some of the things michael says worry me

  • someone: here's some advice
  • me: if you're going to say don't worry about this worry about that instead firstly the whole point is i can't control what i worry about and secondly now i have two things to worry about thanks michael
More Than You Know - Michael Clifford Smut

Pairing: Michael and Y/N

Word Count: 4.6k+

Rating: Smutastic

Requested: Yaaassss

I died writing this.

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The Gang Saves a Detective Named Luna

Summary: It’s date night but I guess Miles is going to be a no-show. 

In which Miles gets kidnapped and the crew has to save their boy’s boy.

Pairing: Michael Jones/Miles Luna

A/N: I’ve been obsessed with lunael thanks to @thilesluna and her fic TGMADNL, so with her permission (and her idea) I wrote a fic very loosely based off of it.


“It’s date night Geoff, I can’t do jobs tonight,” Michael says as he leans against the kitchen counter, on his phone.

“Not you too,” Geoff grumbles. “All you dicks are planning dates on the same day just to fuck with me aren’t you?”

“To be fair, we’ve planned this nearly two weeks ago. I can’t speak for everyone else though.”

“I’m making a spreadsheet just for dates. You all have to give me a one-week notice for any dates. That way you can’t use them as excuse to get out of jobs.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll still find ways to get out of jobs,” Michael smirks and Geoff grumbles.

“I have the laziest employees in the world. Do you know how many people would jump to take a job from me? I swear you are-“

Michael’s phone goes off, cutting Geoff off. Michael looks down at it and a smile stretches across his face at the name that flashes on the screen, the hearts in his eyes evident to even Geoff.

Geoff huffs and rolls his eyes at him. “Go talk to your boyfriend. But if I catch you having phone sex again, I’m banning your phone from the penthouse.”

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"There's Never A Right Time To Say Goodbye"

Based off the song “say goodbye” by Chris brown
Pairing: calumhood X reader
Word count: idfk??

How did I let it get this far? After all these years with her. I know it’s hard but I’ve gotta do it. I can’t keep lying to her. How can you tell the woman you’ve dedicated four years of your life that you don’t love her anymore? How am I supposed to just tell her, I know it’ll break her heart but it would be better than to let her believe that I still love her the way I used to….
It’s now… Or never.
“Um, Y/N? Can we talk for a minute?”
I say as I walk in our shared room.
“Yeah sure cal, what’s up?” She says as she closes her laptop to look at me. I walk closer to her as I feel my heart getting heavier with each step.
“I uh- we need to-”
I stumble in my words as everything I had planned on saying just flew out of my mind.
“Hey, hey cal. Whatever It is its okay. Just take a breath and then take a deep breath out, okay?” She says as she walks closer and rubs my arms. God dammit…. Just- just tell her calum. She deserves the truth, she deserves better. Better than me and better than this life that I’m giving her. I sigh with a shaky breath as a grab her hands and sit her down on the bed.
“Alright… There’s some things that I need to get off my chest, But let me start by saying I love you okay? And I swear you’ll understand when I’m finished-”
“What’s going on cal? You’re scaring me.“ She questions with a slightly worried look coming across. "Did you eat my pizza that was in the fridge? If you did it’s okay, I figured it’d either be you or michael anywa-” she rambles on still trying to calm me down while she rubs the back of my neck. I’ll miss that..
“Please! Please, just..let me finish okay? I love you Y/N, and a part of me always will. But I can’t keep lying to you… If I don’t say this now, you’re going to start hating me.. I’m so sorry Y/N I really am, but I don’t- fuck… I don’t feel the same way I used to feel about you..” I utter as she removes her hands from mine getting up and standing away from me.
“W-what?” She gasps as I can see her eyes start to water.
“I’m so sorry Y/N , I just didn’t know how to tell you and I it’s been killing me for months-”
“MONTHS?! MONTHS CALUM?? How long have you been faking it?? How long have you not loved me calum?? How long have you been leading me on? I thought you loved me! I THOUGHT SE WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED FOR FUCKS SAKE! How could you?!” She cried out as she stood in front of me hitting my chest.
“Baby liste-”
“No. NO! You don’t get to call me that ever again!”
“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I never meant t-”
“NEVER MEANT TO WHAT?!? Never meant to crush my entire world? Never meant to string me along for months? Never meant to break my heart so bad that the neighbors could hear it break for miles? Never meant to stop loving me or never meant to fall for me in the first place??” She fumed as she started to pace around ou- her room.
“I’m so sorry Y/N.. But I never NEVER meant to hurt you, and I never thought I’d see the day that we’d grow apart. But things haven’t been the same since I left for tour, we would talk less and less every day until we would text maybe once every two weeks. And then when I got home things just didn’t feel right… I can’t say how sorry I am for being the reason for your tears, I just-”
“Is there someone else?”
She mutters catching me off guard.
“Wha.. What? No! No, I wouldn’t do that Y/N. You know that..”
“Actually No I don’t! I don’t know anything anymore! I few moments ago I thought I had a loving boyfriend who loved me but now I have nothing. I don’t even have a reason to hate you… And I really REALY want to…” She says as she clenches and unclenches her fists letting her tears fall as I start to feel my own build up in my eyes. She wants to hate me? I knew this would be bad… But I could never hate her or stop caring for her… I just don’t love her like I used to. I started backing up until I hit the desk chair falling down into it. Fully letting the fact that she wants to hate me sink in as I feel hot tears falls down my face and my mouth hangs open slightly.. She is facing away from me as I hear her sobs echo throughout this now seemingly tiny room that we used to share.
“Just- just lie to me.. Lie to me one more time… Tell me that there’s someone else, tell me that you never loved me… Let me have this… Let my have a reason to get over you quicker….” She whispers as she goes over and sits on her side of the bed. I can barely see her through the tears clouding my vision, maybe she did need to hate me… If that’s what will help her move on… That’s the least I can do for her if it’s the last thing I ever do for her.
“There’s- there’s someone else…” I whisper hating the words that leave my mouth as I hang my head and feel my heart break. I hear her give one loud sob as she holds herself and looks away from me.
“Just leave calum… Just go away.”
I go to our once shared closet and grab what I can and put it in my suitcase that was still by the door. I zipped up what I had and managed to take a photo we took on our one year anniversary. I went to open the door to leave the girl I was supposed to grow old with to cry herself to sleep. I look back one last time
“I’m so sorry Y/n… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner…”
“well I guess there’s just never a right time to say goodbye is there?” She says as she lifts her head up still looking away from me.
I take a moment to collect myself and then turn to leave the place I once called home… The place where I just broke a beautiful girl.
…..Did I really make the right decision?


Sorry for any typos, I did this super quick on my phone.

(But please tell me what you thought…)

based off of if you leave me now by chicago (or you could listen to into your arms by the maine bc i wrote half of calum’s part with that song on replay idk)

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Greetings From The Cage

submitted by G!anon

It’s always genuinely surprising to Adam that he’s not tortured in the Cage.

He still thinks there’s a God out there, albeit one that generally doesn’t care, because otherwise he would not have been as lucky as he was.

There’s some sort of reasoning behind not getting tortured, too. He’s trapped in the Cage with two angry archangels. You would think he’s being tortured, right? Yeah, that’s what he thought, too. It was actually quite the opposite.

Turns out, Lucifer and Michael have some sort of a pity for him. They vaguely told him that they had looked into the future, and that Adam would be here for a while.

So there goes his whole future, apparently.

He was never meant to be dragged into this. He was only nineteen, and he was supposed to be studying as a pre-med student. It’s only because he’s a half-Winchester, and everyone knows that Winchesters have bad luck. 

It’s hard to tell time in the Cage. It feels like it’s been only a few days, even though it’s been months for all he knows. 

In the beginning, he spent a lot of time silently fearing the two archangels. He knew they were supposed to be torturing him, and even though it wasn’t like he was complaining about it or anything…He still had to wonder if they were even going to.

The Cage had been constantly silent. Adam obviously wasn’t talking, and there was no way that Lucifer or Michael would make a move to talk to each other, much less Adam. Right?

Well, eventually Lucifer was the first to speak up. He proposed a truce with Michael, to solve their differences. After all, they were both brothers; they still loved each other dearly, deep down, just like when they were fledglings. Michael was just an obedient child, as always, and his obedience to his Father was the only reason why he cast Lucifer from Heaven.

Adam, still shaken by the surprising peace until then, was absolutely shocked at what he was hearing. Lucifer? Proposing that they talk out their differences like they both hadn’t been intent on starting the Apocalypse. Hell, Michael was planning on wearing him for the occasion. 

Even more surprising?

Michael agreed.

They talked and talked and talked for days on end. Sometimes there was shouting, and there was a time when Adam swore he thought he heard sobbing. Not that he dared look up to confirm it. 

In the aftermath, the two archangel’s trust was somewhat restored.

Now, they were back to conversations and laughing. Adam was sure that they could even qualify for the “World’s Greatest Brother” cups. He actually started feeling like the third wheel. In the Cage. With two archangels.

God, his life is so weird.

He was actually startled when Michael mentioned his name at one point. 

There’s whispering coming from the other side of the Cage. He catches snippets of their conversation, like Maybe we should try and talk and a huff of Maybe you’re an idiot and a Shut up you imbecile and a Make me and then there’s some scuffling before Adam hears footsteps come his way.

He looks up and sees Michael walking toward him. 

“You’re Adam, right?”

Adam blinks. “Y-yeah.” He answered shakily, having not used his voice in God knows how long.

“Do you know how to play poker?”

Great. They are just trying to throw him off. 

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5SOS Preference #42 Drunk

Who doesn’t love a little drunk 5sos? michaels sucks sorry


Leading a tipsy Ashton up the stairs of your home was harder than you expected.  Trying to keep the boy walking at a semi-brisk pace without him falling over or leaning all of his weight on you was quite a struggle, but somehow, it was working, for the time being anyways. “Where are we going baby?” He giggles while almost tripping over his own feet.

“Bedroom,” You begin. “You need to sleep.”

“Trying to get me in bed?” He winks, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

You sigh. “No. Sleep, you need sleep. We’re going to sleep.”

“Whatever you say, baby. I’m up for anything.” He smirks.

“We’re not having sex honey. You’re drunk and you need sleep.” You say matter of facility.

He pouts at you. “It’s not going to work Ashton. You are D R U N K, drunk, which means no sex, just sleep.”

“You’re a meanie.” He scoffs as he clumsily detaches himself from you and tries to walk up the stairs on his own. Stumbling over his own feet along the way, he manages to get up the stairs in one piece.

Following him into the bedroom, you begin to undress him causing him to burst into a giggle fit. “What’s wrong Ash?” You ask, putting undressing him on hold.

“Trying to get me naked?” He giggles, his voice high pitched.

“You need to change your clothes so you can sleep. No sex. Understand?” You sigh.

Tucking him under the covers, you proceed to ready yourself for bed. Shimmying under the covers, you turn your face to see Ashton fast asleep; soft snores leaving his lips. “Sleep tight my little drunken idiot.”


“Y/N!” Calum singsongs over the noise of the party. Lifting your head from the book you were attempting to read, you see a slightly tipsy Calum struggling to get past other party-goers to get to where you were seated.

“What can I do for you, Cal?” You ask, putting down your book.

“We’re playing beer pong and I have no partner.” He pouts.

“And you came to me because?” You begin.

“You wanna be my partner?” He asks hopefully.

“No, not particularly.”

“Come on Y/N, it’s just a game! I can make it more interesting if you want.” He says, winking suggestively.

“I’m listening.”

“Whoever scores the least points needs to do whatever the winner wants, and I mean whatever.”

Smirking, you grab his head and shake it firmly. “It’s a deal.” His face lights up and he immediately drags you over to the pool table where Ashton and Michael are sitting.

“It’s about time!” Ashton states. Both teams set themselves up at either side of the pool table. Taking the first serve, Calum grins at you. “I can’t wait for you to lose.” His paddle comes into contact with the ball, sending it flying into a cup on Team Mashton’s side of the table.  Calum gives you a triumphant smirk before continuing with the game.

10 minutes into the game, Calum has scored 15 points and you had scored, well, two. You knew you were shit at sports but you didn’t think ‘Beer Pong’ would be too difficult, you obviously were wrong. “Prepare yourself baby!” Calum screeches, tipsier than he was earlier, as he serves the final ball of the game. The ball lands square in Ashton and Mikey’s final cup, the yellow liquid sploshing out of the cup as Ash downs the drink.

Calum turns to you, smirking. “What do you want me to do?” You state rather grimly.

“Kiss me.” He states simply, his lower lip caught between his front teeth.

You stand in front of him like a deer in headlights, unsure of your next move. Sighing, Calum pulls your hips into his. Cupping your face with his hands, he smashes his lips against yours. The simple kiss went from harmless to heated, in only a moment’s time. You would be lying if you said you weren’t enjoying it.

Your hands tangle themselves in his hair as his tongue gently massages your own. Getting lost in the embrace, you forget that you are surrounded by people. A loud cough forces you to pull away from Calum, slightly embarrassed. Calum leans against the wall, a smirk evident on his face, obviously pleased with himself. “Now, that wasn’t too bad, was it?”


What can you say, you’re a lightweight. You were 5”4 and rather small, two beers and you were gone. “One more drink, Lukey!” You slur. Luke sighs as he tries to pull you away from the bar.

“We’re going home Y/N.” He says. Draping your hand over his shoulder, he begins to guide you out of the bar.

“What if I don’t wanna go home?” You ask.

“It’s not up to you. Get in the car please.” Sighing, you oblige and seat yourself in his car. Strapping your seatbelt on for you, Luke gets in the driver’s seat.



“I’m bored.”

“Why don’t you sleep?”

“That’s boring.”

Luke shrugs his shoulders. Ignoring your whines, he focuses on the road.

Smirking to yourself, you decide to make the situation less boring. Reaching up his thigh, you place your hand relatively close to his crotch. You feel him stiffen as your hand moves closer and closer to his crotch. “I’m driving.” He hisses.

“I’m not doing anything.” You mutter innocently.

You slowly begin to palm him through his jeans. His breaths get more ragged and less frequent as he tries to keep his attention on the road. “Y/N, stop it.” He says firmly.

“You’re saying one thing but Lukey Jr. is saying another.” You giggle, gesturing to the tent in his jeans.

“It’s not funny. Just stop.”

“You’re no fun.” You state, pulling your hand away from his growing problem.

Shaking his head he opens his mouth to speak. “You can have all the fun you want when we get home. But for now let me drive so we can get home in one piece.” He says through gritted teeth.

“As you wish Lukey.”


Giving in to your inner conscience, you take another look at the clock perched up on the wall. The second hand was ticking by while the other two hands read 3:26. Sighing, you took a sip of your coffee. The hot liquid burns your tongue, stinging your throat as you swallow.

Michael was out with some friends and he was late. Him being late wasn’t the thing that was worrying you, Michael getting his drunk-ass home in one piece was what was keeping you from sleeping.

Pushing yourself up from your hunched position on the couch, you shuffle over to the kitchen and dump your mug into the sink. “I might as well try to get some sleep.” You mutter to yourself.  Tucking yourself underneath the covers, you close your eyes an attempt to sleep. Eventually, you give up on the idea of sleep and just wait for Michael. You lie awake for what seems like hours until you hear the door slam open and closed.  Jolting upright in bed, you hear Michael trudging up the stairs. “What are you doing awake?”

“I was waiting for you.” You say softly.

Getting out from underneath the covers, you help Michael get ready for bed. “Did you drive?” You ask. He shakes his head.

“Did you drink?” You ask quizzically.

“You bet I did!” He exclaims.

“How many drinks?”

“Enough. Go to sleep baby.” Cuddling up into Michael’s side, you manage to finally fall asleep.

Waking up to the sound of Michael emptying his stomach confirmed that he was indeed drunk that night, even if he seemed sober.




A/N: I actually liked this request and I think this one is okay ^^. I don’t know anything about iron deficiency, so I did some last minute bullshit research, so I hope I’m not too far off from an actual situation. Please like/reblog - it would help me out so much! Thank you all so much and please send requests!!


“Babe, no offense, but you look like shit. Something’s wrong. Are you okay?” Michael asked as he felt your head and face, finding it to be cool. “Yes Mikey, I’m just feeling a bit off, but I’ll be fine.” Michael gave you a sad look before asking if you needed anything, to which you responded, “Just a glass of water, please?” When Michael returned with the glass of water, he tucked you in and laid next to you, holding you and running his hand up and down your arm.

The next day, you were still feeling ill but had managed to make it out of bed. Michael had insisted on taking you out to eat and maybe do some shopping since those were things you enjoyed. You were at the restaurant and had ordered your food, and when it was ready, Michael started at it but noticed you didn’t seem to touch it. “Is it not cooked right? Would you like something else?” He asked, raising his eyebrow in question. “No, I mean, it’s fine, I’m just not hungry I guess. I’ll take it home and eat it later.” Michael frowned. “Y/N, are you sure you’re okay? It’s really worrying me - you’re acting weird and I just want you to be alright.” You smiled at Michael, “I promise Michael - I’m okay. It’s just a bug. It will pass.” “Whatever you say, Princess.”

You two hit up a couple of your favorite stores and you bought quite a few nice things (even some cute new underwear and some makeup). Now you guys were at a Game Stop and Michael was getting a few games since he had beaten all the ones back home. Your breathing started acting up and your head felt light. “Mikey, the room’s getting all spinny again.” Michael looked at you with worry all over his face, “Come on baby, we’re going back home.” You nodded and headed to checkout with him.

As you were headed to the cab, you started feeling incredibly dizzy, and without much warning, you fainted. Michael quickly threw everything to the ground and grabbed you up. “Y/N! Y/N, wake up baby!” His voice was shaking and full of panic. It was a minute that felt like forever when you woke up, Michael hovering over you. “Babe?” You blinked slowly, “What happened?” “You fainted and now you’ve got me convinced you are 100% not okay and we’re going to the hospital right now.” Michael helped you up and practically carried you to the cab. “Michael, I don’t really need to go the -” “To the nearest hospital please!” Michael said to the driver. You rolled your eyes and rested your head on Michael’s shoulder until you reached the hospital.

When you arrived at the hospital, Michael assisted you in walking inside. He sat you down before walking to the front desk to get the paperwork needed to fill out. He filled out most of it for you and you completed the rest. In about an hour, you were finally called back. Through inspection, the doctors had figured out what had caused your illness and fainting. “Okay Miss Y/N, it is exactly what I had expected as you had shown almost every sign. What has caused you to act crazy over the days is that your blood pressure is quite low due to an iron deficiency.” “Okay, so what causes that?” Michael interrupted. “Well Mr. Clifford, a number of things: Blood loss, Lack of iron in your diet, Pregnancy.” You and Michael both choked at the last cause. The doctor saw the worry on your faces and smiled, “No worries - Y/N isn’t pregnant according to our tests. Y/N had mentioned that her periods are heavy, which odds are, that combined with iron poor diets, that’s probably the cause. What we’ll do is prescribe some iron supplements which should help if taken regularly. Y/N can also visit with a dietitian to learn what foods are iron rich and helpful. It will be fine, but Y/N, if you ever show these symptoms again, please visit your regular doctor immediately.” You nodded and headed on your way.

On your way out of the hospital, there were (luckily) only a few fans waiting and they immediately started buzzing with questions mainly concerning your health, but Michael was still freaked out even though you were fine, so he didn’t respond. During the car ride home, the internet had already blown up about “Michael Clifford and girlfriend Y/N seen leaving hospital.” When you got home, Michael took to twitter to update everyone on your situation.

Warning political post

Ugh I have to vent about this because it seriously bugs. I’m not talking about my followers or anyone I follow here. Mainly from FB.

What I find disturbing is ppl complaining about the inconvenience of the protests the last couple of weeks. Epitome of white privelege. Several ppl I know have done so.

Or saying things like, oh they’re so dumb or they’re assholes for blocking traffic or they made me late or I had to wait. Sorry. Try being black. Try not being able to worry about those things and instead having to worry about some racist cop shooting or choking you

Yeah it sucks you were late but seriously you just sound like a douche complaining about it. And you are just confirming white privilege.

Nothing Even Matters (Calum Hood Imagine)

Originally posted by lukes-hot-ass

Requested: Yes, by @goneforbananas​ on my old blog.

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: I’m thinking of making this into a series, so tell me what you think! Request here for part 2! I named this series after a BTR song :’) I miss them omg

Nothing Even Matters Masterlist

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Beside You (part 2)

Part 1


“Here just talk to Ashton”



“I think? What’s going on”

“Well your lovely boss has given you 7 whole days off to come hang out with us, especially Luke”


“Yeah! Obviously we’re nowhere near you, but don’t you even worry. The flights have been taken care of”


“But here’s the thing, we’re not telling Luke”

“Excuse me”

“It will be a surprise. We have our last show for a bit tomorrow. You’ll show up there to surprise him, on stage during Beside You. Then, you get to hang out with us while we have some days off”

“OH MY GOD” you say, crying again. But this time, it was tears of joy.

“The plane ticket has been emailed to you. Either me, Calum or Michael will be at the airport to pick you up. See you soon!” He says, hanging up the phone. You jump out of your seat and hug your boss

“Thank you thank you thank you”

“You’re welcome. Now go pack up! You’ve got a flight to catch!”

“Thank you!” You yell again as you run out of the store to your car. You start the car, rolling down all the windows and cranking the radio. You were so happy at this moment, nothing could bring you down. The long and agonizing 8 months was finally coming to an end. You stopped at a red light, collecting yourself

“Parents” you say to yourself.

“Well, there’s so way I’m not going sooo” you say to yourself again. You had the money, you were responsible, quite mature for a 17 year old.  They understood how much you missed him. They wouldn’t say no, but even if they did you were still going.

“Mom! Im going to see Luke!” You yell, running to your room to pack

“You’re what?”

“So there was this video thing and a lot of crying and Ashton calling me and talking to my boss who gave me time off and now I’m going to see him”

You were speaking 100 miles a minute, hoping your mom could follow along as you gave a more in depth explanation, packing your bags on top of it all.

“I have the money and the plane ticket and I’m a really good kid mom I promise I’ll be safe”

“I know you will. I’d never deny your going to see him anyway. Now can you show me the video?”

You laugh and take out your phone, finishing up your packing as she watched it

“It’s heartbreakingly sweet. I’m happy that you’re finally getting to see him”

“Me too”

“Now come on, let’s get you on that plane”

“Thank you” you say to your mom as you walk to the car.




It was a six hour flight from you to Spain where the boys would be playing. Your heart was racing as the plane finally landed. Having been with Luke for a while, you’d come to love the rest of the boys as well. Obviously you were beyond excited to see Luke, but you were happy to see the other boys as well. You got off the plane and headed to get your bags, texting Ashton as you waited to get your bags

Guess where I am

I hope you’re at an airport in Spain because that’s where I am

You smile to yourself as you quickly gather your bags. You follow the signs to the correct exit where you see just the boy you were looking for



You drop your bags and give him a friendly hug

“Thank you for all this” you say just before letting go

“It was no problem. Really. That and Luke has just about hit his breaking point, so I figured I’d do something nice for him”

“Yeah I know the feeling”

“Well don’t you worry, you’ll be able to see him in about 4 hours”

“4? Ugggh”

“I’m sorry. I know. I just really want it to be a surprise”

“It’s already been 8 months, I guess 4 more hours won’t hurt”

“That’s the spirit! Now let’s get you to the hotel. You can stay in mine and Calum’s room, then you’ll go to the concert in a seperate car, we’ll sneak you back stage so Luke doesn’t see you, and everything will work out”

“Sounds like a plan” you say as you get into the car.


The time ticked by slowly. It was agonizing hearing Luke in the room next to you and not being able to see him. Calum and Michael stopped by for a bit, which did help. You heard a knock on the door, Luke’s voice behind it

“Michael? Calum? Are you in there?”


“Y/N get behind the bed”



You quickly hide behind the bed, covering yourself with a blanket for added security

“Come on guys we gotta go” he says, barging into the room

“Ok. Let’s get this show on the road”

“Yeah, some time off is going to be good. Maybe I’ll finally get to see Y/N” he says with a hopeless chuckle 

“I have a feeling you will. Luck has to get on your side at some point” Michael says, half laughing along with Calum


“Come on, let’s go” Calum says, walking out of the room with Luke

“See you at the show” Michael whispered before leaving

“See you there” you say, climbing out from behind the bed




You were in the car behind the boys, laughing at the pure circumstance of it all. Tonight was going to be great. You couldn’t wait to see the look on Luke’s face when you came out on that stage

You were put in a locked room close to the stage so nobody would come in. The seconds passed more slowly than the plane ride; you felt like you were waiting forever for the door to open up and for someone to tell you it was time. You heard the boys start up their first song, Try Hard. You tried to focus on the music rather than anxious you were to see him. A few more songs passed, and finally there was a knock on your door.

“It’s time” the friendly face said. You jumped excitedly out of your seat, almost sprinting to the stage

“Wait right here” somebody said as you got closer to the stage. You nodded and stood behind the curtain so you weren’t seen. You listened closely to the boys, knowing your cue to go on stage

“Ok guys, you know what’s next”

“Beside You!”

You took a peek from behind the curtain. Luke looked sad and out of it again. You were giddy with enjoyment, knowing you would be fixing that soon. You see Calum pat him on the back sympathetically again, just like the night before. Ashton started his drums, Calum sang his lines, and again, it was Luke’s turn.

When we both fall asleep, underneath the same sky

To the beat of our hearts at the same time,

So close but so far away

She sleeps alone

My heart wants to come home

I wish I was, I wish I was, beside you

He barely finishes his ones again, you can see the tears streamimg down his face

She lies awake, I’m trying to find the words to say,

I wish I was, I wish I wa-

And that was your cue. You started walking on stage during the last “I was,” the crowd screaming

“Beside You… Y/N?” He says, the biggest smile forming on his face.

“Y/N!” He says again, placing his guitar down and running towards you. You ran towards him as well, meeting him towards the middle of the stage. He grabbed you tightly in his arms, crashing his lips onto yours

“I missed you” you whispered to him once you parted

“I missed you too” he says, the smile on his face only growing from last time. A ripple of awwws roared from the crowd, as Luke still had his mic on. He pulled you close and kissed you again, tears finally of happiness rolling down both your cheeks.

“Ahhh the love birds, finally together after what, 8 months?”

“That is correct Ashton” he says into the mic, the crowd erupting with applause.

“So cute” Michael remarks.

“Good job boys” Calum says, you and the rest of the boys laughing openly now


“About that…”

“So after last nights show, I had this brilliant idea. I knew you needed to see her, and she needed to see you, so I came up with this plan. Basically, we got her to come out here and surprise you”

“Awwww” the crowd erupts again

“You know usually I don’t like surprises, but I think I’m totally ok with this one” he says, giving you a small kiss on the lips again. You look over and see that you’re being waved off stage. You frown and look at Luke, knowing he had to get back to his show.

“I’ll see you after?”

“Absolutely” Luke says. You walk off stage to the tune of applause, watching Luke have his best performance you’d ever seen, from back stage. The second after they finished the show, Luke had already grabbed you in his arms, kissing you deeply

“I missed you”

“You already said that” he says, planting his lips on yours again. You went back to the boys dressing room, helping them back up to go back to the hotel room. You rode in the same car with them, Luke’s arm draped around your shoulder the whole time. You hit a lot of traffic, but you honestly didn’t mind. You couldn’t have asked for anything more in that moment; you finally got to see Luke, and you were surrounded by some of your best friends, catching up since the last 8 months that you truly saw each other.

When you got back to the hotel, Michael kindly volunteered to sleep in Calum and Ashton’s room to give you two some alone time.

“Just don’t get too rowdy, we are only separated by a paper thin wall”

“We’ll try” Luke says before closing the door. Obviously you missed Luke emotionally, but you missed him physically as well. Like you said before, Skyping and texting just was not the same. But even so, you were still happy to be alone with Luke, just acknowledging that the other was actually there in the same room. You both changed into something more comfortable before cuddling up in bed together

“I think I missed this the most” you say, resting your head against his chest, his arms wrapped strongly around you, legs intertwined .

“I missed this too” he says, kissing your forehead. You sat like that for a while, in the happiest silence you’ve ever encountered. And then you just talked for a while; about school, about work, recording their new album, everything. In this moment, you had everything you wanted and more.

“You know what I think I might have missed a little more than this right here?” He says, his fingers crawling up your stomach

“I think I have an idea” you say, immediately attaching your lips to his. He licks your bottom lip, asking for an entrance you gladly give him. He starts rubbing up and down your thigh, effectively turning you on more than you already were. You tug at the bottom of his shirt, stopping your heated kiss only so he could take it off. He flips you onto your back, now tugging at your shirt which you happily take off. He paws at your breasts over your bra, which he eventually takes off and continues to massage them. A small moan escapes into your kiss, causing Luke to smile. He then moves his kisses down to your neck as your hands are running through his hair. The harder you felt him get, the more turned on you were. You reach down and rub him through his sweats, causing him to moan lowly.

“Y/N” he says, his voice low and happy


“No teasing.. Please. We’ve been apart for so long, I just need you. We can save the rest for later”

“Absolutely” you say, tugging down his sweats so he could kick them off. He reaches down and takes off your pants and underwear in one swift motion, leaving you naked under the sheets. You pulled his underwear down, both of you finally naked. Luke positioned himself above you, his hard tip teasing your entrance.

“You ready?” He asks

“More than ready”

He pushes into you slowly, giving you time to get used to him. Once you were ready, he began thrusting faster, sweat forming just above his eyebrow. Your hands were scratching down his back, a mix of moaning, curses and each other’s names came from both of you. You felt your high begin to approach as you felt him twitch inside of you, his thrusts going sloppier and his moans louder

“I’m close” he says, rather out of breathe

“Me too” you say, your body close to exploding. He had you squirming beneath him with pleasure as he came. That pushed you over the edge, making you do the same as you screamed out his name. Luke pulled out and collpaed next to you, both of you trying to catch your breathe

“You’re so beautiful” he says, still breathing heavily. You smile and give him a small kiss

“Never again will I leave you for that long”

“Never again”

Thank you for your incredible feedback on part one. I hope you enjoyed part two as well :)

You're in a Secret Relationship

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MICHAEL- “Hey babe.” You say into the phone. “What color are you wearing to the award show? I want to match you." 

"Um, about that… I don’t think you should join us. I don’t think it will give the band the best image.” He tries to put it lightly.

“Oh…” You say. 

“It’s nothing personal, It’s just… I don’t think that me dating someone will be a good thing, you know how some fans are.” He laughs. 

“Yeah. I do know.” You reply, trying to keep your tears from spilling. 

“Don’t worry, though, I’m pretty sure that you can come to the practice, no fans there.” Michael says.

“Are you ashamed of me?” You ask, your voice cracking.

“What? No! Where did you get that from?” You can hear the hesitance in his voice.

“Um, I figured because we’ve only been together in public once, and when someone questioned it, you automatically said that I was just a friend.” You accuse him.

“I’’m not ready for us to be together in public…” Michael excuses.

“Yeah, well I’m not prepared to be in a relationship with someone who can’t fucking appreciate me. We are done.” You whisper. Dammit, you were going to cry.

“Don’t do this.” Michael complains.

“It’s done.” You say and you hang up the phone. 

:-) :-) 

CALUM- “I just can’t take you.” Calum complains as you guys sit on his couch.

“Why not?” You ask.

“Because, it will be bad for our image!” He exclaims, turning towards you.

“Oh, so I’m bad for your image?” You ask, laughing. 

“Yes, you aren’t necessarily the nicest or politest, and you don’t even know how to act properly.” Calum snorts as you grab a handful of popcorn. 

“Wow.” You frown. “I thought you liked me…” You say as you drop the popcorn.

“I do!” Calum reassures you and rubs your arm.

“Really, didn’t seem like it.” You snort.

“Well, I just think I should take someone who will act a little… better.” He says hesitantly.

“Now you’re taking someone else?” You laugh bitterly. Wow.

“Well, yeah.” He shrugs.

“I’m fucking done with you.” You mutter and get off the couch, walking up the stairs.

“Oh, come on, Y/N!” He shouts after you.

“Why don’t we just admit we are together?” You ask, turning around.

“Because, you know how judgemental fans can be… I don’t want you to get hurt.” He says as he takes a step closer to you. You shake your head and continue your way up the stairs.

“I already was. By you.” You mutter before shutting yourself in your bedroom.

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LUKE- “Which dress looks better?” You ask your boyfriend, Luke. You had been dating for only a month, but he had invited you to meet his bandmates at the award show tonight. 

“Um, the red one.” He grins at you, his teeth biting at his lip ring.

“Hm…” You say as you debate against the two, looking in a mirror and holding them close to your body.

“What about this one?” You ask, holding up a blue one.

“Definitely that one.” Luke says, nodding his head in appreciation. You smile and look at the price tag. You can afford it, you shrug.

“So, what time should I be ready by?” You ask Luke as you guys walk to the cash register.

“Um…” He says as he checks his phone, right as he gets a text message.

“Hm?” You ask as he mutters something.

“Uh, you can’t go.” He murmurs again.

“What? Why?” You demand.

“Um, my band thinks I should wait a bit longer before bringing you into public, I agree.” He says.

“Seriously?” You ask.

“Yeah, it’s just a really big night for us, so… ” He tries to lighten the mood by smiling.

“To think I was about to buy this dress.” You glare at him, banging the dress down onto the counter.

“Wait.” But you were already gone.

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ASHTON- “I can’t believe you!” You shout as you look at Ashton.

“I’m sorry, it’s just none of the other boys are bringing dates and I’m afraid that our relationship will be out in the open.” Ashton says, trying to get your forgiveness.

“Wow, that’s a fucking great excuse.” You snort and Ashton sighs.

“If it would’ve been this big of a deal, I wouldn’t have invited you in the first place.” He murmurs.

“God, you are such a dick.” You exclaim, throwing your hands into the air you start to pace around you. “I can’t believe you.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just think that you would kind of… make us look… weird.”

“How would I make us look weird?” You ask.

“Well, one girl with four guys.” He says, trying to tell you something.

“Wow, now you think I’m a slut.” You laugh bitterly and sit down on the couch.

“No! That’s not what I meant.” He tries to reassure.

“I don’t care.” You mutter.

“I just, thought that you would prefer to watch from the inside of your hateless house. You know what people will say if you are seen with us.” Ashton says.

“You’re right. I don know. Good thing I’m never seeing you again.” You grumble. “Get out” Ashton tries to stop you as you stomp to your bedroom.

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I hope you guys like this, I will be posting part two of this, ‘He Takes a Fans Side’ and 'You Like Him, He Likes Someone Else’. 

The First Time He Says "I love you"

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You were both cleaning the kitchen after dinner and you were trying to get something off a pan when Ashton came up and tucked a loose hair behind your ear. “You look so beautiful doing anything I love you so much.”  He said kissing your cheek.


He was very nervous because he knew he was going to finally tell you he loves you officially and finally you ask him why he is being so weird and he just blurts out “I love you so much I can hardly express it but I’m afraid you aren’t ready to say things like that yet so I’m so worried but I also love you to much to not say it and IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY.”


It sort of just came out one night while you were both eating dinner listening to some music.  "I don’t think I’ve ever felt this comfortable around someone y/n, I love you.“  You both were shocked by the words but he stood by what he said.


Calum thought you fell asleep while you both were cuddling in bed and he softly whispered "I love you so much y/n.”  You smiled really wide, still half asleep “I heard you Calum, don’t worry I love you too.”  You said and he pulled you in even closer as you fell asleep.

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Hiii! Really like the way you write :) Just wondering, could you do a preference of them being blind? Thanks in advance xx

I feel so late, but let me tell you, I thought this request was pretty cute! alright, leggo :D


“Watch where you’re going Clifford.” A student said shoving him in the hall. “Oh wait, he can’t.” Another student said. Michael dropped his cane and blindly punched the student who made that remark. Although it was expected that he would lose, he still was capable of bruising one of of the student’s eyes and giving the other a bloody nose. You watched as school security broke the boys up. You could still remember the first time you met Michael, you weren’t friends, but you knew his name and he knew yours. The first time you met him was not your fondest memory, only because that was the last time he was able to see anything. Michael wasn’t always blind, he had working eyes, and he had a big social group of friends, but to think that because of that one party his life changed. It was a big Halloween party that your friend convinced you to go to, you weren’t the party type but you thought it beat staying home alone. You quietly watched everyone have a good time, your friend eventually ditched you for her boyfriend to dance with everyone to some up beat song. “Not having a good time?” Michael asked. “Parties aren’t really my thing.” You said and he glanced at your friend then back at you, “let me guess, you got ditched?” He asked and you chuckled thinking that your situation was pathetic. Michael went to the side making a drink and giving you the red cup, “I don’t drink.” You said. “I could probably tell, don’t worry, it’s fruit punch.” He says and you take a sip wincing a bit. “Ah, well it was fruit punch, someone must have spiked it.” He said and offered to take the cup away. You said it was fine and continued to take small sips. You and Michael had a pretty nice chat until one of his friends came up to him saying they were gonna ditch the party and have fun somewhere else. “Uhm, I’m sorry….. Uh?” “(Y/N), and it’s okay, you can go.” You said smiling reassuringly. “It was nice talking to you, we should do it again sometime.” He said before leaving. Those were the last words Michael ever said to you, then the next day you found out he was in a car accident. You found that the accident costed him his eyes while his friends got away with broken bones, apparently the one driving was drunk and crashed into the intersection. Since that day everyone treated Michael differently, you could heal broken bones, but not damaged eyes. “H-Hey Michael.” You said to him as he sat in the bleachers in the football field. “What do you want, just go away.” He said bitterly. “…. You know, we are overdue a conversation.” You said and he doesn’t respond. “Who are you?” “(Y/N)…” “…. Listen, you don’t need to give me your sympathy.” “I’m not giving you sympathy, I just want to have a conversation with you.” “I can’t see you.” He says and you chuckle, “since when does talking require eye contact.” “Uh, in school and jobs?” he says smiling slightly. “Well, with me it doesn’t….. So, talk to me Michael.” You said. He hesitated for a moment then smiled. He faced the direction you were sitting, “Okay, how are you (Y/N)?” He asks. You smiled and answered, and continued to keep the conversation going. It was a start of your close friendship, and Michael could use a friend.


You were taking a morning jog into the park and blasting music from your iPod. You started to slow down a bit when you saw a dog rush up and circle around you. You let out a small laugh and took the ear buds out of your ears. “Hey there buddy.” You said squatting down to pet him. “Aren’t you a good boy?” You said cooing at him before looking around. “Where is your owner buddy?” You asked and the dog stiffened a bit looking around. You looked up to see a boy calling the dogs name, you thought it was weird because he was only a few feet away and his dog was right in front of him. “Uhm, hey, is this your dog?” You asked and  he stopped walking. “Uh, yeah.” He said and the dog ran to him circling around him. He smiles and squats down feeling for the collar and hooking him up to a leash. “Really bud, I let you out to play for a bit and you leave me blind and stranded.” He said giving out a small chuckle and petting the dog’s head. “He’s really adorable.” You said and he looks up at you. “Oh, did you find him? Thanks by the way. Uh, I’m Calum.” He says. “(Y/N).” You said introducing yourself. “Uh, I’m not really what you were doing, but I hope he didn’t bother you.” He says. “Oh no, it’s fine. I was just on a jog. It’s totally fine, I like dogs.” You said babbling a bit and Calum smiled finding that a bit cute. “I like em too, this guy has been with me for a really long time.” He said standing up, “not really since birth, more like when I kept misplacing my cane.” “Do you hate being blind?” You asked hoping it wasn’t offensive, “okay, maybe that was a stupid question, I mean-” “It’s fine, and yeah sometimes I hate it, but I hear that people have a deeper understanding when they can’t see….” “That is deep.” You said smiling. “It really sucks though, I really do wish I could see what’s around me, like the sky or this park…. Or this girl that I’m talking to right now….” He says grinning slightly. “Well aren’t you smooth.” “I try.” He says chuckling a bit, “well I should let you continue your jog.” “Yeah, thanks Calum, but …. I really liked talking to you too. If you come by the park tomorrow again-” “I will.” He says smiling. “I’ll see you then… Bye.” You said before petting his dog one more time and continuing your work out.


It has been 2 months and your boyfriend Ashton still hasn’t gotten used to the fact that he is now blind. His eye health wasn’t really the best, the damage started out small but eventually grew to a big problem in a short amount of time. One morning he just woke up unable to see and the change seemed irreversible. “Ash… Your mom is worried for you, I’m worried for you.” “What is the point on doing anything? You can’t do anything when you can’t see.” He says before covering up under the sheets. You sigh and lay beside him, “you can still do things, you have your arms and your legs, you can still move and do something… Stop being moody, I want you to eat, I want you to get up your feet.” You said getting under the covers and moving his hands from hiding his face. “I don’t want to do anything (Y/N)…. I really don’t.” He said hugging you and burying his face into the hug. “It’s going to take time, what do you expect?” You said calmly and drew circles on his back. “It’s just… What is the use of doing anything when I can’t see the new movies, new books or comics, watch my brother’s fifa games…. Seeing your face.” He says with his voice cracking. You wiped a stray tear and kissed his forehead, “do you still remember how I look?” “Yeah, I try so hard to never forget (Y/N), but what if I do one day?” “Well, we both know that love isn’t entirely based on looks right?…. Just remember my voice or the feeling of when we hold hands…. Don’t forget that ever.” You say pushing his hair back out of his face. He smiles at you before kissing you, “it’s going to be a bit difficult finding your lips you know.” He says and you chuckle before sitting up, “good, now get up. We are gonna try and get you back on your feet, starting with food.” You say taking his hand and leading him out of his room.


Luke is a new student and just transferred 2 weeks into the new school year. You heard that he was very musically gifted and was pretty excited for the homecoming assembly. One thing you didn’t expect was that Luke was blind. The school was taken back the fact that he had dark shades covering his eyes and having a guitar hanging from his shoulders. None of you meant to be mean, but you were all just curious how he was going to perform if he couldn’t see. Luke felt the frets of his guitar and when he found his spot he began to strum. He sang his song accurately without messing up, letting the frets of his guitar guide him. You watched him so mesmerized and was completely speechless as everyone cheered for him at the end. After that day everyone started complimenting Luke and getting to know him. Within a short amount of time he had a group of friends and became somewhat popular. You admit, you wanted to be his friend too, but you felt that social statuses would get in the way of that. One day at school you decided to head to your next class early, it was music and to your surprise Luke was there by himself practicing a long. He stopped when he heard the door open. “Sorry-” “Oh no, I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in here.” You said. Luke chuckles a bit looking at your direction, “do you want me to leave? I can if you need the room.” He says. “Oh no, it’s fine, I just wanted to come to class early is all.” You said before setting you bag on the floor and prepping your music binder. “You have this class?” “Yeah.” “What instrument do you play?” “Ah, I’m actually in the teacher’s choir class so I sing.” You said and he smiles. “Could you sing something for me?” He asks smiling. “No way, not after your performance at homecoming. You’re really good.” You said and he scoffs. “I bet you’re just as good.” He says. You looked at him feeling a little flustered, “I’m sorry, I don’t sing to strangers.” “Okay then, I’m Luke, what’s your name?” You let out a small laugh, “(Y/N).” “See, now we aren’t strangers. Now, can you sing something for me?” He asks again and you sighed. “Okay…. What do you want me to sing?” You asked. “Hmm… Do you know this song?” He says and strums out a few chords. You noticed the song he was playing and hummed a bit before actually singing out the words. The both of your smiling and becoming friends over common music taste.

A/N: I hope this is okay? I’m sorry I’m late Anon and I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were expecting, but either way I hope you liked this :D Specifically Michael and Ashton’s one gave me major feels. Thank you again for your request!!!


Sick Michael

              It was 3:30 in the morning when you woke up and realized that your boyfriend Michael wasn’t lying next to you anymore. You got up groggily, calling out his name. You heard him make a quiet noise coming from the brightly lit bathroom. He didn’t sound right at all, you could tell something was wrong. You poked your head around the corner to see Michael hunched over the toilet seat. The color was drained from his face and his eyes were glistening with tears.

            “Oh, Mikey. What’s wrong?” You ask as you lean down next to him. He sighs and tries to speak, but his voice barely reaches above a whisper.

            “I’ve been throwing up for hours. I’ve never felt sicker in my life. Everything hurts.” He says, tears filling his eyes again. When he’s sick, it’s like he falls apart. Throwing up is truly one of his biggest fears. You reach forward and wipe his cheeks with your sleeve, even though they’re already so tear stained that it doesn’t make a difference.

            “Do you think you’re gonna throw up again, sweetheart?” You ask gently. He shakes his head softly before trying to get up and failing, nearly falling back to the floor.

            “I just want to lie in bed” he whines at you. You stand up slowly and grab him from underneath the arms, supporting his weight for the small walk back to the bed. He’s practically limp, his whole body is weak. You lay him down in bed, propping him up with a few pillows.

            “I’m going to go get some stuff for you, okay? I’ll be back in just a minute. If you need me, scream my name.” You say, even though you know he can hardly speak that loud. You exit the room in a seemingly calm fashion, but once you’re at the stairs, you try not to cry. It killed you seeing Michael so small and in pain. He’s the toughest person you know and when he’s sick, you worry until you nearly go crazy. When you get to the kitchen, you start preparing a few things for him. A tray of saltine crackers, a few bottles of ginger ale that you have lying around, a glass of ice water, and his favorite movie. You make your way back up the stairs and find Michael lying in bed the same way you left him. He lets out a slight smile when he sees you come through the door with his tray of things. You set everything up on the bedside table next to him and put on his movie. You make your way on the bed, filling up the empty space next to him. You sit up, with your back up against the headboard and he moves around in the bed, placing his head in your lap and curling his body up.

            “I love you, you know.” You mumble as you begin to run your fingers through his dyed hair. He loved getting his hair played with and you could feel a slight shiver run through his body.

            “I love you too, gorgeous. I wish I wasn’t sick so that I could kiss you right now.” He laughs weakly as he turns his head to look at you. His beautiful green eyes are sparkling more than usual because of the crying.

            “Watch your movie, Mike. You need your sleep.” You started playing with his hair again and it took no time before his breathing got louder and he had drifted off to sleep.

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This is Gospel by Panic! at the Disco [MICHAEL]

If you love me let me go

If you love me let me go

You were starting to get worried. Michael wasn’t home, he wouldn’t answer his phone and he wouldn’t reply to your text messages. You were pretty sure you had already left him over 30 texts and he still wouldn’t answer back. You called all of his bandmates to ask them if they had seen him but none of them knew where he was. You didn’t know where to look for him. If he wasn’t at home where could he be?

You decided to drive around town but he was nowhere. You called him once again and this time he picked up his phone.

“Michael, where are you?” You asked.

“Why have you been calling me all day?” He asked, ignoring your question. His voice sounded weak like he had been crying for a long time.

“Because I was worried about you. You weren’t answering your phone or replying to my messages.” You kept quiet for some time until you finally asked. “Have you been crying?”

He didn’t say anything, the only thing that was heard on the other side was his breathing.

“Michael, have you been crying?” You asked again.

“I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough for you.” Michael said. “If you love me let me go.”

He hung up the phone, leaving you confused.

Cause these words are knives

That often leave scars

You drove to his house and knocked on the door repeatedly.

“I’m not going to leave until you open the door, Michael.” You screamed, knowing he was listening. “I just want to talk.”

After a few minutes of knocking, Michael finally opened the door. His eyes were bloodshot and his cheeks were stained with tears. You immediately wrapped your arms around him and hugged him tighter. He carefully wrapped his around you too and you held him as he cried on your shoulder again.

“What happened, babe?” You asked in a low tone but when you looked over his shoulder you could see his twitter account open and the words #MichaelCliffordisworthless on the search bar and you instantly knew what was going on. He had been reading mean tweets.

You pulled away from the hug.

“Michael, look at me.” He obeyed and you looked deep into his eyes.

“Maybe they’re right, (y/n). I am worthless.”

You shook your head. “You know what? Forget all those mean tweets. Forget everything you’ve read. Forget everything you’ve seen with that hashtag. Because everything those people said is wrong. You are not worthless. You mean so much to your family, to your bandmates and to your fans. You mean so much to me. You’re one of the most incredible people I’ve ever met and I’m not saying it because I’m trying to be nice. I’m saying it because it’s true. I love you more than anyone in this world and I’ll never let you go.”

I cupped his face and kissed him. I felt his cold tears on my own cheeks too but I knew that he was crying of happiness and not because of those terrible tweets anymore.

This is the beat of my heart, this is the beat of my heart

You two were lying on the floor and Michael had fallen asleep. Your head was resting on his chest and you could hear his heartbeat. You were thankful for that little heart that was beating inside of him. He was alive and nothing made you happier. He might haven’t realized how important he is to you yet, but you know that one day he will.

Don’t try to sleep through the end of the world

And bury me alive

‘Cause I won’t give up without a fight

A few months had passed and every day, you would make sure Michael felt loved. He needed love and he needed the reassurance of someone being there to take care of him. That person was you.

Michael was stronger. He seemed more confident in himself. Even though the tweets he would read online would still hurt him, you knew they didn’t hurt as much as they did in the past. Your mission was complete.

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I know this is not the true story of this song, but this is just the way I saw it.

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Preference #6: You are in a serious accident

AshtonHis P.O.V.

Today was the day. The day were i ask the love of my life to marry me. To be mine and only mine. Forever. I been planning this for basically 3 months now to be honest and i wouldve asked earlier but i couldnt. I couldnt because i was scared. Scared that y/n would say no. Yea we might of been together for atleast 4 years now but still. Its just to hard to imagine being without Y/n as cheesy as it sounds. I got out of my room all dressed nice and ready to go to mine and y/n date and made my way downstairs. As i was walking down the stairs, i decided on calling Y/n to make sure she’s ready. I walked over to my phone which i placed it on the coffee table when i finished talking to the boys that i was finally going to propose to y/n. They were all happy for me. I grabbed my phone and realize i have 3 missed calls. One from y/n and two from an unknown. Confused, i called y/n but i went straight to voice mail which got me even more confused. Y/n always answers my calls. I then decided on calling y/n again but then a unknown number called. I debated on answering but i decided on doing so. Could be important. “Hello?” I ask as i brought the phone by my ear. I walked over to the small counter top separating the kitchen and living room, grabbing my keys as a male voice started speaking. “Is this Ashton Fletcher Iriwin?” I stopped mid air on grabbing my keys. I stared up ahead of me confused. “Yes? Who’s this?” I ask. “I am here to inform you that y/n y/l/n was in a accident 15 minutes ago.” I widen my eyes.”What?” I asked. “How is she? Where is she?” I ask. “She’s in Royal Adelaide hospital and she has bad injuries right now. We are not sure if she’ll make it.” I quickly grabbed my keys and turned off all the lights. “I’m coming!” I then hanged up and made my way to my car, ready to drive to the hospital. Finally making it, i parked the car and rushed myself inside to see Y/n family around. I gulped nervously when i noticed that they were all crying. “No..” I whispered to myself. Y/n mother noticed me and walked up to me, wrapping her arms around me. “She cant..” I whispered onto her shoulder tears threatening to fall. She pulled away from me and frowned as more tears fell from each other eyes now. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. I shook my head and pulled out the small box that i have no idea what i will do now with it. Opening it to reveal the diamond ring making y/n mother gasp and cry even more. I stare at the ring through tears. “Why?” 

Calum: (Btw, i know his birthday passed but just stick with it)

“Babe! I have to go!” I said into the phone. I was currently going to Calum mom house, Joy, to talk about the surprise party we were planning on Calum. But Calum thinks im just going for lunch. Calum sighed. “Fine. I’ll see you soon gorgeous. 2 more weeks till i see you.” I smiled as i put on my boots. “Yea, i’ll you too soon handsome. Bye, love you.” “Love you too babe.” We then both hanged up, already missing his voice. I grabbed my car keys from the hanger and walked towards my car. I reversed it  and drove away. After what seems five minutes later, i got a phone call. Fighting in my head if i should answer, i grabbed it, still driving, and answer without seeing the caller I.D. “Hello?” I ask turning a corner on a street. “Babe?” “Calum? Whats wrong? Isnt it 2 in the morning there in LA?” I ask as i stopped at a stop sign then looked both ways. I continued driving when there was no cars. “Yea i know but i wanted to ask you something!” I sigh slightly closing my eyes. “babe, you have to sleep. You nee-” But before i could continue, pain shoot everywhere in my body with darkness took over me. Next day: 
“Wake up soon y/n, please wake up…” I heard someone whisper and i instantly knew that voice. It was Calum. I tried to speak, but my mouth didnt dare move or no sound came out. I tried moving but i couldnt. As if my body had no energy in it. “Calum, i think you should get slee-” I heard a voice, which i think was Luke, tell Calum but he was quickly interrupted. “No Luke, i need to stay! What if y/n wakes up?” “Then we’ll cal-” “Damnit guys!” Calum said this time interrupting Ashton. “I need to stay with her. I need her to know im here…” He whispered, feeling his caressing my cheek. I then, with all my might, tried to speak. “Calum..” I heard myself say, still feeling numb. Then i heard gasps. “Shes awake!” I heard Calum yell with happiness. I then felt two large hands cupping my cheeks and a pair of lips kissing mines. I instantly smiled and tried putting my hand on his cheek which thankfully i did. I finally had energy in me. Calum pulled away when i fluttered my eyes open to see him smiling at me, tears threatening to fall. “Oh baby..” I whispered wiping the tears that fell under his eyes. “Oh my god, i was so scared for you..” He whispered and by now, the boys were now gone. “Dont worry, nothing is going to happen.” I whispered kissing his forehead. “But you were almost gone..” He whispered frozen, trying to process what he just said. I pecked his lips and whispered against them “Your not getting rid of me babe, i wont let it happen.”


I look around the studio, confused on seeing the boys but not Michael here. “Boys?” I ask. Luke, Ashton, and Calum smiled at me. “Hey y/n, what are you doing here?” Calum asked fixing his guitar turning peg. I gave him a confused face. “I thought he was here…” It was their turn to look at me confused. “Really? Well, he isnt here. Not that ive seen him. Boys?” Luke ask the others which cause them to shake their heads confused. I nodded still confused. “Oh, okay then. Thank you though. Bye boys!” I said waving goodbye to them as they did too. I made my way out, into the car and drove home. While the drive home, i was really confused why Michael wasnt at the studio when he said earlier he was going. Would he be lying to me? I shook my head as i turn my the corner to out apartment, to reveal Michael car in the driveway and a unknown one beside it. It was a small beatle car which got me even more confused. There something wrong… Parking my car, i got out and walked inside leaving my bag there. I open the car and was about to yell out Michael name but stopped when i already his voice. “Babe, dont worry about it, she’s nothing to me.” I gasped quietly not wanting Michael to hear it. “Oh yea? Then when are you going to finish her? I want to be with you Mikey.” A female voice was hear. I gulped nervously as tears were already falling down. I made my way to the living room to see a girl on Michael lap, kissing each other faces. I coughed getting their attention. Michael eyes widen when he saw me, regret and guilty clearly shown as the girl just had a stupid smirk on her face. How much i wanted to slap it off her cake up face. I smiled at Michael through tears. “Having fun there arent ya Mikey?” I said. Michael just remained silence for a minute before he said “Im sor-” I shook my head stopping him. “Dont you fucking dare say ‘im sorry’ Michael. And honey?” I ask to the girl who continued sitting on Michael lap, a sweet smile on her face. “This bastard is all yours.” I then turned around hearing her gasp. I got in the car, hearing Michael now yelling my name. “Y/n! Y/n wait!” I reveresed and muttered ‘fuck.’ when Michael also got into his car, reveresed it, and started following me. Thankfully the roads were clear of cars since it was already night. I pushed the pedal harder, getting more speed and glancing at the rear view mirror making sure i get lost of Michael but he was still there, engine running behind me. I then made a turn, which was a big mistake. Headlights blinding me first thing with the sound of beeps repeatedly sounding was the only thing i witnessed. Hardly hearing Michael yell “Y/n!”


His P.O.V. “Lukeeee.” “What Michael?” “Let’s play some FIFA!” I shook my head at him continuing waiting for y/n to text back which was taking a while. I was getting worried to be honest…. “Why not? Your just staring at the stupid phone everyday.” I rolled my eyes putting my phone inside my pocket and muttering “look who saying it.” I was about to get up to the kitchen when suddenly my phone starting ringing. I grabbed it and see it’s my mum. I answered and brought the phone into my ear. “Hey mum.” I said smiling. “Baby…” She whimpered making me frown. “Mum?” I asked confused. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Y/n…” I got more confused. “Y/n?” Mum started crying as Michael was looking at me confused. “Mum, what’s wrong with y/n?” I heard her take deep breath and say “she’s in the hospital…” “What!?” I yelled out causing Michael to flinch. “She got in a car accident by a drunk driver sweetie…” “What hospital?” I ask quickly making Michael stare at me shock. “Kaiden mill hospital.” “I’m coming.” I said hanging up and grabbing my jacket, Michael following me. “Hospital? Is everything okay?” He ask. “Y/n. Hospital.” With that, both me and Michael left to the hospital. Finally making it, we quickly went inside and found my mum sitting on the chair waiting room. “Mum? Where’s y/n!?” I ask quickly running up to her. “Room 147.” She said and I quickly ran my way to her room. I didn’t notice Michael decided to stay by the time I was already in front of the door, y/n’s door. I grabbed the handle and turned it, opening it and entering it. I gulped at the view. Different wires were literally attached on her…. I gulped and made my way beside her, I grabbed her hand and gently kissed it. “Oh y/n…” I whispered… The only sound audible was the beeping of her beating heart. I grabbed a chair and sat down by her, tears falling. I took a shaky breath when I suddenly felt a hand squeeze mine. I smile at y/n sadly, then leaned onto kiss her forehead. “How are you feeling?” I ask. She shrugged. “Good, better if you lay here with me….” She whispered but I shook my head. “I can’t, I’ll hurt you.” I whispered more tears falling down. “Like right now… Your hurt and i wasn’t there to protect you…” It was y/n turn to shake her head. “Come please.” “But-” “Please?” She ask making the puppy face I could never say no to. I sigh and nodded, laying down beside her, making sure not to hurt her. I kissed her forehead, wrapping my arms around her. “I’m so sorry…” I whispered. “Don’t be please…” She whispered. “Nobody couldn’t stop him.” She whispered caressing my cheek. I hide my face against her head, kissing it. “But-” “Shh, please just, stay here with me.” I sighed moving my face to hers and kissing her lips. “I love you… So much.”
You Suck- M.C.

“So Michael, what do you think of Abigail Breslin’s song, You Suck? I mean, it is about you, right?” An interviewer asked Michael towards the end of an interview. Michael felt his stomach drop at the question.

“Yeah, it kind of does point to me, doesn’t it?” Michael chuckled a bit. “When I first heard it, I was really surprised, because I’ve not talked to her in a year,” Michael explained.

“We all found it very odd,” Ashton added.

“So, you just laughed it off, then?” Michael nodded, knowing that what he just said was a total lie. When he had first figured out that the song was about him, he did feel a bit hurt. A lot of things that the song talked about made him feel insecure, but he chose not to tell his bandmates. For the rest of the interview, Michael stayed fairly quiet, not letting the song escape his mind. Once the interview was over, the boys thanked the host, then began to make their way to the bus. Michael went on first, and went right to the back room.

“Guys, I think something is wrong with Michael,” Luke observed, once Michael was out of earshot.

“What do you think it is?” Calum asked in reply.

“I think it has to do with Abigail’s song. He got pretty quiet once that got brought up,” Ashton suggested.

“Good point. Let’s go check on him,” Luke replied. The three boys made their way to the back of the bus. Once they got there, they saw Michael, sitting on the couch, silently scrolling through his phone.

“Mike?” Calum said into the silence. Michael looked up, but didn’t say anything.

“Mike, are you alright?” Luke asked. Michael shook his head. The three boys sat down around Michael.

“What is it, mate?” Ashton asked.

“It’s stupid, don’t worry about it,” Michael said quietly.

“Mike, please tell us, we want to help you,” Ashton explained. Michael took a deep breath before speaking.

“In the interview, you know how I said that Abigail’s song didn’t bother me?” The three boys nodded. “Well, it sort of did,” Michael paused for a second. “I know that I shouldn’t care, but some of the stuff she said made me feel insecure. It’s pathetic, I know,” Michael said, sounding embarrassed.

“Michael, that’s not pathetic. She did say some really hurtful things in that song,” Luke replied.

“But why do I care now? I haven’t even talked to her in a year,” Michael added.

“Because, Luke is right, she did say some toxic, destructive things that shouldn’t have been said,” Ashton explained.

“I mean, I did laugh at a lot of it, but some stuff really hurt, like the part about the scar above my eye. I knew that thing was ugly,” Michael said in a defeated tone. Ever since he’d gotten that scar, it had made him feel pretty insecure.

“No it’s not, Michael. In fact, it makes you look the most punk rock out of all of us,” Calum pointed out, making a small smile appear on Michael’s face.

“Don’t give that song a second thought. Abigail clearly just wanted to pull a Taylor Swift. It’s not even a good song, look how many dislikes it already has,” Luke said, handing Michael his phone.

“More than half are dislikes,” Michael said, thinking out loud.

“Look at this, too. The fans started a hashtag for you on Twitter,” Ashton said, now giving Michael his phone. Michael saw a bunch of tweets saying how great he was, all with # weloveyoumichael.

“Thank you guys so much. I honestly don’t know why I let such a stupid song affect me this much,”

“It’s a pretty toxic song, mate. You do clearly have s hater, but you have so many more people who love you,” Calum said.

“Yeah, I do. Thanks guys,” Michael smiled, then pulled his bandmates into a group hug.