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I was nervous, understandably. Humans had a remarkable, fearsome reputation. First contact with the human race had been when the Shianb research colony had selected a familial unit for study and the genetic-mother had torn her thumb from it’s socket in order to escape a binding, strangled a Shianb scientist guard with her bare hands, and violently killed any Shianb that had tried to stop her until she had retrieved her young and mate and then piloted the ship colony back to her home planet. It was a terror inspiring event, but one that was quickly shown to not be unusual. As we figured out how to speak and deal with the human’s peacefully, the InterSystemAlliance had adopted a human phrase directly into the ‘Language, Physiology, and Behavior of Inter Stellar Species Data Collection’: Don’t fuck with humans. Which oddly enough had a completely different meaning to the phrase “don’t fuck humans”.

Hirriib linguists were practically oozing excitement pheromones over the flexibility of the word ‘fuck’.

But I had managed to hire a pair of humans to my ship. Genetic-siblings they were, which ensured previously established pack bonds which were essential to human health, and one was a scientist as well as a weapons expert, a dual specialization common among humans. They were boarding today and I was excited and nervous, my cranial ingota flashing despite my efforts to keep myself under control.

With a trill of the automated doors opening, the humans stepped into the meeting room. They were tall, one ducking through the doorway and the other a length of their skulls shorter. The tall one had their dark cranial hair shorn off and was wearing a loose fitting torso covering with the words #redinstead written on it. Their eyes flitted around the room, never once looking at me directly while their hands made a rhythmic flapping gesture that seemed quite similar to my own habit of contracting my spinal spikes to soothe myself. That must be Danyell Jimson, the scientist and weapons expert. The shorter one had to be Damon Jimson, the hand to hand combat expert. He had impressive cranial hair that stood out from his head in dark, tight curls and pieces of metal inserted through the flesh of his brow hair and the cartilage of his ears in a display of fierceness. He was also wearing a torso covering that proclaimed #redinstead. I would have to query what that phrase meant and log it. He stepped forward and held his hand out in the traditional human greeting of ‘not immediately aggressive’ and clasped my paw gently which meant he was friendly. I held my paw out to the taller one, Danyell Jimson, but Damon Jimson held a large hand out to stop me.

“Don’t touch them.”

My ingota flashed with confusion and anger. “You are isolating them? Human’s require contact to strengthen pack bonds! That is cruel!”

Damon Jimson shook his head, a visual negative cue. “No, not all humans are comfortable with physical contact.”

Danyell Jimson was staring at my ingota and made several gestures with their hands that I was not familiar with.

“They want to know why your crest is changing colors.”

“It is my ingota. It is a visual communication of my emotions. How did they communicate with you? I was told that humans are not telepathic and do not communicate outside of my species’ auditory range?” I was flashing confusion again and Danyell Jimson was staring at my ingota with the hyper focus of a predator. I contracted my spinal spikes.

“It’s sign language, their hands are making words. It’s a visual communication language. Danyell doesn’t communicate verbally.”

“Amazing!” I blurted out, broadcasting awe and fascination. I had been unaware that humans communicated nonverbally beyond simple body language. The only other species besides my own with a form of visual communication beyond basic body language within the contacted solar systems was humans! I couldn’t suppress a flash of giddiness at the thought that my species held a similarity to the intimidating humans.

Danyell Jimson spoke with their hands again and Damon Jimson bared his teeth in a amused/friendly/pleased visual cue. “They said they’ll teach you ASL if you teach them what your crest colors mean.”

My ingota lit up with excitement. “This is excitement. I would be most interested in exchanging non verbal language knowledge with you, Danyell Jimson.”

Danyell Jimson tapped rapidly on their handheld device and held it to their head with the excitement color emanating from the screen, making a gesture with their other hand, a clenched hand with the ‘thumb’ pointing up, a visual cue for approval/excitement/agreement.

I mimicked the gesture with my paw, extending my prehensile dew claw in lieu of a thumb. I could tell that I would greatly enjoy developing a pack bond with Danyell.


ASOIAF + (some) houses’ prominent traits
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@cheshirerabit said: Shit, your teacher Bakugou idea is something I never considered but now think would be really cool. Cuz he would not stop being a hero but he wouldn’t half-ass being a teacher so it would be like how All Might attempted to hero and teach but could actually work. Plus, I’m all for Bakugou’s role model switching with time to Aizawa. 10/10 idea.

Anon said: OMG Fran now i want to see Teacher or Older Bakugou or or Bakugou with Aizawa

Bless both of you for giving me a reason to talk about this cause honestly I love this idea way more than striktly necessary - this!!! is how I like to think it would go down:

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Also: funny, isn’t it, then when the only musical I’d ever been into was Les Miserables nobody questioned my status as a musical theatre fan. If someone has only ever listened to Les Miserables, Phantom Of The Opera and Jesus Christ Superstar, they’d never be questioned about the “reality” of their musical fan status. But for some reason, when people have only listened to newer/non “classic” musicals such as Wicked, Dear Evan Hansen, Be More Chill, Heathers, or Hamilton, no matter how many they’ve seen they’re not a “real” musical theatre fan.

Newsflash: get the hell over yourselves idiots. If you like musicals, any musicals, if you enjoy musicals and enjoy finding new musicals to listen to, you’re a musical theatre fan, whether you listen to or like the classics or not!!


Grif is struggling but so is Locus.

Just help him out, dude.

@telekinetic-pony had this wonderful idea and I couldn’t help but to draw it.


Ok i had the most vivid picture in my head when i read this scene so i had to draw it. This is from the Pharmercy Mafia!AU fic: Pocket Full of Shells by @logosminuspity (a fic based on drawings by @superrisu ) so go check that out if you want to fully understand this comic :D

I sure as hell know who I’d be loyal to, Fareeha

#BendyHTtakeover Recap

((so I’m gonna compile all the Good Shit from the #BendyHTtakeover event into one post okay here we goooo))

  • Sammy has been writing music for most of his life, “from a young age […] tunes would pop into my head, [writing music] was the only logical step. ;)”
  • Willow Weep For Me” is Sammy’s favorite song, he apparently considers it modern. what time period does this game take place in jfc
  • Sammy made a handful of puns during the event. Puns are great.
  • Apparently he liked Bacon Soup at one time, but “it kind of lost its luster after a bit.. But you’d have to be crazy to not love chocolate cake!”
  • Putting on pants is apparently a struggle for him.
  • Someone asked if Norman was behind the organ from chapter 2. He responded with “The organ… I don’t know what you mean. Although Norman, our projectionist, he was always very bright..” which might be a hint to something, a compliment, or another pun - who knows.
  • An ad for a Little Mermaid bedspread got posted in the middle of the event, probably on accident. Someone joked “Sammy’s favorite Disney Princess is Ariel, confirmed.” All he had to say was something was amiss with the post, and the bed looked comfortable.
  • Sammy still writes and sings music when he’s not praising Bendy, and has written “so many dozens of songs! So many! When you’ve been in this business as long as I have… you’re quite busy.” He also said “Perhaps you shall hear them someday.” pls
  • His clearest memory of the studio besides the ink pump is “a whistling sound, a vague melody.. with a sinister purpose.”
  • When asked for advice on composing music, he responded “Music is all about layers. Rich and lush. Practice, my friend. That’s what it’s all about!”
  • Wally’s catchphrase is apparently contagious. Someone asked “Sammy, what would happen if Wally lost his keys again?” To which he responded, “That Wally! That man can’t ever keep his things in order! If I didn’t know better I’d say his mind was wayyyyy out of here!”
  • Headcanon confirmed, “Sheep Songs” is Sammy’s favorite song he wrote for the Bendy cartoons.
  • He wears the mask to “resemble the most perfect form I know!”.
  • He might not be able to see without the mask as well, someone later asked “how do you see with that mask?” and he replied “how do you see without yours?”. Might have just been a joke, or confirming the “ink monsters can see through Bendy’s eyes in cutouts and posters” theory.
  • Sammy thinks Susie is “A charming woman.. quite… charming.. I recall only her face… that.. smile.”
  • He took some selfies for us.
  • Someone asked how he felt after what happened to him at the end of chapter 2. “I can’t recall any injustice on the part of the Ink Demon. He is.. most fair.” Apparently he’s fine with being pancake’d.
  • “Who’s better? Bendy, Alice, or Boris?” “There is only our lord Bendy.”
  • What makes Bendy so worshipable is that “[He] knows all and sees all. He is the hope we’ve been waiting for!”
  • “The last I can recall… I had a flowing cascade of brown hair.. I miss it so… or was it blonde? No matter.. it was splendid.”
  • He regrets never going to Coney Island.
  • Someone asked what he thinks of Alice “Ohhh such a voice! So.. heavenly! So beautiful!” Tied with his earlier comment about Susie, this makes Samsie shippers such as myself rejoice.
  • He is honored that people write songs about him, and Bendy.
  • He doesn’t only make puns, he memes. According to him, “if you have the proper training, mayonnaise IS an instrument.”
  • His favorite instrument is the banjo, he was always fond of it and it “plucks the right chord with me”
  • He thinks bacon soup can be good, “it’s best when aged for a while I hear.”
  • He’s happy Joey let him name the song “Sammy Jam” after himself.
  • Someone asked if he had a special someone before becoming an ink monster. His answer was a flustered “Someone.. special? … I.. well.. there was.. this one. I almost remember.”
  • He doesn’t quite know where Joey is, but he thinks he’s off raising his salary somewhere.
  • He doodles Bendy sometimes.