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Fashion Friday - Forearms Are Scarce These Days Edition

It’s Friday, my friends. Changing things up this week. Two reasons. 

First, there hasn’t been much fresh forearm action action of late and i worry about boring you with recycled images. Second, I’m doing a big computer thingy today and  I may not have access to my saved files for a bit. 

Hence, the first “Fashion Friday.” Because I can take the high road. I can be a mature lady. I can appreciate an attractive man filling out nice clothes.

Let us begin. What does one wear for wall scaling and leaping around Starling City like a vengeful rabbit? This, apparently. And it’s gorgeous. Masculine, not trying too hard, but still-put-together Oliver Queen on a mission to parkour the shit out of Starling City is one of my fave looks for him. Oh, the pants.

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SA in a suit is never, ever a bad thing. That someone who looks this good dressed up chooses to walk around life in a crappy backwards baseball cap is a riddle for the fucking ages. He is just beautiful in grown up man clothes. So, even when we have a shot like this, which is honestly just a few steps away from a Sears catalog shot, I say, where do I order and do they have in-store pickup? 

Layered sweater is a good look on this man…when the sweaters fit, like here. This season we have been forced to see him heinous floppy baggy knitwear that honestly makes me want to punch somebody (not him) in the face. It’s like the wardrobe department has never watched the show. 

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Okay, Bratva Oliver Queen in the brown jacket accessorized with guns. Works for me. On a primal level. Every level. Levels I don’t even know about. 

If your aesthetic does not appreciate this man in a tuxedo then you are have probably been dead for some time. Seriously, call somebody and let them know to send the medical examiner because this is a sexy defibrillator and you should be awake now and fanning yourself because this is life.  

I would be remiss if I did not address the Arrow suit because…it’s leather and this is never a bad thing. Personally, I like the older suit because I think the leather looked softer and I liked the way it draped on his body, but do kind of dig the bicep reveal. 

The new suit looks more like armor. Less touchable. Hard. Especially the pants. And yes, I mean that and I have eyes. 

Okay, because it’s the weekend and I am not cruel, I will leave you with something extra nice. Besides, I’m not gonna lie. I still dig the suit he was born with. 

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Wishing you all a lovely day. Hope it is full of pretty and happiness. Because you deserve these things. I expect to post another treat or two this weekend. Stay tuned and please reblog if you are so inclined. 

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noddytheornithopod  asked:

If they're clearly saving Lapis' opinions on Rose for a later point (probably for some sort of reveal), how do you think Lapis presumably making the connection to Rose Quartz affects how she views Steven? One thing I find interesting is how unlike other wartime gems she doesn't ever mistake him for Rose, while characters like Bismuth, Eyeball and especially Jasper do a lot.

Funny you should mention Bismuth, because she kind of taps into something I think is really interesting about Lapis!

Lapis doesn’t just never mistake Steven for Rose. She rather pointedly verbally separates Steven from the Crystal Gems, who Rose essentially founded.

“Your friends- the Crystal Gems- they don’t care about other Gems.” - Ocean Gem. “Your friends the Crystal Gems.” She doesn’t consider him a Crystal Gem.

“He’s not one of them!” - The Return. Sure, she’s insisting Steven is a human to prevent him getting arrested by Jasper, but, interesting terminology is interesting.

The thing about Bismuth is, while she did have her moment of suspecting Steven was a trick created by Rose rather than a real person- she also relented on that a lot faster than Jasper or Eyeball and before that, she was easily the most enthusiastic person we’ve met in suggesting Steven could be nothing like Rose.

And Bismuth has troubled history with Rose. She once admired her, and in some ways, still does, but that admiration has hit hard, and she also has some pretty strong resentment- Rose betrayed her, hurt her, and trapped her, and then lied to cover it up.

So I think that’s something interesting that while most people have the extreme of positively or negatively attaching Rose to either what they think Steven is, or what he should be, both Lapis and Bismuth are pretty adamant that he is absolutely nothing like Rose.

And why is that? Well, at least with Bismuth, her impression of Steven is very positive. Even though he ends up bubbling her, he promises not to do what Rose did. They spent a whole day bonding and connecting to each other before things went, well, badly

So she wants to divorce him from Rose, who is a mess of murky feelings. She doesn’t want to think about Rose, and she really doesn’t want her perspective of Rose to taint her view of Steven, though, despite her best intentions, she can’t really.

Which… honestly, though we don’t have obvious evidence Lapis has troubled history with Rose, outside of her conspicuous silence- a lot of that could be said about Lapis, as well. Idyllic bonding period with Steven, taking a great shine to him, followed by them coming into conflict, and then a kind of reconciliation.

Lapis likes Steven. She really does. And I feel like that would give her a very strong motive to try and ignore his connection to Rose, because…

Lapis “never believed in [Earth].” And she says that in an incredibly bitter way. She was poofed by Bismuth, one of Rose’s very loyal companions, until the debate of the Breaking Point, and it’s pretty clear the way she frames it that she blames the Crystal Gems much more than she does Homeworld.

And there’s no way Lapis doesn’t know who Rose is. Rose, without any disguise, openly crashed Blue Diamond’s mission to Earth. Rose was hardly hiding during the war.

5SOS’s Michael Clifford Is On Crutches After Falling Off Stage At Radio 1′s Teen Awards

5SOS’s Michael Clifford might have to wrap himself up in bubblewrap for future performances, as after he burnt his face during the band’s tour earlier this year, he’s now gone and fallen off stage during BBC Radio 1′s Teen Awards.

On second thoughts, maybe Mikey should just steer well clear of Wembley Arena.

Copyright [Twitter/@thinkclifford]

The 19-year-old is now on crutches after the incident, which saw him falling down a hole in the stage right in the midst of doing his thang.


Mikey carried on until the end of the boys’ set like a total pro, before heading off to see some medics to make sure he was alright.

He’s since taken to Twitter to reassure everyone that he’s doing just fine, writing: “WHY DO I ALWAYS HURT MYSELF.

“all good geezers. On crutches for the next few days. don’t look at me funny pls lolz. Thanks radio 1 for having us!“

Copyright [Twitter/Michael Clifford]

Phew. There’s far too many band members in various boots, braces and on crutches these days. BE CAREFUL, GUYS,

Speaking to Newsbeat after their performance, Ashton and Calum explained exactly what happened up (or should we say down?) on that stage, revealing: “There’s a big hole in the middle of the stage and Michael was unaware of the hole.

“We hadn’t actually been on the stage, we hadn’t sound checked today. We just kind of went out there.

“The thing is with radio shows, I mean the stages are always different. They always do some crazy stuff with the stage shape. They just never have a regular stage. So many people have fallen off stage, he’s lucky it didn’t turn out like The Edge from U2.”

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Always look on the bright side of life.

Calum then joked: “I wouldn’t have minded if he’d broken his leg, I could do with some time off.”

Michael’s got his own explanation for what went wrong though, joking to Radio 1: “I was looking at Rita Ora and I was like…hey. And I fell.”

Get well soon, Michael!

anonymous asked:

Regarding your previous letter, what kind of past mistakes did you learn from?

Ah, yes, how I learnt not to make statements with a very loose factual basis because of the potential for emotional harm regardless of intent or clarification.

While studying at Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, I became fascinated by the notion that it was a school just for gifted unicorns, and I wondered what that meant, just how gifted ponies were.

I started observing other students and making note of their activities and responses in class, test scores and such. I could not ascertain if the students were in fact gifted, as I had no baseline to compare to, but I could note there was significant difference between the students.

I decided to compile my data into a single list ranking the students by their scholastic aptitude. What I hoped this would accomplish was to inspire some students to study a bit harder. What actually happened was something I could not have predicted.

First of all, the students reacted in various ways, mainly influenced by their position on the list. Those near the top became arrogant and mocked the ones below. Many near the middle or towards the bottom accused me of favoritism. Some students near the bottom became sad, felt like it was hopeless, that they weren’t gifted enough to be there.

I tried explaining that the list was not conclusive. I tried explaining my methods to show the list was not rigged, it was based on a consistent mathematical approach. I tried explaining that even if accurate such a list could not determine if you were in fact gifted and belonged in the school or not as it was merely comparing students within the school. It didn’t really help much.

The second thing that happened was that my teacher became quite mad at me. She perceived my list as a way to bully other students and she was also angry that I had looked through her desk to find out other students’ test scores.

Despite my intentions, the whole thing became such an issue that it disrupted everypony’s studies rather than furthering them! So much in fact that Celestia herself stepped in. I remember her words quite clearly, still.

“My dear students, I want you to know that you are all here because you are gifted, because you belong. I know none of you are perfect, that we all make mistakes,” she said, and with that word briefly glanced over at me. “But do not worry who might be better or worse at some silly test. Instead, remember that I believe in you, no matter what anypony else might say. I think you will accomplish great things for Equestria one day.”

She hadn’t placed any blame, she didn’t even address the specific situation directly, she just reminded everypony why they were there, and that being there wasn’t a contest. As such, instead of turning students against those who gloated, or me for publishing the list, it made everypony feel like the whole thing didn’t matter, and they should make good use of the opportunity they were given and the faith placed in them. It was the kind of subtlety I will likely never master.

We might not have gotten much studying done that day, but I did learn something important: to be very careful when revealing data which attempt to classify ponies as better or worse, unless there is some very solid evidence behind, it if at all, as such data can easily make ponies targets, or make them feel worth less.

Never apologize for saying what you truly feel. Do not comfort them with your filthy lies and sweet words that are not true, it will hurt them in the end. Telling the truth isn’t always as easy as it sounds to do., you need to consider their feelings, but you can’t lie either and that’s how things becomes complicated. Sometimes when you choose to be honest with someone, the person who learns the truth may get angry towards you and that would be the worse, and that’s the time that we will apologize for saying the truth. Sometimes being real with someone isn’t what they want to hear, but when we decide to tell the truth, instead of dodging the truth by telling a lie. We all have secrets we can’t reveal. We all know some things that we can’t tell to others, because silence is all we can do in that kind of situation. Being honest doesn’t mean that you have to be mean or forceful, for we should always treat others with respect and dignity.

Don’t be sorry for being honest, because while a lie may last for a short amount of time until it is found out, or until it has to be compounded with more lies, the truth can never fade or die. Usually when we want to tell the truth to someone, it is because we care for them and we just want the best for them, even though it will hurt them but as what they say “Truth hurts”.