some niggas

Niggas really hate taking women on dates now it's so crazy to me

A guy will deadass ask you to chill in the car, or come through to his house, when you barely even know him, but flip out as soon as you say “no, I’d rather do something in public”.

The fuck I look like chilling in some niggas car or at some niggas house if we not even cool like that. I don’t care if you’re on a budget or you don’t got it like that. You find a free activity, use groupon or something and you take that girl on a GOTDAMN date. Act like y'all have some damn sense when it comes to courting a woman.

This is why I’ve been dubbing niggas since 2015. Don’t look at me. Don’t ask me to go no where. Don’t breathe on me. Just go.

Dear Black women of the world

Some of these niggas on Twitter make black men look bad by trying to make y'all look bad. Their ignorance, cowardice and stupidity baffles me. They act like their mothers, sisters, aunts, and cousins aren’t black. They should be Ashamed for themselves.

I know it must be difficult for you in a world that sees you as not just one minority but two. Like its not bad enough that your black but you’re a woman too. Double the hate. Double the prejudice.

Please though, I beg of you don’t give up on us yet. There are still men out there that see you as the strong, independent, intelligent, beautiful women that you are. We love you for it. Dark skinned, light skinned, brown skinned it doesn’t matter we love you all. You are all queens and should be treated as such. I apologize on the behalf on my misguided brothers who don’t understand. Just know there’s still some of us out there who see you as you are. Not as society, or social media portrays you.

With so much love,

A dark skinned brotha from Cali




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Kill Me (feat. J Cole):

Michelle Obama just posted a pic of her and Barack feet on the beach with sand all over

Some nigga in the comments saying “ I’ll suck the sand off them pretty ass feet ” 😭😭 I can’t deal with y'all

Day 126:
“The most highly underrated of my generation
Behind them crooked smiles niggas neglect to embrace me
Respect is in order now
My liquor is more to y'all
You throwing little shots, we catching some cases
Lot of niggas hate to love me or they love to hate me
Labeled as reckless and crazy by my record label
Doctors say it’s bipolar disorder, he diagnosing me wrong
It’s obviously depressing counting blue faces
Hey, here go that real shit
Battling anxiety and privately them percocets
Purchased like 30 of them, murdered them in like 30 hours
Weight of the world on my shoulders bet I military press
I remember me and Cole would open for Hov
Everyday a star is born, I guess I died in the womb
I ain’t make it on Blueprint, so made me a blueprint
You got you a nice watch, my minutes was finished
I was lost at Interscope
Contemplating on copping a block from Benning Road
Thoughts of suicide cause who gon’ want you alive when Niggas you used to ride with cry with all that high shit
Talking down in they interviews
I ain’t forget that Scott
Only difference is I didn’t get no sympathy calls to get back up
I just heard a song about me on a hip-hop blog from a kid I know
Some niggas say a hip-hop God
It hit home cause there’s some truth, this I know
This ace I go, I get psycho when shit get dark
Boy when shit get dark
Like Laurene Powell I’ve gotten married to a job
I drop my jewels, spit my bars, I get mine off, I be pissed off
Should get more props but still I
Pimp hard, drink hard liquor to forget my thoughts
Push 3 buttons I make the joint spin, Balrog (hey)
Hoes say I’m the realest
Most hated on Twitter
Not to cause a situation but what side of my biracial friends call me they nigga?
Forget it
I’m jih tripping
But my skin is made of chocolate, a copper’s bullets is diabetic
My mind busy, I’m sad daily though I deal with it
My therapist terrible, I’m a terrapin, mellow trembling
Real subtle though
Tell them niggas SHINE coming, they in trouble though
I love my brother though
I love my brother though
That’s why it’s rest in peace to Tommy we still bumping Cole”