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If the Mushroom Kingdom crew were TF2 classes, who's who?

//Nyah. This one was really hard to answer their personalities are mismatched so it was hard to pair them up with Mario characters. However, I did the best that I could with the help of a few friends who I play TF2 with. I’m not sure if I did it correctly but here’s what we came up with. 




I based this one mostly on their personality. Both of these characters are so happy-go lucky no matter what they’re doing. They’re so carefree in every situation they’re in even if they don’t know what they’re doing at times. 



This match is mostly based on abilities. When they’re in a team, others depend on these characters in order to survive and heal them when necessary. They’re really important and can make a huge difference while in battle.



Well… I really couldn’t pair Bowser with anyone else aside from heavy. xD They’re both known as the power characters that have the most strength. In most scenarios, when you see this character, it’s best to run and hide or at least try to outsmart them. They’re not the brightest characters around.



:I This was more of an ability pairing as well. They’re geniuses when it comes to building new inventions. That and I couldn’t really think of anyone else for engineer. xD



Junior has always been an in-your-face type of character. He’s been known for taunting his enemies and showing off due to the special treatment he receives from his father. He’s very confident in his abilities just as Scout is. 



Not even sure how I came up with this one but they both can jump extremely high and land on their opponents head…. I don’t think their personalities are the same at all.



Pft. These two are so similar that it’s scary. From looks to personality and abilities. Both are bomb oriented characters that use explosives in their line up. Being that Bobbery was a sailor and had also been in a depressed state for years after his love passed away, I could see him being a drunkard just like the demoman. In more pictures of them, they both even hide one of their eye. 



Doopliss is able to take on the shape of any of his enemies in order to trick their friends into believe them and using it to their advantage. He is a bit tricky when it comes to this. Ms. Mowz may have also been acceptable since she’s great at sneaking into places without being noticed.



I honestly couldn’t come up with much for the sniper. Personality wise or something of the sort. Maybe Luigi could’ve fit by looks but that’s about all. I just picked a snifit since they can shoot things from their mouth. xD He really is a hard one to match up. 


//… I think that’s all of them. I probably got a few of them so wrong but I tried at least. xD If you have better suggestions, I would love to see others input on this. 

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2015 should be either Year of Peach, or Year of Bowser, since both of you debuted in 1985. Have you thought of anything for your anniversary?

That is true. This is a very good question I do hope that I will be able to have a year of my own in the near future but who knows. To answer your question, I would like to be playable in more games. That is one of my dreams that I’ve wanted to come true for the longest. I’m always labeled as the damsel-in-distress that can’t do much else aside from getting kidnapped. I want to be able to clear my name of such allegations. Just being in Super Smash Bro Tournaments isn’t enough to prove my worth. I’m determined to prove that I am just as useful as the next person. That is what I would do. 

Oh! And I would also like to give out cakes and presents to all of those who support me and have stood by me for all these years. ♥

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5th person gets a confession

Doki Doki~

Her heart pounded within her ribcage as she stared at the male standing before her. It was strange. These waves of emotions washed over her within seconds. She couldn’t explain what had overcome her but there was no doubt that this man was the cause of it. A rush of red colored her cheeks as she fumbled with her hands nervously. She had finally built up enough courage to confront her feelings for what they were. Now, the only thing left to do was admit them. 

“Brennan…” Peach finally spoke up, taking in a huge gulp of air to help calm her nerves. She could feel her knees shaking with how anxious she was. This wouldn’t do at all. Biting down on her lower lip, she balled her gloved hands into small fists and directed her sapphire eyes towards him.

“I… think I might like you.” She managed out. Her hand rose to cover her mouth, shocked to even hear those words even leave her lips.

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Which was the creepiest abomination you've ever seen Mario take down? Shadow Queen, Elder Princess Shroob, Tabuu, or something else.

I would have to say Shadow Queen without a doubt. There was just something about her that sent shivers down my spine while just being in her presence. A demon with her kind of power truly was unstoppable. Not only that but if it wasn’t for those Crystal Stars, I’m not sure if we could’ve taken her down. Though I would like to believe in my heart that Mario would’ve found a way somehow. It was hard for me since she was using my body to carry out her dirty deeds. Even if it wasn’t me that was in control for a majority of the time, I still felt terrible for turning my hand to attack Mario in such a way that could’ve ended his life. That feeling in itself was scary. At one point, I was terrified that I would have to watch my friends die at my dispense and there wasn’t much that I could do about it. I’m just happy that she’s been sealed once more. 

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"9! Now if only you were this good in the games..."

From 0-10 rate how well I portray my character.

Thank you for such a high rating. I do greatly appreciate it, however, I still feel the need to defend my character in game as well. Peach is a lovely character, though she may not be able to show much of it due to the kidnappings and such. I believe if she was playable in more games her character would shine even brighter. 

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"How do you feel that DK is no longer playable in Mario Party?" (To Both Peach and Mun)


It was quite a shame that Donkey Kong wasn’t able to join us on the board game as an opponent or companion. He really was quite a strong adversary. I originally thought he was going to be absent from the games completely but I’m glad to see that he’s now able to help us in some of the games. He’s actually very sweet once you get to know him. He just has a few temper tantrums sometimes when people take his bananas but who wouldn’t!


I miss having him there so much! But I always did love his mini-games and special events when you landed on his space. But even those have been limited in the new Mario Party’s. I haven’t been playing the new Mario Party games but that’s because they’ve started to lose their old feel to them. I don’t believe they’ll get better either. From the rumors I heard, they’re even going as far to eliminate mini-games except when you land on a space for that. It’s just so sad to even talk about. v.v If they did have a multiplayer online, I may consider picking it back up though. 

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"I would hug you right now, but I'm kinda worn out for the day. Also, I don't think you would want to touch a commoner like me."

Eh? Do I really look like that kind of princess to you? If so, I’m sorry for giving off that impression. It doesn’t matter to me where you came from or what kind of background you have. We’re all people so why does it matter if you’re royalty or not. I’m not so stuck-up that I would refuse to touch you just because you might have a lower standing them me. If you want a hug, just ask. It’s not a problem for me at all. :)

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"Orange and lemon."

I’m sorry if I made you feel that way. I do notice you though! A lot of your posts are actually quite funny. I’m not sure if you got my response to our roleplay but it’s there somewhere. :) Don’t be afraid to talk to me. This goes for all my followers. I promise I won’t bite… well… for the most part. :I Some people deserve it.