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“You guys make me feel so alive!” 

It’s never too late to celebrate, yohohoho! Also, thank you to Usopp’s makeup/artist skills.

Headcanon on what happens when the trio get together for a movie date

• Nami arrives 10 mins earlier (she thinks being on time is polite & important!)
• Zoro (obviously) lost his way there - Nami would have to pick him up
• Luffy is surprisingly the last person to arrive because reasons
• He also gets beaten up for it
• They ended up wasting the tickets and just ate at some place
• Nami swears it’ll be the last time she’ll go for movies with these two 😂

anonymous asked:

Have you ever drawn Stan and Luffy in each other's signature outfits?

A perfect fit.


okay i know some people may not care but i just really want to explain my spotify playlists here and share them okay yes cool they’re pretty self-explanatory but just let me live okay

ABSOLUTE LOVES: Okay so this is basically just all of my favourite songs (it’s a big playlist because I have a lot of favourite songs) but it all kind of varies between styles and tempos and all that jazz. This is the most likely playlist to be changed because I’m constantly finding new music. 

SLEEPY SLEEP: This playlist is probably my favourite because it’s helped me so so much, it’s a collection of soothing and slow songs, and it’s obviously really good for getting to sleep, but also for calming down and just relaxing. 

STUDY PLAYLIST: This playlist mostly consists of soft and nice but not distracting songs, but not slow ones to make you sleepy, just not necessarily something that would get you up and dancing instead of well, studying. 

SHOWER PLAYLIST: This is kind of just filled with fun and upbeat songs that you’d want to sing in the shower, and even when you’re out of the shower and getting ready, I guess just songs to get you excited for wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing. I’d hope that you wouldn’t listen to all the songs during one shower though… (haha wow sarah you’re funny).

RAINY DAY PLAYLIST: Okay this song works for both literal rainy days and emotional rainy days, since it’s really just a bunch of songs to snuggle up in blankets and cry to. Kind of lame, I know. But it’s nice to just let out emotion and feel all dramatic and sad every now and then.

PICK ME UP PLAYLIST: This is kind of the opposite to the rainy day playlist, as it is full of songs to just dance and muck about to. Whether you need it as a mood-lifter, something to wake up and get energised with or something else, it’s sure to be a jam (just a warning, there are quite a few beyonce songs on there so if you don’t like beyonce, unfollow me on all social media right now) 

COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST???: Okay so this was an experiment to see if I could join our creative forces together and find somewhere that everyone can share their favourite songs but it kind of flopped so please help and add songs you like so we can work together. 


Lafayette leaving France like
  • King louis: I packed the money you asked for and some guns and ships too
  • Lafayette: Wow thanks
  • King Louis: I packed you an extra pair of shoes and your ANGRY EYES just in case
  • Lafayette: um thanks i guess
  • King Louis: and in case you get hungry here are some CHEESE PUFFS
  • Lafayette: ...
  • King Louis: and a key, i don't know what it's for but you never know
  • King Louis: And a golf ball, if you have time for golf, and a plastic steak and a rubber ducky... and a YO-YO!
  • King Louis: And an extra bouncy bouncy ball, and some extra teeth, be careful they chatter.
  • Lafayette: um sir?
  • King Louis: And crayons in case you get bored, and some blue play dough.
  • King Louis: And a dime, call me *wink*, and some monkey chow
  • Lafayette: monkey chow??? for what?!
  • King Louis: Well for the monkeys of course, come on monkeys!!
  • Lafayette: That's it! I draw the line at monkeys! *leaves*