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I have like the vaguest memory of you mentioning, somewhere, that after making out with Maria after a hunt Gehrman went to ridiculous lengths to avoid talking to her. so I'll see that and raise you this for your mental-visualizing pleasure if you haven't had the image yet: Maria goes looking for Gehrman in his studio, only to have Ludwig answer the door while, in the background, our boy leaps out the window, Scott Pilgrim-style. Ludwig has no excuse. Maria's just really disappointed.

That would totally happen and I even think that Daisy mentioned something like that at some point XD
In fact, Maria had to TRICK Gehrman into thinking he was alone in the Workshop and then sneak behind him as he was all absorbed in his work. The poor man almost had a heart attack. (u kinda deserved that, Gehrm :P)
Daisy’s story opens with Ludwig coming back from Yharnam (he wasn’t a student of Gehrman anymore at that point and was already training his own group of hunters) to escort his former colleagues into town to celebrate one of the -many- Yharnamite holidays Daisy and I made up to give some color to the lifestyle of the citizens. Ludwig asks Gehrman to join them but he’s a goddamn workaholic and so he politely declines the offer. Maria pretends to go to town with the others but then turns back and sneaks in the Workshop from the back entrance :P
And to say that she’s disappointed by the fact that Gehrman ignored her for so long is an understatement. She was quite furious! She doesn’t get why Gehrman is making such a fuss about that one kiss and is genuinely surprised to find out that his concerns are all about “dishonoring” her.

so @biflash and I decided we need a realistic movie/show scene where the science character goes to do their amazing analysis in the lab only to have random realistic problems occur (b/c it’s unrealistic that their work is so accurate in like 20 min work time)

  • science character: ON IT!!*4 hours later* “fuck, the gel cracked when I was trying to get it off the plate”
  • a 3 hour long movie of some poor grad student stuck in a lab trying desperately to get data
  • a 10 minute montage of everything that can go wrong going wrong
  • Scientist after gel finishes: “I GOT IT!!! LET’S SEE WHAT WE’VE GOT!!!” Image: only shows ladder scientist: fuck 
    •  background hero: in english pls
  • forgetting which lanes represent what/forgetting to label test tubes/forgetting to add dye to their samples (I am guilty of this)
  • accidentally running the sample off the gel 
    • or stopping it too early and not having the bands separate accurately
  • fucking up so badly not even the ladder shows up
  • random air bubbles disrupting the formation of lanes after putting in the comb
    • and the gel is already half solid so u cant just pour in more
  • smelling like rotten fish all day because they opened a mini tube with TEMED in it
  • accidentally running the sample from positive to negative instead of negative to positive and realizing they just wasted like half an hour
  • the gel leaking as they pour it between the glass frames 
  • getting into ninja poses as they try to see the nearly invisible wells while they try to load them
  • forgetting to leave their tubes on ice and performing the whole experiment for no reason™
  • forgetting to mix the restriction enzyme samples properly and screwing up the restriction digest

give us more realistic scientists who suffer pls. not all scientists can perform a badass experiment with the presence of one random mini tech machine. and even if they did, i bet you something would somehow go wrong hahaha.

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I think your anon had a good point. The kind of endorsements they've given him add to the image of 'chav'. I agree that if his team werent slandering him it would matter less, but they've erased businessman Louis, superstar Louis, musician Louis to make him look like some - yes - chav who got lucky Uneducated, unsophisticated, cant be bothered dressing nicely, with poor impulse control, violent. Now contrast Harry who is no 'posher' as a person but his brands & image are the antithesis of L.

Ok, but here’s my question to you and the other anon- how would you style him to make this different? What clothes would you put him in where he also wouldn’t look ridiculous in the EDM world? What endorsement deals would you solidify for him?

not attacking, genuinely asking.

This shouldn't need to be said, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

What happened to Paige was absolutely not her fault. Her privacy was completely invaded and that is not on her. That is on the sick fuck who hacked into her stuff and distributed these images/videos without her consent. Saying anything other wise like, “She shouldn’t have done it unless she wanted it out there” or some other stupid bullshit like that. That’s straight up victim blaming and that’s NOT OKAY.


Do not, DO NOT reblog/spread these images/videos. If this were you, you wouldn’t want that to be spread around, would you? Don’t do it to someone else.

This poor girl has to be completely upset and humiliated. Don’t add on to it by going around sharing all these things.


Weekly 60-minute Challenge
The theme was “Magic in FF world”
So I picked Reno’s skill “Pyramid”
It was a horrible skill at the moment because you might easily end up as “Game Over”

Sorry for bad quality of scanned image and poor handwriting.


Hey look some Anti fanart I made ;u; I’ve had this done for a while and just now thought of letting you guys take a look!

The first picture is his general reference; I like to think his eyes change color depending on who’s speaking/in control. (The black stripes were supposed to be ooze that always came from his eyes but I changed that later on)

The second picture is inspired from when he came back during Detention. In my canon, the events of October (including Say Goodbye) all happened, but then he had a change of heart and regretted his actions, and when Jack started playing Detention and remembered what he did, he was pretty terrified. poor boy

The third picture was inspired from when Jack said he was “dead inside” during My Little Blacksmith. For some reason I couldn’t get this image out of my head of Anti trying to tell Jack he’s anything but dead inside and I had to get it down. (gotta say even though my anatomy’s improved a bit i love how this turned out tbh–)

Hope you guys like my art of glitch nerd ;v;

Some cool gorillaz “albums” I’ve found in youtube!

obs: Spanish and english are not my first languages, so I’m sorry for the poor writing, and if there are any typos.

obs²: message me if there are problems or something like that

  • Gorillaz - Sea Sides (link)

“Sea-Sides is fanmade compilation of all the full and official songs, b-sides and remixes that were left scattered on the web during Gorillaz’s phase 3 after the release of Plastic Beach. The downloable contains the songs of the tracklist, plus a booklet with lyrics and images put together by Faxio Gadeigo and Den is Abnormal, active g-fans.”

*There is another video with the same name and premise (its shorter too), here, but i don’t know whats up with that D: 

  • Kong Studios Recordings Part 1 (Full Album) (link)

  (translated from Spainish) “The Kong Studios from Phase 1 (2001/2004) was full of Games, Wallpaper, external Gorillaz sites, etc. something curious is that it also had live sessions on certain occasions, as well as songs within the respective characters room’s or or other things of the same. Here are the recordings of Phase 1 of the Studios Kong from 2001 to 2004.”

  • Gorillaz - Gorillaz Unmastered (Full Album) (link)

(translated from Spainish) “This is a preview version, perhaps many do not know its existence, of the first album (self-titled) from the band: “Gorillaz”. This is a version that starts with Slow Country and ends with Routine (Song that despite having its own promotional Vinyl, ended up being a rarity in which DJ Kid Koala collaborated), different from the final version that starts with Re-Hash and ends with M1A1, we have some interesting things that go beyond the track’s order and the sum of themes. Two versions of the backing vocals from Latin Simone, a instrumental of Rock The House (Its instrumental because Del’s rap part was not planned, this rap was added in the last days of production), a rarity called Exhumation, the complete version of Clint Eastwood and a longer version of Punk.”

  • Gorillaz - The Rare Collection (2001-2011) (link)

“A compilation of unreleased Gorillaz tracks (2001-2011)”

  • Gorillaz - Gorillaz Live (Full Album) (link)

(translated from Spainish) “ This album/Bootleg made by us collects the best presentations from the first Gorillaz Tour, in 2001, this is just a Mix of different presentations of the Tour. Here are All the songs played in their first tour (excluding New Genious and Double Bass that were never played live, at least there are no recordings of that) and just to clarify this album does not exist and therefore it is not official.”

  • Gorillaz - Best Songs Compilation (link)

“Hi People! I truly love this group so I decided to make a compilation of some of my favourite songs by them. (totally needless to say, they were chosen by personal opinion).”

*This playlist is amazing! One of my favorites.

Okay, but the real hero of A Series of Unfortunate Events was the editor.

And everyone’s got their cool theories, like how the editor is Moxie or Ellington or maybe the Duchess of Winnipeg.  Those are good theories.  I love those theories.

But I’m imagining some poor person at Harper Collins who had to break into cars, shell out countless amounts of money on everything to useless train tickets to subpar milk, lose one of their nicer suits and try to decipher increasingly illegible handwriting to get to get these books printed.


Il est déjà ici! :D

L’Histoire de Tomb Raider by Alexandre Serel finally arrived home, yeeey! :D (I was the last one to get it, seriously??).

As promised here are some photos of the thingie and to my Lartis bitches, the first - and last, as far as I’ve seen- image of Kurtis in the book. My poor boy… what a moment they chose. Well, see the bright side: it’s the only character apart from Lara who gets a chapter all for himself.

I am extremely delighted because the book is beautiful - the Scion cover is textured, you caress it and you can feel the roughness of the symbols and provides lots of information, most of the book is text, except for the drawings that introduce each chapter. There are 56 chapters and as I was promised, most of the book is about Core Design and its games, Crystal stuff starting only from chapter 42 to the end, which is the least, the last part of the book. So I am not disappointed by this.

I’d have preferred, tho, the interior of the book not being only B/W but also some colored stuff, but anyway, the quality of the paper is amazing, and so the cover and the edition. Totally worth it.

I am also shocked at some fresh and new information about TRAOD sequel(s) I’ve not encountered in Meagan’s book, nor even in Murti’s notes, to the point of including some scripts about The Lost Dominion I’ve never seen before - starting by Lara and Kurtis reencounter. As I said, Kurtis gets a chapter all for himself, tho is short and includes mostly his biography and details of his planned spin-off game, Demon Hunter.

I don’t want to say more at this point ‘cause I prefer to read it carefully before, but stay tuned! I’m gonna provide with little bits, photos, details and shared information for those who couldn’t get this French edition. :)

@hazelphoenix what do you think? Totally worth it? :D

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Oops, image spam.

This is my first OC, Alexander! (Art by the amazing Shazzbaa <3. He researches dragons, and is very passionate about his job. He lost his right hand when he was still new to it. Don’t feed wild dragons by hand!! Poor Alex also has some issues with his legs, so he needs his cane most of the time. His small dragon friend Oscar steals it a lot. Save him from himself. I love him very much, and I’m really excited to share him.

(submitted by @missamargasaurus)

You know what else is brilliant about the Sons of Feanor? Their mother-names.

Poor Caranthir. Nerdanel is seriously my favourite character ever…this is basically how it went down:

*maedhros is born* 

 Nerdanel: This one is gonna be so hot, like damn

 *maglor is born* 

 Nerdanel: This one is gonna bust some seriously funky tunes

*celegorm is born*

Nerdanel: Ooh, don’t piss this one off whatever you do

*curufin is born*

Nerdanel: Spitting image of his dad. 

And then you have Caranthir…

Nerdanel: ….lol u gon have a red face

And then with the twins she probably just gave up, like “I’m done, I’m so done naming you little bastards…whatever man, you two are gonna be exactly the same anyway, I’m just gonna give you the same names." 

Once Upon An Abandonment

Request: I have an idea, the OUAT gang stuck are stuck in another world but I have a twist. The group (Emma, Regina, Henry, Charming’s, Hook) but when they stumble across a local bar/tavern/inn they find the reader aka Regina’s 20yo daughter who’s a spitting image of her mother, hiring herself as a mercenary. But when they ask for help it’s all business and will only help for money because she dislikes her mother for getting rid of her as a little girl and still holds a grudge.

A/N: (Alright, I’m not gonna specify said other world because that’s just too confusing for my poor little brain to handle haha c: if you know of some place (real or otherwise) that fits this description, please feel free to imagine it happening there, I’m not the boss of your minds! Xx )

Word Count: 2496

Emma and Regina had been deep in conversation for hours, trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, Hook and Henry slipped away, looking for some information on where they were. The area they were in was a forest, the kind they always seemed to find themselves in, but something seemed different about it. There was no bushes or small plants on the ground, apart from a thick coating of moss which was springy underfoot. The trees were tall, with smooth bark, and their branches started about half-way up, so it was like they were under a thick roof. Added to this weird aura, was the fact that the trees were massive, they had huge diameters, like something out of a story.
Henry and Hook had been walking for about half an hour when they heard voices. Excited by this, they followed them, but right when they were where the voices were loudest, they couldn’t see anyone, and then Henry noticed something. He walked over to the nearest tree, where the roots had been cleared to form what looked like a pathway to the trunk. The springy moss revealed no footprints, however.
Hook followed Henry’s gaze, and walked to the trunk, and gently pressed his hand against it. Part of it swung open, and Hook and Henry exchanged a grin. They went into the tree, and saw a basket, like the type you’d see on a hot air balloon, which was attached to a pulley system. They stepped into the basket and started to pull themselves up. It was surprisingly easy, and Henry said they probably used advanced engineering to make it that way.
The voices got louder the higher up they went, and when the got to the top, they came across another door. Hook glanced at Henry and rested his hand on his sword. “Ready mate?”
Henry nodded, and Hook pushed the door open with his hook. Instead of some secret lair, or whatever they’d been expecting, it looked like a tavern of some sort. Hook and Henry walked up to the counter, and Hook gestured to the man behind the counter. “Mate, would you mind telling us where we are?”
The barman frowned. “You’re the fourth lost travellers to come through here in a month, somethings going on.” He looked around the bar and nodded to himself. “Go sit at a table, I know someone who can help, for a fee. I just gotta find her.”
Henry nodded and the two of them went to a table, Hook ordering himself a rum along the way. He was just sipping on it, when he frowned, and gave Henry a kick under the table. “Look’s like your mum found us, let’s hope she’s not pissed.”
Henry frowned, and turned around. “I don’t think my mus is about 20…”
Hook glanced at his rum and put it back down on the table. “I guess I’ve had too much already.”
The Regina-lookalike was walking with the barman, and he nodded towards Hook and Henry, which made Hook frown slightly.
She walked over and sat down beside Henry, resting her elbows on the table. “I hear the two of you need to get back home. I can help you, for a price.”
Henry frowned. “What’s your name?”
“Y/N. Why? You don’t need my name for my help.” She frowned at Henry.
“Sorry, but you look really like my mum.” Henry took out his phone and showed Y/N a picture of the whole gang.
“They’re here too.” Hook added, noticing the clenching of your jaw.
You looked at him, trying to remain poker-faced. “Then it’ll cost more. Twenty silver pieces per person. And unless you can afford another two hundred for the Evil Queen, she can stay here.”
“She’s not the Evil Queen anymore, she’s changed. She’s my mom!” Henry protested.
“I don’t care if she’s a bloody angel, she’s the reason I grew up an orphan and now have to sell services in order to get food.” You took a deep breath, trying to get your anger under control. “Do you have the money to pay me?”
Hook nodded. “Aye lass, we do. And we have enough to pay for the Queen too.”
Henry frowned. “But-”
“Then we won’t have enough to pay for a roof over our heads tonight, I know lad. We’ll sleep under the stars, it’s character building.” Hook gave Henry a ‘shut up right now’ look.
“You can sleep at my home.” You sighed. “Don’t want you dying. It’s not safe on the ground after sundown. Where are the rest of you?”
“In the forest.” Henry frowned. “Are they in danger?”
You stood up without answering, and gestured for the two H’s to follow you. You paced out of the bar, and into the lift. Once the two were in it with you, you dropped the rope and the basket fell at full speed. Henry and Hook looked scared, but you knew the springy moss on the bottom was enough to slow your fall and leave you uninjured.
After landing, you exited the tree trunk and gave Hook a hard look. “Hide all your weapons, and anything metal. Where are the others?” The thick foliage had meant that it was almost as dark as night, with a green tint to it.
He set off running, taking off his hook and putting it into one of his pockets, you and Henry following after him. When you reached the others, they were surrounded by dark, shadowy creatures with long claws. Their claws were the only solid part of them, and they used them to slash at the four in the clearing.
You slowly walked up, taking every breath with caution. The creatures all turned towards you, and you made sure not to breathe in their shadows, they didn’t like that. Making a curious clicking noise with your tongue, you signalled with your hand for everyone to get behind you, which luckily they did. You took the key to your home out of your pocket and held it out behind you, waiting for someone to take it. “It will tell you the way. Take it and go. I’ll catch up to you.” Someone carefully took the key out of your hand. “Go, now!”
The beasts growled at the raise of volume in your voice, so you resumed making your clicking noise. It confused the shadows, distracting them from everything else, and they were curious about it. The only problem with this tactic was that they tended to eat things they were curious about, or rip them to shreds. The sight of metal sent them into a frenzy, and they liked chasing things that ran. This was all you knew about the shadow-creatures, but it was enough. You took a coin out of your pocket, keeping it hidden in your hand, and then flung it behind the creatures, as far as you could.
They immediately rushed after it, and you turned and sprinted in the other direction, as fast as your feet could carry you. You knew they were coming after you, the sounds of them destroying the coin had only lasted so long. You burst into your home and slammed the door shut behind you, dropping the beam-lock down just as the shadow-creatures started clawing at it.
The Evil Queen had a ball of fire in her hand, and the blonde one had her hands up ready to cast a spell. The two Charmings, who you recognised from your time in the Enchanted Forest, had weapons drawn too, a bow and a sword.
“Don’t bother.” You sighed. “They’re immune to magic and weapons.”
“But what if they get in?” Henry frowned. “How will we fight?”
“They won’t get in.” You shrugged, flopping onto your bed, which was really just a very thin mattress with a thin blanket on a frame. “Did you see all the scratches outside? They haven’t got in yet. They’ll disappear when it gets light again, try get some sleep.”
“Do they stay there all night?” You had your eyes closed by now, an arm flung over your face, so you didn’t even know who was speaking.
“Yup. That’s why I can afford this place. The higher you go, the more expensive everywhere gets. The creatures can’t climb. Now please go to sleep, I’m tired.” You rolled over so your back was to them, and soon fell asleep, used to the noise of the creatures trying to get into your home.

Emma had her head in Hook’s lap, the fingers of his non-hooked hand running through her hair. She was dozing, exhausted.
“Mom, why does she look so like you?” Henry whispered.
Regina sighed. “She’s my daughter. I had her after your father died.” She nodded at Snow, who nodded. “But I gave her up, at the time I had no room for anything in my life but revenge. My father looked after her for a time, and when she was about six, I sent her away to another land and enacted the curse. I guess she remembers.”
Snow frowned. “You gave up your own daughter? Who was the father?”
“That’s not something we need to discuss.” Regina sighed, laying down. “We should get some sleep.”
“Are you kidding? With those at the door?” David frowned, obviously tense. “What if they get in?”
“The lass seems pretty sure they won’t.” Hook nodded towards you. “Look, sleeping like a baby. I trust her.”

The next morning, you woke before everyone else, but not wanting to interact, you stayed facing the wall pretending to sleep. Once the sound of the creatures trying to get in stopped, you stood up and gave all the others little kicks to wake them up. “We have a long way to go before dark.”
Once they were all up, you pulled on your jacket. “I don’t have any food, so I hope you’re used to going without.”
“What? Why don’t you have any food?” Regina frowned, and you just ignored her.
“Y/N, why don’t you have food?” Snow asked gently.
“It’s expensive.” You shrugged. “Do you have the money to pay me with you, or do I need to wait until you get back to your home?”
“It’s back home.” Emma frowned, picking up on how intent you were to ignore Regina. “We live in a town called Storybrooke, but you’re welcome to stay there, if you want. It’s safer than here, and there’s food, and shelter there.”
You shook your head, and removed the beam that keeps the door shut. “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve survived this long on my own, I’m sure I can keep going like this as long as necessary.” Stepping out of your home, you gestured for the others to follow you and walked through the woods. You were the only one who knew the way on the ground, as everyone else rarely even came down to ground level.
You walked in silence, the others following you, until Snow and David came up to walk beside you, one on either side.
“Here to try and charm me, Charmings?” You scoffed.
David couldn’t help but crack a grin. “We’re here to find out where we’re going, actually. How are we getting somewhere that you’ve obviously never heard of?”
You sighed with a slight smile. “Obviously I found the brains of your gang cult thing. There’s a portal we’re going to, it can take you wherever you want to go.”
“And you too.” Snow cut in, exchanging a look with David when you turned and gave her a frown. “I’m not coming with you, even if she wasn’t here, I don’t accept charity.”
“That’s a shame, because we actually have a job that we need someone for.” David made sure to sound disappointed, dangling the bait.
Much as you tried to resist, it was very tempting. “What job?” You asked cautiously, signalling to everyone to avoid a patch of moss. You knew from experience it was basically a sinkhole, and if you went in, it was very difficult to get out.
“We have a son, Prince Neal,” David began.
“And as we always get sucked into these adventures, we could really use a babysitter.” Snow finished.
“What makes you think I’d be the person for that job? For all you know I could be just like my mother.” You argued.
“Well, you’re risking your life to help us because you need to earn some money. I’d imagine you’d be willing to not risk your life and be given a place to stay, for a steady income.” David gave you a smile, and you knew you were convinced. He knew it too.
“Fine.” You muttered. “But I’m not doing anything that involves the Evil Queen, and you’re still paying me for getting you back to your home.”
“That’s a fair deal.” Snow smiled, wrapping her arm around your waist and gently squeezing. “Welcome to the family, Y/N.”
“Um, thanks?” You muttered, not really sure how to deal with someone being nice to you like this. “We should reach the portal soon enough, you guys are fitter than I expected from a bunch of royalty.”
“We don’t like to think of ourselves like that.” David admitted. “But you should get used to being surprised, Storybrooke is a lot different to here.”
“I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’m used to moving around a lot.” You shrugged.
After that, you all walked in silence for about an hour, until you came across the portal. It just looked like a pool, but you knew it was much more than that. “Just jump in, and think of where you want to go.” You explained.
Henry went through first, followed by Regina, then Emma, and then Hook.
You looked at Snow and David. “Seeing as I’ve never been to Storybrooke, I’ll need to go through with you guys.”
They nodded, and each took hold of one of your hands, joining their free hands. Together, the three of you jumped into the pool, and when you opened your eyes, you knew you were in Storybrooke, and you had another fresh start.


Some New Zealand orca appreciation <3

I believe these pics are split across two encounters I had, one in the beautiful Bay of Islands and the other off the stunning Whangarei coastline.

Both out on Ingrid’s research boat, so all images  © myself (Kate O’Neil) and (not to be re-used without permission)

when some’s insta description is along the lines of “seeing the world through a different lense” you best believe it’s either going to be overexposed images of block buildings or black and white pictures of poor people on bicycles 

Doodling an Elephant, While in Trial

Humble elephant, punch line of poor jokes,

colossus of the Big Top, leather-clad,

sometimes, if habitat-deprived, made mad,

I’m working on my closing for these folks,

while I sketch your image.  I’m at a loss,

somehow - your legs too thin, your ear a hound’s,

your crooked trunk is dragging on the ground.

You must not be well. This witness’ cross

is as pointless as my sketch, it seems:

cornered-but-not-quite, he nearly screams

an answer, but no one hears or cares.

You, meanwhile, dreaming pachydermal dreams,

slowly stride some sunny savannah, where

lawyers’ questions float away on air.

(Written and submitted by @oatlandgoodman)

“Oh, it’s you…”

Day 3: Weapons

For @bsd-rarepairweek (click on pic for better quality) It’s still the 21st in Poland so yay me! \o/

I started picturing Lucy wielding a naginata some time ago, and the image doesn’t want to leave my brain, so yeah  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

i also put her in her Guild dress bc Combat Skirt™ and also bc that was the quickest i could get a ref of her  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 82

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Title and image: Like a Haunted House, Life is Filled with Horrors

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 82:

Poor Ochi-san already off to a rough start.

I thought they looked more adorable than frightening.

I loved how content Kagura was in receiving candy from a little boy who felt bad for her piss-poor scare tactics. She’s so adorable as usual.

As soon as I saw Otae, I remember thinking, ‘Oh No. Ochi’s screwed”.

Poor Oryou. That’s some Yato-level strength Tae-chan was exhibiting.

And when he appeared, I remember distinctly thinking “Oh SHIT.”

I thought Shinpachi was rather adorable. Arf!!

Poor Ochi-san. He really had no luck whatsoever, both at home or at work.

Ships Tally:

I could say Tae/Oryou if I really wanted to, but nah. Especially since Tae-chan probably put her in the hospital with that bear hug.

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.