some niggas

Niggas really hate taking women on dates now it's so crazy to me

A guy will deadass ask you to chill in the car, or come through to his house, when you barely even know him, but flip out as soon as you say “no, I’d rather do something in public”.

The fuck I look like chilling in some niggas car or at some niggas house if we not even cool like that. I don’t care if you’re on a budget or you don’t got it like that. You find a free activity, use groupon or something and you take that girl on a GOTDAMN date. Act like y'all have some damn sense when it comes to courting a woman.

This is why I’ve been dubbing niggas since 2015. Don’t look at me. Don’t ask me to go no where. Don’t breathe on me. Just go.




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Dear Black women of the world

Some of these niggas on Twitter make black men look bad by trying to make y'all look bad. Their ignorance, cowardice and stupidity baffles me. They act like their mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins aren’t black. They should be Ashamed for themselves.

I know it must be difficult for you in a world that sees you as not just one minority but two. Like its not bad enough that your black but you’re a woman too. Double the hate. Double the prejudice.

Please though, I beg of you don’t give up on us yet. There are still men out there that see you as the strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful women that you are. We love you for it. Dark skinned, light skinned, brown skinned it doesn’t matter we love you all. You are all queens and should be treated as such. I apologize on the behalf on my misguided brothers who don’t understand. Just know there’s still some of us out there who see you as you are. Not as society, or social media portrays you.

With so much love,

A dark skinned brotha from Cali

in all seriousness beyoncé is such an amazing and genuine woman like jay z is the scum of the fucking earth and i hope solange and some wild ass niggas from nola jump him in a parking lot he is disgusting and has no fucking shame, he doesn’t deserve bey and he doesn’t deserve her love and her presence, he deserves nothing

Making the first move (outside the internet) always makes me feel powerful. Like yeah , you could turn me down…. and that’s fine but if you’re feeling me like i’m feeling you then i know you’re gonna be thinking about me and the fact that i made the first move. It’s the same feeling women get when someone approaches them. It’s so flattering if done right, there’s so much adrenaline and curiosity it’s like casual romance in that moment.

What are some colors y'all feel black men should wear more? Like every nigga wears black,navy blue,grey…im tryna add more Colors to my wardrobe. Some shit niggas don’t wear like Periwinkle or sumn. I’m thinking of Stepping out in a lot of yellow for the rest of the summer tbh. lemme know..

My favourite part of that Buzzfeed shit was about ‘nigga’. Like 'Ugh, other Black people are so stupid and horrible for wanting to use that word.’

Well, lemme tell yall, I’m a sociolinguist specialising in AAVE and writing my Master’s Thesis on why nigga happened and its social implication.

AAVE is known for semantic bleaching of obscene words so that they can be reappropriated for different purposes. This is why, for example, we add -ass to the end of things, including adjectives and gerunds, to make them more emphatic (e.g. Her long hair havin-ass took 20 minutes to get ready). This is also why we have certain social contexts where it’s okay to use 'bitch’ and 'ho’ and some where it isn’t (à la @katblaque, I thought about this from your video). This has its roots in West Africa, where obscenity is more context based and less lexically linked (a word isn’t always intrinsically a cuss word, but who, how and when someone says it may make it offensive).

It wasn’t until the post-Civil War era when assimilationist Black people decided that using words the white man found offensive was not going to help the cause. Sadly, this ideology persists today.

Nigga has also undergone semantic bleaching, but in a much different way. Black people calling each other nigga is not new, and in fact may even date to slavery. However, in the Africanist way, rarely have Black people as a group taken offence to intragroup usage of the word. There have been individuals who have (and sometimes, these individuals are the most outspoken), but generally it has had a very neutral tone in the AAVE and Black world. However, as recently as the late 80’s and early 90’s the usage of nigga has been politicised, especially through the use of early hip hop, where it was again given new meaning. While nigga had always had nuances of negative, neutral and positive lexical meanings, this was when it was explicity stated on a mainstream stage that Black people can say nigga, white people cannot, and it is because of the usurpation of power. Black power does not entail antiwhiteness, but it does include usurping power from the institution of whiteness. This happens at the linguistic level as much as anywhere else. And in the same way that the LGBTQIA community decided to reclaim 'Queer’, so did the Black community choose to reclaim 'nigga’. Neither. Of course, was a unanimous decision, but they were both generally accepted decisions. What’s more, Black people added an African twist to their reclamation: just as in Africa words are vulgarised by context, so was nigga. In this case, nigga is vulgarised when spoken by a non-Black person.

The social implication then is an anti-assimilationist and Africanist approach to intragroup semantics. It demonstrated unity, power and linguistic pride in the African American speech tradition.

So, @buzzfeed, if you don’t want to participate, that’s fine. Every Black person is allowed to be individual and have their own opinions. But I and many other Black linguists have been pro- (or at least neutral-)nigga for some time. Just wanted to clear it all up for yall.