some of my grandmother's collection

Nouvelles Passionnantes

There is a story about a father and son in my family line that crossed the Delaware with George Washington and fought in the battle of Trenton. It’s been family lore for years. Turns out…it isn’t lore! My grandmother did some research and collected what she found. I’ll gather her findings the next time I visit her, but there’s enough evidence to submit an application to become a one of the Daughters of the American Revolution! I am so pleased. ^.^

At any rate, carry on with your day. I just thought I’d enthuse!

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September 7 2017

I’ve been reconnecting with my Grandpa and Grandma recently- and I’ve been getting some COOL FUCKING STUFF.

My great grandmother scrap booked - and collected so many things from newspapers. From world issues, to family obits.. Odd and ends. Just cool stuff.

The bottom photo is my great grandfathers obit.. What a sad way to die and be found.