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I was watching ABC news clips on shoplifting for some tips on what LP look for in shoplifters… guys, im so fucking MAD. It was a random ass, and quite popular, video and they were talking about some shoplifting ring happening NOT ONLY MY STATE, BUT MY TOWN. I watched a video of a girl getting taken down at the place i go to REGULARLY to lift. Doesnt sound to scary right? No Big deal? No dude. No. I am literally shitting bricks here, apparently, cops will DEFINENTLY be called, they have cops who WILL track you down if you drive off, different big businesses from all across my town (not just conjoined shops and outlet malls) GET FUCKING TOGETHER AND TALK ABOUT THE BIGGEST SHOPLIFTERS THEYVE BEEN CATCHING ON CAMERA?!?!? WTF!?!?! So heres what the did on the program, they all were seeing this one women constantly stealing from these stores for a while. So they sent an undercover cop to befriend her and soon acted as if she as well had intrest in shoplifting. Once they started lifting together, the target of the lifting trusting her new “friend” and showing her how she stole, the “friend” documented what she stole, how she did it, and where she did it. Thus, showing the police her trade and practice. When she was apprehended, they made her drive them to all her accomplices houses and have them arrested too. I have never been more shook in my whole life. If LP in my town are this serious about shoplifting…should i even dare risk it? So, moral of this story, DONT TRUST ANYONE, DONT TRUST YOUR NOT BEING WATCHED, BE SO. FUCKING. CAREFUL. PLEASE.

Minecraft 247 - Sky Factory
  • Jack: I feel like I'm doing so little in this game. And this is like my game, and I haven't fucking done anything
  • Gavin: Why aren't you doing anything?
  • Jack: I don't know...
  • Gavin: Is your mind somewhere else, Jack? Do you want to talk about it?
  • Jack: *sadly* I can't collect wood
  • Gavin: Do you want me to give you wood, Jack?
  • Jack: Yes, please
The Signs (in reverse order) As Little Fire Emblem Things
  • Pisces: killing a boss and the EXP meter stopping at 99
  • Aquarius: starting cavalier-based prepromote
  • Capricorn: recruitable enemy myrmidon with a Killing Edge
  • Sagittarius: plinking a stationary boss to death from range
  • Libra: the last enemy to move killing a unit and making you reset
  • Virgo: Triangle Attack (that you'll never use because at least two of your Pegs suck ass)
  • Leo: unexpected effective weaponry
  • Cancer: allied units with the self-preservation instincts of lemmings
  • Gemini: asshole reinforcements
  • Taurus: DESERT MAP
  • Aries: accidentally critting while trying to feed a kill to a weak unit

LP Steven Universe Beach Volleyball GP

A lets plays of an Official Steven Universe game that’s not on Americas CN site for some reason.

New LPs every Wednesday and Thursday

Generalized tips

I keep getting asked for tips on lifting, which is a very vague question.
I haven’t made a tips post in a while, so I figured that I’d make one. Note that I may be repeating a few things that I’ve said before, but oh 🐳.
This post obviously isn’t going to cover every thing, but y'all can reblog and add some things if you’d like.

👜-Don’t carry an overly big purse, unless you know that it looks fashionable on you. For me, I look like a kid, so big bags just don’t look right on me. At all. It sucks bc who doesn’t wanna use a huge bag when lifting?? Lmao. So, if you’re like me; SAVE YOUR SHOPPING BAGS. Don’t risk things by carrying a purse that looks wrong on you bc some LP will automatically watch you closely. I know this from experience. I almost got caught because of this. If you don’t have shopping bags; try to use some cash and buy some random shit and use those bags (this mainly goes for malls and strips where it’s normal to carry shopping bags around). You can always take the items back after you’re done with your lifting extravaganza. 😂 that’s what I do. If you aren’t sure if a purse looks right on you; ask a friend, your mom, or whomever.🌚

🛍-DON’T overly stuff your shopping bags or purse. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to obviously walk out with a much bigger bag than when I came in and I didn’t care, but I should’ve cared. I surprisingly never got caught, but don’t make that mistake because I could’ve easily been caught. I stuffed a Columbia jacket into my 6x6 inch purse somehow.🙄 But those were my careless sloppy days.

🎥-NEVER conceal on camera. I don’t care if 200 people told you that Forever 21 doesn’t monitor their cams; DONT DO IT. Find a blind spot. There’s always a chance that someone is watching.

👚-Don’t wear clothing out of stores. Unless it is completely concealed underneath your clothing.

👯-Don’t bring an unexperienced friend on a lift trip. If they slip up; it’s your ass too.
-Don’t lift while with someone without them knowing. If you are caught, they will also get in trouble. So don’t be an asshole.

-ALWAYS conceal in dressing rooms when it is an option. This is the least likely way to get caught, unless the dressing rooms are strictly monitored.

-DONT LEAVE SECURITY TAGS IN DRESSING ROOMS AT ALL. Put the security tags onto another clothing item then put them back on the racks YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone else touch it. Lie and say that you’re going to buy it if a dressing room attendant tries to take it.

-Always hide the items that you’re going to lift with items that you aren’t going to lift, but don’t make it obvious that you are doing that. I normally grab 2 things that I don’t want first, then grab what I do want, then grab a few more that I don’t want. Never grab what you’re lifting first because you will be carrying it long enough for people to notice that you have it.

-Don’t grab ANYTHING without first looking at the price tag. I know that the price isn’t important to us who lift, but it’s important to regular shoppers. Your goal is to look like a regular shopper.👌🏻

-Don’t avoid SAs. It will be awkward and suspicious. If they come up to you and talk; be friendly and ask a question or 2. Examples: Do you carry (insert brand)?, I’m trying to find something to match this top; can you help me?, Can you do me a solid and take this security tag off for me?
*Don’t ask that last one.*
I know that you want to get rid of the SA, but asking questions makes you look more natural.

-Don’t conceal in front of ANYONE, including customers. I’ve seen way too many people conceal in front of a customer and then the customer letting an SA know.

Well, id like to add more, but it’s late and I need to go to bed, so feel free to add more.

😘Happy and safe lifting


Read as: Joel plays as Joh’s avatar as she plays Pokemon Sun ;D

Got the game on release, but playing it painfully slow because I wanted to draw some more LP doodles as I go~
I’ve actually played further than the doodles suggest, but had to stop for a bit to get RL things sorted.

Also, I am well aware I made size and design mistakes on some of the pokemon. And to be quite honest, I was too lazy to redo them. Bear with me >w<

Give Away

I’m having a bit of a clear out. So the following items are available. Select your number and message me with the reasons your wish to claim the gift and how you would use it. It shall be yours.

1. A poem I wrote three years ago and hid behind the sofa because it frightened me.

2. A signed picture of Vasilina Orlova’s house robot.

4. The secret that is number 3.

5. My lips for kisses.

6. A story about anything you wish to read a story about.

7. A list of items that constitute your loveliness.

8. Some vinyl LPs - guess the titles.

9. A memory of a day collecting a Christmas tree.

10. A newly invented spice.

11. A hat that transforms the wearer into their desired gender orientation and presentation.

12. A map of gender orientations that I have essayed.

13. Dragons.

14. A collection of poems inspired your name and your face.

15. An evening under your direction.

16. Robotic assistance.

17. A recipe for vegetarian fajitas.

18. The secret of the salads I made this week.

19. Tea.

20. My devotion.

21. All parts that you wish to use.

22. Scrummaging.

23. A rhythm.

24. Transformation, translation, transport.

25. A prognostication of your future.

26. An answer to that question you always wished to ask.

27. A place to keep your secret.

28. Starry sky.

29. All that you wish for.

30. Marriage.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Please let me know what item I can supply for you - no time-wasters, or very few, or only sweet ones.