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NEW VIDEO: “Learning How To Be A Better Trans Ally- this one was so much fun! i hung out with my friend Janet Mock, & she graciously spent some time sharing some easy tips on how to be a better ally to the transgender community!! go give it some love & reblog to share with your followers.



bi asks!
  • violet: what has your experience been like being bi?
  • lavender: when did you realise you were bi?
  • lilac: who or what made you realise you were bi?
  • indigo: are you out?
  • plum: any coming out stories you'd like to share?
  • mauve: do you have a preference for any gender or are you evenly attracted to all of them?
  • orchid: are you attracted to different genders in different ways? if so, how?
  • periwinkle: is there a specific type of person you look for?
  • iris: any cute crush stories you'd like to share?
  • cobalt: (this can be any question about my attraction to boys)
  • rose: (this can be any question about my attraction to girls)
  • grape: (this can be any question about my attraction to nb people)
borderline things: being in love

-wanting to text someone 24/7 just to interact with them
-always staring at ur Favorite Person when they’re doing something and soaking up every detail
-saying “I love you” an excessive amount of times and the words start to lose their meaning but you just loVE THEM SO FUCKING MUCH you gotta say it 24/7
-when they joke around with u and u take one tiny little possible implication behind what they said and make sure to never do that thing ever again. even if they probably weren’t even implying it
-realizing wanting to be with them in person 24/7 is not healthy
-always feeling like they can never love u as much as u love them
-having unrealistic expectations of them bc you always buy them little gifts and shower them with attention and affection but you know that not everyone can be like this :)))))

me seeing posts about girls loving girls: 💖💖👏💕💟👍💓💗👍💖💘👏💝⭐️💞💟💘💗💓👍👍💖

me seeing posts about boys loving boys: 💖💖👏💕💟👍💓💗👍💖💘👏💝⭐️💞💟💘💗💓👍👍💖

me seeing wlw/mlm derailing each other’s posts: 👎👎💔🚫✋❌❌⛔️👎❌👊🚫🚫💔✋🚫🚫👎⛔️👊👊❌

Gotta ask 'em all!
  • 1. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  • 2. What's your least favorite Pokemon?
  • 3. Which Pokemon was your first starter?
  • 4. Which Pokemon was your most recent starter?
  • 5. Which starter is your favorite?
  • 6. Which starter is your least favorite?
  • 7. How long have you been playing Pokemon?
  • 8. What was the first Pokemon game you played?
  • 9. Which Pokemon made up your first team?
  • 10. Which Pokemon made/make up your most recent team?
  • 11. Which Pokemon type is your favorite?
  • 12. Which Pokemon type is your least favorite?
  • 13. Which Pokemon professor is your favorite?
  • 14. Which Pokemon professor is your least favorite?
  • 15. Which gym leader is your favorite?
  • 16. Which gym leader is your least favorite?
  • 17. What's your favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 18. What's your least favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 19. Which generation of Pokemon is your favorite?
  • 20. Which Pokemon game is your favorite?
  • 21. Helix fossil or Dome fossil?
  • 22. Which Eeveelution is your favorite?
  • 23. What items do you generally place in your secret base?
  • 24. What's your opinion on mega evolution?
  • 25. Do you have any distinct Pokemon-related memories?
  • 26. Acro bike or Mach bike?
  • 27. Do you give nicknames to your Pokemon?
  • 28. What's the stupidest nickname you've ever given to a Pokemon?
  • 29. What was the first shiny Pokemon you ever caught?
  • 30. What's your favorite evolution?
  • Yachi: My girlfriend is too tall for me to kiss her, what should I do?
  • Kageyama: Punch her in the stomach. When she doubles over in pain, kiss her!
  • Hinata: Tackle her!
  • Tsukishima: Dump her.
  • Yamaguchi: Kick her in the shin!