some of the pics on my phone


hey @pozolegirl I thought you might like to see a tiny proportion of my collection! This is about 1/5th the merch I own that’s specifically Ariel - not including all my plush toys and clothing and Christmas ornaments and purses and beach towels and jewellery and mugs etc etc. and not counting my other misc. mermaid stuff! 🐠

also I totally threw some of my ‘Punzie collection in there ‘cause I know she’s your fave 💜 

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BenxMike for the ship thing

  • Who said “I love you” first - i think it would be mike?? like ben can be hella romantic but i don’t think he’d be able to get the “i love you” out. his “i love you”s would be expressed differently like his poems or little compliments. ben would be helping mike with his physics homework, and mike would be so in love. he’d just go “i love you” with a big ole smile on his face
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background - ben probably because he’s a cheesy mother fucker and it’d be a pic of mike laughing
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror - BEN. HE’D SCRIBBLE SOME CHEESY ASS LOVE POEM, and mike would be so red oh my gosh 
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts - mike. he’d give ben a bouquet of flowers once a month, make a picnic for ben with lights in the trees and shit, and mike would probably buy ben ice cream after school
  • Who initiated the first kiss - both?? ben would kiss mike on the cheek, and then mike would laugh and kiss him right on the lips
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning - mike!! mike would probably have his chores to do, so he has to get up super early. he always leaves the bed/couch with a kiss to ben’s lips
  • Who starts tickle fights - ben!! ben is like the only person to know how ticklish mike is, and he uses that to his advantage to get whatever he wants from mike
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower - OH BOY! mike would yes yes cause he’s more of a higher rated cheesy person, and ben is SO RED 
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch - idk?? i’d say both?? mike works in the morning, while ben is busy later in the day. ben will either way up early and go visit his man with lunch or something, and then mike would visit ben at his work when he gets done with his chores
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date - BEN!! common knowledge
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders - i think mike?? only cause he probably deals with a lot of insects as he does his chores, so he easily kills the spider when ben sees one in his room
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk - BEN!! he says a lot of shit when he’s drunk that his sober self would NEVER say. he’s on his third beer when he says “god i love mike” that he thought he told bill, but he ended up whispering to mike

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“if you don’t fucking mind I’d like to get laid tonight” Pics or it didnt happened

Oh I can prove your wrong bro, it did happen.

I got this beauty just before my camera died and before I got way into the moment to even realize it. I wish I could’ve gotten something better but this works~

I got some cute after sex selfies with Kyle tho since my phone was fully charged and ready to go~ He bit up my neck really good you guys, he knows how to use his mouth correctly. Plus after learning everything about what I did for him with that crack baby orphanage, he was repaying me in more ways than one~ 

And a cute lil kiss pic too so you guys get all the goods. ;)) Whenever Kyle’s that happy, he’s like in the best mood ever. I gotta do more shit if he’s gonna repay me like that.

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Owen Teague is my fav person ever & I tried to have my fav pic of him ever as my phone wallpaper but I just felt uncomfortable for some reason which is weird bc I used to always have a celebrity crush as my wallpaper & I just can't do that w/ him ???

You know… I also had the same experience? Like Idk at first it was also really weird… but I really don’t know why… I can’t even make an assumption… tho, in the end, it passed :) and now he’s my ipad background!

Ngl… I’m kind of salty that the only comment I’ve gotten about it is “is that shawn mendes??” -.-

A friend saw my wallpaper on my phone (this one, but zoomed on Paige and Renee) and she said “Can I see this pic?” and then… “Oh God, they’re so beautiful! I want to be like them.”

Me: You know, some people hate them. They say they’re ugly and fat.

Her: Are you serious? They’re must be crazy! If they’re ugly, I want to be as ugly as them then! They’re so gorgeous!

I love my friend. She’s now a Paige and Renee’s fan without knowing.

tag ten followers you want to get to know better!

i was tagged by @sweatereddies ( i have been hella busy but im finally getting to this!

name: hannah but most my pals call me han or ham

gender: female, she/her

star sign: cancer

height: 5′7″

what images do u have as your wallpapers? my phone is a pic from my wedding and my computer is a picture of starfire

have u ever had a crush on a teacher? no lmao

what was your last text message? it was a link to a tweet about pocket camp and playing it for hours on end to my best friend bc hes played nonstop

what do u see yourself doing in ten years? i hope to be living comfortably with my husband and cat and maybe adopting some kids and teaching apush and doing artsy stuff on the side and being in a small indie band

if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? los angeles, california

what was your coolest halloween costume? probably when i was eleven or maybe elpheba

favorite 90s show? that 70s show

who was your last kiss? my mans

have u ever been stood up? nope

favorite ice cream flavor? butter pecan

have u been to las vegas? nah but maybe once

your favorite pair of shoes? my black dr.marten mary janes

your favorite fruit? strawberries

your favorite book? its between lord of the flies and 1984

whats the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? um i do a lot of stupid things but the most dumb thing i’ve done is probably the many uncountable times i stand on rolling chairs then bust my ass but still do it all the time???

which loser? mike and stan are my number ones but uh stan if i had to pick 1

i tag: @officialfinnwolfhard @jacksoveralls @trxshmouth @eddiekasperbrak @elfiekaspbrak and anyone else bc im bad at tagging people


Epic Party Rap Battle

At least I could say I tried : /

Based on @promiscuous-jalapeno Rap Battle HC

Please don’t mind the BG lyrics, I just threw some random rap lines I improvised lol. This comic should’ve been done by a better artist, but no one did…So… I tried… Hi… plz don’t be disappointed ; v ;

And Zen never realised his phone was upside down all along

EDIT :I wanted to post this comic for a WEEK now, but I don’t know why I can’t upload pics with my computer anymore ! It just never loads ?? And it still doesn’t work… So I used my phone Yea I became THIS desperate. If only it was quality content.. But it’s something… So I decided to add a little doodle : Mista Tru$t Fund Kid.

Because we are all emotional right now I felt like it would be a good time to spread some positive vibes when it comes to our beloved Choi Seunghyun. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but it makes me even sadder when I want to go online and all the news about him are related to the scandel. Which is why I decided to do a little T.O.P. masterpost - starting with pre debute pictures of him being the cutie we all love!

Baby Seunghyun will always be one of the sweetest things on this planet

followed by the time when he started to lose weight and was known as “Tempo” plus his selfie game was 10/10 back then already

I mean look at this smug grin

and I don’t know how you guys feel like, but I have a special place in my hear for this haircut - especially the second picture with the baseball cap! Most people will probably say it was terrible, but I think it suited him 

pulling faces while eating or even talking on the phone to the camera - my aesthetic for sure 

Also, can we talk about this shot? I feel like this is the typical “come on, bro, I need a new profile pic for cyworld - and I wanna look really cool!” - “dude, how about we stick a patch on your cheek an- perfect! Now look at me like you looked at Seungri when he ate your favourite candy!”

oh and speaking of cyworld - last but not least: some of my most favourite pics! (feat. the baby dragon bc those two were the masters of taking stupid selfies)

It’s not much, but I hope you guys at least had to smile a bit. It always warms my heart when I see these pictures. The next masterpost will follow for sure! 

Feel free to add more pictures of him


07.01.17 // firstly, happy 150th Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!! second of all, summer vacation has officially begun so I’ve been binging The K2 and reviewing some bio to prep for uni c: (ft. my new plant!!) 

🎧: can you hear my heart - epik high, lee hi 


Are posts being hidden on your dashboard/search results?

As outlined in the official staff post, Tumblr has been updated with a feature called SAFE MODE. This hides explicit posts from appearing, which is great for those who want to use the mobile app in public and are worried about what others might see. 

What you may not know is that SAFE MODE IS ON BY DEFAULT. This is why I wasn’t able to see some posts in the #reylo tag when browsing on my phone. You have to turn this OFF if you don’t want anything filtered out.

  • To do that on the iPhone: Go to your Settings app, scroll down and tap Tumblr and then select “Don’t hide anything” (see pic below).
  • On Android: Go to your Tumblr account settings and toggle it off (see pic below).
  • On desktop, I found that the tiny padlock icon at the top-right corner of my search results does the trick. Make sure it is unlocked.

+ 21.06.2017 EDIT – In case ya’ll don’t see my reblog, I’ll paste it here:

For anyone still having issues with this (either the option is not in your settings or disabling it doesn’t work) then it might be due to your age. As the @staff post says: “If you’re under 18: You’re not able to turn off Safe Mode until you’re older.”

So far there is no way to get around this except to create a new Tumblr account altogether.

+ 22.06.2017 EDIT – Another way to disable safe mode on desktop is to go to your Account Settings, and scroll down to find this: 

They’re still rolling this out though so this may not appear in your Account Settings page just yet. In the meantime, use the padlock method above.

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Who's cuter: Willy or Latts?

B R U H. I thank you for asking this but also feel bad for you for asking this because I am about to do The Most™.

Latts is cuter. Willy (in all honesty) is more physically attractive, but there’s something about Latts. He’s so Good and Lovely while also being a Thirst Trap, and Tom just seems more like the Hot Douche™

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*wishes i was alzy* gentl

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softe family photo (ofc with a dog)

softe and artsy and good with kids i lov

end me plz

i’m cry

PREPARE TO BE SHOOK (aka examples of thirst trap latta)



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Some news ‘bout this random gurl yaaaay

I’ve been inactive since I am really enjoying these short vacations in Chile. It was really necessary to do this after many hours working and overthinking and being a dummy emo.

So ye, I’m sorry if I haven’t seen your messages or fanarts, I’m only using my phone to take some pics, also don’t wanna destroy @nyxtheshield ’s wifi lollll.

I want to enjoy this as long as I can
See ya guys! Love y'all!


since i’m in such a fashion mood i put together some trish una outfits from what i had lying around in my room (please forgive the absolutely horrible picture quality…..i have an old android…) (they/them!)


Some phone pics of me as Christophe Giacometti from Yuri on Ice at Katsucon 2017! Including ones of me drunk with a mirror, me drunk and falling off of a stripper pole with Yuri ( @tanamanatee) on top of me, me with a too cool Victor ( @thoughtsfromanenglishnerd), and my biggest fan: a Minako who had like every skater’s flag ( @asdirectedbybecky it won’t let me fully link them for some reason but that’s their url?)


“he makes me laugh”

in all honesty tho i was genuinely just sitting and laughing at my friend’s shenanigans in this pic gjfkggj