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“My name is Meteora.”

She stated, looming darkly over her two unsettled henchmen.
This is Heinous Meteora taking back the wheel of her potentially messed up life and doesn’t look pretty at all. A forgotten daughter who reached her breaking point, with an understandable rage against the sparkling, glittering Mewni, the Kingdom that kept sweeping its problems under the royal carpet for too long, and now they’re coming back in the form a very angry prodigal son daughter.

I don’t know if Meteora is truly going to be the show’s main villain, but I’d like to share my two cents, some kind of theory; the fact that we got to know her as someone continuously hiding her cheek marks, arguably the most distinctive feature of the show’s universe, perhaps with some self-loathing put into here and there, already tells a tragic backstory on its own.

Princess Meteora was the illegitimate daughter of a traitor, born from a marriage that Mewmans definitely considered blasphemy, disgusting, heinous, the latter perhaps being a derogatory term to address the very existence of this “unholy” child, a name which she then took for herself instead with pride and as a way to strike fear into her enemies, that very fear she had to live through for most of her life, and thus she became known as the dreaded Mrs. Heinous.

The reason she was obsessed with hiding her heritage wasn’t out of shame nor spite, but fear. She probably witnessed what Mewmans capable of, how ruthless they can be, terrified of people finding out her true identity and slaying her like the disgusting monster they thought she was. 

Desperate, over time she found new, morally unorthodox ways to conceal her more monstrous side, managing to hide in plain sight for centuries, but this had the terrible side effects of greatly slowing down her aging process and mess up with her mind and memories, in a way that she couldn’t distinguish lies (her own lies) from reality anymore, becoming her own mask.

Like an actual meteor, she wandered for years, lost, doing the only thing she knew she had to do: hide, by any means possible. She may have forgotten her true identity, but not the sheer terror she grew up with, the horror of what they’ll do to her the moment her cheek marks were to show up. And so she kept going, living up to that fake name she chose for herself.

In a moment, however, Meteora was snapped back into reality, as if she had woken up from a dream within a nightmare, a cracking dam suddenly breaking inside of her, a raging flow of memories and grudge taking over her emotions and motivations. Heinous is gone, Meteora steps in, once again embracing an identity society tailored for her: a vengeful monster. They’d treat her as one either way, so she finally chose to prove them right.

Robert Sugden thinks so little of himself. He thinks he deserves to be hit by his husband, kicked out by his mother-in-law, told he is horrible and disturbed, told he can never change, and the only thing that matters to him right now is helping his husband, not helping himself. Someone give him a hug and tell him he is worth everything, and let this man sort himself out.


I don’t like it how some people in this fandom criticize characters like Cullen for having bad viewpoints due to a traumatic event when he was younger and more ignorant, while they themselves stay completely ignorant to how much he grew and how different his views are in DA:I, not to mention that they most often praise characters with their own bad past = bad decisions/views arcs like Solas, Anders, Fenris, etc., some of which don’t even end up changing their minds.

I personally like and try to understand all of them as much as I can and it confuses me how some people can blatantly loathe one of them like they made some serious personal offense against them and plain out bully those who disagree while excusing the actions and previous/current opinions of other similar characters.

Things aren’t black or white, not in the entire DA lore, not for any of them and extreme hatred towards those characters who feel very much burdened by their past views and at least try to change their ways, as well as towards the part of them fandom that likes them in any way is just unfair and cruel.


You know what that means?! I’m now 25 diddly-dang years old!




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cuddles-and-chocolate-cake  asked:

How about a Musician!AU with Elucien?

Elucien Musician AU: See now this one is right up my street. Because Lucien was born to be musical tbh. Okay, okay I can’t remember if I’ve posted about this before (I don’t remember) but @pterodactylichexameter and I turned this vague idea into a whole Thing a little while back. I will now share the vague idea with you. (This also kind of fits the elucien/modern AU ask I got too) 

The three Archeron sisters are all involved in their local ballet production. Feyre does most of the set design and creation. Nesta and Elain are both dancers but Nesta is the only one of the two who is naturally suited to it. Elain tries, she really does, but there’s just something about Nesta that was made for this in a way that she wasn’t. But that doesn’t matter. She loves it a lot and she enjoys herself. 

Lucien is an assistant, he mostly helps Feyre out backstage and just sort of generally floats around doing odd jobs here and there. However he spends a lot of time crushing on the very pretty dancer who almost always seems to have some kind of flowers included in her costume (Azriel is their costume expert and he always makes sure there’s a little personal touch in all the dancer’s costumes. Nesta has fire but Elain always has some kind of flower) Or insisting that he definitely does not have a crush on the very pretty dancer with flowers on her costume (he is fooling no-one. (except Elain who is too sweet/oblivious and this all goes entirely over her head (or at least she pretends it does anyway, she doesn’t want to embarrass Lucien))) 

The real reason Lucien puts up with coming to all of the rehearsals even when there isn’t really that much for him to do except babysit Tamlin and make Feyre the odd cup of tea while she paints is discovered by Elain a few weeks into rehearsals. She, Nesta and Feyre have wandered all the way along to the bus stop before Elain realises that she’s forgotten her phone and her purse. Insisting that her sisters just get the bus and not walk all the way back to the theatre with her in the pouring rain, Elain runs back on her own. 

Grateful for the shelter of the theatre she hurries around backstage before she finds what she’s looking for and is about to head off before she hears soft, familiar bars of one of her favourite pieces in the production being played. Curious, she follows the music and peeks out onto the stage, wondering why the aged old piano player who’s been doing this for years and knows every piece back to front, is bothering to stay so late. 

She gets a shock then when she recognises the long red hair and pale, delicate, long fingered hands of Lucien moving over the piano tucked onto a corner of the stage instead. Transfixed she watches him, completely forgetting about going home, lost in the flowing lines of his body as he moves with the familiar rhythm of the piece, how his hands fly deftly across the keys, how beautiful he looks, how happy, an expression she knows she’s never truly seen on his face until now. 

His eyes are closed, his back to her, so lost in the music that he hasn’t noticed he’s being watched by a doe-eyed young dancer who can’t take her eyes off of him. That is until Elain fumbles her phone trying to put it into her bag without looking away from Lucien and drops it on the floor instead with a very loud clatter. Lucien jumps like a cat that’s just been given a bad electric shock and Elain turns bright red and they both start babbling and apologising at the same time. 

Lucien jumps away from the piano as though he’s only just remembered he’s violently allergic to it, now flushing a deeper crimson than his hair and muttering to her, asking her to please not tell anyone about this. Elain tentatively walks towards him and tells him slowly, hesitantly that she, she won’t, she won’t tell a soul…But only if he finishes that piece. Lucien blinks at her in surprise, raising an eyebrow and regaining a little of his composure now the shock has worn off a bit. Elain blushes again and tells him that it’s her favourite. Lucien hesitates and rubs the back of his neck saying that he doesn’t usually play in front of people, that’s one of the reasons he comes here and waits til everyone is gone and…But Elain is smiling at him so broadly and looking so eager and enthusiastic that he just…can’t say no to her. He pats the bench beside him and she happily hurries over and sits down beside him and watches him as he plays through the entire piece for her. 

They’re very close and everything feels very warm and they’ve liked each other for so long and Elain is murmuring that that was so beautiful and she had no idea he could play like that. Lucien flushes again (there’s a lot of that going round) and mumbles that he usually keeps it quiet. He can’t practice anywhere else and no-one seems to mind him playing this one after rehearsals. Elain smirks and asks him if that means no-one’s noticed and Lucien grins a little bit and agrees that she’s quite right. Elain squeezes his hand and promises faithfully that she won’t share his secret with anyone else. Kissing happens this night. 

After that Elain starts making a lot of excuses to stay behind at the theatre and listen to Lucien play. Initially he’s still a little uncomfortable and can only properly lose himself in it if she makes sure and hides backstage. But he gets more comfortable around her and he plays for her while she practices her dancing sometimes and other times he just plays for the look on her face when she listens to him, the way she smiles for him. It’s all very fluffy and sweet and precious and piano playing!Lucien is deeply Important to me. Now you all know. 

((also yes, they definitely bang on the piano at least once)) 


hello hello i have 7 assignments, 60 hours logged in dbd in the last 2 weeks and a whole lotta self-loathing here’s some michael sketches bc i’m hella enjoying the new dlc!!!

a long time ago @skatzaa wrote a thing so I made a thing? Also it’s almost the scorpio races festival yo 

One of the thing that deeply irritates me the most about star wars is how all these huge planets with ridiculously large populations all have a single monolithic culture with very little by the way or variation or even the kind of divisions you see inside a country on earth. And I guess that to some extent this is the product of being part of a galaxy where space and time are easily collapsible, so nationalism naturally expands it’s borders to include an entire planet in its purview.

But at the same time it doesn’t explain the lack of cultural variance in things like art or clothing or ritual or even relations to the Force and religion. I think it comes from this retrograde anthropological idea that every culture is easily classifiable and describable when cultures are these weird organic and complex entities which partially emerge in response to things and partially emerge because humans like to make meaning out of nothingness and partially because humans just like to do weird shit. I think the same would hold true for all sentients in the GFFA.

The thing about this retrograde view of culture is that it emerges from a particular political and social milieu (colonial and imperial) but it’s reproduced here in space without questioning at all. And then it just keeps getting even more irritating because you then have space fascists like thrawn who on some level are meant to have an appreciation of art, but on another level have this deeply functionalist understanding of art as an expression of an inherent cultural tendency or serving a particular psychological purpose/representation in a society. This is again this colonial understanding of material culture which posits that an object cannot exist in and of itself for itself or for anything like pleasure or individual expression, but that it directly expresses a cultural and universal expression that represents some inherent truth about a whole people (a psychological function, a function describing social relations and sociality). In thrawn’s case this is then put to use to conquer them. And this could be commentary on the colonial mindset of functionalist anthropology and understandings of culture, except that all of thrawn’s assumptions are proved correct over and over again - and his assumptions about monolithic cultures are reified over and over again in other books in the EU and in the movies and in canon shows like rebels.

So rather than having culture as this weird and manyheaded entity that no one ever perfectly maps to or understands - it is possible, for example, to feel like a stranger in your own “culture” because you have been subjected to so many global influences, and I’m guessing this same pattern would easily replicate itself here - you have a single culture which is also, incidentally, traditional and historical culture. This weird and exotic thing that you can write about in your colonial era anthropology books because it is strange and intricate and deeply rooted in the past - a distant and unnameable past - and rarely ever in the present. Culture, in other words, as primitive, as the Other to modernity which is apparently cultureless. And this too is a political idea which manifested in a cold war era milieu where modernity was a state of being that all other “developing” cultures were meant to aspire to - not just in ritual or dedication to science or dress or sexual freedom but also in modes of consumption but also wrt these more intangible ideas such as the american dream and it’s constituent personality traits like individualism. Star wars just kind of keeps reproducing it and sometimes there’s slippage that allows for you as a fanfic writer to write back against this (which… fandom… doesn’t… which is a rant for another day) but mostly it’s just an uncomfortable tension where you have these deeply colonialist assumptions and understandings of culture constantly being reproduced uncritically and as though this is natural and objective, quantifiable truth.

“Puzzle Peaches” Progress Update #01

November 6, 2017

SO! Should probably update ya’ll on the status of this project  at least once a month, and I’m happy to say progress is going GREAT! Between @auroblaze and I, we currently have 26 pages complete and the “Big” stories are mostly complete (I have one page left to finish colouring), so all that’s left is all the shorter comics/omakes, random illustrations and silly jokes that we’ve come up with.

I said before this thing is probably around 50 pages long, so we’re halfway there! Here’s hoping Progress continues at a steady pace until the next update!

Fragments - Part 6

Word Count: 6811 - omg I’m so sorry

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence, drinking, some self loathing, mentions of suicide attempt

A/N: Unbeta’d and unedited. Mistakes are all mine. Constructive feedback is always welcome. 

Fragments Masterlist

Your phone vibrating across your nightstand pulled you from a restless sleep. Truth be told, you hadn’t slept soundly since you’d been back except for the night you’d fallen asleep in Dean’s arms. You’d been plagued by dreams of all the hunts you’d been on, the woman you’d killed, the spirits of those little kids, Magda, and her horrible mother. You reached your hand out into the darkness and fished around for your phone, finally finding it and pulling it back to your ear. “Hello?”

“Sorry to wake you, Y/N, but this is important.” Cas answered hastily. “I may have found a lead on the pieces of your soul.” You sat up, resting your back against the headboard and pulling your knees up to your chest.

“Ok.” You breathed. “Spill. What’d you find?”

“I’m hesitant to tell you over the phone, Y/N, I’m sorry, but someone could be listening.” Cas explained. “What I can tell you is we may need to talk to your father.”

“But he’s…he’s dead how are you gonna -“

“We can make it happen.” Cas cut you off before you could finish. Whatever he found out wasn’t good news and it was making you nervous. “I’ll be at the bunker soon.”

After Cas’ phone call you tried in vain to go back to sleep, tossing and turning, before you finally gave up. You changed your clothes and went to the kitchen, pouring yourself a tumbler of whiskey and making your way to the library, sitting in one of the chairs and thinking about what the angel had said.

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here’s ur drabble nerds,,, tumblr user sinisterspooks held me at gunpoint as i finished this (also,,, sini came up with the ideas i just Expanded)

sino ka?

be more chill
jeremy heere/michael mell
percussion boys au
728 words

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Mission Compromised

Request/Prompt(s): 5 & 12? Bucky x reader? Pretty pleaseee i love your work sooo much

5.      “That’s not your real name.”
12.   “I can’t breathe in this dress, can we please hurry up?”

Warnings: Swearing, mild mission-related violence

Word Count: 2987

Originally posted by totheendofthelinepal

“Okay, Natasha cannot be serious,” you complained, stepping out of the hotel bathroom. You were too busy tugging on the hem of the dress, trying to will it to grow more fabric to notice how Bucky’s eyebrows arched and his bright blue eyes snapped wide for the briefest moment. “How am I supposed to lift anything in this?”

Bucky laughed, locking the loaded clip into the magazine of his gun and holstering it low behind his back. He stepped forward, untwisting the strap on your shoulder. His icy metal hand on your skin felt like electricity. It sent a lightning bolt of nerves fluttering down your spine.

“I think it serves its purpose,” he smirked, looking down at you, still standing incredibly close. The cold prosthetic knuckles slid across your shoulder as he followed the line of the strap. “Nat is all about distraction.”

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The Problem with News as Entertainment

The media, specifically news coverage, shows us and keeps us informed on what is happening in the world. There are many types of news: newspapers, magazines, TV channels… but at what point does news coverage actually become entertainment? And how do news channels MARKET their news for the consumer? It’s time to re-think what we’ve always seen.

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