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This is an older story. I work at Greenwals and in February or so, a guy came in and asks us if we had any potting soil. Now, we don't carry it as regular stock, but we usually carry that as a seasonal item. I told him there was a small chance we had some (we had like 3-4 summer things already), but probably not. We check, and we didn't have any. He then yelled at me for "wasting his trip." Why would you come to a drug store for dirt??? Where does that make sense??? Go to a garden store ffs.

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“you’re my friend, of course i fucking care.” taako & magnus ?

Magnus had been weirdly distant ever since their mission in Refuge, and Taako absolutely did not care.

And really, why should he?  Magnus was a tough guy.  He could take care of himself.  He was probably just a little out of it after all those time loops – hell, Taako was.  No, Taako didn’t care that Magnus wasn’t inviting him in on elaborate pranks at stupid hours of the night or showing him new “tricks” he’d taught his goldfish.  Taako had his own shit to worry about: namely, where to have a date with death now that he had, by some miracle, managed to ask a literal grim reaper out.

Still, though.  It was weird.

He sighed, opening his eyes and staring at the dark ceiling above his head.

It wasn’t as if he was getting anything accomplished right now, beauty sleep or otherwise.

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Canon Dialogue (Trans.)

A fan tweeted Yamamori these pages of Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Chapter 51) and was curious about what Mamura was about to say after he gets cut off… 

“Yamamori-sensei, I’m curious about what Mamura was going to say then. Could you please tell us?”

For your convenience, these are the pages…

So Yamamori-sensei replies with…

He said “That time you uncharacteristically bought some charm and you didn't even wear my muffler, I was just annoyed”

Go back to chapter 41 if that didn’t make any sense. Basically Mamura noticed that Suzume didn’t wear his muffler he gave her back at Christmas when they saw each other at the shrine of New Year’s Eve and asked her about it. He made a big deal about  the muffler meaning nothing after seeing her with a “love charm” she bought earlier and poor boy was probably a bit hurt and jealous, hence Yamamori’s tweet.

Just thought that was a bit cute! 


  • Credit: x
  • Translations: beaux-mont

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How can they be real when gds with kiko? I was a long time shipper too but i gave up on them

Okay so I’ve been thinking about Jiko for a while now because of Jiyong’s leaked Instagram video where he says “my dear kiko” and how that seems like a lot of proof that Jiko is real to many people. And here are my thoughts on the matter of Jiko and Gtop currently. (Let me just preface this with the fact that these are my opinions; they aren’t necessarily right, I’m just talking about what I have seen and my general opinion of the situation). I’m really sorry for writing so much but I wanted to get my thoughts out as well so I’m going to put the rest of this train wreck under the “read more”

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