some might say

Banana Milkshakes

The 30th of September
Is a day I’ll remember
The day we took a chance
And ran away to France

You just turned 21
And we wanted to have fun
Some might say we were insane
Still, we tried to go to Spain

We stopped in the City of Love
It was all I ever dreamed of
Just you and me alone
No calls on the phone

And with all the love we made
We were never afraid
Alone we were free
I wish it could be

Again, my friend

My heart aches
For banana milkshakes

In our old hotel
You put me under your spell
I was ever so submissive
To your gentle kisses

Back in Liverpool
They called me a fool
Cause I fell in love with you
But I knew you were true

In October we came back
And they cut us some slack
The memory I’ll forever clutch
And I still want your touch

Again, my friend

My heart aches
For banana milkshakes

volume I: very soft colors. although 3D animation, it looked flat (not a bad thing).

volume II: sharper style. colder colors. animation becomes more fluid and 3D.

volume III: return to beautiful and warm colors. nice synthesis of volumes 1-2.

volume IV: higher frame-rate? looks more CGI (like Ajin) then 3D animation. 

anonymous asked:

lolz remember when you called ear weights "dangly things" that you knew nothing about and got called out for cultural appropriation and now you hav them on your wishlist?? almost like you didn't learn or educate yourself or just that youre a big hypocrite who likes policing everyone else but just does whatever he wants and thinks cultural appreciation is a thing when it's something you wanna do.

I do remember when I called ear weights “dangly things” and I remember also having like three conversations with different people privately to learn more about it. I even posted something saying that hey I wasn’t aware that this was appropriative, if anyone has any info please send it my way.
No one had any info, though. Some people might say “tribes” do it, but that doesn’t really say a lot.

As with anyone I personally call out for problematic behavior, I’m pretty good at explaining why. For dreadlocks, aave, people who try to do “trans lives matter,” etc. If you go through my cultural appropriation tag or racism tag you’ll find things I’ve personally written and shared.

I’m definitely open to being called out and to constructive criticism. If you, or anyone else, have any sources, any leads on why ear weights are appropriative, feel free to send that my way.


ALRIGHT alright so here’s the thing that’s been bugging me for MONTHS now, and I’m talking pre-Stevenbomb 1.0. In the episode Marble Madness, when the Gems and Steven break into Peridot’s hideout beneath the Kindergarten (Facet Five), Peridot learns for the very first time that there are still Gems present on Earth.

She’s legitimately surprised because “the Red Eye” didn’t detect them. You know… THIS THING??

This comes all the way from the second episode of the series, Laser Light Cannon. But this little bit of dialogue made it clear to all of us that the Red Eye was actually sent here by Homeworld, to monitor the planet and ensure that it was safe for them to invade uninterrupted so that they could continue their work.


HOW in the FRESH HELL was the Red Eye unable to detect ANY kind of Gem presence when the Gems’ first solution to trying take it out was to do… THIS??


NEW VIDEO: “No Glory in the Process - don’t mind me, I just wanted to have a little honest, unedited chat. I’m gonna be checking out some blogs who reblog this - thanks for spreading the love! <3

tao expressing his gratitude to fans and promises that he won’t leave them

MYSTERY INCORPORATED (For the keep out signs always ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of Coolsville’s citizens, for exorcising ghouls and unmasking the fakes. ) — a suburban gothic playlist for the meddling kids and their stupid dog.

i. bela lugosi’s dead  - nouvelle vague, ii. shadow of a shadow - the casket girls, iii. gravedweller  - the wytches, iv. youth knows no pain - lykke li, v. friends - band of skulls, vi. deadbeat - a place to bury strangers, vii. free the skull - moon duo, viii. a question isn’t answered - temples, ix. haunt you - the pack a.d., x. attack of the ghost riders - the raveonettes, xi. wolf like me - tv on the radio

Sometimes I forget that Dan and Phil probably have armpit hair.