some of my favorite tv moments

shows on netflix u should definitely be watching
  • Crazy-Ex Girlfriend - ITS A COMEDY MUSICAL, GUYS, CREATED BY RACHEL BLOOM (who won a golden globe?? YES HER). get to the 3rd episode at least. there’s an OPENLY BISEXUAL CHARACTER (later on in the season) and its such a good representation of love & what it actually is and growing up and letting go?? such a good show
  • BoJack Horseman - just a really, really good & cleverly written show about an anthropomorphic horse. 7000% animal puns. 5000% describes exactly how u feel about life and sadness.
  • Jane the Virgin - CUTE!! mock telenovela that deals with lots of social issues, like immigration, etc (the last episode i watched had the narrator checking every scene for the bechdel test omg) ALSO, arrested development level narration, fam, get on this. gina rodriguez will slay ur ass
  • Bob’s Burgers - such a good lil family show about a burger joint. watch this when you need to laugh or just to lift ur spirits. also, we are all either gene, louise, or tina. don’t lie
  • Lovesick (prev. Scrotal Recall) - adorable show prev. suffering from a truly tragic name. cute & british, about a man who finds out he has chlamydia and has to tell all of his previous sexual partners. you’ll fall in love with these characters by the end of s1, they’re all so dear to me
  • Master of None - aziz ansari’s show. each episode is basically a lil movie. the love story is ridiculously cute and it talks on some subjects rlly well
  • Jessica Jones - !!!!!!! if you haven’t seen this, GET ON IT. esp. if you’re a girl, cause this is SUCH A RELATABLE SHOW FOR WOMEN. grizzled neo-noir female detective? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP. also, watch daredevil if u wanna be caught up for Marvel’s Defenders, which is gonna be sofuckinggood
  • Sense8 - HOW HAS NOBODY SEEN THIS ONE? god, it’s so good. it’s got some problems but overall it does well @ showing other cultures and also some kickass sequences and wow main the characters interacting is just A1
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia/The League - this is. so funny. get past the 1st season and its such a good garbage show. the characters are such assholes, dude. they’re horrible. super dark humor, only watch if ur into that/ funny show abt a fantasy football league. both garbage shows and i love them w all my heart
  • Arrested Development - just in case u haven’t seen the best show ever written. basis of basically every comedy show u love. watch.
  • The Office - how have u not binged the office?? binge the office.
  • Comedy Specials - comedy specials are an UNTAPPED GOLDMINE on netflix. some of my fave comedians are John Mulaney, Bo Burnham, Ali Wong, Chelsea Peretti, Donald Glover, Jim Gaffigan, and Aziz Ansari.

BONUS - non-netflix shows u should also be watching

  • You’re The Worst - messed up characters and darkkk dry humor, but the second season does such an EXCELLENT job at portraying depression!! also, a dysfunctional relationship that is not necessarily unhealthy (sometimes, tho, sometimes)
  • Community - ONE OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS. Gets emotional so quickly. S1-3 are some of the best moments on television. skip S4. S5-6 are good but S1-3 are amazing. characters will become all of ur faves
  • Westworld - my expectations for this show were sky-high and it has oNLY PROVED THEM RIGHT! half sci-fi, half western fantasy VR, all badass. i have no idea what’s going on and i love it. literally Robots With Anxiety #relatable

pls add to this if you have any great shows, and i’ll update this list whenever i find something else wonderful that i don’t hear people talking about


Tyrion accusing and confronting Ellaria for Myrcella’s death and Daenerys demanding some respect for him were two of my favorite moments in Stormborn.

Here’s an unsolicited headcanon that literally nobody asked for:

I’m a big proponent of the idea that to make your relationship a healthy one, you’ve got to accept the fact that sometimes the person you love is going to be petty. Sometimes you’re going to be petty. We’re all petty sometimes.

But Viktor and Yuuri are petty in very different ways.

Viktor is petty in that he still says things like, “You just wouldn’t understand,” instead of trying to explain himself because that’s what he went so long doing. He also has a bad habit of taking it personally when Yuuri doesn’t comment positively on a new shirt or pair of pants. And, of course, like Yuuri and his Bad Tie, Viktor is constantly running a monologue under his breath about the bad fashion choices of those around him.

“Orange is not your color, honey,” Viktor mumbles under his breath, referring to a woman walking past them wearing an orange-paisley pantsuit.

Even Yuuri can agree that it’s hideous, but he’s not sure why Viktor feels the need to point it out. Someday, somehow, someone is going to hear him, and he’s going to have to talk a person out of punching his husband in the face.

“You did a spread in Teen Vogue where you wore safety-monitor-orange pants and a neon green shirt,” Yuuri tells him, remembering it vividly because it was horrible and awful but that didn’t stop fourteen-year-old Yuuri from keeping it shoved under his pillow for…purposes.

“Ugh,” is Viktor’s succinct reply.

Viktor being petty about fashion makes sense to Yuuri, though. In a weird sort of way.

Likewise, it makes sense to Viktor that Yuuri is petty about food.

See, this is a learning curve for Viktor because his Yuuri is a sweet, beautiful and loyal person but he would probably get into a physical fight with someone over his favorite foods? Like, the first time Viktor eats the last of Yuuri’s favorite frozen yogurt Yuuri won’t let him touch him when they go to bed. 

This is such an odd concept for Viktor because his whole life it’s been like, “Oh? You want some of my food? Yes, here!” If it will make someone happy, Viktor would forfeit his favorite part of any dish so that a person he loves could have a moment of joy.

Yuuri on the other hand, sometimes warily stares at Viktor for a full ten seconds before allowing him to reach in and grab a (Small, Viktor) handful of the chips he’s eating.

“We’re married,” Viktor pouts, munching slowly on the four (4) whole cheesy poofs Yuuri allowed him.

“And?” Yuuri says, staring with determination at the television.

“I promise to love and support–”

“I am loving and supporting you,” Yuuri says. “You’re not married to my cheesy poofs. They don’t have to.”

This is the point at which Viktor usually lunges for the bag, and the aforementioned physical fight usually happens. Yuuri and Viktor usually look up from the subsequent heavy petting session twenty minutes later to realize that Makkachin has eaten the remaining chips and is now walking around with the bag on his head, bumping into the walls.

These cuties
🎥: Move

Okay so...

This is one of my favorite Ziam moments:

The fact that they even kept this in the video is still surprising to me. Anyway, what I love about it is how nonchalant it is; Zayn looks perfectly content to have Liam on his lap and is untroubled even when Liam starts acting silly for the camera. It just looks like an every day thing. 

However, what made this moment better/worse for me was when I saw this:

It is clearly from the same day/place (SNL) though I don’t know if this was before or after the previous gif. Once again Liam is being silly for the camera while Zayn could care less (talking or warming up) in the background. From this moment we can see that there is a TV on the wall. 

Now looking back at this moment:

I used to not be sure if Zayn was talking to someone out of frame but now I’m fairly certain he was just watching TV. Though its quick, it also looks like Liam’s head is tilted up in the direction of the screen before he turns to the camera. So…they were just casually sitting like this while watching TV. Pardon my language but that is some cute domestic shit. 

I don’t know why I love it but I do. 

*not my gifs

Can’t Remember to Forget You | vi

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Language, Angst

A/N: you’re all gonna hate me, so please come yell at me after you read this, thanks || crtfy masterlist

Originally posted by caps-bucky

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Boyfriend sounds good to me, Bill Denbrough.

A/N: Reminder that my requests are open! Send them in. I have loved writing for this character so so so much and will be excited to write for other characters from It as well. I’m working on requests rn :)

Request: hEY. i’m wondering if your requests are open? if they are, i’d love to send in a bill denbrough x reader request where the reader loves coming over to the denbrough’s to hang out with bill and georgie? ☺️❣🎈 thank you, bby.

Word Count: 3,301.

Y/N can hear the hushed voices of the two brothers before she starts to ascend the staircase to Bill’s room. His mother let her in a few minutes ago with the usual bright smile that spreads across her face upon seeing the girl.

This family adores Y/N.

She and Bill became friends in the past year, having been introduced through Eddie. The hypochondriac had a few classes with her and decided to introduce her to his group of friends, known as the Losers’ Club. But her friendship with their unofficial leader ended up taking flight and now they’re inseparable.

The door creaks open slowly with the slight pressure from her fingertips forcing behind it, revealing the joyful sight in the bedroom.

Georgie is sitting on the end of Bill’s bed while they play board games, the older brother’s eyebrows furrowing in frustration over the fact that a six-year-old is beating him.

“I’ve told you,” Y/N says, “You just can’t beat him at Monopoly.”

While Georgie jumps off the bed in a quick and sudden haste to hug her, Bill has to swallow down rising nausea at the prospect of today.

Last week, on a day much like this one, he’d told her that he has a crush on her. And he kissed her. To give him credit where it is due, she did kiss back and with all of the smiling she’d done after the kiss, one could only think she returns the feelings. So here they are. Stuck between acknowledging that their friendship is forever changed by a pesky little confession in the quiet of the late night, and a peck on the lips to send her home.

It was a brush of the lips.
It was so helplessly innocent and pure-hearted…

How could he have known that it would lead to such an awkward in-between stage where they don’t know whether to step back from one another or lean in? How could either of them have known they wouldn’t be able to look each other in the eyes without blushing?

“Hi, Y/N! You’re late, we’ve been playing without you for twenty minutes!” Georgie Denbrough exclaims as she leans down, letting his arms hook around her shoulders.

Her laughter warms a place in Bill’s heart as he hears it and sees his little brother hugging her. Hanging out with Georgie and Y/N every weekend is nearly therapeutic to him. With everything going on in life, with school and people bullying him, having at least one day a week with his two favorite people helps him feel better.

When she stands up, meeting Bill for the first time since the kiss on his porch last week, her heart falters in its beating.

“Hey,” Y/N softly mutters and hears the sound of Georgie happily stomping down the steps, probably into the living room to wait for them.

He looks her over with wide eyes, wanting nothing more than to pull her back in just like last week-

“BILLY!” Georgie’s voice yelling from downstairs snaps him out of his daze.

They both move their heads to the direction of the door, the unlit partial darkness of his bedroom swallowing them up in their thoughts. Bill has to shut out his doubts to keep himself from backing out and walks a few steps closer to her, his hand locking up into her’s.

It’s been a long time coming for the friends. Everyone in the group knew it before they could get the chance to admit their feelings without the other knowing and they all encourage the relationship that hasn’t even started yet. Because they make each other happy.

Georgie doesn’t bat an eye when he sees his brother walk down the stairs holding hands with a girl, but just smiles excitedly at them.

“What are we going to watch this time, Billy?” He asks and pats his small palms pat the space of cushion on either side of him.

Bill plops down on the couch, leaning his head against the wall behind him. His arm slides around the younger boy and pulls him closer, giving him a knowing smile.

“What else would we watch?” Y/N interjects and puts the same VHS tape they had laying out into the player, “E.T of course.”

This is how these sacred nights always start. Georgie’s favorite movie goes into the player and while he sits there, watching intently. Bill and Y/N whisper low enough so it won’t interrupt. Tonight is different though and with Georgie sitting smack dab in the middle of the two, they don’t say anything.

Throughout the movie, they talk with Georgie. He’s crazily passionate about the E.T and sometimes watches it twice in one night if he hasn’t fallen asleep by the time it’s over the first time. After week after week of watching E.T every Saturday, the older kids have grown extremely tired of it despite how great the movie actually is. But for Bill to see the smile on his brother’s face when the screen lights up with Spielberg’s masterpiece? It’s priceless.

Soft snores fill the space between their silence and the credits of the movie playing on the small screen in front of them. The boy fell asleep sitting up, his head tilted back with his small mouth opened to let out the sounds of his tired rest.

Y/N didn’t even realize that her arm was over Georgie’s shoulder. She follows the line of sight to the right side of his sleeping figure, where another boy is sitting with a hammering heart and a constricted throat at the feeling of her hand clamped over the bare skin of his knee. The touches started halfway through the movie. It started with their hands staying locked together, Bill running his fingers through her’s, pulling her closer and into the safety of the love in his heart. It started with the tentative, sensual touches.

His fingertips running across her palm or his hand gripping her wrist ever so gently.

When she lazily let her arm around the sleeping little boy, her lengthy fingers squeezing into the inside of his knee as little Georgie dozed off, she didn’t mean to startle him. The touch wasn’t intentional. It didn’t come from any motivations or an angle she was working. It was innocent, as it always has been, as it always is at the core of their relationship.

It was instinctive. Almost protective of the boy she admires so much.

But once she realizes where they are, how he instantly tensed when she looked over, and that his parents could walk in any second? They like her, but not that much. Not enough to enjoy the sight of her cuddling into Bill’s side with a hand on his thigh. She retracts her hand faster than it fell on him.

“Um, I-uh-” His voice trails quietly off with the struggle of what to say next.

Her head turns slowly, finding those serene topaz eyes of his melting into her glance instantly.

Y/N whispers, “What do you want to watch?”

All he can focus on as she utters the words are her lips. The soft, as he remembers from the two-second duration of the peck he gave her on the porch, cute lips moving tauntingly with each syllable. Aren’t they already so close, only a small bit of distance left to clear before they’re back to the moment on the porch last week? If he could just lean in a little closer and-

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7 Thoughts about Power Rangers

On August 28, 1993, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on Fox Kids. I was eight years old and whether or not I was the intended demographic for the show, I was instantly hooked. It all started with five teenagers with attitudes summoned by Zordon to defend the world against evil forces led by intergalactic baddie Rita Repulsa. Jason Lee Scott (Austin St. John), Kimberly Ann Hart (Amy Jo Johnson), William “Billy” Cranston (David Yost), Trini Kwan (Thuy Trang) and Zack Taylor (Walter Jones) called on the power of the ancient dinosaurs and became a team of superheroes called the Power Rangers and the world was never the same.

Nearly twenty-five years later, those of us who became acquainted with the Power Rangers discovered there would be a reboot of the franchise in the form of a gritty re-imagining of the original team. While initially thrilled about the idea of seeing my childhood superheroes on the big screen, a part of me wondered just how loyal this new film would be to the original source material. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a totally kick-ass TV show but even the most die-hard fan has to admit there were some problematic elements in regards to the original series, many I will address later on in this recap.

On March 31, 2017 a couple of friends and I went to our local theater and saw the new film, Power Rangers. One of my friends admitted he was not even born when the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first debuted and my other friend announced he would have been too old to watch such a show despite only being four/five older years than me. I expected them both to hate it and even braced myself for disappointment of epic proportions. The three of us exited the theater two and a half hours later each raving about how amazing the film was. Below, I will list seven thoughts I have in regards to the film. For those who have not seen the Power Rangers, there will be spoilers in this post. You have been warned…

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dramaticanexit  asked:

Hi, I'm working on a historical fiction set during WW2, and at one point I'll be reaching an assassination (it's a hypothetical book, though, in real life, he died 8 days later). Do you have any ideas on how to keep people feel tense?

Thanks for your question :)  I love historical fiction, so I’m really excited for you and your story!

Creating and Maintaining Tension

Tension in fiction is a vital part of keeping your page-turner… page-turning.  The only reason your reader still has the book open is in the anticipation of something happening – and when you heighten your level of tension, this anticipation is increased.  It’s like the electricity that keeps a movie projector running.  If it runs out, your story is cut off before the audience even finishes.

While there should always be some level of tension and conflict running in your story, there are instances (e.g. your assassination plot) that require extra intensity.  There are many popular methods of creating tension, some of which you’ll recognize as commonly used in episodic TV to make sure viewers keep up with each episode of a show.  Here are some of my favorites…

1. Foreshadowing

The beauty of tension lies in the moments before the Major Event takes place – so when you’ve got an assassination coming, place your first focus on the chapters leading up to it.  Foreshadowing is a powerful tool as long as it is used sparingly, and gently.  It should not be too obvious – e.g. “I fear something terrible will happen tomorrow,” “It felt as if it were the last time I would ever see him again,” and alike.  This sort of foreshadowing can feel forced; rather than creating tension, it diminishes it.

Originally posted by purple-lightsaber

There is a kind of foreshadowing that I prefer, though.  I think of it as reverse-foreshadowing, because rather than a character/narrator hinting at bad things coming, there is an expectation of good things.  For example:

Imagine a scene between a man and his daughter, who have been estranged for many years.  The man is terminally ill, but he and his daughter have the first happy evening together in a long time.  Unbeknownst to them, the father will die in the next chapter.  You could foreshadow this by eluding to the fact that while they’re both having a good time, they know that this may be their last night together.  OR you could have the father begin to believe that he could fix his relationship with the daughter – to think that he might have enough time to change his ways.  In saying this, you create stakes; you create a reason to hope that the man won’t die, yet also the fear that he won’t have the time he needs.  This can prove more effective than the first idea.

2. Repetition

Another method of increasing tension involves the repetition of key words, mirrored situations, or other motifs related to the Major Event coming.  An example of key-word repetition would be to take a specific term (e.g. “Hail Hydra”) and use it in many instances throughout the story, so that when the reader lays eyes on the word/s, there is a familiar sense of fear.  Mirrored situations could work on your characters’ or reader’s superstitions or fears (e.g. the narrator taking note of a certain look in the eyes of their violent mother, and then, years later, recognizing the look in her boyfriend’s eyes one night).  Using strong imagery in repetition can provide intensity in a powerful way.

Originally posted by abbygrffns

3. Withheld Information

This one is my favorite, because it works in so many different areas of the story.  One surefire way to create tension = reveal as little as possible, as slowly as possible.  Give your characters one strong hook, one reason to hang on, and keep everything else close to your chest.  Specifically:

Don’t reveal your villain’s plans – just reveal that they have plans, and that they may be related to the person you wind up killing off.  As long as they know something is going to happen, they’ll stick it out to see just what it is.

Don’t let the events transpire all at once.  When you know you’ve got readers hooked, switch over to another plot/situation.  Milk it as long as you can; make them wait for the Big Thing while entertaining them with other Little Things.  It’ll frustrate the hell out of them, and they’ll love it anyway.

Don’t end chapters at their natural ending.  Instead, cut things off in the middle!  Tease readers with uncertainty.  In reality, people don’t know what’s going to happen next – that’s why reality can be much more frightening and intense than fiction.  Life isn’t easy to predict because it doesn’t always reach resolution when we want it to.  Channel that into your writing and the idea of an assassination becomes much more effective.

Originally posted by reginaa-phalange

Those are just to name a few, and I actually have a lot more to say on this topic, so I might make another post later on.  I hope this helped!  If you have any further questions, be sure to hit me up :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

anonymous asked:

Okay do i love Jonerys but do you think people would notice the chemistry if they didnt know about the leaks?

I absolutely believe they would, anon!!!

Look, I can’t speak for other people but I’ve loved this ship for YEARS without any leaks. Without even being a part of the fandom online.

I have already argued extensively here and here recently that Jon and Dany will be a good couple based on chemistry and compatibility. None of this has anything to do with plot leaks at all. I’ve thought they would work together based on their personalities and past experiences, and I think they were both very in-character for this episode. So there are a lot of things contributing to them working well on screen that have nothing to do with people already knowing the outcome going into it!

But just looking at the scenes themselves, yes! They had chemistry that was immediately noticeable. 

When they first meet, I’m talking the first few seconds, I think they have instant chemistry. When Dany speaks first and just says something nice about appreciating Jon making the journey and hoping it was a good trip, we get that cute ass little smile from Jon. 

She calls him “My Lord” and still this is his initial, instinctive reaction. To smile and let that go and still call her, “Your Grace” and thank her. From the outset, he likes her. (I’m not saying romantically yet of course.) But he is happy that she’s being kind and friendly and she is probably someone younger and prettier than he was expecting haha.

Of course moving forward things start to get heated, but even so I felt chemistry in their frustration. I mean, this camera shot was clearly meant to show a significant moment, the intensity of Dany being drawn to get up from the throne and speak to him face-to-face. 

Just like Jon himself tried to approach the throne right before that speak to her more closely but was threatened by the dothraki. 

And we get the stairs scene. My god, bless the stairs scene.

They are both changing their opinions about one another in an obvious way during this scene. When Dany mentions that they both have two brothers who have died, Jon’s look of sad understanding immediately softens the tensions between them and starts to put them on common footing. 

I also really love the moment when Dany says, “we all enjoy what we’re good at,” and Jon says, “I don’t.” (I gifed it here because I am obsessed :P) The look she gave him in that moment showed me that she was very interested and impressed, and she’s starting to see him as a person who has been through a lot, just like she has. A person who is trying to do right by his people, just like she has–and not because he likes it or wants credit, but because he feels obligated to do what’s right. She obviously respects that.

But my favorite moment comes when she agrees to let Jon mine dragonglass when he clearly wasn’t expecting her to give him one of his demands already. He is so visibly and obviously grateful and I think it’s a big step in the right direction for them :). (I gifed that, too. Again, obsessed lol).

I can even see chemistry in their arguing and anger, anon. How many times have we seen heated arguments turn into passionate makeouts on TV and in movies? It’s a pretty frequent thing. And I could see some serious frustration that I personally found hot when they were arguing in this scene. (Again, here’s a visual reference because I have no life :D)

I think the most obvious signs of chemistry come at the end of their interaction for this episode, though. Here we get Jon about to leave Dany to go and mine the glass. But he seems … a little indecisive for a man that hates this woman as much as the antis claim. He seems pretty torn, to me. Like he doesn’t want to leave her side. Again, I’m not so shippy that I think he is into her yet. But I think he definitely has a higher opinion of her than he did five minutes prior and he wants to get to know her better.

Okay I know these look similar but these are THREE SEPARATE INSTANCES OF JON SNOW STARING WISTFULLY AT DANY AND LINGERING/TURNING BACK BEFORE HE FINALLY FREAKING WALKS AWAY FROM HER. I mean??? That’s chemistry. I’m sorry but it is. He is so drawn to her already it’s insane. This song was playing in my head the entire time hahaha.

And Dany during this scene? She is staring determinedly forward, forcing herself not to look back and to appear aloof but you know deep down girl was dying under the scrutiny of Jon Freaking Snow. And how do you know? Oh, maybe by the fact that she also gave him the lingering stare treatment.

Not to mention that during this scene we get to hear the first bit of a musical theme that appears to be specific to Jon and Dany (here.) Having their own theme in itself suggests a relationship being built, but the sad, romantic sound of the music adds to the tone of the scene as well and helps the audience to see what’s happening here.

Like … this ship has sailed. These two are definitely curious about one another and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I think chemistry is an understatement tbh. I love it so much :’)

Anyway anon, I hope this is the answer you were looking for. I am happy to be a dissenting voice among the people loudly insisting that their meeting was just Dany being rude and Jon shutting her down. Because it was really something else entirely. 

We are so blessed :’)

Tyler Seguin - Balloons and Notes

Team: Dallas Stars

Requested: Yes: Can I please request a Tyler Seguin imagine where the reader is his gf but is really insecure about their relationship because of all the hate she gets on social media and his dating history, so Tyler does something cute and fluffy to prove that she’s got nothing to be insecure about? :) btw, love your imagines so please keep doing them. <3

Edited: Yes

Word count: 772

Summary: You’re getting hate and he makes you feel better

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[translations] 2017.03.12 NCT DREAM 1st fansign at YP books - part 1

Damn there’s too many I’m gonna split into parts

1. Today’s seating arrangement was like Haechan - Chenle - Jisung - Renjun - Jeno, when the fansign ended Haechan said that Jisung is really cute today. Chenle and Jisung looked particularly shy they barely lifted up their heads [x | x]

2. Haechan says recently he’s been listening to One Direction’s PERFECT, OP asked if he could sing it for her, Haechan looked at her in the eye and sung it T_T T_T T_T T_T T_T [x]  *ohmygod just want to say i’m like sinking in my seat while typing this*

3. Another fan asked Haechan what is his favorite line from PERFECT, he wrote “BABY I’M PERFECT” on the page [x]

4. OP was on a mission to help her friend to get some tidbits of NoJun moments in the dorm so she asked Renjun if there was anything interesting Jeno and him did in the dorm.
Renjun,”We watch TV in the room together”
OP didn’t give up and asked the same question to Jeno, Jeno replied,”We watch movies”… Boring answers.. haha  [x]

5. Haechan was the first to finish signing, he kept saying wow Chenle and Jisung are really so cute~ so cute~
Chenle: Hyung, you are cute too
Haechan: I know~
Chenle: But Mark hyung is the cutest
Renjun mentioned that it’s a pity that Mark didn’t manage to come this time, so Haechan did an impersonation of Mark at NCT 127′s fansign and went like “Um… Um… WOW…” hhahahaha

6. Initially OP was daydreaming so Haechan waved at her, she said thanks and commented that Haechan is very handsome. Haechan said,”Thank you~” and OP told him that she is his senior in school. Haechan,”O.O REALLY?!?!?!” and signed “XXX Sunbaenim” on the page [x]

7. OP asked Jisung what does he do with the hyungs in the dorm. Jisung said,”We watch the television” [x]

8. OP asked of all the First and Last stages he have done, which was the most memorable? Without any hesitation Haechan said,”Rock scissors paper?” OP,”It was indeed unforgettable..” [x]
T/N: He was referring to this episode on M Countdown.

9. OP asked Jisung if he has any interest to take part in a variety program in the future, Jisung said,”Yes” and after some thinking he said he would like to do something like Running Man. OP requested him to draw some hearts and Jisung drew a few hearts with shivering hands [x]
T/N: most of the fan accounts commented that Jisung was very nervous today and his hands were shivering the entire time just look at all the hearts he drew

10. OP asked other then cute concepts, any other concepts he would like to try? Jisung said,’It’s still a long way to go but.. I want to try something like Exo’s MONSTER“ When Jisung’s hands are tired from writing he would put his hands by the chest and say,”Thank you” gratefully [x]

part 2 is up here!

What Writers Can Learn from Wonder Woman

I don’t know about you, but I was nervous about a Wonder Woman movie. DC had been butchering their properties in an effort to be edgier and making bad choices along the way. This was the first time Wonder Woman was going to get her own movie. She had a TV show and part in animated movies and shows, but this was her big moment.

Be a role model for everyone

Do a search here on Tumblr, and you see plenty of people who see Diana as a role model, but that’s just in the real world. If you look at some of the more inspirational scenes, you will find her changing costumes to respect the places she is visiting. One of my favorites is when she teaches a young girl how to sword fight when the boys won’t let her play in their game. There is even a scene in one of the animate movies where there is a man who is protesting her, but when she uses her lasso, he admits that sometimes he dresses up like her because it makes him feel powerful. Her response is simply, “Embrace your truth.”

Don’t be afraid to step out on your own

Most viewers already knew that Diana had been separated from her Amazon sisters, but it is still an important lesson. Diana is willing to reject everything she has known because of the mission she feels she has been called to take on. She goes into an unknown world to try to protect it from danger. Now, I’m not asking you to go off and fight Ares. That is just impractical, but you should grab hold of your story and work on it so you can send it out into the world.

Learn from your mistakes

I don’t want to give away anything in the movie, but there are times that Wonder Woman misses her mark. She doesn’t understand the rest of the world, and London of the WWI era is a very different place than Paradise Island. Wonder Woman could have given up in despair and jumped back on her small boat and tried to get home, but instead, she faced her failure and found a way to win.

If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it, and not just because I watched Batman v Superman last night and thought the only worthwhile moments involved either Diana or Wonder Woman.

Get back to writing,


ID #62323

Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Country: Germany

Hello cuties!

I’m Sarah, 23 years old (I often forget how old I am and tell people I’m 21 :‘D Genius!). Others say I look like 17 and act like 29, or so. Nah, I feel like 14 :’D (Most of the time)

I’m a very openminded person and search a snail mail pal (new friend ûu) who is also openminded. I’ve many interests including photography, cooking (I’m a vegan ♥), writing own projects, fanfictions and rpg’s, watching documentaries, sitting in cafés and drinking too much coffee, take a walk in the nature, learning new things (at the moment I’m trying to learn Korean – a learning partner would be awesome!), gaming (like Stardew Valley, The Last of Us, Harvest Moon, Sims, Zombie-Games…), watching tv-shows like Hannibal, Bates Motel, Skam, American Horror Story, Teen Wolf, Sense8, Game of Thrones, How to get away with murder, Sherlock, Big Bang Theory, The Tudors and so on. I just started with K-Dramas and I L.O.V.E. it! Haha. I’m in love with anime/Manga since I was a little girl and some of my favorites are Haikyuu!!, Code Geass, Digimon, Beyblade, Dragonball Z, Wolfs Rain, Death Note and and and. I just started with My Hero Academia! ♥ Let me tell you that I’m totally into boys love and girls love. Ohohoho. (I ship them all! û_u)

Music! Oh lovelies, I love music! I’m addicted to kpop (BTS, GOT7, BigBang, Nell, Monsta x, Block B, Winner, SF9 …), but I’m not into girl groups this much :’) But I don’t just listen this this genre, I also like stuff like In This Moment, Samsas Traum (very good German group!), Fever Ray, Starset, Simon Curtis, PVRIS, Tagtraeumer, Lana Del Rey, Halsey, Being as an Ocean, The Amity Affliction… Music is my weakness!

Yeah, I’m a nerdy person I think.

I want to tell you that I’m a very moody and sensitive person (hsp and infp). I’m struggling with eating properly but I do my best. So, if you have such problems too, feel free to talk with me about it.
My life is pretty awesome at the moment, but I’ve many dreams I want to come true and for that I’m working hard.
I want to see the world, travel different countries and learn about cultures and humans. I love deep conversations and long midnight calls. Parallel Universes are one of my others weaknesses and creating new worlds is one of the things I’m doing on a daily base. I love languages and I love the German language. All the ways you can talk to people and how you can touch them.

So… I’m a little fangirl who loves deep conversations, parallel universes, music, writing, travelling, learning. I cry easily and laugh every day.

Maybe we can be friends? Sending cute letters to each other and build up something that lasts… longer then just a few month.

I’m waiting for you. ♥

Preferences: Snail mail ♥
Sex, Gender… it’s not important to me. I’m LGBT+ friendly and so should you, please.
I think the age from 16 to 28 works for me very well :)
It would be awesome if we had things in common, so we can cry together about new music, episodes, seasons, games… or ships!
I want to hear from your life, your thoughts, the world you’re living in. And this I give in return ♥
I also can help you with German and maybe we can improve our English… or Korean.
Openminded and with an open heart.

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Fluffy Harry is my favorite Harry :’) yeah Harry would love to be babied but imagine the missus too! And it would usually be Harry, but now she wants some affection, shyly asking him to play her hair, blushing furiously...”c-can you play with my hair, H?” “Of course, lovey. Why ya getting all blushy?” And he chuckles because she’s just so cute. He stops but she just buries her head in this chest, silently asking for more...

Cuddled up on the couch, watching a movie or a mindless tv show. And Harry knows you’re sleepy because you’re EXTRA cuddly at the moment. Which of course, he doesn’t mind.


“Hmm?” He doesn’t look away from the tv.

“Can you…. would you mind…. playing with my hair?”

His eyebrows furrow in confusion as he smiles down at you. “Why do you sound so nervous?”

“Because like… I don’t know. I don’t want to be too needy.”

He snorts. “Too needy?! S’impossible, you donut. You know that.”

You laugh, wondering how on earth you got so lucky with this boy. “I know but—“

“Shhh,” He says, adjusting himself so that you can lay down and put your head in his lap. “Give me that hair.”

And even though you’re still giggly, you relax instantly the minute you feel his fingertips against your head. You allow your eyes to close, and you can practically hear his smirk when he talks. “Feel good?”

You nod. “Mmm.”

“Good. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for these things, yeah? I love lovin’ on you.” He pauses before adding with a smirk, “My needy girl.”

Your eyes open and you let out a whine, sitting up a bit. “HarRY. I’m trying *not* to be needy! That was the whole point of—“

He cuts you off with a chuckle. “Love, I’m kidding. Relax.”

You pout, laying your head back down. “I hate you.”

He shakes his head, scratching the spot on your head just by your ear. “No you don’t.”