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I love love love that North American wands mostly seem to have really cool things as the handles. Like thats a style over here I guess. Generally the british wand handles are just extensions of the shaft or else carved in a way that makes it look like a handle.

But I just got Queenies wand, and the handle is a seashell. (which is weird cause Newt’s has a shell handle too)
Madam Presidents handle is a crystal.
Graves’ has a metallic stopper looking thing.
THAT EXECUTIONER LADIES WAS THE COOLEST, it was like some kind of creature’s head at the handle. 
Tina’s was the only one that was kinda bland, its just a basic straight piece of wood with the end carved.

beeeeeeh I wanna know their correeess, though Graves and Queenies might be Wampus Cat Hair since they both have mother of pearl inlays, and thats a mark of a Jonker wand… 



A Lazytown idea I think I once wrote about Somewhere: 

You are a watcher. You drift around Lazytown watching things happen but no one can see you and you can’t speak. Sometimes you wonder if you even have a body. 

At first you catch Sportacus looking at you and you think he’s looking at something behind you and just brush it off. But then he starts to spend more time around you when he’s not playing with the kids or saving anyone. At first you think it’s a strange coincidence but then you realise that he was actually looking around for you before picking a spot near you. 

It’s strange but it’s nice. You’re not absolutely sure he can see you but you want to believe he can. So you do. It’s when he tries to talk to you that you really startle. You don’t have a voice. You can’t respond. But he isn’t put off by that. He accepts that you can’t seem to respond and just talks. He talks about what he thinks about things and things that happened during his day.
Idle conversation. 

You like hearing him talk to you and so you start to spend more time around him too. Watching the antics of Robbie and the kids and it’s fun. It’s so much fun. The kids can’t see you but Sportacus told them about you. You think it’s funny when they start talking to the air about their day when you’re obviously over here. But you’re included now and they’re trying. This makes you happy. 

Miss Everything - Request

Requested by @mrsdeanfuckingwinchester:  Dean x reader have been married for years, she gets pregnant but he doesn’t want it. She leaves but never moves on. He ends up in another relationship and about to marry her. At the altar he decides he needs to be with reader and their child.

Summary: Basically, everything from above.

Pairing: Dean x Lisa/Dean x reader

Word count: 1,878

Warnings: Slightly angsty.

A/N: This was odd… I never imagined Dean doing such thing but requests are requests and I liked getting out of my comfort zone. I hope you like it.


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“We are here reunited to celebrate the union between Lisa Braeden and Dean Winchester in holy marriage…” The priest spoke. He wasn’t a regular priest but rather a priest that had turned into some kind of hunter after realizing demons walked among the rest of the creatures on Earth.

Dean’s hands were sweating. Him and Lisa had taken a while to take the choice of getting married, of starting “a new life together” as some would say. But there was something off about the whole thing.

Lisa was giving him a certain look, but Dean couldn’t identify which one. All he could see and hear inside his head were memories from another woman, a woman he had betrayed, a woman he had hurt. He hadn’t thought of her in a long time, but for some reason, he was remembering her then: at the altar.

“I do.” He heard her words softly, perfectly pronounced and so confident… She actually wanted to marry him.

“Then I pronounce you husband and wife.” The priest smiled warmly at them, who were shaking like teenagers, with sweaty hands and big grins. “You may kiss the bride.

And her kiss was lingering, excited and joyful. She was smiling from ear to ear as Sam took their first picture together. They were young, so young John didn’t fully approve of their relationship – less to say their marriage – but they were in love and so they took the first chance they got to travel to Las Vegas and get married in secret.

It was the first time Dean broke his father’s rules, and he wasn’t even sorry, he loved her too much.

Lisa squeezed his hands as a plead for him to pay attention. The seconds felt like year to him. He couldn’t help but to notice how different the aura was compared to his first wedding.

Sam wasn’t smiling. Dean knew he liked (Y/N) better, but he was still there supporting him through all the bullshit. Castiel was now there as well, and he had also a frown on his usually neutral face. None of them felt like Lisa was the one; especially not after Dean told them why he and (Y/N) split up.

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 the set is all here!!

this is a… constellation/galaxy au??
 the turtles are some kind of… mystical almost creatures. they are almost like gods so to speak, they have some supernatural skills; 

donnie can manipulate electricity and owns psychic abilities;

raph can manipulate fire and owns above human physical strength;

leo can manipulate water and gets faster, stronger,etc, under the moonlight;

mikey can manipulate air and has healing powers (sometimes can decide between someone’s life for death!! u dont fuck w mike tbh)

this make them protectors of humans. and since they’re spacey-like, they have little constellations around!

their little constellations made them represent some traits:

donnie represents friendship, science, originality and intelligence

raph represents assertiveness, aggressiveness, courage and war

leo represents family, loyalty, moodiness and adaptation 

mikey represents justice, idealism, vanity and peace

the lighter they are, the easier it is to find them, meaning mikey is the easiest and leo is the hardest.

april is one of the fewest humans around that actually found them and now they’re her little star gods protectors!!

Yikez I never posted this on tumblr. Anyway. Just know that any AU involving Bill being a watery creature of some kind is uhh never quite dead ;;;;)))

Get that fish butt fordsy

The Folio of Friendly and Furious Fey: Part One

Creatures from the Feywild, a parallel plane to the prime
In this vibrant world these fey have a habit for speaking in rhyme

There are countless creatures who lie beyond the veil of trees
The sprites, sylphs, nymphs, or dryads being only a few of these

Their deities, associated with either the Seelie or Unseelie courts
Wielding the power of nature these creatures offer cunning retorts

While some fey are kind, often showing benevolence
There are often dark, murderous things that don’t see the relevance

Devouring travelers, kidnapping children, bringing misfortune for all
Redcaps, Quicklings and Gremlins will gut you for just being too tall…

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2 magical 4 ur ableism #faelife #halloween #changelingsofinstagram

[Image: An Instagram photo of my makeup and wig for Hallowe’en. It is a composite of two photos, in which my expression is the same but I am looking downwards in the first photo and at the viewer in the second.

My wig is chin-length pastel pink with blunt bangs, and my makeup is sparkly pink and lilac themed, with black eyeliner that is winged out exaggeratedly. While difficult to see in the photo, my face is dusted in fine glitter. End of image description.]

(In my head I am a faery or some suchlike creature, but like art it’s subjective. Some people at the mall thought I was a doll, or an anime character.)

whatever you do……dont think about newt getting stung by some kind of creature on accident and getting so sick they’re not sure if he’s gonna make it

don’t think about him in a hospital bed, seizing, sweating, crying out in pain and mumbling nonsense while healers crowd over him at a complete loss as to how to save him

don’t think about tina and queenie and jacob feeling helpless as they watch the man who was once so warm and bright and full of life wither and fade and waste away into nothingness

and for the love of god, don’t think about graves driving himself into the ground to find an antidote, doing whatever it takes, turning his back on his duties and his responsibilities and leaving everything behind to search for a way to save him. graves cursing god and the world and most of all himself for not protecting him, for not keeping him safe. graves going to the ends of the earth to bring newt a cure, to make him better again. because graves hasn’t told him yet that he loves him, and he’ll be damned if he lets newt go before he can. 

SILVER [Newt Scamander x Reader]

A/N: I lost this fic and is not that great as it was the first time.

(Y/n): your name
(Y/L/N): your last name
(Y/e/c) : Your eyes color


It has happened again the little creature that liked gold and shiny thing have escaped his home a.k.a Newt Scamander’s case, you realized when a pair of claws get through your clothes, the little creature climbing you like you were some kind of mountain, he reached your lap and then jumped to your desk, directly to you right hand, the one with two silver fingers. Fingers that long time ago you lost thanks to a baby dragon that your uncle use to have.

The soft black fur of the animal is pressed against your palm affectionately, especially to you silver fingers that the Niffler seems to like a lot, you do your best to ignore him, trying to stay focus in the resume of your last assignment, your fingers dance over the typewriter keys writing your report, but the little hands of the magical creature catch you fingers an pull of them distracting you, a little smile is formed in your lips “Just a little break” you say to your self, letting your hands play with the beast, tickling his body, the funny sound like a purr make you laugh.

The sweet, joyful and unmistakable sound of your voice fill the Auror’s office and attracts Newt to you, for a moment he spies you while you play with his niffler, a smirk take place in his face and for a moment he though of how much things have change, the very first time that happened you where scared of the Niffler, actually scared didn’t make it, panic was a better form to describe you. You have had a terrible experience with a Dragon that leave a pretty big scar, not only in your body or hand, but in your mind, you developed a Phobia, and even the little thief make you panic. He arrived just in time, before you could hurt the niffler, he put it inside his case and then helped you, his kind hands cleaned your tears and told you that everything would be ok, he didn’t make fun of you or yelled at you, he was comprehensive and nice.

Maybe since then you developed a little crush on him, even when somehow that scary moment was indirectly his fault. You just knew that we did’t wanted you to be afraid of the stubborn Niffler that semmed to be in love with your silver half hand, he will appear occasionally and show you that there was nothing to be afraid and you learned, not only about the Niffler but about other beasts that Newt had in the case.

- miss (Y/L/N) - the shy voice of Newt make you turn to him, a little smile appears in your face and invite him to enter, after all you are the only one there, others aurors are very busy with the Grindewald stuff, you by the other hand are stuck in there with a case of a magic murder. - I’m sorry about this- he says making you laugh a little

- It’s fine, I preffer this over this one stealing gold and jewels - you tickel the black furred bely of the niffler, making him purr, Newt takes the sit in front of you - But I still don’t understand why he like this much my weird hand - you give a look to your hand with disbelif.

- Well, I thing it the first  time he found something valuable that he can’t steal - you are about to say “my fingers” playfully, but Newt continue - You - a warm feeling climb in your neck, a pretty evident blush spreads across all of your face, you lift your gaze and look at Newt embarrassed, your (y/c/e) eyes face his blue ones, you see him blushing as much as you, your gaze wander over face, his expression and his hair.

- are you flirting with me, Mr. Scamander? - a smile take place in your face and you see him get crimson red

- We… Well, I, I…- he gets very nervous, you can’t stop yourself to think that he looks cuter than never, before he says anything you lean over the desk that keeps you apart and kiss him in the lips, his soft and clumsy lips stay static against your and you feel awkward, you are about to take distance when feel his hand cupping your face gently, his lips move against yours kissing you back so sweet and lovely that your heart pounds against your chest and softly you step back taking a breathe. - yes, I do…- 

- well, I really like the flirting you - you admit with half of a smile - Mr…- he kisses you again before you could end your words.

- Newt, Newt is just fine, (Y/N)-

I know everyone goes off on young Hermione reading Matilda–what with a genius girl who loves to read discovering she has special powers etc, and yeah I can get behind that. 

But what about a little Harry reading James and the Giant Peach–probably in school or hidden under the blankets of his cupboard so the Dursleys don’t throw it out. He reads about a neglected, abused little boy (whose name just so happens to be James Henry Trotter are you kidding me) with cruel, terrible aunts who force him to sleep in the attic and beat him for no reason, but who escapes with the aid of giant magical bugs and a giant peach and they go on adventures and fly across the ocean and find a new life. And even though he knows magic isn’t real–the Dursleys have drilled it into him enough through the years–he can’t help but think about what it would be like if a giant friendly magical person/creature of some kind were to come and take him away one day…

tl;dr–Harry Potter would have loved Roald Dahl and it makes me emotional fight me

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K,,, I just realized Porter and Hugo got to spend Valentine's Day in France,,, I'm dying tell me you wrote something for V Day ;-;

There’s a voice saying Porter’s name in his ear but he’s so warm and comfortable and sleepy. And he’s having a lovely dream about being some kind of underwater creature, a merman maybe. All of his friends are there and Hugo’s a shark or something, and his mouth is full of teeth but Porter thinks kissing him would still be nice -

“Porter, wake up!”

He grunts and turns his face more fully into his pillow. The dream is half-slipping away but he’s tired enough that when he noses at the pillowcase he can almost pretend it’s sand, and he’s curled at the bottom of the ocean with Hugo and -

“Porter, it’s Valentine’s day!”

He forces his eyes open.

>read saint valentin on ao3<
word count:
warnings: fluff. so much fluff

((Music: Frida Johansson & Henrik Oja [Unravel OST] - Berry Mine))

Monster Boy Challenge: Day 25 - Nicodemus - Favorite Monster Boy

Satyrs and fauns are some of my most favorite kinds of mythical creatures.  I never really thought of them as monsters, though.  They always felt more like faeries or nature spirits.  I guess that is kinda what I made Nicodemus into.  Choosing my favorite was still a bit harder than I had expected.  I knew as soon a I saw satyr on the list, no matter how it turned out, it would have been great, but there were still a lot of monster boys that I just loved, along with some that I absolutely hated XD

Artwork & Character - by - Me
(Done with mechanical pencils and Gimp)


Mythical! AU BTS

Rated: M Light Smut

Word Count: 3388

A/N: So here’s a bit of a mystery.  It’s fairly obvious what kind of mythical creature some of the members are.  Though I did add a few things different than usual but I’m just trying to follow the dream I had.  You’ll just have to figure out who you’re with and what they are as you read.  Anyway this one is definitely going to have a very smutty part two to it coming up real soon.

Growing up next to Jeon Jungkook was kind of a blessing.  The two of you have been inseparable best friends your whole life.  When he decided to become a star you were nothing but support.  Though it did break your heart a bit that he would be so far away in Seoul.  

He was just as supportive of your decision to stay in Busan to stay with your family.  A few times a year you managed to make a trip to visit him.  If he were ever there to visit his family he always made a point to visit you.  

You are on one of those such trips right now.  Today is Jungkook’s birthday.  The long train ride north is finally coming to an end so you send a quick message to him.  

-15 mins till I’m at the Seoul transfer station. (3:02 PM)

-Perfect! We’re at the store now. Be home in about 30  (3:05 PM)

-See you soon!  (3:06 PM)

It didn’t matter how many times you’d made this trip you were excited every time.  Jungkook’s birthday normally consists of him spending the day out with his bandmates, spending the night with a special meal cooked by the group, cake, presents, and a movie night.  

You arrive in record time to their front gate.  After ringing the bell you announce your arrival over the intercom.  It’s hardly a minute before the gate opens and Jungkook is standing in the doorway.  

“Yay! You’re here!” He grins from ear to ear.  “What did you get me?”  He asks taking the gift bag from your hand as you come in the door.  “Wow not even a hug.  Today is really all about you huh?”  You nag as you slip off your shoes and set your bag down.  

As soon as the bag hits the floor he pulls you into a bone crushing hug.  “Sorry my sweetest friend.”  With his size he has no problem throwing you around like a little doll.  

“Me too, me too!”  “Hi Y/N!”  You hear from behind.  Instead of a body pile of boys squeezing you, Jungkook spins you both around and tries to escape the attack with your lifeless body in tow.  “Go away guys! She’s mine.”  Jungkook yells behind him.  

He only makes it a few more steps before the 95-line surround you in an attempted tackle and hug.  The only thing they succeed in doing is squeezing the life out of you.

Just about the time you think your eyeballs are gonna pop out like a squeaky toy Jin comes in.  “Boys let go of the poor girl.  You’re gonna kill her.”  The other three pout and step away but Jungkook keeps an arm around your shoulder with a smug grin on his face.  

“Thanks mama Jin.”  You say with a deep inhale.  “Welcome.  Now everyone but the birthday boy go wash up and get in the kitchen.”  Jin finishes and heads back in.  

Jin decides to pass his star pupil Namjoon to cake decorating with Jimin.  Hobi sets up decorations and keeps Kookie busy.  While you and Jin get busy cooking another one of your elaborate meals.  

The two of you work really well together in the kitchen.  Even if he is much older than you it never felt uncomfortable.  In fact you feel comfortable with all of them to different degrees.  That’s when it dawns on you that you hadn’t seen Suga yet.  “Is Yoongi napping?”  You ask.  “You know it.”  Jin chuckles.  

The aforementioned sleepy head comes into the kitchen just as you’re finishing up the cooking.  He stands there staring at you for a few minutes ruffling his hair.  He finally blinks and moves for the fridge.  

“Hey, Y/N.  I didn’t hear you come in.”  He mumbles while grabbing a drink.  “Yoongi I think you could sleep through the fire alarm.”  Jin says.  Yoongi only huffs and shuffles out of the kitchen to inspect the other preparations.

Dinner and cake were delicious.  You managed to mostly avoid the fray of flying frosting the boys were trying to cover Jungkook in.  Everyone gave their gifts and he opened some fan gifts as well.  It was normal for Yoongi to be quiet but usually he would quip in with a comment here and there at gatherings.  You couldn’t help but notice that he was especially quiet tonight and just looked down right exhausted.    

After everything got cleaned up everyone went to different rooms to make v app videos and tweets to wish him his online birthday.  That left you and Kookie with movie snack duty.  

You’re almost done setting out all the bowls when Jimin comes in and steals Jungkook away to shoot a video with him.  Jimin’s was the last so some of the boys had already gathered in the living room.  Tae and Jin were scarfing down a bowl of popcorn together while they waited.  

Another 15 minutes and everyone was done and ready for the movie.  Jungkook came in with the dvd of one of the newest Marvel films.  “Aw come on guys you ate all the popcorn already?”  He whines seeing the empty bowl on the coffee table.  The two culprits only giving the boy sly grins.  

“Jeez didn’t you guys eat dinner? Where do you put all this food?”  You ask.  “We’re hungry growing boys Y/N.”  Tae says with a mock serious expression.  “I’ll go make some more you guys get the movie started.”  You say taking the empty bowl away to the kitchen.  

You put the little bag in the microwave and lean against the counter to wait.  “Don’t scream.”  A voice says right beside your ear.  Despite what he said you jump and shout a little from being startled.  You turn around to see Hobi laughing at you.  “Oh my god you scared me.  I didn’t even hear you come in.”  He only laughs more saying sorry.  

His laughing turns to just a smile.  He moves close to you, crowding you against the counter.  Like you said you were comfortable with all the boys to a degree.  The only thing holding you back was Jungkook.  He never minded you getting close to the guys except for Hoseok, Taehyung, and Yoongi.  

For a reason he wouldn’t tell you, he always insisted you try to avoid them.  He always made sure you never spent too much time with them.  So in times like this where you’re alone with one of them you can’t help but feel a bit nervous but curious at the same time.  

“Can I ask you a favor Y/N-ah?”  Hoseok asks with a devious grin.  You know he must be up to no good but you nod your head anyway.  “I can watch the popcorn for you but could you go outside to get Yoongi for me?”  The request seemed simple enough so why did you feel like there was a catch?  “Um, sure I guess.  He’s outside?”  Hobi grins at your acceptance.  

“Yup just wanted some air before the movie.  Go tell him we’re starting.”  He leans in closer now to whisper in your ear.  “And it’s our little secret okay?  So go quietly.”  He moves away and gives you a wink before pushing you towards the door.  You give him one last questioning look over your shoulder.  He gives you a thumbs and a motion to keep going.  

Quietly you tug on your shoes and slip out the door.  It really was such a simple request.  You’re not sure why your heart is pounding a bit.  

You figured he’d be just outside the door on the porch but Yoongi is nowhere in sight.  You step off the porch and try to think about where he might be.  A few more steps and you get your hint.  The sound of a zippo lighter clicking open and closed can be heard around the side of the garage.  With soft footsteps you move around to the corner and peek around it.

“I know you’re there Y/N.”  Yoongi grumbles lowly.  You’re startled again.  How did he know it was you?  You move to be a bit closer before speaking.  “Sorry to bother you.  Hoseok asked me to come tell you we’re starting the movie soon.”  You try to sound calm and unfazed but your voice still manages to shake a bit.  

“Yea.  I figured.”  He says and slips the lighter into his back pocket.  He hasn’t even looked at you once since you’ve come out here but you still feel like a rabbit trapped in a snare.  For more than a minute he doesn’t move and almost looks like he’s fallen asleep standing there.  “Yoongi?”  You try softly.  His eyes are on yours instantly making your breath catch.  

It’s so dark you can barely see his face but you can clearly see his eyes.  Light brown almost gold in color with a soft glow like a candle about to fizzle out.  “Are you okay?”  You can barely get the words out.  Taking a tentative step closer he turns his face to look you dead on.  

Once again you’re frozen in place but your mind is racing.  The soft glow of gold fills your mind.  Images of Yoongi kissing you all over your body and fucking you roughly right there against the garage flash before your eyes.  His hot cum filling you feels too real and thrilling until he bites deep into your shoulder with teeth like a wolf.  

The pain makes you snap out of the illusion.  Your vision refocuses on Yoongi’s eyes.  The soft glow has all but faded away and his eyelids hang heavy.  The pain in your shoulder and the hot feeling between your thighs are somehow still there but are slowly melting away.  Shyly you blush and look away only to notice you are much closer than you were a moment ago.  

Your body is pressed against his with your hands clutched into his shirt.  You gasp and try to move away but he’s quick to grab your hips keeping them against him.  “Shh, don’t be scared.”  Yoongi pleas.  He moves one hand to gently hold your chin.  His other arm wraps around your waist.  

He moves your face to look at him again.  “You could see it right?”  He asks.  His lips are so close to yours that they almost touch as he speaks.  “You’re meant to be mine pet.  Please don’t fight it.”  Each word makes you melt into him more and more.  You feel dizzy and no words come to mind at all.  The only thing you can think of is kissing him.  He looks over your expression closely before leaning in to close the distance.  

The kiss is desperate right from the start.  Your lips touch for only a few seconds before tongues get involved.  You expect it to be rough like the vision but instead it is slow and passionate.  Your hands find purchase in his silver hair.  Yoongi feels like he can barely stay awake long enough to keep encouraging you to take control of the kiss.  

Yoongi’s hands are on your hips again.  You can’t help but moan when he grinds his hips into yours roughly.  He does it over and over slowly, letting you feel just how hard you make him.  

Back in the house Jungkook is sitting on the couch trying to wait patiently with everyone else for the three missing persons to come.  You had left to refill the popcorn maybe eight minutes ago.  “What is taking her so long?  Is she burning the house down?”  Jungkook grumbles to himself as he goes to investigate the kitchen.  

He opens the door to find something much worse than a fire.  You’re not there but instead Hoseok is leaning against the counter idly nibbling on the popcorn waiting for a second bag to pop.  

“Where’s Y/N?”  Jungkook asks barely entering the room.  Hobi turns around and gives the boy a sly grin.  “I had her do me a little favor.”  “Where is she hyung.”  Jungkook insists a bit panicked.  “I just asked if she could go bring Yoongi inside for me.  That’s all.”  He answers popping another piece of popcorn into his mouth.  

Now Jungkook was really panicked.  His hands began to ball into tight fists as he thought of the worst situation.  “Why would you do that hyung?!”  He asks.  Hobi just keeps smiling.  “Ey. It’s the new moon.  Yoongi’s practically harmless right now.”  Hoseok tries to convince the boy.  “Hyung. But you know how Yoongi feels about her.  How could you do this?”  The younger boys whines.  

“How could he do what?”  Taehyung asks from behind them coming into the room.  Jungkook groans and goes to put on his shoes.  “I had Y/N go get Yoongi.”  Hoseok says.  Taehyung giggles right away.  “You sly dog.”  

He goes over to get the popcorn bowl from Hobi.  The two look over as Jungkook opens the door.  “Be careful what you might run into Kookie.”  V yells to him on his way out.  The two boys laugh about their poor friends panic.  

“Do you want to go watch?  It could be fun.”  J-hope asks V as he pour the second bag into a bowl.  “Oh yes let’s.”  The two hook arms and scurry out the door in a fit of giggles.  

Yoongi’s kisses move away from your mouth to trail down your neck.  He mouths at you gently to not leave marks.  His hips never stop rubbing against you.  You thought you heard the front door close but you couldn’t seem to focus on anything but Yoongi.  

He takes a deep breath and growls deeply against your neck.  The sound comes from so deep in his chest you’re almost frightened.  Then he’s moving away and straightening out your hair and clothes.  “Kookie’s coming.”  He grumbles.  

That’s when you hear Jungkook call your name.  You don’t even think to answer only watching Suga adjust his own clothes.  He groans trying to hide his hard on.  He leans back against the garage wall just in time for Jungkook to come around the corner.  His cellphone light shines in your face making you wince.  

“Y/N? Are you okay?”  Yoongi scoffs at him.  “Yea Kook.  We’re uh.  Just talking.  Sorry.”  You clear your throat and try to sound like you weren’t just making out with his friend.  Jungkook moves closer to you to make sure.  Out of instinct Yoongi moves away from the wall and has to hold himself back from dragging you away from Kookie.  

Jungkook notices his movement and scans the annoyed look on Suga’s face. “You’re sure he didn’t hurt you at all?”  Kookie asks again taking a hold of your arm.  You could almost hear Suga grit his teeth.  “Yes I’m fine jeez.”  

“Aww that’s no fun.”  All three of you turn to see Tae and Hobi coming just around the corner.  “Jesus Christ did we need the whole damn search and rescue squad to come find me?”  Yoongi snaps at them.  Their smiles are gone in an instant.  

Suga would like to storm away and take care of his still pressing issue but he doesn’t want to leave you with Jungkook.  While Kookie is waiting for Yoongi to move away like usual.  The air is tense as the two stare at each other.  Kookie is tired of waiting and starts to drag you towards the house.  “Let’s go.  The others are waiting.”  Yoongi huffs and follows behind closely.  He hated the way Jungkook had his arm around you.  

The two jokers are quick to follow behind Yoongi.  “It sure doesn’t smell like nothing happened hyung.”  Hobi says sniffing at Suga.  Tae sniffs too.  “Yea I can smell Y/N all over you.”  That makes the whole group stop in their tracks.  Jungkook turns to give an accusing look at Yoongi.  You give a horrified look to the other two who are now sniffing all over Suga.  What did they mean they could smell you on him?  

“Oo especially your face.”  Tae adds with a giggle.  “Get away from me!”  Yoongi yells pushing their noses away from him.  It was all he could take.  “I’m going to bed.  No one bother me.”  He snaps at them before storming into the house.  

Jungkook’s accusing look  is now on you but you can’t bring yourself to look at him.  “I thought you said nothing happened?”  He asks holding your arms.  “Okay so we kissed a little.”  You mumble towards the ground.  “And you weren’t going to tell me?”  He shakes your arm a little.  You look up.  “I was.  Just not now Kook.  It’s your birthday I didn’t want you to worry about it.”  

Jungkook sighs and lets you go.  “It’s fine Y/N.  Come on.”  You all head back inside and get questioning looks from the three that were left inside.  “Suga went to bed already.  Is everything okay?”  Jin asks.  “Yea just don’t go in there till he’s asleep.”  Hobi says trying to stifle a giggle.  

You can’t bare to look anyone in the eyes for the rest of the night.  By tomorrow afternoon the whole group will know about what happened and you couldn’t be more embarrassed.  Your mind barely focuses on the movie at all.  The only thing on your mind is Yoongi.  You had so many questions about the things that happened.  

Once the movie was over you all got ready for bed.  Like usual you had your spot on the couch and Jungkook had the mat and blankets on the floor beneath you.  You both say goodnight and cuddle into your blankets.  Fifteen minutes go by and you can’t sleep.  “Y/N.”  Jungkook whispers to you.  You hum in response.  “You’re not sleepy right?”  “No.”  You sigh and turn over trying to see him in the dark.  

“Do you want to talk about it?”  He asks.  “Um. I guess.”  You’re not sure where to start or even how to explain what had happened.  “Do you like him?”  The question makes you blush and you’re glad it’s dark.  “I mean I don’t not like him. I don’t know.”  You heard him rustle in the blanket and you could just make out the shape of his figure turning towards you.  

“Well why would you kiss him if you didn’t like him?  You just go around kissing guys now?”  “Omg no Kook.  I really don’t know what happened.  I’ve never thought about him like that before but suddenly all I could think about was kissing him.  Like I couldn’t even control my brain.  Then he kissed me and you came a little bit after.”  Jungkook sighs.  “I told you to be careful with him Y/N.  He’s not normal.”  He huffs and rolls back over.  

“Kookie what are you hiding from me?  Why is Yoongi so different?”  All the years with Jungkook you knew when he was lying or hiding things from you.  “Just try to stay away from him.”  You reach out your foot to try and kick at him.  “Ugh but why.  Tell me.”  You whine poking him with your toe.  “Stop it.  He likes you okay.”  That quiets you.  Yoongi likes you?  

“You mean he like, likes me?”  “Yea like, like likes you.”  Wow Jungkook really is keeping secrets from you.  “How long have you known and didn’t tell me?”  “Idk a while.  Like a long time.”  “Why didn’t you tell me!”  You’re shout whispering at this point.  “Because I don’t want you getting involved with him.  I told you that.”  

“Are you jealous Jeon Jungkook?”  You think maybe you can tease the answer out of him.  “Ew no.  You know you’re like my little sister.  How many times do I have to say that he’s just different.  Trust me I’m sparing you a burden.”  You try to ask again but he cuts you off.  “No more just go to sleep.  I can’t explain it to you now.”  “Fine but someday I’ll know.”

It’s even harder to get to sleep after that.  Now the thought of Yoongi liking you is weighing on your brain.  Kookie wakes you up way too early the next morning insisting that you have breakfast together before you ship off back home.  You only try once to get an answer out of him before he’s groaning and pleading you not to do this so early.

Eldarya's plot points and Gardienne's real "race" (SPOILERS) also the ep 13 drama

To start off real quick: Ashkore is almost a perfect anagram of Keroshane. Okay done. Not sure if this a coincidence but if it is then damn…. wtf? Anyways, after doing some research on the internet to find what kind of “mythical creature” has purple eyes i found something really interesting.

I think our dear gardienne has Alexandria’s genesis, long story short: the person with the uh… “symptomes” of that thing is supposed to have purple eyes (no surprise there) but also: good health, no period, no pubic hair, light skin, black or brown hair. I think there’s more but i don’t remember everything, if you’re curious just google it.

To be clear this “Alexandria’s genesis” thing doesn’t exist (obviously). It was made up by Cameron Miquelon who wrote an apparently famous fanfiction on Daria (an American animated tv series that aired in late 90’s). At least i suppose it was famous since it got so much attention.

The legend says over 1000 years ago, in Egypt a blinding light tore apart the sky and whoever was close to it/have seen it (something along those lines) developed a… “mutation” called Alexandria’s genesis. But wait… “Alexandria”… don’t you recall it yet? Come on, think about the first episodes of Eldarya when Gardienne was talking with Kero about Alexandria’s library which was destroyed years ago on earth but in Eldarya they still had a library with the exact same name.

You can call it world building but i think it’s not only that, it has to be foreshadowing. (side note: Alexendria’s library was “by coincidence” in Egypt, the place where Alexandria’s genesis started). In the recent episodes they talked about how a certain event in history must have made Eldarya appear. “A blinding light tore apart the sky” wooow… i woonder why the sky tore apart huh… it’s not like it created another world or something… right?

Bruuh. I don’t even know if i’m right but holy shit if i am… i want everyone to WORSHIP ME. HAHAHAHAhahahahaha…ha. No but seriously, it wasn’t even that hard to figure out. Just with some google research i’ve found the entire plot. Why the f did nobody do that? Welp. (Then again it’s just speculation, i could be wrong.)

Also stop with the drama please. “They are such assholes for lying to us and making us drink the potion with a kiss, where are woman’s rights at?” First of all, i would be really surprised if you actually gave a legitimate fuck about “woman’s right” at that particular moment when you saw the scene for the first time. It was a disgusting thing to do, okay. Yeah, i get it. But it’s not like she got fucking raped. Y'all just triggered because your favs acted the way they did and made “your” parents on earth forget you.

You may be mad but now let me ask you this: which is more important? One person’s social life or thousands of REAL lives? Will you care more about a person that you’ve known for about 3 months or the world where you grew up in? Not to mention as for now it’s almost impossible for Gardienne to go back home. And maybe the potion acts for like 1 month or something, not forever. If i was in that situation i’ll be desperate and drink the potion. Protect the memories of your family for your own sake and drag thousands of people in danger? If you refuse to drink the potion you’ll live the rest of your life in Eldarya with everyone hating and antagonising you.

Happy with that? Haha. I think not.

“I saw a huge change in her: in outlook and movement. Before me was not the same Tsaritsa who I knew, but some kind of creature, obviously nervous and unwell. I felt pity for her and those sweet Grand Duchesses who were with her…I pity her with all my heart. She is absorbed in power…continues to drag it into a precipice, already on edge…How right my wife was when she arrived on Kamenny Ostrov [Island] to [see] Empress Mariya Fyodorovna, in the presence of Grand Duchesses Ksenya and Olga Alexandrovna, saying that the only remedy to save the Sovereign, the children [the imperial Grand Duchesses] and Russia-is to send the Empress to a sanatorium for the soul affected. Isolation, peace and quiet life might still save her…My wife nevertheless went to her once more. The chat lasted one and half hours, [my] wife told her the whole truth, pleaded with her to change everything, but the Empress was reticent and was only irritated about this conversation.” 

December 16,1915 diary entry of Count Felix Sumarokov-Elston, Prince Youssoupoff, published in The Murder of Grigorii Rasputin; A Conspiracy That Brought Down the Russian Empire by Margarita Nelipa