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I imagine the family skate was….A Lot for Jack.


“So I had my avatar marry Izana because apparently you can do that” resulted in a child that looks a lot like his father but got none of that laid-back personality and a whole lot of pointless energy (which he uses, of course, for evil)

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i’ve said this before but definitely the worst part about having a post that takes off besides the notification spam is when someone adds some completely unnecessary shit to your post. Then out of morbid curiosity you check out their blog and it turns out.. they do that to every post they reblog

Unusually Wondeful Spotify Playlists

Spotify is a fantastic place to find and discover new and old music, but it can also be a wonderful source of literature, audiobooks, and old radio shows. As a fan of all of these things, I have put together a list of some of my favourite non-musical playlists!

Scary Stories
Everything from Poe’s the Raven to some good, old-fashioned spooky late night radio! Very good for fans of podcasts/audiobooks like Lore, the No Sleep Podcast, etc.
Explore the stories behind your favourite myths including Greek gods and legends, Buddist mythologies, Britannic classics such as Arthur, and Egyptian Afterlife stories!
Love Poems
A beautiful collection of love poems from classic authors like Shakespeare, Walter Raleigh, and more!
Fairy Tales
A collection of full fairytales, all by Hans Christian Anderson and including The Mermaid, the Little Match Girl, and The Snow Queen!
The Adventures of Sherlock Homes
Select adventures of Londons Favourite Detective, and including some pretty amazing vintage radio adaptations!
The Essential Edgar Allen Poe
Great for research projects, this playlist includes the very best of the famously frightening poet Poe. (I love his work but lack the focus to read it on paper, so this playlist has been a godsend for several English projects and papers!)
Jane Austen
This is a massive playlist, including the entirety of the Pride and Prejudice audiobook, sense and sensibility, persuasion, and more! It also includes poetry and film scores from Austen adaptation.
The HP Lovecraft Compendium
23 hours and 14 minutes of love craft’s spokes and mind bending-est stories read aloud to you by some fantastic Narrators. 
A Hipsters Guide to Poetry
Ever seen and amazing poem quoted on Tumblr? It’s probably on this playlist. Sylvia Plath, Walt Whitman, and Robert Frost are all included.
SciFi Radio Dramas
Classic Science Fiction, like 20000 Leagues Under the Sea, 1984, and the War of the Worlds turned audio play for vintage radio and coming to your late night study session now!
Women’s Lit
Maya Angelou, Virginia Wolfe, Mary Shelly and More are included in this playlist, their poems and short stories. 
Irish Lit
Explore classical and contemporary Irish novels, short stories, plays, poems, and lore in both English and Irish Gaelic! Learn and practice the language at the same time as you discover the countries culture.
Shakespeare: The Poetry
His sonnets and poems, all of them, read aloud to you by a number of talented performers. 5 Hours of Shakespeare to put you in the writing mood!
French Literature
Hugo, Balzac, Dumas and more! French short stories and novels, now in audio form! Explore classics of French literature while you do laundry!
Shakespeare: The Comedies
Shakespeare can get notoriously gloomy, what with all the murdering and tragically ridiculous misunderstandings he features in some of this plays. But explore his bright, innocent, and summer side with hi classic comedies!
The Victorians
Explore the sensibility of the Victorian era through some if its best poetry: brooding, sceptical, romantic, whimsical, and nonsensical. 
Sylvia Plath
Everything you’ve ever wanted in a beautiful playlist. “Hear the voice that penned the poems.”-Spotify.
Poems for Spring
Beautiful poems read vintage and modern style, celebrating the innocent light that emerges in the spring!

So there you have it! This is by no means a complete list of playlists containing this kind of content, I know for a fact that most public domain books/ audiobooks are available on here! Happy Listening!

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Gypsy isn't a slur. Besides there are more groups than just Romani. only sjws think that's a slur and actual gypsies are not offended by that word.

i know there are more groups than just Romani (which is an umbrella term for numerous sub-groups btw)…they are treated appallingly here in Europe so don’t condescend to me (esp. since you don’t even live here)

but anyways i think i’ll continue listen to actual Romani mutuals who’ve taken the time to educate me on why it’s a derogatory term rather than some faceless anon who most likely doesn’t even belong to that ethnic group

like how dare you dismiss Romani ppl who might object to that term as “sjws”…just piss off mate -_-

Wow, can you believe this has been going for 1 year now? I’d make a joke about time going quickly but that’s a little too on the nose

Regardless, I’m very pleased to have made it this far, and I could never have done it without help from a lot of people: my friends, and all my followers (and I love all of you)

And now I’m here, with nearly 1000 followers, one year on from the last July 2nd, and I couldn’t be more grateful. So, a small shoutout to my closest and dearest friends:

@darny-darnvito: a chum. a buddy. a pal. a cool friend to talk to. a good friend

@dailyhierophantgreen: Ray, you’re a tiny meme melon gremlin and I love you

@weeklyheavendio: gorgeous art. fun to talk to. beautiful personality. what more could you want in a friend

@daily-giogio: Paige we may fight over a lot of stuff but you’re still a great friend and ily

@daily-gappy: we don’t talk as much as I’d like but ya still a cool bean

@daily-caesar: we don’t talk as much as we used to but we still pals. you’re a cool dude Adam

@dailyshadowdio: Cake you’re one of my best friends and you are so important to me as a friend. your art? fantastic? your memes? dank? your self? excellent? ily

@daily-foofighters: my longest-running friend in the daily community and my absolute closest, dearest friend. Foof you are so very important to me and ily so much, i’m so glad you’re in my life

you’re all super cool and important to me and i love all of you

here’s to another year of Pucci?

A Gentle Reminder:

Please, you need never apologize to me for:

  • Writing me a “novel”
  • Writing me conflict between our muses because it’s the natural response in a given situation.
  • Needing some space for yourself or taking a rest day/days.
  • Feeling insecure about your writing (or real life things)
  • Speaking to me in asks or IMs

You don’t need to <3 I understand. And all these things are JUST FINE <3 :)

  • you: all the trolls are bi
  • me, an intellectual: all of the trolls were raised in a society that doesn't discourage being bi since that's the way the whole world runs for them, however since as far as we know, the trolls are never told (until meetung the humans) that it's possible to be attracted to only one gender, a lot of the trolls are probably straight or gay and just don't realize it

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All your Kanas are so thought out and amazing! They feel really unique! (also sorry I was scrambling through your Kana tag, did you have a Laslow!Kana? :o Did they get sacrificed to fuel one of the other Kanas?)

He’s doing alright, he just hasn’t been formally introduced yet

Fair Haven Patch Notes: Update 3.17
- leprechauns have been removed from the program
- all mentions of the ‘leprechaun event’ have been removed from holographic memory and databases
- programmers promise to do better research ahead of adding malicious creatures to public holoprograms


Okay so this is 100% inspired in a tumblr post I can’t mcfreaking find.

Warnings: Bad english, but its late and this is short so i didn’t had a proof-reader


It wasn’t everyday that you saw all the trails hanging out in the main room but it just so happened that they all were there.

Anxiety was helping Logan out with a word-puzzle, Dad was eating ice cream while watching TV and Roman was serenading himself in front of any reflective surface he could get his hands on.

Thomas had had a couple of rough days, full of sudden projects and works in which he needed all of them, plus anxiety and dad had to make sure he was still eating and taking basic care of himself, princey was giving and giving inspiration making the others fear he would run out, and logic was planning the timers and possible “worst case scenario” plans. All in all, the boys were tired.

“dad, go to bed” Called anxiety, giving the fatherly trail a worried glance

“’m watching a m’vie”

“no, you are sleeping and the ice cream is about to fall on the carpet”

“come on Morality, lets go to bed”  mumbled Logan, standing up and picking Morality up “im letting the rest to you”

“yeah, go to sleep now”

After waving at the two oldest trails Anxiety sighed, he was exhausted. Constantly worrying about what type of problems they might encounter, finding loopholes in Logan’s plans and forcing him to fix them, trying to reign in Dad when he wanted to pet random dogs, and keeping princey in control so he wouldn’t have ideas too impossible to do. It was a thankless and tiring job but someone had to do it, and it was obvious that Princey wasn’t made for that.

Speaking of Roman, Anxiety stared at him from under his hair. The royal looked dead on his feet, Thomas had been more creative than usual so it wasn’t really surprising that the prince looked so exhausted, but seeing him stumble around was a new thing.

“hey anxiety”


“think you can get Thomas to go to bed early today?”

“I mean, I’ll try? Why?”

“mhm, i’m just exhausted so i’m gonna go to sleep earlier today”

“yeah sure, go to bed Princey”

“thanks Sunshine”

Roman started walking towards the bedrooms, eyes half open and barely raising his feets when it happened. The thing Anxiety had been waiting for. The perfect moment to deliver the best joke of his whole life.

Prince fell, and Anxiety smirked throwing his hands in the hair and laughing

“The empire has fallen!”

“are you serious?!”

His Name

The whole time they were talking, Lance could tell his mind was some place else. Some place more important than whatever nonsense made its way out of his mouth. His mind was probably off in Hawaii, next to the resort pool, drinking cocktails and martinis with some other lover. 

Some lover that wasn’t Lance. Lance knew Shiro had been unfaithful, with his heart set on things- people- it shouldn’t be. Lance knew, knew Shiro never worked late, knew Shiro didn’t need to go for business trips that often. Most of all, he knew he wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t good enough to keep Shiro’s head on straight, to keep him looking into Lance’s eyes instead of down another man’s driveway.

But, he loved Shiro. He wouldn’t just give up. Maybe- just maybe- if Lance managed to get back Shiro’s interest they could go back to normal, how it was before Shiro came into promiscuity.

“So then-” Lance blabbered, trying to keep Shiro’s interest when suddenly Shiro’s phone buzzed, an incoming call. Shiro looked at the caller i.d. and looked apologetically at Lance before leaving the room to take the call.

It was then, as Shiro turned his back on Lance, that he realised. Things would never go back to normal, love had been drained, connection was gone. Their love was dying and Lance could do nothing but watched as it fizzled to a cold, hard stop. Fueled by nothing other than Lance’s want. A want that was slowly dying too. 

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