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‘i called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after a few a few minutes of me revealing some pretty personal stuff and now youre invested in my life troubles’ au. Bucky n Steve, preferably tiny!Steve

At first Bucky thinks the guy might’ve hung up, but then there’s a sort of sigh on the other end, and Bucky sits up fast enough to make his head spin. He rubs at his face with the hand still holding the tequila bottle.

“Well,” the voice on the other end says, “it sounds like you need to get over her.”

“It ain’t that simple, man, you know it’s not. She’s perfect and she just… walked away? I’m supposed to just…forget about her? Can you just… forget about a girl, after they’ve gotten all under your skin and…” He trails off.

“I’ve never really been given the opportunity to get over getting dumped,” the guy says. He sounds sort of amused and sort of bitter.

“Huh? Man, you’ve really never been dumped before? Of course not. You sound like some kinda… fuckin’… model. I dunno. You sound like you’re seven feet tall, man, you…” Bucky trails off as he hears the other guy laughing. “I’m right, aren’t I.”

“Yeah,” the guy says, after a weird pause, “you got me, alright.”

“Yeah,” Bucky says, leaning against the tub and putting the bottle down. “Shoulders so big you walk sideways into rooms.”

“Down to a T, pal.”

“I bet you’re blond, too.” Bucky’s fingertips slide under his jeans. “Say, whatcha wearin’?”