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“Chimera” Kitten

This is Quimera, a gorgeous gata from Argentina.Quimera may be what’s known as a Genetic chimera, a rare natural occurrence whereby an individual is made up of cells from at least two different original eggs. They fuse together to become a single organism, whose DNA is from two completely different individuals.

However she may be also be a mosaic, much more common in felines, which is only one individual egg that just happens to have different active genetic expressions in its cells. Only DNA testing would give the answer.

Either way, she’s just gorgeous! Her blue eye especially appears like some kind of precious stone, bright and beautiful and an utter contrast to her other eye. The colour split continues down her chest to her front legs, with the sides reversed.

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make me chooseanon asked: gabriel & cecily or gideon & sophie (the infernal devices)

“she held his face between her hands as they kissed-he tasted slightly of tea leaves, and his lips were soft and the kiss entirely sweet. Sophie floated in it, in the prism of the moment, feeling safe from all the rest of the world.”

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 **My Favourites

The Children of Merlin ** (8/? | 74,661 | Rated M)

Magnus Bane has everything he could have hoped for: a job at Hogwarts, a chaotic made-up family that he loves more than anything and the freedom of doing what he wants whenever he wants.

When his friends manage to drag him to a Quidditch game, he doesn’t expect it to change his life. For better or worse.

They call themselves the Children of Merlin and they are going to make his life a living hell.

One Show Only ** (6/7 | 25,946 | Rated E)

It’s hard to stay in the closet when the guy you had a one-night stand with two nights ago turns out to be your new partner … but Alec will be damned if he isn’t going to give it a try.

Holding the Stick ** (8/? | 47,064 | Rated M)

Alec Lightwood has dreamed of hoisting Lord Stanley since he was eight. It’s in his blood. He’s spent the last five years trying to make that dream a reality, only managing to fall short each time.

Until a scandal leads to a multi-team trade that sends Magnus Bane his way. One of the top performing wingers in the league. An up and coming star.

And the most handsome man Alec has ever met.

He’s doomed.

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a list of things that everyone should consider

  • percy with an undercut
  • percy platonically kissing all of his friends on their foreheads
  • percy always introducing his school friends from Goode to his camp friends and both groups are always like “you hang out with this loser too?”
  • re: when his hs friends meet annabeth they think it’s some kind of joke because holy shit she is gorgeous percy wtf
  • percy with an undercut
  • percy swimming for his high school and life guarding in the summer months at the local pool when he has time
  • buying excess amounts of skinny jeans because annabeth they make my butt look great
  • she doesn’t disagree
  • also he finds out that oversized sweaters are really fucking comfortable so that’s all he begins to wear during the winter
  • and beanies, don’t forget beanies
  • percy with an u n d e r c u t
Treat you better

Summary: The reader finds comfort in unexpected arms when the past returns to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen. He realizes a little too late that he had lost her forever.

Warnings: Smoking (I don’t encourage this, it was just for dramatic effect), cursing, a bit sad. 

A/N: I changed just a bit the request because I wanted to make the reader a badass because she fucking deserved it, okay?? Hope you guys like it, and feedback this shit because I am a sucker for feedback <3

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“Matt, I don’t care what your current deal with her is—” she pointed at the slim brunette behind the sliding door that lead to the Devil’s bedroom—“but you have to know that I can’t keep this shit going on if you’re not gonna cooperate. A relationship is made by two, not just one.” She shook her head, trying to hold back the tears. “I’m done, Matt. I shouldn’t have believed you…”

“(Y/N), let me explain it—”

“No.” She smacked her lips. “I sure as hell don’t want any explanation of yours. Enough I have with you being the fucking Devil of Hell’s Kitchen; I don’t need to know why Elektra is back. All I need to know is that you’re turning into who you were in college and back then, this hurt like hell… I’m not gonna let it hurt again.”

“(Y/N), please…” Matt pleaded.

“Goodbye Matt, I hope you don’t get killed.” She took a deep breath and turned around for good.

It wasn’t until she was in the safety and privacy of her four walls that she allowed herself to break down. She sat on the hard-wooden floor trying to remember when Matt had started to act different and why she wasn’t able to stop this from happening. It was a cycle repeating, and it had one thing in common: Elektra Natchios.

Several hours later, (Y/N) carried her coffee, a pack of cigarettes, her lighter and a garden chair up to the rooftop of her building. She was not sure if she was allowed there, but she just needed a moment of peace and that was the only place she could think of. After arranging everything into place, she sat down and lit up the first cigar, and as she took the first, deep, drag, she also took a deep breath. She needed it, after all.

Steps behind her made her turn her head a little just to have a glance at who it could have been. She sighed and smiled lightly and took another drag. She took out her cigarettes and offered the just arrived man. He declined, wrinkling his nose and sitting on the cornice of the rooftop, beside her extended legs.

“Rough night, Castle?” She asked, looking at him from the corner of her eyes.

“I dare say less rough than yours, (Y/L/N),” he chuckled, “so… what’s with the tough look?” He nodded in her direction; truth was that with the mug of cold coffee in one hand, the cigarette on the other and the bad-ass sitting, she looked tougher than ever. Frank smiled lightly at the sight as he awaited for an answer.

“I just had a terrible day.” She replied shorty.

“At work?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes in exhaustion. “At life.” She sighed heavily and sipped the remaining of the cold coffee. “It seems like the past insists in following me around today.”

“Wanna talk about that, pal?”

“You know I had a boyfriend, right?” Frank nodded silently. “Well, Matt and I met back in the day, when we were in Columbia studying and all that crap, and boy he was a good guy. Like a saint kinda guy, but a woman appeared in the way. Her name is Elektra Natchios and… It all went to shit because she not only distracted him from… me,” she took a deep breath, “but she also made him distracted from his studies and everything. Long story short, she’s back in town and today I found them at his place and… she had not changed a thing, and unfortunately Matt has gone back to who he used to be with her.”

“So you hate this Elektra gal?” Frank asked.

“You could think so, yeah, but… truth is I don’t. I just hate what she has done to Matt, and what she does to him. He seems to be under some…” she twisted her lips, trying to think of the right word to describe her thoughts, “some kind of spell. I mean, bitch is gorgeous I swear to god. Like, tall and super skinny. She looks like a freaking model, but again, it’s not her who I’m mad at.”

“Did you find them going at it?” Frank cocked an eyebrow.

“God, no!” She squealed and winced in disgust. “They looked like they were injured, and… well, Elektra was wearing one of Matt’s shirts, that of course, totally suited her, but the shirt she had on was one I gave Matt for his birthday.” (Y/N) bit her bottom lip. Frank had never listened so carefully and he never seemed very interested about her relationship with the lawyer, but that night it all changed and she was taking the opportunity to let it all out. “I mean, he didn’t even have the fucking decency of giving her other shirt. Why did it have to be my shirt? I don’t want it back but—”

Out of a sudden, both (Y/N) and Frank were startled by the Daredevil himself.

“(Y/N) get away from him, he’s dangerous.” The man in the red suit warned, quickly getting to her to try to keep her away from the Punisher. Matt could be very protective and possessive when he felt like (Y/N) was in possible danger, but now it was too late for him to play hero and try to protect her.

“Get your hands off of her, Red.” Frank threatened, dropping his gun on the rooftop. “I am not afraid of beating the shit out of you.”

“Frank, no!” (Y/N) squealed, running towards him and placing her palms on his chest, trying to sooth him. “There’s no need for that…”

Matt was taken aback by the smooth relationship between them, and by Frank’s erratic heartbeat, he knew immediately that his feelings for (Y/N) were as strong as his own. Matt was decided in not letting (Y/N) go, but deep inside, he knew it could be a bit too late for that.

“Why don’t you tell him exactly what you were telling me?” Frank encouraged (Y/N) by nodding at her. He knew how strong she could be and he never doubted her. She just needed a little push.

“(Y/N)?” Matt asked, expecting the worst from her. He deserved it, after all.

“You’re an asshole, Matt.” She started. “You’re a dick. I mean, why? Why pretending all this time? Why the lies? Why did it have to be just like college?” She asked. “I mean, haven’t you learnt your goddamned lesson? Are you that much of an idiot?” She felt her voice increasing its volume and her chest expanding with every air intake. “Seriously, Elektra comes again, and you fall into her trap again!” She was exasperated and thanks to Frank’s little push, she felt empowered and invincible. Things were different now from her college years and she was not afraid of speaking up. The career in law had toughened her up. “And what’s worst, you’re not only lying to me.” She pointed at herself. “Think about Foggy for once in your life, would you? Think about how you’re turning the business you had together into shit. Everything you’ve worked for, you’re really gonna blow it up because of her? And don’t come with that ninja shit you’ve been rambling about, I don’t need and I don’t want that explanation.” She shook her head lightly. “I’m not that heartbroken Matt,” she said after a pause, her voice had softened and her bottom lip had started to tremble, “I’m just… tired and I’m hurt because this is like college all over again and I thought we were all over that.”

“Tell him about the shirt.” Frank coughed.

“Oh yes!” She snapped her fingers, regaining her confidence back. “Because how do you think I felt when I saw Elektra wearing the shirt I gave you for your birthday? I mean, not only she was rocking it, but it was all bloody and shit. Like, couldn’t you have at least a bit of decency and respect for me by giving her another thing to wear? Jesus, Matt, you’re a piece of shit.”

“I know, and—”

“No Matt, you don’t know shit.” She interrupted. “If you knew something, you’d treat me a bit better. You know, I’ve known Frank for a while now and as surprising as it can be, he listened to me rambling about you, because you know what? He treats me well, and he cares about me. And a lot. I don’t recognize you anymore, Matt…” her voice broke, “and what’s worse… I don’t think I ever did. Just… leave, Matt. I don’t want to see you ever again.”

“Are you saying Frank Castle is better than me?”

“You heard the lady, man.” Frank stepped closer to Matt, ready for the previously announced fist fight. “Leave.”

“I’m talking to her, not you.” Matt took another step closer to the Punisher. “You don’t know her like I do.”

“Apparently I know her better, because guess who has been picking up her pieces that I’m guessing you left today.” Frank teased.

“You’re doing this because you like her and you wanna get to her. I’m not an idiot, Castle.”

“I strongly disagree.” The alluded shrugged carelessly. “Leave before I make you leave in pieces.”

“(Y/N), answer me.” Matt pleaded one last time. “Is Frank Castle better than me?”

“You could say so, yes.” (Y/N) nodded. “Now leave, for real, I don’t want to see you ever again or hear from you, I just want you out of my life.” The tears pooled in her glimmery eyes and just before she broke down, Frank’s huge arm rested around her back, giving her a sense of safety and support. “You can keep all the things I gave you, or better, give them to Elektra, I’m sure she’ll enjoy them.” She bitterly spat.

“Let’s get you inside.” Frank softly said, placing a hand on the small of her back. “Red, get outta here.” His voice turned from soft into a growl. Matt licked his lips and nervously and had no other choice but leaving. (Y/N) was right, he was a piece of shit and he realized that exact same minute that the one thing that kept him on the normal side was her and that he had lost her forever. She didn’t even see him leave.

Once they were inside, Frank put some water to boil and (Y/N) went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. This was the second time she broke up with Matt, and it hurt as much as the first time did. She stayed in her bedroom, crying almost naked for everything that had happened. It hurt her seeing how little he had learnt and how little he cared about what they had. It was incredible how Elektra could change him, just flicking a switch on him.

“(Y/N)?” Frank knocked on her door, startling her and making her dress up quickly. “I made you some tea, I’ll be waiting for you in the living room…”

“Thank you, Frank.” She stammered.

When she got out, she discovered Frank smiling slightly at her and holding the cup in one of his huge hands. She took it gladly, and took a sip from it. She muttered a ‘thank you’ and wrapped one of her arms around his wide torso. She tried to keep herself together, but truth be told, she couldn’t. Fortunately, Frank was there to keep her broken pieces from falling away. His arms were like glue to her breaking heart.

“I know you like me, Frank…” she whispered, “I’m not an idiot.” Frank chuckled and nodded.

“Yeah, not like I’ve been trying to hide it…” He admitted.

“But why listening all my blabbering about Matt?” She looked up to him. “I mean, I was hurting you and you never stopped me, and I’m sorry for not sto—”

“You were not hurting me, (Y/N).” Frank laughed heartedly. “I mean, it wasn’t my favorite topic to discuss, but…” He shrugged. Out of a sudden, he lets go of (Y/N) and goes away to sit on the couch. He tapped on the spot next to him and she took the invitation. “I like you, ok? I like you a lot,” he nodded at her, “but I do have a ridiculously elevated amount of respect for you, so I’m not gonna push’ya into something you don’t want. I might be a nutjob, but I understand the meaning of limits.”

“Frank Castle has feelings, after all.” (Y/N) smiled lightly and leaned her head on his shoulder. “Thank you.” She sighed after a long silence. “Just thank you.”

“Don’t mention it.” Frank lovingly kissed the top of her head and leaned his big head on hers.

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Do u consider yourself pretty??

depends?? sometimes i have days where i look in the mirror and im like ‘’dAMN NICE” but then if i take a picture w my friend or smth i come to the dawning realization that im actually a big meh 

so that’s why im trying to make up for it w my personality and trying to be as kind as possible lmao 

My 2017 trip to South Korea

Hello! I went to South Korea from Dec 29-Jan 6 about a week or so! I was so nervous to go even though I’ve seen positive experiences with Black women going, I was still nervous about visiting.

But I won’t talk much but just say my experience was beyond my expectations! I met too many cool people who were genuinely curious about Black people, like how do you do your hair like that? (I had curly/ long natural hair style). How do you stay so fit? How did you learn Korean? How do you say this or that in English? Your lips are so pretty, women would stare at my lips and say how they wish they had lips like mine. People would at times ask to take pictures with us, I was with 2 White girls and 1 Black girl and they were asking my White friends to take the pictures for them, We’re still laughing about that. But it didn’t bother her, she thought it was so nice that they were all over us and giving us a lot of love out of kindness. I had some even tell me they wish they had gorgeous glowing skin like mine instead of being pale, I was so shocked because most of the Korean beauty standards is to have pale skin.

Now I know you all probably wondering about the men right? I was curious about the clubbing scene so we did visit some clubs! Girl when I tell you when we walked up in there me and my other BFF whose Black (the other girls didn’t want to go). It was like in slow motion! Like the movies, a lottttt of staring at us mostly from the men, some of them are so bold! And the other half just stare wanting to come up and talk to us, but they be thirsty too! Some just want to like kiss and dance and some really want you to be his wife, for real! I’ve gotten numbers and I was curious to ask if they wish they had more Black people in Korea and their eyes would get so wide and they would say yes yes yes! Or ask me to move here please so we can hang out aww.

It was a quick trip but I’m hoping we can go back again this year. That’s how much fun we had! If anyone here is planning on going, do it! You’d enjoy it. It’s even prettier in the Spring/Summer time though especially with the food vendors. That’s what I want to do next time.

I cannot talk enough about how I love the scene in Wonder Woman where she comes out of the dressing room in her final outfit and they make the buildup like Steve is suddenly going to realize how gorgeous she is but it never happens! He just gets annoyed because he knows she’s beautiful and he is more like ‘o God come on I said to make her less beautiful!’ The man knows she’s gorgeous and the false buildup to some kind of realization never happens and i love it.

sounds of thedas: THE ANDERFELS

stone, dust, & the maker. harsh and unforgiving as their god; there is light, though it blinds. andraste moves in the very rock beneath you; even by day you can see the stars.

featuring tracks from the prince of egypt, assassin’s creed, dragon age: inquisition, gladiator, the kingdom of heaven, & journey


Twenty-One: Part Fifteen (the second bit)

Part One | Part Fifteen (the first bit) | Part Fifteen (the second bit) | Part Sixteen |


Here goes.

I take a deep breath and imagine Emilia, stoney faced and miserable sat in her office as she watches the renovation works take place, I remember the promise I made to her that I had a plan, how happy I know she could be if this all works out, and I conjure back the confidence that so often lands me in trouble.

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Familiar: Part 2

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 2.3K
Warnings: Angst?, torture

A/N: I got an idea for a storyline to continue this oneshot, so I’m gonna make it a few parts long (probably 5)!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Y/H/C: Your Hair Colour

Part 1

Every time you tensed your arms, the metal cuffs that held you to the chair dug into your wrists - deepening the cuts and making you bite back hisses of pain. You try your hardest not to tense in anticipation, but you can’t help trying to recoil as an agent throws an ice cold bucket of water on you.

Your heart rate picks up again, your body trying to fight off the cold, and you instinctively hold your breath as another agent presses the big, red button that sent electricity through the chair; and then, through your damp body. You’d been biting back cries of agony for so long now that you’d torn skin off of your lip, and you knew that if this torture continued you’d bite right through it.

This was a new position for you. You’d seen dozens Hydra agents strapped to this chair over the decades, but you’d never experienced the pain yourself. You’d never disappointed a head of Hydra before. You were definitely setting a new record for how long you were surviving through this torture - all the agents before you didn’t have superhuman healing.

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PadawanYan, So reckless young Dooku! Obi-wan's appreciation of it? Do the Jedi and clones get out of the fight unscathed? What's up with Palps in the mean time? He's too quiet, it hides something...

Pressing the scavenged yellow and cool gelbag to his face, Yan let out a muffled groan of pain as an arm flopped around his shoulders. “That hurts.” He got out, voice slightly slurred.

“Welcome to the world of war.” Boil chortled, sitting down on Yan’s other side which let Yan know that it was Waxer on the other side with his arm around him.

He just grunted a bit at the man’s answer before whining when a gentle hand carefully wrapped around his wrist and pulled the hand and gelbag away from his face. “Noooo.”

“Let me have a look Commander.” Helix murmured, smiling when Yan reluctantly let his hands drop to his lap with the gelbag. The clones around hissed in sympathy as they got a good look at Yan’s swollen and bruising face. “Oh you got it real good huh, that rustbucket nailed you real good.” The medic gently prodded at the swell along Yan’s jaw before making him open his mouth to look at the still bleeding gum missing a tooth on the swelling side on the bottom. “You’re going to need a new tooth.”

“Figured as much.” The raven murmured before almost moaning when Helix put some kind of cream on his face that felt absolutely gorgeous. “Oooh…”

“Temporary relief.” Helix hummed out and continued spreading the cream over the cheek and all over the jaw. “Don’t really got a lot of supplies here on the evac shuttle.” He grinned at Yan and he nodded slowly.

“Gotcha.” The padawan sighed before looking around slowly, counting eight troopers. “Did master jump into one of the other shuttles?” He questioned quietly. Yan had seen Master Obi-Wan moments before he had been pulled onto this shuttle by Helix and they had taken off but he couldn’t be sure.

“Yes commander.” Waxer smiled at him. “Commander Cody informed us that they’re in the air too right now so we’ll rendezvous back at main camp with General Skywalker.” The sunny inclined clone beamed.

That got a snort out of the medic, cleaned off his hand on a somewhat dirty cloth before putting the cream jar back in his belt pouch. “And that means I can get both General Kenobi and Commander here to medic. Good, I’ll call forward to Kix so he can set things up.” He carefully patted Yan’s knee before getting up and moving to the front with the pilot to comm forward.

Yan meanwhile just curled up against Waxer’s side and pressed the gelbag against his face again, sighing quietly to himself as he felt Obi-Wan gently check on him through their bond, his master’s worry fading when he got a good read on Yan.

Smiling a bit into the bag, Yan sent a quiet message back that he was fine, that he was with the clones and that he was just a little bit injured.

There was some reluctant amusement and resignation on the others side at that which caused Yan to grin wryly into the cool gelbag. He had a suspicion from that, that his brother padawan used to get injured as Obi-Wan’s padawan too.

Feeling the world tilt a bit, Yan made a quiet noise as Waxer cupped his head and slowly pressed on him until the padawan was resting his head on the others shoulder with a quiet noise. “Just take a few moments to relax Commander, we got your six.” Waxer said cheerfully.

“Kay… Tired anyhow.” Yan sighed quietly and snuggled his aching body slowly up against Waxer’s armored side, feeling another trooper sit down on his other side to provide bodyheat as he kept his face in the cool gelbag.

He must have fallen asleep on the shuttle because when he woke up he could faintly hear birds chirping somewhere and he was tucked up in a warm bed with blankets all around him. He could hear his master quietly argue with Helix that he didn’t need more rest and that master Obi-Wan was quite alright to go back to work.

Smiling a bit at that, Yan snuggled more into the bed.

His movement however caught the attention of both Helix and Obi-Wan and he whined softly when a warm hand with calluses touched his face, peering blearily up at his master.

“Hey there Yan, about time you started waking.” Obi-Wan murmured fondly.

Blinking, slowly absorbing the information, the padawan made a questioning noise. “Have I been sleeping long?” He leaned into the hand on his face.

“About fourteen hours commander but you were exhausted and in pain, so that’s understandable.” Helix smiled, holding out a cup of water and a small cup with a few pills in it. “Now take these please. The bacta has taken care of what it could but you fractured your jaw and that’s bound to be hurting still.”

Well that explained the throbbing and Yan sat up slowly to take the pills and water, leaning against his master’s side as he did.

“Exciting first deployment?” Obi-Wan grinned wryly at him and Yan couldn’t help a small laugh as he nodded.

“Perhaps a bit too exciting.” He leaned against the other.

That got him a gentle hug from the redhead.


On The Lightning Trail: A Tale of Fool’s Gold and Glass Gems

                                   by  GwenhwyvarReads

Stranded alone in the wilderness, Ruby and Sapphire, a sheriff and the criminal they’d intended to catch, must try to maintain an uneasy truce until they can reach civilization again. Ever-optimistic, with a firm belief in humanity and justice, Ruby tends to grate on (and bewilder) the extremely jaded murderer, Sapphire. Sparks fly when two such opposing forces collide, but maybe they can learn from each other. That is, of course, providing they can survive the wilds and each other first. 

@jcstitches here! My very talented partner @empyrisan was kind enough to make some gorgeous cover-art for me, so now I just have to post my story on Tumblr and show it off! They were also behind the idea of making the title like an old-fashioned spaghetti western. <3 

Unfinished Drabble #1

Lemme tell you about that time I drabbled out some Embry Call/Female Harry Potter, little scenes that have no order whatsoever. 

Embry Call imprints on English tourist Hariel Potter. Harry, as MoD, won’t age until she wants to, won’t die until she wants to.

There’s curls of red hair, a vast mane that gleams a rich crimson in the cresting sun. A curious glance over her shoulder, a flash of green and gravity’s hold on Embry shifts.

It’s the only feasible explanation of how he ends up tripping over his own two feet and face-planting the floor.

“-and this is Hariel Potter, love of Embry’s life. Just call her Harry though.” 

Embry lifts his head at Jacob’s voice, watching as the older teen escorts the vampire chic into the kitchen. 

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MCU Ladies Week

[Day 4-Actor Appreciation]-Ming-Na Wen, Chloe Bennet, Elizabeth Henstridge

These ladies are the heart and soul of Agents of SHIELD, and have been since the beginning. They embody their characters perfectly throughout each episode, and are great ambassadors for their characters. Importantly, they take their characters seriously, and genuinely work to provide the most accurate representation of their characters possible. You can just tell this from their interviews, as well as their individual performances. I was lucky enough to meet Ming-Na at Perth Supanova 2014 and Elizabeth at Perth Supanova 2015, getting some photos with them, as well as a few minutes to chat as they signed some things. Both women are incredibly gorgeous inside and out, very kind and giving with all of their fans, making everyone feel special. Throughout their talks it was clear that so many young girls and women have been inspired by them, and they treated every question with a great deal of consideration and respect. I’m sure that anyone who has met Chloe would say the same thing about her. We are an incredibly lucky fandom to have these women, and I can’t wait to see what they do in the future!

Black. Sirius Black.

Plot: You inviting Young!Sirius Black to a muggle party and he thinks that it was some kind of ball.

Word count: 822

Warnings: Some bullying and highly aggravated language.

“Hey Sirius!”

“Hey y/n, wassup?”

“Nothing, actually. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you, Can you come by to my house this coming first day of break? I’m throwing a party.”

“Alright. I’ve memorized your address by now. See ‘ya next week.”

“Right. Where’s the other Marauders?”

“I don’t know. By the way, y/n, who’s your date at the party?”

“What? Sirius, no. No dates at all.”

“Okay. Dateless party. Bye!”

“Okay. I gotta be moving by now. Inform the other Marauders!”

“I will!”

Sirius waited anxiously by the door as he heard loud and booming music. A thought came across his mind. What kind of party is this? This is informal. Mother never told me about informal parties. He rung the doorbell once again and then he heard a loud sound again of someone stumbling through the door. You opened it, and he was surprised you weren’t wearing a gorgeous ball gown or some kind of formal attire. He felt his jaw drop open.

Instead you were wearing a casual fashionable shirt and some jeans, and you looked like you just have taken a shot. You look at Sirius head to toe, confused. You frowned at him. He was also confused.

“Sirius, what in the motherfuck of Merlin are you wearing?” You asked. He returned the frown on you. “A tie? A formal suit?”

“How about you, what in the motherfuck of Merlin are you wearing, y/n? That’s too exposing! You know what, here, take my robe. And what is this party? Loud music! And look at their dancing, it’s–” You cut Sirius off with your laughter. “Is something funny?”

“You thought it was a ball! Oh, Sirius. I should’ve explained. James and the others are very drunk, you can see.” You took his robe you offered and wrapped it around your body. You pull Sirius inside, people haven’t noticed a latecomer. They were too busy. Sirius observed everything, how it was dark and only colorful lights were scattering and there was a dim pink light illuminating the room. “Sirius, this is a muggle party.”

“They’re too hyper it makes my head ache.” He said. He was busy observing until a guy spilled his beer and stumbled over him. He hissed at the boy. The boy hissed at him back. “You manwhore, what the fuck?”

“Whoa, Sirius, calm down!” You said. You got in between of the two boys as the other boy stood up. He pointed his finger at Sirius, looking what he’s dressed. He laughs for a second. “Brandon, get the fuck out here.”

“Is that your little boyfriend y/n? That man who has no taste of fashion and dresses up like an old man in a lit as hell party?” He laughs again. His other goons laughed too. Sirius’s anger raged all around his body. He was about to get his wand but then you gave him a look of warning. “I bet he has a small dick and can’t even punch that hard.”

“Brandon, fuck out of here.” You warned him. He raises his cup and laughed again “I’m going to have to kick your crotch outside if you don’t. I’m warning you.”

“Oh my God, I am scared!” He said in an annoyingly high pitched voice, mocking you. You look at Sirius and stepped back. “Y/n’s scared? I knew I’d be getting some of that ass. You know you’d be loving that when I make you yourself, y/n when I fuck you.”

Sirius punched him as the boy yelped in pain. Sirius had his teeth gritted, fist balled just as soon as he made the sexual comment. He was in great jeopardy, he knew that.

“Okay Sirius, let’s go.” You said. You grabbed Sirius’s hand and walked away. You look at him again. “Let’s make your suit worth…”

That time, everything slowed down for the two of them. You shouted at the DJ to play some slow song. He did your request, he played some slow song you’ve heard in the radio one day. You couldn’t recall the title. Every couple or even single people partnered up, and started dancing.

“Oi, what the fuck? Hey Remus, I think we should dance too!” You hear a faint shout from behind. Both you and Sirius laugh because you two knew it was James. Then you became serious again. He looks at you in the eye and extends his arms to you.

“May I dance you, you pretty mademoiselle?” Sirius said with a very convincing smile. You return it as you took his hand and spun around, leaning on to Sirius afterwards. You spun again as you both started to slow dance.

“Surely, mister..?” You pretended not to know. His smile wasn’t fading.

“Black.” He said softly. “Sirius Black.”