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Romantic Tropes I’m an absolute sucker for:

The slow burn where they both love each other but think the other person doesn’t feel the same way but literally everyone in the world knows how they feel about each other.

They absolutely loathe each other but everyone around them knows that they actually totally love each other.

Royalty/Commoner ESPECIALLY when the commoner didn’t know they were royalty and feel so betrayed when they find out.

I mean really, any version of the Person A is hiding something about their identity for decentish reasons and Person B eventually finds out and is just so betrayed and Person A has some version of the “I didn’t mean for it to happen, but it did. I fell in love with you.” (Chasing Liberty is my favorite, okay?)

Also the “we’re from different worlds” version, too.

And of course Person A is trying to rescue/find/reunite with they significant other and Person B gets enlisted to help but then totally falls in love but thinks Person A really loves sigo, but when they finally are reunited they realize they really love Person B.



Anders + Looking at Hawke

@ MLM guys who are in their teens/early twenties

• Don’t worry if you haven’t had a boyfriend yet
• Don’t get hung up on the idea of having a high school/college sweetheart like in the movies
• Don’t pressure yourself to have a relationship with someone who isn’t your type just because you want to be with somebody

Literature and the media glorifies the idea of young love so much that it can make you believe that you should have some kind of romance as part of your teen/young adult years. But you don’t. There is no timeline for love.

Bubble Bath with Negan

For Ash’s 2k writing challenge! As you can probably guess by the title, I chose the bubble bath prompt. I hope you all enjoy reading it, and let me know what you think! Also, I’m not sure why on some, the “keep reading” thing isn’t visible. So if you can’t see it, just go to my blog. The full post is there. 😉

Summary: Negan has been stressed out lately, so you decide to give him a night of relaxation… ;)

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, Swearing, Unprotected Sex.

Characters: Negan & You

Words: 1977

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Living at the sanctuary was usually great. Most everyone here got along pretty well, with the exception of a few ungrateful workers. As one of Negan’s wives, you had no right to complain. Life was pretty much as great as it could be, given the circumstances. Negan and the Saviors had found you in the woods one day, half out of your mind and very sick. They brought you back, gave you a place to stay, food, medicine, and well, exactly what it’s called. They gave you a sanctuary.

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@ All wlw/sapphics • Don’t worry if you haven’t had a girlfriend yet • Don’t get hung up on the idea of having a high school/college sweetheart like in the movies • Don’t pressure yourself to have a relationship with someone who isn’t your type just because you want to be with somebody Literature and the media glorifies the idea of young love so much that it can make you believe that you should have some kind of romance as part of your teen/young adult years. But you don’t. There is no timeline for love.





What do we KNOW?

  1. We know that Izzy relies on her ability to seduce to get what she wants.  The girl oozes sex and knows how to use it. (AKA Meliorn)
  2. We know Izzy is addicted to Yin Fen or whatever that drug is
  3. We know Yin Fen is made of Vampire venom
  4. We know Izzy knows Aldertree is using her.  Izzy is smart and loyal  Her devotion to her brother and Clary will win out and she’ll be left struggling with her addiction without Aldertree supplying her
  5. What better way to get more Yin Fen (either made or delt to her) than to use your connections with the vampires you know?  ESPECIALLY if you have connections to the most POWERFUL influential vampire in the AMERICAS - AKA Leader of the New York Clan, Raphael Santiago.
  6. We know Raphael has probably dealt with the underground black market due to Camille’s reign and as a vamp is familiar with the substance.
  7. We know Izzy will likely take advantage of her sex appeal - clearly by the photos in which she’s touching Raphael while wearing a skin-tight sheer black slip of a dress.
  8. We can see in the photo where she’s kissing Raphael that he’s stiff-backed.  His hands are NOT on her when she’s kissing him and his eyes are OPEN.  This does not indicate enjoyment.
  9. We know from meta sources Raphael is often viewed on the Aro/Ace spectrum, meaning sex might not tempt him.
  10. We know Raphael is an OPPORTUNIST.  He’s cunning.  Devious.  But he’s got a heart deep under the ice.
  11. Izzy seems a bit put out in this photo right after:
  12. Did that kiss and her sex-appeal maybe not work as she expected?
  13. We have not OUTRIGHT seen Raphael work his FLIRT yet, we only ever saw him eye-fucking Simon and touching SIMON.  But it seems that Raphael can be SLICK and DEVIOUS as FUCK when he wants to be, he can FOOL people with his charms.
  14. But he’s touching her - probably right after the kiss
  15. Maybe Raphael fooled her straight up and told her “Oh honey.  Nice try, cariño.” and pulled her hair back condescendingly, which is why she looks kind of miffed, kind of angry in the fifth photo
  16. That would seem very much like something Raphael would do.
  17. BUT he’s not the type to waste an opportunity - Isabelle would be in his debt if he helps her.
  18. We know he never got revenge on Aldertree so far for torturing him
  19. Could he perhaps want an alliance with Isabelle to take Aldertree down?
  20. So we know there can be a chance that this is just the follow up of them making a deal together.
  21. We know the synopsis says “Isabelle finds an unlikely new ally.”
  22. We KNOW that has to be in Raphael
  23. We also know a new sexuality will be introduced in episode 10  from Emeraude’s tweet.  Maybe this has to do with Raphael’s sexuality on the aro/ace spectrum?

In conclusion, this doesn’t mean there is some kind of romance blooming between Isabelle Lightwood and Raphael Santiago.  BUT HOLY FUCK IS THIS INTRIGUING.

the romantic interest has always been established within the first ep, just saying

The Handmaid’s Tale: marketing, then and now

Comparing the Hulu adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale to the 1990 version is… weird, because the old one seems to have been made with a “haha, this could never happen; let’s play it like a fun adventure thriller and sell it as sexy as possible!” kind of attitude. I mean, the trailer has this bouncy narration that starts with “once upon a time…” and turns the dystopian element into more of a soap opera.

And just take a look at the promotional art:

(…I don’t think that was the message of the book, guys. Sure, Offred was longing for human touch, or pretty much any kind of human connection, but I think that the book was more about women being reduced to wombs with legs, not state-owned prostitutes… It was about the desperation of needing to give birth or face punishment. Everything about this dystopia was hyper-de-sexualized.)

Oh, and my favorite:

“A psychosexual movie shocker.” With what looks like half the cover of a cheesy romance novel, minus some buff shirtless guy.

(I also think it’s kind of funny that they say “once upon a time in the near future” sex became used for control and domination, as if rape and prostitution haven’t existed for centuries… but okay…)

I’ll admit I haven’t seen this version (or the Hulu one, for that matter), but I do appreciate that they cast a properly old and creepy man in the part of the Commander, and a properly aged woman for his Wife. The Hulu casting is a little youthful, if you ask me; the book characters felt very weathered, and I think it mentioned that they were supposed to be quite a bit older than Offred. Her “affair” with the Commander is supposed to feel very weird and unsettling, partially because he’s this old man who wants someone to play Scrabble with and dress up in sequins.

Anyway, then we had what I call the “holy shit these dystopias are too real” phase, culminating with the new Hulu adaptation of this particular dystopia, which is waaaay too relevant to today’s issues.

See? This is how you depict the feeling of objectification. Not with a topless woman bathed in flattering lighting – by objectifying a woman yourself, you’re not sending a message so much as continuing the trend. Especially when you sell your film as some kind of sexy romance. “Branded, sold, controlled: she belongs to The State” doesn’t quite cut it; this very simple, very clear message does. Offred is no longer human, she doesn’t have a face; she is just an object. Objectified.

(This also has some fantastic layering because it recalls the messages that you might find scrawled across the bathroom mirror meant to demean other girls; part of Gilead’s system involves pitting women against each other: Wives against Handmaids, Handmaids against Aunts, even Handmaids against each other out of jealousy and in the Red Center with their slut-shaming. To stay in power, the men at the top make sure that the women below them are too occupied with resenting each other that they forget to look up at who the real enemy is.)

*holy FUCK*

Now THAT is how you market a dystopia. This story is not some scandalous fantasy set in the near-but-distant future; it’s a warning, of what might be lurking just around the corner. The Handmaid’s Tale is an incredibly frightening book to read today, because of the things that are being allowed to happen in our society. It shows what happens when we let sexism flourish, when ecological and political crises make us paranoid enough about national security that we let the people in power take away our rights. It is a fucking nightmare.


Several failed attempts to say “not interested” to Doc.


I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it’s true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you’ll do
You’ll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream

~ Once Upon a Dream - Lana Del Ray [x]

Yep, this is what happens when you listen to that insanely gorgeous song 60+ times on repeat and happen to be having overwhelming Sterek feels at the same time. You end up with what looks like some kind of bizarro fantasy romance novel cover for a story you will never write and only have the vaguest of ideas for. I figure Derek is a prince who lived in that castle, but it gets burned up by crazed spy courtesan Kate Argent in the midst of a war, and Derek wanders in and out of towns, doing odd jobs / hiding that he’s the exiled prince and a werewolf, until he meets one irrepressible villager (Stiles) and things spiral out of control from there. They somehow end up fighting to put Scott on the throne or something? And also eventually find out who Derek is? So Stiles is basically Belle/ Derek is sort of Zuko? :’D


anonymous asked:

hi! uh so I kind of want to read some historical romances but I have NO idea where to start, so could you recommend me some of your favorites?

Well hello friend you made my day with this, 

and you also made my romance co-blogger bestie @cammiemorgan​ happy with this because to say that Eri and I love historical romance would be an understatement but 

ANYWAY, here’s a list (in no particular order because I don’t rate my faves it’s too hard) (links in bold):

1. Sarah MacLean

  • Nine Rules to Break While Romancing a Rake (Love by Numbers #1) - this is my first MacLean book and I love it so much because Callie is so relatable I love her. also, the whole story is so much fun because Callie’s like fuck the society and starts masquerading as a man and do fun stuff like going to gentlemen’s clubs and fencing

2. Tessa Dare

  • Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove #4) - hero duke with a meddling mother who’d love nothing but to see him settled down, issues a challenge: if ma manages to turn heroine barmaid into proper duchess material, he’d marry. MY FAVE. actually the whole series is one of my faves but THIS BOOK. MY BABY PAULINE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD, TOO PURE. ONLY WANTS TO OPEN A LIBRARY. also kinky sex. I just have to put it in there.

3. Julia Quinn

  • Because of Miss Bridgerton (Rokesbys #1) - prequel to the Bridgerton series. longtime childhood friends/nemeses/neighbours suddenly having not-so-nemeses-y feelings for each other. much fun. also the second book is coming out soon so GET ON THIS ONE

4. Lisa Kleypas

  • Devil in Winter (Wallflowers #3) - The Wallflowers series is my first LK and I love them so much I’d still rec the whole series but THIS ONE IS MY ULTIMATE FAVOURITE (it needs all caps I’m not sorry). READ IT FOR SEBASTIAN ST VINCENT THE NOTORIOUS RAKE AND EVIE JENNER THE SHY WALLFLOWER WHO BROUGHT HIM TO HIS KNEES (in both ways)
  • Devil in Spring (The Ravenels #3) - newly released. it’s about Sebastian and Evie’s son Gabriel, the new Lord St Vincent who’s got the best of both worlds: his father’s looks and his mother’s temperament, and basically just wonderful. and Pandora Ravenel is not your typical hist-rom heroine. 

4. Courtney Milan


but if you want some place to start then Unraveled (Turner #3) is my ultimate favourite, I say this very calmly. and I can’t pick my fav among the Brothers Sinister series because they’re all my children I love them equally-

Eri also would like to mention Bitter Spirits by Jen Bennett which is set in the 20s San Francisco, and Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt for the dirty smut lmao

we didn’t go overboard at all with this, did we, Eri

Everyone is shipping their heart out to this Spoby pic from 7x20… but umm…

I’m over here making a whole new story.

This is a flashback, that there is Bethany, that’s Custard. That’s Toby who was previously in some kind of Romeo and Juliet/ Tristan and Isolde level romance with Bethany.

IDK man. He could’ve easily met her while his mom was a patient there. Fallen in love over a shared love of drawing and such. Then while he was locked away in Juvie she disappeared, and his dark turn to the A life began.

Keegs did go out of his way to say that Toby and Spencer share no more kisses this season. So if that’s true, then this is not a lovers embrace of epic proportions between Spoby.

I’m not holding back on “Crazy” theories anymore. Everyone said I was really reaching when I suggested A might be transgender, and then we got that awful Charles story. So I’m open to this.

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listen,,ive been up all night thinking about this,,but in two-player game a line is "its an effed up world but it's a two player game" and like,,,two people against the world,,,sounds like a plot to some kind of romance/adventure idk what im trying to say is that it kinda sounds like theyre hinting at a romance (but like not really?? cause theyre friends i guess)??? im really tired im so sorry ignore me

no, anon, i feel u. this line is very Best Friends Who’ve Got Each Other’s Back Against The World, but also the romance/adventure feel is Certainly there, spurred on i think by the easy devotion the whole song all in all conveys. 

id like to thank you, anon, because reading this just gave me an Idea: The Amazing Race AU

watch Best Friends Michael Mell and Jeremy Heere travel across the world to accomplish tasks, get lost, yell at each other sometimes, test the bounds of their friendship, and, to the audience’s and the producers’ fucking glee, slowly fall in love.

the producers of this season are trying their best to find anything thatll make this season stand out from all the rest of the seasons, and their salvation comes not in an ~exotic~ location, but in the burgeoning love story happening between what is arguably the fan favorite duo. michael and jeremy have no idea they just turned into the world’s new favorite romance story, but to be fair, theyre too busy running around the world, wondering exactly what this feeling inside their chests is.

jeremy has to bungee jump off a cliff and michael holds his face in his hands and says softly “you don’t have to do this, okay?” but jeremy just looks into his eyes, determination steeling, and tells michael. “i want to. for us.”

one episode, team Best Friends faces off against team Newly Dating, Rich Goranski and Jake Dillinger, and team High School Sweethearts, Jenna Rolan and Christine Canigula, and team Fiancees, Chloe Valentine and Brooke Lohst, in a pair challenge. it’s a really fun episode because even though everybody’s playing to win, it’s also a joy to see each duo support each other and who they love

(”We worked really hard,” Christine says in an interview portion of the episode they got eliminated, beat by team Best Friends by a slim two minutes. “And it’s been a blast. I’m just so happy I got to see the world with the woman I love, and I have no hard feelings against Michael and Jeremy. They obviously love each other too.”

the camera man whispers something to her.

“Wait, what?” Christine blinks.)

(”Wait, so they aren’t dating?” Rich Goranski says in another interview portion. He looks back to where Jeremy and Michael were talking about the latest cryptic riddle they had to figure out to find the next location. Their faces were close. Very close. “For real? Holy shit.”)

(”You guys better be milking this,” Chloe remarks while in the background Michael and Jeremy tenderly hug after accomplishing a challenge. “This is ratings gold.”)

michael’s multilingual prowess saves their lives when they end up in spain and all the other teams are lost as fuck. in this episode, theres a moment that gets gif’d faster than the speed of light where michael speaks rapid fire spanish to somebody, asking for directions, and jeremy’s eyes go wide, gaze meeting the camera. michael’s filipino skills come in handy once again when they go to the philippines. there, they dont get lost so much as get stuck in traffic, and they end up just barely scraping by. the episode is popular, though, despite the fan favorite almost being disqualified, because of one moment shot in a taxi where, to cheer jeremy up, michael sings along to the songs on the radio. the taxi driver claps when hes done, and jeremy is smiling by the end of it.

maybe they dont win, but after, when theyre flying back home, theyre holding hands and smiling. i dont know which one of them figures it out first, but it happens. one of them realizes that out of all the beautiful places theyve seen, nothing can beat this.

Boyfriend!Jimmy Darling HCs

Request: “What are your boyfriend Jimmy Darling head cannons?” - Anon

“Hi! I would love your head cannons on Jimmy Darling as your boyfriend.” - Anon 

“Hello! Could you please do a head canon for dating jimmy? Thanks!!” - @wh3r3s-my-sup3r-suit

Count: 16

A/N: I’m trying to switch over to more gender neutral stuff instead of female oriented, so bare with me. 

  • Jimmy would be a really sweet boyfriend
  • Lots of cute pet names, like “doll,” “darlin’,” and “baby”
  • And he’d be romantic as much as possible
  • Like, setting up picnics in the field away from the tents/caravans
  • And he’d take you to the diner every once in a while for lunch, but not too often because of the snarky comments and rude stares 
  • Or sneak you into a drive in theater to see any movie you wanted
  • If it were some kind of romance movie, he’d complain, but would probably end up enjoying it (just don’t tell anyone)
  • When the two of you got back home, he’d take you to his caravan
  • And as you fell asleep, he’d stare at his hands and wonder how he landed a SO as great as you are
  • He’ probably played with your fingers when you were asleep, as weird as that sounds
  • And with the performances, he’d get super nervous if you weren’t there
  • Each time before he goes on, he tells you a bad joke just to see your smile, which comforted his nerves
  • And when he was on stage, he’d glance over his shoulder to you every few minutes, unless you were in the audience (which he liked better)
  • After the show was over, he’d take you back to the van and you’d usually have some form of sex or another
  • Never protected though, dispite his fears of his baby having his hands (apparently condoms weren’t a huge thing in the 50′s. Source: my grandmother)
  • Very few nights ended with the two of you falling asleep with no action
  • But it never, ever ended without him peppering kisses on your face and neck with endless “I love you’s.”

It’s only twelve in the morning but I’ve already got a lot on my chest because I feel like I have something to say.

I don’t think a lot of people understand how it feels to produce content in a fandom whether that be a writer, an artist, an editor and etc. I know that there are a lot of people who do have one or all of these skills under their belt. I just want people to know how extremely hard it is to post a creation of yours out there. It’s really scary and it takes a lot of courage. I’ve even spoken to people who have wonderful ideas but have refused to post them due to fear of response. Fandom is something that I’ve talked about a lot and that was one of the main topics of discussion I had with a really wonderful friend of mine yesterday.

I had received a negative comment on one of my fics. It was definitely surprising at first because I had been really excited about this chapter. It’s dark, it’s not filled with the usual fluff that I do and I put warnings so people could know and avoid it. But I guess someone didn’t like it anymore which is more than fine as not everyone’s going to like the direction your story takes or the whole thing together. The comment was basically them telling me how my fic was doing what they wanted it to do. I think they were expecting some kind of fast romance where everything moves in the fifth chapter and the main couple are kissing and having sex in the sixth.

It really hurt.

Honestly, it did.

And it doesn’t really help when your mind is very fragile and anything could break it.

It hurts when you put a lot of effort into something you really love and feel proud about and someone comes in and decides to bulldozer that down. In fact, I was contemplating on deleting that chapter all together because it wasn’t what they wanted.

You see the problem there?

I was, for a few seconds, actually thinking about taking down the chapter I wrote and was happy with because one person hated what I decided to do with my fic.


I understand that some of people may feel the need to leave negative comments on a person’s fic or post or work but please don’t do that. The amount of questioning, doubt and hurt that a person goes through after that is really terrible. It can make a person want to or actually stop writing because that one person made them doubt their skill as a creator and made them feel like their work doesn’t matter if it’s not up to their standard.

Constructive criticism is fine as long as it’s done in a helpful way and not hate disguised as help. I know that a lot of people do that because they say they want to help. But that’s a double edged sword.

Of course being in a fandom and creating content is going to earn some negativity from people. People aren’t always going like what’s being created because they have strong views about a certain character, they don’t feel the same way you feel about a particular thing or they’re just dicks.

But it needs to be remembered, and this is so important, all those who produce content for fandom are people and they have feelings. They’re not robots who are here to do your bidding and create what you please. They have their own ideas and develop on those ideas which turns into the beautiful pieces of work that we continue to get from them for free. They don’t charge, they’re willing show us these creations because they’ve made them and want to share them with us. They’re proud of that work, have put hours into it planning and creating it, are happy to show it to the fandom because hey look, this is something I did and it’s pretty cool!

So don’t leave any form of negativity on someone’s work and don’t be that person who makes someone stop creating because they didn’t do something that you wanted them to do.

If you get the feeling:

  • Exit out of the work or close the tab. Block it and that creator if it’s bothers you that much.
  • Go talk about it with a friend so you can have somewhere to complain if a friend is up for that.

And if you don’t like the content that’s being made:

  • Find something that does have what you’re looking for.
  • Make your own content.

As I’ve said so many times before, stay in your lane and avoid things that you don’t like. Adding to this, don’t comment negatively and don’t be a dick

Tldr: Stop being negative on people’s work. If you don’t like then leave it alone and carry on with your day.

Tracie Thoms plays a Professional™ lesbian with a creative lover in a story that unfolds and is directly related to the AIDS crisis. Her character’s plotline orbits around but isn’t directly involved in the progressing romance between a woman going through some kind of turmoil and a man who recently entered her life and believes he can fix her. Also, there’s a rich guy who thinks he gets to be a dick because he has money and your least problematic fave dies from the previously mentioned AIDS.

Rent or Falsettos?

Hello, Bird

@always-keep-on-fighting said:

I wanted to ask if I can have a one shot of Clint Barton please.  Some kind of romance and fluff a bit like kissing at least only. If you can make it long I’d appreciate it.

Summary: No one imagines the Avengers getting home from missions and going straight to things like feeding a baby and changing diapers, but that’s Clint’s life, and that’s exactly what makes him happy. 
Pairing: Deaf!Clint x Mute!Reader
Other Characters: Nathaniel Barton, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes
Warnings: Fluff, Clint is Deaf (like in the comics) and Reader is mute.  Daddy Clint, Mommy Reader. 
A/N: I’m still not over the fact that they didn’t make MCU!Clint deaf. Also, a big hug to my princess @andreaatlyss, who both helped me with the signs and explanations, but is also teaching me ASL (or at least trying haha). Love ya, sweetie.

Originally posted by fanfic-shiz

“Hey, you’re staying?” Tony looked at Clint. “We’re thinking of having pizza.”

They were just back from a mission, and everyone looked tired and a bit bruised. Clint, himself, had an impressive black eye and some superficial cuts in his skin that looked worse than they actually were, and a bad ankle that needed at least a week to heal fully. He was tired, and could only think of going home to his bed and his girl.

“Nah, I’m heading home.” He put on his jacket.

Tony frowned.

“Really? You’re gonna refuse pizza?”

Clint chuckled. Yeah, he really did like pizza. But he couldn’t stay, not in the situation you two were right now, even if that meant no pizza for him.

“I kind of…” He cleared his throat. “I kind of have someone one waiting for me.”

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Writing Romantic Subplots

Anonymous asked: “I have a problem with the romance subplot. How can I make the characters act like they are in love, not just saying that they are in love?”

Romantic subplots can be the most difficult thing to pull off, or the only easy thing that seems to come together naturally. I know readers can be highly critical of some romantic subplots (rightfully so, sometimes). Most often, when I see there’s an issue, it’s because the reader hasn’t gotten to see any kind of development in this relationship. There isn’t necessarily an expressed fondness, or in some cases a reason to be so fond of someone that they can say they’re in love. Or the last thing is that not enough time has passed to believe that these characters could have made that jump that fast.  

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