”
Suddenly the (h/c) haired female had an idea, “Let’s play truth or dare guys!” She yelled out surprising Cas which caused him to let go of her and she stumbled a bit before grabbing a near by chair and sitting in it. “Nope sorry princess but it’s bed time for you.” Dean spoke a groan was geared from the female as she pleaded to ber friend “Please just one round.” She held up one finger to show how many rounds she wanted to play that night “And then I’ll go start to bed, scouts honor.” Dean sighed knowing he would regret agreeing toward the drunk female. “Fine.”
Show where along the game, the four friends ended up choosing dare which caused them all to have to drink a full bottle of liquor.
“You’re bossy and short.” Sam complained to Dean who was to busy flirting with a piece of pie which he had taken out to eat but his drunken mind confused the pie with a hot female and he just started flirting with her. Cas was in the corner of the room petting a baby duck which he was dared to get and he kept on telling it what soft fur it had but the duck didn’t mind the attention. And (Y/n) Oh well she was crying and petting the floor telling it sorry for being mean all those times she and the boys walked on it to hard.
Just then Crowley popped in. “What in the bloody hell is going on here?!.”

for fuck’s sake if you are seriously complaining about ariana’s reaction to an explosion at her concert that caused some of her fans to get injured and some of them to die then you need to sit your ass down and shut up because your opinion of her reaction to this terrible event is not the most important thing right now and you are not helping any part of this terrible situation so just quit spreading hate there has been quite enough of that already

Smutty smut smut...

Hola peeps. I hope your week’s are going well so far! As a heads up, I signed up for something called the SPN Kink Bingo. Basically, expect some smutty stuff in the next couple months. That said, I already know a lot of the stuff on my board is going to be different than what you guys are used to. About half of the 25 spots will be reader inserts but the other’s not so much. There’s going to be pairings you aren’t used to seeing from me, kinks that might not be everyone’s flavor, etc. I’m not sure when I’ll start posting them but I wanted to give ya’ll a heads up. Each one will be tagged with “spnkinkbingo” if you want to blacklist it and the formatting will be different on them as well so you should be able to spot the difference. 

My board looks fun and filthy and I can’t wait to start doing them. If you don’t want to see that kind of stuff though I wanted to make sure you had advance warning to blacklist it.

Thanks! <3

hamilton chicago: friday, may 19

 AS PROMISED! Show notes! About the Eliza Company!

(Previous Ham show notes: May ‘16, July ‘16, October ‘16)

Pre-show notes:

  • There were so many stairs! Which wouldn’t have been a problem except they didn’t sell all the merch upstairs and didn’t SAY THAT until we were already up there, so I ran a marathon to get a gd hoodie. idk how those Great Comet kids do that every night, jesus
  • The stage is smaller or at least SEEMS smaller–more narrow. Thus, some of the choreography seemed different.
  • This will be the bougiest thing I type in this review, so brace yourselves: they had different signature cocktails and they did NOT have a gin cocktail and while their Hennessy cocktail was FINE, I was a little bummed.

In overview: I LOVED this cast and most of them are now my second favorites after the OBC. They were PHENOMENAL. I’m so jealous of all my buddies in Chicago who are so close to this cast.

Alexander Hamilton: Miguel Cervantes
Aaron Burr: Daniel Breaker
Eliza Hamilton: Ari Afsar
Angelica Schulyer: Karen Olivo
George Washington: Jonathan Kirkland
Lafayette/Jefferson: Chris De'Sean Lee
Mulligan/Madison: Jean Godsend Floradin
Laurens/Philip: Jose Ramos
Peggy/Maria: Samantha Marie Ware
and the rest of the cast

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Being in a relationship with Jasper Jordan and Monty Green would include


Originally posted by ariatate

  • you being best friends since childhood
  • being so inseparable that everyone already suspected you were in a relationship even before you were
  • although your parents had always thought that you’d end up with one of them, they had never imagined that you’d end up with the two of them
  • neither the parents of any of the boys
  • Jasper’s parents being the ones who most reacted well to this relationship
  • although they found the situation a bit strange at first, they came to accept it
  • you were making their son happy, and that’s all they could ask you for
  • Monty’s parents not being pleased at all
  • them glaring at you every time they saw you
  • you getting a little upset about this because before you started dating, Monty’s parents seemed to love you
  • you holding hands with them
  • being totally forbidden from failing in physics and chemistry
  • but sometimes you’d fail anyway (sometimes on purpose)
  • “You’re lucky we love you very much.“
  • the boys comforting you every time you got upset over some nasty comment you’d heard around the Ark
  • "They’re jealous because we’re cooler than them.”
  • “It’s not our fault if they have no love in their lives.”
  • ok, but you guys first time being really awkward
  • but only the first time
  • them being gentle
  • but not always
  • them feeling very pleased to hear you moaning loudly
  • while Jasper preferred vaginal sex, Monty preferred to get a blowjob
  • Jasper loving your boobs, like, a lot
  • so while he gave his full attention to them, massaging, sucking and kissing them, Monty would like to be eating you out
  • Jasper and Monty pretending to be jealous of each other
  • “Ok Monty, you’ve kissed her enough, it’s my turn.”
  • but they weren’t really jealous because they knew you loved them both
  • but when another person came flirting with you, oh boy, double trouble
  • not being able to stay long sad or angry when you were near them
  • Jasper liking to kiss your forehead
  • Monty liking to kiss your cheek
  • you three being partners in crime
  • and that’s why you ended up being arrested
  • you being one of the last people to enter the dropship
  • and being hella scared
  • seeing Monty and Jasper already on seats away from yours
  • them looking at you all the way to Earth, sending you comforting smiles from afar to try to calm you down
  • you running toward them as soon as your seat belt loosened
  • giving them tight hugs because minutes ago you were sure that you’d die
  • you finding Earth so beautiful and being happy to share the experience with two of the people you love the most
  • them admiring you
  • you going with them to look for Mount Weather
  • Monty and Jasper picking up some flowers along the way to give you
  • your heart stopping when Jasper had been hit by the spear
  • still hoping that he would live when they brought Jasper back, even though they all seemed to wish him to die
  • crying a lot on Monty’s shoulder while he cried on yours
  • you not letting Jasper breathe when you hugged him when he finally woke up
  • Earth is a dangerous place, so you always remind them how much you love them
  • them finding it very cute
  • always assuring you that nothing would happen to them
  • and making sure you knew they love you too
  • sharing the same tent and sleeping all on the same mattress
  • Earth sex
  • in the first one, they made sure that it would be special for you three
  • so there were many flower petals in a nice and comfortable place
  • and there were several new positions that they had never tried before
  • Jasper finally gaining the permission to fuck your ass
  • the boys getting very pleased with how much you had moaned that night
  • *high five*
  • cuddles
  • Monty giving you sweet little kisses
  • Jasper giving you long and passionate kisses
  • goofing around the camp
  • staying together all day long
  • you looking after them, just like they did with you
  • the delinquents shipping you so hard
  • because you three are so cute together
  • and clearly love and care for each other more than anything
  • and how not to ship something so pure as that?

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Hi, my boyfriend is autistic and he doesnt have health insurance, i.e cant get needed help or medication. When he gets upset, he gets full hella upset, loud, at early as hell in the morning. Any tips to get him to calm down easily, or efficiently? We're going to get evicted if he keeps this up.

I would advise pinning down the kinds of things that upset him and avoiding them. For example, is it sensory overload, a certain conversation topic, a change in routine? If it’s unavoidable or random, maybe look into getting him some self soothing methods. This could be stimming (safely), exercising, taking a bath/shower, ect. Other than that I look to followers for help.

And depending on your location, there could be some options for low cost or no cost health insurance, or at least places you can go even if you don’t have insurance. If you haven’t already I really recommend googling it or even going to a local therapist’s office and asking them. Who knows, some therapists even do free work if patients really need it.

Bondage dominating w/ Dylan

You were laying on Dylan’s bed. You just got done with a pretty long make out session and he got up to get something. You’ve been dating for almost a year now and Dylan wasn’t as shy when in came to sex. He tosses some rope onto the bed. “Perfect.“ you say with an evil grin. He smiles and sits with you on the bed. You began to kiss again.
You roll on top of him and grab his hands. With a smile, you begin to tie his hands to the head of the bed. You do the same with his feet and the bottom of the bed. You unbutton his pants and pull them down around his knees. He was already hard and you haven’t even done anything yet. He blushed slightly. After pulling down his boxers, you rub his member. His entire body tenses up and he gets chills. You put one of your hands on his hip and use the to hold his penis while you put the tip in your mouth. You begin to quickly bob your head. Dylan whimpers and squirms while you do so. You go faster and take more of him in. He begins to full on moan because of this. You could tell he was about cum so you pull him out of you mouth. You unbutton your pants and pull down your panties. You sit on top of him and begin to ride him like the Kentucky derby. He won’t last long because of you sucking him. After about 30 seconds of riding him, you pull of and feel him let out. He bucks his hips up and moans. Afterwards he’s a blushing mess. “Can you untie me now?” He asks. You smile and untie him.


@12monkees ~  “i just met my new boss/coworker and it turns out i hooked up with them last week oops” for anyone u want 💚💚💚
400 words ~ Vladimir Ranskahov

Day nine of working for the Troika restaurant and you were already about to walk out. You weren’t there as merely a waiter but a chef who moonlighted as a waitress some days. You’d been offered the job two weeks prior when one of the managers met you at your diner job. But right now not even the grade up in pay was enough to calm you. The owner was coming in today and the moment he walked through the door your heart was in your throat.

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Hi Ghost! I hope you're doing well, and if not, then here's some fun bunny vibes for you! ; w; I was wondering if by any chance you were intending to throw the Communications series + Hyperdontia up onto your Bandcamp? I ask b/c I bought a lot of your music through there already but I hadn't found those jams. :c If you're intending to sell them later, I understand! Also kind of unrelated, but I would totally buy a CD of yours to boot! Thank you so much for reading, Ghost! <3 You're hella rad!

i’m waiting to sell communications stuff once i’m finishee 2/ the series, and eyeris is doing all the stuff related to selling hyperdontia (dont worry we split the profit)!

Guinea pigs!

Hey everyone, I’m completely new to the world of piggies so I was hoping for some friendly advice/tips or literally anything you think I should know about them beforehand!! I’ve been doing my best to read up on them and watch plenty of videos but if you are knowledgeable on all things guinea pig…! please give me few words of wisdom :)!

Mainly I’d like to know what you think is the best food/bedding/hay brand!! Want my little guys to have the best :,).! I’m possibly getting two this week! I have already ordered a MASSIVE cage off of Amazon!

Thank you for your time :*


A few weeks ago I was toying with the idea of saving up to try and get some acrylic charms printed, and while that probably won’t be happening for a good while I DID draw out and color in some chibi designs for some of the Babylon gang (by which I mean all the Mesopotamian kiddos minus Gil). Yes, I tweaked Tiamat’s design to make it worksafe.

I don’t know if I WILL get them printed at some point, but the chibis are cute so whatever. If anyone’s interested in getting one if I DO print them, or have some other characters they want me to consider making charms of, hit me up. I want to try and give some of the less popular or merchandise-heavy F/GO characters some love after all. Also if y’all want to commission me to draw you one of these it’s $5 per full-color character. Just throwing that out there.

0521 billboard awards feat bts

alright guys so i was blessed to have gotten pit for the billboards & other than the waiting+tight crowd/being stuck behind tall people for a bit, it was pretty lit. let me tell u, coming from my own eyes, bts up close as ot7 is literally the most beautiful thing like my last post about 3/7 bts nah fam having all of them there is literally the entire show they were enjoying the show and when they won that award best believe i was close to the stage screaming ((i yelled min yoongi i love u & i hope some camera audio picked it up somehow or like he heard it or somethin bc i deadass fell in love harder than i already was like listen when i went to wings in la i fell in love so much but seeing him literally like a few feet away like thats it was literally life changing like im in love)) anyways, jin like i said looked soft but so beautiful i still cant believe i stood right next to him hes so manly looking when hes just out & about but when hes all dressed up idk man hes literally so beautiful/namjoON LOOKED SO GOOD LET ME TELL U IN PERSON HE IS LITERALLY SO HANDSOME HE HAD HIS FOREHEAD OUT HIS SKIN WAS TAN IT WAS BEAUTIFUL& just the fact hes out here in a different country doing interviews, translating for bts, being the leader& spokes person is literally so amazing/hoseok IDK WHY MAN HE LOOKED TANNER TODAY THAN YESTERDAY BUT HE WAS LITERALLY SO HAPPY HE KEPT TAKING VIDEOS OF THE SHOW LITERALLY A RAY OF SUNSHINE/jimin ngl i barely saw jimin bc my attention was somewhere else ((yoongi)) but when i did see him its literally what he looks like in photos&videos like hes so beautiful too he fr looks like that in real life/taehyung listen im still not over the beauty that he is in person literally so tan his hair bounces when he walks his legit smile is the probably the most heartwarming things to ever see read my last post bc its literally how it went down today)/JUNGKOOK IS LITERALLY SO BIG DUDE LIKE HIS THIGHS IRL IS NO JOKE IM CRYING literally my friend next to me in pit was screaming & he looked our way & i thought i died hes actually the cutest bun ever but hes still a man u know/min yoongi oh my god no words can explain how he is in person like hes literally probably everything i thought he would be i saw that like i lived that i was there & he was there & it was a beautiful moment his smile actually did something to me & when he walked on that stage my heart was doin some weird stuff like flips jumps idk like deadass butterflies this boy got my heart so bad & i honestly dont know what to do about it anymore bc he deadass has me like this idk man also the amount of times they stood up for hip hop artists was actually cute when drake won his awards i swear they were the first ones up other than drakes party, anyways CONGRATS TO BTS FOR BEING THE FIRST KPOP GROUP TO WIN A BILLBOARD AWARD THEY DESERVE IT & I HOPE THEY ENJOYED IT HERE AND I HOPE THEY COME TO VEGAS AGAIN FOR FUTURE CONCERTS OR JUST TO VACATION i love bts, i love vegas, i love life,
w love v.

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lol whoops. i absolutely sent an anon talking about how much i suddenly love pikeildan and i absolutely meant to type pikeval. like, i love them both, but i didnt even notice until just now that i oopsed in typing. ive read a rad whump fic for pikeval, not pikeildan (although i wouldnt be opposed to finding some of that tbh)

djhdhdhs I MEAN THAT WORKS TOO honestly pikeval snuck up on me too! it took a while for me to warm up to but i read a really nice fic and that tipped me over the edge into shipping it! but yeah i really like it and if you haven’t already followed ‘em, @teammompike @ameliathermopolis and @elderly-scrolls are a+++++ pikeval shippers and i love em dearly

The Wedding 

dedicated to freak-is-the-new-princess

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what are some really important pointers you have for people who want to make animatics?

this is probably gonna be a bit long so just a heads up i guess?? also please note im not a student for anything in art and am not a professional i’m just giving out my opinions on this and things based on my own experience.

  • do thumbnailing 

you don’t always have to start it with the actual frame and the drawing for thumbnailing doesn’t have to be good. this is just to let you have a feel of what you want for the final frame. it also doesn’t have to be digital you can just doodle it in some paper you found lying about. this is also good for parts of your animatics where there’s lots of movement(like dancing!) 

thumbnailing is also good for parts where you have multiple ideas! doodle all your possible ideas and see which one is best for that scene

  • perspective/angled shots

these are super cool and can help with the atmosphere of the scene! for example:

they also just look really nice and interesting and fun

  • landscapes and backgrounds

you can’t always have just a bunch of people gathered around all in one frame, you gotta show the setting of the whole thing

this also allows for your characters to move around more! don’t always make them flat like this though(this doesn’t mean you can’t do this, just don’t do it all the time)

grab a ruler or if you don’t have one like me, zoom out completely and try to make straight lines(they don’t rlly have to be perfectly straight though! but don’t make them too slanted either)

and if you have sai, free deform it and set the perspective to 100% and then just mess around with it!

also remember to add buildings/furniture/etc if needed!!

  • do dynamic poses

these help the facial expressions of the character! a lot of people seem to just concentrate on just the face for emotion but body language is also important!

you can throw in some perspective into this as well!

  • make a LOT of frames

as mentioned above, movement is very exciting!! and you can show movement with those frames. it doesn’t even have to be a lot of movement like one second they were there and now they’re in an entirely different spot, subtle movement is also very good! 

try not to reuse the same frame too much! it might end up looking very awkward 

also try not to just erase and add things to the body of a character as if it were some kind of paper doll stuck to a wall like this:

it’ll end up looking very stiff and awkward. instead, just redraw the character completely! make them move around a bit

you don’t always have to make things super clean

you don’t have to do clean lineart, just doodle a frame and make it easy to read for everyone on what’s happening. especially because drawing hundreds of frames is already so time consuming and not to mention stressful. do yourself a favor and not tire yourself out more than you should.

that’s kind of all the pointers i have. hope this helps!!!


leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon