some of my favorite illustrations!


Star vs. the Forces of Evil!  I have been wanting to do some art for this series since at least a year ago.  I took advantage of OctoberSketch time to complete these guys.  It’s a bit of practice before I probably do some kind more stylized type of illustration.  I think my favorite character is Marco, but Tom was BY FAR the most fun to draw.


I absolutely love working in this color. It’s my tribute to some of my favorite golden age illustrators that often used this trick like Howard Pyle, Hermann Vogel and Willy Pogany

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For 700 followers maybe you could draw out some of your favorite headcanons? I love your art and think it's super cute!!!

oh !! my personal favorites? i could also illustrate some scenes from drabbles,, hmm !!

also, thank you!!! <3 =D

“Companion” is some new illustration work inspired by one of my favorite games, Journey, and is available at the UPCOMING Pixel Hearts Group Show! 12" x 12" on birchwood. 30 limited edition prints will also be available on the Gallery 1988 website (more info to follow).

GALLERY 1988 West - Opening reception, Friday Feb 5th! 7-9pm (on display til the 20th!) , 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

Follow to see artwork as it’s updated before the show!

Its me again! With some more Halo art - I thought I’d illustrate my favorite moment in Halo: Evolutions - when Gage is saved by an unknown SPARTAN-II.

It’s sorta implied that the SPARTAN is a man, however for some reason I just love thinking its one of the lady SPARTANs under this suit hauling an hardened ODST like a purse haha :D

I tried to make the armor an combination of MARK V and MARK VI suits to make a unique MARK IV suit as both draw influence from its daddy platform - Also I had fun making the SPARTAN absolutely huge. 

Lastly I gotta work on my background painting - the scarab leg and the background could have been pushed further, but I am happy with the tracer fire. Well comments and critique welcome! Enjoy the weekend my friends! 


My latest comic, that had its debut at SIS 2015, is now available on Etsy! (In a limited quantity)

Castle Quest is a 50 paged, full color comic zine filled with adventure and spookiness (two of the things I love most) ! Please click the link to find out more about the zine, its story, pricing/shipping and extras! This has been my main project since the beginning of 2015, and includes some of my favorite illustrations that I’ve done so far, so I really hope you’ll enjoy it! Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions! Thank you! 


Some of my favorite work from Jetpack Fighter. I’m very proud to have been a part of this project. :) 

I’ll be posting another round after the next patch, when the things I’ve worked on are available to the public.

Jetpack Fighter is available now, free-to-play, on the Apple Store for most iPad and iPhone devices. Android beta is coming soon.


This vintage veterinary book was published in 1911 and is called Dr. David Roberts’ Practical Home Veterinarian, written and compiled by Dr. David Roberts, President of the Dr. David Roberts Veterinary Co. Dr. David Roberts also had is own line of numerous tonics, creams, and medications which are all pictured in the back of the book.

If you are into drinking games, get this book and take a drink every time his full name is mentioned. You’d be toast after the first few pages, haha. But it does have some great old photos and illustrations! Pictured are a few of my favorites.