some of the ones that are missing were quality

Evie wished Henry were here. Then she chided herself for the disloyal thought. After all, Jacob was her brother, her twin brother with whom she shared an almost supernatural communication. Things she’d save from a fire? Number one, her blade; number two, her brother. And on a good day, if Jacob were being especially pleasant company, well she might even rescue her brother first.
—  Assassin’s Creed: Underworld by Oliver Bowden, which if you haven’t read you’re missing out on some quality, eye opening details and classic nuggets such as this.
He once loved me.

He knew the moment they broke up that he had made the wrong choice.

Sure Kuroo was loud, obnoxious, sometimes flirtatious but part of him knew that he loved the other qualities of him the most.

The way Kuroo would wake him up with little kisses, or how Kuroo would make him his favorite food whenever he was upset.. Yeah, those were some of the qualities he had. Tsukishima knew there was more to write down on that list.. And yet he couldn’t.

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Jealous Taehyung

Taehyung scenario for you sexykimtaehyung

You were livid. You had waited one full week to spend some quality time with your boyfriend, and what does he do? He invites the rest of his band members to movie night with you. Did he not understand that although you loved the guys, and you did, with all your heart, the one you wanted to see was him?

And if that wasn’t enough, instead of picking the seat next to yours, he ran off and cuddled with Jungkook on the loveseat. So much for missing you. You stared at those two dorks arguing over the pop-corn with a jealous expression plastered on your face, Namjoon who was sat next to them shrugged and gave you a semi-apologetic look. He had tried to talk to Taehyung, discreetly trying to hint at him sitting with you, but the younger boy brushed him off. That’s it.

You threw one last dirty look at your boyfriend before turning over to Suga, who happened to be on your right, and giving him the cheekiest smile. For a second a panicked expression flashed across his face, but soon enough he caught on to your plans, and nodded slightly.

“AHHH Yoongi Oppa you are so warm and comfy!” You exclaimed, as you wrapped your arms around him and nuzzled your head into his chest. Yoongi placed his hand gently on your head and chuckled slightly, bringing you closer with his other arm. You noticed Taehyung look at you from the corner of his eye, but he quickly turned back to the movie. You decided to up your game.

“Yoongi Oppa, you look really handsome today! And you smell so good!” You told him, caressing his cheek and bringing your face closer to his neck. You noticed you had given the older boy goose bumps; he was blushing slightly as he felt your warm breath on his neck. You took in a deep breath through your nose and moaned slightly at the scent of his cologne. You saw Taehyung tense on his seat, his hands gripping tightly onto the almost empty bowl on his lap, knuckles turning white.

The movie progressed, and you could see your boyfriend getting more and more frustrated as Suga and you cuddled each other, messing about and being extremely overly friendly. You knew he was close to breaking his cool, and you had just the right idea to bring him over the edge.

You gently slid over onto Yoongi’s lap, and smiled at him. You knew by this point he had grown a little uncomfortable with the idea of torturing his friend like this, but you stared at him with pleading eyes, so he sighed and grabbed onto your waist. You could hear the movie hit it’s finale somewhere behind you.

“Oppa, you really should teach me how to rap, you are a god at it. You are soooo cool!” you giggled at him, giving him a kiss on the cheek that was much closer to the mouth than it should have been. This did it for Taehyung, he stood up, throwing the bowl forcefully at the floor, his eyes narrowing, nostrils flaring, and shoulders rising and falling harshly with each heavy breath he took. You could see his hands held into tight fists beside you, and his body shaking slightly. For a second you were scared of having made the wrong decision.

“Out” He called, stopping the movie, and turning towards his friends, who sat there staring at him in shock.

“Didn’t you hear me? I said OUT!” He growled, pointing towards the door with one hand before pulling you away from Suga, who he glared at so harshly if looks could kill, Suga would have already been dead. The guys hurriedly gathered their belongings, and rushed to the door, muttering weak goodbyes. Namjoon and Yoongi shot you worried and apologetic looks, but you were too entranced by Tae’s intense stare to take notice.

“What did you think you were doing?” He growled, once he heard the door click shut. You tried to reply but your voice failed you.

“So Yoongi is so handsome, and so comfy, and he smells so good, and he is a god now eh?” He spat at you, you could see the fury and jealousy burning in his pupils. You shuddered, and tried to shake your head, but he grabbed your face with both hands, staring into your eyes.

“I’ll show you who’s a God” He sneered, before smashing his lips against yours. You felt butterflies in your stomach as his lips gracefully collided with yours, his tongue fighting yours for dominance, and clearly winning. You moaned loudly.

With one swift movement, he slid your shirt off your body and tossed it to the side. He peppered kisses down your neck and shoulder, biting at the sensitive skin. You could feel the heat rising. You tugged on the hem of his shirt, and he yanked it off over his head, before pushing you onto the sofa, straddling your hips as he stared at you with hungry eyes.

You smirked, you had finally gotten him to pay enough attention to you. Your one sided smirk drove him crazy, and he fumbled with the hooks of your bra, trying his hardest to get it off you. As his mouth inched closer to your exposed chest, you heard someone gasp and scream out an apology. You both turned to face the voice. Jungkook stood there frozen in his tracks, face blushed a deep pink, his face a mix between shock and a cheeky pervy smile.

“Eh… Oh.. Uhm… Sorry Hyung. I forgot my charger and I… Sorry, I’ll ask Jin to lend me his tonight. Uh… Bye!” He stuttered, his eyes not leaving your bare chest, before rushing out the door, slamming it hard. You heard the other boys laugh outside your door, probably at Jungkook’s awkwardness and embarrassed expression.

“Dammit Jungkook!” He shouted out in frustration, lifting his body from yours.  You bit your lip and grabbed the back of his head, lacing your fingers between his hair, and pulled him back towards you, hungrily kissing him. He smiled into the kiss, and effortlessly picked you up in his arms, and sprinted to your room, pushing it open with his hip.

He threw you on the bed, and climbed in straight after you, his body hovering over yours, and his eyes darker than you had ever seen them before. He kissed down your body, leaving visible hickeys whenever he deemed appropriate. You knew he was marking you, his wild, territorial side was showing, and you secretly loved every second of it. You squirmed under his touch, as he flicked your short’s button open, and dragged the zipper down with his teeth, raising an eyebrow at you. You bit your lip harder, and made a mental note to thank Yoongi afterwards, because right now, you were in for a Hell of a good night, and you had all of Tae’s attention for yourself.

A/N: This is my first Taehyung scenario, I was given freedom by the requester, and asked for it to be a little dirty >.< I’ve never written smut before but I would like to try to some day! Please be kind!

My thoughts on SPN 11X21

Another week gone and I could watch the episode without spoilers by just staying off tumblr. The briefest glance at my dash says people aren’t too happy about today’s episode. So… Please don’t kill me, but I actually quite liked it. Yes, there were lots of weird jumps, and the whole thing felt very choppy, but some moments in it really made up for its flaws. The Destiel ones, especially, and I want to talk about them now. I liked a lot of other stuff too, but that’s a whole different post.

All gifs are mine, so crappy quality ones, sorry!

1. Yay Kevin! I missed you so much! This line jumped at me though.

So in all of 10 seconds Kevin could tell Dean’s the more stressed one. I wonder why.

2. Dean’s reaction after Chuck says he has no idea on how to find Amara is so anguished. 

Also, I liked the fact that Dean mentions Lucifer here. He knows Lucifer was God’s favorite at some point, and he’s hoping that by mentioning that he is in her trap, Chuck might help. (By the way, this just confirms to me that Chuck still has deep paternal feelings towards him. Look at how he exploded. He has been relatively easy-going about everything but Lucifer. He must have loved him a  great deal to react so badly) Well, obviously that didn’t work, and Dean’s crushed again.

3. THE BIGGEST MOMENT OF ALL. Amara using Cas (not Lucifer, Cas) to make a connection with Dean. Look at her expression when she has her hand near his chest. 

She looks curious, and not all that happy about it.  And during her conversation with Dean, she mentions Cas by name for the first time (right? Correct me if I’m wrong) She knows he’s important to Dean. More Dean-pain, thank you.

4. This conversation between Dean and Sam. Look at Dean’s expression when Sam is fanboying. 

He’s clearly upset about Sam getting distracted, although to be fair Sam didn’t know about Amara’s warning till now. And also, this-

Dean is only bothered about Cas (despite what looks contradictory afterwards). I just think that he could confess his worry for Cas to Sam, because Sam understands, but not the others.  

5. “Why would you want to find her?” says Donatello. Because they need to rescue a guy she has with her. Who is Lucifer. And also-

You and your priorities, Dean. (Whoops, ignore my misspelling of the word possessing)

6. This also jumped at me. Look at this random shot to Dean at Chuck mentioning the words ‘free will’. It speaks for itself-

7. Now, about Dean’s plan. I know he’s not mentioning Cas. But he’s talking to Metatron. Metatron, whose only motivation, as he said earlier, is to try and save God from kamikazing. Dean’s not going to try to convince him by talking about Cas. And besides, Dean’s desperate now.  Amara has showed up twice already, and Cas’s life is hanging by a thread. He wants Cas out and away from Amara, because even Lucifer still in Cas is better than both of them getting tortured to death by Amara. There’s at least a shot of Dean getting Cas back in the first case. And he’ll do anything for it. ANYTHING. Amara creeps him out, terrifies him so much, and he’s willing to go out alone to meet her, to distract her, to possibly get killed by her when she finds out what he’s done,  just so they can rescue Cas (and it is Cas he’s doing it for, remember  the conversation with Sam). If that doesn’t scream love and selflessness I don’t know what does.    


Yes, I wonder what that is, Amara. What could be stopping Dean from falling into your abyss? 

Oooh, helpful shot in between to figure out the answer.

I know we all wanted Cas back. I do too. But it would be too easy to just poof back like nothing happened. I want to see Dean interact with Casifer next episode. I want to see him struggle to hate him while he’s wearing the face of someone he loves (and NOT like a brother Jensen dear) So yeah, I think they should have split this into 2 episodes and cut a MOTW one. It would have flowed smoother. There are lots of flaws in this episode. But I still liked it.


Here is a WIP sunrise we are working on as we improve the sky and fog. We’ve recoded sky (instead of using a unity asset store sky) and fog from scratch so it works better with the horizon. Fog will be controlled by weather instead of just fixed per biome and time like before. I also added repair to some missing clothing items, added quality range to clothing and have the leveled loot tuned in very nice. On day 25 you will still be very busy looking for things and working to survive the hordes.

Speaking of hordes we fixed several bugs and will hotfix them ASAP. One feature we thought sounded cool a while back (hordes not despawning when you ditch them) was locking them down in chunks that were unloaded on the server. This meant we couldn’t spawn any other hordes until these original ones were dealt with. Well so if you were 5 miles from your base and a horde came to see you, well guess what, those guys were locked down until someone revisited them.

Anyhow they will keep moving around on the server now preventing this problem from happening again.

The minibike is coming along, all the parts are in the loot and craftable. You can optionally upgrade it with a storage basket, horn, and headlight. The headlight eats battery power so turn it off when you park the bike or you might end up with a dead battery.

The bear is coming together. Instead of hacking him in like we did the other animals, we are redoing how we import animals, which will give them detailed ragdolls and collision. So head shots on animals should be possible, and leg shots to zombies is coming too, but I can’t promise if it will work in a12, but the animals will for sure.

Kiss and make up (Harry Styles imagine for anon)

You were tired, groggy and emotional. But you put on a brave face. Tonight you were out for a meal with friends and your boyfriend Harry. Prior to the meal, you and harry had suffered an explosive argument. He had just finished the first leg of his tour, and you imagined that the two of you would be able to spend some quality time together, but Harry had other ideas. He didn’t want to take you shopping or watch the full box set of Harry Potter whilst eating fatty foods. He wants to go back to LA to see his ‘friends’ without you. Yes, without the girl he has apparently been missing all these months.

So after endless shouting from both parties you were succumbed to the situation you were facing now. Neither of you spoke to one another, and you hardly interacted with the rest of the boys and their girlfriends. Too much was going around your mind.

“Whats up with you y/n… you seem very quiet” Louis teased. “I’m just a little tired.” i replied. “Harry hasn’t been keeping you up has he?” Liam teased. “The chance would be a fine thing” Harry sulked. “Whatever Harry” i harshly whispered, fed up of him trying to make me look like the bad one.

Sensing an atmosphere everyone continued to eat their food, not uttering a single word about mine and Harry’s hiccup. “So, i was thinking” Niall piped up. “We should all go on holiday now that we’ve got a break. All of us together. It will be a laugh. Plus Lou could do with the break, couldn’t you pal” the Irishman laughed whilst poking Louis’ cheek.  “Fuck off blondie” Louis laughed and pushed Niall’s hand away. “To be fair though mate, that does sound like a good idea.” “See, i do have a brain sometimes” Niall winked earning a laugh from everyone else.

“When were you thinking” Harry piped up. “As soon as were all free mate.” Niall replied. “Well i’m going to LA for three weeks tomorrow” Harry spoke. “For fuck sake mate, not again!” Liam interrupted. “Every time we try and do something your in bloody LA!” he continued. “My point exactly.” I smirked. Yeah its not just me who’s sick of it Harry. “Oh not this again y/n! We’ve been through this already!” Harry raised his voice. “Yes i’m quite aware of that Harry. Incase haven’t noticed its the reason why were both not enjoying our night out! Because of you again!” I flared my nostrils in anger. “Its fine, we will just do it when he gets back” Niall added, trying to defuse the situation. “No, why should we! If he wants to go there then he misses out, end of” i retaliated. “I’m sure we can come up with something” Liam added, again trying to stop this situation from getting out of hand. “We could always go on a girly holiday whilst Harry’s away y/n” Sophia backed her boyfriend up.

“In case you haven’t noticed y/n, the only reason you’re sat at a table with these lot is because of me. You wouldn’t have any friends otherwise. So dont start dictating to me when i can do things with my friends babe.” Harry spoke viciously. “So you’re saying i only have friends because of you now are you Harry?” I questioned him angrily. “What i’m saying y/n is, i’m sick to fucking death of you trying to control my life! You dont own me! If i want to go to LA for 3 weeks then i fucking will! It’s not my fault that your so fucking clingy is it? And maybe if you shut that mouth of yours for two seconds we wouldn’t be arguing all the time would we.” My eyes began to water. “Your calling me clingy?” i asked. “Have you gone fucking deaf now as well” he spat. “Come on Harry, that’s enough” Louis interrupted. “Its fine Louis” I stood up, tears threatening to spill. “Do what you want Harry. You’ve made it quite clear what you think of me. I’m so sorry for just wanting to spend a bit of time with my boyfriend after not seeing him for three months! I’m sorry if that’s too clingy for you. I’m so sorry for being such a burden Harry” a tear slipped down my cheek. “Enjoy the rest of your night guys.” I spoke before speed walking out of the restaurant and towards the nearest taxi.


Spread out across the sofa, in my favourite PJ’s i had finally managed to stop crying.  How could Harry be so nasty to me? Just then my phone vibrated next to me.

20:15pm From Soph<3 - Hey lovely. Just checking to make sure you’re okay. The boys have given Harry a telling off and i think he realises how stupid he was being. He should be home soon just to give you a heads up. I hope things getting sorted between the two of you and you can get past this. Love you lots! Soph x

20:17pm Sent - Thanks for letting me now. Yeah i hope we can get through it too, i just cant get what he said out of my head. I shall just see what he says when he gets in. Thanks for your support, love you too! Y/n x

Just then the door slammed shut signalling that Harry had arrived home. He removed his jacket and hung it onto the holder screwed to the wall. He gave me a small glance then proceeded towards the kitchen. Charming.

I got myself comfy again only to be interrupted by Harry sitting down at the end of the sofa with a bottle of water in his hand.

“What are you watching” he asked. I chose to ignore his pathetic attempts at trying to speak to me. “Oh come on y/n, talk to me” he pleaded. “Talk to you? You expect me to talk to you after what you said?” i was infuriated. “Look, i overreacted okay. I just love spending time in LA. I’d bring you with me but you dont want to come.” “You’ve never offered” i interrupted. “Okay, well i thought you wouldn’t want to come. You’re not clingy i dont even know why i said that. I love you okay, and i’ve missed you a lot too. Its been hard on tour without you. But we need to compromise. We need to do some things that i enjoy and things that you enjoy! You are welcome to come to LA with me. And then when we come back we can go away with the boys and Sophia if that’s what you want! We just need to work this out properly.” “Harry of course i will go to LA with you. I dont care where we go as long as i get to spend some time with you. I hate it when your on the other side of the world and not with me. And yes that may sound clingy but its not! I just feel we have to cherish every moment we spend together because before you know it you will be back on tour again.” He nodded. “I know baby, i know. Okay so its sorted now?” he asked. “Yes” i nodded. “C’mere” he opened his arms as i snuggled into his chest.

“I promise i will never make you cry like that again okay? I love you so much y/n…” “I love you too Harry.”

Okay so this was requested for anon. I hope you like it! If you have a request please message me! Oh and like if you read.

Kirstie xx