some of them are still uploading

Lemonade: the visual album... LIVE!

Beyoncé released her visual album in April 2016. Below are performances of all of the songs on her sixth consecutive, #1, Grammy award winning album, Lemonade, including appearances at the Country Music Awards to the Grammys. Enjoy <3 

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself 


6 Inch / 6 Inch

Daddy Lessons

Love Drought / Sandcastles


Freedom / Freedom

All Night


VMA 2016 Performance

Well here’s something for the Hearts for Sean thing going around the community :P

Honestly I can’t remember how exactly I found Jack, but I’m pretty sure it was from a prop hunt video with Mark back in 2014. However, I only started watching his videos last April after my brother showed me some of his Clustertruck and BeamNG videos. At first I didn’t care much about the videos and let my brother show them to me simply because he really loved them, but eventually I decided to check out Jack’s channel myself. Soon enough I began watching every video he uploaded, even if I had never heard of the game before. His personality shone through immediately, and he’s still one of the kindest, most genuine people I know. I’m SO glad I found his channel and this amazing community :) I look forward to his videos every day, and Jack has helped me become a happier, more positive person. I can’t thank everyone in this community and Jack himself enough for all the smiles you’ve brought me, and how you’ve all changed my life 💚

Even though I’ve been a part of this community for a while now, I’ve never actually made friends (I’m too shy to talk or ask people stuff haha) but I have found some super cool blogs run by some even cooler people (hopefully they don’t mind being tagged by a random person like me lol): @fluffyjacksepticeye @daily-jacksepticeye @markired @dork-iplier @jacksepticeyegifs @septicjacks @turquoisemagpie @marksandrec 

… and more, but these are just some that I thought of immediately :P Thanks or all the awesome stuff you guys make every day, it means a lot to me~


To everyone who’s been asking about when I’ll upload a post of the MSA redesigns with all the gifs in one post (and putting down what song they were animated to), I’m so sorry this took so long. :’D

I kept forgetting to upload this. That, and I wanted to go back to some of the gifs to clean them up, and re-animate them in Clip Studio Paint EX. I’ve tried by best to get them to follow the beat as close as I can, but some of them may still be a little off. Still, this was a fun attempt. I’ll be placing the song references under a “keep reading” thing if anyone is curious.

Keep reading


lol i bought some of my own prints from society6 just to check their print quality ((because i’ve been getting so many requests about uploading my art so people could get them as prints but i wanted to make sure that the quality was nice)) – was a bit surprised at how the different the colors were – they were very faded and yellowish (so i pulled out the mini comic prints) ;; the magazine mockups were a bit dark but i think it’s okay *__* i still kinda liked the prints from the local shop better ((the family portrait prints are so smooth when printed large AAAA so happy)) :0 anyway i left the magazine mockups in society6 so idk

these are terrible phone photos im sorry i was in a rush hahaha


Ey it’s the dork squad! I’m putting them both up because I’m still liking my lineart way too much to not do so. XD I grew up with BTAS as I’m sure you can tell.

So I know I haven’t posted in a bit but since it’s a whole new year now, I’m gonna try harder to get more stuff up on here; even if they’re silly things like this. Here we go!


Not really Halloween related, but you could say it was still uploaded on a special day. XD

It’s been about a year since I began posting on Tumblr, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing gemsonas, especially from some of the big artists here on Tumblr. However, I don’t really see them getting much love and attention, so I decided to make a big appreciation piece to the big names here on Tumblr, to celebrate their creativity and imagination! :)

Poppy Jasper - @dement09
Demantoid - @heavenseveneleven
Black Lace Onyx - @blushmallet
Ivory - @calonarang
Obsidian - @beautysnake
Amazonite - @kibbles-bits
Lilac Pearl - @l-sula-l
Selenite - @atta
Hauyne - @jen-iii
Moonstone - @piierogi
Hematite - @vt-scribbles
Covellite - @ronnok-archmage

For those of you who haven’t heard of these people, go check them out! They make some amazing art!!

odia13  asked:

Hey Wiishu! Your vlogs are amazing, I look out to watch them every week, but are you going to upload a speedpaint again, like your old videos? These were also fun and inspiring to watch! Have a great day/night! :D

Good question and right now I still haven’t decided haha!
I like doing speedpaints but I don’t like uploading a 10 min video with just music playing? Idk, it seems a little off somehow? Maybe I can make it into a podcast thing of some sort in the future, but for now I don’t know how to incorporate it so that I’m satisfied with the end product, sorry!

“You don’t owe the world a pretty face. You could be the most lumpy, bumpy, pockmarked, misshapen, and hirsute son of a bitch ever to walk the earth, and you would still be just as entitled to a chair by the pool, a teeny bikini, and the feel of sunshine on your skin as some girl with creamy skin and shiny hair and thighs the size of matchsticks. Look around you, and you’ll notice: an awful lot of people aren’t beautiful. Some people aren’t even borderline good-looking! Does that make them less worthy of love, happiness, and fruity drinks with little paper umbrellas in them?”
—Kat Rosenfield

Qrow vs Tyrian
  • Qrow vs Tyrian
  • Jeff Williams & Alex Abrahams

Did some scavenging around Youtube and I was able to find a version of this with some of the audio cut out, now you can still hear a bit of the scene, but most of it’s been cut out. The lyrics aren’t official but the person who uploaded this video did transcribe them:


Is your reward for being near me.


Won’t be your friend when I’m around. 


Me for the tragedy that follows. 


The situations that surround.

I’m a harbinger,

I cannot lie,

I will change the color of your life.

I don’t mean to bring you pain,

but I will, just why, I can’t explain.

I am no one’s blessing,

I’ll just bring you harm.

I’m a cursed black cat,

I’m an albatross,

I’m a mirror broken,

Sad to say,

I’m your bad luck charm.

Edit That Out-PINOF 8

Summary: PINOF 8 is more than we can handle

Genre: Fluff, Coming out

Word Count: 516

Warnings: Swearing(I think that’s it, message me if there’s something I missed)

This was it. This was the video in which they would finally do it. He and Phil had chosen the question they would use for their statement. The question read ‘Show us your favourite blooper of the year,’ Phil would then edit in a video of them kissing with the words ‘Edit that out’ at the top of the screen.

Dan was nervous to say the least, you see Dan had some problems with anxiety and the idea of being judged. He knew that this entire fan base would love him even more now that he was fulfilling their dreams. After all he pretty much sailed the ‘Phan’ ship, and it wasn’t sinking any time soon.

But alas he was still sweating this hair into curls as Phil sat next to him watch the video upload, giddy with excitement. Dan loved to see his husband excited even if he was scared. Dan looked at Phil with this signature ‘Heart eyes HowellTM’, the older man looked like an excited puppy dog and the other couldn’t help but jump on his Phil.

Dan kissed the other than looked back at the screen seeing the video completely upload. The first comment comes about a minute after at the same place the clip is.

HOLY FUVK CHRIST WTF YOU LITTLE SHITS !!!!!111!111!1111 ajkhshshkjjkj

“Well that’s not bad, right?” Dan says uncertainly. “They love your homosexual tendencies” Phil jokes as if Dan’s the only not straight in the room.  The brown haired boy gives a sarcastic eye roll in return.

That’s when the comment start rolling in Dan’s subscribers swearing a lot while Phil’s mostly just congratulate the and ask polite questions. It’s easy to tell their subscribers personalities match with one of them or the other.

They both decided it’s time to tweet that there will be an explanation video up tomorrow as they’ve already made and edited it. So far there’s been no rube comments or any slurs so Dan is already feeling better.

You open you laptop in the morning to see a new amazingphil video. You had already seen PINOF 8 and knew this would be an explanation video. You click on it and Dan pops up next to Phil. They both do their usually introductions and start the video.

“So we probably owe you all an explanation Phil starts off, then Dan jumps in saying “ Oh, wait a second I think I messed up my introduction Phil”. Phil only laughs waiting for Dan to continue.

“Hello internet, my name is Dan Lester,” then they both burst out laughing stopping for a minute to say “just watch the clips”

The screen went dark for a second before a clip started playing. It was a clip of them kissing again. When the broke apart Dan said “Edit that out.”. Many more similar clips played making a total of 2 minutes with then just a black screen reading ‘PHAN IS REAL’ the video was now over.

You close your laptop and sit there emotionally dead. You don’t get out of bed that day. None of us do.

I just want PINOF 8 to come out.


Selective childhood reading comprehension plus an overactive imagination has led to some weird literary references as an adult. 

Click on the images to get a crisper picture. Every resolution I try still results in them looking fuzzy on the dash. Anyone have advice on the best way to upload images on tumblr?


sth i get asked a lot is whether i know any german youtubers whose videos have subtitles and tbh i dont like having subtitles because i think theyre a distraction from the video itself and they also hinder my learning how to understand spoken language so its not something i ever bothered to look out for BUT ive noticed people have recently started adding german AND english subtitles to julien bams videos (einige davon haben auch untertitel auf schweizerdeutsch wie geil ist das denn bitte??)
the english translations arent perfect because theyre obviously done by german speakers who arent necessarily able to write perfect english but theyre still very understandable. im currently working thru them to fix some of the little translation errors and grammatical/spelling mistakes just to make it a bit easier to understand but ye anyway if ur learning german and are looking for some quality content™ defs check out some of the newer videos on his channel. he mostly makes humour videos/sketches and song parodies and uploads once a week :~)


What was it I was going to do? Ah of course. Scans of LN3. But I still haven’t checked if someone already uploaded them, because I was pretty sure I saw some scans already. As you can see I’m quite unreliable, don’t trust me!! But for now, here are the scans of the illustrations for 55 Minutes. As usual, I‘d prefer these to not be reposted but if it cannot be helped, then go ahead as long as you don’t claim you did the scans. Enjoy~!


Here’s some doodles that are super late and were meant for Halloween. I was supposed to upload them on Halloween, but… I went trick or treating. Yes, I’m 17 and still trick or treat.

Anywhoooooo, here ya go!

1. Horrortale Sans and Papyrus by @sour-apple-studios

2. Dusttale Sans and Papyrus by whoever it’s really owned by. (Apparently it just belongs to numerous people)

3. Horrortale Sans and Frisk by @horrortale and the lovely admins of it.


This is the late blog birthday gift now. 4t2 Conversion of @elzascarlet-yan​‘s beautiful Party hair (done with their permission) and edit of Mouseyblue’s Leftover24 eyes because apparently I still don’t have enough eyes. It also turns out that I’ve already made one edit of those same eyes but as these turned completely different I’m uploading them anyway.

Download Elza Party female / male / (binned) volatile+mesh for retexturing
Download Mouseyblue Leftover24-Eyes edit

Credits & other info:

  • The original hair mesh is by Elza, converted for both genders and all ages.
  • Colors by Pooklet, Io, Hat Aweeshie & me
  • (hair)Textures are Remi’s curly blend blended together with tiny bit of Io’s Digitalbabes+Pooklet V3 blend. Alpha was borrowed from some Cazy hair and edited quite a bit.
  • Mouseyblue for the original eyes, I’m pretty sure the shine is from another Mouseyblue eyes too but I didn’t write down which one.
  • Lovely dark haired male model Rico belongs to @royalblues87​ 
  • In game pictures have been brightened and edited a little mostly to fix one messed up neck and necklace poking through the collar, bodyshop pictures are unedited. 

I plan to do most of Elza’s other hairs too, they just need more work and I’m so damn slow with converting and keep getting distracted with other things that it’ll probably take a while until I’m done with the next one. ^^;

Listen up, founding fathers garbage:

So Hamilton’s pretty cool, right? Everyone seems to know Hamilton now. We all love Hamilton. But do you know what’s just as cool?

This thing called “I Made America.”

So the story? Basically, six of the founding fathers (Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin, and Adams) are time-traveled to 2012 Chicago to endorse a campaign. They refuse, soooooooooo……..they’re left alone to try and survive in the 21st century. Boy…what a ride.

They can even be sexy:

That’s hot.

There are 10 episodes and then some extra fun clips on their YouTube channel. I honestly enjoyed it a lot, albeit the fact that they haven’t uploaded a new episode since…2012. But I still have high hopes that they might come back. Maybe if we hit their videos up and spread them around, it can become a thing again.

In case you aren’t interested yet, here are some facts about the characters:

  • Hamilton sets up booby traps in his own room
  • Franklin loves Pop-Tarts 
  • Madison foresees shit
  • Washington works at a desk and he doesn’t know modern terms 
  • Jefferson is literally in a band 
  • Adams is adorable and works in a coffee shop like??? 

You can watch it here!