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Ah, yes. Jane’s first love. I did say we’d get back to him.

anonymous asked:

can I ask you who your good friends whose blogs you recommend are? If possible only EXO blogs? I want to follow some nice blogs/people ㅠㅠ

anon i like so many blogs T^T only exo tho? okay so in random order:

@ohhsenshine @daenso @kaibility @yeolhighness @byunvoyage @baekhyuntella @littlebyuns @chanhyun @suhocean @glorious-soobooty @dulcetyeoll @angelaeri @angel-in-slow-motion @byunlucid @baekshitbyun @baekiya @absolutehun @baehkhun @bhyunq @galaxychen @sebaeked @r-velvets @babyun @ohxing @wuboxian @mochibaeks @wuyifanxing @chanys @viruspcy @prankchanyeol @beautyeol @baehkkyun @princewangeun @sehunsi @shypcy @derp-yeoll @jngn-km @irpsychotic @minniedeer @chanssoo @queenbyun @sehunoh @laycult @laygion @chanyoelpark @jonginism @shining-petal @luhan-vevo @deararchimedes @huntertainment @yvesaintluhan @ethereal-baek @intokai @byunchen @baek-a-licious @sehunnified @dayafterdae @chenrrerorocher @v-dyo @sehurn @dyoful @sehduce @byunult @aishbaek @prince-chanyeol@nohsehun @92-pcy @sehuntiago @94aries @mniseokk @slayeol @dazzlynini @progamerbyun @byunspuppy @suhokai @ohsehons @su-lay @xiundeer @yeollovemebaek @dorkyksoo @exheaux @monsieur-kimjongin @ohsehunpai @iyeolie @sekaisoosgirl @kyungso @cbxo @baekhyunsama @assbuttbaek @174cents @smhsehun @chaichanyeol @untouchabyeolman @purejongins @flawfreesuho @kingbbh @solobaek @exeauxs @lottomp3byexo @callmeminseok @byunutella @getlayd @lovinthesoo @duckyhun @sehunned @chanshine @asleepykid @topfied @krisinsanity @krisitup @aerilu @lunber @kyungsuhos @whenxoxosmilesunshines @sehuntiful @dearhan @chanyoel @xiuminel @kaizzzi @chanyeof @exo4lyfe @kamikoy @tiny-myeon @baixeans @fyncten @chokerbyun @jonqins @toomanyfeelsexogdi @ilovepcy @babyuns @layshands @tellmewhatislove @ohwondae @sebyun @dearbyun @silencesneeze  @squynhty @305heaux @yixingsosweet @baekhyunlipchain @my-bobohu @grinding-on-baek @killeryixing @exoturnback @hitchiking @cbxrise @subaek @byeolks @myeoneandonly

wow thats a lot….

morning  glitter bombs.  in the light of the post i made last night and the general feeling of this blog,  ya girl is officially gonna set outlawiism vol. 2 on fire too.  but first,  i’m gonna go see gotg vol. 2 at one of them morning showings in an hour  !!!  i’m the  only  person who bought a ticket i’m so excited to be by myself kajshdkajshfshjkdf uwu <333

reaching the last minuet of the project!!!!

i have gotten so far on the project and im reaching the finish line, i have been able to start including OCs for a bit and wanted to inform  that i have used or will be using every reff that has been sent to me!

im really happy achieving such a mile stone and i think after so long waiting (and just a little it more to go, i wanted to inform you all!

List of those officially in the in the project:

@ask-binary2-7 @ask-brilliant-verve @ask-bryant-the-rpg-pony @ask-chain-rattle @ask-creative-callie @ask-keystar @asklittleember @ask-mystery-pony @ask-nora-the-alicorn @askponyaiko @ask-rainrunner @ask-soprano-and-the-misfits @askspigel @askspiritrootsandthetree @ask-suey-suicide-pony-blog @ask-the-hippocampa-merponies @ask-twizilla @assassinpony1234 @daddybron @deathgamemaster @emo-lover@ethereal-mist-arts @fimficveyron @hxrmn @ifadeu337 @k-o-d-e-x @lilyokami @loadingscreendxdirectorscut  @blackoasis @askteambrony-mod @Psychopaths-of-equus @ray10k @shut-up-and-take-my-likes @snowynyaz-reblogs @Spirit-spark @sugarbooty1 @tehepicdusk @thund3rda5h @undertheroses @vocalgamer360 

List of those soon to be included:

@ask-a-colt-and-his-fox @ask-baby-the-reindeer @ask-hydeart @asklittlebat @ask-luciavampire @ask-sexy-solaris @kessy-doggo @levin-blogs @little-red-rabbit @magical-ponies @moon-wolfie @nemovonsilver @shattereddiscord @specklesthetinynerdhorse @staticthepegasus @testerslab @yes-this-is-me-deadpool

i appreciate everyones patience this has certainly had quite a few delays but after last week i feel like im back on track and excited to finish this project!

hope everyone’s  week is fantastic

I don’t know if it’s been talked about yet, but here’s a little observation I made earlier when I rewatched the clip in peace, while actually paying attention to the lyrics. And while I think the lyrics were quite interesting in regards to Sana’s feelings and emotional state (I’m in pain, to be honest), I couldn’t help but notice this:

So, during the part where Isak and Even are walking towards the school, these are the lyrics:

Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal

gal gal gal ga- ga- ga- gal

Han bitchen er gal 

I know, they know that (guy)* bitch is crazy

crazy crazy crazy cra- cra- cra- crazy

That (guy)* bitch is crazy

*(Not quite sure how to translate this properly, but in Norwegian it says “han” before bitch, and han = he as far as I know)

And during the entire time the scene seems to be quite focused on Even:

So it starts out with the two of them, walking towards the school together as the lyrics go “Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal”  (I know, they know that (guy) bitch is crazy):

Then, a quick close up on Even as we hear “gal” (crazy):

A second later we go back to the two of them, but we only get to see both Isak and Even for a quick moment in the beginning and at the end of the shot. During the time the shot goes into slow motion, Isak is hidden from our view and we can only see Even in focus while the lyrics continue with “gal gal ga-” (crazy crazy cra-):

The lyrics finish with “ga- ga- gal / Han bitchen er gal ” (cra- cra- crazy / That (guy) bitch is crazy), while the boy squad greet each other. And even here, it’s Even (and Magnus, although his face is turned away from us) who is in the center (kind of turning his face towards us, even), while Isak is standing behind him, positioned on the side of the shot:

(Cue Sana walking past to “Don’t talk to me, no. Think you know me, know me. No.” and me crying)

Now I’m no good when it comes to analyzing things, but could this be some sort of foreshadowing about Even having another episode? Or something else about his bipolar disorder that will be important? That is somehow relevant to Sana’s story? Anyone wanna speculate?

(also i apologize for the quality of the gifs i’m still learning ok, so fight me. or even better teach me.)

lena luthor deserves so much credit than she gets like can you imagine all these people pretending to be mother figures and emotionally manipulating her because they know that they need her and her skills, and she could just as easily turn evil if she wanted to, to just live up to the luthor family name

but lena is so good and brilliant and she has proved that time and time again even though everyone has doubted her sincerity, she didn’t let that stop her from doing all these amazing things even without being recognized for what she does