some nights i lay in bed

“Back when I was 15 years old, I stayed over night at my grandma’s house in the country. This house I knew was haunted because the time before I slept in her bed and the door knobs to both the closet and the bedroom door started shaking as if someone was trying to turn it but didn’t have the strength.

This particular night I am sleeping on her couch in the living room when I turn off the TV and go to lay down and try to get some rest. On my way over to the couch, directly in front of me, it sounded as if a priest or other church type of voice was singing some type of holy hymn. Kind of like do ré me fa so la te do, you know that kind of thing, but it sounded very holy like you would hear in a church. Mind you it is DEAD SILENT in this house there is no other source for any volume, and it was not coming from another room. It was as if a person was right in front of my face, that’s how close it was. I will never forget it, it sounded like what you would hear at the gates of heaven.”

By: @toohighcantcomedown

For every lie that you’ve ever whispered, every girl you’ve  kissed that wasn’t me, every phone call you’ve declined and every drink that ever passed your lips, I loved you. In your darkest hours, in spite of your ugliest thoughts, and regardless of every night I lay in bed shattered to my spine, I loved you. I loved you in ways that you didn’t deserve, and I spent too many months falling asleep to the sound of my heart breaking. I hope some day you realise that I was the love of your life, and that you hate yourself for not loving me enough even more than i hate myself for loving you too much
—  too late ~ blue-delusion
Sweet Dreams

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Pairing: Sam x Reader (kind of)
Warnings:  Fluff
Summary: Sam comes to sleep in the readers room

“This is your room” Sam smiles, opening the motel room with the key card.
“I get my own room?” you asked, setting your duffel bag down on the bed.
“Yeah, I figured you’d probably want a night or two away so I got you your own. Is that okay?” Sam looked very hesitant, scared he might have upset you in some way. His worry instantly washed away when he saw a smile spread across your lips.
“Yeah, no that’s great! I won’t have to deal with Dean’s snoring; who knows, I might even get a good nights sleep for once.“ you laughed, laying back on your queen sized bed.
“Well, here’s a copy of your room key in case you need it. We have yours too, so if something happens just call.” Sam chuckled, laying the room key on the table by the door.

The first night on the job wasn’t so bad. Dean had staked out one of the suspects houses while you and Sam questioned the local authorities and towns people about the murders.

“I am beat” you sighed, climbing out of the impala.
“Yeah, flirting with the Deputy can do that to ya” Sam joked with a hint of jealousy in his voice. There had been some sexual tension between the two of you lately, nothing had happened yet, but that didn’t mean you didn’t want it to.

Rolling your eyes, you watched as they crossed the other side of the motel and went into their room. Sighing you closed your door and immediately peeled off your clothes and jumped into the shower. When you had finished your nighttime routine, you turned on the tv to watch Friends and passed out within the episode.

The sound of your door shutting woke you up, immediately grabbing the gun from under your pillow you pointed it at the door.
“Sam?” you asked sleepily, setting the gun on your nightstand and sitting up with a yawn.
“Dean’s snoring is keeping me up, is it cool if I sleep in here?” he asked, you could hear how tired he was in his voice.
“Yeah, its okay.” you yawned, snuggling back down into your comforter. You watched as Sam grabbed a blanket and pillow from the closet and laid down on the couch, curling up so he would fit properly. A small smile played on your lips, “Sam, come get in the bed.” you laughed, pulling the other side of the blanket up.
“I’m fine here, y/n” Sam laughed, laying his head on the pillow.
“Sam, if you don’t get in the bed then you can’t sleep in here” you warned, a jokingly tone slipped out, making him laugh too.

Getting up, he crossed the room in just a few strides and got into your bed.
“Are you sure this is okay?” he asked, making sure he didn’t make you feel uncomfortable.
“I wouldn’t have offered if it wasn’t okay, Sammy” you mumbled, already falling back asleep. Hesitantly, Sam shifted his body so he was laying down under the covers, trying to make himself comfortable in the bed without disturbing you. There wasn’t a whole lot of room in the bed with the two of you.
“Sam” you whispered, feeling him shift in the bed.
“Yeah?” he replied, laying on his side facing your back.
“Come here” you whispered, grabbing his arm and pulling it over your body so you two were spooning. Sam moved closer to you, his front pressed right up against your back.
“Is this okay?” he asked, locking his arm around you so he could feel like he was protecting you from anything that might enter the room.
“mmmhmm” you mumbled again, slowly falling back into the sleep you had before he had come into your room.

The next morning, Dean entered your room, looking for Sam and was only a little bit shocked to find you two sleeping together in the same bed. Your bodies were pressed up against each other, your face was in Sam’s neck with his arms wound tightly around your body; almost as if he was trying to keep anyone from taking you from him.
Smiling softly, Dean pulled out his phone and took a few pictures of you two and laughed softly.
“Oh yeah, they are never going to live this down.”

Astral Travel Tips

I personally do a lot of my astral traveling while I sleep. I would do it during the day if I had time, but honestly… I am a store manager that typically sees 50 hours of work time. By the time I get home I have to do some chore or I just want to rest. So doing all my astral work is done while my body recuperates.

Here are a few tips that have helped me:

  1. Be okay with not remembering everything you do at night. I don’t remember everything. I do A LOT at night. To remember everything would take time I do not have. If I have the energy I will lay in my bed trying to recall the details of the night before. But its okay if you don’t remember everything or anything at first.
  2. On that note, I have learned that if I lay in bed I can remember what I have done better. Its how I can remember dreams. I know though I can’t always do this because of my work schedule. Try different methods to which will help you recall the best.
  3. In the beginning its nice to have a guide. I worked a lot with a couple beings I know who helped guide me. They would make it easier for me to move to the astral, as well as understand its mechanics. If you have done it before while awake then while sleeping shouldn’t be a huge step. Just ask help from someone you trust.
  4. Pay attention to your dreams. I have learned the difference between dreams of mine. Some of them hint at things I have done on the astral. Though these dreams may not be a literal translation. Sometimes my mind will try to make sense of the astral world by converting things into something in my mundane-waking life. I typically keep a dream log for this. Its something where if I have time I jot down notes of my dreams. (You can learn to Lucid Dream if you want, but its not necessary. I sometimes Lucid Dream but not all the time. I just learn the differences between how my dreams feel to understand if it had something to do with the astral)
  5. Everyone experiences the astral differently. Keep your mind open and let it interpret itself in the manner that is best for you. Like I am very claircognizant. I just know most of the time that something happened. That I knew someone/thing said such and such. There are few times that I actually hear it. There are times that trips the night before will play out like memories. It varies and I am okay with that. I just know what works for me.
  6. I have a dream/astral travel pouch under my pillow. Its of items that have meaning to me to help pull me into recalling my time in the astral. You can also make one to help with making it there. (if you would like me to post the bag I use then let me know.)
  7. Get on a regular sleeping schedule. A regular sleeping schedule helps your body get used to when its going to the astral. Plus self care helps a lot when you start doing astral work. 
  8. In the beginning don’t try doing astral work every night. It can make you more tired than before you fell asleep. Its easier to start slow and work your way up. I know that when my mundane life gets crazy I have to back off on the astral work. I crashed and burned in February because not only was I working 50-60 hour weeks in my waking life, I was also doing an insane amount of work on the astral during holidays through January. Its important to have down time from even astral travel! 

These are some of the things that has helped me out a lot when beginning my astral traveling at night. This is not everything you can do. There are so many tricks out there and its about finding what works for you. But hopefully this can help anyone out. C:


Request: Hej i was wondering if you could do an Elijah x reader imagine in which the reader babysits Hope and Elijah watches them playing and later that night they both lay in bed and he tell her he would love to see her with a baby

So i’m sorry this is so short. I’m kinda having writers block and i’m trying but i feel like everything i write is horrible.  

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“ELIJAH” Klaus called running all around the house looking for his brother. Elijah turned his head to look at Klaus when he heard him calling. “I need you brother. You have to watch Hope while i go kill some people” Klaus said calmly.

“I would absolutely love to but i have i date.” elijah said walking away from Klaus and towards you. Klaus grabbed Elijah’s arm pulling back back towards him again. “What do you want from me. The baby is yours not mine” Elijah said annoyed.

“We’ll watch the baby. Go do whatever you have to do” You said from behind Elijah. Klaus gave you a sweet smile and a baby while Elijah gave you a disbelieving look. You always liked kids and always loved hope. Elijah and you had been dating for around 7  months now and you had been there for it all. Hope’s first word her first steps. you loved Hope. she always made you smile and put you in a better mood.

“Thank you love” he said before walking out of the door but not before he had to say some snarky word. “You see brother it’s not hard being a good person” he yelled.

“What do you know about being a good person.” He yelled after his brother knowing very well he would have heard him even if he was whispering. He turned back around to face you and gave you a look saying he wanted you to explain rather quickly.

“I love Hope. she’s a good kid and it’s not like you don’t like her so why not.” you said bouncing the baby around a little making her laugh. You tickled her tummy and put her down so she could run around.

“There are so many other things we could be doing right now other than babysitting my stupid brothers baby” He said walking away from you and sitting on the couch. You walked back to him and sat next to him placing your feet in the table in front of you.

“I know what other things you wanna do and i’m not in the mood.” you started but were caught off by a screaming baby. You ran to Hope to check if she was okay. She had a cut on her arm and was bleeding. You quickly picked her up and ran to Elijah. He gently took her from you and went to put a bandaid on her.  He came back to see you looking sad on the couch. He handed you her again but you refused to take her.

“What’s wrong” he asked and sat down with Hope on his knee.

“I don’t know. I just feel like… i had her for 3 seconds and she got hurt. What if i ever have a child what is it just gonna get hurt every single day.” You cried. Elijah put his arm around you and pulled you closer.

“You’re not gonna be a terrible mother. I had her too. It’s both our faults. Actually it isn’t anybody’s fault. She’s a kid, kids get hurt sometimes.” he said trying to make you feel better. Hope noticed your tears and leaned up and kiss your cheek. Both you and Elijah laughed at the little girl.

“DINNERS READY” Elijah yelled from the kitchen. You were on the bed with Hope in Elijah’s bedroom. When Elijah realised you hadn’t heard him he went to check on you. In there he saw you with your back against the headboard and Hope on your lap. You were singing with Hope and having fun. He stood by the doorframe and looked at you both. You were the only thing that made Elijah feel human.

“Oh hey. I’m over my little fit so i’m just having fun. Although if she gets hurt again i’m not coming back here.” you laughed making Hope laugh loudly. After dinner Elijah had gotten Hope ready for bed. He came back into his bedroom where you were laying on the bed exhausted. Elijah put his arm around you and looked deep into your eyes.

“I think you’re gonna be an amazing mom.” he said. The words were like music to your ears. And that night you both went to sleep happy.

Take some advice from a girl who’s been through it too…
1.) Trust me, it will get easier. I know right now you’re choking back your tears and trying not to cry in the middle of class but whether it takes you a week or 3 years. Everything will get easier.
2.) Hang out with your friends. Don’t sit at home and let your thoughts take over, go out. Go get drunk and party all night. Or simply just watch a movie and eat some popcorn. Do something so your thoughts don’t take over, because I know right now they aren’t the best.
3.) Don’t cry alone. When it’s 3 a.m. and you’re laying all alone in your bed sobbing into your pillow, go in your moms room. She understands what you’re going through, let her help you.
4.) Cry as much as you need to. Whether it be in your car or in the bathroom at school during lunch. Cry, seriously. Crying is one of the best things you can do right now.
5.) Kiss as many boys as it takes to take the taste of his lips off of yours.
6.) Talk to someone. It can be anyone. Your best friend, mom, dad, grandma. Anyone. They won’t get annoyed, as a matter of fact they will probably feel so good you came to them for advice.
7.) Get some sleep. I know right now he’s taking up your dreams and you don’t want to fall asleep because you will see his green eyes again. But you need sleep, love. Go to sleep.
8.) You aren’t alone. You have people who love you, trust me.
9.) Don’t forget to eat. I know you aren’t hungry and I realize that you feel like you can’t go on but drink a cup of water and eat a sandwich. It will make you feel better.
10.) Just because he left doesn’t mean you’re worthless. You are beautiful, kind, and caring. You will find someone else, and I know first hand you think that you won’t. But someone will come into your life and pick up all the pieces he left scattered and glue them back together. You just have to be patient.
—  Things I wish I was told after my heart was broke
simon one shot: late night conversations


I lay facing the wall. In front of me flashed a small alarm clock, the numbers 02:21 screaming out in red. Everything was dark, and kind of cold, and late nights always make me uncomfortable when I’m alone.

Next to me lay Simon, my best friend since I was about three years old. I had joined him last minute on the sidemen’s holiday to Vegas, and the short notice meant I had ended up sharing a hotel room - and a bed - with him. This wasn’t weird for us. I mean we’d been doing this since we were about three years old.

I turned over to face him, hoping with some magic he’d open his eyes and I wouldn’t be alone anymore. But he seemed pretty knocked out.

I carried on observing his facial features. He really was very attractive, I’ve always said this. I really don’t understand how he doesn’t have a girlfriend by now. I think it’s a confidence thing, mainly. But something clearly holds him back.

I’m too deep in thought to notice that Simon, in this time, has woken up, and is staring back at me.

‘You been staring at me all night (Y/N)?’

I jumped at the rough, fatigued sound of his voice among the darkness. Instantly I felt kind of reassured.

‘I was just thinking.’ I turned onto my back, focusing my attention on the eggshell white ceiling. I felt Simon shift next to me.

‘Oh yeah?’ He propped himself up onto his elbow to look at me. ‘About what?’

A smile spread across my face at the interest he took. That was one thing I loved about Simon. He always showed genuine interest, no matter what i was talking about. It’s like he always had a desire to know what was on my mind.

“Oh nothing,” I responded. “Just about how ugly you are.”

He pushed me playfully. 

“You’re a liar.” He retaliated.

“You’re delusional.”

“You like it.”

I smiled, turning to face him briefly.

“What makes you so confident Minter?”

He made direct eye contact for a couple of seconds.

“Well, you’re in my bed aren’t you?”

I laughed, ordering him to shut up and raising my hand to hit his face lightly. He caught my hand in mid air, however, and just held onto it. There was a silence for a minute. Comfortable, not awkward. The only sound audible was that of our thoughts racing. Mine repeatedly screaming of how appreciative I was to have somebody like Simon in my life.

“So at which point do you explain why we’re still awake, (Y/N)?”

His hand still grasped mine lightly. Hesitantly.

“I don’t actually know. I couldn’t sleep, but I didn’t think you would wake up.”

“Well it’s hard not to when you’re watching me sleep like a little weirdo,” He emphasised the little, digging at the height difference evident even whilst lying in a bed. “Nah but on a real. I know you have a lot of trouble sleeping. I was expecting it.”

“You remembered?” I asked, bravely lacing my fingers through his in a move that wasn’t rejected, but was instead reciprocated. 

“Of course. Remember when we were in college, and you used to make me stay up with you until you fell asleep because you were afraid to be the last one awake?” I smiled at his recount of the memories so distantly lived. “Even when we were young. When your Mum would be working nights, so you stayed round mine, and we would watch horror movies. And then you would crawl into my sleeping bag at midnight because you were scared.”

“I remember that,” I grinned to myself in the darkness. “And then your Mum would wake us up the next morning and call us the little married couple.”

“Not a lot has changed, really.” We both laughed, continuing to exchange childhood memories. Eventually my eyelids began to droop. I glanced over at the clock, noticing the room’s pigment seemed to have lightened slightly.

“Oh my gosh it’s quarter to five.”

“Yep, and we have a busy day tomorrow too.”

“Oh god. Okay, we’re sleeping now. We have to.” I looked up at Simon. 

“Yeah, we do. Come on.”

He lay on his back. My hand fell from his, however he soon replaced this loss by pulling me into him. I wrapped an arm around his torso, resting my face on his collarbone. The smell of his cologne engulfed me. It was homely, encouraging and reassuring in the darkness. He placed his arm around my shoulders. With his free arm he laced his hand through mine, his thumb rubbing slowly in circles over mine, instantly putting a smile of appreciation on my face.

“Good night Simon.”

“Good night (Y/N).”

It’s My Job- Lin x Reader

I’m not putting any warnings, because if period talk bothers you, you need to be educated on the female body. 

You were laying on the bed cramping when the bedroom door opened. Your husband of six years rushed into the room, barely looking up until he saw you still in bed.

“Morning, (Y/N). You feeling okay?” His hair fell against his shoulders, slightly wavy from where his hair band had been the night before. Stubble adorned his cheeks, and the ever-present bags under his eyes were a light purple. He stripped off the t-shirt he wore to bed and tossed it in the hamper before crawling over the bed to you.

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I don’t want anything too crazy. I just want someone that’ll talk to me. Like really talk to me. Someone who feels full when I’m completely empty, share your laughter with me. Someone who pulls my depression off the bed and makes my soul dance. Someone who pulls the poetry from my lips and uses it as lipstick. Someone who lays their forehead onto my shoulders. I don’t need much. I don’t need anything heavy, give me the light without the stars, I’ll be fine with that. I want to know words that mean something, give me the world without the cruelty. Give me the flame without the scars, some nights I doubt that you exist.

But some day, you just might.
—  To my someone I haven’t met

(The child is adopted or something.)
( Y/B/N is your baby’s name

“ You got her to be quiet.” You asked Elijah because you couldn’t hear your baby crying. “ For now.” Elijah said. “ Please let it be 20 minutes, just 20 minutes.” You said because you and Elijah hadn’t had a full night of sleep since you got the baby, not that Elijah needed it but you did. “ We can only hope.” Elijah said laying down on the bed beside you. “ I love you. ” You told Elijah. “ Are you just telling me that because I got Y/B/N to be quiet?” Elijah questioned you. “ Maybe.” You said closing your eyes to get some sleep. “ I love you too” Elijah said, but was interrupted by Y/B/N crying. “ Elijah Y/B/N is crying, do something.” You said not opening your eyes. “ Why can’t you do it?” Elijah asked you. “ Because I need sleep unlike somebody else. ” You said and Elijah got up without arguing.

Time for some emotional fluffy headcanons

Okay, I bet we all love the scenarios where the more softer ones in the relationships snuggle up or search protective comfort in their partners, but imagine it the other way around.

  • Imagine Kageyama waking up in the middle of the night, the feeling of being alone haunting him and being scared or heavy breathing, but then Hinata pressing Kageyama’s face against his own, cheeks rubbing against each other and him mumbling “I’m here, you dumbass.” While Kags just clenches onto the orange-haired
  • Imagine Daichi laying in bed, his head laying on Suga’s hair while he just sighs and complains about maybe having a bad day or his fears because of college, the team or something else. And Suga is just there, patting his back and humming in approval, giving a warm smile which makes Daichi’s days better anyways
  • Imagine Tsukishima relaxing in Yamaguchi’s arms as his head lays in the curve of Tadashi’s neck and the freckled boy just stroking and slightly playing with the blond hair. Tsukishima isn’t even necessarily talking, he just enjoys the silence and Yamaguchi’s comforting presence after he overthought things or stressed himself with non-important stuff. (cries)
  • Imagine Iwaizumi hugging Oikawa out of nowhere, in bed, while cooking or just laying on the couch, and asking him to tell one of his weird stories or non-sense thoughts. Oikawa just smiles and starts, being used to it for a long time now, because he knew his voice would calm him down. He doesn’t know that his Iwa-chan does that, because he’s scared of losing contact to him when they go to seperated colleges and him maybe not being able to hear Oikawa’s silly voice again. (kill me for this one)

NEWTXREADER : ‘But you’ve already lost me’ ANGST*


PART 2 - here

Request:Can you do a Newt Scamander x reader where they’re dating at Hogwarts but when Leta Lestrange comes into the picture Newt grows distant and very obviously in love with her so the reader is heartbroken and ends up breaking up with him and it’s just some angst! Lots of angst please, maybe a fluffy ending but as much angst as possible (by now you may realize how I’m obsessed with angst) please?

Word count: 1 7 7 2


Curled on the sofa in the hufflepuff common room, you and Newt lay peacefully. Your legs entwined with his, as your head rested against his broad chest. It was well into the night, most students fast asleep in bed. The fire was merely embers but here you lay, cuddled in Newt’s arms, his hand ruining gently through your locks. Listening to the steady beat of his heart you took pleasure in breathing in his scent, a scent you could only define as cinnamon and ‘Newt’.

“Sleepy love?” he whispered into your ear, shivers running down your spine.

“Not just quite yet” you teased.

Raising slightly to face him, softly you pressed your lips towards his. His large hand held your head, deepening the kiss. Lightly biting your lip for entrance, he brushed his tongue against yours as the feeling in your stomach intensified. Sitting fully up now you straddled his thigh with your legs, pressing down firmly, desperate for contact.
As he raised and tensed his thigh to your crotch, a moan escapes your lips at the sudden friction.

“Shhhhhh Y/N you’ll wake all of hufflepuff” he chuckles into your hair, “later…I promise”

Red tinted your cheeks as you hid in the crook of his neck, his hand soothingly drawing patterns on your back. Tilting your head to the side you stared deep into the fire, reflecting on the blissful past few years. Newt had been such a big influence in your life, making every memory perfect. Your late night meetings had become a routine and your love had grown unbreakable. From day one in potions class Newt had intrigued you, those little freckles making him stand out against the others. His love and passion for magical creatures making him unique. Everything in your life perfect, but deep down you worry brewed. You knew every relationship has its problems and you dreaded the day where Newt and your relationship would be put to the test. However what you didn’t expect was it to come in the form of another woman.

A woman known as Leta Lestrange.


Wrapped in Newt’s hufflepuff scarf, you eagerly waited at the train station. He had promised to take you to Diagon Alley, a day just for the two of you. Or that is what you had thought.

Through the crowds of the station you saw Newt in the distance, however attached to his arm was a girl. As they drew closer your worry intensified, who was the girl? Her skin was clear, flawless even. Her dark hair framed her face perfectly, her full lips contemplating her pearly white teeth. She was stunning…Feeling self conscious you wrap yourself further in Newt’s scarf and approach the two of them.

“Y/N there you are! I’d like you to meet Leta. Leta Lestrange. She takes the study of magical creatures class with me!” Excitement coming from his voice,

“Oh em hello” you shyly stuck out your hand “it’s lovely to meet you”

Your warm welcome was far from reciprocated, as a cold icy glare took over her face.

Yeah you too”. Retracting your arm back in your feet your face flush in embarrassment at her rejection to shake your hand.

“Leta told me that she’d never been to Diagon Alley before so I thought maybe she could join us, you don’t mind?” Newt sheepishly questioned. Looking deeply into his eyes you saw how hopeful he was that you’d accept her company.

“No of course, that’s fine” you suppressed your suspicions and stuck a smile on your face. You’d planned this trip for ages. It was Newt and your special day. You weren’t going to let a girl ruin it, in fact perhaps she wasn’t even that bad?


You were wrong. Very wrong indeed. The journey to Diagon Alley was long and painful. Leta controlled the conversation the entire trip, still holding Newt in death grip. Her whole body leaned in towards him, hanging on every word he said as though his words where liquid gold. Anytime you attempted to engage in conversation, Leta moved the topic onto herself and her ‘fascination’ with magical beasts. Desperately trying to appeal to Newt with their common interest. “Seriously Newt? I have a collection of Bowtruckles too!” She squealed.

After time though curiosity got the better of Leta and she started to pry into your and Newts relationship, longing to see where you stood. “So how long have you two been friends” , she smiled sweetly but you could her the undertones of hatred in her voice.

“Actually Y/N’s my girlfriend” Newt sent a heartwarming look towards you, his eyes holding admiration, “she just saw something in me I guess. She looked past the freckles” he chuckled.

“Oh that’s sweet. She’s so lucky to have a man like you. Anyone would be” you couldn’t deny her flirty tone this time but alas you knew Newt would never hurt you, he’s too sweet natured for that.

Once you arrived though it only got worse, it was like you weren’t even there. Newt and Leta lead in front while you trailed down Diagon Alley as a painfully obvious third wheel. You painfully wanted to say something but decided against it. This was just a one time thing anyways…right?
Time ticked on and Leta took priority in Newt’s life. Every class he would wait for, completely oblivious to the fact Leta was only using him. Sweet innocent Newt.
In the corridors you were treated as though you weren’t even there, just another face in the crowd. The only time you were asked to go places with Newt, he had one condition, that Leta came too. But for you this relationship wasn’t a 2 for 1.

Newt became more and more distant, your late night meetings slowly becoming less frequent and suddenly to a stop. Many a time you waited by the blazing fire for him, until all that were left were embers. The nights felt long and cold, isolation didn’t look well on you. Your head swarmed with excuses and explanations of Newts absence but deep down you knew the truth.

Leta lestrange.

Tonight though was meant to be different. He PROMISED you he’d come and see you before the clock struck midnight. He’d been spending so much time with her, he hadn’t even noticed that he’d abandoned you but tonight he would make it up. It would all go back to normal, so you waited…..

10:35 pm

And waited…

11:23 pm

And waited….

12:13 am

You were done waiting. He’d broken promise after promise, you just weren’t good enough for him anymore. His expectations had been raised too high for someone like you to meet. The pain you felt was indescribable but you know what the worst part of it was?

Is that you were used to it.

You’d come to know the feeling of being heartbroken incredibly well by now. Just for once…just once, you wanted to be someone’s first choice, but it was clear in your mind that you, just weren’t enough for someone like Newt. Your eyes became glossy as you came to this realisation, a lone tear making its way down your cheek.

Behind you, you heard quiet shuffling, turning your head from the embers of the fire you saw a flustered looking Newt.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, it’s just Leta was helping me tend to our new bowtruckles we found. We’ve got a whole group of them now! And Leta…Merlin, does she know her creatures well! They adapted to her so well and t….are you crying? Love what’s the matter?”

Simply you remained silent, as the atmosphere became tense. Your eyes flicked to the clock above the door.

1:02 am

“Good night Newton

Uncurling yourself from a ball in front of the fire, you steadily got up to leave. Your eyes not making contact with Newts once. You attempted to head towards the door before Newts tall, broad stature blocked your path.

“Please Y/N, tell me what’s wrong” newt begged

Your voice came out barely as a whisper, “what’s wrong?” You let out a small laugh, “Newt what isn’t wrong” another tear slipped from your eye.

“Your scaring me Y/N, what’s this all about?”

He didn’t even know. He didn’t even realise what he had done. Upon this statement something inside you snapped. You were never one to shout but exhaustion, frustration and isolation has pushed you the limit.

“Newt I can’t do this anymore. This-” you gestured to the space between you and Newt, “-is draining me. Every night, I sit here waiting for you-u to come but you never do. I’m your girlfriend Newt and you can’t even take a minute out of your day with Leta-a to talk to me” your cracking in some places as you forced the words out.

Newt’s face crumpled slightly, “don’t take this out on Leta. What has she got to do with anything?”

“Newt this is the first time you’ve spoken to me in a week. A week”.

“Because for Merlin’s sake Y/N you’ve been the one who’s been distancing yourself from me. You’ve made no effort at confronting me”. His voice was raised, you knew that he must have been really angry because normally he was so calm and collected.

“The reason I don’t talk to you anymore is because I keep telling myself, that if you wanted to speak to me…you would” your voice breaking on the last few words, your vision now completely blurred.

Newt never raised his voice at you. Who was this man standing before you? You could barely recognise him anymore. Even Newt himself looked slightly surprised at his outburst, deep down he loved you…he really did, but Newt was just vulnerable to Leta’s manipulation.

“Y/N” he sighed slowly approaching you as though you were an injured creature, “I’m sorry. I really am. I miss you love. We can try again, go places together just you and me? Merlin you can even help tend to the Bowtruckles with me. I don’t want to loose you… Please” his voice has softened and his posture timid.

Staring deep into his green eyes you allowed your face to become emotionless.

You already have” you simply whispered, barely recognising your own voice.

Turning on your heel you dashed from the common room to your own room. Slamming the door shut behind you. Collapsing on your bed you blocked out the thumping and begging sounds that were coming from the other side of the door. He waited the whole night outside that door, not leaving it once incase you changed your mind. But it was too late.

You were already gone.

if you’re ever feeling sad or confused, sit (or lay down) in the dark with at least one window open so you can see the night. focus on yourself and try to reach an inner calm. cry if you need to; it’s therapy. take this time to think.

for me, (this might work for some, others not) i sit on my bed with my knees pulled up to my chest and look out the window at around midnight and just think. sometimes i cry just because of all the pent up emotions, and sometimes i just let my mind run blank, as a form of meditation. remember, it’s different for everybody.

Kid Cudi Lyric Starters

“ if i fall, if i die, know i lived it to the fullest ”
“ i’m on the pursuit of happiness ”
“ everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold ”
“ i’ll be fine once i get it ”
“ i’ll be good ”
“ tell me what you know about dreamin ”
“ you don’t really know about nothin ”
“ tell me what you know about night terrors ? nothing ”
“ you don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow ”
“ you’d rather lay awake in the bed full of sorrow ”
“ i keep stress in my mind ”
“ i look for peace, but see, i don’t attain ”
“ what i need, keeps this silly game we play ”
“ i try to run, but see, i’m not the fast ”
“ i think i’m first but surely finish last ”
“ he’s all alone, some things will never change ”
“ hold the phone ”
“ the pain is deep ”
“ the girl he wants don’t seem to want him too ”
“ it seems the feelings she had are through ”
“ he seems alive though he is feeling blue ”
“ get drunk, make bad decisions ”
“ are you recording this ? ”
“ this is gonna read great in print ”
“ i wanna dip you in chocolate ”
“ let me ask you a question; have you ever had sex with me ? ”
“ oh yeah, nice censor ”
“ she said i don’t spend time like i really should ”
“ she said she don’t know me anymore ”
“ i think she hates me deep down, i know she does ”
“ she wants to erase me ”
“ i keep on running and nothing works, i can’t get away from you ”
“ i keep on ducking you, nothing helps ”
“ i can’t stop missing you ”
“ it’s like i’m her new nightmare, she can’t escape me ”
“ it makes me feel a bit complete ”
“ i missed you so damn much ”
“ i wish we could start over ”
“ no matter where you go, you might see me ”
“ i know i’ve seen you before, but i don’t remember where i seen ya ”
“ oh, i remember now. you’re something that i dreamed of ”
“ sure enough, a week later i’m in extra love ”
“ but all things good gotta come to an end ”
“ the only thing missing at this point is bonified chilling time with you ”
“ i feel your side of the bed and it’s cold ”
“ i want you, girl ”
“ i need your body right here ”
“ won’t you teleport to me ? ”
“ you call out to me through the light ”
“ the moment when i realize it’s all in my mind, it’s the moment i hate the most ”
“ somebody help me ”
“ can i anyone hear me ? ”
“ is there anyone there ? ”
“  i can’t close my eyes without you by my side ”
“ you wanna be one of them ”
“ tell me where you’re going ”
“ tell us where you’re heading ”
“ tell me some of your stories ”
“ tell us of your travels ”
“ i’m on my way to Heaven ”
“ can we tag along ? ”
“ when will the fantasy end ? ”
“ when will the heaven begin ? ”
“ everytime the moon shines i become alive ”
“ i’m feeling strange ”
“ nothing’s right ”
“ i’m feeling stronger, more alert ”
“ i smell a scent, i know i’ll find it soon ”
“ she has the cure ”
“ i hope she saves me from the curse i have to beat ”
“ i am the lone wolf, i’ll go where i wanna ”
“ even when i stray away, the light never left me ”
“ i learned to follow my instinct ”
“ don’t lie to me ”
“ tell me where did you sleep last night ? ”
“ i will shiver the whole night through ”
“ where will you go ? ”
“ i’m going where the cold wind flows ”
“  but his body never was found ”
“ you wanna tell me something ? ”
“ then let it please be true ”
“ what you want from me ? ”
“ will i be satisfied ? ”
“ i found you, now will you be true ? ”
“ if you love soft, then you’ve already lost ”
“ you should let down your guard and follow your heart ”
“ will you build me up just to break me down ? ”
“ i need stability ”
“ i need some consistency ”
“ i can protect you if you protect me ”
“ i’m going blind downhill ”
“ there’s notthing that no one can say ”
“ i’m gonna find my will to live ”

Sick day rp starters
  • Here, take some medicine.
  • I got you something for your head.
  • Want me to make you some soup?
  • I made you something to eat, c’mon, at least try it.
  • How’re you feeling?
  • You don’t look so good, maybe you should sit down.
  • Did you sleep at all last night? You look like hell.
  • Yeah, you’re burning up. Lay down, I’ll get you some medicine. 
  • Gross! You got puke on my shoes.
  • If you’re going to vomit at least do it away from me.
  • Just sleep, you need it. I’ll still be here when you wake up.
  • Don’t worry about getting me sick, I’ll be fine. 
  • Nope, you’re going back to bed. Shoo. Go.
  • You’re not leaving the house like this, we’ll reschedule our plans.
  • Cover your mouth when you cough, geeze. 
Seventeen [Vocal Unit] when you share a bed together for the first time.

You walk out of the bathroom, excited for your first night in the same bed as your pink panda and lay down next to him, pulling the blanket over your torso. 

When you turn around you jump slightly when you see Woozi staring at you with wide eyes. “Do you need anything?” He asks, looking down your body. You shake your head, turning to him and smiling. “Sure? I could get you some more pillows.” He offers but you refuse with a kiss. 
You’re just dozing off to sleep when you feel him inching closer and wrapping his arm around you, nozzling into your back. “I just want to make sure you’re warm.”

You’re already laying in his king sized bed and waiting for him to finally join you for your first night together. When he steps out into the bedroom, you watch him walk over to you with a smile tugging on the edge of his lip.

He lays down next to you and gently pulls the blanket over your body, tugging you in. He locks eyes with you and stares at you for a while. “God you’re beautiful.” He whispers. The fact that he still thinks of you as beautiful even without your make-up one, is leaving you in a blushing mess.
He giggles at your reaction and gently pecks your forehead. “Goodnight beautiful. Sleep tight.”

He enters the bedroom with a glass of water and places it next to your head before winking at you. You follow him walking around the bed and laying down next to you, his bare face turning to you. “Is this comfortable enough?” He asks, patting the bedding. You nod reassuringly. Dokyeom smiles releaved and pulls the blanket over both your bodies, inviting you to come cuddle him.

He gently kisses your forehead and pulls you closer to him. “If you start to feel uncomfortable later on, please wake me up and I’ll sleep in Woozi’s room. I don’t want you-” He’s cut off by you squeezing his thigh and shaking your head. “I’m always comfortable with you.

He lays down next to you, letting out a deep sigh and nodding approvingly. He turns to you with a michivious smirk tugging on his lip. “So this is it..” He whispers, smiling. You raise your eyebrow at him. “What?” 

Jeonghan turns away from you, giggling slightly. He pulls himself closer to you and tugs a strain of hair behind your ear. “The night we’ll always remember.” He growls, winking at you once. You hit his thigh in protest. “YA!” You yell out, terrifyed of his sudden change and pull the blanket off your body. Jeonghan quickly wraps his arms around your body and pulls you down again, “You’re not going anywhere, princess.”  He growls, straddling you underneath him, both of you giggling under your breath.

He steps out of the bathroom, excited about you staying over for the first time. You giggle when he jumps down on the bed next to you, looking at you with his big, round eyes. He leans down on his elbows. “So what do you want to do?” He asks, generally curious.

You shrug at him, unsure of what he meant. “Sleep?” You respond sarcastically, earning a annoyed groan from your boyfriend. “This is the first night we’ll spend together…let’s do something fun.” He suggests, smiling at you brightly. You give into his begging and end up playing Monopoly together until late into the night.

Love, Youngmi~