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How To Christmas

Merry Christmas @effulgentcolors, it’s been so great being your CS Secret Santa! Here is your gift, a modern neighbours AU (of course!) with some kindred spirit bonding at Christmas time :)  Hope you enjoy it and have a great Christmas!

Emma dives into the lobby and shakes off the snow from her jacket as she shivers, clenching her muscles in an attempt to hold in the warmth of her body. She pulls down her scarf that’s been sitting up to her nose and sniffs, her nose no doubt bright red. Gone are the days of pretty snow falls and casual jackets with the winter season now in full freezing force.

She taps her boots on the wet lobby mat and tugs off her gloves, her hands still red raw and her skin dry from the cold. It’s been a long day and she can still feel the dampness on her pants where she fell chasing that damn skip. All she wants is a nice hot bath, a glass of whatever alcoholic beverage Ruby had left the previous weekend and a slice of the heaven that is Mary Margaret’s pie in her refrigerator.

Emma sniffs again as she heads to the elevator, passing the obnoxiously large Christmas tree with the fake gifts underneath. It’s a gorgeous tree (and if she’d had one more drink last weekend she probably would have drunkenly tried to smuggle the giant thing into her apartment) but it makes the small one she owns rather dismal. At least she makes an effort to be festive in her apartment just for one.

The elevator door starts closing just as she reaches it but an arm sticks out and pushes it back for her. She shuffles in and murmurs a thank you before looking up and realizing it’s none other than Killian Jones. She doesn’t really know much about the guy that lives in the apartment beside hers, only that he also lives alone, has a subscription to a sailing magazine that sometimes get put in her mailbox and often plays music at all hours of the night.

‘Of course, Swan.’ She also knows that he’s British and incredibly attractive. Emma glances at the elevator buttons before realizing he’s going to the same floor and exhales. She may be socially awkward by being absolutely terrified of opening up to anyone and letting people in, but she can make small talk when it doesn’t really matter. Except with Killian Jones it seems. Perhaps it’s just in her mind, but she can feel a thick tension between them that makes her throat dry.

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Early Morning

Pairing: Aki/Youka

Words: 2,286

Rating: T (i guess)

Summary: Youka stayed the night at Aki’s house, and accompanies her during her school morning routine the next day. They’ve already been dating for quite a while now during this fic.

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Hello there, I’m Frances, 20, and recently realised that I’m genderfluid (female/agender, she/her pronouns). It’s all kinda new to me so I just thought I’d say hi to some kindred spirits ;) I’m also asexual, something I’ve known for a bit longer and that has been more obvious to me, considering all the sexuality that’s flowing around in the world^^
Should you want to contact me, I’m halyorke-vampiredisaster. I’m a bit of a private person, but always open to make new acquaintances with nice people. :)

If by
Some offset
We are some sort
of kindred spirits

Or my soul
Loved yours,
Trillions of years

I’m blessed
To just have known you,

In this lifetime,
On this earth.

—  Zienab Hamdan - Because my soul has always loved yours, before I even knew you.

[Hot on the trail of a missing suspect, a bunny, Nick and Judy arrive at her abandoned office]

Judy(Looking underneath a desk): So, her name’s Melissa Lapin-

Nick(Pausing in the midst of sniffing the air): Wait, how did you know that? Some kind of kindred spirit bunny telepathy?

Judy(Pointing at a pile of unopened mail on the floor, amused): No, I read it off an envelope. Melissa Lapin, owner and CEO.

Nick(Rolling his eyes and joining her beneath the desk with a flashlight): That’s cheating. I sniffed her out.

Judy(Patting his head): Good boy.

[Hot on the trail of a missing suspect, a bunny, Nick and Judy arrive at her abandoned office]

Judy(Looking underneath a desk): So, her name’s Melissa Lapin-

Nick(Pausing in the midst of sniffing the air): Wait, how did you know that? Some kind of kindred spirit bunny telepathy?

Judy(Pointing at a pile of unopened mail on the floor, amused): No, I read it off an envelope. Melissa Lapin, owner and CEO.

Nick(Rolling his eyes and joining her beneath the desk with a flashlight): That’s cheating. I sniffed her out.

Judy(Patting his head): Good boy.

1st Simblrversary

Did you know my Simblr is nearly a year old now?!

Originally posted by myloveforbarbra

I know many of you have been here longer than that, I myself have been active in the wider sims community for many many years but I finally feel most comfortable here.

A lot of that has to do with the people I follow and interact with.

I honestly feel like I’ve met some kindred spirits, fellow R&B and creative writing lovers, not to mention a few similarly smutty friends here. So squishy awkward hugs to you all. 

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Below is a list, not an exhaustive one, but take it as a thank you for having me and entertaining me for the past year.

Legacies / Stories:





Extra special thanks to those of you who’ve downloaded my lots or cc and followed my dysfunctional legacy family through to its fourth generation. I promise the road to happiness for some of them is still far from simple ;-)

Love Kat (KrazyAngelKat81)

I unironically love “poser” goth aesthetics.
I still listen to some Manson and Evanescence. I will absolutely pop into Hot Topic and paw around the clearance rack. I think Pastel, Urban and Nu Goth are all just as great as Vampiric, Romantic Victorian goth. 
One of my favorite things about the goth subculture used to be that there was no gatekeeper complex. Goth was a safe space for everyone who didn’t fit in and was looking for some kind of kindred spirits, some kind of acceptance.
But now? Goth has become full of so much elitist bullshit. Don’t wear Tripps, don’t listen to anything other than gloomy death rock, haven’t read all of Anne Rice’s novels or recite Lord Byron’s entire life by heart? Nope, you can’t be a Real Goth TM and are therefore gonna be secluded and scorned while the rest of us sit around feeling superior and looking down our noses at everyone else.
It makes me sad. It makes me really, really sad.

Some people in this world are just soulmates

No matter what capacity. It doesn’t have to be romantic or lead to marriage for someone to be the one person, who just makes you a better you and in the process makes you love yourself, flaws and all. They are someone, who understands all your silent frustrations, the misgivings behind your steps, the holes in your smiles, and the phantom tears on your cheeks. At the same time, they alleviate your muted qualms, never let you fall, make you smile from the corners of your eyes, and wipe every single tear away. They inspire you, and you inspire them. They want to be the best they can be because you see it in them. You are their muse and the source of their happiness. That sense of contentment, in knowing that someone accepts and loves you for exactly who you are. All of who you are. Every ounce. Every step. Every blink.

March 2016 Horoscopes
  • Aries: Allow yourself a long weekend on March 10th, when several planets in Pisces will lull you into sitting still.. You'll need the rest, because by the end of the month the sun and Mercury will join Uranus in your sign, and once again the chase for adrenaline will be on. Venus is passing through your solar eleventh house of friendships and group activities, so there is really no way you can avoid meeting some new kindred spirits. On March 7th the moon and venus and the moon will join forces in the same spot to help you connect with your new BFF. Venus and Neptune will be in Pisces when they collide on March 20th, and since venus rules money and neptune isnt too keen on details, you'll need to keep a vigilant eye on your money situation. Be careful not to misplace cash, cards, checks, even gift cards, and please, frequently check your balances. The Lunar eclipse on March 23rd will occur in your solar eleventh house of one to one relationships with Libra. Now, this lunation means business, so you might need to make your point forcefully, for the very last time.
  • Taurus: An unexpected invitation to a party or outdoor gathering will probably arrive around March 15th, and you really should go. An easy trine will be formed by Jupiter and Pluto on March 16, and in your case, this is really good news! Both planets will be in earth signs like your own, which are well known for sensuality, and remember, jupiter is still in your solar fifth house of lovers? If you've been thinking of applying to a higher position in your current company, venus will be happy to help. Schedule a chat with your boss NOW. Mercury and venus will get together this month in Pisces, and since both are in your solar 11th house of groups and friendships; an introduction around march 14th could put you face to face with someone sexy who is older or younger than yourself by at least a few years.
  • Gemini: Venus and Aquarius and your solar ninth house of travel and education will absolutely insist that you broaden your horizons this month. Make a spontaneous long distance trip? Maybe new classes to master a computer system? It doesnt matter as long as it feeds your curious mind and spirit. The sun and mercury will set off for your solar eleventh house of friendships on March 19th and 21st, and they'll be joined by fiery aries. This could mean that fireworks will fly and amid a group of friends you're keeping company with, or even that someone you've only thought of platonically will be suddenly quite appealing. Money matters may be a bit confusing this month, especially if you've been working towards a raise, bonus, or promotion and it just isnt happening. Mercury and Pisces are in your solar tenth house of career matters. Get the facts straight before you burn any bridges. Something could be in the works for you behind the scenes. On March 20th, venus will collide with neptune. This is a very romantic team, so you might just run into the love of your life, and it might be a higher-up or superior. On the other hand, you may cross paths with someone who seems perfect at first glance...keep your guard up around them..
  • Cancer: There may be a bit of travel on your agenda this month; Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and then sun will spend a lot of time in your solar ninth house teamed up with nostalgic pisces. If a relationship hasn't been going too well lately, you might decide to terminate it around march 4th or 5th, but before you do, make sure it's what you really want to do. If things have been a big shaky in your financial life recently, you can expect that to end--or at least get a whole lot easier. By the end of the month, all those planets in aquarius will leave your solar eighth house of joint money matters. Your ruling planet, the moon, has two eclipses for this month, both of which will be tricky for all of us to handle. So if you're out of wack around march 8th and 23rd, force yourself to relax and take some time alone to think things over.
  • Leo: Venus will enter in your solar house of shared finances, loans, and inheritances on March 12th, paired with Pisces; a sign that's not so great with details. If you need to sign papers, have someone who knows what they're doing look them over first. Don't allow yourself to be rushed. The eighth house also rules intimate relationships, Leo, so Venus's journey through here could have quit the upside to it. Pisces planets dissolve boundaries. March 26th in particular will bring you a great big dose of it. Jupiter will get together will pluto on March 16th, urging you to think about a management or supervisory position. If you're trained and prepared for it, wonderful. If not, don't jump into anything that won't end well. Two eclipses this month could mean you're due for some great, but changes you weren't expecting, but don't panic! Change is good for the soul, and it certainly makes things interesting. A certain higherup may throw a huge project your way and want it done yesterday.
  • Virgo: Mars will take off for sagittarius and your solar fourth house of home and family matters on march 5th, Virgo, so the pace of life at your place will pick up--big time. By march 13th, the sun, venus, and mercury will all join neptune in Pisces in your solar seventh house. You have propensity for seeing the best in others and wanting to fix them, but on march 14th a situation with authority figures could come up and you won't be able to do anything for a loved one. Don't beat yourself up. Venus will be on duty in your solar sixth house of work and work oriented relationships until march 12th. If you left things on a less than pleasant terms with a coworker or friend, you'll have the chance to make things right. March 14th may be problematic for you, don't be surprised if a child or other family member has a whole lot of complaining to do.
  • Libra: Venus in aquarius will remain on duty in your solar fifth house until march 12th, which is where all kinds of fun things happen. This house describes your playmates and lovers and also your dealings with kids. You can count on a lot of spontaneous good times! If you're not seeing anyone at the moment, that could change, quickly. Your ruling planet, Venus, is making her way through your solar fifth house, and so is aquarius. Needless to say, someone quite unusual could be along shortly, under odd or unusual circumstances. On March 16th, jupiter will form a trine with pluto, and when these two combine talents, all kinds of things are possible. Pluto brings career matters, and jupiter is more than happy to provide lots of opportunities for promotions, not to mention entirely new work. Two eclipses will occur this month, so be prepared. March 8th(the first eclipse) will drop an emotional bomb in your solar sixth house of work, which could mean you'll decide that you hate your job and it isn't worth it anymore. Just be sure to have a backup plan before you storm off in hurricane Libra.
  • Scorpio: You will have your share of adrenaline on or around march 14th. If someone tries to lure you into a no-win debate, just walk away. You're probably getting used to having people come your way who are strays or outcasts, and maybe even animals in the same condition. Neptune has been on duty in your 5th house for a while now, encouraging you to let in the strays and take care of the underdog. That's cute, and we appreciate your effort, but try not to let someone take advantage of you this month. Saturn has entered your solar second house of personal money matters; it's definitely time to take your belt in a few notches(be a lil more frugal). Two eclipses are due this month. The first, march 8th, will plant a supercharged seed of new beginnings in your solar fifth house of lovers, playmates, and dealings with kids. If you've been trying to conceive, prepare for some happy news. On March 23rd, the lunar eclipse will occur in libra and you solar second house of finances, and you may need to collect on a debt.
  • Sagittarius: Mars is set to take off for your sign march 5th, so you're sure to have plenty of energy. You'll probably find yourself craving adrenaline, action, and adventure. Hang on for a little while, and you'll certainly have it. Exciting invitations will be abound! Finding playmates is never hard for you, but this month you're due to come across some really unusual types who might just show you a thing or two about enjoying life. Look to march 2nd for someone really different to cross your path. A meeting with an advisor on march 1st will get your month off to a terrific start. If you're thinking of investing, have someone who knows what they're doing go over the paperwork. Jupiter might just bring you some amazing news on march 16th. March 30th and 31st could be a bit problematic, especially if someone close to you has a rather fiery temperature. You're usually quite good at smoothing things over, either with humor or a philosophical point of view, or both. If they seem more volatile than usual, just stay out of it. Not your circus, not your monkeys.
  • Capricorn: It might not be easy for you to relax this month, capricorn, but thanks to the solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th, you'll be more than ready to speak your mind without filtering out anything via a two second delay. On March 14th, if you want to make up with your s/o it will require an all out admitting that yes, YOU were wrong. Venus and Mercury will make their way through your solar third house of communications, all done up in pisces. Now this could be tough to deal with if you're trying to balance your monthly bills. If you're trying to change careers, you'll have the perfect planetary envoy. Two eclipses will occur this month, and while neither of them will be in your sign their effects will still be quite potent. On march 23rd, the solar eclipse will shake things up in your tenth house of career matters, don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
  • Aquarius: You'll have an opportunity to take off with an interesting friend on March 2nd, and one never knows where you two might end up, but it'll certainly be fun. You might also decide that being just friends with them isn't enough. A lunar eclipse will arrive on March 23rd, done up in Libra. This lunation will take place in your solar ninth house of long lost lovers, so if you suddenly have the urge to see them again, no matter how far away they are from you, think before you hop on a plane and definitely call first. The solar eclipse on March 8th will shake things up in your solar second house of money matters. You might lose your wallet, your cards, or even your cash. Don't agree to any financial obligations. Settle a nagging debt instead. On March 20th, venus will conjoin neptune, both of them in Pisces. This could add up to love at first sight, but it might also mean that someone is sending you mixed signals and you're none too pleased about it. Your mission is to stay calm, ask pointed questions, and let them know you expect pointed answers.
  • Pisces: Your solar first house of personality and appearance is going to get stampeded with planets, so you probably won't get much sleep this month, but you'll definitely have the chance to relax with those closest to you. Venus will tiptoe into your sign on March 12th. If single, someone quite romantic will come to you. Just be sure you're seeing them clearly. If you're attached, you can count on your partner to be sympathetic, understanding, and helpful. If you're after a loan and looking for quick approval, set up your appointment on March 16th or 17th. Jupiter in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships will provide you with someone benevolent and helpful to give you a hand with the details and thorough, practical pluto in capricorn will see to it that the authorities in charge are quite cooperative. A lunar eclipse with libra will arrive on March 23rd, and along with a square between saturn and jupiter, this eclipse might bring along some fireworks in the relationship department. Try to keep a cool head.
Fridget in Wentworth Behind the Scenes
  • Director in 3x03: "We have the beginning of Franky and Bridget interaction. Bridget is a really important character in the 3rd series and her relationship with Franky is something that we'll be exploring a lot more down the track".
  • Nicole da Silva as Franky Doyle in 3x03: "Bridget Westfall comes in as the resident psychologist... What's interesting is the dynamic between Bridget and Franky, from the outset it's quite a heated connection.
  • Tanner as Bridget Westfall 3x07: "I think over the 20 years of Bridget working in this field, she has seriously never come across a client with such potential as Frank Doyle, so she feels in some ways a kindred spirit".
  • Ra Champman as Kim Chang in 3x07: "She sees that Franky has a new woman, she's not happy...When Kim happens to stumble on Bridget and Franky having a moment, she can plainly see the chemistry. Her suspicions of why Franky is pushing her away are very clear. It's Bridget.
  • Libby Tanner as Bridget Westfall 3x08: "The reveal that Bridget has feelings for Franky and the repercussions... Bridget's completely thrown for a 6... She does not know what to do".