some of the screencaps are so funny

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mecchi I really like your art!! the way you draw bodies and limbs and stuff is so cool! did you ever practice a lot of figure drawing?

thank you so much sweet anon !!!!!! i never really got into figure drawing, but i inspired myself a lot from ojamajo doremi !! heres some example of why ojamajo doremi is an excellent and dynamic show:

you can probably recognize a lot of my style in ojamajo doremi, and it’s because i grew up with this show, it’s, in my opinion, one of the best show ever, and THE best magical girl anime ((and you should DEFINITELY watch it))

People: all I see is s/u crit everywhere I cannot escape it :(

Me: 🤔 hmmmm

Looks in “s/u” tag: In recent I mostly saw posts in spanish and the occasional s/u liveblogging post
Now lets look in the top: mostly s/u screenshots, the occasional nice art.

Okay lets look in St*ven Un*verse tag:
First Recent: Lots of nice s/u art/posts and even asks with the title of s/u in it. So far no s/u critical posts.
Now top: a few videos, lots of nice positive art. Seems pretty good.

Now lets look in s/u critical tag:
First recent: a few good redraws of screencaps, asks with the tag name in it, long paragraphs of people whining about the tag, people insulting others for being critical, actual posts of people who loved the show who are disappointed by its current turn. And some art of redesigns that look nice.

Top: really good videos, some funny posts, some long text posts all in all pretty good.

So are you guys actively searching for these posts? Or am I just blind? 🤔

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why does it look like davis caught jemma giving fitz a blowjob in that one pic you used?


also i thought i had a made a joke about that screencap before and it turns out it wasn’t really a joke but i found out i tagged davis as “and some tall dude” and “idk” which is making me laugh

anyway if u ever catch me smiling for no apparent reason, just assume im thinking about this screencap 


Skip Beat’s Chapter 249: Flying Shock, is out everyone! This chapter had so many info, it was overwhelming! Let us appreciate the exchange between Ren and Lorry here. 😆

Also, I like this new character (what was his name again?). He has been rooting for Kyoko and has some funny lines! I am looking forward to his role in his manga, especially after what he said at the last page. 😉

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Okay I respect everyone's right to ship what they want but I genuinely do not understand the Aquaman and Superman ship. Do you have any idea? Like beyond the fact that Jason Mamoa is stupidly gorgeous.

tbh i think that’s the most common reason as of now: Jason and Henry look good together. Jason stood up to defend MoS. Jason hugged and made effort to include Henry in the JL cast. Jason and Henry chatted with each other on Instagram. And the legendary SS premier. Their real life chemistry can be transformed easily to their roles. End of story.

BUT. if you want more solid reasons/details in the comic- hmmm the fact that Clark would go to war for Arthur (twice) and Arthur holds Clark in very high regard???


Buckle up anon, I’m taking you on a drive

(special thanks to @cryptmirror for helping me out with this, let’s show the world the glory of comic AquaSupes (´∀`)♡)

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Five goddamn years of turning the Krew into trash bags!

Five years ago, while sleep deprived late one night, an idea came to me: Turn the Krew into those lovable scumbags from South Philly.

What started as just putting some funny Sunny quotes over Korra screencaps evolved into the mess it is today.

Korra became a volatile, closeted self-described “badass” with a criminal father and a cigarette for a mother, and she doesn’t know how to express herself unless through anger and personal attack. She’s made her own movers called “Project Badass,” and she also gained a nickname because of her catlike reflexes. She’s under the impression she can tuck and roll through a fifty-foot drop. She doesn’t think gaining and losing 60 pounds in three months is impossible, as “through Raava all things are possible, so jot that down,” though the only reason she dropped the weight was because of the “size pills” Asami gave her (they were really Fire Nation ephedra). Though she would never say it to her face, she thinks Asami has great thighs. Rather than get her own gym membership, she uses Asami’s, and it also turns out that she actually doesn’t own anything.

Asami became a vain, narcissistic, predatory sexual deviant who makes her own sex movers (all with star ratings), has her own dating system, calls herself a “golden god,” and she will bang your girlfriend. She also wrote her memoirs, Asami Sato: An Erotic Life, and she was once a cult leader for a cult she started to keep Korra from eating her Thin Mints. While trying to compliment Korra, she only complimented herself instead. She likes to keep her “tools” in a hidden compartment of her Satomobile’s trunk, and she tends to unleash her fury after containing her rage for as long as possible. Bolin thinks she’s as methodical as a serial killer. She once threatened Mako with turning him into a lampshade or a collection of high end luggage. After Korra told her that her body was in decline and Varrick said she had an “anteater nose,” she bought herself a billboard to show the world she still has “a rocking body that deserves to be worshiped.” She also wants people to sign “creepy documents.”

Mako became an angry “dirty, drunk whore” who looks like a bird and sets “bitches” on fire. He once had a dream of being a successful pro-bender, despite that “ship sailing three years ago,” but he ended up failing. He also once managed to drag the others to a gin bar which they all hated. He got a cat, to which Korra and Asami said would begin his transformation into “crazy cat man.” Because of their teasing, he pointed out they were “two co-dependent losers,” but when their “break up” affected everyone else, he brought them back together and assured them it was “perfectly natural for two grown women to need each other this badly.” When a serial killer was on the loose in Republic City, targeting “young, attractive firebenders,” the others assured Mako he didn’t fit the description. He faked his death with Korra and Bolin, and while Asami knew the latter two were alive, she thought he might have actually been murdered. To get on welfare, he and Asami both decided to smoke crack. And no matter what he does, he’ll always be the butt of everybody’s jokes.

And Bolin became an illiterate, fire-ferret-food-eating wild card. He knows everything about Bird Law, and he considers himself the best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. On top of that, he’s familiar a little bit of pigeon. He has anxiety about leaving Republic City, to the point he has to wear a sack on his head so they can all go to Ba Sing Se, and he had the Krew hunt for ghouls during Bolin Day, though none were found. He considers Korra his best friend over Asami, who had banged Ginger, and he and Varrick made up their own game they call “Night Crawlers,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Glue ODs are a regular thing in his life, and as he is a common man, he does not eat dragon. He considers his drawings art and likes to eat chalk. He also wrote a song called “Nightman.” Whenever he gets a little wound up, Asami will grab him and yell “Oi! Oi! Oi!” over and over, which seems to work.

Then there’s also the “Five Franks”:

So thanks to everyone following this blog because, honestly, without all y’all, this blog would not have lasted five years. So let us enjoy some cans of boxed wine and delicious milksteak!

I just wanted to throw this out there since there seems to be a lot of confusion. ALL of my gifs and screencaps are made using the original footage, NOT bluray. It’s kind of funny how often I see people talking about how it’s bluray footage when it actually isn’t. All I do is capture frames that are appealing to the eye and enhance the colors a bit. 

So there isn’t some secret subbed or dubbed bluray leak that I’m using (or aware of, for that matter). It’s all just from the original.

A summary of the Club Penguin tag:
  • “onece i had a bf/gf in cp lol XD”
  • *steals popular screencap from popular cp tumblrs/smosh/instagram and posts it as if it were own pic"
  • “lol lets swear 69 times and not get banned lolol”
  • “omfg luk i got bannd on porpoise!!!! im so edgy!!!!!”
  • “lol im bored i made a cp account”
  • *something unfunny and uncomprehensible*
  • spam
  • some genuinely funny/thought-provoking posts
  • actual blogging on CP gaming experience

I just love this screencap so much because not only is it just a domestic picture of the Pines family watching Ducktective. it’s because of where Dipper is sat that’s just so funny to me?

He’s on top of Stan. Like, he climbed on top of Stan, and just sat. On top of Stan.

At some point, Mabel got restless and decided to sit upside down, and Dipper just up and decided to sit on Stan. 


hold on tight, this ride is a wild one

after a lot of goofing around i finally got the screen cap i wanted

some bonus screen caps 

he really oes make the best faces haha

i hope no one pats you on the back  ever when you are making faces like that marineete

that is some MASTERFULLY flippy hair ok?? so flippy. 

anyway probs the most USEFUL screencap of Chat Noir ever….

you can see the details for EVERYTHING. what a useful drawing reference. so useful. 


like I even need to post pictures. You all have this movie memorized

On Hiccup’s Arm Movements

This has probably been seen and analyzed before but I’m gonna bring it up again.

I see a lot of posts about Hiccup’s flailing arms but I don’t really see many analyzing why he does it. This particular habit is very familiar to me because I do it and some of my family and friends do it quite a bit. So when I watched this in the movie, that instantly jumped out at me and helped me understand Hiccup’s character.

Have you ever seen someone with limited English try to explain something to you? When words aren’t enough, many of us will resort to describing things with our hands in an effort to bridge that gap in understanding. You can see this very clearly in those screencaps. Hiccup is not trying to be funny, he is not hyper, and he is not trying to call attention to himself. Hiccup is trying (very hard) to connect with his father and help him understand what he is saying. This is not because he does not know enough English (Norse, I suppose) but because their viewpoints are so different from each other that Hiccup has to use every resource he has to help people understand him.

Hiccup knows what he wants to say, he sees it in his mind, visually (hiccup is very very very visual–that’s another problem. translating from visuals to words is pretty challenging), and now he just has to explain it to his father. When he explains that he does not want to fight dragons so he moves his hands like he’s punching something. He then mentions bread-making vikings and makes kneading motions with his fingers. Finally, he talks about maybe having insufficient small home repair vikings and he pretends to be repairing some imaginary object. 

His “flailing arms” habit sticks around even after the movie is over. He is still hiccup and thus is overly visual and overly strange which makes it hard for others to understand him. In fact, years of doing it has probably ingrained it in his personality.

My point is, Hiccup’s mannerisms are much more than just a weird quirk. They are a tool, a crutch, and evidence of his effort to try to communicate with others. Whether he realizes it or not, he spends a lot of energy trying to communicate effectively. Heh, no wonder he’s introverted.

that is all. thank you for reading