some of them are too photoshopped

Some tips on painting from B&W to color

As promised! Using this last painting.

1. Tweak your levels

You do not want your darkest darks to be too low on the value scale: you will be colorizing shadows, and likely glazing over them to darken them. To avoid a muddy mess, make sure that the darkest darks on your HSV/HSB (hue-saturation-value) color sliders are at MOST a 9. Photoshop has a Levels feature that lets you do that quickly.

2. Start with a colored base

Sometimes I use a gradient map (which can color lights/mid values/shadows at once), but the idea is the same – you want to color on top of a picture that has NO grey in it. Pick a neutral color that’s closest to your shadows – for example, here I wanted to have a warmer skintone, so I made the shadows cool.


Here is an example of what not to do – do not pile adjustments layers on top of one another in hopes that some of them will give you a good result. Lower your opacity and learn what layer modes do! Overlay will hit your lights, Multiply will hit your shadows, and Hard Light (my favourite) will show up exactly like a colored light source would.

Slow down. This is kind of like glazing an oil painting. Pull down your saturation and leave the Jersey Shore orange for the last steps of a painting.

4. Turn on hue jitter

Real skin is transluscent and highly reactive to the environment it is in. If you look at any realist painting, you will see glazes and glazes and glazes of color packed into a single square inch of canvas. You can imitate this by playing with your brush’s HUE JITTER setting, which will make the color you pick jump around the color wheel a little. This is especially helpful when glazing shadows.

5. Use neutrals to unify your painting

Greys are great. Greys are AMAZING when you want skin to pop, and this is why the majority of classical portraiture sports a neutral background. I just went over the whole piece and punched a bit of grey-green into the background and shadows to “kill” the oversaturated color. The painting immediately started to come together.

6. Remember that this is not a coloring book

The great thing about digital painting is that your CANVAS is your palette – and this method allows you to build one. It helps establish major structures so you can focus on color and light, but chances are you will end up repainting large parts of it anyway. Don’t be afraid to!

Tattoo Laaaaaaydeeeeee


tools used: micron liner, copic multiliner, faber castell chubby pen to ink the larger black areas, copic sketch in warm gray & blush, photoshop to clean up some fuk ups, & canson watercolor paper

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One day, the Host just trails off in the middle of narration and just stays quiet for a while and the others are like 'oh no wtf is he seeing', like, in panic

Everyone’s in a panic because oh god what has he s e e n and the Host is still kind of frozen, mouth hanging open mid word and it would be so much easier to see what expression he’s wearing if not for the damn bandage.

The room is thick with anticipation, because what could be so shocking that it would silence the Host? And some of them are even ready for a fight but then.

The Host starts laughing. It’s not his usual quiet chuckle, short and rare, it’s full on deep laughter with his teeth bared in a smile they hadn’t seen since he was the Author and he’s actually clutching his stomach from how hard he’s laughing. And half the room is panicking even more, the half is too shocked to do anything.

Of course, what they don’t know is that Google is a master of photoshop and memes and just sent him a picture of Dark dabbing on the moon.

(I don’t know what you were expecting but it was the first thing that came to me and i can’t get it out of my head)

some dumb headcanons


  • As a kid he used to have short spikey hair because his life goal was becoming Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • He sings only the most girly k-pop songs in the most high-pitched voice possible whenever he is out of his room. Alexy always tells him “Even I am not THAT gay”
  • He doesn’t use internet memes, he uses his own and tries to get people to use them too: most are dumb photos of Rocket or his friends’ derp faces photoshopped into viral memes.
  • He had this super crush on his primary teacher. When she announced that she had to leave because she was pregnant he felt so betrayed he stood up and screamed so hard in the middle of class he peed his pants. Still disappointed.
  • Watches hentai for the character development.
  • Loves shitty ass films
  • After shitting he will call poor Alexy to the bathroom to “come admire his art”


  • He went through the most cringey emo phase. He feels FEAR anytime someone mentions myspace. He has worked REALLY HARD to get out of it and will absolutely KILL anyone who dares to dig up his old past. 
  • He met Lys at one of those emo meet-ups.
  • The only thing he is afraid of is blood. He gets light-headed when girls get period stains  Will never admit tho
  • Has a gigantic film collection.
  • Personally offended MCR is still not back together.
  • Was the biggest mama boy till emo phase hit. He still kinda is, but only if the two of them are alone.
  • Loves watching clouds, more so if it’s about to rain.


  • Is really scared of butterflies. Not bugs, just butterflies. Don’t ask why. But he will run for his LIFE if one approaches him.
  • He is not good with animals, specially small ones. He is always scared of hurting them.
  • Messiest person ever. He is just too busy thinking to bother tidying up. His books will eat him while he sleeps one day.
  • Might or might not have kissed some boys during emo phase
  • High libido.
  • HATES kids. Hate is a strong word, but that’s why he uses it. They are stupid, you can’t reason with them, some can’t read, they don’t have existential crisis… they are not even people.
  • Likes jewels and botanical pictures.

sorry they are shit I wanted to contribute to the fandom lol

Hey guys!! I haven’t made CC in a while and I made these the other day so I thought I’d post them! There would be more swatches but I wanted to stick with pastels, I might make some darker ones sometime too! 

  • Requires Backyard Stuff
  • 8 Swatches - Pastel Colours
  • Varying Patterns
  • Standalone



Please consider tagging me if you use them in photos! I’d really appreciate it ^^ 

(sorry the edits kinda ehhh but you get the picture! My photoshop was laggy and weirdddddd)

The number 1 thing that annoys me so much is that some people take their fangirling too far. I don’t care if two actors are secretly dating so don’t post about their private lives. don’t feed people lies and gossips based on your imagination. don’t ruin their friendship just because you are obsessed with the idea that they could be dating or would be a perfect couple. it’s one thing to ship two actors but please don’t force them to date by making photoshop edits of them kissing or holding hands. also some tv show shippers should seriously sit the fuck down and stop wishing death on anyone with a different ship.

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hey I really love you art!! I admire you as an artist so much!! I myself have been drawing for a couple years, but am to afraid to post it because I only draw traditional and I think digital is better looking. But every time I try and draw digital it looks terrible and I can never get anything close to what I can traditionally. Do you know how to fix this or any tips on what's going on?

Hi there anon, first of all thank you!! Second of all this sounds like exactly what I went through when I was transitioning from traditional to digital art so I do have some tips for what might be going on! 

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your "that's zayn? ok" tags are so on point??? when i first saw that picture i was like that's absolutely not zayn but then i saw the tattoos and was like oh.....ur tags made me realize that it's probably photoshopped tho lol when will the mess that is zigi end bye

The more I look at it, the more I doubt it’s really Zayn. And how pathetic is that? Even for a fauxmance. Gigi girl, have some dignity.

The ram tattoo is off center based on the neck tendons. And in reality, the ram tattoo is not off center. It’s also placed a little too high in the Gigi pic.

The not thick enough lashes and the convenient baseball cap also give it away. I’m guessing that’s really Anwar’s pal again. 

Like this:

And this:

^^Remember when they forgot the bird tattoo at the base of his neck??^^

Besides that there’s a bunch of pix that suspiciously look like Zayn has been photoshopped into them that I’m to lazy to go find. But yeah, I’ve stared at enough pix of Zayn to smell a rat here.

Imagine the kids having a group chat tho
  • Pixel creates a group chat on his site Pixelspix, and is the mod of said group chat. In the beginning, anyone can change the name of the chat.
  • Stingy and Trixie constantly having a sort of war over the name of the chat. Stingy constantly changing it to something like ‘’I, THE PRINCE OF LAZYTOWN’’ or ‘’THIS CHAT IS MINE’’. Trixie, liking to mess with him, in turn changing it to something like ‘’I, THE KNIGHT OF LAZYTOWN, OVERTHROWS THE PRINCE’’ or ‘’the 50′s called, they want their fashion sense back’’ .
  • Eventually, Pixel has to come in between them, to stop the naming wars of Stingy and Trixie. They are now officially banned from changing the chat name.
  • Not that that ends their rivalry, tho. Stingy likes to bombard the chat w/ pics of his possessions and himself, while Trixie likes to leave snarky comments on them. This usually delves into a never ending cat fight. They often get banned from the chat because of this, yet both manage to get back in everytime. Even Pixel doesn’t know how they do it
  • Ziggy is a major double triple texter. Also randomly!!!!! uses exclamations marks!!! after some!!!!! words!!!!!.
  • Also talks with the same verbal tic (ending every sentence with a ‘‘huh’‘) as in the chat.
  • Stephanie mostly posts positivity texts and ALWAYS wishes the group chat a good morning and a good night by saying BINGBANGDIGGIRIGGIDONG
  • Ziggy’s profile pic is prolly Sportacus’s body w/ his head badly photoshopped on it
  • Stephanie uses wayyyy too many emoticons. She mainly uses the ❤, ✨,🐱 and XD. Also lot’s of anime emoticons -^.^-
  • Pixel lurks a Lot and except for the occasional modding, he isn’t that active. But… whenever there’s a new video game out, he bombards the chat w/ over-exited texts, and doesn’t calm down for at least an hour.
  • Stingy’s username is prolly something like ‘’Only peasants can read this’’.

- Pixel introduces Sportacus to the chat, while Steph teaches him abt how texting works, and emoticons. 
- This leads Sportacus to basically becoming like a second Stephanie to the chat, but only using the ‘’Sportacus emoticon’’ ( 8:^}D) ), and sending messages on a daily basis about how proud he is of all the kids, and sending them reminders to eat their sportscandy and go to bed early etc…
-  Of course, Robbie would make up a scheme to ruin the chatroom in a way.

Feel free to add more!


(undertale spoilers)

here are almost all of the assets used by flowey, minus photoshop flowey, because that’s a whole other beast. some of these faces are actually used exclusively by photoshop flowey on the tv screen, but i decided to include them on his stem anyway. 


  • flowey has six petals (normal golden flowers only have five)
  • flowey’s stem is normally bent a little
  • when he morphs his face, he can also make it much larger than his body


  • the outermost part of flowey’s face is a very pale yellow (#feffdf) while the very middle is an extremely pale blue (#fafefe)
  • flowey’s petals and the yellow stripes of asriel’s sweater are the exact same colours (#fff200)
  • flowey’s stem and the green of asriel’s sweater are the exact same colours (#9bfd71)

I have some WIPs but I have stuff I need to get done before I can continue working on them, so until then; here, have a tiny angry Keith from my sketchbook~~


HOW I EDIT MY PICTURES reqeuested by anon

It’s kind of a tutorial?? I don’t know, I just show what I do lol

Since some anon asked me how I edit my pictures, here you go this super not so helpful video!!! :D

I use Corel Paintshop Pro as editing software. I tried Photoshop once, but I’m stupid and it was too complex lol As you can see I don’t do much! I’m not an editing expert ;) and this is how I edited one of my last pics but something may change from pic to pic, sometimes I add some brightness or make them more warm! And also I’m never satisfied so I keep changing little things ^^

I hope you find this helpful!! <3


Celebrity Pose Pack

I randomly made some poses for my sims and I think they turned out pretty decent so I decided to share them. They were inspired by a few of Exo’s photo shoots for the magazine “The Celebrity”. I had no idea as to what to name this pose pack so I just went along with the magazine brand but removed the first word. I’m still not that familiar with photoshop controls so do turn a blind eye to the weird edits. The poses are also not 100% exactly the same as the original because I tweaked some of them to my liking. Also, the sims used were not inspired by the group members but some of their outfits were.  Do let me know if there’s any issue.

Do not re-upload, especially onto paysites. Do not claim as yours.

It is pose list compatible. Non pose list version is included too.

Click for HD.


SLBP KAI REINCARNATIONS (with a Yukimura x MC pairing)

Shingen & Kansuke

  • Shingen remembers first. He’s in the military, and there’s a moment, when he’s leading his men (and women!) that he just knows. It’s as natural and comfortable as putting on a favorite piece of clothing – the transition between not remembering and carrying all of the memories is effortless.
  • (Not without some pain over things left undone and promises unkept, but, effortless)
  • First thing he does is start seeking out the others. Kai was always, ever Kai because of the people who were a part of it, and Shingen was who he was because of the people who surrounded him, he has as much a duty to them in this life as the last.
  • Kansuke is next! Medical researcher, life has always felt a bit…lacking, like he moves through a fog.
  • Fog finally, finally lifts when Shingen walks into his lab, grinning.
  • Mr Emotionless DEFINITELY CRIES bet me on this
  • Anyway, Shingen finishes his service and starts a business, because there are new ways to lead, and this offers him a better opportunity to get out and about and find everyone.

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Hello, i want to start making aesthetics, but I have no idea where to start... like for example where do you find the images? a how do you make them smaller without them getting blurry and then how do you put them together.. and how do you change the backgrounds to different colors.. like i'm so lost.. can you give me some tips? i would be grateful :)*

how to make aesthetics like this

okay, so idk if i’m the best person to answer this, but i’ll be doing my best to put up an easy-to-understand tutorial for you. we’ll be going step-by-step :) all the stuff is under the cut since it was rather long

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i will always cry in happiness about the college au~

alrighty, let’s see what college au hcs i haven’t yelled about with everyone yet

  • freshman matthias had long blonde hair.  there’s a photo of him like this, standing in a pool of sunlight with a flower crown photoshopped onto his head, circulating in the group chat
  • it’s a running challenge for jesper to get photos of wylan and kuwei looking like they actually like each other.  in 3.5 years, he gets exactly three (they insist those were photoshopped too)
  • some poor soul, gesturing at kuwei/wylan/jesper: so are you like together
  • wylan and kuwei, pointing at each other: no i hate him
  • nina, in the background: y’all have been dating for a YEAR
  • i have a doc titled “incorrect college au quotes” and my absolute favourite is
    • nina: my relationship is none of your business.  you’re going to make plenty of mistakes with wylan and kuwei
    • jesper: i doubt i’ll ever leave one of them behind in a foreign city
    • nina: i thought he was with kaz, alright?
  • my second favourite is
    • inej: you have to treat EVERYONE, no matter what they believe, with equal respect!
    • kaz: what, even idiots?
  • they’re both from outnumbered, i don’t even care, i love them

talk to me about my aus