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Play pretend - Bucky Barnes

Summary: In order to accomplish your mission Bucky and you have to pretend to be married. 

AN: I have decided to rewrite the old “fake married” and this is what came out of that. I’m thinking there will be more parts, but i’m still not sure how many yet. This took a while to write so keep that in mind. That’s all. Hope you guys like it. x

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“We have suspicions that a couple in this town,” Steve pointed to the huge screen behind him, “has ties to the crime organisation KIRA. We are worried they might be planning an attack.”

The meeting room was filled with all the Avengers and Steve who was assigning new missions.

Steve grabbed two files, “Here is everything we know about them.”

“Y/N and Bucky,” you straightened up at the sound of your name, “ you will be going on an undercover mission. All further information is also in the files. You leave in 2 days.”

Steve threw the files over the table in your directions before moving on to the next mission.

You quickly flipped through the files to get an idea of what the mission entailed. Essentially what you would have to do was pretend to be married and gain the couple’s trust and figure out what they are planning.

You glanced over at Bucky trying to access how he felt about this but all you got was a brief unknown emotion quickly replaced by a reticent look. You didn’t know what you hoped to see, but not being able to read him threw you off. Hopefully, he wasn’t cursing Steve out in his mind for assigning the two of you on the same mission.

“Dismissed.” Steve ended the meeting and you let the thought slide as you left the room.

The day had passed by in the blink of an eye and the halls were lit up with bright fluorescent lights that made your tired eyes squint in pain. You hurried into your own room, quickly slipping out of your workwear grabbing an oversized shirt laying nearby. You grabbed the file, slid under the duvet covers, and were ready to study it until you knew everything by heart.

You would be going undercover as Lisa Wright, a 24-year-old, known for being charitable and always volunteering at events. Bucky would be going undercover as Jared Wright. The recently married Lisa and Jared were currently trying for a baby and had decided that moving to the suburbs would be the best environment for a family.  

Pretending to love someone would forever be one of the hardest parts of going undercover. People were quick to notice, subconsciously, if something’s off. You had to sell the act or else everything would fail.

You read the next page of the file containing all the information they had gathered on the couple so far. Amy and Daniel Williams had moved to the town two years earlier from an unknown location. Further information about their lives could not be found suspiciously. They were involved in all of the town’s events and had quickly snaked their way into the town community. It was now up to Bucky and you to gather more information that could possibly incriminate them.

The next day was spent preparing to leave. Furniture and other knick-knacks were taken care of for you and would arrive with you to the house. All you had to do was to fill some suitcases with enough clothes that would look realistic. You packed the usual housewife clothes like summer dresses, knowing you would have to blend in. Sifting through the clothes you had been sent took longer than expected and by the time you were done it was already evening.

“Who’s ready to eat some pizza?” Wanda and Nat didn’t wait for you to open the door but let themselves right in. Wanda carried two large boxes of pizza and threw them down in front you before gracefully sitting down on the armchair. Natasha came in seconds later carrying a bottle of wine and three glasses.

“I guess I am.” you laughed helping Natasha put down the glasses on the small table before sitting down on the couch. You reached out to open the bottle pouring the liquid into the glasses.

Working top secret missions and risking your lives on a daily basis took a toll on you. Friends weren’t something you got easily, the worry that they would be targeted stopped most of you from forming any. The girls had been a pleasant surprise and nights like these could almost make you feel like a normal woman.

“So what does your mission entail?” Wanda asked curiously.

You took a sip of your glass before answering, “I have to pretend to be married to Bucky so we can gather information.”

Natasha raised her eyebrow smirking over the rim of her glass. “Bucky, huh?”

“Stop, don’t make it something it isn’t.”

“The two of you do look awfully close…” Wanda added remembering all the times she walked in on the two of you sitting close laughing together.

“We’re just friends. Good friends.”

“Very good friends, indeed.” Nat didn’t miss the flush that crept over your neck as you grabbed a piece of pizza trying to change the subject.

“What about you guys?” The girls let the topic lie, letting you off the hook for now.

You spent a few hours just catching up with the girls and relaxing before it was time for bed. Tomorrow you would be in a completely different town pretending to be someone else possibly endangering your life. When you would be back was unknown but hopefully, it would be soon.

The house looked like it came directly out of a movie with its white picket fence and gorgeous garden. The surrounding houses looked exactly the same and fit the picturesque town. 

“Where do you want this?” One of the men helping you move pointed to the couch.

“Oh, just in here.” You lead the way showing him to the living room. You were almost finished getting the larger furniture into the house so you started unboxing the boxes to the kitchen.

Bucky was currently upstairs assembling your new bed. The bed the two of you would be sharing. Sleeping in together. Oh boy. The girls might have been correct about the two of you being close. But this would bring you into entirely new territory. 

The house started to look put together after a few intense hours of unboxing. There was still some boxes left but those would have to wait till tomorrow. The downstairs was almost done and just needed a few personal touches. 

“Doll, are you ready to eat? I made us dinner,” Bucky asked sticking his head around the corner so he could look at you. 

You followed him through the kitchen to the small dining room. “You made lasagna?” you exclaimed delightfully.

“You told me once it was your favourite,” He shrugged casually.

“I can’t believe you remembered” You gave him a soft smile, “Shall we?” 

You both sat down and Bucky began cutting into the lasagna. You gave him your plate silently and soon the two of you were eating peacefully. 

“I saw a few curious neighbours looking through their windows when I was outside,” Bucky said. 

“Well, they probably haven’t seen new faces in a while,” you wiped your mouth carefully with a napkin. 

“It is a small town, “ Bucky agreed, “I’m sure tomorrow someone will come knocking.”

You hummed, “This is probably the last night we can be ourselves without having to worry about being bugged.”

“Well, let’s enjoy it then.” He raised his glass in cheers. 

“To a night with no worries.” You repeated clinking your glasses together. 

The rest of the night was uneventful. Bucky somehow got the TV to work so you spent a few hours watching a movie before you decided it was time for bed. 

“I’m gonna go to bed,” you told Bucky getting up from the couch. 

“I’ll be up soon,” he responded.

You changed into some of the nightwear you brought with you and after finishing your nightly routine you slid into the newly made bed. By the time Bucky joined you were already half asleep.

“Goodnight, doll,” he whispered putting the duvet that had slid off over you again. He paused for a moment before you felt his hand brush some hair back. He laid back down with a sigh. Tomorrow all your troubles would begin and hopefully, you would both come out of it unscathed.

Farmer’s Market Hot

It’s been a few months, so forgive me if this is rusty. Here’s 3000 words of Farmer’s Market flirty fun and farmhouse sexy times. Modern AU, rated M - AO3.

To her left, her neighbor is providing a constant and delicious kettle corn flavored breeze, a welcome fragrant addition to her favorite day of the week. Saturday, Farmer’s Market day, a day filled with flannel shirts, leaves crunching beneath her boots and a good chunk of money in her pocket. The bushels of apples on her table are filled to the brim, collected from David’s orchard, a small pocket of trees she’s sure he only keeps tended because he knows how much she loves them. She sells the apples and gets to pocket half the proceeds, which she’s been squirreling away so she can eventually buy a place of her own. David and Mary Margaret’s guest house on the farm is nice and all, but she could really use some privacy. 

It’s an unconscious thing, she tells herself, as her eyes drift across the walkway to Killian and those stupid blue eyes and friendly smile she just knows will be directed at her. This happens entirely too often, the two of them catching each other looking, his obvious interest raising goosebumps along her skin. He’s entirely too attractive, with that carelessly tousled dark hair, ginger-tinged scruff and wiry frame. The fact that he bakes the best damn pies she’s ever tasted doesn’t help, either. He’s like her own personal dessert on display if she’d only just forget her diet and allow herself to indulge.

It’s been a long time, too long if you ask her body, since she’s let a man get close enough to touch her (both physically and emotionally). And she’s hungry…for both. So, Killian is scary, because despite her feigned protests, she’s past the point of curious and veering straight into potentially Bad Decision Central.

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Karen and Matt’s hands separating and letting go to reveal a beat up and bed-forced Frank Castle between them and Karen being the one to determinedly step over the literal red line into Frank’s space and Matt trying to haul her back remains some of my favourite foreshadowing tells on screen. It’s so good.

Add in Frank’s lines of “Hold on to it. Use both hands and never let go” to Karen about Matt (dude, she literally already let go the second she saw you in that hospital room) and “You cross over to my side of the line, you don’t get to come back from that.” (she crossed over and she made a point of staying there) just makes it all the more brilliantly done.

Hot Docent

Summary: Stiles usually doesn’t have any trouble concentrating on drawing when he’s at the museum, but lately he’s been very distracted by someone with a wonderful voice and a perfect jawline.

Notes: Written for the museum AU on this post. (On AO3)

The Beacon Hills Art Museum isn’t the greatest, no. But it’s free for college students and always peaceful and quiet, so Stiles shows up pretty often anyway.

The museum has recently put several new pieces on display, which is great for Stiles because it gives him new things to sketch, but it also sucks, because now there’s a bunch of other people showing up to look at them. Noisy, distracting people.

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Warning, before I start this miraculous ladybug theory, there is heavy spoilers for the first two episodes below. Read at your own risk.

So, does everyone remember about the few comments we got before season two released? One was that we would find out this season if miraculous holders could be akumatized. We already have the answer. In the first episode of the season, The Collector, Gabriel Agreste akumatized himself. So, natural every believes miraculous holders can be akumatized. But I don’t think they can. Remember, Hawkmoth told the akuma to “stay close” and the butterfly never left and later akumatized him. Now, the thing that was interesting to me was that Gabriel detransformed before he was akumatized. Besides being the device used to tell us that Gabriel Agreste is Hawkmoth, this scene has no importance. Even in regards as a reveal it has no significance. We already knew he was Hawkmoth based on Origins Part Two from season one. But immediately after detransforming, as Nooroo was asking him what he was planning since the akuma hasn’t left, Gabriel says, “Nooroo, I renounce you”. Nooro then returned to the miraculous. Guys, Gabriel Agreste gave up his miraculous which means while he was akumatized, he was not a miraculous holder. And since he had the book (which I think he can at least understand to some extent based on how he knew Volpina’s powers when he has never seen them before), it means he knew it was necessary to give up his miraculous. Hence, we come to my conclusion:

A miraculous holder cannot be akumatized.

There is even more proof in season one, and episode two of the second season. My prime example? Marinette Dupain-Cheng. Thoughout the entire first season she gets angry to the point most people get akumatized. She gets angry with Lila when she lies to Adrien about knowing Ladybug and she gets irritated at Chloé (for many reasons) during Antibug and get her akumatized. Even in the second episode of season two, she’s obviously irritated at Chloé when they exchange greatings.

Well, I can hear people now. But she was never chosen as a target by Hawkmoth. Not exactly. During the second episode of the second season, Hawkmoth releases an akuma at Chloé’s party since he knows someone will become upset enough to be akumatized. (Honestly which I personally think was a great move on his part, let the akuma fly all around Paris and find a person instead of waiting around to set one out) The akuma tries to akumatize multiple people before it finally finds a victim. But never once does it go to Marinette.

Now, some people might say her angry would lessen making her no longer a potential target, but it wouldn’t. Marinette was paranoid the whole time and at the end of the episode actually essentially said “I told you so” when Chloé returned to her normal personality. So, in actuality, her anger never left and she never was even targeted. I honestly think through the entire first season Marinette and Adrien never had an akuma go after them, or put themselves in an extremely compromising position (by having extreme negative emotions when an akuma was out) to lead us to the false belief that miraculous holders could still be akumatized. The thought occurred to us, but we never had solid proof, that was until Gabriel akumatized himself.

Harsh Aspects in Generational Planets

I did not include conjunct aspects because they’re not always harsh, it can be a harmonious aspect as well. I can make a separate post abt conjuncts in generational planets if y’all want tho. Just let me know (: 


Jupiter/Saturn- to learn to stick to one objective at a time until they’ve completed it. Greatest difficulty is they expect too much of themselves, making it impossible to accomplish high goals. Need to learn to accept their limitations. 
Jupiter/Uranus- to learn to be tolerant of other ppl, other view points, ppl who learn slower than them/ Important to learn to be patient with others and let go of the importance of time. Might get carried away with new ideas/concepts they believe everyone needs immediately. Let others believe what they believe without forcing them to change. 

Jupiter/Neptune- to learn to be realistic abt ppl and their faults. Apt to view some ppl thru rose-colored glasses and others much more harshly. Placing ppl on pedestals only leads to disappointment. Accept that ppl are a blend of good and bad, not just one thing. 

Jupiter/Pluto- to learn humility, patience, and tolerance. Have a strong will to succeed but some want that success for ego power. Remember that a true leader n successful person works for the ppl, rather than themselves. Might be overly invested in religiosity. 

Saturn/Uranus- to learn how to relax and release tensions gradually, rather than letting tensions to build up to the point of bursting in a more uncontrolled way. Bursts of anger might be used to release inner tension. A tension that comes from wanting to do one thing when they’re supposed to be doing another. When they learn to accomplish the required tasks they can go after what they want.

Saturn/Neptune- to seek spirituality rather than achievement of material success in society. Feelings of loneliness/uncertainty can’t be appeased even if they’re at the top of their career. This is a past life atonement placement. Seeking spiritual riches instead of material ones will bring peace.

Saturn/Pluto- to learn to be flexible. They hate any kind of change and will resist strongly. Desire to be in authority will cause them to be tested many times with seemingly impossible obstacles. Those challenges exist to teach them to flow more easily with changes and learn humility. As they transform negative traits in themselves, this will show up most in their natal moon sign traits. This aspect causes a lot of emotional turmoil so that they will want to find answers about life.

Uranus/Neptune- to have an open mind to all new ideas related to different religions/institutions/philosophies. They might prefer philosophies that have some structure and are already accepted by society. Very intuitive with psychic potential. They experience emotional turmoil that may lead them to seek relief thru bizarre religious concept, dark magic, or substances (drugs). It would be better for them to seek emotional release thru creative outlets and other, healing magic. 

Uranus/Pluto- to learn to become independent. They have an intuitive awareness of need to stand alone but that causes a lot of inner distress because of an emotional need to lean on the ones they love. They will experience a lot of change and upheavals in life which makes them uneasy or insecure. 


Jupiter/Saturn- must be more patient with themselves. Unable to live up to what they expect of themselves, might feel like what they do isn’t good enough. Might move a lot, change jobs a lot but they don’t seem to advance in the way they want. Their lives become one of many reversals, having to learn same lessons over and over again. Must learn to accept themselves as they are.

Jupiter/Uranus- develop self as not too rigid or self-righteous about goals n philosophies. They probably developed ideas abt philosophy early in life but need to recognize that everyone has their own right to build an opinion. Respect other ppl’s rights to seek their own path. 

Jupiter/Neptune- learning to accept ppl n the world as they are, not how they wish the world/ppl to be. By accepting life n ppl as they are, ,they can release their disappointment. Use Jupiter’s optimism, tempered with some realism, and this placement will not be distressful.

Jupiter/Pluto- respecting other ppl’s viewpoints and learning humility. Can obtain success thru learning these traits. Good intuitive powers which causes them to think they’re always right. “This is what I have come to believe, but it might not be true !” Is a good phrase to learn and accept. 

Saturn/Uranus- desire to be responsible and be free is creating inner tension. Might have difficulty working in cooperative relationships because they become frustrated with having to do what other ppl want them to do. They should examine personal relationships to decide what about the other person causes them to be irritated/frustrated. Address the issues to overcome the issues in a constructive release of tension.

Saturn/Neptune- must learn to trust ppl again. They have an inborn fear from other lifetimes when they lost everything by force. Lesson in tihs lifetime is to recognize unimportance of collecting material wealth and concentrate energies toward spiritual pursuits. Learn to appreciate their possessions and other achievements but feel also prepared to let go of them at any moment.

Saturn/Pluto- learning to cooperate with others in peace and understanding. This is an atonement aspect from other lives. Could be a stepping stone into great personal/soul growth. Have been too domineering in former lifetimes and now have to learn to listen to other ppl’s viewpoints with an open mind. They need to learn to compromise with others, requiring humility, patience, and hard work.

Uranus/Neptune- there is a need to study many different philosophies. It’s easy for them to feel they have all the truth and they can stop searching or learning. Spiritual growth is never ending. Could easily become a religious fanatic or deeply protective of established institutions. Emotional intensity can be released in the same way as the square- creative pursuits and healing magic.

Uranus/Pluto- there is a need for them to see and appreciate other ppl’s viewpoints. They have an intellectual way of approaching life but are also very curious to know what is in their unconscious mind. They would benefit a lot from seeking knowledge concerning the mystery of their subconscious. 

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Yes please to nr 13. 🙏🏼 if ur still doing it. 😊

Oh yes, there’s nothing I love more than sleepy cuddles! Thank you! 

Send me a cuddle prompt

#13 Falling asleep

This is Even’s favourite Isak. 

Not that he’d ever say that to all the other Isak’s he knows: the teasing little shit, the oddly philosophical, the cranky asshole. He loves them all with a fierceness that surprises even him, not realizing he could feel an emotion stronger than the ones he’d already felt. 

But, there is something about Isak as he falls asleep. 

He’s always trying to snuggle closer, murmuring that he’s cold as he slips his hand into the hand Even’s resting on his waist. He lets Even say things like my angel, claiming he’s too tired to rolls his eyes. He lets some thoughts slip out that he’d usually talk himself out of sharing. 


Even strokes his back, kisses his cheek, fucks up his hair. God, he can’t help himself. He just really fucking loves him. “Mm?”

“You said something tonight. With the guys.”

“I said many things, Isak. I was hilarious tonight.”

“You were ok. But no, it was when Mahdi started giving us shit for loving each other too much or whatever, and you said that there’s no way I always like you?”

Well, that is true. Even doesn’t like himself some days, so. 

“And it’s not–you’re wrong, ok? I always like you. Even when you’re annoying, you’re still Even. And that’s–wow, you know? Even.”

Even laughs, smiling as Isak mirrors his own expression. “Wow, huh?”

“Yeah. I’m tired, ok?”

He is. His eyes close and his breath steadies as Even continues to soothe him with touches, whispers, and kisses.  

Even smiles down at his boyfriend, his usually-jumbled mind clearing to only one thought. 

Wow. Isak. 

Also if you think “making it good in life” is having a mortgage and having kids by age 23 is smart or good then I will scream laugh in your fucking face. If you had kids you already lost. I know Tumblr is on some weird tirade against ppl who aren’t into loving children but tbh it’s healthy for me. I’m too disabled to care for a child and I am also completely detached emotionally to others. Child free doesn’t mean child hate but I RESENT them because of the narrative that dfab people literally have to have kids in order to be worth it as a human being. I don’t walk up to kids and say mean things or treat anyone unfairly, but I’m not going to lie and say I..have a desire to like them in any way. And it’s not gonna change. Motherly is the furthest thing I am. That Reddit post going around is not ‘you are valid if u hate ur kids uwu’ it’s a giant fucking warning sign to MAKE SMART DECISIONS SO YOU DON’T SHIT OUT AN UNWANTED HUMAN AND FEEL SAD FOR YOURSELF THAT YOU DON’T REALLY CARE FOR IT. How hard is that to understand. Growing up isn’t getting pregnant or sending yourself spiraling into fucking debt. It’s a journey and can go anyway you like.

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With the turn out for the snuggle pile you should set up a meet up or matchmaking thing here. Lots of ppl could make new friends and they already have a common interest to talk about if theyre all msging a funny hogwarts blog! - Transboy Slytherin

Oh thanks nonnie you are way too sweet. I did jokingly suggest that we needed some sort of group chat to keep up with the every growing nature of the pile.

I can’t hear the word matchmaking without thinking of setting people up on dates. So now I’m just imagining me nestled in a comfy little office telling people to fill out a questionnaire in exchange for me finding them their soulmate.

Monbebe attention pls ⏳⌛️

So last time the comeback project on vlive was that everyone changed their name to


This time my boys and girls it’s gonna be

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Bc of all the hourglasses in the tears ya know

Please spread this bc nobody knows about it

Let’s get it Monbebe we can do it!!


(protocol terminal is already a bop)

((if thats the title of the title song))


((((yall if you dont vote on mama.. VOTE FOR MONSTA X ON MAMA!!!!!))))

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MC from Mystic Messenger,Claire from Cute Demon crashers,Mika from Seduce me,Lucette from Cinderella Phenomenon all have a big get together.

I didn’t know how to refer to MC from Mystic Messenger… so… her name will be literally MC. Pretend it stands for something. Like… Mary-Claire or Mary-Chloe or something. Oh, also maybe spoilers for some games in this.

She was beginning to feel like this was some sort of magical intervention. Lucette didn’t know why Waltz had set her up with this sort of meeting, but she could already tell it would be quite an awkward one. Her eyes glanced over every one of the other girls in the room, noticing how awkward they all seemed to feel as well. It had been their respective partners’ ideas to come up with this little meeting, none of them every really discussing how they’d met in the first place.

“So, your boyfriend is an… incubus…” The word sounded foreign on Lucette’s tongue as she uttered in in Mika’s direction. It felt strange to simply ask it straight out, but she had never been one for subtlety. “I didn’t know they existed…”

“Trust me, I didn’t either,” Mika said, the smile on her face uncomfortable.

When James had said he wanted to introduce her to women who were in the same situation as her, she hadn’t expected him to mean it quite literally. Though, she was relieved to know she wasn’t the only human who had to deal with mythical beings in her life. Her eyes traveled over to Claire as she thought this, brows furrowing in a sympathetic gesture as she watched the teenager fidget.

Claire was playing with her own fingers, really unsure of what to say. In the presence of a princess who was half witch and another human who seemed to much more experienced in her relationship with a demon, she was starting to feel inadequate. It didn’t help that her relationship with Kael had just begun and it was becoming clear to her that they were leagues apart. Maybe that’s why he sent her to this get together? Maybe he expected her to feel better afterward.

“How did you meet him?” Claire tried to fight the timidness in her voice as she asked, genuinely curious.

“He and his brothers just appeared in my house one day,” Mika answered, deciding to leave out the detail on how they’d practically bled out on her carpet.

At the familiar sounding answer, Claire glanced up in surprise. “Oh, that’s similar to how I met Kael,” she said, her voice suddenly with more presence. Now that she’d found a common ground, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad talking with these ladies.

A light, almost inaudible chuckle came from the eldest of the four. MC was perfectly content with listening in to the conversations the other girls were having, putting in her two cents whenever asked. For the most part though, she had no real clue what the other girls were talking about. Demons? Witches? Magic? She wondered what kind of event Seven had dragged her into this time.

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I read your tags under the jb sleeping in Mark's bed post and how we need a fic! (can someone write one pleaseeee) but have you read any markbum fics before, and if so, could you recommend one please!

So if you didn’t already know I do have a fic rec tag!
These are the markbum fics in that tag already:

And here are some new ones

  • (ongoing) A piece of Art
    • the story where Jaebum doesn’t know does Mark want more than just a portrait of him when the two of them finally end up alone..
  • if you get to hear me
    • To Jaebum, having a soulmate was like trying to grasp moonlight, which was lazily reflecting in the water - it seemed so close, so reachable; and yet every time he tried, his fingers would only dive under the water, leaving him in deafening silence.
  • in this haze you’re all i see
    • Instead of even beginning to contemplate sitting up and trying to get a head start on the day – instead of giving himself enough time to get ready without rushing for once – Jaebum shuffles in closer to Mark, still dead to the world with his head half on Jaebum’s pillow.
A Quick Word to the Peeps Sending Supportive Stuff

**Possible Emotional Manipulation Warning**

You guys are the best. Really, just, thank you. The last couple days have been fucking hell in a time that was already rather fucking hellish, but I’m not here to talk about that.

I want to ask that anyone who sends supportive stuff from now on let me know if it’s okay to post it publicly or not. I’ve only been answering them privately, since I’d rather drag as few kind people as I can into this, but I’d like to post some of them up, if you guys will allow me. This wank may be centered on hurting me emotionally and mentally, but I know that it’s hurting other people, too. This sort of shit can bum out everyone’s day.

So, again, thank you from the deepest part of me to the people who have been supportive of me privately during this. Like I said, you guys are the best.

Enough is Enough

 ;Request: Hey Hey Hey! Can I get some Daddy Jay Park smut scenario? Like rough sex after an argument.


Girl this ended up longer than I fucking expected. Sorry, it took so long. 

Word Count: 1,906

Genre: Smut

WARNINGS: Dom Jay, Daddy Kink, Overstimulation, Orgasm Denial, Degradation, 

“On your knees Y/N. Get into position and don’t you dare fucking move. You’ve already tested my patience enough for tonight.”

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Little Things to Think About (Final Fantasy XV Scenarios)
  •  Noctis getting so mad at this one fish like he’s spent hours sitting at a dock, he’s already lost three lures to this thing and he’s getting progressively more and more pissed off until the point where when Ignis comes to check up on him Noct has already abandoned his pole and is currently wrestling with that fish in the water he’s gonna get it Iggy just watch
  • The guys actually being mistaken for a boy band like maybe Prompto hears some factory workers in Lestallum talking about them at a cafe and they’re wondering about what kind of band they were and the workers ultimately decide, with Noct obviously being the lead singer, they were probably a punk-pop indie band
    • Prompto wants to be offended (onlyalittle) but he can’t argue with the logic once he realizes they’re basically a boy band holy shit we can make gil off this can noct sing??
    • no wait imagine prompto being the one to intercept in altissia when the guy asks why they’re there like just as ignis is about to say his excuse prompto just fuckin blurts out ‘we’re a boyband performing at the arena come see us live tonight at 8 pm sharp’ and ignis just rolls with it
  • The boys actually getting kinda uncomfortable with Gladio just not buttoning up his jacket not because they don’t like the view (theylikeitalot) it’s just that they don’t understand he has shirts they’ve seen him with a tanktop on he just never buttons up that jacket why why is this
    • Ignis just gets pissed off cuz he’s the one applying bandages and potions to the only incredibly vulnerable spot on Gladio’s body it’s bad enough Noctis can’t even keep the godsdamned buttons on his HIS jacket 
  • Noctis gets hit with some serious confusion ailments during a hunt and he’s not delirious enough to take out a sword and start swinging at Gladio because he thinks he’s an Iron Giant (has happened more than once) but just enough that he starts seeing Carbuncle and starts talking to him in a slurred, confused voice and the guys just let him go on and on talking to his imaginary fox friend with a horn made out of ruby yeah sure Noct
  • No but the guys actually think that Carbuncle is just some imaginary friend that Noct sometimes mentions until one day, under some magical circumstance, they’re all sitting around the campfire at camp and Carbuncle kinda struts out behind a bush and Noct just casually picks him up and puts him on his lap to pet him (he loves them ear rubs) and EVERYONE JUST LOOKS AT HIM LIKE HE’S INSANE ARE YOU KIDDING HE’S REAL THIS WHOLE TIME YOUR ‘IMAGINARY FRIEND’ HAS BEEN REAL THIS WHOLE TIME
  • One time Noct got recognized as the prince in a really small town/village and he got swarmed by a group of fangirls and of course Ignis has to go into Bodyguard!Ignis mode and it’s just like back in Insomnia when the paparazzi would gather in the lobby of Noct’s apartment before an event and Ignis has to carve his way through with the Prince behind him straight to the Regalia
  • Noct actually falling off the back of the Regalia when Ignis has to either brake or make a sharp turn and it’s because he was sitting up there again Noct how many times has Ignis warned you about that 
  • Noctis and Ignis having a real fight like a really serious argument maybe about Noct not taking his royal duties seriously enough when he needs to and Noct yelling that Ignis doesn’t understand the kind of pressure he’s under and they both have to separate to cool down for a while
    • Gladio and Prompto witness the whole thing and then proceed to be mediators; Gladio talks to Ignis while Iggy does angry stress baking and Prompto cheers up Noct with a little impromptu fishing trip in the lake by the motel they’re staying at
  • The moment after Noct has a mini-breakdown after the Marilith is dead in the Brotherhood series and he’s crying by the ocean and the boys just comfort him until he gets tired and apologizes for yelling at them earlier but they totally get it it was rough man
  • Somebody actually ACKNOWLEDGES the fact that since Regis is dead then Clarus must be dead too I just why didn’t we have that scene in game like Gladio HAS to know his dad’s dead but he never grieves Iris never talks about it no one ever brings up Clarus I DON’T THINK CLARUS IS EVEN MENTIONED IN THE GAME
    • Iris would definitely take it hard but big brother Gladdy is there to help her out. He’s grieving too but he feels stupid for doing it because his father was always there to remind him that since he was the King’s Shield there was always a chance that one day he won’t come home 
      • Noct and Gladio kinda grieve together since both of their dads are dead but they got each other to rely on now and they share a short moment together when Noct gets him to open up about the issue
  • Cindy becomes a temporary fifth member to the group when an issue needs her attention on the road (idk what im not clever enough to come up with one) and of course the guys are worried about keeping her safe but they get ambushed by sabertusks and stay close to Cindy during battle but a stray sabertusk tries to corner her and Cindy straight up punches it into the ground
    • She learned how to take care of herself with her and Paw-Paw living around so many demon spots and not only is she good with her fists, she also did a little self defense with a gun
      • Prompto lets her borrow one of his guns while she’s with them the boy is absolutely smitten with her she’s so amazing
  • They boys meet Ravus again during a ‘bust-a-base’ quest and he comes with a small troop of soldiers… which Ravus himself destroys when they least expect it. Turns out Ravus, reluctantly, wants to ally himself with Noctis because Niflheim is starting to get out of control and Noctis needs to fix things now
    • Ravus becomes a double-agent for the royal retinue, feeding them little bits and pieces of information when he knows the empire can’t hear him and helping them make their way to Altissia by getting Commodore Aranea to cross paths with the prince because he knows she’s becoming more and more hesitant to help the Empire
      • Things become slightly better between Ravus and Noctis because they talk more and Ravus realizes that his anger towards Noctis was supposed to be towards the empire but he’s far too proud to ever properly apologize
        • Which makes it hurt even more when Ravus is tricked by Ardyn in Gralea and Gladio and Ignis have to tell Noctis and Prompto that Ravus is dead
          • And Ravus is brought back as a demon-corpse hybrid and he’s trying so hard to not hurt them but he can’t control his body anymore he can’t control Ardyn’s magic in his body he can only beg them to kill him so he can’t hurt anyone anymore
  • The boys coming to their own conclusion when they see that Noct has disappeared and Ardyn is too cryptic for them they can’t understand so they wait for hours, days maybe just waiting for any sign that Noct is alive in there
    • They eventually have to leave because the demons are still there but they can’t take the crystal and they don’t know what to do without Noctis so they just… leave
      • They leave and make contact with Aranea, using the number Prompto still remembers on his phone. She asks them where the prince is and they have to tell her that they have no idea where he’s gone
        • It’s a long trip back to Lucis and it’s mostly filled with silence and grief
          • Everyone looked so excited to see them back, but their faces fall once they realize the prince, their King, isn’t with them and the guilt and shame is so clear on their faces
            • Talcott wakes up one night to talking and he recognizes some of those voices so he gets out of bed to go greet the prince and ask him about all his cool adventures, did he meet lady Lunafreya, did they get married, did Leviathan look cool, did you find the Crystal
              • “Prince Noctis?”
  • A month passes and everyone panics when they wake up one morning and the sun hadn’t risen; the world is completely dark and devoid of any light and Noctis is still gone
  • The guys stay together for at least the first year of the Long Night but then Gladio has to take a hunt in Tenebrae because Iris is going and she can’t be talked out of it so he has to go with her. Prompto and Ignis understand and they stay together to continue their own research into demons and Ardyn and waiting for Noctis to come back because he will come back
    • But then Cor asks Prompto to come with him to Altissia because they need one more hunter on their trip and the demons crawling there are too dangerous for inexperienced hunters. Ignis understands and he’s the one who has to talk Prompto into taking it because Ignis can’t hunt but he can read braille and take notes and Prompto needs to be out there helping.
      • The three of them don’t see each other a lot after that
  • Ignis gets so tired of being cast to the side and treated differently because he can’t see anymore and this motivates him to teach himself how to fight again because he will not allow himself to be useless when people are in danger
    • He dedicates nearly all of his time training to use daggers again, setting up the training dummies himself and teaching himself to rely on sound and smell to find out where his enemies are. He always does it alone; he knows that if someone were with him, they would try to stop him and he cannot allow that
      • Talcott watches him quietly from a high-up balcony from where Ignis has set everything up. He found him training one day when he came over to bring more books from the Lestallum library and he couldn’t help but watch. He knows Ignis’ training schedule and he always shows up just to make sure Ignis doesn’t hurt himself. He admires Ignis’ will and strength and Ignis becomes Talcott’s motivation to become a hunter because if a blind man can do it, then so can he.
        • Talcott actually approaches Ignis on cooking lessons. Ignis is flattered but he politely declines since he can’t see, let alone teach. But Talcott doesn’t want Ignis to teach him; he wants to teach Ignis
          • Talcott helps Ignis become reacquainted with the kitchen and Ignis is happy to help Talcott train as a hunter
            • They’re both so proud of how the other has come
  • When Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis are together again during a hunt to take down a Starscourge-infected Behemoth after at least a year of not even talking to each other. Gladio and Prompto are surprised to see Ignis there and they give not to subtle hints that maybe this is too dangerous for him but Ignis merely brushes them off and leads the way with a confident walk
    • They come across the Behemoth chowing down and what looks like a mangled Anak corpse but they aren’t sure. Ignis, ever the strategist, comes up with the plan while the two of them are still trying to get him to tap out cuz this is going to be a big hunt and they don’t want to see him get hurt
      • Cut immediately to Ignis throwing his daggers at the Behemoth’s eyes to blind it, throw a Blizzara spell at the beast’s feet to knock it down and disorient it and then proceeding to slice it’s stomach open and claim the kill
        • Gladio and Prompto are beyond impressed and Ignis decides to take a tooth as both a trophy and a souvenir for Talcott
  • There are times where they come to believe that maybe Noctis won’t ever come back and they’re going to be stuck in the darkness forever
    • Regardless, they still get together every year for birthdays, especially Noct’s
      • Because no matter what, they need to rely on each other to bring even a sliver of light into days filled with never ending darkness
  • There was one particular encounter that instilled hope in all of them:
    • Year eight of the Night
      • Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio were reunited once more to deal with the startling appearance of a Marilith down by the Vesperpool that had been killing all the hunters sent to take her down. Given their experience of having already killed one as a team, they figured they could do it again
        • They can’t
          • This Marilith is even bigger than the one they fought eight years prior and she’s attacking them ruthlessly
            • Ignis is about to pull the plug on the operation and tell them to retreat when suddenly the ground starts to shake and he can feel cold splashes of water on his face.
            • Something bursts out of the Vesperpool and Ignis can’t see her but he can picture her when Prompto suddenly cries out
            • L–Leviathan?!”
            • The goddess is smaller compared to her appearance in Altissia but the Marilith is still dwarfed by her size. When the demon tries to flee, Leviathan grabs her by the tail and proceeds to shred her into pieces. All while the boys watch, too stunned to move.
            • The goddess turns her attention to the boys and they think she’s gonna attack them but she just stares at them. And they realize that she doesn’t looked like the goddess they saw across the seas.
            • Her body looks like it was made of water and shimmering glass, looking crystalline in appearance. Little shards of glass float in the air surrounding her and spirals of water surround the boys in a protective bubble.
            • The moment lasts only a moment and Leviathan roars once and then disappears, shattering and scattering the glass pieces into the air until they can’t see them anymore
              • They can’t really explain it but they all knows what it means
                • Noctis is still with them
                  • Their King will come back


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He has to look hard if he wants to see what the soul is like. He's distracted from them crying out constant apologies though. He kneels down & carefully picks them up. They immediately cover their head, going into a defensive position. He growls lightly and takes them to another room, planning on dealing with his victim some more later now. He's fairly sure this is the persons room, so he gently lays them on the bed. Looking around the room he can already tell their a... eccentric person. (3)-🥀


The HoloNews

I know I already talked a bit about the GFFA media and its effects here but I have found new information that might make the picture clearer.

There’s evidence that the army (and the public) was being fed false Intel. Some clones were suspicious, because the number of droids the Republic Intel was providing didn’t add up to the number of droids in combat.

Look, all I know is this. The Seps can’t have as many droids as Intel says—we’ve seen that when we’ve sabotaged their factories. And if they have gazillions of them somewhere, why not overrun the whole Republic now and get it over with? Come to that, why won’t the Chancellor listen to the generals and just smash the key Sep targets instead of dragging this war out, spreading us thin from Core to Rim? Add that garbage to the message Lama Su sent him griping about the clone contract expiring in a couple of years—it all stinks. And when it stinks that bad, we get ready to run, because it’s our shebse on the line here. Understand? [Star Wars - Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss]

 Nothing ever added up. There were too few droids around to support the kind of numbers coming out of Republic Intel. The CIS’s claims were unsubstantiated. “Propaganda. All part of the armory.” And handy for getting the Senate to blindly approve spending. [Star Wars - Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss]

We, the audience, know the reason behind all this: Palpatine. The Separatists couldn’t be allowed build too many droids or they would win and the Republic needed to believe in the existence of a great droid army to keep the war machine going.  The role of the GFFA press was to keep the public afraid and wary of the Jedi Order, keep the senate willing to pour credits into the war.

Here’s something to consider: it wasn’t all about the Jedi. wars cost money and Palpatine must have spend a fortune to keep his plan rolling. And I don’t think he was the kind that man who would use his own money. Not only it would look suspicious, he was too corrupt to do thing “the proper way”. Palpatine was embezzling money. He was using the money to build new clone factories hidden from the Jedi and who knows what else.

“Simple question. Are you willing to do some investigation for us?”

“What kind of investigation?”

“Defense expenditure and budget forecasts.”

It couldn’t be that simple. “Those are public documents anyway.”

“I don’t think all the details I need are in them.”


“It’s very sensitive stuff. Might involve the Chancellor’s office.”

Besany felt her scalp tighten as adrenaline flooded her bloodstream. She didn’t feel she could sit down, either, not now. “Can you narrow down what I might be looking for? Procurement fraud? Bribes?

“You might well find that,” said Mereel, “but I’m more interested in transactions involving Kamino, and the payment schedules.” [Besany Wennen (agent of the Republic Treasury Audit Division) and  Mereel  (Clone) in Star Wars - Republic Commando: True Colors by Karen Traviss]

Palpatine used propaganda to keep the war going and to steal credits. But he, like any corrupt politician, left a trail, a trail only clones bothered to follow. with the help of one civilian they were able to find a secret cloning facility simply by looking into the Army expenditures.

I guess, the question that should be asked here is: why the less resourceful civilians and clones realized this and the wise, peacekeeps, protectors of the Republic Jedi didn’t?

All the pieces of the puzzles were there. People just had to look and do something about.

[Part 1] [Part 2]

Hunted- Part 4

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,065

Warnings: Typical Supernatural violence, angst, language, minor character death, blood, you know the usual, fluffy Bobby and Reader fluff, Gordon being an asshole

Author’s Note: I do not own anything from Supernatural. All credit goes to their respective owners. Please, if you want to be tagged for this series, let me know and I’ll add you! If you want to be tagged for my other fics, I’ll add you! I want to hear what you guys think about this. If you want something requested, send it in!

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The next thing you heard was someone sharpening some knives. You groaned and moved your head to the side, feeling how sore your jaw was. You knew you would have a bruise there if you didn’t already. Your eyes opened and you tried moving your hands but they were suspended.

You looked up to see them chained to the ceiling and you were sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. You tried moving your arms but those chains weren’t going anywhere. You knew the only way to get out of these, without the key, would be to use the magic. But you had no idea how to just summon it when you want.

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Hey I'm 16 and I live in a homophobic house. I'm dating this nice guy but I don't want to. He's nice and kind and is everyone's dream boyfriend but I'm pretty damn sure I'm gay. I want to break up with him and stay friends and not lead him on but my mom and step dad... If they knew is broke up with him because I wanted to date girls I'd never see the light of day. I trust that they would never hurt me, I already did that when I found out I liked girls, I just don't want to risk anything. Help?

Hello. I understand your problem, but I feel there are some ways out. More than anything, I wonder why you think you would need to tell your mom/step dad that you are gay in the first place. If you don’t trust them with that information, then you don’t ever give it. If you don’t want to date this guy, break up with him. If you are questioned as to why, simply say he wasn’t for you. If pressed for more details, say you don’t need to give them, or otherwise that there wasn’t a click there. If you want to date a girl, then do so, and if asked who she is you can always say she’s just a friend. You see my point? Your life is yours and no one elses, your choices are yours, and no one should have a voice in whether you can do them or not. If your parents are homophobic, then the only thing that proves is they aren’t ready or worthy of that information, and as such it’s completely understandable if you simply do not disclose it. 

Good luck, 

Stephen Skoll

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