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Not So Bad After All

Summary: You had a bad start to your morning when you woke up late to class and had to board a very crowded bus.

Characters: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 898

A/N: Prompt #5 | Short, but it’s cute. This is actually me on a bus ride to class or home, minus the falling on cute boys. I’ll see how much I can write this week. It’s kind of busy, but not like last week.

You woke up 20 minutes later than usual for your 9:35 AM Statistics class. You hurried as you picked out the first pair of shorts and t-shirt out of your dresser and slid them on in a hurry. You gathered your laptop and notebooks into your backpack. You frantically hurried to get your tennis shoes on. Before you headed out your bedroom door you looked at yourself in the mirror and shrugged knowing your bed head will have to do for the day.

You looked down at your phone and saw the next bus will be the only chance of you getting to class on time, but it was three minutes away. You grabbed your keys and ran out the front door, bolting straight to the bus stop. You were lucky that the bus stop was less than a mile from your apartment building. You arrived to the stop just in time as the bus arrived. From the windows you saw that the bus was crowded and you took a deep breath trying to regulate your breathing again. You disliked when the bus was crowded because you had to stand and hold onto the rails, but you were a smidge too short to reach onto the bars above your head. You were either left holding onto the vertical poles or the backs of the seats.

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Untamed (Part One)

Genre: Fluff, Sci-Fi, Jimin

Word Count: 3982

Summary: “Didn’t they warn you that I was an untamed?”

A/N: I’m so sorry for not posting anything lately. I’ve been trying to put together a bunch of stuff so that the beginning of the school year won’t go post-free. Didn’t really work out like I wanted, but here’s another Jimin series thing. Should be shorter and better than the last one…and more spaced out.

–Admin Dolly

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