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Alright, so I’m actually kinda confused.

Yes, Bart Allen is 13-14, and Jaime Reyes is 16-17 (I’m not entirely sure)

Conner is 5. Megan is 116.

‘But she’s an alien! It’s not bad.’

Conner. Is. 5. years. old.

People keep attacking the bluepulse ship because of the age difference. I’ve seen couples with 10 year age differences, but do they date right away? No. They give it time and wait for both people in said relationship to be of consenting age and able enough to make their own choices.

Should season three have another time skip, both of them will be older. They will have a 4 year age difference at most and yet it’s such a big deal??

13 or 14 is still a bit young. I see that. I understand that. I love this ship because I’m willing to give them time and let them grow up. 

The two would have a healthy relationship. Jaime would not do anything Bart would be uncomfortable with and vise versa. Please stop attacking the people who do and or don’t ship it. We’re going to become that fandom, and none of us want that.


s h e   d e s e r v e d   b e t t e r … . .

Bluepulse Headcanons

-Iris and Joan taught Bart how to cook. In the beginning he was really bad at it, almost burned the kitchen twice. It took him a couple months, but Bart became pretty good at cooking. He perfected his technique when once, while hanging out in Jaime’s house, he mentioned this to Jaime’s mom and she offered to teach him more recipes. Bart made sure she taught him Jaime’s favorites meals. 

-Bart jumps over Jaime to hug him when they’ve been separated for too long.

 -When Jaime is busy with college he forgets about eating, as soon as Bart noticed he started to worry and would usually argue about this with him. After a few failed attempts, Bart began to leave breakfast ready for Jaime. When he couldn’t cook something for him, he’d text him repeatedly until he’s sure Jaime won’t forget about having some food. 

-Jaime loves Bart’s laugh, so he’s often throwing puns he knows Bart will laugh at.

 -Bart once fed a cat while walking back home, so the cat followed him all the way there. He didn’t have the heart to kick it out and tried to hide the cat. Jaime found the cat two hours later. He wasn’t even surprised, he had been expecting Bart to get some random animal into the house, so he just made sure the cat wasn’t hungry. Later they play paper-rock-scissors to decide the cat’s name, Jaime won and named it Misifu. 

 -When Bart and Jaime are sitting in the same room, but not together they unconsciously lean a little in each other’s direction. 

 -Bart and Milagro teamed up to embarrass Jaime. She particularly likes telling Bart stories from Jaime’s childhood. Bart’s favorite is that one where Jaime was around a lake, and a frog scared him so much he fell into the lake. 

 -When Jaime’s particularly stressed about college and stuff, Bart leaves cute notes of support for him in his notebooks, laptop, over the table, anywhere he knows Jaime will find them in the right moment. 

 -Jaime’s often getting gifts for Bart, it sometimes it’s Bart’s favorite donut, a jar of ice cream, a flower o even books he saw a thought Bart would love. 

 -After particularly long missions with the team, they get home, cuddle and put a random movie on Netflix, even though they know they’ll fall asleep halfway through it. 


First of her name.

Jaime & Brienne | Something There (Beauty and the Beast)
Might as well put them into as many Disney songs as I can :p
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13. “My weakness is you.”
21. “We shouldn’t be doing this… But I’m not about to start complaining.”

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Jaime Lannister X Reader
 I actually had a lot of fun writing this and I’m happy for the inspo for some Jaime lovin’! With Love, Kat
Warnings: language, smut if you squint real hard

Words: 1063 (lol oops)

Jaime Lannister. The Kingslayer. He was arguably the best sword fighter in all of Westeros, and gods was he beautiful. He was a charmer and could have women falling at his feet if he wanted to. You were one of those women. Even though you were simply a servant of the Lannisters, they treated you well. You had served their family since you were young and since you were of similar age to Jaime, you watched the other Lannister siblings grow up, taking care and helping raise each one. Lord Tywin scared the Seven Hells out of you, but his kindness showed in rare moments when the two of you were alone. Behind closed doors, he insisted you call him Tywin in stead of my lord when others weren’t around. He smiled and told you it made him feel more normal and that he essentially considered you family. So naturally, when Lady Joanna died, you felt the same level of grief as the rest of the family, minus Cersei. She took it the hardest. But that was in the past, for now you had to remove yourself from your thoughts and continue with your duties.

Part of your nightly duties was to turn down all of the beds in the castle. You always did Jaime’s room last simply because it was the last room in the hall, so every time it came last. The Lannister family was off having a feast, so you knew you would not be walking in on or disturbing anyone so you walked freely into the room belonging to the eldest Lannister without knocking. As you were turning down the comforter and smoothing it with your hands, a slightly inebriated Jaime comes waltzing into the room.
“Y/N! Just the woman I was looking for!” Jaime says, standing beside you and hooking an arm around your shoulders.
“Lord Jaime, good evening” you smiled up at him, “How was the feast?”
“Excellent! Thank you for asking. You were always so kind to me, Y/N. Always concerned with how I’m fairing, always making sure the littlest things are done to make me happy. I know it’s you that draws my curtains in the morning so I wake up with the sun shining on my face, which you know I love.” Jaime then grabs you by your shoulders, his faces inches from yours, letting the alcohol in his system spill his feelings.
“You know, Y/N, in all these years you’ve learned so much about my family and myself, but I don’t believe I know much of anything about you. So sit and tell me about yourself,” he said, letting you out of his grip and grabbing a chair for you to sit in while he sat on the edge of his bed and removed his boots.

So there you sat, telling Jaime all about your mother and how she fell ill when you were very young, just 10 years of age. You had never known your father, he died in a battle shortly after you were born. When your mother fell ill, she shipped you off to Casterly Rock to serve the Lannisters because she knew they could give you a good life. You received a letter on your 15th name day that your mother had passed away, and the Lannisters had been your only family since. You were an only child and had only distant aunts and uncles left that you had never met. Jaime, in hearing all of this and seeing the tears welling in your eyes while talking about your mother, took your hand in his to comfort you. He was a good man. The conversation took a much more light-hearted turn when you and Jaime started joking around about different aspects of each others’ lives.

As you got more comfortable, you sat back in your chair and decided to challenge Jaime. It was going to be a bold move, especially for a servant girl but you were sure he wouldn’t mind. He loved a challenge. “So Kingslayer,” you started with a smirk, knowing that nickname would get his attention, “I hear you’re the best fighter in all of Westeros, but you must have a weakness. Every one does, so what’s yours?”
You expected Jaime to puff out his chest and say something along the lines of him not having a weakness because he was the greatest warrior in all of the land, that man had an ego so big it could put the Mad King to shame. What he answered, however, left you slack-jawed and surprised.
My weakness is you.” he replied, with an expression so unreadable you couldn’t tell if there was even any meaning behind the phrase.
Before you could even ask Jaime what in the Seven Hells he was talking about, he was standing, pulling you to stand with him. Just as suddenly as you were upright, his lips were trapping yours in a kiss. This kiss was different from any other one you had before, it was lustful, and full of need. You found yourself getting lost in his touch, and before you completely melted into him, you stopped yourself. You put your hands on his chest and tried to push him back, but it was no use, he was much stronger than you.
“Jaime, we shouldn’t be doing this…” you squeaked out as he moved his lips to your neck, leaving hot, open mouthed kisses in his wake, “But I’m not about to start complaining.

He moved you back towards the bed and let you fall back onto it, a gasp leaving your lips. As he hovered over you, placing sweet kisses from your jawline to your collarbone, the door was pushed open, revealing a quite smug Tyrion.
“Jaime, next time you try to fuck the servant girl, you may want to try shutting the door all the way” by this point, your face was beet red and your hands flew up to cover your embarrassment. “Anyway,” Tyrion continued, oblivious to your flustered state “Father needs you downstairs, family meeting and all.” And with that he was out the door.
Jaime helped you up off the bed, placed a sweet, slow kiss to your lips and whispered in your ear “Until next time, sweetheart.” With a quick wink, he was gone and you were left wondering what was in store for you next time.

pansexualeah  asked:

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on weird situations Jaime and his s/o get into bc of the scarab bc I have no doubt that bug is the literal worst third wheel EVER especially if his s/o is a member of the yj team plus a just imagine Jaime yelling "YEAH IK THE WAITER WAS RUDE BUT WE ARENT VAPORIZING ANYBODY OK" and whoops now they're banned from that restaurant

my 10/10 favorite would be khaji actually really liking jaime’s s/o?? they take care of his Host (and friend) and make him happy. he likes when they’re around bc jaime’s blood pressure lowers and he’s generally Calmer

so one time they’re holding hands and khaji busts out the armor to include jaime’s s/o’s hand too so they’re Forced to Continue holding hands. jaime is Screaming. s/o is saying it’s no big deal. khaji just wants jaime to calm down he has his best interests in mind.

anonymous asked:

What are your top5 favourite J/B moments (from the show)?

  1. the goodbye scene in 3x07. The acting is stellar, and the way Jaime visibly breaks inside when he hears Brienne address him as “ser Jaime” – it’s emotionally devastating, narrative-wise poignant (despite the lack of the whole kingslayer/wench mirror dynamic, it perfectly conveys the importance of names and how much of a turning point is for Jaime to be called a) with his own name and b) with his knightly title by a person like Brienne, who has been so unforgivingly severe in judging him and his crimes (this proves that the show can do character evolution right, even with a relatively brief scene). Plus, it’s written by GRRM!
  2. the bathtub scene – it is an almost literal adaptation of the source material, so all the merit goes to GRRM, but kudos to the show for delivering its significance so beautifully and for getting it right (it’s so rare with game of thrones nowadays…) and NCW and Gwen’s performances are terrific.
  3. the dinner scene, when Brienne is done with Roose’s bullshit and grabs a knife and Jaime puts his hand on hers to stop her, but lingers more than necessary. *CRIES*
  4. the “we don’t get to choose who we love” moment. A+ FORESHADOWING (also, I love how the scene turns a light hearted banter into a sudden sexually charged moment in a matter of seconds. THIS IS CHEMISTRY, FRIENDS)
  5. the bearpit, ok this isn’t technically show only but have you seen how frantically Jaime jumps off the horse and climbs those steps to get to Brienne? There’s desperation, there’s anxiety, there’s raw, genuine fear that Brienne is dying or already dead in there and it breaks my heart. I love how NCW plays Jaime in season 3. So nuanced and so intensely emotional despite his efforts to maintain his smug composure.

Tony Perry or Mike Fuentes?

asked by smokinxblunts

On Cersei's Feelings For Jaime-

My two cents after seeing multiple asks on whether Cersei could ever or did ever love Jaime and the assertions by some that while he loved her, she didn’t actually love him.

I’m just going to start by saying that I ship Jaime/Brienne. I’ve admitted this before (it’s my second biggest ASoIaF ship after Arya/Gendry.) Jaime is one of my top 5 characters of the entire series while Cersei probably doesn’t rank top 10. But I can’t help but cringe because so many people want to say that while Jaime truly loved Cersei (and his decisions based on her influence/his love for her are more acceptable,) Cersei just used him or something.

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Tony Perry Imagine - Surprise!

can you do a Tony imagine where you’re his girlfriend and Tony is on tour and its his birthday and Tony is sad and depressed because his girlfriend cant be there and the girlfriend surprises him with Jaime’s help. a long imagine would be cool ;)   

A/N: That wink face made me think you wanted smut but I made it fluffy so I’m sorry if you didn’t want this. :p
I also changed it just a teeny bit - hope you don’t mind

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Vic Fuentes and Jaime Preciado almost kiss (12daysofFearless Video)

Merry christmas have some Vic and Jaime love oxox