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  • me: oh yeah i love old music!
  • some shithead: yeah!!!! its nice to see another young person with an OLD SOUL!!!! Someone who appreciates the CLASSICS not the DEGENERATE GARBAGE todays so called "MUSIC INDUSTRY" pumps out!!!! you must be a fellow intellectu-
  • me: hey I just remembered Tik Tok by Ke$ha is my favorite song, like, ever, i totally have to go and never speak to you ever again, those hashtag selfies wont take themselves, hashtag yolo smile emoji!!!!
Avengers & Teen!Reader Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

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Errrrr CRASH!

“Mom! Dad!" 

I snapped open my eyes gasping for breath and saw I was outside, my parents bodies laying dead in front of me. My mother twisted her head with a sickening cracking sound of broken bones and glass.

"Look what you did!”


My father’s eyes didn’t blink as he shouted, “Your a killer! You killed us!”

“Dad I-I’m sorry-”


I gasped when I saw it was Doctor Bennett in front of me with my parents, the knife still lodged in his gut bleeding profusely all over the ground.

“You caused this!” He shouted.

“I’m-im so sorry.” I said backing up.

Suddenly I fell into the floor falling and falling and falling until I landed into the padded room as before with Doctor Bennett in front of me. There was another version of me in front of him with an insane smile and my hand on the knife. Screams of agony were echoing from all around as I stepped back desperately looking for a way out.

She suddenly stood up and turned around her creepy smile still stretched impossibly wide like someone had extended her mouth by cutting her lips. The other version of me pounced and grabbed onto my shoulders digging her bloody nails into them. I screamed in agony and fear as she made me fall to my back.

I felt the gravity shift again and when I opened my eyes I was standing in a room with bodies of innocent children, women, and men around me brutally killed with the knife in my hand. Accusations were being screamed at me and I sobbed collapsing to my knees. When I opened my eyes the world was apocalyptic and was rotting with death. Corpses of innocent people littered the streets the metallic smell of blood in the air that was so thick I could taste it.

“Please stop.” I whispered closing my eyes and holding my head.

“Why did you do this to us honey?”

I opened my eyes and saw my mother had appeared in front of me with glass shards sticking out of her body. She had a tearful face showing pain and betrayal in her (eye color) eyes I inherited. My father was beside her looking down in shame with the same wounds as her.

“Mom- Dad.” I went to step forward but a wall of bars appeared in front of me as their swirling and fading figures began to walk away into the darkness.

“Mom! Dad! I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry! Please come back!” I said.

The bars disappeared and I ran but when I was only a few feet away my pace slowed much slower than them so my finger tips just barely brushed their backs. I was walking in slow motion as I tried to catch up to them.

“(Name) wake up!”

“No! Mom! Dad! Come back! I’m sorry!” I shouted.

“(Name)! Snap out of it!”

“I’m sorry!”

Suddenly everything turned white and I opened my eyes gasping for air. My skin was covered in goosebumps and sweat. I didn’t understand what was going on until everything came back to me and I saw Agent Colson was in front of me with his hand still on my uninjured shoulder that he was shaking to wake me.

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anonymous asked:

How would the Nordics like to warm up with their S/O after being out in the cold all day?

Sounds good, it’s  freezing here!!!

Sweden: A good strong cup of coffee with his S/O on the couch listening to some nice relaxing music. Probably old school or instrumental like piano something mellow so they could just be chill and more importantly together. Never really getting enough of one another.  Nothing fancy, just letting the music and their closeness melt the chills away.

Finland: Hot chocolate and blankets all the way! Marshmallows, whipped cream, you name it, Fin would be on it as he brought every blanket he could find, wrapping his S/O up in his arms and giving them hugs and nose rubs. Knowing he himself was not nearly as cold as his partner. Making it his job to get them snuggly warm again and taking pleasure in every moment of it.

Iceland: For him and his S/O it would be soup and a really good hot sandwich time. Getting something to warm them up, then it would straight to the couch for Netflix. Nothing says “I love you so much, let’s cuddle” like a whole season of something on Netflix. Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase “Netflix and Chill”

Norway: A nice cup of tea while putting on an old romance flick. True Nor wasn’t exactly for this but every so often, but he would love the thought of being close to his S/O so they could warm up together. After having a day of playing though they would both be tired and end up falling asleep in each other’s arms. The end to a perfect day as far as Nor and his S/O were concerned.

Denmark: Let’s face it, this guy is such a kid, so the first thing he would suggest would be hot chocolate. But he would add a little something to it to make it more *ahem* adult. He’d set a bunch of blankets down by the fire he had built. The two just watching it glow. Listening to the popping and snapping of the wood as they sat side by side. His S/O leaning their head on his shoulder and he resting his head on theirs as they sat together peacefully. 

I think I drank too much hot chocolate, because it’s been impossible for me to actually get any sleep yet. I’ve been jamming to some nice old music and all I have to say is… Gimme Gimme More. I feel sorry for you if you didn’t catch this reference.

Good thing I’m not working tomorrow.