some nights i take pictures

My submission for issue II of the @shallurazine, Stars Aligned ~

Thank you Cat and Jules for all your hard work, and for letting me be a part of this! Everyone’s submissions are so beautiful and creative. I’m blown away ♡


SURE! it’s 7am on Monday morning… but i haven’t slept yet! so that means it’s still Sunday to me and i’m totally NOT late posting this!!! ((.O [ ]O.)) GWAAHHHHH~!!! (-^ O^-) OHHH MAN!!! LOL! well~ regardless! here it is!!! The winning piece for MFM week three! <3 and yeah… i kinda cheated… (but can you really cheat when you’re running something though?!?! LOL!) but  @plinys , @aiambia , and @moonwalkingcrab all submitted Pokemon Go themed micro fics and i just… i just had to do something about it!!! LOL! so i didn’t really want to single just one of them out… so i just drew what seemed right to me! LOL! I debated not doing it, since Pokemon Go is everywhere right now… but then i reasoned that that was exactly WHY i should do it! i’m totally into it AND i like the idea of going back through my archive one day and saying “OMFG yeah! XD that was that time!!!” hahahhaha! (-^ O^-)

Still ~ in doing this theme though, i gave up doing some REALLY emotional stuff… and i’ve been going back through the last three weeks of submissions and i think i’m going to do a bonus week somewhere where i’ll pick something from among the old submissions! cuz there is just GREAT stuff in here!! <3

AMYWAY!!! (-O wO-) i really hope you guys enjoy this one!!! <3 <3 <3 Now i’m gonna go catch a few precious hours of sleep!!!! But i’ll be back on in a few hours to get us all ready for today’s Micro Fic Monday!!! (-^ O^-) so i hope your brains are stirring with little tiny sparks of ideas!!! I can’t wait to see what you all have in store!!! We’ve reach the one month mark!!! WOW!!! So great!!! <3 thank you all so much for making this so enjoyable every week!!! *INFINITE HUGS* be back shortly!!! LOVE LOVE!! <3 <3 <3

Micro Fic Monday info page LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
This weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks archive LINKED RIGHT HERE <3
Last weeks winning piece LINKED RIGHT HERE! <3

Sing me to sleep tonight.

bad quality photo of my late night drawing of the queen of bees, faebee 🐝 i think i’m going to redo this tomorrow i just really felt like drawing tonight and mira is the cutest ever 🍓🌟