some of the best acting on the show

so I’ve finally started watching Hannibal approximately 50 years after everyone else (I have terrible anxiety and was worried the psychological and gore aspects would trigger some stuff, which it kind of has but w/e) and holy shit. what a show. WHAT A SHOW. 

to put things into perspective, I started this a couple of days ago and am now on episode 3 of season 2. I cannot stop watching it, despite Netflix’s best attempts at sabotage (really, fam? only one season? 2 years after it finished?) 

the humour is perfectly measured, the cinematography is sublime, the acting is [mcpoyle voice] top notch, the soundtrack is both fantastically eerie (the plink plonks! the low rumbling that seems to reverberate inside my head and could so easily be overbearing but isn’t) and joyously bombastic (beethoven! bach! stravinsky!), the meticulously crafted dishes that have inspired me to start cooking again (though admittedly with a slightly tweaked list of ingredients), the fascinating and peculiar relationship dynamics, the desaturated colour palette, the fact that there aren’t any unnecessarily lingering shots of naked women’s mutilated bodies (I’m looking at you, GoT), hugh dancy’s sad little face, the anachronistic bespoke suits, the dogs, the CHEEKBONES. just. all of it.

I cannot wait to discover how all of this unfolds and how the characters develop and I’m already dreading its inevitable, unjust end. 

so let’s just finish this with a gif of my favourite part from the previous episode

oh hannibal, you cheeky fucker! rocking up in your vinyl kill suit to appreciate a nice new avant-garde installation, like a shoreditch hipster version of patrick bateman! I love you.

i decided to wait until episode 8 had aired before i made a decision on how i felt about the last few episodes. there were so many great moments (not just good, truly great) and i love the show for every second of those–BAMF magnus, jace banter, maia (alisha steals every scene she’s in), luke’s protective streak, eme’s acting, alec coming into his own, simon’s story weaving in all of the characters….

and yet, here i am. “here” being this nebulous spot between frustrated and understanding the limitations of a show that features seven main characters. all seven of whom of i’ve grown to love in their own unique ways and want to see pieces of each of their stories just as much as the others. 

i can’t deny that i started watching shadowhunters because of magnus and alec, though. and episodes 7 and 8 have given me some of the best moments between them. harry and matt own every scene they’re in together. period. full stop.

so how did i end up “here?”

their first time together and magnus revealing his eyes to alec are two major events that were missing from show!canon. i had hope that both would be treated well by writers who have, so far, exceeded my expectations when it comes to magnus and alec. and yet, as i finished last night’s episode i couldn’t help but be disappointed by the writing. 

it wasn’t the lack of a morning after scene at the beginning of episode 8 that finally tipped me over the edge–it was the situation in which alec saw magnus’ cat eyes.

with one two-minute scene we could have seen magnus and alec in a pre-sex or morning after setup where magnus decides to let down the glamour for alec, and alec alone. no on-screen “sex” needed. that would’ve been even more intimate and personal than any sex scene. i can’t help but wish that, in this case, harry and matt had been given the material to show us those two events through alec and magnus’ experiences. instead we got fade-to-black, a conversation with jace, and magnus revealing those eyes in front of a woman he detests….


i can’t sugercoat it. in a show that has treated malec with such care until now, these two “firsts” were a complete and utter misfire. those are opportunities for show!canon that we’ll never get back.

i’m not pissed. im just beyond disappointed.


here i am. 

and if you know anything from following me, it’s that i’m cynical and sarcastic, but i also have a lot of gratitude and hope.

those misfires don’t dampen my enthusiasm to see what comes next. harry and matt consistently deliver portrayals of magnus and alec that are on point, emotional, and include details that make every second matter. i’ll still be in front of my tv next monday at 8pm excited about what comes next.

and until then…

in the iconic words of ruelle, where do we go from here? well, there’s nothing in show!canon that says (yet) that was actually the first time alec saw magnus’ eyes. and there’s nearly nothing to go on for their first time together. so, as for me, i’m going to be writing. and i hope you are too.

‘cause this is what fandom is for.

we develop new worlds. branch off into alternate timelines. we fix shit

go forth and create.

YG Fucked Up Don’t Cover Him

As a YG family stan I get how many of us want to cover YG (the CEO’s) ass at a time like this. Especially with how media treats him, and how there are some aspects of his management that show or lead us to believe he was the best CEO. Papa YG right? But seriously what happened with 2NE1 and Taehyun is inexcusable. Don’t be delusional and act put the fault of this event on 2ne1 members or taehyun, because YG could have done so many things to prevent it. YG should have stuck by Park Bom’s side through the drug scandal, instead of follow netizen desires and hide her from the public. He should have given Minzy the opportunity to do solo work. He should have given Winner more comebacks and provide taehyun (and all his artists) with proper emotional support and therapy. And this isn’t YG’s first fuck up, he’s got a dungeon full of trainees who have been waiting years for a debut. He’s got a dungeon full of artists who have been waiting to do what they love. as fans of YG artists we need to call him out on his shit so he can actually do something about it. That means doing everything in our power to voice our opposition and take action against YG, not bashing any of the 2ne1 members by accusing them of being a bad band mate. Not hating on CL or dara for resigning. No attacking bom or minzy for their decision to leave. That means no hating on Blackpink, because those girls and the other YG trainees have to deal with this shit CEO too, and they’re not responsible for what happened. and For the love of God please only send love and support for taehyun, because the most important thing is health. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t know what to do to make our voices heard, but I do know pretending that YG CEO is still a loving father to all of his artists is pure delusional, that man is fucked up for what he’s done to young talents. He doesn’t deserve any of them. 

Career Moves

This week has presented a good opportunity for Sam and Cait to be seen and to network in LA. Cait has attended a pre-Oscar party and the Oscar Wilde Awards at which she was honored and Sam has attended the Piaget/Weinstein pre-Oscar party.  It is a smart career move for Sam and Cait to attend these events separately. They are working on furthering their careers as individual actors, not a package deal. They are wisely putting some distance between themselves and the Outlander roles for which they are best known. They are not widely known in the entertainment industry so it is not the time to be seen as “that rumored couple from that show set in Scotland”.  To be seen as a real life couple could work against them as some might think their acting prowess and chemistry is due to their personal involvement. What has transpired this week is about their careers, not their personal lives.

And, so, I continue to wait and watch and believe In Sam and Cait. ♥︎

Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

1. Always do your best to stay calm and in control.

2. Decide to not react to the things they say and do.

3. If you can, keep that person on the fringes of your life.

4. If you can’t, try and deal with them when others are around.

5. Choose your battles carefully or everything will be a fight.

6. Separate “them” from “the issue” – and show kindness and respect.

7. Demonstrate good self-respect; act as if you’re confident.

8. Use some humour where you can; keep things on a lighter note.

The amis as theatre kids

Courfeyrac: The cute funny guy that gets most of the leads and everyone has had a crush on at some point

Grantaire: he likes to act but always ends up on tech because no one is as good as him and the drama teacher totally depends on his tech skill

Marius: only signed up because his friends made him but ended up really liking it

Feuilly: thinks acting is really cool but doesn’t have enough time because of all his jobs so he always asks to be a small part

Bahorel: wanted to join since forever but always chose sports over theatre, but decided to finally do a show senior year

Combeferre: The best stage manager anyone could ask for. The cast will circle him and chant “combeferre’s in charge” before every performance and write #combeferreisincharge on everything

Bossuet: always gets the character roles and needs extra supervision with his props because he will probably break them

Joly: hes the kid who always has tea and cough drops and he makes sure everyone is drinking lots of water

Jehan: plans the cast parties and also helps out with costumes

Enjolras: turns out to be an amazing dancer and is dance captain and helps out the teacher with choreo. At first everyone thinks he’s full of himself and then they realize nope he’s just confident- he really is better than all of us

Cosette: has the voice of an angel and gets most of the lead roles but she’s so nice that no one can be too jealous

Eponine: started doing tech because of grantaire, stayed because she has a huge crush on cosette

Musichetta: does all the hair and makeup designs

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This gif wrecks me bye

Seokjin -

He would be nothing but proud. He knew you were doing your exams and had assumed you would need his help, he had been working toward university after all. But you told him you weren’t worried, so he trusted you. You however wanted to show him why you weren’t concerned because you knew no matter what Seokjin was going to worry eventually so the best way to prevent it was to show him your tests. He was floored by what he saw — you were a genius! He would ask what percentage you were in and when you said the 1% his mind flashed back to their beloved Brain Monster. Oh he was totally going to brag to him about this.

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Yoongi -

He would ask why you acted so silly sometimes if on paper you were supposed to be a genius. He was working away at something, some paper when a question popped up that he couldn’t understand. He hadn’t expected you to pop up from around his shoulder to read it and within moments have the answer and explain it to him so that he also understood it. Yoongi would raise an eyebrow and you and ask just how you managed to do that so quickly when he was stuck for so damn long and why hadn’t you helped sooner then. When you just gave his shoulder and pat and walked away he was very confused and wasn’t sure the Genius Min Suga should be offended or not.

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Hoseok -

Would be impressed and a little bit intimidated. It was before a fan meeting, he was bored and someone left out a sudoku puzzle. Hoseok was enjoying himself until he got to one particular puzzle that was a lot harder. He’d asked you for help on a whim but he was impressed when you picked the booklet from his hands and began to solve each puzzle without breaking a sweat. Any time after he saw how smart you were he would ask for your help when he didn’t understand a question and even though he wasn’t in school anymore, study dates would become a thing.

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Namjoon -

It was game on. Namjoon had always known he wanted someone smart to be in a relationship with so that he could talk with but you were so much more. When he was doing a college math puzzle sheet, for fun of course because he was a nerd, and you slid in to actually correct one of his answers it became a competition. You were trying to one up each other whenever you could, all in good fun of course. Two geniuses in a relationship was a lot of entertainment for the rest of Bangtan but also a lot of headaches when you started talking numbers.

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Jimin -  

He was impressed but also wondered what you did for FUN. You were winding down after one of their shows in the dressing room with a nice puzzle. A milk puzzle. Jimin walked in when you were in the middle of doing the completely white puzzle and was honestly worried for you. He would ask if it was a project of some kind because who would do that without being made to? When you told him you were doing it just for fun he was going to wonder about your sanity. Still he would sit next to you and find it relaxing if you enjoyed it he did too. But he was going to be texting Namjoon that you were the new smartest person he knew.

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Taehyung -

He was glad you were smart? He found out when you were at an amusement park of all things. If you were able to solve the questions that were presented you got a wrist band for spend the entire day. You not only won yourself one, you got one for Taehyung he was grateful but didn’t make a big deal of it. It didn’t matter if you could beat Rap Monster in a battle of wits or you could spend hours talking about things he didn’t understand, it was you and you were someone he loved. You were just also really smart.

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Jungkook -

You were now his official study buddy. He was doing his homework between his shows and events and he was running through all of the questions about as fast as a snail. He was getting frustrated and you were getting worried. You sat next to him and began to tutor him on the questions, explaining each one slowly and patiently. You weren’t answering them but guiding him into getting them himself. He would be another one to brag about how smart you were but was just genuinely happy to have your help.

Decided?! What.. what, you think I just woke up one morning and thought to myself ‘How am I really gonna piss off my mom today? Oh wait, I think I’ll decide to be gay!’ Mom, just.. just stop. You know, don’t you think I already know how much easier it would be if I could just like him? I mean, it would be easier for everybody. It would make him happy, it would make you happy, it would make my life a hell of a lot easier. But I can’t. Look, I just can’t be the daughter that you want, and I’m tired of feeling guilty for.. embarrassing you, and inconveniencing you, and.. I don’t know, mom.”

Hello there, I’m about to tell you the glorious and infamous “fuck story”. So during our show we have some angry improve and we had the luxury of having a guest come in and work with us on all the improve in our show. So basically we were supposed to throw our arms in a direction angrily. But it’s like 7 am so we were acting like limp noodles. So he made us scream fuck when we threw our arms…. He kept running it till we were all screaming it. The best part was either my guard director’s horrified expression or the fact that one of the other guard members decided to bring her little sister to practice that day!
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this show fcukin destroys me with jules..this girl had everything taken from her by her best friend’s boyfriend, had her sense of security, her ability to be care free, her trust. now she’s here and she’s learned to protect herself and now she’s trying to protect other girls and still trying to get some sense of her old self and i think it’s finally sinking in for her that there is no going back. she can’t act like nothing happened. This is her new reality and it breaks her heart that she can’t be her old self (even tho her new self is amazing and deserves all the love and happiness in the goddamn world)

Avengers; Being On Your Period Head Canons:

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Thor; Thor, one of earth’s mightiest heroes, will go to the ends of the earth’s if he has to in order to get you what you want. Whether it be some chocolate, ice cream, or just some pads, Thor is always ready at a moment’s notice. He’s also just as content to curl up under the covers and cuddle with you to make you feel better.

Steve; Steve… ahh, clueless, clueless Steve. Steve though one of the best super heroes known to earth knows nothing about feminine products. I mean sure you tried showing him which ones to get but he always ends up forgetting and acting like a lost puppy. You don’t mean to bitch out on him when he does something dumb but you just can’t help it. Steve gets that. He even gets you a warm towel for the cramps and then cuddles up on the side of you lightly brushing through your hair.

Bucky; Bucky absolutely hates other people. He hates them. But when you’re on your period he is constantly going out and getting you things. Pads, coffee, ice cream, or some pizza. Bucky is always willing to risk the safety of your apartment to go get you something no matter how much human interaction is involved.

Pietro; Pietro, having always been an older brother knows what to do when you get your period. He knows exactly what pads to get, what flavour ice cream won’t upset your stomach even more, and that you should always be drinking some water. It also helps that he is practically a bloody heater. All you have to do is complain that your cramps are killing you and he’ll cuddle you close to him warming you instantly. Pietro is not afraid of slowing down when it comes to you and when you’re on your period he makes sure you don’t have to ever move.

Tony; Tony is always trying to make you as happy as possible when you are on your period. It doesn’t matter if that means buying you an ice cream or  buying you a car. There are no limits to what Tony will do to make sure he can see you smile. Even if that means stopping his work in the lab and just cuddling with you all day long.

Wanda; Yours and Wanda’s cycle, at one point, synced so now you both have to deal with it at the same time. Wanda always has more control over her cycle, but you always get the biggest cramps and headaches. Even though she is going through the same bloody hell (literally) she always tries to make sure you are feeling at least the slightest bit okay.

Natasha: Natasha ‘i’ll kick your ass’ Romanoff is the one person who you’d least expect to be kind and gentle even if you’re on your period. Though she has little to no experience dealing with her period but she is willing to help you in any way possible. Including punching anyone who annoys who. Better hope no one breathes too loudly….

Sam: Sam is honestly still Sam but with a more gentle side to his sense of humour. Instead of directing his wise ass responses and sass towards you he directs them toward the team. (wise choice….) He makes sure to always cuddle you and is always down to just watch a movie with you on the couch and not move (literally…. Or you’ll bitch out again)

Clint: Clint gives up chilling in the vents a week a month to spend time cuddling you. He claims he hates it. He claims that he doesn’t like being able to sit out the couch all day watching movies with you. He lies. Even though Clint can be an annoying little fuck he is the sweetest when you’re on your period. Always letting you eat the first slice of pizza and bringing home a puppy for you to play with despite Tony’s (empty) threats

(I had fun with these XD I added some ‘bitchy’ remarks but meh. I liked it. I’m also working on those period prompt requests right now! - Stephanie)

One of Mila Kunis’ first acting job was in a Barbie commercial when she was like 7, she says the best part of it was that she got to keep the Barbie.

Headcanon that Pam Burkhart once took Jackie to an audition for some doll’s commercials and got it. Jackie was on TV for long months every time everyone’s favorite show went on commercial breaks. She got to keep the doll and still has it.

One day, while spending the night on her room, Hyde sees the doll on her shelf. Like a lighting, a little flash to the commercial comes to his mind and he spends the whole week looking at Jackie with amazed eyes until she has had enough of his shock and asks what’s going on.

To her surprise, he asks: “Were you on a tv commercial as a kid?”

“Uh, yes. Of a doll, is in my room. Why, Steven?”

And, to his own surprise, he says the truth: “… Maybe I’ve been liking you since forever.”


“You are the girl on the doll commercial, I always liked you. I thought you were pretty.”

“Oh my god! You have always been in love with me! Oh, Steven!”

Maybe he shouldn’t had said anything, but the sex the news gave him? Well, he’s not complaining anymore. Besides, maybe she is right.

Bae of the Week #3: Matt Mercer

Matthew Christopher Miller, known professionally as Matthew Mercer or Matt Mercer, is an American voice actor. His best-known roles include Leon S. Kennedy in the Resident Evil video game series, and work in English dubs of Japanese anime, including Levi in Attack on Titan, Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero, Kanji Tatsumi for episodes 13-26 in Persona 4: The Animation, Trafalgar Law in the Funimation dub of One Piece, and Jotaro Kujo in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders. In addition to voice-over, Mercer has developed some live-action web series including a Nintendo character parody called There Will Be Brawl and the Dungeons & Dragons gaming sessions called Critical Role. One of his most recent jobs was voicing McCree in Blizzard’s Overwatch. (Wikipedia).

Check out the first episode of the show he DM’s Critical Role

5 Reason’s why he is bae

1. Have you heard is voice acting?

2. Easily the world’s best DM

3. The strategy on this one though

4. Just look at him

5. He plays like all your favorite bae’s (here are just a few)

Kiritsugu Emiya - Fate Zero

Chrom - Fire Emblem Awakening

McCree - Overwatch

Levi Ackerman - Overwatch

Love Matter Mercer ya’ll ^-^

Why does everyone hate this season like this is the best acting anyone in the cast has ever done. The effects are better the makeup is so good. The plot is even totally fine. It’s a harsh world. Stop getting so butt hurt over the fact that your favs aren’t happy. This is a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE y'all. Not some fairytale land. That’s what AUs are for.

A Purr-ty Purr-fect Date

You couldn’t wait to see what Suga was going to surprise you with, being to drunk to remember the night you told them about your fantasies was worrying but oddly arousing. When he turned up at the door wearing an oversized black sweater and some black ripped you where a little confused, he looked gentle and cute but he wasn’t acting any particular way. You went along with it, him taking your hand which was then covered by his conveniently large sleeves making his hands appear more like paws. You tried your best to figure out the image he was trying to portray as you walked through the mall to your favourite coffee shop, Yoongi ordered two iced coffee’s and you sat on the couch nearest the window. 

You two chatted for a while, as he kept the gentle image he was showing. You where used to Yoongi being more of a bad boy than a flower boy but you accepted the cutesy nature today. After the coffee Yoongi lead your way passed different shops until you came to the pet store. “Yoongi why are we here? I don’t have any pets” You looked at him confused. “You need to pick a collar for your kitten” He smirked as he winked, grabbing your hand and leading you inside. You received an enthusiastic hello from the girl at the desk, as you made your way to the section for the biggest collars. 

You looked through them all when you came across a silk black collar with a bell in the centre, there was one laying on the shelf to try on your pets and it surprisingly fit Yoongi’s neck so you picked the cute black lead to match then made your way to the cash register. “Awh what’s your little guy like then?” The girl at the desk asked making conversation. “Oh ya know, he’s black and super fluffy and cute” You said as you looked over at Suga who was currently fluffing up and fixing his hair. “Sounds adorable!” she said joyfully, “Yeah he’s pretty cute!” You said smiling, if only she knew who the collar was for. As you walked hand in hand back to the car, you felt a heat burning in your stomach. 

When you got home you told Suga that you where going to change into something a little more comfortable, his reply was short and simply “So am I, meet you in the bedroom?” He said with a cheeky smile. “Alright Yoongi, bedroom in 5 minutes.” You said as you rushed up to your wardrobe then to the bathroom. You changed into your black lace nighty and removed your hair from the bobble it was restricted in. 

When you walked into the bedroom you came to a halt when you saw yoongi in nothing but his black boxers, kneeling with his head down infront of him, on the bed, infant of him, the collar, lead and a pair of fluffy black cat ears to be clipped into his hair. You stood for a second before proceeding to sit infant of him on the bed, you put your hand under his chin and tilted his face up, allowing him to sit up. You took the first cat ear, telling him to lean forward a little. You slid it into his fluffy hair before doing the same with the other one, making sure they where straight. 

You then took the collar, going behind him and placing it round his neck, tightening it so that there was only a slight restriction in his breathing, something about breath play was a massive turn on for you. You then took the lead and clipped it onto the collar, before going back to sitting infront of him. You tugged the lead sharply towards your face, bringing Yoongi’s lips to yours. He cheekily flicked his tongue over your bottom lip, you put one of your hands behind his head and pulled on his hair slighty, he moaned from the tingling sensation. “Are you going to be a good kitty for me?” You asked tilting your head to the side, he nodded giving you a pleading look in his eyes. “Good boy” You spoke again, bringing him into a kiss, you taking over and exploring his mouth. You don’t tend to enjoy being dominant but having a kitty to play with how could you resist. 

You made him lay back on the bed, removing his boxers, before you kissed from neck, to his collar bones, leaving bite marks, you followed all the way down to his abdomen, where you stopped. You took the lead, running the velvet strap over his sensitive member, his eyes closed and his legs began to shake at the sensation, his moans where quiet and sounded more like whimpers, he was yours and he knew that he had no power to stop your teasing. “Whats wrong kitten?” You asked condescendingly. “I wanna taste your milk mummy” He spoke, “Alright kitten, I think I can allow that” You said.

 You kneeled with one leg on either side of his face, his lush plump lips and rosé tongue only millimetres away from your women hood. “Okay kitty, be good” You said ruffling his hair slightly before lowering yourself close enough for his mouth to reach you. He started off with kitten licks, back and forth making sure to tease your clit, your eyes closed, a small moan leaving your lips. before he slid his tongue began to move fast, dipping in and out of you at an ungodly pace, your moans began to get louder and he began to use his teeth to pinch at your clit. You unknowingly began riding his face as his tongue continues to work until you come undone at the work of his mouth, his kitten licks clean up all of your juices (his milk) then you dismount. 

“Such a good boy Kitty” you said as you caress his face, now lets give you a little reward shall we? You said as you climbed over his abdomen, slowly sliding onto his member as you both moan out in pleasure, you go slow at first, teasing him as you trace patterns on his chest with the silk lead, as you get paster he begins to beg “please mummy, I need you” you nod, “I know kitten you do kitten, soon” you said. You began to get faster and faster, you could feel yourself getting closer and the shaking of Yoongi’s legs along with his eyes screwed shut and mouth open showed you he was close too, you got finally reached your high, Yoongi joining in at the same time as you pulled him up by the collar to kiss him. “That was amazing” he spoke out of breath, “I know kitten, you’re such a good boy” You said as you got off of him. 

You began moving up to undo the collar and unclip the lead, when you tried to remove the ears however, Suga pawed you away, “Its not often you get to cuddle a kitten mummy, come into the bed and join me” He said, taking your hand and pulling the soft duvet over you as you fell asleep stroking his soft hair and ears.


Sherlock isn’t just about Johnlock

Omg guys, I went on tumblr to look for some good opinions about this episode, and what do I find?!?!?!? Shippers complaing about the fact that JOHNLOCK (the best ship on earth, i ship it to DEATH, since the very very very beginning) isn’t canon yet. But what about the STUNNING job that has been done in terms of acting, writing, and all that stuff that made ‘’The Final Problem’’ a hella of an episode?! We are disrespecting Ben’s, Martin’s, Mofftiss, Andrew’s, Amanda’s, Euron’s actress (sorry, I dunno her name, if anyone knows me pls tell me, I love her) amazing JOB!  Sherlock isn’t their main work, but still they put a lot of effort in it, and what are WE doing as a FANDOM?!!? We are saying that this episode was a CRAP  just because we didn’t get what we wanted, which isn’t the most important thing about this show. I know it’s been a lot of time since the beginning of Sherlock and we all got a lot of false hope, but c’mon, show some love.

I can go on and on, but let’s just stop here.
Enough hate Sherlock fandom, enough hate.
Love, The28Doctress.
For The Last Time: Rock Is Not Dead, You're Just Not Paying Attention
There have never been more great rock bands. You just have to be willing to go beyond the mainstream.

Here are the facts as I see them: There have never been as many rock bands in as many different subgenres making as many good to great records as there are at this very moment. Check out the live music listings in your town, and you’ll see that the majority of the acts playing local bars, clubs, halls, and theaters play music that is at least tangentially related to rock. 

Should you decide to attend one of those shows, you’ll find that today’s best emerging bands often feature women and people of color, as well as lesbian, gay, and transgender musicians. Best of all, these bands are young — some of them are just a few years out of high school, and they epitomize the younger generation’s values. Rock shows, once associated with macho danger, have increasingly become designated as safe spaces for all kinds of people to gather, where beefy guys who just want to mosh are no longer tolerated if they can’t make room for women.

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You know if Sam + MM are dating , doesn't make them bad people . Just makes them normal ! . But anyway hang in there for the ,' long wait ' 😉

Of course they’re not bad people. I truly wish them the best if they are together. I just think the games need to stop. Sam knows we read into every single thing. He’s clued in to the fandom. If both him and Cait are going to engage in behaviour that makes people ship them then I think they should be honest about their SO’s and treat them with respect in public. They can still have their privacy, but everyone knows who these people are so why not show them some affection? If they can act lovey dovey with each other then I don’t see why they can’t do the same with them. This mess could have been avoided if there wasn’t so many mixed messages.

Things that made me think wtf while I was watching the Christmas Special

1. Adrien causes mass Parisian hysteria with his angry disappearing act, Gabriel kinda but doesn’t really learn his lesson

2. Some rude behind kids thought it was okay to HARASS SANTA

3. Marinette realizes that Adrien disappeared and Chat showed up only to somehow come to the conclusion that an akuma is after Adrien which is somehow the “only answer”


5. His son wasn’t even in the house for a full 2 seconds before he was like: Thanks Ladybug, it’s akuma time.


7. Santa’s first stop after the Agreste household was Chloe’s. We didn’t even see him interact with her so either her did so off screen and wanted personal revenge, or she was so high on his naughty list that he had to be his first real stop after telling Adrien he was so good that nothing would happen to him

8. Santa. Dabbing.

9. Ladybug took so much effort to get them up there, but Chat falls off his sleigh TWICE

10. Ladybug starts rifling thru drawers in the Césaire household like she owns the place. (Though it was an emergency and everything gets turned back/replaced in the end so I guess it was okay)

11. Everyone knows how terrible Adrien’s home life is that they all showed up at his house for a Christmas dinner.

12. It hits me that Adrien loved Mari’s gift but gave it away to santa and lost the card somewhere along the way.