some of it is really not super serious at all

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How do the batboys wear suits?

Bruce: fond of dark tailored suits that are flattering to his figure because he has to keep up the appearance that he’s a functional human being

Dick: once tried to wear a powder blue suit and was teased mercilessly, looks like a model when he wears a suit that isn’t a crime to humanity (basically any suit that he doesn’t pick out himself)

Jason: hates suits with a passion, they feel too constricting and stiff to him, but otherwise he looks pretty good in them (when he isn’t fidgeting in them)

Tim: looks super awkward, they never quite fit right but he wears them anyways. Sometimes looks really professional and serious

Damian: looks adorable but super stern, usually tries to hide things in his jacket but fails when he realises that suits don’t really have good pockets

Duke: he’ll wear suits that aren’t all black typically, he’s fond of greys and some muted colors. Looks like he should be on a magazine cover, even if he’s really modest about it to reporters that ask where he got the suit and all that stuff

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What would happen when Percabeth has children? Will they be really smart waterbenders? Will they be mortals? WILL THEY LIKE FRIKIN BLUE STUFF?!?

Interesting and this is basically going to based off of my preferences but…

-I can see their kids being reallyyyy intense. Like one minute they can all joking and the next they can super serious, and it trips people up at first.

-Also I feel like their kids are really smart but lack common sense.

-I also feel like one child would look exactly like Percy and one like Annabeth except they would have the other parents eyes.

-I believe their children would posses some of their powers but not quite as strongly. Like their child would be brilliant, but maybe not in the same way Annabeth is, and maybe their child would have water powers, but could only control certain types of water. So I guess they would get segments of their parent’s power.

-Let’s be real here as well, their child(ren??) would also be like super driven like their mother, but also like the biggest procrastinators like their father.

-Just saying, their children would be sassy and sarcastic as fuck.

- I want to say that if they have two, one would be super serious, and one literally would joke non-stop, and if they look their parents it would be the inverse. So the one that looks like Annabeth would be joking 24/7 and the one that looks like Percy would be like all “work, work, work!”

-If you don’t think those children would be athletic then well…

-Those children would also value friends and family so much, something that their parents deeply instilled in them.

And uh, yeah, I think that’s it for now, again this might be one that I add to in the future.

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RFA + Saeran/V reacting to an s/o who is a new artist who is becoming a bit popular because they write their own songs and are good at singing/dancing? like~ they're just walking together and someone asks for an autograph and s/o is shook because that's the first time that's happened? [Anon!Chuuni]

Check out our other headcanons~ Masterlist Hello again! This was interesting. Hope you like this! :) 


  • Zen liked to do impromptu shows in the park or on a random street
  • Since you sang and danced a little too, you often joined him
  • It became a sort of tradition
  • On days when he couldn’t make it, you still went and sang some of your own songs
  • Turns out they started circulating around the internet
  • One day you and Zen were walking together and someone screeched
  • They started to come up to you both
  • Zen takes a step forward, as this usually happens when he encounters a fan for an autograph
  • But….the person actually wanted your autograph
  • While Zen is really embarrassed for his assumption, he was super proud of you
  • Won’t stop talking about the incident
  • You guys become a super cool music duo


  • You only sang in the house
  • He loved your voice and he really thought you had potential
  • When you showed him some songs you had written, he knew you would be a hit
  • So he finally convinced you to upload them to youtube
  • You both forgot about it for awhile
  • Until one day you’re walking in the mall and someone squeals really loudly
  • When a group of kids come up to you for an autograph, he’s so proud
  • He stands off to the side, watching you get the attention you deserve
  • But also gets super tense when a group of guys get a bit too friendly with you
  • Bodyguard Yoosung lolol


  • She’s trying to come up with new ideas to liven up the cafe
  • When you mention that you sing and dance, she asks if you’d do some live shows
  • You agree, and you come every week
  • You start building up quite an audience in the cafe
  • You don’t know how big until regular customers start asking you for an autograph when you’re just visiting
  • Jaehee is super thankful to you since her business is going up
  • But more so, she’s really happy that she was able to give you the opportunity
  • It was a small way to repay you for all the kindness you showered on her


  • Music and dance was a sort of hobby for you
  • You weren’t that serious about it as a career
  • So you just post a few videos on social media
  • Jumin hears you around the house and offers to connect you with an agent, but you refuse
  • You’re on one of your dates in a fancy restaurant
  • Everything is going well, until the waiter starts fangirling
  • They ask you for your autograph
  • Both you and Jumin are stunned for awhile after the ordeal
  • But then Jumin starts showering you with compliments
  • “See, I’m not the only one who sees how talented you are.”
  • He supports you either way, but still leaves the offer open for getting you into the music business


  • You had only just started singing in front of him
  • He usually doesn’t react other than the usual compliment
  • But when you’re not looking, he’ll record you singing your own songs
  • He uses his skills and gets them viral on social media without you knowing
  • Nothing happens until he takes you out to an aquarium for your weekly date
  • A bunch of people keep coming up to you for autographs
  • You turn to him and ask how this happened
  • He shrugs innocently and says the neighbors must’ve recorded you or something
  • “You live in a soundproof bunk in the middle of nowhere!”
  • He never admits to getting you famous, but is really happy whenever people compliment you on your talent


  • Music was more than a hobby for you
  • You actually put effort into your songs and uploading them online frequently
  • You had a small audience, but not more than a few people
  • Saeran had noticed how much effort you put into it and how talented you were
  • Behind the scenes, he uses his hacking skills to spread you around a little more 
  • He leaves it at that though
  • A few months later, you two are walking in a grocery store
  • Someone in the aisle keeps staring at you strange
  • Saeran finally calls them out for it, but they admit they just want your autograph
  • You’re really shocked, but somehow manage to push through and greet them
  • Saeran watches from the side really happy that you’re finally making your way towards you ambitions


  • You found that his photographs really inspired you musically
  • You would often write songs based on them
  • He loved them so much that he asked you to sing them at his exhibits
  • This became a regular thing
  • One day he forgot his lunch
  • So you decide to bring it before he meets with some client or another
  • The client comes just as you’re leaving and stops you
  • He asks for you to autograph some of V’s photos (since they were your muse)
  • You’re really shocked and almost refuse as you don’t think you did much
  • V is grinning away on the side, happy that your talent is being seen by others 

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You mentioned you couldn’t remember it it in another post so here’s the moment in Case 3 where Momo calls Ouma “pure”! 

Thank you so much for providing the caps! I definitely don’t remember every single word or line in the school trials (I’ve watched many of them for hours straight until about 4 in the morning and my sleeping habits haven’t been the best lately), so having screencaps and/or transcriptions always helps a lot!

Now that you’ve provided the caps, I do remember this scene again! Even this early into the game, Ouma loves dropping plenty of hints that he’s not nearly as bad as he’d like people to think.

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I was worried season 5 of Samurai Jack was gonna make Aku some boring super-dark and serious villain  and the super grim way he was presented in episode 1 didn’t help but I’m really glad they remembered that, for all his power and menace, Aku is also a ridiculous kid’s cartoon villain and just as funny as he is scary if not more so

RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC who has a bodypillow of her favourite Anime/Manga character


° finds out after he visits your room for the first time

° totally suprised at first

° “MC why didnt´t you tell me you have one?”

° got one too but with a LOLOL character

° you were too embarassed to tell him  。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° not mad at you because, duh, you can have what you want

° I mean it´s not like his is more lewd

° nevertheless is jealous

° can´t accept that you cuddle with someonething other than him

° would throw his away if you do likewise xD

° but you won´t

° eventually  makes you sleep at his place VERY often

° not that he would want to Keep you away from your precious husbando

° ( cute cinnamon roll is jealous o(≧∇≦o))

° will sleep with his when you´re around to make YOU jealous

° doesn´t work that well for him

° you just bring your own next time

° after enyojing his suffer you promise to leave it at home (in your wardrobe)

° “MC you´d do that for me ??” (YES, FEEL THE LOVE)

° has to lock his away too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° Pillow-Party!!!! in the closet


° confused when you tell her you´ll bring your waifu over

° “MC are you cheating?”

° poor BBY

° Freaks out untill you explain

° not the biggest fan of your pillow…

° wants you to put it away (no hot waifu in her house)

° “But WHYYYYYY!!!!11″

° “Because it´s stupid!”

° MC leaves, crying

° Well done Jaehee…

° only takes 0.45 seconds to run after you

° “MC wait for me!” , “No!”

° eventually catches up to you

° “Please come back I didn´t mean it like that “ ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

° great MC now she´s crying !

° you end up going back to her´s and dicuss the matter

° is actually just JEALOUS?!

 ° you two agree to leave it at your house

° MC is wondering why Jaehee invites her over more often after that 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° cute, naive MC


° he freaks out !

° “How can you sleep with another man??”

° his ego is slowly dying XD

° “Zen chill he is no match for you”


° wants to burn it………….. immediately

° says nonstop how much hotter he is

° gets on your nerves to put it back in a closet…..or in the trash

° one time he hides it in the freaking garment sleeve for his tux

° he was the only ont to find it funny though

° as a revenge you slept wth the Pillow only for two whole weeks щ(゜ロ゜щ)

°MC how could you??!

° as a result he is unconcentrated to the Point where his Manager phones you and asks you what´s wrong with him

° so you end the torture (unfortunately)

° he still feels stared at whenever he waks by the pillow

° paranoid????? he????? Nooooo!!!!!!!

° begs you to at least Change the cover to a White one

° “Zen you have to learn to live with it. I have to live with your fans too!”

° “That´s not he same!”       ZEN!!!

° in the end he tolerates it only outside the bedroom of course

° to your suprise he gives you a pillowcover with him o(〃^▽^〃)o

° Things you do for your ego love


° also kinda jealous but mostly chill with it

° gets you more covers because he can

° secretly hopes you´ll get sick of it when you have so much

° sees it more as a Substitute for him when he´s on a buisness trip

° soon you have like 10 different pillows and 20 covers ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

° you´ll soon have your owm husbando/ waifu room !!

° Jumin, y u so generous??

° he hopes you won´t be so lonly when he´s not there for you

° feels guilty because of that

° but at one Point he sees you sleep with your arms and legs around the pillow

° wake up MC Daddy Jumin is here to punish you

° no more pillow for MC ( ≧Д≦)

° almost throws everything related to that Thing away

° lucky enough you can convince him otherwise by Stripping infront of him

° in the end they´re not banned from the Penthouse but from the bedroom

°to make him happy you make a pillowcase with Elisabeth and yourself for him

° when he sees it……

° let´s say you didn´t thought a man could die from nosebleed

° takes it with him whenever he´s on a trip where you can´t come along

°gives you one in return

° on one side he´s wearing a super sexy tuxedo and on the other one…….

° let´s just say it´s definetly R-rated (♥ω♥*)

° needless to say it´s the only pillow you´ll be using from now on


° so you have a Body pillow……. how cute

° he has f*cking 20!!!

° so he´s super chill with it

° YOU are jealous of HIS Collection

° one day you two buildthe great korean pillow wall XD

° keeps ordering matching cases for the both of you

° in Exchange you have to Change covers


° they work as a Substitute whenever he´s to busy to cuddle with you

° he says he´s fine with it but gets annoyed by it at one point

° “MC why have you replaced me?”

° “Just let me sleep Saeyoung!”

° the next morning all of the pillows have misteriously disappeared

° the only one left is a life size pillow with seven on it?

° “WTF happend ??!”

° then Seven appears and he´s wearing a freaking pillow cosplay ∑(O_O;)

° just why Seven ??

° “If you love them more than me then I have to become a pillow!!”

° you have some serious Problems dude

° but you can´t resist and hug him almost to death

° you both decide to lock the pillows (he eventually brings all of them back) away and/ or give them to Saeran

° exept for the Seven-pillow, you can Keep that ;) you know for…… science and stuff


° he´s blind so……. yeah not really Aware of it ?

° wonders why you always insist of sleeping with this huge pillow

° knows nothing about what it Looks like until Jumin tells him one day

° thank you very much trust-found kid

° is super jealous and doesn´t like it

° but accepts it for your sake

° but one night, when he had too much wine, he asks you to remove it

° Little V´s pride is hurt

° of Course you agree

° I mean, who wants to make this cutie upset ?

° But you secretly put the cover back on when you two have a fight

° sneaky, sneaky MC (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)


° already knows those Things from his stupid Brother

° teases him for having so many

° when he finds out you have one too he bullies you A LOT about it

° but in reality he´s scared you´d replace him and thinks you´re tired of him

° my poor bby don´t you dare thinking that

° actually makes poor MC really sad .( ˃﹏˂̵ )

° so she gives her pillow to Seven and hopes Saeran is happy

° he is

° but when he sees her crying in her slee because she misses her pillow…..

° “There´s no way to avoid it, if you want that Thing so bad I´ll be your pillow”

° he´s totally NOT blushing while saying that HE IS

° realizes that this was the best decision of his life ೕ(・ㅂ・ )

° you´re happy. he´s happy. Problem solved!


I hope you liked it. It´s my second headcanon so I know I still have a Long way to go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but nevertheless please send your requests (if you have some)

leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (ノ^∇^)

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What do you think of Eliza Taylor as an actress?

Damn there are some scenes where she takes my breath away as Clarke. Everything in 315 with her mother was stunning, and then that little moment in 316 when Abby wakes up? I was almost crying for both of them. What a force. Other major moments for Eliza were the 307 death scene, the reunion with Abby in the end of 316, and how she manages to show FIFTY DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS AT ONCE when she sees Bellamy safe and sound—in 316 and in 405.

And then we have something that’s more subtle that builds, like the list scene in 403. that’s probably a minute or more of silent performance from Eliza, and it’s all about her indecision and the weight of her responsibilities. She only breaks down when Bellamy wakes up and joins the scene. Yet in that minute we can see how torn up with remorse she is.

Eliza also does really well with some of the small humor moments? She gets so few opportunities being the super serious lead character of a super serious show, but one if my favorite acting beats for Clarke this season was the small reactions she gave to Murphy in the kitchen in 407. That whole scene is beautifully done, from her little smile when makes a joke about the good ones being taken, to her “omg good food” face right after. They have good chemistry and are both strong performers. But this little smile here, with her dry commentary that is half sarcasm but also half amusement and being charmed.


The 100 as a show does a pretty good job with casting–at this point I have no complaints about the mains and their talent for subtle performances. Sometimes it’s tough if the script is too on-the-nose, and the 100 as a whole isn’t known for subtle or layered dialogue. The characters tend to be very upfront with what they’re thinking and feeling as they react to the disasters of the moment. So I actually attribute a lot of the show’s success to the cast, and how they can take heavy-handed lines and bring them down a notch or crank them up a notch as necessary to deliver evocative performances. Especially once the show figured out how to write toward these actors better (mid season 1) it got really strong. Eliza is a huge part of that, and she deserves serious applause for being a pillar of the show.  

Her character is also half of my OTP,  so I love her work on that too. Every little glance that Clarke has with Bellamy, every delicate vulnerability or outstretched hand–Eliza and Bob made those screen moments together, to entertain us.  And damn am I entertained.

wouldn’t you get a yeast infection from the sugar… ..
keep smarties far from your hooha folks
also i did everyone for this because it was really fun to do!! it’s kind of short just because it’s hard when i think a lot of people would react the same.

// nsfw



- it brings back his flashbacks of when he was drunk and wore a candy g string to a party once
he would too don’t you lie to yourself

- He does spit everywhere and it’s sort of awkward to eat all of the candy since it’s hard candy?? and he doesn’t want to.. well; you know, bite you. But boy does he try. Yeah it’s messy and sticky but still really nice. He’ll still always like playing around with whipped cream over this, but hey he’s down to do this again.


- Papa Jumin can roll with anything so he’s not phased

- Sure it’s surprising.. But he finds it enjoyable. Even amusing, how cute of you to think of something so silly. But holy shit with him it’s literal heaven? He’s the king of slow foreplay so hardcandy in his way makes it even more slower. But in the best possible way.

- The only one that doesn’t really drool a lot. Must be magic.

- But no; never again will you get that because Elizabeth the 3rd found she likes your new toys too. He found her eating a pair of pasties and that was the last of the ordeal. Curse you Elizabeth the 3rd.



- Candy + MC = Heaven !!
sure it’s super surprising at first, but then when he tastes you PLUS the candy it’s absolutely amazing.
comes to prefer it, if you do. actually might want some of his own.. lolol

- It’s something he likes, so he’d be down to do it again. Just no licorice, he hates that stuff.



- momma jaehee is saving you here please listen to her

- Hey but nipple pasties? she’s down. It’s hard candy so again, takes a pretty long time to melt but she doesn’t really mind. It’s not something she’d like to be frequent but it was pretty cute this one time– She’ll let it slide.

- Won’t wear any herself even if you try to get her to. No way. She’s not trying to cosplay candy-land the game over here.


- No no. Try honey buddha lingerie. Much better.

- Seriously though; He’d love it. It would be silly as always with Seven, he’d want to pretend he’s a monster coming to eat up the pretty little damsel in distress. And he ends up doing so.. just in a different way lolol

- Yes, he’ll snack on them later. Or wear it himself– He really likes this. Look at the monster you’ve created


- For your sake, he’ll go with it. But he thinks it’s difficult, he’s drooling everywhere and it’s not exactly the most pleasant. Since the candy is super sticky when wet.

- Is this what the kinky folks do? is this what it’s like?

- He cant really be serious about it. I mean, he just cracks some jokes. He tries his best but it’s pretty hard. All in good fun though, he’s a sweetheart.

- Probably got those little candy bracelets from sunday school– and they taste exactly the same. he doesn’t need church flashbacks in the bedroom right now, save him.


- Confused and scared because he’s so used to lace or something like that but there’s.. candy? instead?

- He’d try but he’s usually fast so he’d end up ripping it off and getting to the point pretty quickly.

- But he might snack on them later, much to your horror lolol

Rick & Daryl are Hilarious

This is a weird thing to notice, i know. But for some reason it really amuses me when Daryl gets all angry and Rick does the whole holding him back thing. He’s always like, “hey, hey look at me” and he moves in time with Daryl. Every time he does it I just start grinning and laughing and i don’t know why.
On a more serious note I’m super glad Rick trusted Daryl enough to not try to influence his decision about killing Dwight. Those two are friendship goals.

You know what I want in vld s3? I’ll tell ya what I want.
I want MORE of the Garrison. Give me all of your episodes in the Garrison, I want em. All of em.
I want to know how Hunk and Lance met, how did their friendship develop or something like that, I don’t know just tell me for fuck sake.
I want to know more of the relationship about Shiro and Keith, like, since when they knew each other????? How many years??? Did they know each other before the Garrison¿?? I need answers.
I want to know if Keith actually knew Lance because he saw him before at the Garrison (yes, he says “oh you are the cargo pilot” but you know exactly what I mean), or even, what did he think about him?? Did he think he was a jackass?????????? Was he just pretending he didn’t know who he was when they met in ep 1???
AND MORE, WHAT DOES KEITH ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT LANCE? Like, you can tell by the way he acts with the others what he thinks about them, just like when he complimented Hunk or some shit.
I want more of Allura childhood!! And Coran’s!!! Or idk, just how their lives were before Zarkon!
And honestly.. most of all I want my baby son Lance to fist the fuck out of some really bad guy (coughslotorcoughs) and just…I want him to be so badass the team doesn’t even recognize him.. like he has this super badass moment in which he is all serious and looks so cold that he looks like he could never smile again (not in a bad way!! Pls try to get what I mean HHHH ), making him an actual character not just a comic relief (and Hunk too) I WANT A FUCKING PLOT TWIST BAM THE BALCK LION DOESNT RESPOND TO KEITH BUT LIKE AFTER THAT BADASS LANCE MOMENT THE LION RESPONDS TO LANCE (actually I don’t want anybody o touch the black lion bc it belongs to Shiro I mean then what was the purpose of all those bonding moments) AND FUCK YE AH GIVE MY BOY A MOMENT WERE HE FINALLY GETS THAT HIS LIFE ITS NOT UNDER ANYONES SHADOW BC HE IS A WES OME. AND FROM THAT TIME HE STILL IS A JOKE SOMETIME S BUT HE ACTS SERIOUS AF. BC WE ALL KNOW THAT NOT EVERYTHING LANCE DOES IS WHAT/HOW HE REALLY IS. I WANT TO SEE LANCE IN ALL OF HIS SHADES, UNDER THAT FACADE (??) HE KEEPS WITH THE OTHERS IM

Lol maybe I’ll do another post bc I want so much more I’m just.. so shook after the s2 finale.

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Don't you think it's kinda gross that in that article when they asked Nick Brendan what's one thing you wish your character would have done on the show and he said have sex with Buffy?

I found it totally gross. I actually gasped and cringed when I read that. It’s actually really sad that having sex with Buffy is the ultimate goal he’d have for Xander as a character. 

AVC: What do you wish your character had done that you didn’t get to do?

NB: Maybe have sex with Buffy?

AVC: Why?

NB: I don’t know. Maybe Xander would have become a man. Maybe he would have found some super power in that.


Btw, I recommend reading all the interviews. Adam’s is very interesting, Tom’s is super funny, Nicholas’ is weird and gross and sad, and James’s is serious but amazing (he has such a deep understanding of the show and his character) 

11 questions with Tom Lenk

11 questions with Adam Busch 

11 questions with Nicholas Brendon

11 questions with James Marsters

Happy WEEK SIX of Hannah’s Sunday Reading List! I have the biggest list thus far for you guys this week - 20 fics are on it!! I’m going to have to use a cut for this one, hahaha. I’m calling this my ‘hunting week’ because I searched around a lot for these fics - please, writers make my life a little easier and tag me in your stories please!! If you care for my sanity, that is.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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Sirius Imagine 4

Request: Hy there! Could you do a Sirius imagine where the reader is really close with the Marauders, and they are passing notes in class? Either the reader see it or not, it’s up to you. Maybe some teasing because Pads keeps watching us or something, just thought it would be funny. :) Love your works btw! <3″

omg thanks for the smiley face and the little heart they make me so happy!!! anyways i think this is a super good idea and it sounds so cute and i just love this idea so much ur so smart, i’ve been having serious sirius fever lately (lol) so i absolutely love all the requests!! 


You sat down in class and pulled out fresh parchment, and sat your ink well on the desk. You looked at the two desks in front you you and smiled as you saw Sirius seated next to Remus and James next to Peter, with the little row in between the two pairs. Sirius looked back at you and smiled. You were so lucky to have them as your best friends, even if they did do really stupid shit sometimes. 

“Hey, n/n,” you heard James whisper, “Do you have an extra quill? I forgot mine.”

“That’s literally the third time this week, Prongs! Where are they all going?”

He shrugged, genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright,” you pulled a quill out of your bag, “But give it back, I’m running low.”

“Thanks, n/n,” he patted your shoulder and winked, making you giggle.

What you didn’t notice was Sirius shoot James a dirty look.

Soon enough, the Muggle Studies professor came in, and the class quite down. You dipped the tip of your quill in ink and began to take notes. 

Sirius felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a folded parchment on his desk. He looked over at James, who nodded towards the note, signaling for him to open it. 

He folded it opened and saw in James’s messy handwriting, ‘Wanna go to the forbidden forest later? there’s this super cool trick i can do with my antlers i just learned. - J’

Sirius scrawled back a quick, ‘yeah, sure- S,’ and looked back at you, getting lost in the way your nose curved, how your hair fell, how- he felt Remus jab his side and looked over at him. Remus grabbed the note from Sirius’s had and wrote something before folding it up and passing it to James. James opened it and giggled silently before writing something back and and passing it over to Remus. Sirius angrily intercepted the note and opened it.

Remus had written, ‘sorry, pads isn’t here at the moment, he’s to busy fucking y/n with his eyes. -R’

James had responded, ‘he’s obviously in love with her, he should just grow a pair and ask her out already. -J’

Sirius took his quill and very quickly wrote, ‘I would, but we all know that she doesn’t like me back. Maybe if one of my ‘deer’ friends didn’t spend so much time “asking her for quills” i would have a shot.-S’

He handed the note to James, who read it and rolled his eyes. He wrote back and passed the note to Sirius again, ‘I don’t think ‘asking for a quill’ really means anything. Besides, I’m already taken, Evans is in love with me. And maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time staring at her from a distance and talked to her you would see that. -J’

‘I DO talk to her!’ Sirius wrote back, ‘I’m her best friend! -S’

‘Just ask her out, for god’s sake!’ Wrote Remus, who had intercepted the note, ‘I’m tired of hearing you gush over her every five seconds and stare at her whenever you’re too scared to talk to-’

The note was ripped out of Sirius’s grasp in the middle of him reading the sentence by a familiar hand… Yours.

The Professor had left the room for a moment while they had been passing the note and the class had begun to talk, and you became curious as to why your three best friends were being so secretive and writing angrily on the parchment. 

“Y/n! Wait! You don’t need to look-”

“No! I want to see what’s so interesting that you can’t pay attention to your best friend!” You responded, smiling a tad while holding the note out of Sirius’s grasp. Sirius was halfway on top of you now, not that you were complaining, and you were leaning over the back of your chair, you head turned so you could read the note while keeping it out of Sirius’s reach.

“Y/n, really! You don’t need to read the-”

“Is this true?” You had a serious look on your face now, the smile gone, and you were holding the note to your chest. 

“W-well, I,” Sirius’s voice faltered, realizing he was still very close to you.

He took a deep breath and sat back a little, which only allowed you to move closer to him.

“I-I… yes.”

You closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him, within seconds he was kissing back with just as much passion.

You pulled apart and looked at his face, his cheeks red and his face flushed with nervousness and embarrassment. 

“Why didn’t you bloody say something!?” You questioned, smiling.

Sirius grinned, “I thought you would think I was out of your league.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ha ha.” 

He pecked your lips again and whispered, you feeling his breath on your lips, “Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t love me back.”

You gave a small smile, “That could never happen.” 


It came out kinda short, but I really like it :)

ships are open! 

requests are open!

i feel so frustrated. 

I have this unbelievably strong desire to just leave. To book a flight & go. Meet new people, make new friends, have no plans, take a new path & just restart. I love my life & I love my friends, but I feel like some serious change. 

I’ve realised I feel really lonely & I’ve taken a lot of action to try to work through that with little return. It’s hard when you know yourself really well & know what you like & what fulfils you in life because then when you feel lonely there’s not much more you can do about it. I’ve always been patient, understanding & not super bothered by not having someone, but I’m reaching a point where I just want to find someone to settle down with & share my life with. 

Frustrated is definitely the right word for my underlying energy of late. 

In saying all that it’s been such an awesome last few months. I’ve met a number of new people & made some great new connections. I’ve had some awesome job experiences & opportunities & can’t wait to see where they take me. I’m in love with creating content, having fun behind the camera & doing something that allows me to completely give in to my creativity & express my thoughts.  

Also, still incredibly annoyed by people’s (lack of) communication in this day & age. If you haven’t got the decency or respect to f*kn tell me your busy or don’t wanna talk then don’t think I’m gonna go wasting my time on you or holding up my plans for you honey. Oh & don’t you dare think ignoring messages is simply making me want you more, it’s only making me want to drop kick you off a bridge. 

First Day of School (Jin)

So now it is time for the next series!! My week is gonna be busier than normal bc I have a test in a couple days so I wanted this week’s series to be something I could write easily bc some series take more time to write but father!BTS is always something that I find easy to write bc it’s so super cute to me so without further ado, to start us off as he always does is the amazingly talented first half of Jinkook, one of seven princes, the tiny sweetheart who’s not actually tiny at all like his shoulders are so broad and he’s so tall but he’s tiny to me bc he’s cute and precious and I wanna wrap him up in a blanket and give him ice cream, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Jin post, he has one daughter aka the mini Jin in a female form
  • She’s got those cute lil chubby cheeks (hi I love chubby cheeks so fucking much especiaLLY ON BBYS) and those bby lips and the warm brown eyes so she’s just a walking teeny tiny Jin with pigtails and a Mario plushy that’s bigger than she is
  • I also have this head canon that she’s just really tiny especially next to Jin bc how cute is that tol and smol who are forever holding each other’s hands and hugging and giving each other’s cheeks lots of kisses
  • Lil bub is s o excited for her first day of school, she’s got her backpack set a week before the first day, she’s got her outfit picked out, she knows what hair style she wants she’s just so excited 
  • Jin’s a lil sad bc his bby his angel she’s growing up so quickly but he’s also beyond proud of her bc hell yeah what an awesome kid high five Jin
  • Mornings with them are normally pretty calm
  • He wakes her up by rubbing her shoulder or sometimes carrying her downstairs bc no matter how old she gets, you can bet that he’s gonna carry her around like a princess bc she IS one he will fight anyone that says differently
  • They a l w a y s make breakfast together, this one time she’s feeling really sick so he makes her something to eat while she’s asleep bc she needs sleep to heal up but she gets so sad when she finds out he cooked without her and her eyes got all watery so he’s never left her out of the breakfast making ever since
  • Even if it’s just cereal, he’s gotta let her pour it into the bowls which turns into him catching all of the cereal that doesn’t make it into the bowl
  • You always come down to the kitchen to see Jin holding her with one arm and stirring around whatever he’s cooking with his free hand and she’s got a lil juice box and she just looks so content 
  • They chat about their dreams from the previous night and he keeps sneaking her bites of the food especially if he’s doing something with fruit bc that’s instant food just cut it up and go so she gets lots of snacks whenever he makes blueberry pancakes or banana bread or anything like that, those are her favorite to make
  • But on that first day of school, she’s wa y to pumped up to be able to sit still so he lets her run around the kitchen for a bit to burn some of that energy off and he’s just smiling to himself bc she’s a playful kid but she’s never been t hi s hyped up
  • He films her for a few seconds and the entire time he’s giggling bc she stops mid-run and hugs the dog and starts cooing at it before running back over to Jin with that adorably excited grin
  • Jin helps her get ready bc he wants to be there for her first day so you let him handle most of it and just sit with them and help out if they need it but you’re also more than glad to let him do it bc it’s always so precious to see how gentle he is with her and the look of complete and utter adoration in his eyes whenever he looks at her
  • He braids her hair for her bc he didn’t spend the entire pregnancy learning how to braid and trying to force a very displeased Jungkook to sit still long enough to use him as his model for nothing
  • At this point, he knows more braids than he ever thought he would but he’s okay with that bc his princess l o v es braids they’re her favorite hair style
  • Her first outfit is this super pink dress that come with matching pastel pink tights that have polka dots all over them and she goes for some flats that have all the sparkles 
  • She picks her entire outfit even though Jin offered to help her out and he’s just :D as she’s looking through her clothes and she gets this really serious look on her face where she’s got a bit of a pout going on and her brow furrows bc she’s concentrated and Jin has to hold back from smothering her in kisses bc she’s just too precious
  • Her lil backpack is a Peach bag of course bc she’s been around Mario her whole life and lo ves playing it with Jin but her lunchbox is a Dragon Tales lunchbox
  • Her lil feet are swinging the entire car ride to the school and she keeps telling the both of you how excited she is and that she knows she’ll make lots of friends
  • Also quick head canon bc my Namjin heart but she and Namjoon’s daughter are around the same age (joon’s bby is a few months younger) so they’re in the same grade and are each other’s best friends all throughout their lives
  • Saying goodbye is definitely the hardest part, Jin knows that it’s only a few hours but he’s never not been able to be around her, he’s had to work of course but he’s always known that if he wanted to see her, he could just go home or call you and ask to speak to her, he can’t do that with school
  • He hugs her really tightly and he’s gotta hold some tears back and he gives her so many kisses and keeps telling her how much he loves her, if you didn’t know Jin, you would literally think she was going away for a month but he’s just really proud and a bit sad but mainly happy 
  • Bby Kim is already there so the second lil bub goes in, she has her best friend there so Jin knows she won’t be alone on her first day and he waves at her every time she turns around to see if he’s still there
  • “Have fun, princess!! I love you!!! …hey no, don’t walk away yet you gotta say it back first”
  • “Let’s go, Jin, before you get into trouble for running into a classroom”
  • He sighs really loudly and starts to drag his feet to the exit all mopey bc she didn’t hear him say ily bc she was too busy being greeted by the other kids
  • But then he hears tiny feet running towards him and he feels her cheek squish against his leg and her tiny arms are hugging his legs bc that’s all she can reach
  • “I love you too!!”
Amber  - As A Roommate

A/N: idk why I’m doing this but I woke up with this idea and just… roll with me on this ok? I just think rooming with Amber would be so much fun

Originally posted by sevnghoon

  • First of all, expect this girl to definitely get on her knees and ask you to be her roommate *loads of cringing* and then jumping up and down constantly when you say “Ofcourse you dumb llama” because how how can you say no to this cutie patootie???
  • So then begins all the possible planning of how you divide the space
  • I think amber would be the kind to just let you do whatever you wanted as long as you were comfortable, but not taking up her space in the process you know
  • Can I put a huge poster of some random kpop group in the living room?”
  • “Yeah sure why not?”
  • “Can we have gigantic pompous portraits of ourselves framed for the drawing room walls?”
  • This girl is just super excited and happy that she gets a whole new person to explore and live with and she’s just happy it’s you ok trust me on this one
  • You’ll probably meet up in a cafe to decide when to go house hunting and who brings what and she gets so serious so quick it surprises you. She even insists on coming with you when you look for the house, even if she has schedules all day
  • So you guys get some snacks and ice-cream and just roam the streets of some really peaceful neighborhoods looking for a home

Originally posted by amberliuw

  • I feel like Amber might not show it but she really wants a home not just a house. She looks forward to filling it up with good memories. A place for her dogs to feel comfortable and a place where her friends can crash whenever. A place for the two of you to chill and feel safe
  • So when you find the place, it’s going to be a small fist bump and that’s it. You just know. This is the place.
  • Oh god moving day is going to be SO MUCH LAUGHING. you can’t get even one box unpacked because everyone is here to help and all you guys go out for barbecue and just laugh and laugh
  • But that night when you get back, its just the two of you on a single mattress in a huge empty room and you fall asleep so quick because you’ll have a lot more nights to stay up and talk
  • and boy do you talk
  • everything from childhood favourite games to high school friends to first boyfriends and the craziest things you have done - you just talk talk and talk
  • and rest assured, there will be all-girls-sleepovers with SO MANY PEOPLE
  • you come home and amber calls you up. She’s in her car and one of her friends has had a bad day so she was wondering if she could stay over (so cute she actually thought you’d be pissed) so you tell her only on one condition.
  • You buy the icecream and we CANNOT watch Marvel movies anymore ok Amber I’ve had it. I’ve just had it”
  • And it’s amazing that little laugh filled with relief in her voice over the phone. You don’t understand how she could have ever thought you’d be against it. Pabo

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  • Huge nights of cooking together
  • but the next few nights, you just order takeout. You’ve done enough ok
  • Though you love each other, loads, sometimes you just can’t be around each other. It’s normal for roommates to just get into everything together. Eventually your friends all become one and you end up hanging out inside, outside, everywhere. It’s too much. So some nights you go out with your friends and some nights when she’s away on her tour, you get time to just be you on your own
  • but when she goes on tour, you miss her loads and you can’t imagine ever having to live alone. How did you even do it for so long
  • You end up calling your friends ‘Amber’ because you’re so used to yelling at her
  • please protect the expensive cutlery
  • You get be in her vlogs randomly and suddenly people ship you guys together and amber tries to make a whole video of the two of you seriously accepting your marriage to each other. Yes You are married. So what
  • and so people start asking who amber would like to go on we got married with and she always looks at them like she’s offended and says “excuse me, I’m already married. To y/n”
  • But really, the fandom loves you and they follow you religiously and you become the amber messiah always putting up awkward selfies and sleeping and eating pictures of amber with captions like “ok fam you can calm down now i fed her” “she’s sleeping ok pls let me live”
  • If you’re both tomboyish and just non-girly, there are going to be so many mornings when you refuse to wake up and spend a whole day in your no-bra glory. This is the life ok
  • Heels and Bras were made by men and should be abolished bye

Originally posted by fluffyber

  • You’re going to be seriously good friends with everyone she knows. It’s not because she wants to set you up or anything like it she just thinks you’re awesome and they’re awesome and if two awesome people meet - it’ll be so much more awesome
  • So you’re always on a random chat group with Mark or Jackson or Ailee or Eric or Henry or Min and it’s just TOO MANY PEOPLE OK TOO MANY PEOPLE
  • but then you realise suddenly that somewhere down the line they became your friends too. Their concerns start to bother you and sometimes when you feel down, they come over to spend time with you and just you, even if amber isn’t here
  • CYCLE COORDINATION OK (you know what i mean)

Originally posted by bruins-and-kittens

  • and beware of work-mode amber because I don’t think you’ll hear a peep out of this girl when she’s on a working trope. She’ll spend all day in her studio, possibly over work herself and come home to crash or just text you to say she’s crashing at the studio itself
  • you demand selfies and texts so that you know she’s actually alive
  • her parents and sister texting you to get updates about amber because this idiot forgets to call them sometimes
  • and it surprises you because they always end the call by saying ”You should come home sometime” and it just warms your ice cold heart
  • random late night stupid conversations
  • What if we are the aliens and we are going to take over another peaceful civilization????”
  • “Do you think Jackson ever looks at himself and says he’ll date himself 10000%” “YES.”
  • She lowkey tries to set you up with one of her friends but you can’t even think of that because if you do decide to date any of them it’ll get all awkward and you don’t want to risk your friendship with amber or their friendship with amber or just the possible relationship
  • and she just hugs you out of nowhere “Babe. You really think anything can change us?”
  • (so you end up dating one of the legends that she is friends with and you live happily ever after kbye live yo life treat yoself)

Originally posted by quietlim

  • Crying amber just breaks your heart and you want to personally hurt everyone who even thinks of hurting your poor llama. I know I will. COME FIGHT ME
  • but when she sees you cry for the first time, she sort of sinks down in front of you and just hugs you until you calm down and doesn’t question you until you’re ready to speak for yourself.
  • I just think Amber is such a sweet, mature and kind hearted girl with so much love and happiness for the world. Living with her is going to be so smooth sailing because she’s quite accepting of situations and people I mean you don’t even have to pay me or anything just let me live with her and take care of her pls im always concerned about her.
  • *Sigh* protect this llama.

Wouldn’t this be awesome? I really wanna room with her once. Even if it’s for fun

A thought

I’ve seen two sides of the angelkin community lately picking at each other for???? really no actual good reason. One side is more “””fluffy””” while the other side is more “””serious”””. No, I’m not bringing up old drama, I’m just putting thoughts out there. Not everyone is stone cold serious, but not everyone is sunshine lollipops either. To each their own is a good use of words here, but it’s super upsetting to see everyone bickering about “oh angels aren’t/can’t be all happy all the time!!!” you’re right; they can’t. But some of us are coping from the experiences in those lives and this one too; let us have our fun, let us make stupid jokes to feel better about the situation we’re in. If you don’t like it, ignore it. That goes for both sides. 

There’s days where i feel suffocated by the sheer amount of positivity, but the negativity and the “bloodshed/war/i-killed-other-angels” things fucks me up probably a lot worse. I did some bad, bad things before, things I don’t want to remember because it involved killing my brothers and sisters and siblings simply because they didn’t agree with a set plan. I don’t like to think about it, I don’t want to think about it. 

So again, the stupid jokes, the “we’ll help you” factors? those are nice. those are so fucking extraordinary you guys don’t even realize how much that a lot of you have helped me. So. -mod cas

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hi i’m still in rarepair hell i hope y’all are prepared to continue the ride with me

oikuroo is,,,, everything. its everything. i drew em all cute on a frickin ice cream date but dear god can you imagine the audacity of their courtship. just like. they end up in college together and oikawa sees kuroo “tall dork and handsome” across the lecture hall and he’s like. dibs. but kuroo is a) immune to his sass and b) gives back as good as he gets and they just. tease and tease and tease and embarrass/piss off all their friends with the unresolved sexual tension and suggestive eyebrow-raising every other sentence until one of them gets serious about it and (very publicly) gushes out a super romantic confession and both of them stare in silence at each other in the aftermath becoming more and more embarrassed because wait, this is overwhelming and i really like this guy, help

but eventually. eventually they reach some kind of equilibrium between snark and provocation and kissing and they become that kind of couple that’s like “ride together, die together, make fun of everyone else together”


He just stares at you, smiling because he is not sure really what to do, or what you are even saying. It started as a small argument, and grew. Then your korean just started to slip, then it converted to some gibberish English before well, this - you stood before him, completely absorbed in yourself, and your words. And it was probably super logical to you, but it was also in Swedish.. and Namjoon didn’t understand a word.

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He kinda gives off a restrained laugh, trying to calm you down before he just laughs with you at some point, and you go like “Why are you laughing?!” In a really serious tone, after all - the two of you were fighting.
“Because you have spoken in your own language for about ten minutes now..”
You mouth an ‘o’, and Hobi pats on the spot to his side on the sofa.
“Now come here jagi, and teach me some of those words..”

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Jin stares at you, blank spaced. Trying to figure out what the word ‘dumhuvud’ means. And when you are done, he asks if you want to grab something to eat, because food solves all problems!

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

He looks at you, weirdly. Like really looking at you like something is off.
“What?!” You suddenly scream in Korean and he just shakes his head, muttering something about “being crazy in multiple languages” and that ticks you off again, so there you go once more, screaming that he is a ‘rutten liten imbecill.’ And he kind of just admits his defeat. 

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He usually thinks it’s really cute when you sometimes go around, muttering words from your own language, but this time it was just scary. He could only guess what you said, and sometimes korean words would pop back up, and he would think he could get the chance to finally reply to something, but you switch back to your mother tongue in a heartbeat.

Originally posted by skullhongs

He just grins.. because, well maybe you are (saying) screaming something nice? He thought he heard the word cute on korean, or was it kill you in English? He gulped hard, starting to get worried but letting you continue on your rant undisturbed. 

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Now he is not all smiles, and cuteness. But the boy sits put, and listens, especially when you start to go off on him in your mother tongue. He thinks it’s super scary, and kind of just sits there.. hands in his lap. Not knowing what to do really, when you suddenly ask:
“What do you have to say in your defense?”
“I love you?..”

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Boyfriend Bambam

A/N - Here is Bambam as your boyfriend! Only one member left after this one and then the college AUs will start~

Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Yugyeom

  • so now we have literal meme Kunpimook Bhuwakul
  • dating Bambam would be so fun
  • he’s be the kind of boyfriend to make you laugh all the time 
  • literally all the time
  • Bambam would always be doing something extra that just had you in fits of giggles
  • whether he was dabbing or doing some weird girl group dances, it’d be hilarious and you could never stop yourself from laughing at him
  • despite his craziness, you’d love him so much 
  • and he’d return the love even stronger
  • even though he is super outgoing and funny, he’d show you a more serious side 
  • he’d be the type of person to have really deep conversations out of nowhere
  • like you’d be eating lunch or something and he’d randomly say, “(Y/N), what’s the meaning of life?” or “why are we even here?”
  • and you’d be confused as to where that random change of conversation came from
  • but the two of you would connect and grow closer whenever you did have those deep conversations
  • one of Bambam’s favourite things to do whenever he stays the night is to cuddle you and just talk
  • you could be watching anime or listening to music and he’d want to talk to you about anything and everything
  • he’d want to know every little thing about you
  • even the stuff you thought was boring about you, he’d want to know it all
  • Bambam would be the kind of boyfriend who would tease his partner loads but as soon as someone else tries to tease them, he’s super protective
  • he’d defend you to the ends of the earth
  • “you can’t tease them that’s my job” he’d say while squishing you against his body in a hug
  • whenever he teased you though, you’d immediately have a comeback ready
  • basically you two were savage af
  • “hey, (Y/N) your dancing sucks”
  • “well at least my singing is better than yours”
  • “yeah but I look hotter than you”
  • “sure whatever you say” *plays videos of fetus Bambam doing aegyo*
  • “I hate you, (Y/N)”
  • “love you too, Bambam”
  • even though you’re both mean to each other, it’s done out of love
  • seriously that boy loves you so much it’s insane
  • and he really shows that love in the bedroom
  • you might expect him to be super extra in the bedroom since he is on stage
  • but he’s actually much more gentle and loving
  • with Bambam it wouldn’t be meaningless sex, it’d be full of love and care and pure emotion
  • sex with Bambam would be slow and passionate
  • he’d want it to last longer so he could show you just how much he really loves you
  • the whole experience with him would just be amazing
  • and you wouldn’t be able to sleep after because of how much you loved being so close and intimate with him
  • it was like sharing a piece of your soul with his
  • overall, Bambam is a cute af boyfriend who wants to give his partner everything and more