some niggas

How many times will we be forced to see some non nigga counter accusations of antiblackness with ‘I was right about that black person cuz they were friendly with this other black person’ and y'all other non niggas just nod along and say ‘that sounds about right’ 🤔🤔🤔

You can be antiblack to the worst black person in the whole damn world and you still making it clear what you think of every other black person in the world too. It doesn’t suddenly stop being antiblackness just cuz you’ve decided that this one black person deserves it!

Niggas really hate taking women on dates now it's so crazy to me

A guy will deadass ask you to chill in the car, or come through to his house, when you barely even know him, but flip out as soon as you say “no, I’d rather do something in public”.

The fuck I look like chilling in some niggas car or at some niggas house if we not even cool like that. I don’t care if you’re on a budget or you don’t got it like that. You find a free activity, use groupon or something and you take that girl on a GOTDAMN date. Act like y'all have some damn sense when it comes to courting a woman.

This is why I’ve been dubbing niggas since 2015. Don’t look at me. Don’t ask me to go no where. Don’t breathe on me. Just go.


This is A FUCKIN DREAM! I post an ad on one of these hook up sites for niggas to come have their way with this phat juicy ass. I get myself ready and suddenly one by one they start flocking into the hotel room. This night your boy will be a complete slut. Lol. Niggas walking in like it’s a revolving door of dick, balls n ass. Smacking my ass and slapping face. Shoving their shit all n my face. Not being able to breathe from having dick musty ass dick n balls being thrust to the back of my throat. I mean niggas are every fuckin where. Almost too much to handle, but I got this shit. Suddenly niggas move around to the back. I start getting my ass ate and fingerred. Loosening my shit for all these dicks that are getting ready to fuck me up. Shit is gettin poppin! One nigga takes his time ans licks me from the soles of my feet, to the back of my head. Another cat started suckin my nipples like I had a pair of titties.One by one each niggas haves their way with me. Now its time for some dick. Some nigga takes his dick ans started smacking my hole with that shit. LOVE IT. I start to moan. Now its time. Time to get some dick. Each of these niggas fucking, smacking , spittin niggas doing the most. Everyone pullin out jus before they get that nut. We have to save that shit. Once each of them has had their way with me, it’s time to start gettin these babies. I sit myself up…Arch my back and get ready to suck dick til these niggas cum one by one on my ass. I love it. Each of them moaning as they let themselves go all over my back. I start shaking my ass…niggas start taking the nut off my ass and sticking their fingers n my mouth to have a taste. AMAZING. I was able to get every nut out of each one of them. I can’t wait until next time!

Dear Black women of the world

Some of these niggas on Twitter make black men look bad by trying to make y'all look bad. Their ignorance, cowardice and stupidity baffles me. They act like their mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins aren’t black. They should be Ashamed for themselves.

I know it must be difficult for you in a world that sees you as not just one minority but two. Like its not bad enough that your black but you’re a woman too. Double the hate. Double the prejudice.

Please though, I beg of you don’t give up on us yet. There are still men out there that see you as the strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful women that you are. We love you for it. Dark skinned, light skinned, brown skinned it doesn’t matter we love you all. You are all queens and should be treated as such. I apologize on the behalf on my misguided brothers who don’t understand. Just know there’s still some of us out there who see you as you are. Not as society, or social media portrays you.

With so much love,

A dark skinned brotha from Cali

C. Delores Tucker and The Fight Against Misogynoiristic (C)Rap Music

When the late C. Delores Tucker went against violent misogynoir in rap music, she did not go on about “da white man this, da white man that” rants she held these anti-woman misogynoiristic rappers accountable for their own behavior and actions. We’ve all heard the excuses from Blackistan that it was “da white record execs who made these po’ negro males degrade and demean their own women”, however Mrs. Tucker (like many of us now) wasn’t buying it. When she called out these BW-hating muthaphuckas they called responded with more violent misogynoir (2pac and lil’ kim included, so disappointed in Kim) they called her every thing but a child of God. [Side Note: From what I heard the ONLY person who stood with her was a black man named, Rev. Calvin Butts (and I believe there were a few others) while the rest of Blackistan sat back as usual quiet while she was attacked.] Here some information about the misogynoiristic attackes she faced from her Wikipedia bio:

Tucker dedicated much of the last few years of her life to condemning sexually explicit lyrics in rap and hip-hop tracks, citing a concern that the lyrics were misogynistic and threatened the moral foundation of the African American community.[6][7]

Called “narrow-minded” by some rappers who often mentioned her in their lyrics, Tucker picketed stores that sold rap music and bought stock in Sony, Time Warner, and other companies in order to protest hip-hop at their shareholders’ meetings.[6] She also fought against the NAACP’s decision to nominate late rapper Tupac Shakur for one of its Image Awards[6] and filed a $10 million lawsuit against his estate for comments that the rapper made in his song “How Do U Want It?” on the album All Eyez on Me, in which Shakur rapped “C. Delores Tucker you’s a motherfucker / Instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother”. In her lawsuit, Tucker claimed that comments in this song, and on the track “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” from the same album, inflicted emotional distress, were slanderous and invaded her privacy.[8] This case was eventually dismissed.[9]

Other rappers have taken similar stances. In his song “Church for Thugs”, The Game raps “I’ve got more hatred in my soul than Pac had for De'ores Tucker.” Jay-Z chimes in as well, with the lines “I don’t care if you’re C. Dolores Tucker or you’re Bill O'Reilly, you only riling me up,” from The Black Album’s “Threat.” Lil’ Kim also referenced her in a leftover track, entitled “Rockin’ It”, from her second studio album. Kim raps “C. Delores T., Screw her, I never knew her”, after Tucker dubbed her music as “gangsta porno rap” and “filth”.[10][11] Much of KRS-One and Channel Live’s “Free Mumia” is a direct criticism of what the MCs see as Tucker’s misplaced energy. Lil Wayne also referenced her in his leftover song “Million Dollar Baby” rapping “Can’t be banned I’m sorry Miss Delores.” Rapper Eminem also mentioned Tucker in the D-12 song “Rap Game”, in which he rapped the line “Tell that C. Delores Tucker slut to suck a dick.”

Mrs. Tucker knew that this misogynoiristic crap called hip shit hop would lead the black “community” further down in looking-ass niggerdom. BTW, Black Women funded and supported (and still do) this particular oppression.

[Side Note: And if you all can stomach it, go look at the comments below under  these videos (below) here and here Blackistan is still defending this music and cursing her and the woman is dead, how low. The Black Men in the comments are still making excuses and and found a way to blame it ALL ON black women.] 

Now years later, you got some niggas talkin about “Mrs Tucker was right.”

It’s like @for-marginalized-bw-only  once said that black people act like grown rank negro males have NO control over their own behavior and actions, its always “da white man made me do it” mantra everytime there is disrespect or defamation to the Black Woman’s body, character or image.


R.I.P. Mrs. Dr. C. Delores Tucker, We Will Make Sure That Your Fight Will Not Be In Vain

The Struggle Is Intersectional

So another black girl, this time autisic, has been taken by some fuck niggas. Say her name 😔 Kennedi High. She’s not dead but she has been kiddnapped and a sex profile was posted with her image. But no, people are blaming her. Regardless of the validity of the situation, she’s in danger. Were this a little white autisic girl, the media would be running her story day and night.