some men just want to watch the world


As we watch this world burn,  a simple truth, so hard to learn. When things go wrong, it’s hard to see. It’s not just you, but also me. I will burn this world to the ground, I will burn it all down. Some men find creation in destruction. Others just want to watch the world burn.  (x)


Hoooo this was a fun bit of practice!
I used references from the Beauty and the Beast’s (1991) prologue, the stained glass windows that told the story of the prince X3

The Wyatt Family and their patron Greek goddess, Eris. 
Because some men and personifications of strife and chaos just want to watch the world burn :‘3 

If anyone would like a simple tutorial, feel free to ask me!

trying to rearrange my brain so that being stoned and watching biochem lectures is soothing but

it’s sort of just not. i can see it being fun in some circumstances but in a world where white men just keep getting away with assaulting people of colour–KIDS!!!–i just… i don’t want to think at all. i want to lie down and watch people being happy in a fictional world and not wonder how all these electrons and protons and neutrons end up being viciously hateful and power mad whites terrorising everyone else in the world in a sick bid to hold on to power that is doing nothing but destroying the world

i need the most happy mindlessness possible and biochem is not it, too many questions