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Five things to bear in mind when writing Jade Harley

For fanfic and rp, as I’ve done both.

I’ve seen a lot of badly written Jade. She’s hands down my favourite character in Homestuck, so I often search out fic for her. Of the four kids, she definitely has the least amount of fic, and when she is in a fic, it’s often as an offhand mention. And then even if the fic actually focuses on her, she’s mostly not written very well. So here is a list of things that I think people forget about when they write Jade, and which might help people to write her better.

This is not an argument for any ship, but I will be mentioning pairings. And yes, I have my favourites, but I won’t be any kinder to them than the others.

1. Jade Harley is extremely self-reliant.

Hey, remember that scene with Jade and her Grandpa?

I’ve seen a number of people react to this moment with confusion. Why does Jade fight with her dead Grandpa? Was he so horrible to her that even now she hates him?

The answer is no. On the very next page Jade says that he was much easier to deal with when he was alive. What she’s doing here is displacement. Jade’s been alone since she was very young, and while Bec was there to protect her, he wasn’t able to raise her. She had to do that herself. So she started projecting onto her Grandpa. It was probably quite innocent at the beginning. She had to do something she didn’t want to do, and she told herself “If I don’t do this, Grandpa will be disappointed in me.” It became a way of motivating herself, and then turned into an elaborate roleplay, because Jade is fun and creative and enjoys doing that. But at her heart, she’s the one judging herself. She’s the one worrying about the size of her gun.

And notice, Jade is much harsher on herself than her Grandpa ever was. She holds herself to an incredibly high standard.

Jade does some amazingly brave things over the course of Homestuck. She sacrifices herself for John without a second thought. She’s not afraid of dying at all, she just wants to protect the people she loves. She’s also very kind to her friends. Look at her conversation with Rose, just before Rose goes Grimdark. She really tries to reassure Rose that Rose made the best possible choices and that she doesn’t need to feel guilty. Jade is very kind. But she never shows that kindness to herself.

When Jadesprite refuses to fight Jack, Jade explodes. Because her standards for herself are so high, she can’t bear that any version of herself is failing them.

Another thing to think about: Bec shoots people twice with her bullets. He shoots her Grandpa when she’s little, and Bec Noir shoots Dave. In both cases, Jade blames herself. And it would be really easy for her not to do that! She could blame Bec, or Tavros for the first one, or the Jack Noir part of Bec Noir for the second one. But she takes the responsibility on herself, both times. She has really, really high standards for herself.

What does this mean for writing Jade?

Well she doesn’t mind accepting help, but she hates to depend on other people. She expects herself to be competent in every situation. If you’re writing, say, hurt/comfort with Jade, and she’s sick, she’s not going to be curled up in bed, wanting to be waited upon. She’s going to be up working, ignoring the fact that she’s sick. If it’s a shippy fic (and it’s hurt/comfort, so of course it is), her partner will have to drag her to bed and probably tie her down to make her stay there, and she’ll keep insisting that she’s fine.

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Wild (Sidlink Oneshot)

I’m not gonna do an intro sentence because I think the request summarizes this gloriously.

Request: “Did you see that post about Bear Grylls!Link and Total Aristocratic!Sidon? Like prim and proper Sidon gazing adoringly at his half naked BF wrestling with Wolf!Link as Muzu looks on in horror. I’d personally love to see a story about it.” Requested by @absolmon (sorry the normal linking system wouldn’t work for some reason.)

(Here’s the post mentioned in the request.)

Pairing: Sidlink (Sidon x Link)

Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

Rating: T

Word Count: 510 words. (It keeps getting lower, sorry.)

Warnings: Mildly Suggestive Content

Muzu would admit that in the beginning, his hatred for Link was bigoted and unreasonable. Despising him simply for being a hylian was an awful thing to do. As much as hated to admit it, he still held some resentment for Mipha’s death, even though he knew it was out of the hero’s control.

This, however, he was confident was a justifiable cause for his horror. 

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Happy Trails

Pairing: Mike Faist x Reader

Warning: Mentions of some swear words and sex-related stuff, a bit fluffly at first but steamy towards the end ;-)

Prompt: After a year being the understudy for Zoe Murphy, you finally got the role of Veronica Sawyer in Heathers as it debuts in Broadway. The entire gang is happy for you (((until Mike finds about the choreography for Dead Girl Walking))).

Requested: Nope. (but someone should have)

Word Count: 1918

Note: OKAY I KNOW that heathers only had an off-broadway production but lets pretend that it makes a broadway debut here. Hope y’all enjoy this. ((also, if i made a part 2 for this it would me smut smut smut so hmu if u want that to happen)) 



“You have to answer it.”

“Ben’s right, Y/N. This could be it. You could be a real star.”

“Dude, we won best musical this year. She’s already a star.”

“I know but she could be a lead star this time, not an understudy star.”

“Way to help in calming down those nerves, Will.” 

“Alright, everybody just shut the fuck up!” You exclaimed, silencing everyone in the room. 

Your eyes dart back towards the vibrating phone sitting on the table, chewing your lip as you continue to grow anxious. 

Everyone in the room stared at you with wide eyes. They didn’t know how to help you in a time like this. A few months ago you auditioned for the role of Veronica Sawyer for ‘Heathers: The Musical” as it makes its Broadway debut for the first time. You remembered watching a show from its off-Broadway production a few years back and you instantly fell in love with it, especially with the way Barrett hit those notes in every single song. Since then, you worked your way into getting the role of Veronica. That included hours of voice, dance, and theatre training. 

Then you got a job. You became the understudy for Zoe Murphy in Dear Evan Hansen and you couldn’t be happier. You met Mike Faist and to say that the two of you weren’t close would be a lie.

It started off with innocent flirtation, which lead to dirty innuendoes, and ended with plain admiration from one another. You liked him, you liked having him around you. He’s always there to make you feel confident with your abilities and he never fails to show you just how talented you are. He truly brings out the best in you.

You liked your job. You got the chance to spend time with an amazing team and an even more amazing cast. But when the announcement on the search for Heathers: The Musical cast members was made, you knew you had a shot at making your dream a reality.

Now here you are, sitting in a circle with all your cast members. Mike was sitting beside you, rubbing your back softly as you contemplated on answering the call.

“Okay, but what if I don’t get it?”

Everyone groaned. Will stood up and made his way towards the table. “You will never know unless you take the call.”

You quickly stood up, running towards the table and shielding the phone from Will. “Back to where you were! No one’s touching that phone but me.”

“You better answer it now! Before they hang up, Y/N.” Ben said loudly.

You kneeled in front of the table, still hesitant. “I might not even get the role. Bad news is only bad news if you answer the phone.” You say, chuckling nervously.

You hear Mike shuffle behind you. “For the love of God,” Before you can even turn around, Mike put a hand on your waist and reached for the phone with the other. You shriek in surprise as you grab a hold of his wrist. 

He raised his eyebrows towards your grip and then to you, signalling for you to let go. When he doesn’t feel even the slightest bit of falterer in your hold, he uses his other hand to grip your hand and peel it off his wrist.

“I got it.” He mouths to you, smiling. You nodded slowly as you chew your lip. 

It’s a bad habit of yours; to chew your lip whenever you get nervous. Mike’s eyes take a glance of your swollen lip, momentarily thinking how it would feel against his own before pressing the green button on your phone.

You watched in horror as he takes the call. “Hello? Yeah, Y/N isn’t around but i can pass your message along.” He spoke into the phone.

You tried standing up as you possibly could not sit still in a moment like this when you realized Mike still has not let go of your hand. He gave a light tug towards his direction, motioning for you to sit back down.

You shook your head and proceeded to stand up, dragging him with you as you started pacing across the room.

You mumbled a series of oh no’s and oh god’s while the rest watches the two of you.

“They are dating, right?” Kristolyn points out.

Laura shakes her head. “They’re both too blind to even admit that they like each other.

“But it’s right there. Mike is literally being the supportive boyfriend right now.” Will says, watching as you nearly tripped on a pillow.

Mike suddenly pulls you to his side to keep you from falling over.  

“You okay?” He mouthed at you. You nodded, feeling your entire face heating up as he kept his hand on your lower back, still talking to the man on the phone. 

And just look at that. They’re so oblivious, it’s not even funny anymore.” Will continues. Everyone hums in agreement when Mike ended the phone call.

All eyes were on Mike as he took a deep breath.


“I didn’t get it. It’s okay. I still hav-” You started to walk away, head down as you tried to stay optimistic.

His next words made you stop in your tracks. 

“You got it.”

Your head snaps towards the long-haired man who held your phone in his hand.

“What?” You spoke softly, tears welling up. 

He smiled at you, handing you your phone. “You are now Broadway’s very first Veronica Sawyer.”

It took five seconds for his words to sink in and everyone started cheering. The room filled with cheers of “Congratulations!” and “Happy trails!”.

You felt your heart was going to explode. Words could not express the joy you were feeling. You did it. All your hardwork has paid off. 

The tears finally fell and Mike opened his arms, a huge grin plastered on his face.

You immediately ran up to him as he held you. His lips move to your ear to whisper. “I am extremely proud of you.

You smiled as you nuzzled your face against his chest. “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“No, Y/N. This was all you.”

The cheering still hasn’t died down. Everyone was happy for you.

“My fake daughter’s leaving!” Michael exclaimed, looking at you with a pout.

You pulled away from Mike’s embrace as you giggled at Michael’s comment.

“Technically, I’m your back-up fake daughter.”

“Still my fake daughter.” 

Laura and Kristolyn threw their arms around you.

“Congratulations on your first lead role, Y/N!” Laura said.

You reciprocated their hug. “Thank you.” You say, your cheeks starting to hurt a little from smiling.

Ben quickly made a beeline towards you and hugged you really tight as he spun you around. You giggled loudly when he continued shouting congratulations. He put you down, pressing a kiss on your cheek.

“You’ll be great out there. It was the easiest job I had, falling in love you every performance.” He said, smiling at how cheesy his statement was.

You thanked Ben with with a smile. Suddenly, you felt arms wrapping around you from behind. You turned your head around to see Mike smiling down at you.

“Jealous?” You said jokingly, chuckling at his actions. He tightened his grip around you. 

“Maybe.” You felt him press a kiss on your temple, leaving a tingling feeling on your skin.

That alone made your entire face red. You tried hiding it but it was too late.

“Look! She’s already red from a kiss on the cheek. Imagine how red she’s gonna be during the choreography for Dead Girl Walking.” Will spoke, laughing loudly with the rest of the cast.

“What’s with the choreography?” Mike asked innocently.

Kristolyn giggled. “You seriously don’t know?”

Mike shook his head. “I know the songs but I haven’t seen the choreography.”

Ben sighed, pulling out his phone. “C’mere, I’ll show you a bootleg of-”

“No!” You shrieked, pushing Ben’s hand away from the two of you. At this point, your face was already red like a tomato.

Mike shrugged. “I’ve danced all my life. I’m sure I can help Y/N with that if it’s that hard, right?” He said, looking down at you with an innocent smile.

Everyone started laughing as you felt your face heat up even more, imagining Mike playing as JD. It would be a lie if you said you weren’t turned on with that. That idea had you unconsciously rub your thighs together. 

That sudden movement had Mike clearing his throat, adjusting his position. “Are you alright?” He whispered.

You nodded quickly, not able to form words at the moment.

“Mike, it’s a sex ballad.” Laura chuckled.

Mike’s eyes widened as his grip around you tightened even more, fingers digging into your hip. “What?”

“Listen to the lyrics. It’s about Veronica having sex with JD. The choreography is pretty much making out and humping in front of everyone else.” She continued.

Mike’s eyes widened, pulling you ever so slightly away from his chest so your behind wouldn’t feel the tent forming in his jeans. His mind couldn’t stop picturing Y/N rehearsing that song with him. 


You couldn’t feel your face anymore. The redness has already creeped down to your neck while everyone else talks about Heathers.

“How do the actors keep it down during that song? Because if it were me, it would be too hard.” Will stated, laughing at the double meaning of what he just said.

You cleared your throat. “I guess the actor uses a cup? or maybe the actor isn’t into girls?” You say, voice faltering a bit.

“Oh. Well if that were Mike, doing that would be a bit difficult. Right?” Will said, tilting his head towards Mike.

Before he could answer, you pulled way from him. “I’ll just splash some water on my face alright? I’m not feeling too well.” You said quickly, making your way towards the bathroom.

You closed the door behind you with a bang and leaned towards the sink, splashing water on your face. You were getting too turned on with all the comments they were giving. Right now, you had to take your mind off the gutter before it gets too much. 

With your hands still covering your face, you heard the door open. You lift your head, only to see Mike standing a few meters away from you.

“Mike, this is the women’s bathr-”

“I can help you rehearse.” He said, cutting you off.

The tension in the room was thick. You tightened your grip on the sink as you felt your knees weaken.


He moved closer towards you until he had you pinned against the sink. He placed his hands on your hips, pushing your shirt up just enough for him to brush his thumb against your skin. He brushed your hair to the side of your neck and you felt his lips against your neck.

You inhaled sharply. He pressed a tender kiss behind your ear.

“I can help you rehearse, ” He whispered. You felt him take your earlobe between his teeth, sucking on the skin softly.

You whimper as he tightens his grip on your hips, his foot pushing your legs apart. You pressed your center against his thigh, rutting your hips against his denim jeans. All his attention is still on your neck as he leaves hickeys, sucking and nibbling on the exposed skin. 

Your breathing quickens. 

“…You just have to tell me how it goes.”

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Apple Fritters {Part 2}

{part 1}

word count: 2.1k

pairings: peter parker x reader

warnings: some mentions of food, and some mentions of stalking. other than that–none. oh, i think there’s one little bad word in there somewhere.

a/n: i canNOT believe the popularity of part 1!!! like oh my lanta, that got wayyy more notes than i expected and honestly i’m so glad!! thank you to everyone for your support, it makes me feel amazing. so here is part 2, picking up basically where part 1 left off, with some introduction to more characters and getting a feel for the story. enjoy!!

Your footsteps echoed loudly throughout the now empty halls of Midtown, everyone had scurried off to their first classes. A wave of nervousness crashed over you as you clutched the paper that had your schedule on it tightly. You shouldn’t have stopped for breakfast, or stopped to talk to Peter. If you had gotten to admin at the right time, you wouldn’t be in this humiliating position of walking into your class, everyone staring at you, and maybe puking from embarrassment.

But then again…you wouldn’t have met Peter. You wouldn’t have made a new friend, someone who felt genuine and right. Someone who actually laughed at your jokes, who paid attention to what you said–someone you felt you could get closer to. You wanted to get close to him.

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Conventional Couple

Originally posted by wintersthighs

Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Violence, fighting, some mentions of past abuse. 

Request: Could you please write a request based on the idea that Bucky is activated as the Winter Soldier and accidentally hurts his S/O then feels guilty and she has to convince him she’s alright. 

Please feel free to add yourself to my taglist over here….TAGLIST 

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He didn’t recognise you, there was none of the usual light in his eyes when he stared at you. The teasing twinkle or the love that warmed you to your toes, it was all gone. Wiped clean away and replaced instead by the dead coldness of the Winter Soldier. A machine created to do one simple task and right now that task was to kill you.

“Bucky?” you gasped out as his flesh hand tightened dangerously around your throat “Bucky please”

Still nothing as his grip continued to tighten, you clutched at his wrist with one hand and with the other grabbed the only thing in reach, your cereal bowl from only moments earlier. You smashed it into his head taking advantage of his momentary break in concentration to raise up your legs and kick with all your might.

Bucky stumbled back a few steps and dragging in lung full’s of air you rolled from the table landing on all fours as you scrambled away from him.

Tears were streaming down your face as you made for where the block of kitchen knives had fallen when Bucky had very first thrown you across the room.

You’d barely gotten hold of the end of one knife before Bucky grabbed your ankle pulling you back along the floor. You screamed as he spun you over slamming his metal fist into your right shoulder. You actually felt bone shatter and splinter as another scream ripped through you.

Through pain streaked vision you managed to lock eyes with him once more. “You have to see me Bucky. You have to remember who I am”

There was nothing not even a flicker as his hand came back up to your throat, the metal one this time. He was serious, he was actually going to kill you.

“I love you Bucky” you whispered, then with the last of your remaining strength you stabbed him. Pushed the blade of the chopping knife into his stomach.

Bucky’s eyes widened in shock at the sudden pain, you had no idea if it would be enough though because your swimming vision was starting to blink on and off. Your brain to starved of oxygen to stay awake any longer.

The next thing that filtered into your brain was beeping. Consistent and unending beeping. You could smell disinfectant and as your eyes blinked open you realised you were in fact in the med-bay of stark tower. You were alive because if you’d died you definitely wouldn’t still be in this much pain.

“Hey Y/N, you’re awake”

Managing to focus you found Natasha’s red hair and concerned face looking over at you from a chair next to your bed. “Nat?” your voice sound groggy and rough “what happened?”

She frowned “You don’t remember?”

You flinched as you tried to move and your shoulder grated “Bucky. He tried to kill me”

“Someone activated the Winter Soldier program” Natasha confirmed.

“Fuck Nat, I stabbed him! Is he ok?”

“He’s fine” she reassured you instantly. “Apart from reverting back to his usual pathological self-loathing he really is fine. Much better than you”

“the knife?”

“Disabled him enough that you lived” Natasha interrupted “he doesn’t blame you for that Y/N no one does”

You lapsed back into silence as the pain in your shoulder intensified, it was clearly well and truly broken. In fact, you were a little worried that it was broken beyond repair, you could remember quite clearly the feeling of your bones shattering into dust under the strength of the Winter Soldiers attack. “My shoulder Nat?” you asked quietly “Will it heal?”

She sighed reaching out and gripping your hand “It will heal”


“But the doctors, they aren’t sure about how much mobility you’ll get back. The bone was completely shattered, it’s possible that even with physio and medical attention it might not heal well”

“Does Bucky know?”

Natasha shook her head at you “I’ve just told you that you might lose mobility in your shoulder and you’re still more worried about him?”

“He’ll blame himself, you know he will, and this wasn’t his fault. Someone triggered him on purpose. The Winter Soldier attacked me not Bucky”

Natasha was watching you curiously “he knows” she admitted eventually. “When he came around you were the only thing he was interested in. Made the doctors tell him about you before himself”

Something about that sentence was wrong, but what was it? “Wait, he remembers?”

“The pain, we think when you stabbed him it jolted him enough to get Bucky back, he managed to reinitiate FRIDAY and call for help”

So he knew, he knew what he had done and he was most likely blaming himself for everything and destroying himself about it. “I need to see him” you demanded trying to push yourself up but stopping halfway as the pain in your shoulder made you want to throw up.

“Easy” Natasha helped lower you back down. “Just take it easy”

Tears were starting to form in your eyes. “Nat you don’t understand; I have to tell him” you insisted “I have to tell him that it wasn’t his fault”

“Y/N he knows that”

“He won’t, you know he won’t”

“Alright well I’ll tell him ok?” she offered “I’ll tell him you don’t blame him, but you have to stay here and rest”

“But you’ll tell him Nat, promise me you’ll tell him”

“I swear” Once Natasha gave her word she kept it. It was one of the best things about her, she didn’t give it out all that often but when she did she meant it. “Now you have rest”

“Alright” it took you little time at all to let the heavy pain medication they must be pumping into you take effect and your eyes fluttered closed once more.

It had been a fortnight and you’d barely seen Bucky. You’d been out of the med-bay for a week and you knew he was avoiding you. Every time you entered a room he’d mysteriously just left. Even with training he was never in the gym at the same time as your physio sessions and he didn’t even eat meals with the team in case you might be there. It was starting to take guilt to a whole new level and you really weren’t appreciative of the silent treatment.

Eventually you couldn’t handle it anymore, if he wasn’t going to come to you then you’d just have to go to him. Marching up to the door of Bucky’s room in the tower you used your good hand to bang on the door. You knew he was there had it on good authority from Natasha that he rarely left the rooms anymore.

“Bucky! Open the door. I know you’re in there” nothing, not even the sound of footsteps. “James Buchannan Barnes I am not moving until you open this door!”

Finally, you heard footsteps stopping on the other side of the door. You could practically feel him stood there staring holes into the door.

“Please Buck, talk to me. I can’t deal with being ignored anymore”

“I’m not ignoring you” the door opened.

“You’re not even looking at me Bucky”

Very slowly he lifted his head, eyes meeting your own. All you could see was guilt, swimming around in endless circles. His eyes flicked to you still heavily bandaged shoulder and the instantly went back down to the floor. “Are you in pain?”

“Not really, I have some wonderful pain killers” you were trying to joke, trying to lighten the mood but it seemed to fall flat. “can I come in?”

“Of course” Bucky moved out of the doorway so you could come in, dropping down onto his sofa he came and sat on the other end as far away from you as he could get.

“Bucky we need to talk about this”

“There’s nothing to say Y/N. I tried to kill you. It’s not safe for you to be around me”

“You didn’t do this to me” you insisted making his eyes flick to your own again. “Bucky this wasn’t you, it was the Winter Soldier. There’s a difference”


“No James” you inched forwards moving so you were sat closer to him, reaching out you laid a hand on his thigh. “Please don’t cut me out”

“It’s not safe Y/N, this is what this proved. I got out of control and you had to fucking stab me to stop me. As it is you might not get full movement back in your shoulder, what if it happens again and we’re not so lucky? I could actually kill you”

“Alright fine, you might kill me” you agreed “But I might also go out today and get hit by a bus”

“That’s not exactly a good comparison” Bucky insisted but your point seemed to have gotten through slightly as he was looking at you again and not at the floor.

“James surely it gets to be my choice if I want to be around you or not? It’s my life to risk”

“And my mind” he finally moved turning to frame you face with his flesh hand “I couldn’t live with myself if I actually hurt you, I’m barely coping with what I’ve already down to the woman I love”

You froze, he’d never said those words out loud before. “You love me?”

He froze as well eyes widening as he realised what he’d said, apparently he hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but he couldn’t exactly take it back either and pretend it had never happened.

“Yes” he eventually confessed “Yes I love you”

“I love you too” you smiled at him “we can get through this, we can get through it together”

He gave you a weak smile but at least it was better than guilt. “I don’t deserve you” he helped you awkwardly climb onto his lap so you could rest your head against his chest, his metal hand this time trailing up and down your back.

So fair enough you’d had to get him to almost kill you to finally admit that he loved you, which wasn’t the most conventional method but after all you weren’t the most conventional couple.

The Lost Princess || Part 1

Summary: Two families joined kingdoms. One kingdom was falling apart while the other had unfortunate wealth that they could offer. Their oldest children became the best friends getting to know and grow up together, but after a terrible incident they didn’t get that chance anymore. (Royal AU)

Warnings: Mentions of disappearing, some fluff, guilt, sad

Word Count: 2,399

Pairing: Tom Holland x Princess!Reader

A/N: Hope you like it tell me what you think. : )

~The Lost Princess Masterlist~


“Mummy I’m bored!” You whined tugging on your mother’s dress. She was holding your sister Charlotte’s hand. She was in the dinning hall with your mother discussing something with the Hollands. They were a well loaned family who ruled over the whole kingdom of Thames. 

“Well why don’t you go play with Thomas, I’m sure he’d be delighted to play with you” Your mother bent down to your small frame face to face.

“I can’t find him” You frowned.

“Last I saw him, Thomas was in the garden” Nicola told you nodded her head with a smile.

“Thank you” You responded curtsying then hurrying off as fast as your small legs could take you.

“No running!” You heard your mother shout, but you were already out of earshot.

“Children” Your mother shook her head at Nicola.

“I just let them be, after all they are just kids, they won’t stay young forever” Nicola reminded her rubbing her swollen stomach. You were 10 and Thomas was 11, and your little sister was 9, yet your mother never let her join any franctics you and Thomas did. Too afraid she’d hurt herself. 

You ran down the long corridors and approached the big brown doors that led to the garden out back. You walked outside, nothing but fresh air hitting your nose.

You walked towards the massive fountain in the center and sat on its edge. You turned you’re head everything direction trying to locate your best friend. 

“Boo!” You got startled almost falling back into the water.

“Thomas that’s not funny!” You slightly shoved him.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it” He offered a small smile.

“Well you nearly scared me half to death” You crossed your tiny arms.

“I won’t do it again” He muttered.


“Promise” He smiled. You weren’t convinced though, you raised up your pinky. 

“Promise?” You asked again.

“I promise” He rolled his eyes but wrapped his pinky around yours anyways.

“Good” Your grumpy state now turned into a happy one.

“Let’s play tag!” You stood up excited.

“Alright…you’re it” Thomas tapped your shoulder.

“Hey no fair!” You called after him as he entered the arch entry into the garden.

“Catch me if you can!” He taunted. You ran in after him. The garden wasn’t your favorite place to be. To many turns to memorize your way around the paths.

You continued running behind him almost getting close enough to tag him, that is until he took a sharp right and you lost all sides of him. You continued to try to find him but ended up with no such luck. You were getting scared.

“Thomas!” No reply.

“Thomas you know I don’t know my way around! This place is like a maze!” You cried out.

“Thomas!” If you weren’t crying then you certainly were now.

Upon hearing the sound of you weeping Thomas came out from his hiding spot. Suddenly feeling bad that he made you cry.


You turned around seeing him standing behind you.

“I’m sorry” He bowed his head down.

“You know I get lost” You sniffled.

“I’m sorry” He came up to your and hugged you. You slowly returned the hug.

“I know what’ll cheer you up”

“What?” You mumbled.

“Let’s play hide in seek. You hide and I’ll try to find you, and if I can’t find you, you get half of my pie for dessert” He smiled.

You pondered the idea for a few seconds. “Deal” You both shook on it.

“Okay I’ll start counting” Thomas turned around putting his right arm over his eyes leaning forward against a wall.





You giggled and ran off to find the best hiding spot. You kept running through the endless paths trying to decide where the best place he could never find you would be. You were getting lost within the garden not knowing where you were going.


Forty-six” You could faintly hear his voice counting.



You came upon a gate that led into a forest. You’ve never seen this part of the garden before, then again you could hardly find your way around and out. You were curious but scared. Yet your 10 year old mind decided against that fear and used it as a way to have a better hiding spot. You looked behind you and then outside the gate. What better place for Thomas not to be able to find you than not being in the garden. You thought. You opened the gate and took a step forward closing the gate behind you. 

To your right there just so happened to be a bush. Perfect. You thought. You went behind it not thinking much about it and crouched down. You could barely hear Thomas finishing counting to one hundred. 

“Ready or not hear I come!” 

You were trying to contain your giggles hearing him get frustrated every time he thought he had found you. He had passed you more than once going to look some place different.

“You’re better at this than I thought!” You head him shout.

“But luckily for you I don’t give up that easily!” 

You were about to let out another giggle, but didn’t get the chance to as a white cloth was suddenly place over your mouth and nose. You didn’t know someone came up behind you. To scared to look back while trying your best to scream let alone try to breath, but all you could breath in was some sort of chemical. You screams being muffled to get Thomas attention. You trashed in the persons hold. You energy quickly vanishing. You couldn’t think straight. Everything seemed to become a blur. Before you knew it your body fell limp in their arms, but not before hearing Thomas.

“Y/N come out come out where ever you are” He sang. 

If only you could…

Thomas didn’t think he’d still be trying to find you after an hour. He was angry because he couldn’t find you and angry that you hadn’t popped out to confirm where you had been hidden.

“Y/N I give up already come out now, you win!” Thomas whined.

He wasn’t going to get a reply anytime soon.

“Y/N?” He was confused you would have eventually said something by now.

“This isn’t fun anymore!” He exclaimed.

“Fine when your done being childish come out, I’ll be inside!” He groaned out in annoyance.

Thomas walked back to the stairs in front of the fountain heading back inside. He passed a couple of the servants kindly saying hello to a few before retreating back to his room.

He stayed in there until his mother called him for dinner.

“Prince Thomas your mother sent me to inform you that dinner is ready” One of the servants told him.

“Thank you i’ll be down in a moment” He placed his shoes on his feet and descended down the stairwell.

Thomas arrived at the table and noticed that everyone was there but one, you. Your mother seemed to also noticed the empty chair beside him. “Thomas have you seen Y/N? I’ve tried looking for her to take her to her fitting but never found her”.

He furrowed his brows at her. “Is she still hiding?” He mumbled to himself.

“Hiding what do you mean?” Your mother asked.

“We were playing hide n’ seek all morning. She wouldn’t come out when I told her I gave up finding her” He shrugged not thinking much of it.

“Since morning? And you’ve haven’t found her?Your mother suddenly grew worried. “Where were you playing?”.

“In the garden”

Your mother stood up from her chair. Thomas parents and your father gazing up at her in confusion. “Darling you okay?” Your father asked your mother.

“I’m not sure, I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach” Your mother placed her palms on her the lower part of her stomach.

“Why might that be darling?”

“I haven’t seen our Y/N all day” She looked at your father.

“I’m sure she’s somewhere around the castle” Your father reassured her.

“It’s late out I don’t think she okay. My little girl isn’t okay!”

“Martha I’m sure she is okay” Nicola spoke up.

Thomas was watching the adults back and forth. He was confused. He didn’t understand why you mother thought you weren’t okay. He was starting to believe that you weren’t okay.

“Thomas when did you last see Y/N?” Nicola asked her son.

“We were in the garden. She started crying because she always has trouble finding her way around. I tried to cheer her up by suggesting we play hide n’ seek. I started counting and she hid. I couldn’t find her after an hour” Thomas frowned. The four adults looked at the child.

“You don’t think she could have gone out the gate!” Your mother placed a hand out her mouth.

“No Y/N’s too smart to do that. We have told her many times how dangerous it is” Your father shook his head.

“I still think it’d be best to send a search party” Dominic suggested.

“I’ll get right on it!” You father walked off with him.

“Oh if anything happens to my little girl” Your mother hugged Nicola.

“Don’t worry well find her” Nicola gently rubbed her back.

“Mama I’m scared” Charlotte hugged your mother’s legs.

“Well find her Char” Your mother bent down to caress your sisters cheek.

In that moment Thomas knew he shouldn’t have left you alone. He knew that you weren’t going to be found. He knew his only best friend was gone. 

Days went on yet still no trace of you ever being there at all. Those days turned to weeks. Weeks turned into months. And those months turned into 10 years.

Thomas grew up without you. His childhood was spent trying to get to know your sister and befriend her as she was next in line to the throne and your replacement for the marriage arrangement. It was the only solution to finally get the kingdoms together.

Your mother felt numb for the first two passing years. She lost her first daughter. Charlotte had grown into a young woman without her big sister. She felt disappointed in herself for letting that happen to you. It was hard enough that her own mother told her at one point she would screw up in her life. That she wouldn’t be the proper queen along side her husband. So when you just disappeared one day she felt as though this was some sort of punishment placed upon her. Your mother started believing that this was the screw up that was bound to happen to her. She shut down for a while but bounced right back to take care of your sister, after all she needed a mother and that was what she was going to be. But oh how she missed you dearly.

Tom fell into the same sort of state your mother had been. But his state was filled with guilt and self blaming. He felt responsible for your disappearance, yet after everyone kept telling him it wasn’t his fault, he couldn’t get past the fact that you gone. He didn’t think he would be the last one you see you. He just wished he could reverse time and have you back by his side. As much as he adored your sister Charlotte she wasn’t you. Nor never will she ever be.

“Prince Tom we need to get your prepped for the ball tomorrow” The seamstress grabbed his attention.

“Oh my apologies”

“Nonsense your highness, no need to be sorry” He smiled at the old lady.

“Arms up” She set to work.

Getting measured and going over different varieties of colors and fabrics weren’t really his thing, it was mostly your thing.

Hours of standing up straight and arms up later he strolled down the long corridors. Stopping abruptly at a balcony that overlooked the whole garden. He could never find it in him to step foot in garden, not after what happened to you.

“Tom darling shouldn’t you be send out invitations?” Nicola approached her son.

“I thought Harry and Sam were up to that?”

“No they off doing god knows what” She chuckled.

He smiled at his mum.

“What’s on your mind sweetheart” She rubber his shoulder.

Tom shook his head. “I miss her” He whispered. 

“I know. We do too” She gave a small smile.

“If only I suggested to play something else she wouldn’t have been taken” He laughed dryly.

“Thomas Stanley Holland it is far from your fault do you understand. What happened to Y/N was an accident. Okay stop worrying”.

“Stop worrying?! Mum it still feels as though I’m still trying to find her and she’s winning by a long shot. You speak of her as if she was never here to begin with!” He gazed at his mother in disbelief.

“It was in the past Tom. This is the present, we live on our lives in the now not the past”.

“You’re right mother. We do live in the now. So I am now going to make an announcement to the villagers”.

“What are you going on about?”

“If they return or find our lost princess we’ll reward whoever brings her in with 30,000 thousand dollars” His mothers eyes almost fell out of there sockets.

“Have you gone ballistic!”

“No I’ve gone sane unlike the rest of you who won’t do anything!” You huffed out.

“We did do something! We’ve looked high and low for her over the years! We tried to bring her back!” Nicola exclaimed.

“You didn’t try enough!” He started walking away.

“And what do you think the outcome of this will be?”

“I’ll get my Y/N back! If any of the villagers think they’ve found her then they can present the girl to me and I’ll ask them questions from there” He said with determination.

“Don’t stress yourself son. You already have a finance and a wedding to plan for”

“Not yet I don’t” Tom walked off leaving his stunned mother behind.         

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Originally posted by karlamoriarty

Summary: Diana meets a special someone on the road.

Warnings: Some goddamn smut, language, slight mention of suicide, walker violence?

Pairing: Negan x Diana (shameless self insert hahahahaha)

A/N: So this is something I’ve been working on the DL. I might convert this into a series, depending on if people dig the fuck outta it. Oh and this isn’t the Negan smut I’ve been working on. I thought of this like last fucking minute. Hopefully it doesn’t suck too much…

Tags: @ladyynegan, @ect00bio, @jdmfanfiction, @fuckinjdm, @fyeahashley88, @lasvegasfabulous, @meanandshallow, @casiferlosechester

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Title: The Award System.


The art was done by the awesome and super talented @barleytea. You guys should definitely check out their stuff.

For the Spideypool Big Bang 2017, @spideypoolfanfic.

Rating: Mature. No Warnings Apply.

Pairing: Spideypool.

Some of the Tags: Mention of other characters. Established Relationship. Some Smut. Fluff.


Peter’s not entirely surprised that Wade does so well they begin to implement the awards system of theirs. For every month Wade can go without breaking one of their agreed upon rules, he can pick something off their list as his gold star.

He should have started this years ago.

Alliance pt. 2

Requested by @billliemaximoff:  This is more of an add on rather than a request but can you possibly continue the Ned stark X reader? The one where he remarry a after cat dies, I’d love to see interactions with the children and they eventually warm up to her (ESPECIALLY Jon because she doesn’t care he’s a bastard she just wants them to like her and not think she’s takin the place of their mother, the children and Ned end up caring for her and she cares for them! ) Starks deserve more fluffy fanfic and who better than you! 💖Plus several others here and on Wattpad!!

Here you are! I do not own ANY Stark, Jon, Theon or Lysa. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Part 1

Warnings: Some fluff and some angst.

Pairings: Eddard “Ned” Stark x fem!reader, Mentions of all the Stark children, Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy,  Lysa Arryn.

Originally posted by petyrbaelishs

“Y/N! Look!” Sansa cried, running into the room with a wide smile. She came up to you, the fabric in her hands fluttering behind her, as well as Septa Mordane. “My first dress! I did it all by myself!” she told you proudly. Septa Mordane cleared her throat and Sansa blushed. “Well, Septa Mordane helped a little.” You grinned at her and held out your hand to examine the dress. “You did a wonderful job, Sansa. It is lovely.” Ned came into the room in time to hear Sansa say, “Thank you, Mother.”

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Awkwardness // Kim Yugyeom

Originally posted by hoseokz

Pairing: Yugyeom x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Some mentions of slight smut

Summary//Request: Yugyeom scenario pleaze. Where the girl is hnry but he isn’t lol. Can you make it awkwardly fluffy? :P

Your eyes flickered to Yugyeom’s mid section as he walked out of the shower with nothing put a towel draped around his hips. As you bit your lip, you examined his nicely defined muscles, his prominent V line that travelled below on either side of his belly button, before he grabbed a pair of basket ball shorts and boxers and went back into the bathroom to change. You sighed in frustration as you felt yourself becoming more aroused by the second.

“What gives him the right to be so god damn sexy?!” you screamed internally as you threw your head back on the sofa, hating that he had such a strong effect on you without even trying at all. You closed your eyes, imagining him on top of you, pressing his weight firmly down upon your small frame as he kissed your neck, ghosting over the sensitive skin and making you shudder in anticipation. You pinched your thighs together, feeling yourself getting more turned by all of your dirty imagines.

You quickly snapped out of your daydream as Yugyeom walked back into the room, his hair still slightly damp from his shower. He flopped down on the sofa beside you, letting you take in his smell of shower gel and aftershave which only made your situation worse as he smelled positively divine. He reached over you to grab the TV remote, pressing his weight slightly on you making you think back to your thoughts of him before.

“Okay, I’m ready! What did you wanna watch baby?” he asked you, his voice full of innocence as flicked on the TV and began switching between channels. You didn’t say anything, for all you could do was think about how much you wanted him right then and here. You decided to be a little brave, scooting yourself closer to him and wrapping yourself around him, to which he passed no remarks as he moved his arms around you to hold you in closer before giving you a small kiss on your head. “You decided yet?” he cooed down at you.

“Hmm..” you hummed in response. You weren’t one bit interested in watching TV with your boyfriend. All you could think about was him ripping your clothes off and making love to you on the sofa, right then and there. You began drawing small circles on his chest with your index finger, wondering if he was feeling the same way right now.

“(Y/N)? You okay?” he asked, noticing your lack of response.  After all, it was your idea in the first place to come over and watch TV with him, so he had assumed you had something in mind. You swallowed hard, before suddenly getting up on your knees and straddling his waist, making Yugyeom widen his eyes at your unexpected movements. He sat the remote to one side, before putting his arms around you lovingly.

“Someone’s needy today” he cooed into your face, feeling a little nervous as you began to kiss his neck gently. He stiffened his body under your touch, wondering what was going through your mind to make you like this.

“Baby talk to me…what’s gotten into you” he giggled into your face, making you pout and sigh at his aloofness. You were beginning to think that you were going to have to spell it out for him in black and white for him to finally get the message.

“Yugyeom…I’m….horny…”you said shyly into his neck, making Yugyeom smile coyly as he lifted your head with his fingers, looking you in your eyes, giving you a gentle smile before kissing your cheek lightly.

“Baby, I just had a shower and I wanna relax with you. Later okay? I promise~” he cooed into your ear, making you pout even more in frustration. Yugyeom chuckled as he turned you around on his lap and placed your back against his chest, cuddling you from behind and giving you small kisses on the nape of your neck. You felt embarrassed and stupid, but Yugyeom just held you tight as he put on a random TV show for you both to watch.

“Don’t pout (Y/N), please? We can have some fun after a few episodes, you have my word. I just want to have some snuggle time with my baby first, mmkay?” he said cutely into your ear, knowing that you couldn’t resist it when he talked like that.

“Hmph, fine” you teased back, causing him to giggle, baring his teeth as he laughed. You sighed as you rested your head back fully into the crook of his neck, placed your hands on top of his around your stomach, as you began to try and absorb yourself into the TV show while impatiently waiting for what was to come later.

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing them, a Harry/Carlos prompt please? Like, Harry has Carlos at his mercy, and instead of anything bad, he just kisses him?

Here you go Anony! I hope you like it. I don’t know if this is what you hoped for but I like how it turned out. I also hope you like Evie/Carlos friendship.

I guess I should warn for being slightly dark, though I guess that’d depend on how you’d define dark. Definitely a warning for blood! It’s not a lot but there is some mention of blood. 

Title: In the Shadows
Fandom: Descendants
Characters/Pairing: HarryxCarlos, Evie&Carlos
[AO3 Link]

He knew this was a bad idea. Splitting up was always a bad idea, but of course no one wanted to lesson to him. He was too young by their standards and apparently didn’t know how to do anything. Only Evie seemed to consider his words, then again she always did. She was his first real friend and always took his feelings into consideration. This was no different.

His blue haired friend agreed. They shouldn’t go off on their own, not when they wanted to trail after some of Uma’s crew. Evie had made to come with him as he followed after Gil, but Mal quickly shot her down.

“Listen, we’ll cover more ground this way. Stick to the shadows, don’t let them see you. We’ll meet back at the usual spot.” She waited to make sure they followed their own paths, before setting off after Uma.

Carlos laughed quietly to himself. There were still times she scared him or that he even hated her; times like tonight where she got as demanding as her mother and ignored everyone’s feelings but her own. It was a rocky friendship for sure, but it was getting better.

While he really hadn’t wanted to go on his own. He did as he was asked, following Gil from within the shadows. He may not have been as tall or as confrontational as Jay, but he had his ways of making life on the Isle simpler. Keeping himself hidden being one of his many specialties. His height made stalking someone a hundred times easier.

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It’s so shocking to me that some people still think davekat is abusive. I’ve seen rants about how Karkat is aggressive and how that could trigger Dave’s ptsd, or somehow fuel a blackrom, or something unhealthy for both of them. But has no one noticed how Karkat acts with people he has genuine respect and compassion for? He’s incredibly sweet and polite. He obviously knows when to stop being an ass, he obviously knows how he should act around certain people. Constantly Aggressive and Angry Karkat is entirely a fanon thing, because Karkat is hella intelligent and sickeningly empathetic.

And so is Dave. I’ve also seen people get upset because they think Dave’s crudeness and blatantly offensive behavior would bother Karkat so much that they wouldn’t be able to sustain a healthy relationship. But alas, Dave also knows when to stop. He may be a little shit, but he’s also a great guy.

Let’s revisit the “Karkat is too aggressive to be in a relationship with Dave” concept. The thing with Dave’s relationship with Bro was that there was virtually no affection. Bro was abusive. He was neglectful, violent, we all know this. One thing I don’t see pointed out a lot is that Karkat is the only person Dave has interacted with since Bro that was blatantly rude, but the difference is that Karkat isn’t harsh. He’s soft, he’s not honest all the time about the shit he says. He’s so innocent and compassionate in tender situations and with tender people. We’ve all noticed how polite he is with Kanaya, who is soft-spoken and kind. We’ve all seen how Dave can get concerned about his friend’s feelings, and how he wants to make people happy. These are the softer sides of them both, and there’s no doubt in my mind that these sides of them are what they show overall in a romantic relationship.
Also, not many people can see behind both of their “I’m-better-than-you-and-also-I’m-witty-and-a-chunk-of-shit” facade. But, for example, John sees past Dave’s mask of humor and verbal shitposting to the real soft dude underneath. Terezi (eventually) “sees” past Karkat’s mask of anger and distaste to, again, the real soft dude underneath. Now, since Karkat and Dave are so very clearly alike, what reason is there to believe that they can’t see behind each other’s masks too?

Maid of Snow

Anonymous asked: Hi Megan! Would you be able to write a Jon x fem reader fic where she was a maid in Winterfell & her and Jon both loved each other but drifted apart due to him joining the Night’s Watch (which caused a few arguments) and she hears about his death and rides to Castle Black to find out what happened because she still loves him :) I hope this makes sense!

I got a little carried away with this one. SPOILERS AHEAD(Season 6)!!!! I do not own any Game of Thrones characters. They belong to George R.R. Martin.

Warnings: SPOILERS!!! Mentions of death, a bit of angst and some fluff

Pairings/Characters: Jon Snow x fem!reader; mentions of Ser Davos Seaworth and Melisandre.

Originally posted by kitsn0w

*In case you missed it the first 2 times, there are SPOILERS!*

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Game... Of Opinions?

Request: Can I request a Peter x reader where they’re watching Game of Thrones s7 with Aunt May? Maybe the last episode that aired? I think it was 4.

Request: @demigodofthesun

A/N: I tried something a bit new, so I apologize if it sucks? Feel free to ask for another version if you hate, but i’ve always been fascinated by those imagines that are just pure dialogue? This probably sucks, forgive me!

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: spoilers? I mention some of the episodes scene sooo, yeah.

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

“Well I think it was cute.”



“She burned a bunch of people!”

“They had it coming!”

“I’m gonna have to agree with Y/N, sweetheart. The Lannister army had it coming.”

“I am not denying that, but I am denying the fact that it’s… “cute”,”

“Okay… maybe not cute. But it was amazing!”

“It was pretty amazing, sweetheart.”

“Yes, May, I know. I agree. I don’t know why you both think I don’t.”

“Because you didn’t think it was cute.”

“Y/N! Burning people to a crisp is not cute!” 

“It was to me!”

“Y/N, Peter, please.”

“Sorry May.”

“Sorry M.”

“What about the fact that Jaime jumped for the attack? And now’s in the… water? Do you think he’ll be captured?”

“Oh most definitely, Pete, that’s probably the perfect battle strategy right now.”

“I still don’t like that Daenerys didn’t listen to Jon and Tyrion’s voice.”

“Oh but she did, M. Jon and Tyrion told her not to attack the Keep, meaning innocents who have nothing to do with the war. Daenerys attacked the Lannister army.”

“Oh, you’re right. My mistake, Y/N.”

“It’s all good, M!”

“Still don’t think it’s cute.”



“What about the Stark’s? The siblings, well minus one, have finally reunited!”

“That I have to admit was cute, a bit odd, but cute.”

“I do enjoy seeing the Stark’s actually happy. What about you? Peter? Y/N?”

“Definitely, M!”

“I agree with Y/N, only wish the other children and siblings were alive.”

“Peter, we do not speak of any of the siblings! Especially Robb, it still breaks my heart to this day! My baby did not deserve such treatment.”



“Y/N, I am the only man you should be calling ‘baby’.”

“Sweetheart, you’re not a man. You’re a boy. And also, i’m right here.”

“Sorry, May.”

“Sorry, M.”

“Okay, you two lovebirds. I think it’s time we head to bed. Or at least, I head to bed. Peter, will you walk Y/N home?”

“Of course, what kind of boyfr-”

“We get it prince-charming, let’s just go.”

“You ruin all my fun.”

“That’s why i’m here.”


“Bye M!”

“Bye Y/N, say hi to your dad for me!”

“Will do.”

“Be safe you two!”

“Yes, May. You ready, Y/N?”



“…. I still think it was cute.”

“My god! Y/N!”

Here is one I wrote for myself because I had the idea. Its pretty angsty so if that’s not your style then I suggest you keep scrolling.

You and Stiles have been dating for a year now, and everything is perfect, but that all changes when you ex-boyfriend comes to town and brings back some painful memories.

Warnings: Violence, mentions of abuse, swearing, VERY angry reader.

Pairing: Stiles x reader

Originally posted by teen-martinski

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revelation. (part 2)

this is the second part of @elenoranave‘s request where after reader finds out that matt is daredevil, she tries to help and almost gets herself killed! luckily daredevil comes to save the day and there’s some fluff that follows! 

(read part 1 here)

pairing: matt murdock x reader

warnings: some mentioned violence and swearing

length: 1587 words

Trying to keep up with Daredevil in secret was no easy task.

Matt was no help whatsoever, as he kept to himself a lot more since you found out about his vigilantism, but you managed to do some useful digging yourself thanks to some acquaintances who worked in local journalism. It was because of this that you were able to find information on a drug cartel led by a man that they called “Sabretooth” that had been involved in a few murders that had taken place around the area.

It’s because of this that you found yourself at the wharf near midnight. You pulled your jacket tighter around yourself as a sudden gust of wind caused you to shiver. Focusing on making your footfalls as gentle as possible, you crept between the storage containers that were scattered around the shipyard, searching for any sign of activity in the otherwise abandoned place.

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Seductive Manipulation

Anonymous asked: Hi there! I would like to submit a Baelish x fem(reader) ship in which the reader is a courtier in King’s Landing whom he has kidnapped to obtain information on what the Lannisters are plotting. I’d like it to start out sinister & threatening and then end up more tenderly seductive though still sinister as they both realize their mutual attraction.

Part 1/3

I really hope this meets your expectations. I do not own Petyr Baelish. He belongs to George R.R. Martin.

Warnings: brief mentions of kidnapping, I guess and some steam. It’s pretty dark.

Pairings: Petyr Baelish x fem!reader

Originally posted by jonnyandthekits

When you opened your eyes, you were in a dark room that you didn’t recognize. You’d been taken from the corridors of the Red Keep on your way to your chambers. You did, however, recognize the voice of your captor, “Ah, you’re awake. You are a difficult woman to subdue.” You glared into the darkness as a candle was lit. “Lord Baelish,” you greeted through gritted teeth. His practiced smile looked even more sinister in the candlelight. “Why am I here?” you asked, getting up from the bed you were laying on.

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fuckinqfiction-deactivated20170  asked:

do you have any advice on how to score 5s and 6s in IB biology? im anxious about the exam :/


To be completely honest, I also feel really anxious about the exam (legit feel like IB Biology will wreck our shit). I mean right now you still have time to study and revise last minute, so take a deep breath and go over all the information. It’s really memorization heavy, so I’d start revising most difficult things like physiology and molecular bio (but it depends what you struggle with the most tbh.)

Paper One: Another hella important thing to remember is that in P1 you technically have a 25% chance of picking the right answer on multiple choice. My teacher also went over this haha. You should definitely take your time to choose the right answer and you should go over your exam once you’ve completed it. Sometimes you think you got the right answer but it turns out you didn’t. Also sometimes it may seem like there are two right answers, you have to choose the MOST correct one. The problem with P1 is that the grade boundaries are super high, thats why it’s really easy to mess up on. 

Paper Two: this one is also pretty hard and is worth more than your Paper one and paper three (around 34% of your final mark, where paper one and three are 20% each). When answering the questions, you can write multiple answers. For instance, give an example of a greenhouse gas. You can answer: methane, water vapour and CO2. As long as your answers don’t contradict themselves. For example if you write: In the krebs cycle of cell respiration Acetyl CoA combines with oxaloacetate to form citrate. Oxaloacetate does not use Acetyl CoA from the link reaction to make citrate (wrong). These statements contradict each other and you get no points if you do this. 

Additionally, when you’re unsure about how to answer the long ass essay questions fully, write down everything you know about the topic. EVERYTHING. DNA replication? First start with enzymes, forgot some? Dont worry - mention complimentary base pairing, characteristics of replication etc (you should be mentioning these to begin with, but just write everything you think is relevant, even the small things.) But make sure its relevant but dont be afraid to word vomit when you don’t know the answer. BUT be mindful of the time!!! You have to answer A LOT in the paper (i usually run out of time fast so it’s something i gotta work on too). 

Paper three: Just be careful to read the instructions!!! Seriously, many people last year thought they didn’t need to answer a whole section, and guess what! They did, and if they read the instructions more carefully they would know this!!! You have to answer a bunch of questions before you start your option. Section A is the questions EVERYONE must do, section B of the exam is the options you choose from ONCE you’ve completed section A. This apparently was a huge deal because people thought they didn’t need to answer section A. Example: if you’re doing option C, you will first answer all of SECTION A, and then proceed to Section B, where you choose OPTION C. 

Hope this helps! :) and good luck!