some of the stuff people say about hook

Exo reaction to a short, curvy, shy black girl.

kai finally takes the chance to talk to you after hyping himself up for like 2 hours “the name is jongin and i will be your new boyfriend” 

chanyeol notice how shy you looked and just casually sends you smiles and wave when everytime he passes you.

baekhyun isnt one to shy away from a great opprotunity sooo “whenever you need help just find me and i can show you around”

chen breaks into some serous staring time. like hard staring. one can only guess what thoughts are behind those eyes

lay turn into a lady killer out of fucking nowhere “im lay and you must be caroline” (get it. the song?)

xiumin continuously tries to get peeks at you then after a while gets caught

sehun was hooked on you from first sight. if you weren’t his type he didn’t know what was

Kyungsoo just wants to know your name, show you around, get a number, few dates, nothing big.

suho comes off very friendly and nice and sweet and all that other nice stuff people say about suho. (sorry im like really sleepy at this ponit)

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May I request some wisdom? Im just not into hooking up and macking on people or whatever. How does one navigate the dating scene if youre just not interested in sexual intimacy, but youd be open to dating? Also. I dont think ive ever told you that your relationship with wizzard gives me a lot reassurance that being asexual doesnt mean solitude forever.

All right, lemme start by saying it has been a long ass time since I’ve…”dated?” My MO since about the age of 19 has been to make a really good friend, and then turn to them and be like, “So…you wanna? Be a thing? You know? Us?”

This works great, because your really good friend already knows how you feel about sexual higgledy-piggledy. They’ve probably been thinking about Being A Thing with you for a while, too, and they’ve worked ‘we’re not gonna bone down, at least not in a conventional sense’ into their math. Very likely, they have dropped some Big Hints about whether or not they’d be okay with that. Like, you’ve been talking about your sexuality with them over a glass of wine late one night, and they’ve blushed and avoided your eyes and tried really hard to sound cool and like they’re not talking about you, or anyone, really, in particular, and said, “I mean, I’m sure that’d be a problem for a lot of people, but for me personally, you know…if I really cared about somebody…and like, wanted to be with them…like, we’d figure something out. I’d be willing to give that up. You know. To be with somebody I really…really cared about.” And then they look into your eyes soulfully and longingly and gulp down their wine too fast and then make a weak joke in an attempt to change the subject before they say something they can’t take back.

I have had almost this exact conversation with four different people, and I went on to have long-term, meaningful romantic relationships with all of them. I cannot overstate how fucking good at this I am. I am the allosexual whisperer.

So I guess my advice is don’t date. Dating comes with a lot of sexual expectations, and busting out “just so we’re on the same page, I’m probably not gonna want you to put anything inside of me, ever” is not a closer. Just make friends. Make friends with people you could see yourself maybe having a deep and ultimately romantic connection with. You can still go out to movies, get dinner together, have drinks and cuddle on the couch and get thrillingly too-affectionate: you know, all the dating stuff. Some of them will be more open to the idea of being in a relationship with an asexual person than others. So long as everyone’s being sensitive and honest about each other’s needs, you’ll find someone.

But if you want to have the more traditional dating experience…accept that these are going to be very short relationships? Most people in ‘the dating scene’ are looking to get laid. You might get two or three dates before you need to cut them loose with a “let’s just be friends,” and the odds of ever hearing from them again after that are low.

Good luck out there.

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Day 1 of official season 7 stuff and anti CS are already making themselves look stupid. Some fool went and edited Adaliade Kane's wikipedia page to say "known for playing Captain Hook's new love interest in Once Upon season 7." I can't with these people. Anyone can edit a wiki page, come on. Nobody is going to buy that (although my stomach did drop when I first read it).

Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Oh boy … I am amused that someone took time out of their day to go and do that bur hey, people have to get their kicks somewhere, right?

I don’t think we need to worry about that … first, she’s a recurring character, not a regular … and second, I think A&E have been under fire a lot recently so in the highly unlikely chance that they would ever have a new love interest for Hook I think they would find someone who wasn’t a decade younger than him.  

Finally watched the Sherlock is Garbage video. And like, he’s not wrong. I find it amusing how upset he is about the Fucking Boomerang, but other than that YES. I know he didn’t mention TJLC by name, but I really liked his analysis of fan reactions as a whole. That this show came to us saying, “This clearly isn’t about the mysteries, since, as you can see, we don’t really care about those, but it IS about something, and that something is probably pretty gay, judging by how often we bring up gay stuff.” And yeah, we believed it. And then they told us to personally go fuck ourselves. UGH.

Also he let Gahtiss off the hook waaaaaay too much, as people usually do. It’s not all Moffat’s fault – the show was Mark’s baby, and he should be heaped with blame for this shitshow. Also I wanted to hear him say “Gahtiss” some more, just because I know it pisses Mark off.

Whenever I’m feeling down (like last week, when I realized my Girl Scout cookies had gone stale), I just pop in one of my favorite flicks, curl up in my Tardis Snuggie, and escape. No matter what I’m going through, someone’s always got it worst – like Luke finding out his dad is an intergalactic serial killer, Frodo walking barefoot across Middle Earth, and Indy being hunted down by Nazis. My boy Barry has been channeling Eeyore lately after the whole Zoom fiasco, so I thought it was time to reinstate Cinema Cisco and give him some perspective. Movie time, baby! 

I hooked up a prototype 4D ultra high-def television in Barry’s recovery room and downloaded Forrest Gump, Million Dollar Baby, and The Theory of Everything – you know, real heartfelt, motivational stuff about people overcoming the odds and showing the world who’s boss. I thought their triumphs would give Barry some hope and lift his spirits (my man Dr. Phil says a broken body can’t heal with a broken spirit!). Turns out that was a bad idea. Just as little Forrest was being fitted with those metal leg braces, Barry asked me to turn it off. Apparently, Cinema Cisco was only making Barry feel worse about his situation. Back to the drawing board! 

I stepped outside and hit up Joe. He said that when Barry was feeling low as a kid, they’d just go outside and shoot some hoops. Well, that definitely wasn’t happening, but it gave me an idea. For some reason, STAR Labs never sprung for the ESPN sports package, but I channeled my inner Luther Stickwell (Ethan Hunt would be nowhere without his baller skills) and was able to bounce the Central City Miners vs. Star City Thunder game off a nearby military satellite onto our screen. Toss in a couple pair of replica Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses and it was like we were sitting courtside! I’m sure the US government won’t mind – I mean, it was for a good cause. Ethical hacking at its finest, right? Plus, it did the trick! Barry’s mood lifted as he got sucked into the game and – believe it or not – he actually jumped up in triumph when the Miners scored a last-second free throw and won the game! Dr. Phil is a straight-up genius. Three points for Cisco! 

I fetched Professor Stein’s old cane (he hated that thing!) from storage and we got Barry to take a few baby steps across the cortex, me at one end and Caitlin at the other. It was slow going, but I blared the Chariots of Fire theme over the speakers and it totally worked. When he collapsed from exhaustion, there was a definite light in his eyes that reassured me Barry was on the mend. Just goes to show even superheroes need the love and support of their friends, amiright?

New Year's Eve

-HAPPy nEW YeaR??!!?!


-Are you drunk?


-Maybe you should slow down the alcohol consumption.’


-‘* yOU dont tell ME whatta whatta uuhhDO im gonna keep drinking and ur gonna keep your pie hole shut


-‘I do not have a “pie hole” Dean. If you are referring to my mouth, I do not intend to keep it shut, as you are obviously overly intoxicated.


-Ehh maybe your jus under intoxeeccaattteddd And now i drink


-Okay Dean. Continue making poor decisions.


-Where are you anyway?


-Damn right i will and what’s with this 20 questions? how the hell im supposed to know where I’m at


-Dean, this is serious. Where are you?


-Your incessant intoxication has been getting you into trouble as of late, and I am getting concerned.


-Ah ya know……arrrrrooouuunnddd HANGING OUT drinking a lil bit what’s the big problem ‘ere


-Are you with a woman?


Why?… are you…jealous.



-No, I , I am merely concerned by your whereabouts and- making sure you are not getting yourself into trouble.


-You did not answer my question Dean, are you in the presence of a female?


-Oh yeah Cas partying it up over 'ere its a friggin’ playboy party


-NO cas i am drinking alone in the middle ah know where

Heh care to join in all the fun?


-I not nor read well into sarcasm Dean, but I will take the ladder text as the serious one. You know I do not drink alcohol. However, being with you would not be displeasing.


-Again, I ask where you are?



-South on fout 55

-In my baby outside some depressing ass bar. Try not to get losss buddy


-Well, I shall certainly try not to. I’ll be there shortly.


- ill be waiting


-Okay Dean, but try not to become too intoxicated before my arrival. I need to out a few things away.


-Yea yeah sure fine


-Dean I have arrived at the establishment.

-It is dark however, and I am having difficulty locating your vehicle.


-Can ya see it now?


-I see you, get back in before you hurt yourself.

Cas walked over to Dean’s Car. He isn’t entirely sure why he went there tonight. Usually he just lets Dean do his own thing when he goes out drinking. This time however, Cas is concerned.


“Join me man pick up a beer and jam out to a few of em songs.”

“Dean, I already told you I do not consume alcohol. As an Angel they can cause very adverse effe-“

“Ah pah-lease cas live alil'” *hic*

“You jus hang and let me have the fun.”

As Dean spoak, he had a hard time focusing on Cas and he slurred his words together.

“Okay, thank you.  But would you open the door. I have been standing here for quite some time, and you have not returned to the vehicle as I previously requested. “

“Suuuurree for you cas anything”

“Thank you.”

“SSsssoOOoo ya came here to what? Take care ah me i mean clearly you didn’t come for the booze,” Dean shook his bottle in Cas’s direction as he spoke, spilling its contents onto the floor.

“I came to ensure you stayed out of trouble. I presume you were not with a woman tonight by the looks of it.”

Dean snorted before saying, “Nope only girl i need right here,” He said, patting the dashboard.

“An by the looks of it, idsay ur still jealous.”

“I do not understand how humans give inanimate objects genders. And what would cause me to be jealous,” Cas snapped.

“Ah I dunno guess I must have been wrong then.”

“Yes- yes you were, I see no logical reason for me to be jealous of a female holding your attention.”

Cas turned up the volume for the radio before saying, “Uh-huh cas if thats how ya feel. Ah man this song!”


“I realize you have an affinity foe Led Zepplin, but could you turn it down?”



            Dean turned up the volume even more.

“Why did I even come here?”

“Beats me.”

“The lyrics are quite pleasing, I must admit…”

“…Maybe you jus cant stay away from this face,” Dean said, not paying attention to Cas’s previous comment.

Cas shifted uncomfortably saying,  “If you are asking if I find your face aesthetically pleasing, we have had this conversation before. The symmetry of your features is impressive, in addition to your jawline, lips, and your eyes, the color of which I find ver-“

“Alright, alright Cas I get it, you think I’m hot.”

“I- I did not say 'that’…”

Finishing off another bottle Cas said, “ Uhuhh sure Cas that’s not whtchya said but its what ya meant. C'mon you know what i mean”

“It would not be appropriate for me to think, much less say those kinds of things about you Dean.”

“And haven’t you had enough to drink tonight?”

“DOnt touch my drinks unless ur gona join.”

“And maybe your horizons just need to be widened,” Dean said, gesturing with his arms.

“Ok, fine, I will take one”

“Thank you. But Dean, ‘my horizons?’ I can see the horizon line just fine thank you.”

“Well ya know when you said you cant think things like people being hot I mean come on appropriate? who cares man ,” Dean said nudging Cas’s shoulder, “Drop that heavenly crap and jus let your thoughts go man.”

“I- I can’t,” Cas said, before he took a sip of his beer and turned to look away.

“Ah cas c’mon what is *hic* it… some'n clearly on ur mind .”

Dean scooted closer and pointed his empty beer bottle at Cas saying, “Out with it.”

Taking a few more drinks Cas said, “I-well, it’s complicated. I mean- Dean I can’t just-“

“Uuuggh damnit stop looking away,” Dean said as he reached over, grabbed Dean’s face moving it to face him, “there now if you don wanna talk fine bu it seems ta me you got something big on your mind so spit it out or shut it and spend the res of the night in alcohol and rock.”

Cas finished his beer and grabbed another before saying, :Dean, I don’t think you understand, I can’t just tell you-“

He paused for a moment taking another sip saying, “I- it’s not that simple, it’s not good. I- I’m not good… I- I can’t ruin e-everything.”


“Aright fine, this is why booze is here, drink an forget your troubles… whatever cryptic shit your talkin about.”

“God Dean, could you jus stop, seriously, I- I can’t just- shit!”

Cas left the car quickly and obviously upset about something. He left Dean in the Car confused about what had just happened.

“Ahhh crap,” Dean said as he got out of the Car.

Stumbling towards Cas Dean said, “C-cas hey what the hell is goin on man- hey! will you juss stop walking away or at leas slow down a bit…i…may have had too much ta drink over 'ere”

At this point, the effects of the beer were taking their toll on Cas, “Dean just stop ok, please- just- get ou- away. You don want something  you’ll regret to happen, I’m- jus goin'gg to ruin.”

“Ruin what?”

“N-nothing, I saaid go away,” Cas pushed Dean feebly before giving up on pushing him away.

Before Cas could pull back his arm, Dean grabbed it saying,  “NO now stop messing around and damnit Cas…jus- jus tell me…is…is there something wrong or are ya mad at someone or wha-“

“I, jus- no I’m not mad I just- I just- you, it’s you. I can’t- could you please just go,” Cas said, clearly distraught and sad.

“Whaddya mean me? and no you wanna go then you gotta tell me.”

“Please jus let me go,” Cas said as tears began running down his face.


I cannt do dis now. Just stopp.“

“I real-you don understand- you wont feel the same I know you don- you cant, don make tis harder for m-me than ii already is!”

“Aright arit calm down i can barely understand you come on youdon even know where ya goin jus stay here with me in the car. K,” Dean asked, leading Cas back to the car.

“I wish I nevr came tonigh’t.”

Cas looked at Dean moving closer, “An why dont YOU star talking, *pokes chest* YOU keep making ME talk, I don know people too well but earlier,” Cas poked Dean in the chest saying, “YOU were acting kinda strange like when you arr with come girl you wan to hook up with and all. An why do YOU,” He said poking him again, “Care so much about how I’ feel, an apparently I think your ‘hot’ well-how do YOUUU feel”

“Well hell now your talkin at least…,” Dean sighed before continuing, :Cas, alright, ya know you’re right and I’m just gonna say some stuff an see where it goes but… i-i… well ok you… mean a lot ta me an i fine that i like being aroun ya an stuff and- wow, that sounds pretty  lame, ok, sorry, is just YOU and well i… and i know you probly don even understand bu-z”

“I, Dean- I don’t think I understand what you are tryin'g to say, I- I feel like you. I mean with you I- just feel different, b-ut I, don’t know why.” Cas paused for a moment before saying, “Just- never mind, I didn’t say anything Dean, I’m sorr'y. Just-“

“NO please no, don jus look, what I’m tryin say is tha i care bout you so much and i feel different aroun you too and i never know how to describe it and- and- i’ve'ad way too muchta drink an you probly don know what I’m saying-“

“See an nowe-re both drunk- an you probably don even know what your ssayin here. I know you dont really feel like that cus- wev been friends so I know you- an you- no. Juss stop.”

“I think I should leave now before I say something that’ll screw us up.”

“No! …i mean please don leave…i…i do mean what I’m saying and-and  you-if im understanding right… you might feel the same.”

“Well den justell me wat your thinking then! I cant deal withis- is jus beating around the tree.”


            “I like you Cas. I mean uh…” Dean said before looking the other way.

            Suddenly Dean felt hands wrap around his face and full him over towards the other side, suddenly we lips were on his. He looked at Cas’s whose eyes were closed, and began kissing him back. Dean was in a drunken have and began toying at Cas’s lips with his tongue. Cas let him as their kiss deepened.

            Cas pulled away taking a few deep breaths, “Cas- I… Um,” Dean tried to say, feeling his face flush, “are you su-ure abbou-” he felt Cas’s lips go back over his and he felt fingers run through his hair. Cas once again pulled away, hands still laced through Dean’s hair. Cas looked down and said, “I lo-ave you D-ean.”

            This time, it was Dean who kissed Cas. Dean was overwhelmed with emotion and passion, and he may have been way drunk to top it off.

            Dean slid his tongue past Cas’s lips trying to explore his mouth. Cas let out a moan at the touch as he felt Dean’s tongue on his. Moving his hands onto Dean’s jacket, Cas gripped hard pulling him in closer. After a few minutes Cas made his way onto Dean’s lap and continued kissing him.

            Dean gasped as Cas let his fingers slide through his hair. After a bit, Dean pulled away before continuing his kisses along Cas’s jaw and onto his neck. Sucking on Cas’s neck Dean heard Cas let out a moan as he ground his hips down.

            Dean jerked a bit at the contact and realizing Cas was hard against him. Pulling away he pushed his hips back up to Cas and watched Cas squirm and blush above him.

            “You like that,” Dean asked smirking.

            “Nhgg,” Cas replied as Dean continued grinding his hips up.

Smiling, Dean pulled Cas back in and began kissing him again. This time he nipped at Cas’s lip and sucked on it a few times, causing Cas to whimper in response. Eventually, Cas felt Dean’s hands tugging at the hem of his shirt, lifting it free from his waistline. He felt Dean continuing and unbuttoning his shirt. Once Dean pulled off the shirt, tie, and jacket, he let his hands run lightly up and down Cas’s torso.

            Cas’s back arched at the touch as he pushed his chest closer to Dean. His skin felt on fire under Dean’s touch. Cas gasped as he felt Dean’s fingers glide over his nipples. Taking notice, Dean began kissing down Cas’s chest and slowly licked one of his nipples and began rubbing the other with his hand.

            Dean continued by sucking on Cas nipple causing the other man to rock his hips onto Dean’s.

            “Dean,” Cas breathed out.

            Removing his mouth Dean asked, “What, you ok?”

He slowly rubbed Cas’s nipped before Cas continued, “I need-“

            Cas stopped talking suddenly and groaned before kissing Dean hard. After a few moments, Cas pulled back and Dean asked, “What do you need?”

            “I need –ou to touch me.”

            Dean immediately had his hands back on Cas’s torso exploring his body. He continued working on Cas’s nipples with his mouth as he rubbed a hand up and down Cas’s spine. Above him, Cas was rocking into him as he let out soft moans and grunts.

            After a few minutes, Dean slid a hand down Cas’s stomach and he palmed Cas’s erection.

            “D-ean,” Cas moaned out, as he bucked his hips forward grinding against Dean’s hand.

            “I think, ‘ere gonna need to find some’ere else to do this,” Dean breathed, noticing how hard his erection was beginning to strain against his pants.

            Before he could let out another word, Cas had moved them, back to their motel room and had pushed him over on the bed.

            Cas began kissing Dean hard as he began pulling Dean’s shirt off. Sitting up after removing his shirt, Dean grabbed onto Cas’s back letting his fingers trace over his muscles as he kissed Cas’s chest.

            Cas stood up quickly pulling Dean up with him. “I bel’eve we need to remove the ‘est of our clothing,” Cas slurred.

            Cas felt Dean’s hands quickly begin undoing his belt before pulling his pants and underwear off. After Cas stepped out of his clothes and removed his socks he watched as Dean looked him up and down.

            Dean smiled as he began removing the rest of his clothes. Once he was fully naked, he led Cas back to the bed climbing on top of the Angel.

            Dean began kissing Cas’s chest as his hands ran down his sides. Dean began licking one of Cas’s nipples and playing with the other. Cas began gasping as he felt Dean’s lips playing with him. He felt Dean suck and kiss his nipple causing him to unwind beneath him.

            After a few minutes Dean began kissing Cas lover and lover before he kissed the hear od Cas’s dick causing Cas to moan. Dean looked up at Cas for permission before he took him in his mouth and began slowly sucking. He let his tongue lick the underside of Cas’s cock as he moved back and forth, in and out. Dean felt Cas’s hand in his hair rather quickly and felt Cas squirming beneath him.

            “D-ean,” Cas breathed, “Just hurry up- if you d-on’t s-stop I’m gonna-“

            Dean quickly pulled up letting Cas regain composure.

            After a bit Dean said, “Are you ready to keep going?”

            Cass nodded and Dean continued, “Im going to put a finger in you, ok?”

            After Cas nodded again, Dean placed his finger at Cas’s entrance and moved it around a bit, getting used to it being there. He slowly began pushing his finger, causing Cas to let out a gasp.

            “You ok?”

            “Yea, just keep going.”

            Dean worked his finger all the way, letting it rest there for a bit. He then began moving it in and out. He looked up and saw cas trying to control himself as he let out small ghasps.

            “I’m putting in another finger.”

            Dean slid in a second finger causing Cas to gasp out in pain.

            “I’m sorry, should I-“

            “No, just keep going, please.”

            Dean began working both fingers in and out, twisting his fingers as he went. Soon, Cas was getting used to his fingers and Dean began scissoring them. He began pushing his fingers faster and harder and quickly he found Cas’s prostate. He heard Cas let out a loud moan. Dean smiled and began focusing on that spot.

            “D-ean,” Cas groaned, “If you sont s-top-“

            Dean removed his fingers and grabbed Cas’s hips, pulling the Angel closer to him.

            “Are you sure you want this?”

            “Dean, I’ve wanted this for years, yes.”

            Dean slowly pushed in, pausing to allow Cas to adjust. Then Dean pulled back before quickly pushing back in. He continued rolling his hips in and out as he felt his body becoming closer and closer. Underneath him Cas was gasping every time Dean moved.

            Dean loved watching Cas’s face as he fucked him.He bent over and began kissing Cas, sucking on his jaw as they moved together.

            Eventually Dean found Cas’s prostate once again as Cas loudly gasped. Dean degan moving faster and harder at that angle. He felt himself coming closer and closer and he could tell the same thing was happening to Cas.

            “Dean- I’m gonna-“

            Cas moaned as Dean hit his prostate again Causing Cas’s body to tense up as he came across their chests. Dean kept moving and he felt Cas’s body tightening around his dick. Pushing in once more, Dean felt himself release as he shot his hear back moaning.

            After a few minutes settling down, Dean pulled out and rolled over next to Cas. He kissed Cas lightly on his lips before pushing back some of the hair on Cas’s forehead.

            “You know I love you Cas,” Dean said out of breath.

            Cas smiled before kissing Dean back passionately.

            “I love you too, I always had.”

            Dean smiled, intertwine Cas’s hand with his before he quickly kissed him once again. Wrapping his arm over Cas’s chest he closed his eyes. He knew tomorrow he was going to have one hell of a hangover, but it would be the best hangover he would ever had. And it was definitely worth it.            

Sunken Ships

A/N: Hey Guys, so after reading my last imagine ‘Unfulfilled Ships’ a couple of people on tumblr (bless your guys souls) asked for a part two. SO HERE WE GO (this is so bad oml)  PART ONE

Anon: Why? Omg you broke my heart with that imagine about the ships and all thanks. I’m gonna cry my eyes out now. Is there any possibility with part 2 where Dan ends up with the reader and not Olive? Like that would be good. Thanks. Love you and ur blog

Anon 2: WHAT! HE LIKES OLIVE!?!?! Nooooooo, please make a part two with a happy ending or my heart will die from sadness 3

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1429 words

Your P.O.V

I was sat in my room scrolling through my boring Facebook feed, when my cellphone ringtone goes of

‘CAUSE THEY’RE JUST GIRLS BREAKING HEARTS, EYES BRIGHT UPTIGHT JUST GIRLS!’ Ahhh, i love The 1975. I look at the caller I.D and see that it’s Dan. I wonder how him and Olive are. Dan and Olive had been dating for about 7 months now and I finally got over it! Sorta, I mean, you learn to get over somebody when you constantly see them sucking face with one of your best friends.

“Hey, Daniel! Whats up?” I ask in my most cheerful voice at 10:30pm. There was no doubt that I was tired. I just finished a 10 hour shift at work 30 minutes ago, and got home about 10 minutes ago.

“C-can I come over?” Dan stuttered sounding broken, and I was immediately worried.

“Yeah sure, you don’t have to ask to come over. I’ll get some ice-cream ready. ” I replied, sounding concerned. Dan mutters a ‘thank you’ then hangs up. I go into the kitchen to get a few tubs of ice cream out, thinking about what’s going on with Dan, and why he sounded so broken.

As I’m setting everything up in the lounge, I hear a knock at the door. Knowing that it’s most probably Dan, I just yell out to him

“It’s open!” I shout out while finishing off what I was setting up. And in walks Dan, with a frown on his face. He walks up to me and engulfs me in a bear hug.

“Thank you for letting me come over tonight.” He thanks with a sad smile. Assuming he doesn’t want to talk about what’s going on I ask him a simple question.

“Hows Olive?” Bad idea. He looks at me and immediately tears start running down his face. Oh no. Abort mission. ABORT MISSION. CODE RED.

So, obviously somethings going on with him and Olive, now I just need to figure out what happened. I pull him into another hug as his head rests in the crook of my neck, as I could feel his tears on my shirt. I pat his back and try my best to soothe him. Soon enough he pulls out of the hug and is wiping tears off of his face.

“Here’s some ice cream, what movie do you want to watch?” I ask, as I hand him over a tub of ice cream. I feel at this time, it’s best to not ask anymore questions, so right now, I’m just trying to distract him.

“Captain America, please?” Dan asks. I give him a quick nod and insert the movie into the DVD player.

Half way through the movie, he grabs the remote off of me and pauses the movie, I look towards him confused, and he has tears welling up in his eyes. Poor Dan.

“I’m ready t-” Dan was cut off by my ringtone. Oops.

'CAUSE THEY’RE JUST GIRLS BREAKING HEARTS. EYES BRIGHT, UPTIGHT, JUST GIRLS’ How ironic. I look at the caller ID and see that it’s Jess. I look over at Dan, asking of it’s alright if I take it. He gives me a nod and I answer it

“Hey whats up?” I ask Jess. I would think it was important considering how late it was.

“Have you heard about Dan and Olive?” Jess asks. I feel Dan’s eyes on me. I know for a fact that he heard his name come up. I awkwardly stand up and walk into the kitchen

“Uh, no I haven’t, what’s happened?”

“They broke up. I have Olive here with me, crying her eyes out. I’ve been trying to console her for the past 3 hours.” Jess confesses. My mouth hangs open and suddenly all these questions are running through my mind.

“What happened?” I ask curiously and little did I know how big the explanation was going to be.

“The phandom happened. According to Olive, some people were spreading rumors about her saying she was hooking up with other guys while she was with Dan. Dan found out tonight and he broke up with her. Now we have no idea where he is.” Immediately i knew what Olive said about the phandom wasn’t true, I mean come on, if the phandom were spreading untrue stuff about Olive, I would know about it, considering I’m always on tumblr. I have no life. And
as if I was gonna tell one of my best friends that Dan was over! That’s basically against girl code.

“Seriously! Dang. I’ll call you guys tomorrow, It’s getting pretty late and I have a 9 hour shift tomorrow.” I lied, it was actually my day off tomorrow. I just wanted to go and see how Dan was doing.

“Yeah, she’s a wreck. I’ll see ya later (y/n)” Jess says and then hangs up.

I walk into the lounge and sit down beside Dan

“Whatever Jess said about Olive and I wasn’t true, she just didn’t want to tell you guys the truth.” He mutters quietly, I look at him, secretly asking him to give me more answers. “I went over to her flat today, and I was there for a couple of hours. Then this guy knocked on the door asking where she was. I asked him who he was and he said that he was her boyfriend and that they had been going out for 3 months. I confronted her about it and she denied everything, and so I broke up with her and went home. And then I came here.” Poor Dan, he doesn’t deserve any of this.

“Wow, I don’t know how she could do something like that to you.” I was sad. I was sad for Dan and what Olive did to him. I’m gonna have to confront Olive about it soon, I just don’t know how.

“You know, I’m glad I came over here tonight. You made me feel better by just sitting there and listening to me vent, it feels great to get it out.” Dan confesses. I smile and give him a small hug. “You know what else? While I’m here confessing about something, I might as well confess about something else.” Dan takes a deep breath before continuing. His glassy eyes glaring into mine, in a nice way. “I used to have feelings for you before Olive came along.” Dan confessed, looking absolutely mortified, and i only have one question running through my mind.

“Why did you stop?” I felt broken again for some reason. He told me what i kinda have been wanting to hear for the past year or so. But i never quite imagined it would be in this situation or worded like that. “Also, are you sure it’s not the heartbreak talking?” I smirked at Dan.

“I actually never really stopped having feelings for you, but at the same time, I did genuinely like Olive. But I think the fact that Olive and I were shipped together made it a lot more easier I guess, i don’t really know. And I’m sure it’s not the heartbreak talking. Spending time with you tonight has made me forget about how sad I was.”

And do you know what I did next? I did something so cliche and cheesy it almost hurt. I kissed him. For the longest time ever, I could only imagine what his lips felt like against mine, in sync with mine, moulded with mine. I would say that my imagination was pretty vast. But it had nothing on the real thing. The real thing was way better than I could’ve imagined. And guess what? He kissed back, which made things a million times better.

Even though i totally broke the girl code, i don’t regret it. This is what I’ve wanted for the longest time, and I’m happy I got it.

I see and like a lot of hcs where Tater was an Ace years before he was a Falconer and a rookie at the same time as Kent and I like it tho I’m not sure the timing works out (it’s possible he’s 2-3 years younger than Jack and Kent) but ANYWAY


Kent and Tater hooked up a year or two after Jack and Kent broke up but it was Messy and now Kent has a bad history with BOTH Falconers

So Kent wants back together with Jack, Tater wants back together with Kent, and Bitty wishes he could be excluded from this narrative, one he never asked to be a part of, but ends up nursing a lot of people through drunken confessions of lost love and subsequent hangovers. Some exes you can’t get back together with but some you can.

Endgame Zimbits and Patater.

Stockholm Syndrome (Theo Raeken)

stockholm syndome:


feelings of trust or affection felt in many cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor

Blurb: You fall for the guy help who kidnap you. And it ends up him falling for

A/N: ok so i kinda changed things a bit from the series, and tell me if you want a part two :-)))

Memories of the past day flooded to you the moment you woke up in a dingy room that looked like a cell.

Your head still kinda hurt from the impact of that vase.

The door opened and in came the guy responsible for your headache and your isolation from home.

He was a fellow student at Beacon Hills High School, he was a new student.

And you were his friend.

And look where that got you. That’s why people say, “never trust a pretty face”.

“What do you want?” you snarled at the boy putting a plate of bread and a glass of water on the floor.

“Nothing, came here to give you food. Can’t have you dying of hunger and dehydration now, can we?” he chuckled before turning to leave the room.

You had to admit, you were pretty hungry.

You stood up from the bed and went to take the glass of water.

Little sips, you told yourself, this could be the last glass of water you could receive in days.

You ended up finishing the glass of water anyway.

You finished the crappy sandwich they gave you and you laid in the bed, contemplating about the meaning of life.

No, not really.

You were thinking of how your life would be if you weren’t here. You could be at the mall with your best friend or at home, blindly scrolling through social media.

Usually at this time, you’d be eating ice cream.

You laid on the bed, thinking if your parents and brother was thinking about you.

Maybe not.

So you were just there, on the bed, staring at the ceiling for what felt like hours.

Until they came in.

People with masks covering their entire face and they were wearing these full body suits, like they were entering some kind of quarantine, stormed into your room with some kind of tank.

They look weird.

Them coming in surprised you, you were having your “quiet time”. How rude.

It was then you realised what your situation was. Kidnapped.

They put the breathing mask on your nose and mouth, making you breathe in whatever was in that tank.

You, being aggresive, fought back. You screamed and yelled, trying to claw your way through. You thrashed around, trying to get away. But with two ‘doctors’ holding you down, escape seems nearly impossible.

Whatever they made you breathe in didn’t make you unconscious, you were still aware of your surroundings. They just made you weak and immobile. Numb.

You couldn’t move at all. You could see what was happening around you, with a slight blur, but you couldn’t move your limbs.

You felt yourself being carried away, there was a change in wallpaper and surrounding.

Your head was screaming in pain. It was excruciating. You wanted to scream but you couldn’t hear yourself.

They finally set you down on an inclined chair and strapped you down. They also started Well, it wasn’t like you could do anything.

You could still hear though, your ears were fully functional. You could hear what they’re saying.

“Is she human?” you could hear one of them say.

“Let’s check,” another replied.

They started hooking all these tubes and stuff to your body.

And you couldn’t do anything about it.

“Human,” one of them confirmed. Apparantly, there was some kind of machinery involved.

“You think she can? Successfully complete the mission?”

“The one that many people failed in?”

“It’s worth a try, call him in,” one of them made a gesture and another took out his telephone.

What the heck was going on?

You wanted to clutch your head, like the way you’d do it when you experience a headache. The pain was still at an all time high.

Then he came in, walking behind the two.

Theo Raeken.

“You know what to do,” one of the them said.

You saw one of them pass a syringe to Theo as he approached you. You wanted to kick, you wanted to scream, but you couldn’t.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered in your ear and he plunged the needle into your neck, releasing whatever venom that was on the syringe.

You were still conscious, you could feel the pain worsening by the second. You could feel something changing in you and you didn’t know what it was.

And finally, after what felt like ages, you blacked out.

On Growing Up Bisexual

This got a bit long - so I’ll save details about what it’s like being a bi man and some of the unique things we face for another post. This is my perspective - if you grew up in a different area or in a different time then yours will likely be different.

School in the south, in the early 90s wasn’t exactly a bastion of progressive thought - so our exposure to sexuality consisted mostly of slides of STDs and being told (wrongly) that condoms couldn’t protect against HIV and if we had sex we’d basically all die. The girls were divided from the boys and I still have no idea what they were taught. We learned that boys liked girls, and that sometimes boys liked boys but that if you had sex with boys you’d get AIDS and die (see above).

Through this, we had a vague understand what it meant to be gay - and that you were straight or you were gay. Straight was right and gay was wrong - but I knew kids that were gay. Gay was a “Thing You Could Be”. You liked boys? You were gay. Puberty is a hell of a thing for a lot of people - trying to understand what was happening with basically no guidance from parents or teachers. Trying to understand why certain people elicited certain reactions in you. We’d go through this with our friends - pointing out girls we liked and bonding in some of the normalcy of the natural heterosexual way of things. For most of my friends, that was that.. girls were hot and guys were… not really a factor.

For me though.. guys WERE a factor. And I didn’t understand it - because I knew that you liked girls or you liked boys (non-binary exclusive language because we had no concept of non-binary genders, or trans) - so what the hell do I do with liking both?? How do I change in the gym locker room when I very much want to see everything and I’m not disgusted by it? And if I was gay.. then fine but I wasn’t! I knew I still liked girls! There was literally no frame of reference for what I was going through. I had no concept of what was happening, but I knew that I was broken.

My parents were very (especially for the area) liberal and open minded about being gay. They talked with me about it (as part of the sex talk) and led me to believe they’d be fine if I was gay and there was nothing wrong with it. I know in that sense that I’m more fortunate then a lot of boys growing up around me - but it was still presented in the binary Straight Or Gay, there wasn’t another option. So again I knew something was wrong with me because I wasn’t Straight Or Gay. I didn’t know how to process these feelings - and while I firmly believe that my parents would have been fine with me being gay I didn’t know how to approach them with.. whatever the hell I was.

As I grew older, we learned a bit more about the LGBT movement - the gay pride parades, something something Stonewall, “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it”, and the “born this way” narrative about how being gay isn’t a choice. We started hearing about the Gay Rights movement, and Gay Marriage. I knew more gay people, and gay couples. But in all that, I never saw myself. We had Ellen on TV coming out as a lesbian, but nothing about people like me. No characters in books, no characters on TV, nothing in the news - I was fairly confident that I would never find anyone who felt like me and that I’d just have to hide it and fake it one way or the other. I never really cared which gender I’d get involved with - and I figured that which ever it was I’d “be” that sexuality.

The first time I heard the word “bisexual” and understood that it meant liking men and women (narrow definition of the word used here because that’s what I understood it to mean at the time)… it was like the ringing of a bell. I actually cried because oh my god.. I wasn’t alone. There were people like me! There was a label I could use! I don’t know if it’s the same for gay people - but I suspect it’s close. I just wish it had happened when it would have given comfort to a scared 12 year old.

Fast forward a decade - I’ve lived a good chunk of my life as a closeted bisexual at this point. The Gay Rights movement has made tremendous strides - gay marriage is happening in more and more states (and I’ve moved to Canada where same sex marriage has been legal for a while now). There are gay people on TV! And in video games! But there is still no one like me. The word occasionally comes up, usually as a punchline, but everyone knows that women are all kinda bi and men aren’t really bi they are just lying about being gay. Prominent gay activists slam bisexuals as liars and cheaters (thanks Dan Savage). “Studies” show that men who “claim” to be bi aren’t really attracted to women they are attracted to men only (because hooking some stuff up to a penis and showing the kinds of porn commonly available is a TOTALLY LEGIT way of sensing arousal). And it’s always “Gay” rights. “Gay” marriage.

Organizations have sprung up, big ones! The movement is mainstream now. And nearly every one of them completely ignores my existence. GLSEN. GLAAD, and PFLAG.. the list goes on. Each of them forgetting about me. The organizers for pride parades saying that bisexual people don’t belong. There is a new thing in schools to help gay kids out.. Gay Straight Alliances. And they do wonderful work.. but they exclude me by definition. At best many of these organizations consider me to be an ‘ally’.. and straight people and allies have more recognition than bisexuals do.

I start to learn about the mental costs of hiding a secret for so long. I start treatment for my nearly lifelong depression. I start to learn about the statistics that go unspoken of. The ones that show bisexual people having far worse mental health than straight people, or lesbian and gay people. The ones that show the far higher rape statistics. The ones that show a tiny fraction of them as being “out of the closet”. I’m out online, and I start to learn first hand about the hatred we face from the people who are ostensibly in our own community. From people who are supposed to know what it’s like. I start to learn that my life experiences don’t matter because they don’t fall neatly into a Straight Or Gay box. That I’ll be called homophobic because I won’t “admit” that I’m gay. That bisexual men and women have been part of the LGBT movement since the very beginning but are nearly always labelled as gay or lesbian - or are erased completely. That bisexual people are in the media but are nearly always labelled as gay, lesbian, or straight based on who they are in a relationship with. That bisexual people have existed through history but have been erased.

And I get angry. And sad. My heart breaks to think of me as a child, wondering why he’s the only one. Why he’s broken. Things have improved so much since I was a child - but if I was a child now I still wouldn’t feel welcome in a GSA. That even if I knew what bisexual was I’d never feel welcome. And I know as an adult I don’t feel welcome. I get told to take my straight passing privilege and go to hell. “The closet” seems to be a concept that only gay and lesbian people can use. Hell - the local paper here covers pride parade every year and every year they let readers know that “LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Two-spirit”.

Things are getting better - but we end up having to fight for recognition on two fronts.

A Word With You All

​I just wanted to point out something I found interesting. Within the Once fandom on Tumblr, things have almost exclusively become Swan Queen vs Captain Swan and it’s pretty obvious as to why. CSers essentially bullied themselves to the top so to speak, and oh how I wish I had receipts. There were death threats, hate messages left on anon. People were told to kill themselves and unfortunately we have lost real lives, because some people actually did. It was like every time you logged into Tumblr you were opening yourself up to harassment.

​ And I say that because I’m really disgusted by it. I go into the spoilers tag to find out about Rumple and I am literally bombarded by things about Hook, but what bothered me was seeing over and over, “If you don’t like Hook, if you don’t accept Captain Swan, get over it or get out [insert insult here]”

I mean that’s how the Swanfire fandom died. And believe me when I say I saw some pretty sick stuff, at one time, there was a picture circulating of two figures one labeled “Captain Swan” and one labeled “Swanfire” and the CS figure was slitting the SFers throat. If that doesn’t spell it out for you, I honestly don’t know what will.

All that said, I’ve got to hand it to you Swan Queen. Throughout all this, you guys have stood your ground and refused to back down and that takes some type of courage I assure you.

I just worry that Adam and Eddy are actually dumb enough to go through with CS and honestly, I don’t want to see you guys hurt by this. I don’t. You guys seem to be fighting for representation and adequate storytelling, Even if I don’t always agree with Swan Queen (I have my feelings about Regina) I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you that happened to the Swanfire shippers after Neal was killed off.

Stay strong friends.

So I’ve been loving all the Emma focus but I’m also gonna just say this:

I am so happy that we are getting some stuff on Killian and his psychological state/past as well. That line about his rings and crimes? It was amazing. It gave more to the character than a lot of people were willing to admit to. It showed that, unlike a lot of other characters, Hook carries around his guilt and shame.

It also shows that, like Emma, he carries reminders on his person. Hers are of people that she’s lost/have left her. His are of terrible things he’s done that have tainted his soul. His are of things he blames himself for.

They might have started out as trophies, but they didn’t end up that way. Now they are a reminder of the monster he was, of the darkness he’s capable of, and of how ashamed he is of what he had become at one point in time. It shows that he remembers, and that he refuses to forget and push away those sins. They are as much part of who he is now as his honor or love or intelligence.

I’m just really loving this right now.

why is it so hard for people to believe and grasp that these boys are getting laid on the regular? why is it if anyone mentions them hooking up a full blown battle breaks out in people’s inbox? These are some of the most desired boys in the world, they are 20+ years old sexual active individuals, and they are 10000% getting their dicks wet on a frequent basis.

Why I Wasn’t Upset By CS In the Finale (Between the Lines)

I know that many Hook and Emma fans were less than thrilled with what happened in the finale. I think we all had our hopes up for an “I love you” or a big moment with Emma realizing someone she loves almost died. I was very surprised at the end of the episode when I didn’t feel upset. Part of that was how long Belle has needed to have that conversation with Rumple and move on. I’ve been waiting for that since the beginning of season two, so I felt like it was a long time coming.

But beyond that, I really enjoyed the between the lines things that happened with Hook and Emma in this episode. We lost a lot of that when they became a couple. Colin and Jen have such great chemistry not just sexual, but as actors. They are really able to act through their eyes and get things across in a way that not a lot of other actors get the opportunity to do on this show. Part of me misses the cat and mouse and the incredible between the lines stuff from before they were a couple. So it’s very exciting to me to get to see some of that again.

The first time we see these two interact in this episode is at Granny’s. Emma senses that something is wrong. In 4x09 we saw her touch her lips after he kissed her goodbye and sense that something was not right about his goodbye. While Hook is closest to Emma, he’s also gotten to know a lot of our heroes, and it does say a lot that no one else noticed his absence or strange behavior.

I know some people were upset that Emma didn’t immediately go after Hook when she sensed something was wrong. But in her defense she probably never imagined that someone had his heart. And the urgency to return Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff to Arendelle so they could take back the throne was her main priority.

I also think it says a lot that Killian didn’t make a big deal or show of affection with his goodbye in 4x09. Obviously he couldn’t tell her he was about to die, Rumple wouldn’t have allowed that, but he still chose not to say anything beyond “goodbye.” He didn’t tell her he loved her or how much he truly cared for her, which he really may have wanted her to know before died.

I think that he didn’t tell her anything because of what she told him in 4x03 about how everyone she’d ever been with was dead. She is clearly terrified of losing him and doesn’t want to have to go through that pain again. He could see that. He knew if he professed his love it would make it that much harder for her to move on, and it would hurt that much more when he died. It mirrors Robin telling Regina he loved her after telling her he was keeping his vow to Marian. It just made it that much harder for Regina to move on.

And of course Killian wants Emma to move on and be happy. He doesn’t want her to be hurt and miserable once he’s gone and be unwilling to open up in a relationship for fear of losing someone. He’s trying to handle the situation as gently as possible and in a way that will cause her the least amount of pain.

When Emma arrives at the clock tower she is frozen by Rumple and by the time she is unfrozen Killian has his heart back and Belle is making Rumple take her to the town line.

I thought it was very interesting that they didn’t put his heart back in right then, and that Emma was the one to replace it. We know from Mulan putting Aurora’s heart back that you don’t have to have to have magic to put a heart back in, so anyone could have done it. Emma has no experience whatsoever with hearts. Snow was standing right there and she’s had her heart ripped out enough times she’d have a better idea of what to do. They could have gone to Regina for an expert. They could have even waited for Belle so she could have the satisfaction of putting the heart of her exes worst enemy back in his chest.

But they waited until Emma and Hook were in private and Emma was the one to return it. Despite the fact she has no experience, of course Hook would trust her the most, especially given the fact he almost died. I love that the person he trusts his heart to the most isn’t an expert, and with how close he came to dying he didn’t want his heart in anyone else’s hands.

I love how Emma held is heart. She was cradling it delicately in her hands. We’ve seen hearts be treated pretty roughly, ripped from chests, shoved into chests, squeezed to cause pain, buried, split in half, etc. You can be pretty rough with a heart without causing damage. But his heart was special to Emma. It’s a representation of his love and what holds his deepest feelings. It represents life and she’s literally holding it in her hands.

Being the non expert she of course tries to do it quickly to not cause pain. We see Hook’s face twist in pain and then with the rush of emotions returned to him he kisses her. I love how that is something he can do freely now, where in the past he waited for Emma to initiate the kiss. It was a beautiful show of his love.

We then saw Hook pull away. Emma appeared to be leaning in for more but Hook pulled away because what he had to say was very important. He knew that even though he survived, Emma’s worries of losing people she loves are still very much intact and most likely worsened after seeing him almost die. It’s crucial to him that he remind her that he’s a survivor. He’s not going anywhere.

We see Emma give a little smile. She clearly appreciates him saying that, but she still shows a little hesitation, which is important that she’s not over and done with it and he was right in reassuring her. She still has a lot of opening up to do and I don’t think she’s convinced she won’t lose him. Life hasn’t proved to her that she gets to “keep” anyone she cares about. Her trust is still slowly earned.

I think it’s also important that big gestures haven’t scared Emma off this season. Hook was clearly hesitant about telling her that he traded the Jolly Roger for her. He didn’t want to freak her out, he tried to laugh it off. That’s a huge deal. And he’s given up his Enchanted Forest life for her. He’s moved to her town and gotten clothes to accommodate the lifestyle there. He got a cell phone and is learning to adapt to the modern world. He even made a deal to get his hand back for her. He’s pretty much altered his entire life for her. And the fact that it hasn’t scared her away is a really good sign. People don’t do things like that for Emma in her life. It’s not something she’s used to and the fact that she hasn’t been pushed away is a really good sign.

I think it was also very telling of Hook and Emma’s relationship and where they are in the fact that Marian and Belle both said “I want to be chosen” in this episode. That’s a huge part of why CS has such a strong foundation, because Hook chose her. He started falling for her and that was that. He stopped flirting with other people and made Emma his number one priority in his life.

And beyond that, Emma chose Hook. Hook vowed to win her heart saying “I will win your heart, and when I win it, it will not be because of any trickery, it will be because you want me.” And we saw that come full circle. They have chosen each other and not wavered. They have such a strong level of respect and dedication to each other.

We see these other two women struggling because they want their man only if he loves them with 100% of his heart. And unfortunately that’s not the case for either woman. But in the case of Killian and Emma, there’s not a question of whether they’re hearts are fully in it or not. They are clearly dedicated to each other and their relationship.

I know there’s frustration that OutlawQueen seems to be moving so much faster than CS. But in the long run, Regina and Robin have a much shakier foundation. There is so much to work through there. But Hook and Emma have an incredibly strong foundation. I think that will be really important in the long run.

Ultimately I think there were some great moments for them in this episode, but the hat storyline needed to be about Rumple. It was so important that Belle have the realization she had and do what she did. It would have been wrong to center the episode around Hook and Emma. It makes sense to me why the writers included what they did.

I can’t wait to see what comes Hook and Emma’s way in 4B!


OUAT fandom: the do's and don't

Granted that the Internet is a wonderful medium for us lovely OUAT fans, but it’s also a source of endless feud. People argue and defend their own opinion, and that’s perfectly fine. After all, that’s what makes the show exciting.

The thing is, I have seen some argument against any pairing that just doesn’t make sense to me. And THAT’S what fires the hate between shippers, by throwing generalizations or hasty accusations.

This is something that I’d like everyone to read. As much as I have my own ship (aka I’m biased just as everyone else), I want to try being impartial and to tell what are the kind of arguments that creates frustration within the fandom.

Got your curiosity yet? Here’s some examples:

  • People who ship CS/SF/SQ don’t care about Emma’s happiness, it’s only for Hook/Neal/Regina

I’ve seen this argument against every ship. Anti-SwanQueen will claim that people only ship Emma and Regina because they want to see Regina having love back in her life. Others will criticize SF and claim that shippers only want Neal having a second chance and that “poor Neal deserve some love after all the bad stuff that happened to him”. As for anti-captain swan, people will argue it’s all about Hook moving on from Milah, and that they don’t give a damn about Emma.

The very fact that this argument can be used against any ship proves that it makes no sense. People ship for different reasons and that’s fine. But generalizing one fandom to this seems frustrating doesn’t it? If you think that Emma belongs with Regina, Neal, Hook, or someone else, it’d be because you think she’d be happier with that person right? 

Conclusion: Everyone cares about Emma’s happiness

Keep reading

What's Ahead for Regina and Robin?

The good news from Lana Parrilla: “Their relationship is stronger than ever, and they can confront anything as long as they’re together.”

Added Sean Maguire: “It’s going to be a very memorable season. There’s going to be some stuff that I think is going to provoke a strong reaction – it depends on who you ask. Some people are going to be very upset about some stuff, and I think some people are going to be really happy about some stuff, but I can’t really say too much.”


Plans After September

Fans of last year’s Halloween-themed event will be happy to hear that the Festival of the Lost is returning in October, along with new masks to chase and some other surprises.

Following that, Bungie has also revealed that we’ll see the return of the Sparrow Racing League in December, including tweaks to existing tracks along with new tracks inspired by Rise of Iron’s environments. But beyond the racing experience, Bungie is eager to expand the winter event into something larger. “When we talk about SRL coming back, it’ll probably be wrapped in a different style, not just focused around SRL,” says live team director Jerry Hook. “Because some of the stuff that we learned from our players around the Sparrow Racing League is that some people didn’t like racing. So, can you do something with the event that helps support those players a little bit differently? Absolutely.”

Bungie is choosing to be upfront and open about its release plans post-expansion. By most measures, that’s a step forward for the studio, which has previously been tight-lipped about nearly all Destiny content except for the most immediate release. The Bungie developers I spoke with implied that’s something the team wants to change moving forward, with a move toward more clear communication about subsequent content drops.

Because I'm an optimistic dork...

Hopeful stuff I’m convinced of:

Emma is acting like a jerkass because something is really wrong inside of her (either it’s a monkey thing or a heart thing or just you know trauma that was once historical but is now biting her in the ass in a stressful situation). Hey, look, put yourself in her shoes. I wouldn’t want to! She does have fabulous boots though. 

Regina is acting like me when I was 10 and New Kids On The Block posters were all over my walls because again, spells and weird as shit things and a missing year and blahblah. There has to be a catch to all this goofy OOC stuff. I mean Lana is a deliberate actor, she can even play Hershey playing Cora playing Regina. Who can brag about that at parties? Lana can, that’s who. 

OQ is doomed. Obvious it’s badly written but it’s sooooo badly written that who can say much about it other than ‘wow. that’s badly written.' 

CS is doomed. Cursed kiss, weird fetishes that even I’M not on board with, plus Emma is grumpier about Regina kissing other people than she is about not personally snogging Hook anytime soon. 

Swan Queen is…something. Some kind of endgame. For this season? I’m hopeful for a truce, something that’ll drag viewers back into the mix. For future seasons? Well, if they don’t go with Swan Queen not only will the whole series have made absolutely no sense and have had no point, but they’ll look really heterosexist and I can’t imagine that that’ll sit well with people who want to sell DVD gift sets call me a capitalist (which I’m not, technically).