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Human AU prompt: Alec going to a gay club for the first time and meeting Magnus p.s. you can totally go over 3 paragraphs is you want ;)

Don’t give me that kind of freedom, I can’t stay within three paragraphs as it is! 💜😅💜

Magnus drains his glass in one swallow (are you supposed to chug a Makers Manhattan like that?). He leans against the bar, rests himself on one elbow, and gives Alec another one of those… really, really nice smirks. “Want to see a magic trick?”

Alec can actually feel the color drain from his face. What is he… How is… Is this a trap? A man this gorgeous, this interested in him, and now… a magic trick? Is Alec about to be kidnapped? Is this a scam? A catfish situation? But, for lack of any other ideas of how to respond, he eventually just says, “Yes?”

Magnus grins. He leans in… he… Oh. He really leans in, leans in close enough that he can probably feel how hot Alec’s face just got. He reaches up, and runs his fingers through Alec’s hair, brushes it back behind his ear - even though it’s not actually long enough to really do that - and Alec can feel his heart just… stop- And Magnus suddenly moves his hand, gives it a little flourish… And he holds something up in front of Alec.

Alec blinks. A few times. And once he catches up, he takes the card that Magnus just produced from behind his ear. He looks it over, and… “This is a business card.” Ah, fuck. This is a fucking business pitch. Magnus hasn’t been flirting with him after all. He’s been trying to sell him something. Fuck.

Magnus shrugs. “Yes, but it has my cell number on it.” He gently takes the card back from Alec, and he leans in again - shit - he leans in far enough to brush his lips against Alec’s ear. “Call me?” And he slips the card into Alec’s back pocket.

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Muddle: Nicholas Hamilton, Lana Condor, Travis Fimmel, O'Shea Jackson Jr.

The film follows the childhood of famed watercolor artist, Billy Wilde (Nicholas Hamilton), who became one of most popular teen artists for his vivid portraits of people, before he lost his sight and ability to paint. Wilde was rumored and claimed to see the life beyond and inside of a person through violently blissful hallucinations. In this film, there are four parts each attributed to some of his famous paintings along with the people they’re based on and the life he saw beyond them: 

“Getrude” is based on his first-love, Gertrude (Lana Condor), “Wallaloo” is based on his first friend – who he spent most of his time with despite the age difference – and the first person to encourage his art and gift, Walnut (Travis Fimmel), “Milk” is based on the man who owned the art shop and continuously let him take his art supplies for free, Michael (O'Shea Jackson Jr.), and “Muddle” for the very first portrait he ever made of himself – and for the first and last time he ever got a hallucination, or peek, into the life inside of him.

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College Student!AU

Some kind of AU Meme???? || Not Accepting 

I think this meme was something along the lines of “list five headcanons for an AU” and I GUESS THAT’S WHAT I’LL DO.

  • 1st year student, Working on a Bachelors degree from a State College so that he can eventually attend medical school. He’d probably major in some kind of science, but have a minor in something like history. 
  • Applied for as many scholarships as  he could, but also gets some financial aid bc his Gran doesn’t have a lot of money to help. He got some helpful scholarships though, and spends a week or so at the end of every semester scouring the university site to apply for scholarships the upcoming year. 
  • Lives on campus, but goes home every couple of weekends to see his Gran. His dorm room would have a few pictures of his parents/friends, a calendar with a bunch of due dates written on it, and post-it notes reminding him of things. Would probably really WANT to be friends with his roommate, but be too shy to do it without a bit of prompting. 
  • Tbh he’d actually live in the library. No social life + determination + stress = Jamie spending 80% of his time studying and doing his homework. It also means it’s not uncommon for Jamie to fall asleep in the library and wake up twenty minutes later really embarrassed bc he drooled on the textbook. The librarians all know him by name, and most of them think he’s just the nicest thing. It’s not uncommon for Jamie to be there until closing, so often he’ll help whoever is working then close the place down. 
  • Literal bedhead 90% of the time. So busy that he forgets to cut his hair for the first two semester and barely remembers to brush it, so he ends up pulling it back into a ponytail a lot which is cute but also please just get a haircut ya hippe. 

AU: Your period is late this month, so you decided to take a pregnancy test. To your luck, you’re definitely pregnant and you try to hide it from your boyfriend Calum. He doesn’t find it, but Luke does. That’s kind of a problem.

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“HONEY, I’M HOME” (I might as well haha XD)


The voice rang through the house and a small smirk escaped Benn. Leaving the book he had read be, he sat up and made his way to the entrance. There she was, his lovely wife, kicking off her shoes, as she has just returned from work.

“Hello, darling,” he smiled, as he reached for Luffyko, to pull her close and press her against his broad chest. His lips found her neck, kissing her lightly. “I missed you.”