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ummm all the fics are talking about how mrs h hears it when john and sherlock have sexy Timez in sherlock’s bedroom, but what about them having sex in the living room, also how about them having sex on the floor in front of a fire place like it’s some kind of 1950s’ movie, and people at the cafe can hear them so when john comes down for pastries the next day the waiters giggle and blush and the cashier hands over the bag with “two extra on the house, gotta keep those energy levels high” and a wink?????

im tired of yall ugly ignorant asses calling melissa, a good fucking person, racist and what not bc of that stupid and wrong tumblr post saying she’s playing a muslim woman in some movie. melissa plays a WHITE WOMAN who converted to Islam - a religion that accepts all - after meeting her husband (she plays the wife who’s white irl) in a 15 minutes tops appearance in ‘patriots day’. do i like the idea of the film? you can be sure i don’t. do i wish she wasn’t on it at all? yes, i do. but since she is and we’re talking about it, at least get your fckg facts right before jumping on a super nice girl who did NOT do what you think she did. stop believing everything u read on this hell hole and do a little research for yourself instead of spreading fake bullshit

john told sherlock they should scare mycroft, and sherlock just went all in on that. like

yes john! you’re brilliant! i can disable his security system, and we’ll sneak in there in the middle of the night to set everything up, turn off all the lights, lock the doors, friday night is always movie night, so i’ll deduce the one he’s most likely to watch and splice some old home movies into it and add a few frames that say ‘i’m back’ 

ok but i was really thinking something more simple like

oh and what if we poke holes in the family portraits–always hated those things anyway–and rig up a system behind them to make them bleed, complete with a motion sensor of course, gotta make sure mycroft is there to witness it, wouldn’t want to set it off too early

don’t you think that’s a bit mu–

there has to be a child, too, of course, though i don’t know any children, well besides rosie, but she’s far too young to take part in this ruse, i mean she’s your child so she’s obviously far more intelligent than other children, but i think this might be beyond her current capabilities

well that’s

but i can find someone, oh and we’ll need a clown, obviously

oh obviously, why not a mime, too, for good measure?

don’t be ridiculous, john, mimes aren’t scary, but clowns, mycroft is terrified of clowns, has been for ages, so obviously there has to be a clown, just think of how much fun that will be, good thing i know just the person, but remind me to warn davies about the sword hidden in mycroft’s umbrella, oh and i need to take all the bullets out of the handle when we get to the house, wouldn’t want to make a proper mess, would certainly spoil the mood, this was an excellent idea, john, we’re going to have so much fun!

well, if it makes you happy…
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Even the experts agree, a boy needs closure.
Post-series. Current day. Not movie-compliant, but borrows some movie canon elements (aviator!Logan, Carrie is dead)


Rough day for all of us.  While it’s not a surprise last-second impeachment, maybe a distraction might help?

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Favourite movie genres for the captains? :)

  • Shunsui suckers you into watching romance movies
  • Kensei loves some action movies. Die Hard is Kensei’s idea of a good ole fashion family Christmas movie. 
  • Rose loves him some musicals 
  • Byakuya doesn’t like to bother with movies all that much. he says he’s too busy, but he just really finds them tacky. he might read the book the movie is about tho. maybe. 
  • Sajin and Retsu like biographical movies. 
  • Tōshirō and Soifon only watch kung fu movies. 
  • Kenpachi has only ever watched ridiculous kid’s movies 
  • Mayuri is probably watching scifi or horror or maybe scifi horror
  • Jūshirō and Shinji both like old movies. he can probably recite all the lines in Casablanca and Shinji idolizes Fred Astaire
Hey, Girl

Hey Sarah,

Sorry this letter is late, but you know I like to drive fast, eat faster, but this whole writin’ thing isn’t my style.  

You get me, so I know you’ll understand when I say, I am so very sorry to hear about your grandfather.  

I know a thing, or twenty about loss, and no matter how many times you’ll hear, “it’ll get better”, it won’t Princess.  It doesn’t get better until you allow yourself to grieve and remember him how he deserves to be remembered.  

Allow yourself that time, you hear me?

I am always goin’ to be here for you.  Call me, text me, hell, I’ll even let ya sit shotgun and listen to your own playlists, if it’ll help with the grief.  Say I pick ya up at 7ish the next time I’m in town and we get some greasy burgers and watch some sappy movies?  

Your BFF,


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Robbie just talks some during movies and either looks really happy and gives minor spoilers or glares daggers and mutters them under his breath. And is probably the neighbor who comes to a house to complain about music or whatever being played too loud.

I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.