some nice old music

Beltane was so good to me you guys, I had to work all day which sucked and it was rainy and cold which also sucked but like,

I got a Casio keyboard for free unexpectedly and this opens so many doors for me and my music and it’s something I’ve wanted for so long and it was freeeeeeeee 

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Rules: Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people

  1. 아마완벽 (Probably Perfect) ー Bobby (iKON)
  2. 冬が終わる前に (Before Winter Ends) ー Shimizu Shota
  3. Moonlight ー 山田涼介 (Yamada Ryosuke)
  4. ワンダーランド・トレイン (Wonderland Train) ー Hey! Say! 7
  5. G火자 (G Hwa Ja) ー Tasha
  6. Sign ー GOT7
  7. 果てない空 (Hatenai sora) ー 嵐 (Arashi)
  8. One More Step ー Lunafly
  9. Hurts ー Shinhwa
  10. lovesong ー 清水翔太 (Shimizu Shota)

I probably only listen to like 3 songs on this list right now xD It was nice to listen to some old music and reminisce~

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The feeling of finally finding Somali music I fuck with

So I listen to a lot of different types of music in various languages. I’ve always kinda felt guilty that I never really listened to Somali music. I just find modern Somali pop music to be complete shit lol overly auto tuned and it all sounds the same to me. Then I started actually paying attention to the music that my dad constantly plays. He plays old school Somali music. Basically shit made before the collapse of the government and it actually sounds really beautiful and poetic! Especially really like old songs from the 1960s it sounds quite nice. It actually kinda reminds me of some old school Middle Eastern music from that same era. I wanna compile all the old school Somali music that I can find so that I can actually enjoy and appreciate it, cuz I truly believe that music is such an important part of any culture, and it also defines an era. Would be really keen to listen to what Somalis sang about in the 1960s independence era. The hope and vision they had for the country. Being me, I’ll probably listen to Somali music from different eras and analyze the lyrics and see how it corresponds with the state of the country during that time. Blame the political science nerd in me.

anonymous asked:

How would the Nordics like to warm up with their S/O after being out in the cold all day?

Sounds good, it’s  freezing here!!!

Sweden: A good strong cup of coffee with his S/O on the couch listening to some nice relaxing music. Probably old school or instrumental like piano something mellow so they could just be chill and more importantly together. Never really getting enough of one another.  Nothing fancy, just letting the music and their closeness melt the chills away.

Finland: Hot chocolate and blankets all the way! Marshmallows, whipped cream, you name it, Fin would be on it as he brought every blanket he could find, wrapping his S/O up in his arms and giving them hugs and nose rubs. Knowing he himself was not nearly as cold as his partner. Making it his job to get them snuggly warm again and taking pleasure in every moment of it.

Iceland: For him and his S/O it would be soup and a really good hot sandwich time. Getting something to warm them up, then it would straight to the couch for Netflix. Nothing says “I love you so much, let’s cuddle” like a whole season of something on Netflix. Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Netflix and Chill”

Norway: A nice cup of tea while putting on an old romance flick. True Nor wasn’t exactly for this but every so often, but he would love the thought of being close to his S/O so they could warm up together. After having a day of playing though they would both be tired and end up falling asleep in each other’s arms. The end to a perfect day as far as Nor and his S/O were concerned.

Denmark: Let’s face it, this guy is such a kid, so the first thing he would suggest would be hot chocolate. But he would add a little something to it to make it more *ahem* adult. He’d set a bunch of blankets down by the fire he had built. The two just watching it glow. Listening to the popping and snapping of the wood as they sat side by side. His S/O leaning their head on his shoulder and he resting his head on theirs as they sat together peacefully. 

I think I drank too much hot chocolate, because it’s been impossible for me to actually get any sleep yet. I’ve been jamming to some nice old music and all I have to say is… Gimme Gimme More. I feel sorry for you if you didn’t catch this reference.

Good thing I’m not working tomorrow.